Wuh Mia Do Arthur Doah

There is the saying politics makes for strange bedfellows. There is another that Barbadians have short memories.

The political machinations being played out in the build up to general election day on 24 May 2018 has become all so predictable. The accusations and counters, the tit for tat bombshells being lobbed across the political divide is how the nature of local politics must be characterized. Regrettably occurring at a time all economic and social indicators point to a chronic state of decline.

It is all very déjà vu  isn’t it?

The political bombshell lobbed by the former Prime Minister Owen Arthur at Prime Minister in waiting Mia Mottley that she was complicit in a decision to waive fees on a transaction her father Elliot Mottley was party continues to choke the news channel. It is noteworthy Arthur was unable to confirm wrongdoing but went ahead James Comey style and released the information 9 days before the general election. Keen observers would not have been surprised that Arthur has emerged at this time after listening to Prime Minister Stuart et al leave the political gate open at the Carlisle Park meeting last weekend.

What is playing out was orchestrated between Arthur and the DLP.

It has become patently obvious Owen Arthur and members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have colluded to attack Mottley at a time when the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and its leader are at the most vulnerable. It has not escaped the blogmaster that Arthur’s press conference was facilitated by Barbados Today (BT) headed by Kaymar Jordan.

Here is the BT facilitated Owen Arthur press conference for those who missed it.


The BU family et al is invited to watch the following Owen Arthur presentation in parliament dated August 2011 to appreciate how strange bed fellows are formed. To suggest Arthur took a shellacking by those accepting his every word in 2018 speaks for itself.






  • @Johnny B.Good May 16, 2018 4:15 PM

    ……”Maybe the two of them can get Mr “Lose Every Case” Gollop to represent them for a couple million dollars”…

    Johnny, did you hear Gregory Nicholls’ account of what went down during the CCJ sitting on Sunday………Mr LEC himself stepped forward to say that he was appearing as a friend of the court to represent Mrs Taylor and as soon as the CCJ began to throw questions his way……..he ducked out and said that he was uncomfortable in the building…………….LOL.


  • Well we can only wait for the response from OSA.

    From the time I heard OSA saying that this waiver was done during one of the times he was out of the country and that Ms Mottley waited until his back was turned to do this…….I was kinda skeptical as something did not add up.

    I knew that Mia was not Deputy PM during his first term, Billie Miller was so there is no way Mia would be chairing a cabinet meeting……….so I had my doubts from the outset.

    Johnny may be right….OSA will most likely have to get Mr LEC as the former campaign manager wants nothing to do with him.

    Look how he is ruining his legacy!


  • Nothing Hants, but I’d already said “yes” you, Hants can apply to BRA for a waiver of interest and penalties, but no waivers for any principal owed.

    In this all Bajans are equal.



    A man ask for a waiver of $1 031 284.37 and $20 587.91 respectively. That is over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

    He also revealed that subsequent applications for waivers of penalties and interest on those arrears were made, and approved by the Ministry of Finance.

    I wonder what my fishermen friends think about this ?


  • Even the Internal Revenue Service of the USA permits taxpayers to apply for waivers. And a little birdie told me that the IRS’s enforcement officers are true tough guys with the right to bear arms. BRA doesn’t have any guns yet. Lolll!!!

    Penalty Relief Due to Reasonable Cause

    First, check to see if the information in your notice is correct. If you can resolve an issue in your notice, there may be no penalty.

    Reasonable Cause is based on all the facts and circumstances in your situation. We will consider any reason which establishes that you used all ordinary business care and prudence to meet your Federal tax obligations but were nevertheless unable to do so.

    Typical Situations
    The IRS will consider any sound reason for failing to file a tax return, make a deposit, or pay tax when due. Sound reasons, if established, include:

    Fire, casualty, natural disaster or other disturbances
    Inability to obtain records
    Death, serious illness, incapacitation or unavoidable absence of the taxpayer or a member of the taxpayer’s immediate family
    Other reason which establishes that you used all ordinary business care and prudence to meet your Federal tax obligations but were nevertheless unable to do so
    Note: A lack of funds, in and of itself, is not reasonable cause for failure to file or pay on time. However, the reasons for the lack of funds may meet reasonable cause criteria for the failure-to-pay penalty.

    Facts Establishing Reasonable Cause
    Facts we need in order to determine Reasonable Cause:

    What happened and when did it happen?
    What facts and circumstances prevented you from filing your return or paying your tax during the period of time you did not file and/or pay your taxes timely?
    How did the facts and circumstances affect your ability to file and/or pay your taxes or perform your other day-to-day responsibilities?
    Once the facts and circumstances changed, what actions did you take to file and/or pay your taxes?
    In the case of a Corporation, Estate or Trust, did the affected person or a member of that individual’s immediate family have sole authority to execute the return or make the deposit or payment?
    Documents You May Need
    Most reasonable cause explanations require that you provide documentation to support your claim, such as:

    Hospital or court records or a letter from a physician to establish illness or incapacitation, with specific start and end dates
    Documentation of natural disasters or other events that prevented compliance


  • @Hants May 16, 2018 5:26 PM

    No Hants. Not a waiver for those amounts. But a waiver of penalties and interest on those amounts.


  • What I would like to know now is if all of the candidates who are running in this election are good with BRA; and if so can they please write letters to BRA giving BRA permission to release all of their tax returns since the age of 16, and up to December 31, 2017.

    Now that would be nice.

    Real, real nice.

    Transparent too.


  • @Hants May 16, 2018 5:26 PM “I wonder what my fishermen friends think about this?”

    i wonder if your fishermen friends good with the BRA?


  • NorthernObserver

    The delicious term “reasonable cause” permits the tax enforcers to avoid the term “intent”. But that is the true acid test, a genuine mistake or an intentional mistake.
    Since they have persons within every tax collecting department with the authority to levy/waive it is unusual if the matter doesn’t escalate to the courts, to end up seeking a ‘political pardon’.
    Since the offender is a lawyer, he must be aware of the remedies available. Did he exhaust them and was denied, or just opt for the short-cut interest/penalty ‘pardon’ because he had connections?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hants May 16, 2018 5:26 PM

    Those amounts are made up of both principal (taxes due) interest and penalties.

    The question to be answered is who was/were the minister(s) of finance that granted the waivers.


  • NorthernObserver

    what business is it of anybody what somebody made as a private citizen?
    The BRA need only issue a clearance, that all years have been filed and there are no outstanding matters.


  • “I am always skeptical of middle aged and old men who have never married or at least lived in the house with a woman, especially if those men are “Christia”n men. I have always wondered what do they do when their doggies get hard.

    So “no” I don’t trust such men.”

    lol, lol

    Fruendel claimed he was there when upset staff at one of those tax entities were upset about this supposed tax waiver, so is ass will have to answer for saying he knew it happened…Sinkler for repeating..b’day for repeating…Owen for swearing he knew it happened on video no less….and anyone else who publicly palavered about it, the court will decide if it happened or not, that should not take long..

    the political cabal are toxic…after election they will all be friends again, attending cocktail parties smiling in each other’s faces , going to each other houses, starting their usual scams and business ventures and once again ganging up on the majority population to sell them out to minorities…in exchange for million dollar bribes.


  • @ Simple Simon,

    I value the political opinions of my friends but I don’t give a flying puck from a Subban slap shot about whether they good with BRA or not.

    I just hope they catching nuff barracudas and bonitos.

    Wish I could be in Barbados with them but I am a poor pensioner.


  • If the subject of these taxes were in the USA, far from talking about waivers, he would have long be in jail, his properties ceased, and maybe getting bull in prison as well.

    For taxes going back to 10 years prior. People who one damn thing always like to bring America. But, with few exceptions, America loves to lock up people especially once you fuck with their money systems.

    Yet we are to accept all kinds of sophistry about Mottley, the father, doing some kind of financial review to discover taxes were owed. Those kinds of excuses will always fail the smell test.

    It’s amazing how nonentities could always find all kinds of rationales in defense of the elites.

    A country of slaves we are!


  • Sad. Should have stayed the heck away. Now to ruin his image with nonsense.

    Trying to help keep this ruinous lot in.

    Stupse man, use yuh head!


  • Yeah and they will all still be pretending they are better than the majority black population who elected them, they will still be violating the rights of their own people, they all are full of shit…25 feet of shit.


  • @NorthernObserver May 16, 2018 6:00 PM “what business is it of anybody what somebody made as a private citizen?”

    If you offer yourself for public office you are no longer a private citizen. You are a person who has authority over the earnings and assets of others, you have the authority to tax…so yes it would be good to know in an MP came in to office with $1,000 or $10 million, and if the said MP demits office with $1,000 or $20 million.

    It would even be good to know if the MP’s initial assets came from earnings, inheritance,

    What if an MP–not any of ours of course who are alll as clean as the driven snow–what if an intended MP had accepted money from a money launderer or a drug or arms dealer, or a human trafficker? I would not want that person as my MP.


  • That Owen Arthur press conference was all staged. Note who asked the very first question and what is was about the same Barbados Today reporter with the Jamaican accent who Mia Mottley at one of the BLP press briefings warned about “Red Herrings”. Check any of the briefings and you will see him always trying to to play gotcha journalism.


  • Pacha I do not believe you live in Barbados so let Bajans here deal with these matters.I told you yesterday this issue was a red herring,that you claim was acatogory 7 storm well mr Mottley presented the facts today stating that the waiver was for the interest and not the principal.Do you understand the difference.Furthermore he stated at the time Ms Mottley never acted as the Minister of Finance or was not Deputy PM,i believe Ms Billie Miller was and could not be in any position to grant any such waiver.This blows this entire impression given by the PM and Mr Arthur that something was amiss completely out of the water.You understand that,Dem Pacha so if you want to pursue this meet up with Mr Mottley in court J/A,or STFU.or you may also need a lawyer.


  • Simple Simon

    Yuh pun a roll and doing de dawg………

    On page 46 of their 2008 election manifesto, the DLP mentioned:

    “There is therefore a need to clean up politics in Barbados. The Democratic Labour Party has SELECTED a team of CLEAN, caring, competent and committed politicians who have SIGNED on to a CODE OF CONDUCT that promises Good Governance.”

    On page 46 the DEMS promised they would “immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring DECLARATION of assets by public officials, a Code of Conduct for Ministers and a new Freedom of Information law.”

    I also agree with you re: “If you offer yourself for public office you are no longer a private citizen.”

    If one takes these facts into consideration, I believe you are justified in wanting to “know if all of the candidates who are running in this election are good with BRA.”


  • Lorenzo

    You are reading about Elliott Mottley’s just now. We like you, read the Nation report at midday today.

    Well, wait and see whether it is a cat 7 or a storm in a teacup. We only have 8 days left, we’ll see.

    You and your acolytes have been saying, for days now, that this issue is a storm in a teacup, but the issue keeps galloping. Even today’s press conference was evidence that this issue is going nowhere soon – get use to it.

    For tonight, Wednesday and Thursday, the issue will be central, at least on the platforms of one set of belligerents, we guarantee it!

    You are dealing with ‘believing’, we don’t. We prefer to know.

    And obviously you are a BLP hack, committed to protecting the elite interests therein.

    You have not the ability to silence us. We will continue to approach you political idols with our guillotine well sharpened.


  • Further Elliot Mottley( EM) must explain why he abdicated, in December 1975, his seat in City
    as a BLP member to take a DLP post in New York City
    Why ???


  • At this stage, the DLP is the party with the momentum


  • Chaucer

    What momentum, and people still not attending or viewing the meetings? People have made up their minds, they are not foolish. The ECONOMY is the key issue this election cycle and without an economic record to defend, the DLP is trying to make it about leadership and are losing.


  • May 16, 2018 9:21 PM

    “At this stage, the DLP is the party with the momentum”

    SAYS WHO???


  • David. how are you doing old friend. Ol’ hoodie still alive and kicking


  • @Enuff
    Why did EM crossed the floor in December 1975


  • You tell us. Some of us weren’t born in 1975.


  • The DLP momentum lies in its galvanizing its St Michael and City base of supporters


  • @SS
    Go to the Public Library


  • Good to see you about hoodie!


  • The DLP Disgusting Propaganda Machine (formerly CBC TV & Radio)

    And what momentum is that Chauncer????….even slugs have momentum!!!!..Truly i can tell you that Mr Arthur’s press conference…and Mr Mottley’s response, on the whole, is just noise to the electorate. Mia is right not to take it on..because if she did she will give it more attention than it really deserves..The DLP is plain trying to detract attention from itself…it is the only plan they have in this campaign. With 8 more days it will not last in the electorate minds!!!!. It is the DLP’s nine days wonder. The issue is not getting traction with the masses. All the BLP has to do is turn the attention back to the DLP.. The DEMS simply cannot sustain any defense to its 10 year stewardship.of govt!!!! The people’s minds have already been made up!!! The electorate would like some answers from the DEMS and they simply have none!!!!!
    And when yuh think the DLP would lay low in relative terms..it continue to do more SHITE just within the 30+ days of this campaign!!!!
    ….I mean does the DLP think the rest of Barbados is jackasses just like DEM!!!!…..Why are they so hell bent on selling the Hilton!!!!….i mean with 9 more days to an election…they can either wait to sell if it regains power or if they lose power the issue of getting foreign exchange will no longer be their problem……it is obvious that there is something more in the mortar than the pestle with the Hilton sale OTHER than trying to sell it under market value. I also see Michael Lashley got the bus terminal “finished” before elections!!!!….I just have to say that the DEMS probably think Barbados born yesterday and DEM the day before. It is just laughable, nothing else!!!!.So they though they could sway people with a bus terminal!!!!!..is it even truly finished!!! Was that supposed to make people forget 10 years of tax burden and 10 years of no pay increases!!!!…That is the best the DEMS could do!!!!…well cuddear, DEM ain’t even worth wuh Paddy shot at!!!!


  • What does Elliot Mottley crossing the floor in 1975…….43 years ago……have to do with the accusations leveled against him and Mia Mottley…….or the May 24, 2018 general elections?

    A non-issue!!!!

    Wuh shiite…….Don Blackman and Clyde Mascoll crossed the floor too…..and Hammie Lah on several occasions. Richie Haynes, Harold “Rambo” Blackman, Edgar “Ginger” Bourne and a few other DEMS left the DLP to form/join the NDP.

    The DEMS seems to be fighting this election on historical events and innuendo. They have been “bringing up” irrelevant things that happened in 1975, 1992…….. Crab Hill Police Station, Greenland and those things for which the BLP was “tried, found guilty and convicted” in the 2008 elections.


  • Good contribution at 6:15 am Pacha…
    A country of mendicant brass bowls indeed.

    A man (more than able to pay them) fails to pay his taxes due for years … and then seeks a waiver on the penalties and interest.
    Ordinary brass bowls stand in line and take insults from ‘shrivil servants’ to pay their pennies on time
    …then cannot get their due returns – because these high salaried parasites have not been paying their due

    ….and political yardfowls can ONLY see the issue in terms of how in impacts their shiite party’s chances at elections.

    A people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve.


  • Truly amazing how blp supporters can support this type of impriority and call on present govt to issue tax refunds forthwith
    No wonder the cupboard is almost empty when those in high places live high on the taxpayers pennies
    So much money being waived to one individual is criminal
    When govt can least afford to give the hard-working down and out citizen a thousand dollar refund
    One can bet that Ellott Mottley lifestyle has not been drasticslly affected
    Yet these blp yardfowls can gleefully support the kind of system that bows to the elite forces of this system when others have to make a way out of no way.


  • Elliot Mottley came out yesterday to take cover for his daughters and left the blp yardfowl spin doctors to clean up the mess
    However nothing he says was convincing enough to show proff that an impriority was not committed and should be condemned
    Although he took pains to say he requested and receive the waivers he however failed to give any credible detail by way of the documented letters as to whose signatures were actually attached to give permission
    That is where he tried to avoid nexus of the issue
    All now await with baited breath for the full truth and nothing but the truth signatures at all


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Artaxerxes May 16, 2018 11:34 PM
    “The DEMS seems to be fighting this election on historical events and innuendo. They have been “bringing up” irrelevant things that happened in 1975, 1992…….. Crab Hill Police Station, Greenland and those things for which the BLP was “tried, found guilty and convicted” in the 2008 elections.”

    You are forgetting one crucial fact from your seismically destructive observation.

    All of these things took place under the ‘inestimable’ leadership of Owen Arthur.
    Yes, the same King Arthur the pretentious DLP is lionizing as the slayer of the MAM that wicked witch of a demon now dressed in ‘leading’ RED.

    When all is said and done, and the political dust settles for forensic examination, one must conclude that F J S is a master tactician who has shown his Machiavellian mettle finely to be honed on the anvil cast from the slimy feet of his former guru Cammie Tudor.

    How else can one ‘explain’ his ability to trick OSA time after time into doing the DLP’s dirty work and turned him into the veritable politically common yard and errand boy?

    The number of ruses that Lord Fumble has been able to pull on that old vindictive political dog is amazingly inexhaustible; ranging from an embarrassingly denuding of that mangy dog in the light of Parliament to reveal his hypocritical double-dealing-lying self to the current cock-up in public which has the potential to not only unearth the true character of this despicable lying drunkard but to ensure his future pension payments are redirected to the settlement of a massive defamation suit awaiting his shameless backside.

    Who would forget when this so-called guru of an economist was chomping at the bit to become the chief economic advisor to the same DLP administration but was made to look like a street character and dismissed by the same Stuart as if OSA was begging for a job to remake himself politically relevant?

    The DLP has dismissed every piece of economic advice coming from the twisted mouth of OSA. Who says that party has even a shred of respect for him? Clearly not Fumble!


  • Miller. Lol you cussing OSA a man whom you were not ashamed of polishing his boots
    At some point in every man life even on death bed the truth of the conscience reveals itself
    OSA is getting closer to meeting the grim reaper and there is a lot he knows that he must reveal before coming face to face with his maker


  • Georgie Porgie

    Good to see you Hood.
    Been a long time Sir


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa May 17, 2018 8:35 AM

    Well, you will have to die from asphyxia; for only a political gallows bait like you will wait so long with ‘bated’ breath for such a non-event!

    Which variety of Maripussy is being disingenuous in ‘her’ feint praises of an outlaw who sold Barbados down the economic river during his 14 years of maladministration?

    Is it the acerbic clown of the “ac” variety, the angel(a) Skeete of duplicitous standing or one of the more ‘literate’ breed of yard-fowls behaving like blow flies feeding from the George Street cesspool as the cadaver for a DLP administration rots away?

    FYI, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance or the Director of Finance (or any designated so to do) is the officer duly authorized to sign correspondence sent to the public.

    Hence the opening line seen on all correspondence from that Ministry or any other ministry or Department: “I am directed to inform you”.

    What you should be doing is to find out which minister was in charge of the Ministry of Finance when the decision was taken.


  • @ Bush Tea who wrote, “A man (more than able to pay them) fails to pay his taxes due for years … and then seeks a waiver on the penalties and interest.”

    That is just normal business practice of the rich.

    Poor people must pay their taxes on time.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush TeaMay 17, 2018 8:10 AM

    “Ordinary brass bowls stand in line and take insults from ‘shrivil servants’ to pay their pennies on time
    …then cannot get their due returns – because these high salaried parasites have not been paying their due
    ….and political yardfowls can ONLY see the issue in terms of how in impacts their shiite party’s chances at elections.
    A people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve.”

    Your high-minded demands could be justly considered if only you would put enough weight to balance the scales of justice.

    So why not make a similar call on the authorities to demand that Greenverbs Parris pay the tax along with interest and penalties of the $3. 3 million CLICO heist?

    What about ensuring that those lawyers who benefited over the last 10 years from the DLP largesse make good their contribution to the Treasury by declaring those millions of excessive fees income extracted from the already overburdened taxpayers (including you Bushie)?

    Do you really feel a lawyer who refuses to pay his bar registration fees would be inclined to declare the millions received as legal fees especially from the BWA?


  • @ Miller
    So why not make a similar call on the authorities to demand that Greenverbs Parris pay the tax along with interest and penalties of the $3. 3 million CLICO heist?
    Similar call shiite!!!
    Greenverbs should have been handed over to Pacha as a subject for the exercise of the guillotine LONGGGG ago.

    Wunna only playing the ass.
    Everywhere .. brass bowls JUSTIFYING wickedness …. and then excusing even HIGHER levels of shiite – based on the acceptance of the previous jobby.

    Only a bewitched BLIND brass bowl bestride the boxy of a bovine beast can fail to see the INEVITABLE end to such national brassbowlery….

    You REALLY mean that you CANNOT see that God is throwing DIRECTLY into wunna faces… the shiite that we have been tolerating …. nay… ENCOURAGING, in this wretched place?

    …A boisterous illiterate thief robs THOUSANDS in broad daylight …. and wunna lap it up.
    …A Prime Minister blatantly STEALS $3.3M …. and God had to deal with him directly….
    …Ministers openly solicit bribes …. and it is a national joke – NO JUSTICE.
    …Baloney happening all over the place, DEFYING the Law …. and life goes on…
    Now we are getting someone who have not even had the common DECENCY to publicly clarify her PROFESSIONAL STATUS – in the face of high level accusations that she is a complete FRAUD…
    …far less to come clean on her association with things like Four Seasons….

    …and the REAL joke is that, flawed as she is, she is the best that we have….
    What a shiite place!!!!

    We FULLY deserve all that we will be getting shortly.


  • Hi GP.

    Glad to see you are still here carrying the fight to DEM. The rumour from one of DEM was that he was wondering if you had got your release from the institution down there in Black Rock near to the ol Carlton Supermarket. Wuhlosses is murdah here in Bim, GP, all the yardfowls DEM crawling out from under de rocks DEM to mek excuses for the crap we been dealing with fuh de lass 10 years and still have to deal with! May the good Lord with His never-ending love for us have mercy on us in this beautiful Gem of the Caribbean.


  • Georgie Porgie

    Mr Hood
    I still chillin out hey in Florida.
    Trying to follow what is going on in BIM.
    It is unbelievable.


  • I really don’t know why all this fuss and maligning is being carried on about OSA and Froons. After all is said and done in a few years time they will soon be Knighted by the party In government at the time and all will be forgiven as we all kiss up to them with “SIR” Owen and “SIR” Froons!! So where’s da BEEF?? Oh forgive me I almost forgot………….there ain’t no more BEEF…….all the fatted calves have been killed and distributed by DEM to friends and family as told to us would happen by David T. when he became PM in 2008!!! Wuhlosses, MURDAH, meh belly hurting wid all de laughing!!


  • GP,

    Yeah, I know very well you are still up there in the land of honey & peanut butter (sandwiches ie). Was just mentioning what they were saying about you down here during the Silly Season! lolllllll…………..murdahhhhhhh!


  • @Hants May 17, 2018 10:01 AM “That is just normal business practice of the rich.”

    If as the man said he had to repair and sell his house in order to 5 or 6 years worth of taxes I would not call that being being rich.


  • Blogmeiester! De ole man got a comment waiting


  • @ Simple Simon,

    We were discussing Elliot Mottley.


  • Blogmeister! De ole man got diabetes. Remember. Got ma all a commen waitin


  • De ole man hehehehe not discussinn Elliot. Mebbe extreme prejudice hehehehe. What diabetes what?


  • I don’t know but I’m just wondering – could vindictiveness have be born out of someone being “horned” in the past? There is no greater bitterness and hatred than that of a man scorned (horned)!


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