Transparency Required:Innotech BWA Connection

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart won the head to head match up with Arthur in 2013.

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart won the head to head match up with Arthur in 2013.

In 2008 the DLP won the campaign platform message which painted a picture of runway corruption by the Arthur led BLP government. In 2013 the DLP again won the integrity message  by matching up Stuart and tainted Arthur. The late Thompson promised to enact transparency legislation if elected. He was elected. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart promised to do the same in 2013. He won the election also. Six years later it is business as usual, no transparency legislation. An interesting discussion on the Problemas de Agua blog which fits BUs transparency legislation ‘eye’ is replayed for deeper discussion. Against this background the BU household believes the time has long passed to ask some hard questions of  Prime Minister Stuart and his administration. Has there been a fundamental change how the Stuart led government is doing business compared to those of the past?

David | June 20, 2014 at 8:55 AM |
“Are you suggesting the 3S model is being used to deliver the BWA headquarters with Innotech delivering the end services?”

Artaxerxes| 2014/06/20 at 1:58 PM

From what I understand, rumour has it that Innotech had preference over those other companies who were required to bid for the contract, and the said company was given possession of the site before the contract was actually signed.

“Good Governance assures that corruption is minimized, the views of the people are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable members of society are heard in decision-making. It is also responsive to the present and future needs of society. Barbados needs Good Governance now like it never has before.” (page 46: DLP 2008 manifesto).

Moreover, this DLP administration promised in their 2008 manifesto to immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring a declaration of assets by public officials, a Code of Conduct for Ministers, and a new Freedom of Information law upon forming the government.

Surely, if these laws to enable a process of good governance were introduce, and the DLP took us into their confidence by “the publication of details of agreements and contracts involving the government and its agencies” (page 47: DLP 2008 manifesto), we would not have to grapple with talk of corruption in innuendo.

Instead of trying to shoot the messenger, DLP sympathizers and those like “Westing to the West”, should plead with their kin in the DLP to introduce integrity legislation. They should also bring facts to the BU household that would prove these allegations are only rumours.

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  1. As i said previously, the DLP should not get a dime in any loans or grants from any entity or banking institution anywhere in the world using the name of the taxpayer’s in Barbados unless and until integrity legislation is instituted. It has now become too serious an issue to allow these ministers access to and the ability to just take whatever millions they covet and put it into bank accounts for their own use and at the taxpayer’s expense.

  2. If anyone wants to see the manner of men who make up Innotech, read the BU blog on Chris McHale.

  3. Westing to the West | June 20, 2014 at 2:11 PM |

    Where you come from all of a sudden? All types of contributions on
    “Problemas de Agua” and the only thing you could “latch on pun” is this questionable contract.
    Obviously, you have something to hide or some interest to protect. If you do have any factual information, then please bring it to the BU forum and put to rest the rumour mill. If you don’t…. then stop presenting yourself as defending a futile cause.

    What you should do, in the interest of truth and transparency, is to confirm or deny that the only bid for the project was received by Innotech. Is it true that those other companies that had previously expressed an interest in the project came upon information that revealed Innotech would have been awarded the contract in any event? Hence, it would have been a futile attempt on their part to submit bids for the said contract?

    Read these excerpts under the caption (22) Good Governance” in the DLP’s 2008 manifesto:

    “There is therefore a need to clean up politics in Barbados. The Democratic Labour Party has selected a team of clean, caring, competent and committed politicians who have signed on to a code of conduct, that promises Good Governance.” (p46)

    “The DLP administration’s attitude to accountability will be based on the understanding that as servants and representatives of the people there can be no secrets or matters to be hidden from the population. Consequently, a DLP administration will be accountable for its actions and policies and take the public into its confidence.” (p47)

    Six years on…… no transparency legislation and we are hearing just about the same level of corruption being undertaken by this administration that they accused the BLP of.
    How on earth could you people read your manifesto, know that you have failed to implement your promises…… and if anyone bring to this forum any information pertaining to any questionable transaction, you come out ready to shoot the messenger, instead of blaming the DLP for not introducing ITAL, ultimately causing discussions such as these.

    We do not need any back and forth discussion and no one has accused the DLP of any wrong doing! The DLP promised transparency….. this discussion presents a perfect opportunity for them or their sympathizers and mouthpieces on this blog, to initiate the process.

  4. As a disciple of the then DLP I viewed as my holy bible a document entitled PATHWAYS TO PROGRESS. This was all the way back in 2008.Today as a disillusioned, disappointed Dem I am forced by my conscience to recognize the parity in relation to Don, Doctor and David. History points us in the direction of Dillenger, Rat and of course we are all free to draw our own inferences. I hope to God to see some two legged vulture incarcerated before I die.

  5. @ Artaxerxes

    That 2008 DLP manifesto was a document full of lies to win an election, it was NEVER designed to be a document by which this bunch of wild boys would live by. I wonder what the architect of this pile of lies has to say these days!

    The one pledge that galls me is the pledge that 40% of all contracts would go to small contractors. We have a situation from 2008 where 99%of the contracts are going to only a few white contractors and rather than sub contracting to the small contractors, the big three are forming more small companies of their own…..keeping all the wealth to themselves.

    I have a friend who has a small contracting business, he has been struggling terribly. He told me his DLP fellow contractors keep telling him………”boy, things real brown…..we are dems and cannot get a contract, they said at least under the Bees, we could get contracts and had money in we pockets”.

    How is it that every big contract must go to Jada, Innotech or Preconco? And at that every contract awarded is shrouded in suspicion with talk about where money has been deposited, which MP was given free flights, clothes and TV’s, which MP has stashed money in his mother’s account and which MP has a new Mercedes, jaguar or BMW?

    Is this all that these wild boys are worth?

  6. I have said over and over again that the Dems had every intention to introduce integrity legislation but they have delayed the process until they could get rich first.

  7. This will go down as the very best government in the history of Barbados. Now there’s a man making an audition to be the emcee in some calypso tent this crop over. Either that or he is smoking something we are yet to discover.

  8. Seems that bajans are content to sit back, do nothing and let them who are not yet eligible mark time until they qualify to receive pension. That the march was poorly attended gives the green light to these cold hearted vultures to continue smartly. Screwing poor people.

  9. Minister Denis Lowe Cites Rampant Corruption At Urban Development Commission
    Posted on August 8, 2008 by David | 17 Comments

    Source: Nation Newspaper
    We just had a read over at Barbados Free Press and they are hopping mad! It seems that the Nation Newspaper has committed a blatant act of plagiarism. The BFP team appears to be so mad that they forgot to ask the Fontebelle daily for an apology. This is not the first time the Nation newspaper has engaged in unethical journalistic practices directed at BFP and BU and until Executive Editor Roxanne Gibbs and her boss, Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens are called to account by Barbadians, the Nation newspaper which was proudly published by its founders will continue to sink into the mire. The management of the Nation for sometime has decided to go the path of prostituting itself for the almighty dollar. Today is yet another example of the soft underbelly of our leading daily exposed for the world to scrutinize. In many countries of the world the editor at the Nation who approved the article would have been fired because plagiarism is considered a serious breach in the world of academia. Don’t worry BFP Yahoo has picked up the story!

    Now that BFP has designated today as Crap on the Nation Newspaper Day let us also make a little observation. We tried to locate the article featured in the image to the left in the online version. Maybe we got our search string wrong, if any member of the BU family can locate the article please post the link. We are overwhelmed with the technology at times!

    Located deep in today’s Nation Newspaper on page 22, on the Community Pages is a summary of a Press Conference which was held by Minister Denis Lowe, who has responsibility for Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development. At the Press Conference some very disturbing accusations were leveled. To the Nation Newspaper credit the intro paragraph begins with the startling revelation: Missing houses, an unlisted property and multiple payouts to contractors for one home. The reality that a Minister of the Crown could level such damaging accusations and our leading daily attempts to suffocate this news on page 22 is concerning.

    Does anyone have the email address for OMC’s CEO?

    The BU household views the hint of corruption at the UDC as very serious. One only needs to refer to the Mission Statement of the Urban Development Commission to understand why: Committed to the delivery of quality, timely and effective services to those for whom we are responsible; the upliftment and enhancement of the physical and human capital and the eradication of poverty from the urban landscape. We have received in recent days emails which detail some very disturbing ‘goings on’ at the UDC. We are in the process of verifying the information and if we are able to do so we will update this story. What continues to concern us is not so much the politicians and their acolytes but the involvement of career civil servants in the scams. The other concern is the complete lack of systems in the civil service concerning record keeping. Did someone say first world status?

    We must caution the government that if many of the accusations which have been leveled at the former government are not brought to a ‘head’, Barbadians will soon become cynical about the whole affair. We agree with Minister Lowe that institutionalized dysfunctions can compromise good governance but as the former Prime Minister stated on a political platform just gone, how long is too long…?

  10. Denis Lowe speaks about the need to stamp out corruption in 2007 in Independence Square.

  11. Chris Sinckler must be looked at as Minister Of Finance to ensure he is not tarnished with proceeds from graft.

  12. @Caswell Franklyn,can the FSC sanction BUT and how Karen Best the sell out resign to allow Minister Jones her boss to get on the board even before they met. @David, sorry for going off track but it speaks to how corrupt individuals are willing to acquire power at all cost.

    • Dennis

      The FSC can determine if someone is eligible to serve on any of the elected committees of credit unions. But don’t hold your breath, I have found that the FSC specializes in dealing with minutiae and leaves the hardcore corruption that is endemic in credit unions to go unchecked.


  13. Cuba and Barbados May Create Environment Linkages

    Cuba and Barbados intend to work together to create new opportunities for enhancing the environment.

    This was among several issues discussed when Cuban Ambassador, Lissette Pérez-Pérez, paid a courtesy call on Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe at his office yesterday. Dr. Lowe outlined that a major focus for Barbados at this time was its pursuit of the green economy, as it sought to protect its land, marine and ecosystems.

    Dr. Lowe pointed out that the Green Economy Scoping Study revealed a number of areas for development as Barbados continued its pursuit of becoming a green economy.

    He outlined plans for the Green Energy Complex which will see the convergence of waste into energy sources. “It could be a good opportunity for us to talk about sharing our practices and ideas and technology in that regard. We could also speak of wind and solar as it is a place where we could have a developmental mix with the two countries,” he said.

    The Minister assured that an existing Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between Barbados and Cuba would be reviewed in an effort to chart a path going forward. He also raised the possibility of a visit to Cuba to observe some of its operations, especially in the area of bio-technology.

    The Ambassador suggested that a team of experts from Cuba visit Barbados before an official visit was done to share their knowledge and experience in the area of bio-technology

  14. Barbados Minister of the Environment and Drainage Dr. Denis Lowe called upon development partners, particularly the Global Environment Facility (GEF), to play a greater role in assisting small island developing states (SIDS).
    Barbados Minister of the Environment and Drainage Dr. Denis Lowe (Photo from BGIS)
    Barbados Minister of the Environment and Drainage Dr. Denis Lowe (Photo from BGIS)
    Lowe made this call as he addressed the opening ceremony of the 7th Biennial Global Environment Facility International Waters Conference (IWC7) at Hilton Barbados on 28 October 2013. Bridgetown, Barbados is this year’s host city for IWC7.
    “Barbados believes that there is real need for special and deliberate consideration of SIDS issues within the GEF development framework, of which the replenishment process is a part,” he said.
    Lowe told about 200 IWC7 delegates that Barbados and other members of the GEF Caribbean constituency have seen positive changes with more projects representing direct responses to national issues and challenges coming on stream.
    “In our own case, Barbados has expanded its national GEF Small Grants Programme as a measure to enhance engagement with civil society in furthering the national sustainable development aspiration,” he said, adding that the program was now receiving projects for funding evaluation.
    Lowe, however, stressed that despite the positive aspects, more action must be done to support SIDS.
    “We believe that the ongoing replenishment process is an important and appropriate forum within which this matter should be raised and addressed,” he said. “As a financing mechanism for several of these environmental agreements, it may be argued that the GEF is uniquely placed to assist SIDS in bridging the gap between environmental and socioeconomic vulnerability on one hand, and environmental stewardship responsibility on the other.”
    Lowe added that with global biodiversity assets continuing to decline, and the imposed challenges associated with climate change increasing in intensity and frequency, support for GEF to exercise its mandate required serious consideration.
    Bridgetown, Barbados is this year’s host for IWC7 (Photo from IW Learn)
    Bridgetown, Barbados is this year’s host for IWC7 (Photo from IW Learn)
    He noted that the conference’s theme, “Economic Valuation as a Tool to Bridge the Science–Policy Gap,” was relevant for the SIDS community. Pointing out that 2013 is the year for International Water Cooperation, Lowe said the conference gives Barbados an opportunity to be part of the process of sharing global information and to allow the country to move forward.
    Issues of water security faced by SIDS featured high on the IWC7 agenda, but a key feature of the conference is the three technical site visits, developed under the theme “Ridge to Reef” which are designed to highlight a range of water management challenges faced by Barbados. Traditional and new management approaches in the areas of land use planning, coastal zone management, wastewater reuse and treatment, marine protected areas, and groundwater protection form the core elements of the site visits.
    The technical conference is also geared toward encouraging opportunities for learning on scientific and technical innovations and interaction training for International Waters project managers and country representatives. It is also expected to review the usage of economic valuation as a means of translating project outcomes into policy.
    Conference participants in attendance include project managers and leaders from government ministries, transboundary basin commissions, the private sector, civil society, donor agencies, the GEF Secretariat and its partners such as the Asian Development Bank.
    The conference is organized jointly by GEF and the United Nations Development Programme. It aims to facilitate cross-sectoral and portfolio-wide learning and experience sharing. It seeks to solicit advice from the existing GEF IW portfolio on burning issues, and to assist in building participant capacity in key management and technical areas. Participants sum up progress achieved and also look to the future of programming within and beyond the GEF IW focal area, with a special emphasis on reviewing the economic valuation of international waters and the links between economic valuation and science, as well as mechanisms for linking both to policy making.
    Economic valuation can play a critical role in the formulation of more effective resource management, policies, and programs. Lowe said economic valuation could be defined as the process of monetizing the benefits or costs associated with goods or services.
    “It can therefore be used to assess the economic benefit of a planned project or policy that may cause harm to the natural environment, or to understand the gains that may be realised from conservation or environmental preservation efforts,” he said.
    Lowe said that policy makers should promote a decision-making environment supported by an appropriate science–policy interface that would remedy the dearth of valuation knowledge and the uncoordinated approach to valuation.
    Astrid Hillers, senior environmental specialist for international waters at GEF, said bridging the gap between science and policy was important, and noted that during the site visits, they would be looking at situations in and solutions to what is happening in Barbados.
    Hillers also commended Barbados for being the first small island developing state to host the biennial GEF IWC.

  15. Expansion of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College

    in Completed Projects

    Funded under the 9th European Development Fund, the expansion of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community is a component under the Improvement of Education through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Project. This expansion aims at improving infrastructure at the college to include ICT enhanced facilities.

    Works includes the construction of three 2 storey and one single storey buildings totalling approximately 39,000 sq. ft as well as the renovation of 3 existing buildings totalling approximately 36,000 sq. ft. Works include electro-mechanical/electrical/laboratory/ICT installations, seating and lighting fixtures and remodelling of spaces in the existing facilities. External works includes demolition of temporary classrooms, paths and paving, construction of a sewerage treatment system, external utility services and landscaping.

    The construction was awarded to 3 contractors as follows:

    Lot 1: New Construction (Teachers & Classroom Block) – Innotech

    Lot 2: Renovations and Demolitions Works – Hutchinson

    Lot 3: Construction of External Stage – Hutchinson

    Lot 4: External Works and Landscaping – Gibson

    Lot 5: Construction of Bleachers and Games Courts – Hutchinson

    Lot 6: Construction of Student Union Building – Hutchinson

  16. Well Well

    Barbadians SHOULD take comfort in knowing that the American economy still haven’t regain its full sustainability.
    As the PM has said quite recently, his Ministers performed exceptionally well, given the nature of the worldwide economic meld down. And you cannot help but to take the PM word for it because he and his troops are on the battlefield do the heavy lifting.

    Hamilton Hill

    You have to find that one person who is confident and capable of arousing the collective conscience of the Barbadian masses and inspiring them onto action. Che did in Cuba as well as Hitler in Germany and FDR in the United States and it is realizable on this tiny island of Bim. Who will emerge as this demagogue capable of igniting the passions and fears of the Barbadian masses? Georgie Porgie or perhaps Bush Tea? lol I’ll put my money on the PM any day because he has done it once and he is quite capable of doing it again.

    For years in Barbados “Undetected and unchecked corruption in the public sector has caused serious damage including:
    undermining public trust in government
    wasting public resources and money
    causing injustice through advantaging some at the expense of others
    inefficiencies in operations
    reputational damage which makes it difficult to recruit and retain quality staff or obtain best value in tender processes. It has become also more difficult or attract business investment, adversely affecting prosperity.
    Globally, the World Economic Forum has estimated that the cost of corruption is about US$2.6 trillion a year. The impacts of corruption disproportionately affect the most vulnerable people in society. Widespread corruption deters investment, weakens economic growth and undermines the rule of law.

    We need accountability quickly, less of the ” he said she said ” stalling, something that works to prevent corruption before it occurs and provides guidance and advice on what public officials can do to prevent corruption and how to manage specific corruption risk functions. WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET???

  18. @ Dompey…What I hope to see is some of these political criminals behind bars. This bunch is no better than the group over which Owen Arthur presided. My concept of guilt by association would never permit me to look favorably upon none of these bastards that presently make up the DLP.PATHWAYS TO PROGRESS. Question is for whom?

  19. It is very clear to the PDC that many more people in Barbados have – at this stage – determined that these two intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP disorganizations MUST PERMANENTLY GO from the parliament of this country.


  20. Hamilton Hill

    If the political process in Barbados allows these politicians to get away with murder, then perhaps there is an obvious need for the kind of checks and balances which would keep such behavior under control. You really cannot blame the politicians but the process which gives such latitude to their conduct.

    What some people in Barbados have failed to realized is the fact that when their elect a politician to high office, that there are electing a human being with all of the faults and failings conducive to our species. So there ought and must be the appropriate checks and balances in place to curtail man’s passions and desires.

    So standing on the above premise, the people must insist on the kind of Checks and Balances which would give rise to an acceptable level of answerability/ accountability.

    Why doesn’t anyone realise IF YOU DON’T FACE IT- If the politicians come civil servant in power are say removed over night- who is qualified to take there place- then how will the people get justice back on track. I think, judging by the consistent noise I’ve heard about what should be done, and the constant hardship injustices revealed, older Bajans aren’t bothered about the youngsters future or in face Barbados’s world future. Shear arrogance. The only answer is more arrogance. LETS FACE IT, give those responsible, and we no who they are, the chance of amnesty. Stir up the muddy pools so to speak, and see who rises to the top and deal with them, by way of the Caribbean Supreme Court. Then and only then can we as a nation can START PEDDLING OUR WAY OUT OF THIS UNHEALTHY MESS THAT THE WORLD IS WATCHING…. Get the app !!

  22. Dompey said:

    “As the PM has said quite recently, his Ministers performed exceptionally well, given the nature of the worldwide economic meld down. And you cannot help but to take the PM word for it because he and his troops are on the battlefield do the heavy lifting.”

    Quite agreed Dompey, you have to take Stuart at his word, the ministers are performing exceptionally well, would you like to take a guess how many of them have 5 million dollars or more in their bank accounts, which does not make up part of their taxpayer funded salary, would you care to guess how they got 5 million dollars or more in their accounts?, of course i take Stuart at his word since him and his troops have to lift a lot of heavy lies to tell Bajans………of course don’t blame the politicians for being corrupt they have no morals, no self control and no damn intelligence other than to take bribes and steal and lie and cheat and……………, the devil made them do it, blame the system the system not the politicians…..Dompey shut the fcuk up.

    • In responce to a lot of comments out of context;
      “If you can control a man’s thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself . If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.”
      Perhaps you are no different that the individuals that have place this corruption in place over 30 years ago.
      Demand change, for injustice from the head of state !!!! Petition after petition. Lets face it numbers on this Island count. Why doesn’t someone put round a petition????


    transparency legislation @ We at PLANTATION DEEDS know why this will never happen while people of Barbados vote for fraud Crooks , liars and scumbags pimp title holders Et Alii, , ..

    Violet Beckles will be played out Live, as BASEL 3 Banking and History is played out,
    to give transparency legislation in any form will lead them all to JAIL for all the crimes that are being hidden .It will show all the truth for we have proof of the lies,

    Only a 3rd Party, not bought and paid for by way of VOTES and bribes will be able to make this happen in the first sitting of the new Government ,

    WARRANTS will be issued , New DPP new COP , New and clean JUDGES will be put in Place or Special Masters will be bought in to sit in JUDGMENT and God will sit in Judgement..


    transparency legislation= Jail for the DLP, BLP and the NEW DBLP
    Here is your starting point ,,,,Dont say you your never warned or knew,

  25. @ Denis Lowe Needs Locking Upi

    Yes, of course, lock him up – Denis Lowe, these too: Owen Arthur, Mia, Mottley, Dale Marshall, George Payne, Gline Clark, Sir Richard Cheltenham and Sir Charles O. Williams (COW) too.

  26. Prodigal Son | June 20, 2014 at 8:26 PM |
    “which MP was given free flights, clothes and TV’s, which MP has stashed money in his mother’s account and which MP has a new Mercedes, jaguar or BMW?”

    Steve Blackett has a new white Audi… the Urban Development Commission bought a new beige coloured Nissan X-Trail for director ,Derek Alleyne.

    Prodigal, could you imagine that this administration is saying they are revamping the student revolving loan fund and gave us the impression that loans would be made available for parents and prospective students for the payment of UWI tuition fees. Yet these loans are available only to those persons who are under 50 years old. A friend of mine who has a daughter at UWI went to the SRLF and was told he or his daughter’s mother could not benefit from the loan fund because they are both over 50 years old. So he had to seek funds from his credit union.

  27. Dompey | June 21, 2014 at 7:22 AM |
    Well Well
    “As the PM has said quite recently, his Ministers performed exceptionally well, given the nature of the worldwide economic meld down. And you cannot help but to take the PM word for it because he and his troops are on the battlefield do the heavy lifting.”

    I asked you once and you did not respond…… and I’ll ask you again. The DLP promised in their 2008 manifesto under the caption “(22) Good Governance”
    “The Democratic Labour Party has selected a team of clean, caring, competent and committed politicians who have signed on to a code of conduct, that promises Good Governance.” [p46, paragraph 3]

    Has any “clean, caring, competent” DLP politician signed this code of conduct?

    “Mandate each DLP representative to present a “State of the Constituency Report” at the time of the Constituency Councils’ consultation meeting. These meetings will be broadcast live on radio and television.” [p48 paragraph 4]

    The DLP promised us that they would be more transparent and accountable to Barbadians. As at June 21, 2014 the ITAL has not been introduced and no system has been developed or instituted to measure the performance and productivity of any minister.

    So, against this background, could you please tell the BU forum what criteria PM Stuart used to evaluate how his “ministers performed exceptionally well, given the nature of the worldwide economic meltdown”, especially taking into consideration Chris Sinckler’s tenure has ushered in numerous downgrades from the regional and international rating agencies and that, so far, Barbados is the only Caribbean island to have suffered so many downgrades.

  28. lol……..want to see all the business people ask for this, then we know there will be no more extortion by politicians against business people in Barbados and no more bribe paying to politicians by the business people of Barbados.

    Art………sorry, i did not see your comment requesting a reply from me, it’s obvious Stuart paid lip service to win an election and could give one damn about integrity legislation and by extension his ministers could care less about code of conduct and signing such agreements…….check out the above link and see what the politicians are interested in most of all…….begging/extorting? money to finance their election campaigns……lol

  29. What the business people need to do is record or video tape the politicians who beg/extort money from them and what the politicians need to do is record or video tape the business people who bribe them.

  30. Well Well | June 22, 2014 at 9:23 AM |

    Recently we have seen COW and Bizzy in the media complaining about their inability in receiving work from the government. COW went as far as to say he was getting no work, so he must lay-off employees.

    Obviously the brothers made substantial contributions to the DLP election campaign in an effort to gain favour when government projects and road repairs are up for tender. Having not realizing his expectations after the DLP took his money, Bizzy is now complaining that “political parties and individual politicians in Barbados should be barred from begging companies and individuals for money to help run their election campaigns”.

    Bizzy should be cognizant of the fact that Leroy of CLICO fame also contributed to the campaign and gave Thompson access to CLICO’s private jet to conduct government business. As a reward for his generosity, Leroy was given a $10M supplemental for CLICO and awarded majority of the road work through Rayside Construction.

    Maybe Bizzy and COW should loan Fruendel, Chris, Maxine and Donville access to their private jet to travel through the Caribbean and Adriel to go to Jamaica to pay Myrie as well.

    While they are at it, they could loan Denis Kellman one of their many 4×4 vehicles so he could find and pay Al Barrack, after pompously saying on Wednesday August 14, 2013 that: “I have cleared the way, the Cabinet of Barbados has cleared the way, the Minister of Finance has cleared the way. We have done our part and we are just waiting for the file to sign off on the Barrack issue…..”

    Bizzy Williams is just another hypocrite, who knows how to behave and what to say according to which party forms the government. If he does not get his way he comes out crying and throwing a tantrum.

  31. Art…..both Bizzy and Cow are like that and believe wholeheartedly, and also allowed to believe wholeheartedly by the black politicians on the island and the majority on they island that they are both the true Prime Ministers of Barbados and should have every government contract that passed through the government for their own self-enrichment and continue to dictate and call all shots in Barbados…..alot of blame lies with the DLP/BLP governments as well as the populace who should never have been looking up to those two Bizzy, Cow, as any type of saviors, they are only interested in enriching and saving themselves……the populace now see quite clear that they should not even look up to DLP/BLP politicians/ministers et, as any type of saviors since they too are only interested in enriching and saving themselves…….having said that……..I suspect that both Bizzy and Cow have now amassed more than enough wealth off the blacks of black bajans that they can tell both political parties DLP/BLP to carry their ass……lol

  32. @Artaxerxes “Yet these loans are available only to those persons who are under 50 years old. A friend of mine who has a daughter at UWI went to the SRLF and was told he or his daughter’s mother could not benefit from the loan fund because they are both over 50 years old.”

    Tell me if I get this right.

    My government tells me that I must work ’till I am 67 before I get my National Insurance pension.

    So like my mother I have my last child at 43.

    I will be 61 when my sweet baby enters university, and I will be 66 (and still working paying nuff, nuff taxes when the year come) when he earns his master’s degree, or his law degree or his medical degree or whatever.

    So explain to me then why I can’t borrow some of the student revolving money when I would have spent 50 years (from 17 to 67) working and paying taxes, especially when I will still be working and paying when my last baby is a big-able working man. And especially when according to WHO the female life expectancy in Barbados is 80.4 years. Are we using 1950’s data to inform 21 century policy making?

    Mek the explanation simple.

    Becausin’ I (just like a lott, lotta ‘o we policy makers and politicians) ain’t too bright.

  33. Simple Simon | June 22, 2014 at 10:49 AM |

    My friend was worried about being able to pay for his daughter’s final year at UWI. So he and his daughter’s mother were advised to seek financial assistance from the SRLF. However, on enquiring, they were told about the age limit…. so they had to seek assistance from their credit union.

    If you go to the “Frequently asked questions section” of the Student Revolving Loan Fund’s website…. click on question # 6: “Is there an age limit”, you will see the following answer:

    “Applicants must be eighteen (18) years of age and no older than fifty (50) years of age. For any person over the age of 50 the application will need to be approved by the Minister of Education.”

    Even “AC” could understand that.

    And yuh know how things does work in this island….. these things don’t go by merit. Iffen you is over 50 years…… yuh got to know Ronald Jones or another politician to get some a dat loan money.

  34. Just as Bizzy exposed these lowlife politicians, the same way everything they politicized to the point of stupidity over the last decades will also be exposed.

  35. Poor Bizzy.

    At a time when these inept incompetent ministers’ backs were against the wall, when nothing was going right for them and with another downgrade staring them in the face, Bizzy saved the sorry jackasses by delivering Butch Stewart to them for them to boast of attracting a major player like Sandals to Barbados.

    But Bizzy did not understand the nature of the beast with whom he was dealing. Prior to this, he went on TV crying that he have projects in the pipeline and could not get them approved.

    Following this outburst from Bizzy, Donville and Adriel Brathwaite met with him, the projects were miraculously approved. Bizzy then delivered his end of the bargain. The dems got what they wanted and then left Bizzy high and dry.

    Stinkliar, Lowe and the Quisling went behind his back and screwed him. They gave the major project on which he was hoping to make millions to Cahill. He must be a bitter man……………especially since he cannot say with which party it is better to work. Bizzy, the Bees did not treat you so shabbily, did they?

  36. @ Artaxerxes | June 22, 2014 at 11:23 AM |
    @ Simple Simon | June 22, 2014 at 10:49 AM |

    My friend was worried about being able to pay for his daughter’s final year at UWI. So he and his daughter’s mother were advised to seek financial assistance from the SRLF. However, on enquiring, they were told about the age limit…. so they had to seek assistance from their credit union…….

    The problem too I understand is that the guarantors must be under 50 as well. Many are finding it hard to find guarantors because with things as they are now, no one is willing to take that risk.

    This DLP has truly screwed this country up for generations to come. Yet we have a jackass for a PM who bold boasts that this DLP will go down in history as the best government this country ever had. He must be off his meds.

    I can bold say that this DLP is the most lied, deceptive, wicked, incompetent, vindictive, spiteful, caustic government this country has ever had! And this is no lie.

  37. Bizzy feel he is the smartest man in Barbados and the rest of us is idiots. This is the man who went in the news paper in December 2007 amd said not was wrong with 3S high way project and that he could independently attest to that forget. Then we found out that Williams Electrical was do the street lighting and the was contracted to build the steel over passes.
    Ask Bizzy to deny that 3S is derived from the S’s from the names Williams, Nichols and Williams, aka Cow Hallem and Bizzy.

  38. Transparency? What Transparency?

    Innotech BWA Connection?

    3S Connection?

    What about some transparency on the China connection, the UAE connection, the Qatar connection?

    Here is a story from

    Four Seasons deal approved
    Added by Kaymar Jordan on May 23, 2014.

    Cabinet has reportedly approved a multimillion-dollar deal for the sale of the Four Seasons property.

    Government sources say the deal involves one of the world’s largest wealth funds based in Qatar, along with a group of local partners.

    It essentially ends the five year saga for the upmarket 30-acre beachfront property, which has been lying dormant since 2009.

    Officials have welcomed the deal, saying it not only augurs well for vital tourism, but that it should also serve as a real confidence booster in terms of foreign direct investment.

    It is now a month later and no official word from Government except Four Seasons to start SOON.

    DD posted this to the “Growing Tensions in Iraq and What it Forebodes for YOU” blog.

    Here are two short excerpts from a story “The Dark Side of the Qatar Dream” at

    “Making matters even worse are new indications, made public last week by Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper, of corruption surrounding the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. Former Qatari football official Mohammed Bin Hammam allegedly bribed members of the FIFA executive committee. He is thought to have distributed a total of $5 million to various FIFA members from Africa to secure their vote in favor of Qatar back in 2010. Yet however the absurd decision to hold a football tournament in the desert came to pass, it is men like Ganesh who must now suffer the consequences.”

    “Many construction companies in Qatar treat their workers as though they own them, a product primarily of the country’s labor laws.”

    Main thrust of the story is about the deplorable working conditions of the workers.

    DD wonders, if there was corruption (bribing FIFA officials) surrounding the awarding of the 2022 FIFA World cup to Qater, was there corruption in the awarding of the Four Seasons project to Qatar; if in fact it has been awarded to Qatar. Maybe Barbados Today’s source was incorrect about Qatar-Four Seasons.

    And if the Four Seasons project has been awarded to the Qatar sovereign wealth fund; how will they treat the Bajan workers – if they employ Bajans.

  39. @Artaxerxes “And yuh know how things does work in this island….. these things don’t go by merit. Iffen you is over 50 years…… yuh got to know Ronald Jones or another politician to get some a dat loan money.”

    Well they tel me the same thing…but your friends decent…I am not…I like pieceoftherockyaright am in the departure lounge and my little johnny hafta to go to university come hell or high water, and if I have to give wejonesing and dem a bit of old bad pokey to get the loan so be it.

    At this point in my life I only answer to the lord..and I know that he love me real bad.

  40. @Denis Lowe needs locking up “Nation newspaper has engaged in unethical journalistic practices directed at BFP and BU and until Executive Editor Roxanne Gibbs and her boss, Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens are called to account by Barbadians”

    Ah, excuse me. Ya got ya facts wrong.

    RoxanneGibbs hasn’t worked at the Nation for years.

  41. Prodigal Son

    Who knows but perhaps, the PM is correct in assuming that his led government will go down in history as the best government Barbados has had. Only the history books will attest to what the PM is trying to convey but we shall await the results of his prediction. It wasn’t accidental that the PM was ushered into this position because I believe his was predetermined by a Higher- Power. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away Prodigal.

  42. Owen Arthur in 1992 cried on national television that he could not get a job and he could not make ends meets. He said he could not live in Barbados, because he was less than a man in his own house. Now, now he is among the top wealthiest men in Barbados. . . . the wealthiest in the Caribbean. But now, how did this happen?

  43. Your are damn liar!

    Thompson was a 2×3 lawyer and dead and left millions. Tell BU how he managed to acquire so much wealth in Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua having never practiced no lotta law! Does CLICO ring a bell?

    Dont get me started on this present crop. Look no further than first in line Michael Lashley, a “pieca” lawyer who hardly got work, next the crooked Dennis Lowe who hid his stolen loot in his mother’s account, Chris Sinckler who came into politics driving a “pieca” old Suzuki and now drives a jaguar and owns the world, Donville earned his by we all know how………………………

  44. Life Changer, physical violence was used to control the collective thinking of the slave population and not the brainwashing techniques you may have assumed.

    Life Changer

    If brainwashed tactics were used to controlled the slave population, then where did their ascertained the will to fight and revolted? It is clear that the brainwashed tactics of the slave owner did not worked, until it was coupled with physical violence. And then the slave population invented ways to overcome the physical violence which was instituted whenever they undermined the slave own’s directives.

    Life Changer

    I do not at all agree with your analogy regarding controlling a man’s thinking; influence his action. Because if you try to control a man’s thinking, you might control his actions for a short period, but sooner than later he will wise up and undermine your plans to control his actions. ( is has happened so many times during our enslavement) And your piece about going to the back door is pure bullshite because violence and threats of violence were used to forced some people to used the back door. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  45. Black leaders in Barbados should be ashamed of themselves, but oh no they are quite proud and the likes of Dumbville Inniss et al wants everyone to admire the way they acquired their millions and everyone should admire their bank accounts and many houses and many outside women and big rides and crap, i guess they have no further use for Bizzy, but why is bizzy crying anyway, he made millions off the backs of blacks in Barbados, both him and his brother Cow did not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of 25 years ago, but thanks to corrupt political leaders and gullible Bajan taxpayers those involved were able to come out of it wealthy, they should all be returned to being paupers….blighted SOB’s.

  46. Prodigal Son | June 22, 2014 at 1:51 PM |
    “The problem too I understand is that the guarantors must be under 50 as well. Many are finding it hard to find guarantors because with things as they are now, no one is willing to take that risk.”

    This is quite true Prodigal…….. in these times when temporary civil servants are faced with the possibility of being laid-off, the commercial banks not approving loans for them, and prevailing uncertainty in the private sector, people are reluctant to signing as guarantors for loans in the eventuality the person receiving the loan defaults on payments.

    So, are we facing a situation where only the children of rich Barbadians will have access to tertiary level education?

  47. It would be swell to hear the white Bajan brethren views on brother Bizzy Williams declaration that he don’t care who in power he working with them. Plus he calls for the state to pay for political campaigns and not private sector companies like his who in Barbados completely depend on government.

    Now everyone know Bizzy amassed fantastic wealth by raiding the treasury legally of course in the form of a gazillion contracts the politicians dish out to his wide variety of businesses. He is now asking those very politicians not to bother him for funds to assist with their campaigns. What an upstanding fella. In addition to that Bizzy like he positing if a Bernard Coard or Mussolini in power he cool solongst he makes his money. What really does he stand for then? Money money moneeeee! Nothing but the cash?

    The non black brethren like John, Ross, money brain, Mike Williams, Parkinson et al and yes the Bizzy apologists your two cents are awaited. .

    • Bizzy publicly admitted to criminal conduct and so far I have not heard or seen anyone comment about it. The Representation of the People Act requires anyone who makes contributions to political parties as campaign donations to make a declaration to the Supervisor of Elections. In turn the candidate must also declare that he received it. Failing that the candidate and the donor have both committed offences.

      What bothers me is Bizzy having the gall to come out with his admission.

      It would appear that Sicily with all the mafia has nothing on Barbados.


  48. Dougie

    I’ve articulated quite recently, that we have a group of black guys in Barbados who love and I’ll place a focused emphasis on the word “LOVE,” to have a White or a High Yellow Man in charge of their domestic affairs. It is a mentality which still envelopes a significant part of the black population in Barbados, and it is ready apparent that we’re unable to shed this shackle which holds us captive psychologically. Maybe the PM should institute a campaign of intense psychotherapy throughout the black population of Barbados to rid our race of this destructive mentality?

  49. I find it strangely like the MACHURIAN effect. Take Barbados Law. No legal aid system, No small claims court, No transparency, and even more so- no one doing anything about it but talking “(prodigal son.)” Kind of like a slave system you must be use to. Only without the brutality. Do you think their system works? Yes it works for them!! 30 years of this brings the blatant corruption to the top. A Bajan will not do anything about it he is to arragant. Bajans only answer to arragance is more arragance, I have never met bajan who couldnot tell me how to do something. So perhaps an observing nation will, beware all Bajan pimps, its not acceptable to profit from corruption, NOT ANY MORE.
    Think of your children’s future in the real world or don’t you care.????

  50. Lets change the prospective.
    Lets say you get your living tending sheep. What a docile animal they are.
    In some countries there sheep have wool, or a flease, every year they are sheared of that flease for wool to make fabric-cloths for your children.
    You would protect them from wolves and predictors would you not its your livelihood…
    If you saw a man fleasing his heard every week, and not bothering to protect them, what would you think?Correct that will not last long, not long at all…. What say you, BUSH TEA…

  51. Caswell

    Bizzy is being pushed out of the companies due to growing signs that he no longer mentally nimble. One moment he’s on our TV crying for Barbados and the next moment he is making stupid comments about paying political contributions and the next moment saying Bajans don’t pay their bills with his company.

    Why Bizzy don’t get busy and fire the racist he has down at H&B Hardward before he assaults or abuses other blacks.

  52. Big Balloons | June 23, 2014 at 7:37 AM |
    “Why Bizzy don’t get busy and fire the racist he has down at H&B Hardward before he assaults or abuses other blacks.”

    My friend, only in Barbados could that type of thing happened without any form of protest. And instead of being reprimanded for his behaviour, Bizzy told us the man was under stress and is the best hardware man on the island. I wonder if his sentiments would have been the same, if that manager was Black?

    But it’s our fault….. instead of joining in solidarity with the victim of the assault, we will find excuses to continue buying things from H & B.

  53. Bizzy is just like most other business owners of that vintage in Barbados… Sophisticated racists.
    Their common trend has been to ensure that their businesses are kept out of black hands….
    Their spoilt children cannot cope in the modern business environment – so they either bring foreigners to succeed them, sell the businesses to Canadians, English, …or Trickidadians…. amalgamate / consolidate them to reduce the need for executive personnel…or just plain close them ….when they can no longer extort money from the treasury…

    Fortunately for them, most of our politicians/ officials/ courts are either of “yard-boy” mentality, or are so dishonest and easily bribed…..that these businessmen can get away with this shiite…

    Bizzy feel that by marrying a black woman he could fool Bushie?
    ..Wuh he always walking bout bragging how smart she is … why not let her run the damn business…?
    It is amazing how Bajans can accept Bizzy’s bullshit about needing to bring a white foreigner to run his businesses …..what is he saying about his employees with university degrees and years of experience in making him money …..?
    …bunch of black lackies only good for so much and no more…??
    …what was his succession planning approach?….hang on until he could find a suitable new massa?
    ….why the hell did he not prepare his son if world experience is what he needed

    …at least he can do like the rest and HUSH!!!

    • Bushie

      Bizzy does not approve work permits for any type of foreigner to work here, so while he must accept some blame, the person to be ashamed of is the black person who approved the work permit.


  54. Bush Tea | June 23, 2014 at 8:57 AM |

    As usual, excellent contribution Bushie. You are spot on with all your comments. Bizzy wants us to believe that there is no Barbadian that could manage his business efficiently, so he had to bring a man from England.

    Conversely, Black business men are no different. They educate their children who then put their knowledge and expertise to work for the development of other businesses, instead of helping to expand their parents’ businesses.
    These same black entrepreneurs are arrogant and often give much trouble before paying individuals they subcontract.

  55. Bizzy boy, yah getting nuff nuff licks here on Barbados Underground. The people can see thru you and your false protestations.
    This is the same man who use money and political favouritism to get the ‘pick of the litter’ contracts/opportunities for 20+ years and now calling for a level playing field?
    He marry a black woman and proud of it, according him its the loves to help blacks but yet gone and bring in a white man from England to run his businesses.

    I don’t understand why bajans pay so much attention to him, he aint do anything special………he just benefit from a system when merit is not the determining factor but rather money and political connections.

  56. @ Caswell
    As Bushie said….
    Fortunately for them, most of our politicians/ officials/ courts are either of “yard-boy” mentality, or are so dishonest and easily bribed…..that these businessmen can get away with this shiite…

    THE COMPANY at the centre of a looming lawsuit against Government after being granted the $505 million Bridgetown Pierhead Marina Project is to be awarded the $320 million Cruise Pier Project at the Bridgetown Port.

    SUNDAY SUN investigations have revealed that SMI Infrastructure Solutions, owned by accountant Glyne Bannister, joined with foreign company RCCL Cruise Lines and under the brand – Sugar Point – placed a bid for the project.

    The other company considered was Home Port Inc., a merger of two companies – Idea Inc. and Ashtrom. JADA Limited and Pelican Island Consortium were initially shortlisted but not finally considered.

    In a February 19, 2011 report, the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) for the project recommended to the Barbados Port Inc.’s board of directors that Bannister’s grouping be given the contract.

    The TEC noted that though Bannister had only incorporated SMI Infrastructure Solutions Inc. in St Lucia in October 2009, he had previously been involved in major local projects such as the laying of oil pipelines and the erection of a prison (HMP Dodds, in collaboration with VECO).

    However, the committee’s report revealed concerns about SMI/RCCL’s(Sugar Point) high costing for the project.

    “The pricing and revenue considerations in both solutions presented by Sugar Point are two and three times the original cost estimates provided in the RFP [Request for Proposal document]. These should be reviewed . . . ,” the report stated.

    SMI also proposed costly changes to the existing design of the cruise pier project but the TEC suggested they be carefully considered.

    “SMI however proposes adjustments to the current design to meet Oasis class standards, but at an additional US$16 million price tag. The reasonableness of this additional design work has to be carefully evaluated,” the committee noted.

    In its bid, Sugar Point proposed a Build, Own, Lease, Transfer (BOLT) arrangement with the transfer of the facility to the Barbados Port Inc. for a nominal fee of US$1, free and clear of debt at the end of 25 years. Several concerns, however, were raised by the TEC.

    The committee noted that all the risk was transferred to the port for the entire 25-year period.

    It also indicated that the level of fees and the guarantees required by Sugar Point appeared high compared with the level of financial risk that would be underwritten under the BOLT arrangement.

    Sugar Point has already deposited $1 million in bid security for the project. Home Port Inc.’s failure to do likewise, as required by the bidding process, led to its disqualification by the TEC.

    Minister of International Business and International Transport George Hutson has previously indicated the upgraded facility would accommodate increased numbers of mega cruise ships and “free up” the berths inside the port for cargo vessels.

    Phase 1A of the project, comprising two cruise ship piers and land reclamation, is slated to be completed by the end of 2012. © Nation Publishing Co. Limited 2014

  58. …………..“The pricing and revenue considerations in both solutions presented by Sugar Point are two and three times the original cost estimates provided in the RFP [Request for Proposal document]. These should be reviewed . . . ,” the report stated…………………………

    Now that is “steal” in there! Based on that alone, this tender should have been thrown out. Who benefits from these cost over runs? Not the poor man who voted for dem!!!!

  59. The publication said smoke-free hotels had become the norm in America. Back in Jamaica, the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association said it had received an order for 100,000 grams of the product from an unnamed company in Canada.

  60. @ Plantation Deeds

    The Trueblue (poster) makes lots of sense in what he/she wrote on August 14, 2006 at 9:19am –

    “I am reading some Old Rural Development Commission documents and I see the name “J.Price” of Arthur Seat, St. THomas being the beneficiary of housing assistance from RDC when it was first established. Is there any connection with the lovely lady [Julie Price]? Are there a few questions to answer? If this is true, and I have no doubt about my source, could this happen anywhere else in the world? PM [Owen Arthur] gets NHC land and wifey [Julie Price] – before she was wifey but definitely when PM was in the know – gets a RDC house? Will the benefit be passed back to the country now she is up at Ilaro”? The Trueblue (poster), additionally invites the Barbados Free Press to investigate said statements.

    Mr. Deeds, is that name J. Price linked to any of those Violet Beckles documents, still in your posession?

  61. Bizzy’s and Cow’s business cannot survive with black people, if blacks as a collective would open their eyes, the likes of Bizzy and Cow could never do what they do in Barbados, bunch of red legs making black bajan politicians look stupid, bribing with their own money, practicing racism against them while still depending on their patronizing their establishment, could blacks look more foolish……..i think not.

  62. it is quite easy for Well Well and other faceless idiots to come here and talk about politicians who are supposedly wealthy. please identify this display of new wealth or shut to shire up.

    Chris Sinckler drives an old Altima and lives in the same house he has been in prior to 2008. Blackett recently bought a second hand car and livens a modest house owned by his wife and him. she is a RN.

    Adriel still lives in his Mother’s house

    Donville lives in the house and on a property that he bought in 1999 under the BLP. if he was a lawyer or doctor no one would question his wealth. if he was involved in poon et Al as the Bees claims, he would have been hailed under them as such would have occurred under the Bees. He is a businessman who opted to puck off with assailed here and work in internationally.

    Michael Lashley lives a modest life.

    if others have evidence of fat bank accounts then bring the evidence or shut up.

    This shit has been said about Bees and Dees with no evidence.

    I suspect that most of the critics are themselves crooks who are either jealous or wicked as pass.

    I would bit wish to be a politician in Barbados.

    as for Caswell Franklin _ he is nasty crook who was fired for infelicities in the Gov’t but was saved by the Bees

    • This should explain the ethics of the laws Barbados needs relating to public material which covers the issues such as:
      Disclosure of Sources of Income and Other Financial Interests
      Disclosure of Campaign Contributions
      Disclosure of Charitable Fundraising Activities
      The Public’s Right to Access Records
      Open Meeting Laws
      The Public’s Right to Participate in Meetings.
      Unless you have the time to read up on a subject, may it be fare to say. No one likes to look dumb, so when you comment, it better to refer to facts…

  63. I agree with Well Well. white owned businesses in Barbados only survive if blacks support them

  64. @Bush Tea | June 23, 2014 at 8:57 AM |

    Why don’t you stop with your racist bull and read (and digest) what Caswell has to say Caswell Franklyn | June 23, 2014 at 10:22 AM?|
    How can a white man work in Barbados unless the current administration headed by the perfect negro allows it?

    Why not level your venom at that negro instead of attacking an easy target of a dying breed of “Eddie white mice and back row johnnies?

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