Chairman of BWA Leodean Worrell Exposed by Innotech

The following document was received from a trusty source and needs no explanation except to say – even in disagreement human being should exercise a basic human quality of mutual respect to ensure the outcomes.

The blogmastser invites Chairlady Leodean Worrell to respond to the document attached and promises that her response will be given equal prominence on the blog.


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  1. PDYR count me out of your war against present govt
    I have nothing to lose or gain in respect to who governs barbados
    I might have several idealogies likened to one party
    However my daily intake of survival is not or will ever be dependant on who governs this country

  2. Sn
    You’re clearly not that bright or the atoms colliding. The more you post your toons, the more you prove my point. Carry on!🤣🤣🤣

  3. @ Mariposa

    and there we have it.

    The underlying chant that is running barbados to the state where it is

    Said by the very person who a few days ago was my buddy

    “…However my daily intake of survival is not or will ever be dependant on who governs this country…”

    Here is what Mariposa is saying

    “As long as the Dictator does not take food out of my Mariposa’s mouth, I DONT GIVE ONE EFFING BADWORD…”

    AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHY WE ARE WHERE WE ARE cause we are into the Niemoller denial phase and for those of you sheeple who do not know who he is

    “…First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me…”


  4. Sorry but you are sorely misguided .let me spell out my position in plain English
    In lite of the fact that you waged holy war against past govt with an intent for change
    You should not be seeking a helping hand from anyone in helping you to demolished the very changed you hope !wanted and desire
    What happened in May was part of your doing and in so doing you reap what you sow
    Therefore going by such fact you have been giving the hand you dealt and as David BU tells all and sundry
    Now deal with it
    Sorry buddy No help here
    Btw Commisiong left a message for you which i did not endorse
    Deal with that also

  5. My Sweet Piece

    I am surprised that you believe you can forge some type of alliance with this Mariposa person. Are you stupid? You speak about patriotism. Where in all this person’s submissions you read anything that would suggest she/he/it/or whatever the shite it is, is patriotic to a Barbadian cause. This person is a DLP pooch licker. They are all about the DLP. Her submissions attacking the BLP has nothing to do with representing the interests of the masses but a disgrace DLP who did more to hurt Barbados then it did to uplift it. Mariposa is cut from the same linen as the Lorenzo BLP pooch licker. Bittle is talking! Pooch lickers do not see pass the party they love and support. Commence operation Expose Mottley for the rogue she is. You know the SSS will support the cause because we must stand for something and not fall for the shite these leaders do in the name of democracy.e Mottley is a rogue, and her tactics are clear. You know how much loyalty you can pull when you forgive a slew of business persons and others owing thousands, if not millions, in taxes? Why you think we will never see names published in the name of transparency for these people pardoned. Tactics my good man, tactics.

  6. Dearest SSS,

    The “tools” dat de ole man does use nowadays are much more advanced than what existed in 2016.

    When de ole man sends a feller an item to take a gander at, de granson does tell me who went, when dem went, how long dem went for, if dem download de item and all the rest of the actions that DEM IS NOT PREPARED TO EXPOSE HERE ON BU.

    Mariposa IS AN EFFING LIAR and you must not get fooled into believing that these pronouncements here on the face of BU are what is now attending de ole man’s encounters outside of BU.

    Remember that “Nicodemus came to Jesus by night” not because Jesus had a night shift at some 24 hour outlet in Bridgetown BUT BECAUSE NICODEMUS FEARED WHO WOULD SEE HIM AND REPORT HIM TO THE AUTHORITIES.

    There are many here who have made the “outreaches” to de ole man BECAUSE THEY WANT TO ERADICATE THE SCOURGE OF MUGABE.

    Let me explain the reason behind the EU domain so that you comprehend what is being sought.

    The GDPR General Data Protection Regulations of the EU provide particular benefits for a website to host “materials” and initiatives.

    One of the types of materials to be hosted seeks to (a) distance the content from Barbados while (b) creating bonafide hosts

    Let me put this differently for you.

    Right now we both are using a firewall to browse BU’s content

    Depending on the links that David of BU posts we may or may not click them

    For example when Stephen Williams post a so called Informational Item that is a video hosted on his facebook page OR THE BLP posts and informational article or Charles Jong posts a GIS item WE DO NOT CLICK IT cause it is the famous ET CALL HOME TRICK.

    In the next few months Mia is going to ramp up her fight against Social Media Sites and therefore those of us who understand waht she is doing and how she is going to do it HAVE TO MOVE OUTSIDE HER DOMAIN AND THE LAWS OF BARBADOS into a virtual domain that continues the battle.

    David King has been screaming at us keyboard warriors to UP THE FREAKING VOLUME and while you might be busy, the fact is that there is not much time to do what needs to be done.

    If SSS says that she is going to host a virtual site in the EU people ent got no problem to come and see and sample your content.

    Your bonafides are tested by time.

    And please you do me a disservice to even think that Mariposa would be key for any dissemination strategy in a Battle against the MUGABE REGIME but there are others who are here who UNLIKE HER ARE USING THE CONTENT for their own purposes.

    You need to read what the strategy is clearly before forming any opinion here

    1.this is a 5 year fight dearest SSS
    2.this is a fight against a despot and a dictator not against the incompetent Fumbles and Stinkliar. Mugabe wants to be Prime Minister for Life!!
    3.You have a majority bajan population of sheeple who are incapable of discoursing the simplest of concepts whether it be towards economic sustainibility or diversification
    4.You are seeking to use an enhanced virtual milieu to have them make a decision to safeguard the rights of Bajans

    Are you with me here?

    Do you understand what that task has to be to introduce the concept of a non BDLP party?

    Do you discourse with bajans the average man and woman in the street?

    Can you discuss the complexities of the experience of say a Oluale Kossolo the last documented “slave” on the Atlantic trade ? a free man who was kidnapped? post the abolition of slavery? brought to the US, never repatriated? and juxtapose that stance of the government of the US against that of ICE @ today?

    Or do you thing that you can discuss the self hatred and scorn the enslaves negroes now emancipated had for the free blac man who, as a free man, late to the recent? colony of the US was speaking the language of his homeland but was laughed at by people who were just a few years out of slavery? but thought his accent funny because he could not speak english?

    Do you think that you can draw parallels of your current experiences where, as a black woman living in the EU, that you still see that hatred of ourselves and those in the colour of our skin when we walk into institutions and are greeted by longer domiciled but yet coloured imigrants?

    Does it dawn upon you what this fight is going to be like?

    Do you comprehend that the enemeny of our enemy is our friend?

    Do you understand the herculean task that faces any social activist seeking to emote change for all bajans?

    Do you think that Stoopid Cartoons are going to be enough to win over these ingrunt sheeple?

    Do you recall OUR OWN EXPERIENCE those 3? years ago? do you think that NOW THAT YOU ARE SEEING THE RECALL OF Darnley Dottin that THESE OPTICS BODE GOOD FOR US TO BE QUIBBLING OVER enlisting every single person to help spread the message?

    I realist that alot of us here are really just keyboard warriors and that your exposure to the requirements of this battle is meagre at best AND NON EXISTENT AT WORST.

    Our processes HAVE TO CHANGE and unless we form working alliances with coterminous tribed WE WILL FAIL


    First and foremost Barbados has to many foreign racist companies on their shores…they allow in too many white racists, owners whom the governments have been aware do not treat black workers fairly, do not pay in workers comp or NIS contributions, do not respect black workers ….and both governments have for decades allowed these beasts to take advantage of their own people, practice their racism comfortably, steal from the country as they like and then leave the island without being held accountable…

    An intelligent government would BAN racist companies and their owners from the island, set an example that the other islands can emulate…but Barbados has NEVER had an intelligent government..

    The Mia government should be checking to find out the circumstances under which Rotherley lost their contract recently….ah bet ya they won’t…they won’t want to approach the lowlife am sure they themselves allowed into Barbados a long time ago. and who may also have some kinda something on them..

  8. How ya like de “new billboards “?

    Yah dun know dat your opinion on the PATRIOTS ARISE campaign is valued immensely heheheheheh

    How you like de Mugabe caricature? Nearly said facsimile

    I tell de grandson dat It has the wrong colour but he gine me some baloney (no reference intended to the pale skinned maloney) bout “contrast and imagery and association of the icon’s bloated size with a wet roll of tiled paper with Mugabe…”

    Tings like dat which is oval de ole man head you sight?

    But doan be a stranger.

    Come back and leh de old man know you opinion.

    Oh, by de way.

    People starting to notice dat wunna does doan back up Ambassador Commie Sing a Song AT NO TIME PUN DE BLOG!!!

    I mean pun he substantive articles which he does author.

    WHY IS DAT? I mean after all, Mugabe did pick him for dat CARICOM job over say Ralph Thorne.

    All wunna stalwart BLP pooch lickers would understandably be vex when Come Sing a Song as Leader of the People’s Empowerment Party ride all bout Barbados, BY HESELF, pun de back of a OPEN BACK BLUE SUZUKI cussing Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur.

    You remember dat?

    Now he is Mia CARICOM AMBASSADOR! YOU think BLP stalwarts like that?

  9. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for The Nameless Ones #1

    He is waiting on it heheheheh


    Enuff in LaLa Land…ah got a job for ya ….since everyone seems to be RECORDING everyone else these days, can you say for sure that Innotech don’t have recordings of DLP.exiled and BLP ministers….ah bet ya can find out…

    Now ..i am more concerned with the word etc. so…as alledged does DaSilva’s filing cabinet have files on DLP ministers exiled, BLP ministers past and current and all the viper lawyers we know, are their recordings too

  11. Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, Attorney General Dale Marshall and Minister of Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams were last night locked in a meeting at Government Headquarters, Bay Street, dealing with the fallout from the dismissal of the human resource director at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA), Jacqueline Belgrave.
    The Saturday Sun understands that Belgrave, who was at the BWA for about eight months, was handed her walking papers yesterday evening.
    Staff were informed via a memo that she had parted ways with the company.
    However, less than an hour after the news spread, workers were informed that they were being called out to a meeting with representatives of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) on Monday at 10 a.m. (Quote)

    Why does President Motley involve herself in these matters? Is it because she thinks she is the only person in government capable of understanding these matters? Is it because she thinks she is the cleverest person in the world?
    She has admitted that her team has told her that she needs a rest. She does because she cannot let go; she cannot delegate; she cannot receive an invitation to make a speech and say no thank you; she is exhausted because she believes in the myth of her omnipotence.
    President Mottley needs focus. She needs to concentrate e on the urgent issues facing Barbados. I suggest that she needs a policy delivery unit reporting direct to her and a mandate across all government. Put Barbados first.

  12. The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has parted ways for a second time with Jacqueline Belgrave, the former director of human resource management and development.

    Belgrave was fired on June 28 by the board of the state-owned utility company after less than eight months on the job.
    Her dismissal was followed by threats from staff of possible industrial action.
    It prompted the intervention of the Barbados Workers’ Union, which engaged the management of the BWA in a ten-hour meeting on a Sunday afternoon two days following Belgrave’s dismissal. (MB)(Quote)

    Was this job advertised or was it jobs for the boys and girls? Is Barbados a failed state?

  13. There is increasing public and political interest in how utility companies are managed and regulated. Questions have been raised about the way some utilities have been run in recent decades. This Insight looks at what changes might be considered in the coming years, focusing on the water industry as an example.
    Utilities were privatised in the past, but concerns have emerged
    During the 1980s and 1990s, many utility companies were privatised, as were other state-owned companies. For example, the private sector now owns and operates the water industry in England and Wales. Consumers pay private companies to use water and sewerage services. Like other utilities, such as energy distribution, these companies maintain and develop their services within a regulatory framework set in legislation.
    Normally, private companies compete by offering consumers goods and services for different prices. But in the water industry there is one network of pipes, which is operated by one company in each region of the country, so householders cannot change supplier. In industries like this where customers cannot choose a different supplier if they are dissatisfied, the Government has created a system of regulation that works to ensure a level of service and fair prices.
    But recently, concerns have been raised about this system in the water industry. The concerns include water company profits (PDF 668 KB), levels of leakage, customer service and prices.
    How are water companies regulated now?
    Ofwat, the regulator, carries out a price review every five years that ends up applying to customers’ bills and the services they receive. The system of regulation has been criticised, particularly for being too generous to the water companies. A new control period starts in 2020 and was finalised on 16 December 2019. Ofwat’s final decision, which can still be appealed, has imposed price cuts and been described by the regulator as a “tough review.” The May Government criticised the industry and encouraged Ofwat to improve financial governance.
    Some advocate alternative ownership
    Public ownership of the water industry has attracted public support (PDF 760 KB) in recent years, and has been championed by the Labour Party. Public ownership would mean the public sector taking on the costs of running water services. The Government would own all the assets and would be able to directly control consumer prices. There are various ways to increase public ownership, with the costs of each model disputed.
    Central Government could buy the water companies. The market value of companies suggests that this would cost £30 billion to £40 billion, without taking account of the debt that water companies have. But there are higher and lower estimates (PDF 668 KB), depending on whether the Government pays a ‘takeover premium’ to shareholders and what methods of valuation are used. The water industry argues that private ownership has led to high levels of investment and well-run companies, and that any level of nationalisation would impact a range of private owners and investors in the UK and abroad.
    Other ownership models have also been put forward. For example, MPs debated mutual ownership in January 2019. A mutual company is typically owned by the customers or run for their benefit (which is the case in Wales). In other countries, local areas or authorities own water companies. This is the case in Paris, and the same model is already used to supply energy in Nottingham.
    Transferring any industry from the public to the private sector would involve complex negotiations and legislation. It would also be a significant departure from the consensus that has governed public involvement in utilities over the past 30 years.
    What are utility companies’ priorities for the future?
    Crucially, whoever owns or regulates utility companies will need to decide how to run them. If utilities were nationalised, to what extent would ministers get involved in decision making? Would private and public sector management achieve the same efficiencies? In either sector, what investment is required in the long run, how should it be paid for, and what should happen to prices? And more generally, what role should public and political opinion have in privately owned utilities?
    The May Government asked the National Infrastructure Commission to conduct a study of the regulation of the UK’s energy, telecoms and water industries. It reported in October 2019, finding that, while the current model has mostly achieved what was intended, there is a culture of short-termism. Its conclusions may impact the new Parliament. In particular, it recommended that the Government should lay “a long-term strategic vision for each of the regulated sectors” in the first year of any Parliament, and that it should encourage a strategic approach to investment, consider the impact of net zero and make changes to the regulatory process.
    Whatever model emerges, the new Government and Parliament will need to decide how a wide range of services should be run and regulated. These decisions will impact the services and prices constituents see delivered in the long run.
    Further reading
    2019 Price Review, Ofwat
    Strategic Investment and Public Confidence, National Infrastructure Commission
    Public ownership of industries and services, House of Commons Library

  14. Do we ever get water shortages in posh areas: the Heights and Terraces? Do the top hotels ever have water shortages? Has Ilaro Court ever had a water shortage? What about swimming pools and golf courses? Are we all in this together?

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