Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Mia Scares

I’m to ask and every right thinking person must be wondering: in whose interest is the Mia Mottley Administration managing the affairs of this country?

I would not be so silly to suggest that previous administration left this country in good order.  And I would be the first to admit that the new administration needed to take measures to restructure and stabilise the economy.  But so far, the measures imposed by this new labour party administration has shown a merciless disregard for the plight of the most vulnerable in this society.  As promised, the Government removed the much vilified National Society Responsibility Levy (NSRL), which was collected from the merchant class up front, and replaced it with a series of punitive measures that took particular aim at the poor and labouring classes in the country.

This country is badly in need of revenue and the Government seems content to raise the necessary funds to run the country by taxing the people that a labour party was philosophically set up to protect.  On the other hand, this administration has moved swiftly to ensure that its friends and family are protected from the ravages of this marauding tax collecting machine that came into power on May 25, 2018.

This administration has even placed a tax on water, while at the same time forgiving the billions of dollars in income taxes that were owed mainly by the merchant class, who fund election campaigns, and by their close friends and family.

Last December the Government introduced and passed an amendment to the Income Tax Act to write off taxes that were owed by persons between 1968 and 2000.  The cynical among us, including me, believe that this was a measure aimed at giving tax relief to the Prime Minister’s father.

The country did not cry out about that atrocity and that has emboldened the Government to prepare legislation that would write off the Value Added Tax (VAT) that was collected and stolen by VAT registrants between 1996 and 2000.  The furniture store, Courts, is set to receive a write off of the principal sum of $35 million not included interest and penalties, that will also be written off by this legislation.

Lord, the people of this country prayed for a change but if they only knew what they would have gotten.  I am reminded of what my grandmother would say:  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR, YOU MIGHT GET IT.

The amendment bill is attached.

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  1. David,

    These Europeans took our ancestors from their homeland, deposited them on these natural resource-free rocks, got rich off their labour, erased their culture and so we are left with theirs. Materialism. And now they have the gall to talk about unfair practices!

    If we allow them to bully us it will never end.

    Where is our new Shridath Rampaul? We need somebody to tell them the tale they pretend to have forgotten.

    We are who we are because of them!

    We live where we live because of them!

    They have what they have because of us!

    The only unfairness here is that they refuse to pay us what they owe! The very least they can do is to give us the wiggle room to stay alive!

    • We have no leadership on the regional front. We have Lilliputians who steep every thing they touch with political hogwash.

  2. All they have to do is present the facts and the figures and see if they still have the gall to sanction us. I think an agreement could be made that we would only allow a certain amount into our offshore sector so as not to drain them too much. We could set limits. That would be fair.

    • The EU and OECD will continue to make it difficult for offshore jurisdictions. We will have to understand the consequences and diversify our business.

  3. OSA comments on Barbados being black listed

    “I refused to give the EU or the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) any commitments. I got an opinion prepared for me by my attorney general who said that my position was justified. The EU has no jurisdiction over Barbados in respect of taxation matters and the correct approach has to be that Barbados should give no commitments to anybody about the tax policies the nation has.”
    The former finance minister said the Government of Barbados has placed itself on the blacklist by signing the taxation agreement with the European Union.

    Arthur continued: “The position I held is the position that I believe in; that the OECD or the EU has any jurisdiction and that is a mistake to sign letters of commitment to an entity that you are not a member of in respect of something as fundamental as taxation. They put themselves in it and they would now have to find themselves out of it,” Arthur said.

    He added the best approach would have been for Government to give no assurance to the European Union on their taxation policies.

    He said: “That is what we did then, and we were on good legal grounds and perhaps I suppose I told David Simmons’s opinion to us as Attorney General then should be a document of the House when [Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley] speaks on this matter.”

  4. On another issue to deal with Transparency and accountability
    It has been said over and over again by the opposition on the floors of Parliament
    This govt does not share any information dealing with the goverance of barbados until the last minute
    Mot Good

  5. Many of you and the inferior superior Dr Don Marshall Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Centre for Economic Studies do not have one clue about the quantum of funding that the EU and its delegation control.

    Ensuingly what obtains here is that we have a minister who recently has come to understand what National Indicative Programming means, AND HOW TO ACCESS THESE FUNDS

    This is the problem with people sheeple and chvunts

    People read and sensitize themselves about these mechanisms

    Sheeple do not read but are herded into abattoirs

    And chvunts get fvcked in their bottoms without grease for five years as part of austerity programs

    While auntie gets $21 million for her externally sourced, but internally generated, cuntsultants

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