Wuh Mia Do Arthur Doah

There is the saying politics makes for strange bedfellows. There is another that Barbadians have short memories.

The political machinations being played out in the build up to general election day on 24 May 2018 has become all so predictable. The accusations and counters, the tit for tat bombshells being lobbed across the political divide is how the nature of local politics must be characterized. Regrettably occurring at a time all economic and social indicators point to a chronic state of decline.

It is all very déjà vu  isn’t it?

The political bombshell lobbed by the former Prime Minister Owen Arthur at Prime Minister in waiting Mia Mottley that she was complicit in a decision to waive fees on a transaction her father Elliot Mottley was party continues to choke the news channel. It is noteworthy Arthur was unable to confirm wrongdoing but went ahead James Comey style and released the information 9 days before the general election. Keen observers would not have been surprised that Arthur has emerged at this time after listening to Prime Minister Stuart et al leave the political gate open at the Carlisle Park meeting last weekend.

What is playing out was orchestrated between Arthur and the DLP.

It has become patently obvious Owen Arthur and members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have colluded to attack Mottley at a time when the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and its leader are at the most vulnerable. It has not escaped the blogmaster that Arthur’s press conference was facilitated by Barbados Today (BT) headed by Kaymar Jordan.

Here is the BT facilitated Owen Arthur press conference for those who missed it.


The BU family et al is invited to watch the following Owen Arthur presentation in parliament dated August 2011 to appreciate how strange bed fellows are formed. To suggest Arthur took a shellacking by those accepting his every word in 2018 speaks for itself.






  • Blogmeister! De ole man got diabetes. Remember. Got ma all a commen waitin


  • De ole man hehehehe not discussinn Elliot. Mebbe extreme prejudice hehehehe. What diabetes what?


  • I don’t know but I’m just wondering – could vindictiveness have be born out of someone being “horned” in the past? There is no greater bitterness and hatred than that of a man scorned (horned)!


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