Chairman of BWA Leodean Worrell Exposed by Innotech

The following document was received from a trusty source and needs no explanation except to say – even in disagreement human being should exercise a basic human quality of mutual respect to ensure the outcomes.

The blogmastser invites Chairlady Leodean Worrell to respond to the document attached and promises that her response will be given equal prominence on the blog.


125 thoughts on “Chairman of BWA Leodean Worrell Exposed by Innotech

  1. So who sent the email to you David?

    It sounds whine-nie to me.

    I would suggest that the recipient of the email put on his big boy pants and get moving.

    Can’t believe that these people are big men and women spending my tax money. Makes me vex as hell.

    I’ve invited people enough to meetings and none have ever refused to attend, well except one, and that was serious mental illness.

    Man when ya in business ya have to coat everything with honey. Ya catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    I blame both parties.

  2. Remind me not to have a conversation with neither one ‘o them.

    My water bill is paid in full as it has always been.

  3. Amused that White Oak and Marston (wasn’t he involved in Sugar and Andrew’s) are on the list.
    Odd that on Feb 4 2019, many weeks after the water storage container issues arose, this matter is being referenced as though it is news. Poorly written, then again general contractors are not known to be grammer gurus.

  4. Leodean Worrell is known for her bad manners and aggressive way of speaking to people.

    I was once involved in a matter that she was handling and her manner of speech was similar to what is written here.

    I was very surprised that she – of all people – was appointed to a government of Barbados post.

  5. @ SSS – with a name like Leodean, she has a lot of baggage to carry poor soul….and perhaps she is a member of the coven of wickers and biters?

  6. This govt continues to lower itself lower than the lowest denominator
    We have Edmunid Hinckson the accused Pimp
    George Payne the alleged Thief and leordean Worrell the bombastic commicator for govt in the office of BWA
    Not to mention Dottin large and in charge of wire tapping
    Which all spells out in plain english a govt hell bent on being Corrupt

  7. Didn’t the BWA workers strike before as a result of her cussing them and behaving in the most disrespectful way.

    I wonder if Randal Worrell gets similar treatment home.He must be ashamed of his wifey.

  8. @T. Inniss,

    A society in which the ruling class is one, two or three generations away from the plantation will always develop differentiating class characteristics, including rudeness, snobbery, materialism, educational qualifications, etc.
    The good thing about racism in developed countries is that once you are black you are all treated the same rich, poor, educated or not.

  9. David

    Who is this snob? Is she another one of Mottley’s loyals place in a position so she can say Yes MAM? Did Mottley not condemned such persons in the DLP administration for their arrogance and belittling tones when giving addressed to matters? Was she not unrelenting, when that former shite for a Prime minister, the honourable Fraud Stuart, took insult to bajans at every turn? We all know that Innotech needs to be investigated for the part they play in the DLP scheming and thieving, but if this clown woman could be so ignorant to let her venom be known, she is symbolic of the arrogant crest that has befallen the BLP pricks and prickles. But, then again, Mottley has passed that baton in her own arrogant show by knighting her father, extending tax amnesty to him and other friends, while showing bajans clearly that she does not care what anyone thinks. Let us see how she deals with this pretty face pus whose position of power has gone to her head.

  10. Boohoo so the “lady” is unmannerly.
    The fact is there is nothing decent about the way Innotech robbed the country and the way the BWA is managed. This is one time I am with WARU, lowlife crooks masquerading as legitimate businessmen need to put in their place.

  11. Methinks you will wait in vain.

    And de ole man will explain why

    Barbados Underground HAS TOO MUCH POWER!

    For Leodean to venture here in the premiere social media site in Barbados she would be legitimizing Barbados Underground

    She would have to get clearance similar to what the Nameless Ones #1 & #2 & the Bane of Common Sense got to come here and comment.

    They , the BDLP both hate the site.

    Fumbles lot underestimated to their peril BUG MUGABE, SHE DOES NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT.

    But her feral hatred will soon be unleashed against it and its champions heheheheh of whom you are foremost.

    She doan really bother bout ole menses like me causing, like the Nameless Ones #1 said, me and de grandson campaigning ent important AFTER DE ELECTIONS.


  12. What would be good journalism would be a profile of the objectionable woman: where she s from, where she went to school, her parents and siblings, etc. This is what good journalism is about. If she is Barbadian then people must know her background.

  13. David, why not ask BWA and INNOTECH to provide the audio recording of the conversation? It seems the Chairman of BWA records her phone calls, …… she should have no problem disputing the accuracy of the contents of the email.

  14. @ Redguard February 6, 2019 9:22 AM

    And the way to prove your ‘allegations’ is by the BRA being mandated to conduct a forensic tax audit into the financial affairs of the same company.

    Not by the trading of insults or bullshit meetings to engage in a game of one-upmanship.
    What is playing out here is just another bout of fecal-laden hot air emanating from the oral anuses of the incestuous political class.

    Should such an ‘objective’ tax investigation take place it might just lead to the under-the-table’ money pockets of many a DLP politician and their friends and family with their big mansion(s) in St. Philip.

    But we will have to hold our breath and wait until the next coming of the political circus called general elections to be promised such anti-corruption proposals.

  15. @Miller etc.
    And the way to prove your ‘allegations’ is by the BRA being mandated to conduct a forensic tax audit into the financial affairs of the same company
    So the Gov’t would use its powers to mandate the BRA to conduct a tax audit of a company with which it has differences? How soon should a Gov’t use its powers to target citizens with whom it has disagreements?

    It could start with BU and its myriad voices and wiretapping……..

  16. @ Sargeant February 6, 2019 10:48 AM

    So what’s wrong with such a tax audit?

    Aren’t these routine exercises targeted at taxpayers whose financial behaviours have generated tax leads just like tips given to Crimestoppers?

    In your neck of the woods, aren’t tax audits conducted routinely by Canada Revenue Agency on persons, both corporate and individual, to ensure compliance with Canada’s tax laws?

    What would it prove other than the company’s tax affairs are kosher and to put an end to the speculations that monies were paid under-the-counter for contracts not ‘competitively’ awarded?

    Wouldn’t this be all in the interest of transparency in the fight against graft and corruption as promised to people and your ilk of concerned overseas Bajans?

  17. If these statements, which are attributed to the Chairman, are true then this is not only inappropriate but also shocking in the extreme. This is NOT the way business is conducted neither in Barbados nor in her native land of Trinidad..

  18. @ John February 6, 2019 11:14 AM
    “The signs are we will have a serious drought in the early months of this year!!

    $$$$ may be meaningless!!”

    So why are you worried?

    Why not advise Bajans to pray to their rain god called Yahweh the same way there were three days of prayer dedicated to getting rid of violence and crime in the local pit of hypocrisy?

    The ‘Go(o)d’ Lord helps those who first try to help themselves, not so?

  19. Audits are for mature civilised societies where the rule of law prevails and there are consequences for findings
    We pay Leigh Trotman 140K a year, when last have there been any actions coming out of his audit findings

    This is a cowboy society, form a posse and do as you like until you meet a bigger posse.

    I hate to say it, but Hal is right

  20. Hal, you are correct about that journalism piece because all the public can see is a person who lives by the rules of the jungle. A place where lions snarl and snap at their competition and where they devour their prey.
    We are now all aware of several instances of her public persona. There was the conflict with the BWA workers where we all heard the rage in way she communicated and now this alleged unprofessional discourse with Innotech that is part of an ongoing saga. (Innotech will never be in my good books after having robbed the people of Barbados).
    It was even more deeply troubling the way people were treated who lost their homes when they were unable to pay their mortgages. Then there was the threat to poor Barbadians to pay their water bills or be disconnected.
    This is a pattern. Something is not right with the way she treats the public. We do not live in the jungle and must demand that persons who hold public office maintain the decorum associated with their title and responsibilities.

  21. Leodean could not speak to anyone in Trinidad in such disrespectful screeching tones as she did to the BWA workers without being bitch slapped or worse…this is a horrible reflection on Mia…bringing this beast to speak to bajans any old how..

    She can disrespect the thieves, nothing wrong with a tief calling another tief by their natural name….but sucking on taxpayer’s dollars and then got the nerve to be disrespectful to the people …with Mia’s blessings…nah!!!..

    • The Chairman of a statutory board serves at the pleasure of the minister.

      What is the point here?

      Follow the root cause!

  22. The point here is that Barbados Underground is allowing the public to see the good the bad and the ugly of the ” ruling political and economic class.”

  23. @ Hants at 1:50 PM

    But we prefer to see the good. The bad and ugly send the wrong messages. The young read this Blog as well.

  24. @Hal Austin February 6, 2019 7:21 AM “…rudeness, snobbery, materialism, educational qualifications, etc. The good thing about racism in developed countries is that once you are black you are all treated the same rich, poor, educated or not.”

    Every country in the world, including the United Kingdom, maybe especially the United Kingdom has people who are rude, snobs, materialistic [why do you think that the British practiced for hundreds of years if not because they are a deeply materialistic people?] people who will talk about which “public” school they attended, and ensure that people who don’t even want to know, know whether or not they went to Oxbridge, or worked for the Daily Mail. This bad behaviour has nothing to do with the truth that all four of my grandparents, and yours worked on plantations. It is human bad behaviour. That’s all.

    As for racism. We ALL know that there is NOTHING good about racism.


  25. @45govt February 6, 2019 1:57 PM “SSS – perhaps a wicker and biter who hasn’t come out?”

    oral/genital sex whether between men/women, women/women, men/men has NOTHING to do with biting anybody. Decent people, and most of us are decent people aren’t we? Decent people do NOT bite their sexual partner(s) nor do they injure their sexual partner(s).

    For those of you who think that it has something to do with biting, all i can say “no wonder wunna, including 45govt don’t get any oral sex.”

  26. @WARU the lady was chosen for a reason, voice and all. Unfortunately there will be collateral damage

    Before you can get to the root cause, you need to go to the scene, see for yourself (Gemba gembutsu) and take immediate counter measures.
    The scene at the BWA is simple, BWA management and staff full of c%nts who needed to be put in their place.
    As the saying goes the only way to deal with someone who is behaving like a c%nt is to show them you is a motherc%nt.
    Leodean is that

    BTW Why does Halliday still have a job?

  27. @45govt February 6, 2019 6:28 AM “with a name like Leodean, she has a lot of baggage to carry poor soul”

    The one and only time I will agree with 45govt.

    I heard that name and wondered “Oh! Lord. what were her parents thinking?”

  28. @Sunshine Sunny Shine February 6, 20199:17 AM. “Let us see how she deals with this pretty face pus…”

    Pretty face? Lolll!!!

    Surely you are joking?

    She always looks sour and unhappy to me. I would not call that face a pretty one.

    Not at all,

  29. Leodean
    incompetent as an attorney missed filings, late filings resulting in penalties for clients, now head of BWA hmmm
    nepotism, corruption which is it?

  30. @Redguard February 6, 2019 9:22 AM “the way the BWA is managed.”

    I sent a perfectly excellent engineer up there to manage the BWA, and the foolish people in both the BLP and DLP governments let him to to the private sector where he was permitted to do an excellent job, was treated well and paid well.

    The Barbados government [both parties] does not know how to retain excellent employees. The excellent employees leave.

    And I dare ANYBODY to come on here and tell me otherwise.

  31. @Hal Austin February 6, 2019 9:51 AM “What would be good journalism would be a profile.”

    I agree.

    But what would be more important is if our public officials whom we have elected and/or WHOM WE PAY would tell us a little about themselves, we should not have to go go Wikipedia.

    Look at the parliament of barbados website here:

    and see how little parliamentarians seem to believe that we know about them.

    A brief biography of all of our senior officials should be readily available to those of us WHO PAY THEM.

    Name of Parents, Name, date of birth, schools attended, name of spouse, names of children, degrees earned, honours conferred, work experience.

    As it is it is like you have elected us. You pay us. You have guaranteed our pensions for life. But our “personal” business is none of your business.

    Wunna just pay the bills and shut up.

  32. @John February 6, 2019 11:14 AM “The signs are we will have a serious drought in the early months of this year!!$$$$ may be meaningless!!”

    True. It is dread out there.

    Bajans always say “we can’t eat the money” we may have to remind people that “we can’t drink the money” either.

  33. millertheanunnaki February 6, 2019 11:33 AM

    Sometimes you are on BU talking sssshhhhaving cream, but at 11:33 you were speaking truth.

  34. @Heather Cole February 6, 2019 12:22 PM “persons who hold public office>”

    Not only do people hold public office. i think that we need to remind them everyday that WE PAY THEM.

    That they are sucking our sore almost dried up nipples. We are NOT sucking theirs. WE PAY THEM.

  35. @Hants February 6, 2019 1:50 PM “The point here is that Barbados Underground is allowing the public to see the good the bad and the ugly of the ” ruling political and economic class.”

    Hants what good you talking ’bout?

  36. Mia should task Jong with writing nice accurate bios of our senior public officials. One or two pages at will do.


  37. @Miller

    There is nothing wrong with Tax Audits, what is wrong is the Gov’t using its muscle to intimidate perceived “enemies” as has been suggested here. I don’t want any Gov’t to reward its friends or harass its opponents, if the BRA starts taking orders from the Gov’t about whom to target what’s next? Well we do know the answer as has been playing out in the Press re the former COP and current Consultant.

  38. What is all the fuss about?

    What is wrong with how the Leodean carried on Innotech?

    It is time these phoney, crony neo plantocrats were put in their place.

  39. Tin foil de conspiracy specialist

    I neither need to or have to get “clearance” from anybody to rip the shiite you post on BU apart. I leave that for the party operatives. I am also neither ac nor an ac and the faster you recognise or accept this, the sooner you would realise I am not afraid of you.🖐🏾

  40. “if the BRA starts taking orders from the Gov’t about whom to target what’s next?”

    You are clearly out of the loop sir. BRA was weaponized by the DLP under Sivers. She has been moved but no doubt she will be replaced by a BLP zealot who will continue the transformation

    Business people know all too well about the dreaded CBB “tax clearance from the BRA” that you were told was needed to get foreign exchange, then you still had to wait in the imaginary line until the they gave approval.

    Certain business people never required tax clearance nor did they have to wait in the line.

    The tax clearance policy is still in place last I checked……but there are ways around it

    Or what about the proposed tax clearance prerequisite for professional registration that they tried for doctors

  41. @45Govt,

    Behave yourself, or else. As you know, Bajans do not speak out, even when they know there is a wrong. They consider it not to be their fight. It is a culture of cowardice.

  42. @ the Nameless Ones #1

    Here is a Conspiracy Stoopid Cartoon for you

    @ Mariposa (note that de ole man has used your correct name heheheheheheh)

    will you kindly do de ole man grandson a favour and paste this link in your whatsapp and send it to all of your DLP colleagues?

    You will appreciate that it is exactly the VISUAL message that you and your colleagues want the Barbados public to have of Mugabe

    De grandson would appreciate if you could let me know if you like it

  43. Piece,stick to cartoons,that is what you are good at.The election results seem to have gone to your head,which most sensible bajans had predicted.As Enuff told you you nor your shite tag team cannot frighten nobody on this blog,therefore go rest your old self and form the Mugabe Haters Party.Take along the other haters with you ,T Inniss,Mariposa,SSS,Donna,Waru,Gazzerts,and Hal Austin with you a bunch of j/assea in my view.

  44. Hmmmmnnnn I’m just wondering if there is a deliberate strategy of aggressive communication with the changing of the guard; a “do as you are told” as also expressed in the tone of letters from the Chair of the BTMI to the BWU minus the personal invective only this time the BWU had the clout to push back

  45. Thar be the Nameless Ones #2

    True to form heheheheheheh sent out to send a message like the true poock licker that dem is.

    It is to be noted that SSS’ name has been added to the list but BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS IN THIS SOCIETY, there is no mention of Bush Tea nor the Sage Annunaki heheheheheh

    dem has also misses out my buddy Theophillus heheheheheh

    @ Mariposa and T. Inniss

    You two must be aware that IF DE OLE MAN CAN GET DE TWO OF DEM TO RUN OUT THE WOODWORK just so, it means that they were warned about the campaign upgrade by Mugabe

    So that confirms dat de ole man’s advice, about broadcasting the “Stoopid Cartoons” and enlisting the assistance of “Satellite Diaspora Citizens” getting them vex.

    Like de devil, dem realize that their time is short, and consequently dem running all bout de place to ensure that ALL DISSENT AGAINST MUGABE IS SQUASHED!!

    Dem ent like that idea bout de Replication of Websites OUTSIDE OF THE LOCAL MEDIUM

    SO leh de ole man give dem a little insight bout de website and how it going “incentivize” de propagation of the site heheheheheheh

    Mariposa where you is?

    Here is another Stoopid Cartoon for you my “newfound friend”, say thank you

  46. Here trying to figure out which of the nameless ones you are.

    Piece the visionary and puppeteer. He knows how to make Lorenzo move. I thought only scratch grain would do the trick. Not even limited range, a staked out chicken.

  47. @ Sargeant,

    The “tone” of which you speak seems “universal” insofar as it is evident with Sunil Chandrani and Leodean Worrell

    It is representative of the Mugabe Dictatorship because both of them were engaged through the directives of Mugabe herself

    They have been given their charter by Mugabe much like the Schutzstaffel (SS) the foremost agency of security, surveillance, and terror within Germany and German-occupied Europe under Heimlich Himmler.

    This is how it begins Sargeant, you are a military man and you can see the commands that are being issued and how the dogs are obeying.

    It is important that EVERY SINGLE BAJAN UNDERSTANDS WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH and that they get ready to destroy that 30 – 0 imbalance come 2023 AND EACH OPPORTUNITY THAT PRESENTS ITSELF BEFORE THEN

  48. @Enuff
    “the sooner you would realise I am not afraid of you.”
    “As Enuff told you you not your shite tag team cannot frighten …. “

    Hold it… Do you all have the same script. “We ain’t frighten of you”

    I am no monster. I suspect piece is not a monster. Why should you be frighten of us? Rewrite the script..,

  49. I suspect nameless one number two is a coward and is actually afraid. Every time he makes a statement he includes Enuff and sometimes Artax.

    It looks as if Artax got dropped from the team

    🙂 Chill out Artax 🙂

  50. Let me add that the Mugabe Defence Force (MDF) cannot frighten anyone.
    Your words have no bite
    Your bark is worse thAn your bite
    This time you bite off more than you can chew

  51. “You know who I am?” syndrome.
    On this island “low life” miscreants permeate the landscape
    Private Sector & Govt..

  52. Gazzerts i was speaking to Piece not you.As usual as the j/a you are always rushing to others defense.Tell me you have any original ideas,or you just piggy back on other people?The only yardcowls i see on here everyday are you,T Inniss,Mariposa ,Donna and Hal Austi n but nobody want to hear nothing from you all.

  53. @Lorenzo
    “Take along the other haters with you ,T Inniss,Mariposa,SSS,Donna,Waru,Gazzerts,and Hal Austin … “

    Put away the rum bottle before you come online. You don’t know what the hell you wrote…… you are not even at the level of a staked out chicken…. a headless chicken

  54. We have no time for the bigots on this blog or the ones in the private sector a sector aptly described as parasites. This woman is a serial offender her behavior is way outside the boundaries of decency.

    What Mottley and Abrams hope to achieve from such a toxic individual as head of a key state corporation defies common sense. Were we employees at BWA and this dotard approached with that manner the swearing she would absorb would stay with her for eternity.

    Mottley and Abrams need to fire her asap. She cannot make any input to efficiency if you can reference it as that at BWA with her bombast . Mottley really should know better if her ears are to the ground she has to know this woman is a serious liability.

  55. @headless nameless #2
    You are just a distraction.

    Sent out with a limited script to draw fire and waste time..

  56. David
    I don’t agree with her language. What I find laughable is that the same people who complaining are those that ever so often, some daily, say some of the vilest things about others. One is unashamedly Islamophobic and anti-Indian.

    Just help with the cartoons and encourage Mariposa to distribute them via her whatsapp. The sexism in this blog is so obvious. The tin foil clown repeatedly calls MAM Mugabe. If MAM is Mugabe, peay tell what was Tom, Barrow, Owen and Thompson? #iamnotac


    Why is the BWA not generating 100% of its electricity from renewable sources ?Million of dollars in forex are still being wasted on oil imports. The architects of such policies need to be sent for a psychiatric evaluation.
    BWA, the airport, all public buildings, educational institution, etc should be 100% green. If the government can’t accomplish any of this in 5yr they should resign or step aside.

  58. @ Donks Gripe and Josh February 6, 2019 7:54 PM

    So tell us, the griping donkey aka still “waiting”- in-vain, what’s the difference between the Dean called Leo now sitting in the chair and the unlawfully appointed former Executive Chairman Walters who defrauded the same BWA of hundreds of thousands of dollars for goods yet to be supplied?

    Can’t you, Josh the “Bajanfuhlife”, see that there is not even a sliver of difference between your DLP and Mariposa’s BLP?

    When are you going to graduate from the school of ‘Yard-fowlism’ to enter the real commonly-educated political class of Twiddle Dem and Twiddle Bee?

  59. The airport in St Vincent has already installed solar/ photovoltaics . Why Grantley Adams International in Barbados is lagging behind others in the region?

  60. It is rather revealing that though “nobody ent want the hear nuffing from you all” that the Mugabe Defence Force does “appear” here immediately as wunna see or hear the “tag team” start commenting among weselves


    I glad dat you and you buddy now saying dat anyone cudda mek de odds of stating dat um is going to be a 30 – 0 whitewash for the BLP in 2018

    You wanna bet bout 2023?

    De Ole man predict dat it going be 18 – 12 and that it will be the highest number of independent seats ever secured in Barbados.

    In fact de ole man gine show you HOW DID TING GINE PLAY OUT.


    1.wunna would have fired between 7,500 and 9,000 government servants by then AND YOUR POPULARITY IS GOING TO BE AT AN ALL TIME LOW.

    2.Concommitantly the private sector is going to fire about 3,000 people and the conjoint unemployment WILL MEK WUNNA AS EQUALLY UNPOPULAR AS THE DLP

    3.IT WILL NOT MATTER HOM MANY PROJECTS WILL BE INITIATED IN BARBADOS DURING THIS PERIOD, all de jobs going be made available to BLP pooch suckers of which the two of you are foremost

    4.Since it is only wunna BLP dat going be “at the driver’s seat” WHEN ELECTION TIME ROLLS AROUND in 2023, de BLP ALONE IS GOING GET BLAMED for the cuntry’s state of unemployment.


    De ole man awaits wunna responses BUT I KNOW DAT WUNNA FEAR DAT DE OLE MAN IS RIGHT so wunna ent going say much

    Here be de first of the “PATRIOTS ARISE” CAMPAIGN

  61. You obviously, though a pooch licker, ARE NOT INNER CHAMBER MUGABE EMPLOYEE.

    Barrow was “the Dipper”, Stuart was “Fumbles”, Tom was “Mongoose” and Mia is “Mugabe”, Owen was “Puff the Magic Dragon”

    Like PieceUhDeRock is now reverently referred to as PUDRYR or irreverently heheheheheheh de ShySe Conspiracist or De Tin Foil Man.

    Now, as you regard the New Patriots Arise Campaign you will notice dat de ole man has embraced your Aluminum Tin Foil hat and the commensurate Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    I dont know if you understand the concept of “Embrace Your Enemy”

    de ole man has been trying to explain to you that this business of Emotive PsychoWarfare IS NOT FOR THE WEAK NOR THE THIN SKINNED.

    De ole man and de grandson have embraced your imagery wholeheartedly and therefore you need to understand that THAT strategy HAS NO UTILITY. In fact were you to know de ole man’s weakness you would laugh. heheheheheh

    But back to Mugabe.

    After a while, this fond appellation BECOMES THE NORM for the electorate and people AS WELL AS SHEEPLE, will perceive your boss and her despotic actions rightfully, as the local replication of “Mugabe”.

    And even among sheeple, who are purportedly highly literate this name is not, ammmmmm, lovingly regarded”

  62. EC$2,025,000 CDF loan to provide renewable energy plant at new St Vincent airport
    EC$2,025,000 CDF loan to provide renewable energy plant at new St Vincent airport
    By Ajt on February 24, 2015
    Bridgetown, Barbados — The Barbados-based CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) has approved an additional EC$2,025,000/US$750,000 loan for the new Argyle International Airport (AIA) in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

    The funding will be used to purchase equipment to establish a 218 kVa solar energy farm that will reduce electricity costs at the multi-million dollar facility.

    CDF’s CEO, Lorne McDonnough, explained that this pilot renewable energy project will provide approximately 35 percent of the airport’s solar lit and air-conditioned needs at start up.

    He said, “It will be the first part of a wider programme of power generation to meet the needs of the AIA at peak demand and full operation and it is expected that at full generation any excess electricity will be made available through the grid to the rest of St Vincent.

    “The CDF is promoting greening, or environmentally friendly energy projects in the region and is striving to establish the plant at Argyle as a flagship for the initiative.”

    McDonnough noted that the CDF will be working with development partners with a view to eventually making the airport the first fully ‘green’ airport in the Eastern Caribbean.

  63. BWA’s energy bill of BDS$1.8 million per month or approximately 22million per year. If BWA was 100% green energy they would save 22million on energy per year & 220 million in 10 years.

  64. “Take along the other haters with you ,T Inniss,Mariposa,SSS,Donna,Waru,Gazzerts,and Hal Austin with you a bunch of j/assea in my view.”

    who get

  65. Gazzerts i was speaking to Piece not you.As usual as the j/a you are always rushing to others defense.Tell me you have any original ideas,or you just piggy back on other people?The only yardcowls i see on here everyday are you,T Inniss,Mariposa ,Donna and Hal Austi n but nobody want to hear nothing from you all.(Quote)


  66. Lorenzo

    All of a sudden, they got a lot of SSS monikers on here. So for clarity, purposes, and you know that I only referred to the Prime Minister of Barbados as rogue-works, please tell me if you referring to the original Dan Gordon SSS, which is me or the other fellow that others calling the SSS. Now if you mean me, you know that I happy is france that you are not afraid of me. You know that I share the same sentiments as you since you are damage control for Rogue Works. Now if you ain’t referring to me, I humbly sincerely extend no apology to you because an ass wipe like you do not deserve an apology. You suck up to politicians in order to get bittle, and even when they doing wrong, you still suck up to them. Will be back later, trying to get my boys some time to finish a series of posters, and show me a few photoshop tricks so I won’t have to call on them all the time. My problem, Lorenzo is time. Too much work at the moment. You busy too, right?

  67. @ Dearest SSS

    With regard to your SSS acronym you should be advised that Sir Simple Simon PC is NOT GENERALLY REFERRED TO as SSS.

    She is only called SS by the older bloggers who know her BEFORE HER KNIGHTHOOD

    and before you ask me about that queer construct of making a woman a knight, you should also be aware that she has recommended that all men between the ages of ? to 82 BE MADE INTO EUNUCHS!!

    Even now, as the ole man is writing her name here, I am typing you while holding “things” with my right hand BECAUSE I FEAR THAT BY SOME MEANS SHE IS ABLE TO INVOKE THIS MALADY ON DE OLE MAN

    I thing that the 2 “s’es” in her name would be better called “Snip Snip”

    It has de ole man extremely disconcerted fuh real and you can imagine how unmannerly de ole man must appear while in company, shaking people’s hands with my right hand and holding tings dem with my left.

    Imagine when dem offer de ole man a drink and a sandwich?

  68. Sweet Piece

    You too darn funny. Let me know if you see Lorenzo. I bought a quarter pound sandwich of lick pooch for him. Oh Lorenzo, Lorenzo, wherefore art thou my louse.

  69. @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    “Sometimes I think that our political class forget that WE PAY THEM.”…… replace the phrase “Sometimes I think” with “I KNOW”!!!

  70. 13-Al
    Oh RH I can’t believe that is your response, stop embarrassing yuhself! Mugabe we all know was seen as a despot. Calling MAM Mugabe and then posting your conspritoons is to portray her as despotic. This is not the same as Fumbles etc. For example, Fumbles changed a whole Constitution to appoint a friend to be CJ and allegedly signed off on Cahill and kept silent. Those acts weren’t deemed Mugabesque but whatever the current PM does is in your eyes.🖐🏾🖐🏾#iamnotac

  71. “I thing that the 2 “s’es” in her name would be better called “Snip Snip””

    Care to ask Fumbles how very dearly he paid for those nasty stunts…lol

  72. @ the Nameless Ones #1

    I think that what is being prosecuted here so aggressively, by me and my grandson, needs to be aired thoroughly and dispassionately.

    For any and all of those incidents where Fumbles did the same things as Mugabe AND THOSE THINGS WERE MADE PUBLIC de ole man, and de grandson, did not give him any easement.

    My reason is very simple (not as simple as the blogger by that name) but what drives de ole man is an impossible quixotic, utopian ideal of contributing to a better Barbados

    And, in cases where there is incompetence, corruption and despotic actions, DE OLE MAN GINE SPEAK OUT, cause that is what I feel that Patriots MUST DO

    Fumbles, like Mugabe, was the Leader AS WELL AS THE PRIME MINISTER of BARBADOS, not Michael Lashley nor Jerome Walcott therefore, any constructive civil dissent needed to hold these leaders to task.

    De ole man did not wait until “8 months before the general election in 2018” to launch this campaign of civil dissent.

    But here is what is even more worrisome about this situation. Fumbles was never purported to be involved in engaging a Commissioner of Police to Tap the Telephones of his Prime Minister.

    Wunna like to make any civil concerns of Bajans, be they locals or people ovah and away as an attempt to undermine the reputation of de cuntry.

    It is a “hate campaign” against said PM when you highlight her Constitutional changes to bring back 3 people to the Senate and hire 28 ministers/senators, renege on people’s government bonds WHILE INCREASING WUNNA SALARIES and paying cunsultants from the proceeds of various international NIPs SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    Dat be reason enuff for you? and effing it ent enough be assured that THE DICTATOR MESSAGES CANT STOP cause Mugabe cannot change her stripes.

  73. Lorenzo the Cooped,

    I feel really sorry for you. The only thing you have to fear is the foolishness in your own head. SMH

    I FEAR there is NO HOPE for you.

    If I were a yardfowl I would be the little one. You would be the big dumb one.

  74. @ the Nameless Ones #1

    Once you understand where de ole man and me grandson are coming from ALL OF YOU POOCK LICKERS (for whom my Dearest SSS has bought a few pounds of pooch burger) now need to comprehend the following IMGUR statistics.

    The first of the “PATROITS ARISE” campaign which was posted 24 hours ago now is at 666 views!

    666 which is 3 times the average of a Stoopid Cartoon’s viewership for Barbados Underground which is 200.

    The Campaign IS NOT BASED ON LIKES its efficacy is determined by views.


    And there is nothing that YOU, NOR SHE, CAN DO TO STOP THAT SENSITIZATION

    And the most interesting thing about this PATRIOTS ARISE campaign is that EVERYTHING THAT SHE DOES shows the despot at work!! EVERYTHING.

    Let me explain further how this is going to work though.

    The very same Democratic Labour Party who wunna coming here and rubbing dem face in their 30 – 0 defeat (a thing that de ole man did not have anything to do with) these people are going to come and copy the link to all of their friends and extended circles with the single agreed objective of displacing the Dictator in 2023.

    Does it not really incense wunna that a feller can tell wunna de whole strategy behind a programme to MEK WUNNA BE ACCCOUNTABLE TO THE ELECTORATE and to detail what is going to happen IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS and wunna cant do one shy$e?

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