AMOS WILSON Speaks on the Continuation of Black Slavery

Submitted by by Ras Jahaziel
Amos Wilson speaks on the continuation of Black slavery in the present day, illustrating how the behaviors that were implanted by the slave system persist today and serve to keep Black bondage in place.
Produced by Ras Jahaziel with paintings created by Ras Jahaziel

93 thoughts on “AMOS WILSON Speaks on the Continuation of Black Slavery

  1. Black people love that crap, try educating them about it and they tell you point blank, they dont want to hear that, you can’t brainwash them into believing that….many dont realize they are already brainwashed and know not that they know not.

    Empire 2.0 is on it’s way for them though, new age brainwash.

  2. African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets’, IOM says – BBC News
    Apr 11, 2017 – Africans trying to reach Europe are being sold by their captors in “slave markets” in Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) …

    I am waiting for this abomination to be addressed in a meaningful way by the Ras Jahaziels of this world.

  3. “I am waiting for this abomination to be addressed in a meaningful way by the Ras Jahaziels of this world.”

    What a puerile response. With this mentality is it any surprise why the Caribbean region remains a dead end zone for progressive-minded Negroes.

    @ Vincent Haynes,

    You continue to disappoint me. I wonder what Derek Walcott would have made of you:

    @ Ras Jahaziel,

    Go into the website duckduckgo. Type in negroes without pressing the enter key. You will be surprised with their proposed searched suggestions.

  4. Exclaimer

    Chuckle…..I pity you…..I have a brain…..I can think…….I contrary to you need no validation from any one nor am I interested in a group hug……to each their own…..enjoy.

  5. @ Vincent Haynes May 7, 2017 at 10:26 AM,

    The Bushman – recently – asked you to remain quiet if you had nothing to say. Why do you not take his advice – Dear Sir?

  6. Couldnt say it better myself.


    AFROPEAN & NEGROPEAN people are religion sick! We boldly go before the world poking our chests out about our religious convictions. At the very same time, we are the poorest, sickest, least educated, least self-sufficient, most confused and dis-unified people in the world. And even though our condition bears witness to our obvious lack of Black AFRIKAN Progressive focus, our greatest concern is being convinced that we know God. But all of the empirical evidence points to the fact that we don’t even know ourselves.”

  7. I RESPECT Bro Raz Jahaziel to the fullest. His messages are very serious and important to us the so called blacks. But many of us are very comfortable to remain as is as long as we are allowed to have a few of the so called white man’s possessions. Which most at the end of the day we really DON’T OWN. Many are satisfied with the history and education that they has taught us, and REFUSE to see any farther about self. My question even at a young age was. IF CREATION STARTED IN THE EAST (AFRICA)WHY IS IT THAT THIS SO CALLED WHITE MAN CLAIMS THE BULK OF ALL DISCOVERIES AND RELIGION? Truth be told the title he has bestowed upon us as SAVAGED is truly HIS OWN TITLE;

  8. I swear black people love being victimized, not one black person should have voted for trump….just on prinicple and self-respect. I bet they all regret it now. 70 years of gains will be reversed….but I bet there are millions of blacks who will still learn nothing from these nasty actions.

    “Racial animus was a powerful force in the 2016 election. Amongst other things, Trump surfed into the White House on a wave of white resentment towards the first black president.

    He vilified Hispanics and black Americans repeatedly during his campaign, using them as scapegoats for the country’s problems. Now he’s moving to legislate his bigotry.

    Politico reports that during Trump’s signing of the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, he explicitly took aim at underprivileged groups.

    Trump released a statement that federal funding of historically black colleges and universities is unconstitutional and should be stopped.

    Historically, presidents issue these statements when signing bills to voice dissent over certain segments of the bill, without rejecting it in its entirety. Essentially, it’s him leaving the door open so that he can return to the issue at a later date

    Trump draped his argument in the Constitution by ridiculously insisting the funding violates the requirement for equal protection of the law under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

    The program provides loans to Historically Black Colleges and Universities to help build structures and facilities. It has existed since 1992. In 2017, HBCU’s will receive $20 million in loans.

    Cheryl Smith, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs at the United Negro College Fund, explained that Trump’s statement is utterly nonsensical, and fundamentally misrepresents how historically black college funding works.

    “The federal designation of an institution as an HBCU is not based on race, but rather on mission, accreditation status and the year the institution was established.” In other words, these schools don’t discriminate against other races, but rather work to give underprivileged demographics a leg up, so that they can be on equal footing in the educational world.

    A law professor at the University South Carolina School of Law, Derek W. Black pointed out another problem with Trump’s statement:

    “If Congress is validly spending money on these programs, and there’s no court finding or litigation suggesting discrimination, the idea that the executive would unilaterally not allocate those funds would be a rather momentous position to take.” It’s absurd for the president to suddenly decide to single out the funding when there are no suits alleging it to be unconstitutional………..”

    NEVER FORGET: Religion, the church, Jesus, hell etc., were strategical man-made innovations, used as control
    Science, Not Philosophy, Will Explain the Meaning of Existence – Video


    Europeans often whitewash the history of colonialism under the guise of wanting to “spread their culture” or “promote progress” when in reality, they inflicted torture on natives for the sake of economic gain. Much of the collective Black conscious centers itself around the atrocities of slavery in the Americas by the British, French, and Spanish. But on the continent, Belgian colonizers took delight in the mutilation of slaves on conquered land in ways unimaginable. In hopes to introduce the continent to civilization, King Leopold II thought it best to use brute force. The picture above displays, “A Congolese man looking at the severed hand and foot of his five-year-old daughter who was killed, and allegedly cannibalized, by the members of Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company militia.” Does this seem civilized to anyone?

    Rare Historical Photos, the website from which this photograph was obtained, displays a quote from a Danish missionary present during this era. “In Forbath’s words: The baskets of severed hands, set down at the feet of the European post commanders, became the symbol of the Congo Free State…. The collection of hands became an end in itself. Force Publique soldiers brought them to the stations in place of rubber; they even went out to harvest them instead of rubber… They became a sort of currency. They came to be used to make up for shortfalls in rubber quotas, to replace… the people who were demanded for the forced labor gangs; and the Force Publique soldiers were paid their bonuses on the basis of how many hands they collected.” Is it any question that the barbaric nature of this violence still echoes in the heart of the continent today? The nations of Central Africa (in historical Congo) are still rebounding from the violence and exploitation several centuries ago, and conversations centering the revival and development of the continent must reckon with the horrors of the past.

    By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor


    Yet no meaningfull concern in modern day slavery……interesting.

  11. NONE of you people have ANY real idea of the true greatness and potentialities of the black race.
    As to why it has all been taken away and turned upside down….
    That is a long story, but wunna don’t understand the bible when wunna try to read it anyway…so forget THAT…!!

    But if EVER, “my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked (albino-centric) ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land”

  12. Vincent….Rockefeller only confessed because he knew death was near, the other scum Rothschild just confessed that they created the monster I know Is (not)rael….aka Israel, they stole land from the palestinians and created nearly 70 years of death and destruction in the middle east.

    Rothschild now looks like death itself.

  13. Vincent…there are 30 million modern day slaves in the UK today, many more millions in the US, still….France, Belgium, Spain etc would make sure they are not left out, maybe we should start by eradicating that curse that lazy, greedy Europeans persist in pretending they cannot live or survive without….then work on the continent.

  14. DNA testing should be state sanctioned and made compulsory for everyone worldwide.

    End the skin color idiocy created and perpetrated by Europeans once and for all.

    I saw that clip a year or 2 ago.

  15. Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger May 7, 2017 at 1:17 PM #

    DNA testing should be state sanctioned and made compulsory for everyone worldwide.

    End the skin color idiocy created and perpetrated by Europeans once and for all.

    We have arrived at a meeting of minds…….mans inhumanity to man,tribe against tribe or inter tribal atrocity,this is the scourge that the world has always had to deal with,which needs eradicating wherever it is found.

  16. Vincent. …that one was also from a year or 2 sgo, I nearly died laughing, what the females did was hilarious.

  17. Always remember the words of Bishop Tutu ” Blacks owned the land until the white Missionaries arrived, they said close your eyes and let us pray, when we opened our eyes the whites owned the land and we had religion”.

  18. CHARLES S. CADOGAN SR May 7, 2017 at 12:17 PM #

    I RESPECT Bro Raz Jahaziel to the fullest. His messages are very serious and important to us the so called blacks. But many of us are very comfortable to remain as is as long as we are allowed to have a few of the so called white man’s possessions. Which most at the end of the day we really DON’T OWN. Many are satisfied with the history and education that they has taught us, and REFUSE to see any farther about self. My question even at a young age was. IF CREATION STARTED IN THE EAST (AFRICA)WHY IS IT THAT THIS SO CALLED WHITE MAN CLAIMS THE BULK OF ALL DISCOVERIES AND RELIGION? Truth be told the title he has bestowed upon us as SAVAGED is truly HIS OWN TITLE;

    I totally agree with Charles, and I salute and bow to King god Ras work.

  19. Tudor May 7, 2017 at 5:37 PM #
    Always remember the words of Bishop Tutu ” Blacks owned the land until the white Missionaries arrived, they said close your eyes and let us pray, when we opened our eyes the whites owned the land and we had religion”.

    You and the good Bishop are forgetting the Trans Sahara Slave Trade that existed millennia before the arrival of Europeans in Africa!!!!!

    Blacks never owned the land!!

    Land can’t be owned, it is God’s, we just pass through.

    Starting around 600AD Africa and Africans became a pawn in the hands of the Islam as it spread out from of Arabia, across North Africa and into the Sub Sahara regions.

    Slaves were marched overland in caravans to the Muslim slave markets.

    The chances of survival on the march was far lower than even in the cramped unsanitary conditions of the slave ships on the Atlantic route.

    Domination by adherents to Islam and then Christianity suggests that it is the lack of a unifying religion/belief/faith that allowed this domination to take place.

    Africans never figured out how to unite to overcome the threats from the adherents of the two religions/beliefs/faiths which united their adherents.

    Ultimately it was adherents to Christianity who provided the thinking which led to the abolition of slavery and the recognition it is wrong and an abomination.

    … but, slavery still exists.

    The good Bishop could very easily have been a Muslim holy man and not a bishop in the Christian church … or perhaps even a slave.

    … and …given the methods used to ensure converts to Islam, the Good Bishop can count himself lucky to even exist.

    I am thankful my African ancestors made it to the New World … and my Sephardic Jewish ancestors likewise … and my English ancestors … and my Scottish ancestors and whatever other ancestors I may have had.

    … but, history need not have taken the turn it did.

    The New World need not have been developed.

    The moral of this lesson in History freely given is that religion has its benefits …. and drawbacks!!!

    But everybody knows that … or should!!

    The various migrations of my ancestors, forced and unforced will determine my DNA (like the rest of us) which I will ultimately get done.

    I look forward to see what I missed in my research and being able to understand how and why I am who I am.

    … but in its good time!!

    I am cool with who I am.

    • @John

      Land can’t be owned, it is God’s, we just pass through.

      Why you don’t go and construct on the land adjoining your property withOUT the title deed? It is easy to simplify the argument.

  20. “Blacks never owned the land!!

    Land can’t be owned, it is God’s, we just pass through.”

    John…you are so right, but tell that to all the greedy crooks in Barbados, Cow, Bizzy Maloney, Bjerkham etc all on a mission to steal land they do nit or will never own and who believe they own all the land on the island and boast about it in videos.

    Blacks might not own the land, it is however their ancestral land, and it does not belong to whites to steal either while they pass through.

    While ya at it tell the thieving jews to stop stealing Palestinian land, they dont own it.

    Even the walking dead Rothschild just confessed they stole land to create the Israel scam.

    Do you know your AU from your EU?
    The African Union is on a mission to transform the continent by 2063. This is what you need to know
    This is what you need to know about the African Union.

  22. David Rockefeller: The working-class truth – Workers World › Capitalist misery
    Apr 1, 2017 – The capitalist media proclaimed billionaire banker David Rockefeller, who died March 20, to be a “great philanthropist.” None of the obituaries …

  23. “While ya at it tell the thieving jews to stop stealing Palestinian land, they dont own it.”

    When Islam swept out of Arabia (600-700AD) it conquered the lands to which you refer!!!

    They had never been Islamic until then.

    It is like the case of the lands in America, one tribe of the “Red man” took it from the other for generations until a tribe of the “white man” came and took it from the then “owners” … so far, no one can take it from him … and that creates the envy!!!

    But it still belongs to God!!!

    Every dog has his day …. and every hog has his Friday night!!

    Relax and watch as it unfolds … you sure as hell can’t do a thing about it!!

    Envy is bad for the soul.

  24. Possession and ownership is a man made construct made possible “vi et armis” or by another man made construct wealth/money.

    • @Vincent

      What is your point? Dont we live in a society governed by man made rules? Isn’t it how we organize ourselves and humankind?

  25. David

    Simply stating the facts on how human beings are dealing with Mother Earths possessions,not god(s) by the way.

    She is supreme ask the ghosts of the Dinosaurs.

    • @Vincent

      And how is stating the obvious relevant to how humans order our lifes on the planet?

  26. David

    Usefull from time to time to give our fellow humans a wakeup call as to their real status on Earth.

  27. @ John May 8, 2017 at 10:45 AM

    Your counter-argument is sound in its historical ‘accuracy’.

    People (tribes) have always stolen land from other tribes the same way the land now called Barbados was forcibly taken from the Amerindian tribe by a tribe of European origin which came, found and took by vi et armis (a ‘simple’ case Veni, Vidi, Vici).

    The problem, though, with your argument is that you fail to convince us which “God” owns which land?

    Is it the Greeks, Roman or Hindu god(s)? Is it the god of the Israelites?

    Is it Odin, Allah or those of the Incas and Aztecs whose lands were ‘stolen’ by the Spanish speaking Christian god?

    Yes you are right, John! God does own ALL land. The land called Earth, a creation of the Sun.

  28. Miller
    I have always found the simple conquest of Barbados as written in a little white booklet on Barbados which was ‘de rigueur’ at primary school.The story went that the Olive Blossom landed at Holetown and the english captain rowed ashore,saw no one and proceeded to ‘drive a stake in the ground with a sign James KofE and of this Island’.And simple so,the King owned the land.No deed,no lawyer.He just huffed the land.

  29. LOL @ Gabriel
    The original Jews are black .Netanyahu and all those pretenders are not.
    Are you surprised??!!

    Wuh the original HUMANS were black.
    The albino-centric pretenders currently running this world are not…

  30. DNA Research Confirms That Modern Khazarian “Jews” Are Not the …
    Mar 8, 2013 – DNA Research Confirms That Modern Khazarian “Jews” Are Not the Descendants of Ancient Isrealites or The Seed of Abraham (March 8, 2013).

  31. What about the Sephardic Jews from whom I am descended … at least I think!!!!

    Are they play play Jews too?

  32. New Genetic Study Says Ashkenazi Jews Descend from Khazars › News › Breaking News
    Jan 17, 2013 – The Judeo-Khazars built a flourishing empire, drawing in Jews from Mesopotamia and imperial …. sephardic jews are bottom line authentic!

  33. John…who do you think envy white thieves….they are the ones cant sleep at night because they dont know the hour someone will take from the., what they stole from others…and it will happen, they are all scared, vulnerable and building walls.

    I sleep just fine.

  34. So, if it is a fact that it is my ancestors I see rowed off in the burying ground at the Synagogue and all the wills I read seem to suggest are real ancestors then it means I may carry some of the same DNA as Abraham!!!

    Guess it depends on how they became Jews, whether by birth or conversion.

    I may also carry in me the same DNA that can be found in all of his descendants …. including the other set that can’t get on with the Jews, neither authentic nor play play!!

    Wow Wow and double Wow!!

    I am humbled!!

    Not really, I am who I am and am cool wid dat!!

  35. Aaaaaaah I get it now.

    If anyone can convert to Judaism then everyone is potentially a Jew!!

    Applies to Kazars too!!

    Being a descendant of Abraham doesn’t determine if you are a Jew.

    So there are no play play Jews … it is a matter of belief and for the individual it is a very real experience.

    Seems logical but I stand to be corrected if someone so desires and apologise unreservedly if I got it wrong.

  36. John is a quaker one minute, a jew the next, what do you plan to be next….it’s all delusional and fraudulent, the original jews are black people. Nothing will change that.

  37. You cannot listen to fraudulent delusional whites, soon John will be saying he is part German Nazi, they love to identify with and wear evil against blacks and everyone else as a badge of honor. Much of that delusion and fraud is being destroyed by enlightened people,

    “Originally released in 1933, The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodsoncontinues to resonate today, raising questions that readers are still trying to answer. The impact of slavery on the Black psyche is explored and questions are raised about our education system, such as what and who African Americans are educated for, the difference between education and training, and which of these African Americans are receiving. Woodson provides solutions to these challenges, but these require more study, discipline, and an Afrocentric worldview. This new edition contains a biographical profile of the author, a new introduction, and study questions”

  38. The greatest threat to the world is the continous attempt to split the world according to pigment……pigment is skin deep……tribal origins are multi faceted as the DNA blurb above indicated.

    We Pelaus of the Caribbean are a tribal mixture from all over the world irregardless of our skin tone.

    Too many people need ingrained prejudices to live,the same as those who need religion to survive.

    Facts are their to show that less than 1% of different skintones by virtue of their wealth control this world…… we accept that…… we must always pander to our prejudices as we are incapable of accepting the fact that iniquity lies in all the tribes of mankind.

  39. The thinkers know that skin colour is more related to where one lives in relation to the equator and its environs.Close to the daily broiling sun,your skin gets blacker with each succeeding generation.The further away you live from the equator the lighter your complexion becomes with each succeeding generation.Melanin is more pronounced at the equator since it’s a natural reaction of human biology.Skin colour is zilch to do with intelligence.The hunter at the equator is more likely to be walking around naked and feeling very comfortable and clean.He jumps into a stream or river with gay abandon.His more cloistered cousin in the caves of the temperate zone of necessity must wear cover if he is to survive.He is also likely to skip bathing and as a result gets all kinds of viruses unknown to his black cousin who is an outdoorsman hunting and living a live of leisure.He appreciates nature because he thinks nature is kind to him.His albino cousin is mean and ugly,vicious and abusive of the hand nature deals him.Overtime he tries to cheat nature.He thinks and do evil every minute of the day.Albino man is inhuman.Ask Stephen Fry about it.Black man shares his bounty naturally.Albino hoards his bounty naturally and steals from the black man.Its in the albino man makeup.He can’t help it.Born so.Will die so.

  40. Gabriel May 9, 2017 at 9:51 AM #

    Chuckle……You sound just like the redneck KKK….of the one shoe fits all mentality based on the book of myths… and Bushie mussee wen Cawmere en august.

  41. WC

    We may be cousins and you, like me may carry the DNA you got from Abraham too!!

    You never know!!

    Watch the clip posted by VH “…. shocking DNA results” and be educated!!

  42. Gabriel

    It seems as though slavery has been and is pretty much concentrated around the equator as well.

    While those in the northern climes were busy surviving and depending on themselves perhaps those who had the time to take regular baths and avoid viruses and live a life of leisure used the time to develop and perfect the institution of slavery.

    One way of ensuring a life of leisure is to get someone else to work for you!!

    So much for theories and generalisations!!

  43. Work is an institution of the albino centric.It is he who always is wont to get a black man to do his bidding.It is his innate fear of his environment conditioned by millennia of suffocating in caves.Compared to the black man who thanks the sun,moon and stars for his good fortune.The black man came along, found and appreciated and admired nature in all his surroundings.The land provided his food and his medicine.He is appreciative of his bounty.He does not care what is in the Milky Way.He is interested in today and bothers not of tomorrow.Let the foolish albino try to find life on mars so he can escape earth.

  44. Where ignorance is bliss…..’tis folly to be wise

    The pyramids of Egypt built during the reigns of great African Kings as their features on their statues will testify…..despite Napoleons efforts to destroy the noses.

    These pyramids were built with slave labour from neighbouring enemy tribes of the same pigment.

    Chuckle…..with reasonable people………..

  45. @ Vincent
    These pyramids were built with slave labour from neighbouring enemy tribes of the same pigment.
    All work is essentially ‘slave labour’….. except for self employment.

    There is not much different between modern ’employees’ ..and past ‘slaves’.
    All are essentially serfs who are (were) tied to their master by economics and by low self esteem. While slaves worked for food and housing. You worked for a ‘salary’, which barely provided that …it indeed it did…

    …and difference, John, is that while the Blacks enslaved (employed) the conquered black neighbours, the whites murdered theirs – and took their lands…. The USA being the grand daddy of the practice….
    So while the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites in Egypt, the Europeans murdered the Amerindians and moved to America…..

  46. From the sublime to the ridiculous!!!

    BT and Gabby have between them postulated that the Jews were black.

    Gabby is adamant that work is a creation of the albino centric world.

    Since one of the reasons the Jews were chosen by God was to record his word then it follows using the logic of BT and Gabby that black people wrote the Old Testament.

    … but Genesis has God working six days and resting one.

    The Bible, as written by black people extols the virtues of work as shown in the verses in the link.

    So it is really black people who cottoned on to this whole thing about work first.

    Work is not an invention of the albino centric world.

    White people suddenly twigged one day and decided to try it too!!

    What total rubbish is spewed from these two geniuses!!

    Lord have mercy!!

  47. John May 9, 2017 at 3:50 PM #

    From the sublime to the ridiculous!!!

    Hahahahahaha……or as Fred Broome-Webster used to say “from the sublime to the gaw blimey”.

    Bushie….boi…..ah deddin hey wid laff….ah gine deal wid yuh submission after ah get up offen de floor…..wuhloss……hiccup…….hahahaha.

  48. I am intrigued to see how these two geniuses will explain how and why black people abandoned their Bible and God and even more intrigued to discover how they were able to convince white people to adopt what they had abandoned!!

    Galatians 3

    “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise”

    It looks as though it really does not matter if you are slave or free, Jew or Gentile, male or female.

  49. A bible is described in the dictionary as an authoritive book.Clear to me what that means.For many MaoTse-Tungs little red book satisfies the description,similarly for Das Kapital,Mein Kampf etc etc.The hebrews wrote their history and all of a sudden that takes precedence over how,when,why,where and by which I ought to be subordinated.Bull Williams would say…man tell that to the marines man….

  50. The Rwandan Genocide – Facts & Summary –
    From April to July 1994, members of the Hutu ethnic majority in the east-central African nation of Rwanda murdered as many as 800,000 people, mostly of the Tutsi minority. … The RPF victory created 2 million more refugees (mainly Hutus) from Rwanda, exacerbating what had already …
    ‎Videos · ‎Rwanda: The World Reacts · ‎Remembrance and …

  51. Full text of “Bible myths and their parallels in other religions : being a ……/biblemythsandthe00doanuoft/biblemythsandthe00doanuoft_djv…

  52. I had a friend from Nigeria when I was at University in England.

    He had the healed scars of bullet wounds all across his abdomen.

    Haven’t the faintest which side he fought on.

    Didn’t seem to matter in 1976.

  53. Gabriel May 11, 2017 at 10:04 AM #

    Last I heard was that 20% of the English carry the African gene pool

    Chuckle…..what is so surprising about that?

    I contend that it is a hell of a lot more is there as Julius’ Ceasars crack Nubian forces raped and pillaged the Angle isles prior to 60BC and left a lot of Sudanese gene pool.

  54. Forced and unforced migrations of peoples have been taking place from the year dot.

    England was routinely raided for slaves from the Barbary Coast of Africa long ago.

    Thus, what you will also find is that there is also a large number of Africans who carry DNA that came from England.

    You may actually find DNA from Vikings among the African population.

    If you go and look at the slave returns from 1817 you will see that there are instances in Barbados where among the few slaves (~6%) registered who actually came from Africa and were not born here there are instances of some being classified as being coloured and not as you might expect, black.

    Europeans and Africans were mixing long before Barbados was settled.

  55. Humans are a migratory animal and have traversed the world many times, over millenia, changing and re-changing skintones over centuries thanks to environmental and cosmic events.

    Why are some of us so myopic as to the happenings on planet earth by the animal called human who despite its skintones has the same genetic construct and mentality.

  56. Worth a read…..very informative.

    some snippets….

    WHEREAS, by an Act of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia of February 16, 1864, entitled, An Act authorising the President to adopt measures to encourage emigration to Liberia from the West Indian Islands the President is authorized to enter into arrangements to increase the population of Liberia by renewing the invitation extended in 1862 to persons of African descent in West Indian Islands, to come and settle in Liberia, and by aiding worthy and industrious persons in the same islands to emigrate.

    President Warner’s words would ring very positive in many Barbadian ears. This was their sense of their destiny. People such as Samuel Jackman Prescod, London Bourne, Thomas Cummins, William Simeon Wilkey, James T.Wiles and Anthony Barclay Jr. had been promoting this identity and this cause for several years, as was concretised in the resolutions passed by the Barbados African Colonisation Society on the 23rd of February, 1850 . The Times followed the Liberian President’s proclamation with an article on Liberia tracing the history of the Republic and recommended it far in advance of any other settlement for the coloured peoples who are solicited as emigrants.

    Dr. Mc Lain arrived in Barbados on the 11th of March 1865 and was met by a large deputation of the emigrant organisations. The day before, March 10th, The Times reported that The Fatherland Union, the organisation which London Bourne supported and served as Treasurer, was reconstituting itself as an official affiliate of the American Colonisation Society, and was named the Barbadian Colonisation Society. Mr. Anthony Barclay was named as Chairman. The newspaper recorded that there were three objects of the Society: 1) to select a certain number of impoverished coloured families from the middle class, of suitable ability and character, to assist in civilisation; 2) to obtain the necessary funds for emigrating; 3) to secure a suitable locality for them to settle down in Liberia

    According to the manifest of the Cora the occupations of the Barbadians were principally agricultural and artisanal. Seventeen men were listed as planters and seven as farmers.

    This paean was followed by a letter recorded by the African Repository of the ACS dated the 13th of May 1865:
    Liberia, May 13th, 1865

    My Dear Mr. B.:

    I feel much pleasure in conveying these few lines to you. We arrived at Monrovia on the 10th of the above month, after 34 days passage. We would have reached here sooner, but we met with nearly eight days calm. We waited upon His Excellency, the President, and were so kindly received that we (the Committee) had the honor of taking a glass of wine with His Excellency in the State Hall. Liberia is a great place. I shall soon be able to write and tell you all about this great Continent. We are very comfortable, etc.; except a slight cold, all are well. The President has directed that our lands of 25 acres shall be laid off on Monday 16th on the Careyburg Road, about 20 miles from Monrovia, which is the best locality for us. A special service was called for on Sunday, the 14th, at the Parish Church, by Professor Crummell, which was handsomely responded to. You will excuse me until I can write to you more fully.

    Yours sincerely, John R.

  57. Sierra Leone (capital Freetown) is also worth looking at as well.

    That country predates Liberia (capital Monrovia) and was a colony of the United Kingdom until 1961.

    It was formed by the British after their defeat in America.

    Similar thinking at work …… what to do with freed slaves.

    A third alternative was the integration into American, West Indian and Canadian societies.

    We don’t think much about the origins of those two African countries.

  58. ORIGIN OF CAUCASIANS( cauc- white/ pale)

    Genetic Proof that Europeans/ Caucasians are Albinos who migrated from Central Asia to Europe:

    How Europeans evolved white skin
    – By Ann Gibbons Apr. 2, 2015.
    ” The modern humans who came out of Africa to originally settle Europe about 40,000 years are presumed to have had dark skin. which is advantageous in sunny latitudes. The new data confirm that about 8500 years ago,early hunter-gatherers in Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary also had darker skin: They did not have mutations in two genes—SLC24A5 and SLC45A2—that lead to depigmentation and, therefore, pale skin (Albinism) in Europeans today. 
    But in the far north—where low light levels would favor pale skin—the team found a different picture in hunter-gatherers: Seven people from the 7700-year-old Motala archaeological site in southern Sweden had both light skin gene variants, SLC24A5 and SLC45A2. They also had a third gene, HERC2/OCA2, which causes blue eyes and may also contribute to light skin and blonde hair. ”

    MUTATION of the a number of genes linked to depigmentation – pale skin, blonde hair /red hair & blue eyes .
    These include:
    SLC24A5, SLC45A2, HERC2/OCA2.

    *After studying the mutated gene HERC2, scientists found this to be the cause of blue eyes because it switches off OCA2, the gene that determines how much brown pigment melanin to make.

    Oculocutaneous Albinism type 4 – is caused by mutations in rthe SLC45A2 gene.
    SLC24A5 mutations are responsible for OCA6.

    Genetics Out of Africa

    Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

    “Recently a major molecular cause of this change in skin color has been discovered in Europeans. Specifically, the gene SLC24A5 turns out to be critical for the production of melanin, the predominant dark pigment of the skin and hair. … 100 percent of Europeans have a mutation in SLC24A5 that impairs the function of the protein(melanin)….

    Higher cancer risk for those with blue eyes
    August 22 2016, 12:01am, The Times

    People with blue, green or grey eyes and fair skin are at greater risk of eye cancer, according to new research. The increased risk is linked to pigmentation genes that dictate eye colour. The US study, published in Scientific Reports, is the first to find evidence of a strong association between genes linked to eye colour and the development of uveal melanoma.


  59. Gabriel your statement below, is patently false. Qoute: “…skin colour is more related to where one lives in relation to the equator and its environs.”

    Skin Colour is determined by genes that regulate production of melanin.
    I you have the functional version of genes slc24a5, SLC45A2, mcr1a,oca2; etc then you will have black skin . if you have the mutated nonfunctional form you will have pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair.

    High UV levels also occurat the poles due to reflection from snow & holes in the ozone layer.
    For most of the history of mankind , Europe was inhabited by black people. Caucasians/ Central Asian albinos only arrived in Europe in recent times.

  60. Spirit, Holy Spirit
    Holy Holy God Almighty
    Holy Holy

    The Spirt speak form Blue Mountain Peak
    The Spirit speak, Let they will be done
    Let thy will be done

    Once there is a will there is a way
    Once there is a will there is a bill and you got to pay



    Let us pray

    Hallowed be thy name



    Melody Rising


    The good that you do
    it lives after you

    The spirit speak

    Melody rising

    Deceive your soul
    Evil be still
    Wicked be still

    the seed you sow
    is seeds you reap

    the trees you plant
    and the trees you grow


  61. Quote from blooger, John : “Thus, what you will also find is that there is also a large number of Africans who carry DNA that came from England.”

    What is DNA from England ?
    How do you define it?
    Sounds like utter nonsense.

    Spencer Wells, Genetic Anthropologist, on the first Great Migrations

    “Genetic data corroborates the mitochondrial results, placing the root of the human family tree – our most recent common ancestor- in Africa within the past few hundred thousand years. Consistent with this result, all of the genetic data shows the greatest number of polymorphisms in Africa – there is simply far more variation in that continent than anywhere else. You are more likely to sample extremely divergent genetic lineages within a single African village than you are in whole of the rest of the world. The majority of the genetic polymorphisms found in our species are found uniquely in Africans – Europeans, Asians and Native Americans carry only a small sample of the extraordinary diversity that can be found in any African village…”

    As the evidence clearly indicates, ALL humans are African, therefore ALL human genetics (DNA) is African. Logically then, ALL human haplogroups MUST be found in Africa! And so they are, in spite of Albino( Caucasian) obfuscations intended to support their bogus view of themselves, and their bogus histories.
    Albino ( Caucasian ) people try to embed three thoughts into our minds:
    1) That they are unique, a completely separate branch of the Human Tree, a different “Race” if you will: and certainly NOT Albinos:
    2) They ARE Native to Europe:
    3) They were the “Original” people of Mans Ancient Civilizations.
    All of which are of course total and utter nonsense. But in trying to make those absurdities seem plausible, they create all sorts of Pseudo-Scientific Lies.
    The most recent is that there is such a thing as “WHITE PEOPLES GENES”. is one of many Albino ( Caucasian ) companies spewing this nonsense /patently false information to the public.

    Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA) is the dominant paternal lineage of Western Europe, so of course the Albino ( Caucasian) people want to claim that particular Haplogroup as the “WHITE” haplogroup .However, this is patently false, because, there are lots of people in Central Africa such as Niger ,Chad & Cameroon with the halogroup R1b.

    *Y-dna does not change, it is passed from father to son, regardless of whether the father is Black or White. Thus an albino male offspring would retain the Y-dna haplogroup of his Black father.
    Albinism does NOT cause a change in Y-DNA Haplogroup.

    The fact is that there is no such a thing as European (White) DNA, it is all Black African derived: that is in keeping with the fact that Europeans are merely the Albinos of Blacks.

  62. @ ra1
    What is DNA from England ?
    How do you define it?
    Sounds like utter nonsense.
    Boss, John is a very rational blogger – when he is talking about water resources in Barbados. On ALL other subjects the talks a roll of shiite….. mostly white.
    When he starts on the ‘Quakers’, you would need Polly’s big-ass No.2 tanker to haul away the output…

    That said, please continue to educate the brass bowls on the reality of race, and on the origin of the albino subset.
    Perhaps a few may be able to deduce the FACT that the original, true and genuine human being that was initially created by BBE was black as shiite… or at least …as dirt. 🙂

    Everything else is the result of entropy at work….

  63. Abstract

    Human skin pigmentation is a complex trait that evolved as an adaptation to local environmental conditions. The distribution of human skin colour is highly correlated with the intensity of incident ultraviolet radiation. Several hypotheses that assign a key role to natural selection have been proposed to explain the global distribution of human skin pigmentation, such as photoprotection, protection against low vitamin D levels and protection against folate deficiency. The genetics underlying skin colour variability is also being deeply investigated. A handful of genes have already been reported to be associated with the normal pigmentation variability and/or to be under the action of natural selection: TYR, TYRP1, TYRP2, OCA2, SLC45A2, SLC24A5, MC1R, ASIP, MITF, KITLG and, recently, β‐defensins. Genome‐wide scans have suggested many other candidate genes with a role in pigmentation variability. However, functional studies should be carried out in order to ascertain the significance of these findings.
    Key Concepts:

    Human skin colour evolved as an adaptation to local environmental conditions.
    Dark skin probably originated after the loss of fur by our ancestors in Africa.
    A highly pigmented skin reduces the damaging effects of UV radiation, such as skin cancer, sunburn or folic acid photolysis.
    Light skin probably originated after the Out‐of‐Africa exodus, of modern Homo sapiens into Eurasia, approximately 100 000 years ago.
    Skin depigmentation at higher latitudes occurred independently in Asia and Europe.
    Lighter skins allow UV radiation to penetrate the skin to catalyse the synthesis of vitamin D.

    Keywords: skin pigmentation; evolution; adaptation; depigmentation; natural selection; melanogenesis; photoprotection; vitamin D

  64. The tyrosinase-related protein gene family
    The most dramatic example of gene action in pigmentation is
    seen in the complete loss of color resulting from the inability
    to form melanin. Albinism has been recorded in almost every
    species and the way in which the genes responsible for
    hypopigmented states have been identified demonstrates the
    power that a comparative molecular genetic approach has
    given to the study of pigmentation in humans. Hypopigmenta-
    tion takes many forms and albinism in humans was first
    attributed to a single locus because two albinos produced
    similarly albino offspring.
    This is not always the case; a
    single exception
    provides evidence that more than one
    locus is involved. Cloning of the first albinism gene (TYR) was
    achieved in 1987, using antibodies to the tyrosinase en-
    to screen a cDNA expression library. Cross-species
    comparison subsequently showed this cDNA to map to the
    mouse albino
    -locus and the functionality of the TYR gene in
    albinism has been demonstrated beyond doubt through its
    ability to rescue the albino phenotype in transgenic ani-
    In humans, loss-of-function mutations in the TYR
    gene are known as tyrosinase-negative or OCA1 albinism.
    Human pigmentation genetics: the difference is only skin deep
    by RA Sturm – ‎Cited by 204 – ‎Related articles
    differences of human pigmentation, so often reduced to the single index of ….. triracial origin demonstrated a common 2.7-kb deletion in the. P gene,(60) and this …

  65. Europeans are not albinos. Albinism (specifically oculocutaneous albinism) is caused by mutations in different genes that abrogate or drastically decrease melanin production, and in some cases no melanin is produced at all: Oculocutaneous albinism. People with albinism have translucent skin and vision defects, more serious in people with OCA1 mutations than OCA2 mutations. The mutations can occur in any ethnic group, in every continent. Very sadly, albinos are considered the “devil” in some places in Tanzania and the suffer horrific treatments: The Science and Mysticism of Albinism – #GeneOTW with OCA2

    Europeans have light skin because of a few gene variants, mostly in two genes, SLC24A5 and SLC45A2. One of the most common gene variants is anon-synonymous single nucleotide variant polymorphism (SNP, number Rs1426654 – SNPedia), meaning a nucleotide change that results in an amino acid change in the protein, named change (rs1426654) in the third exon of the SLC24A5 gene accounts for lighter skin in Europeans (there are 3 other SNPs in that gene in Europeans). This gene is a member of the potassium-dependent sodium/calcium exchanger family and encodes an intracellular membrane protein. The protein is found to the trans-Golgi network in melanocytes. The exact mechanism of how the amino acid change results in less melanin in the skin, is not clearly understood. See here for more info: How Europeans evolved white skin

    And yes, OCA2 is also involved in blue eyes and lighter skin, (and light skin in East Asian populations) but these are SNPs, while very large deletions or splicing mutations are responsible for the drastic effects of albinism.

    tl;dr: Human skin color is quite complex with several genes and gene variants at play. The term albinism is reserved to describe a syndrome resulting from very drastic changes in genes that disable the production of melanin. The light skin of Europeans (even with those of blue eyes and very pale) and East Asians is a result of smaller changes (SNPs) and are not considered a disease or condition.
    Are white people actually albinos? – Quora
    NOTE: the question I originally answered asked if Europeans were albinos. Europeans are not … One of the most common gene variants is anon-synonymous single … A person with such a mutation can be of any ‘race’ (note that race is …

  66. Vincent Haynes please note that all the scientific evidence proves that Europeans are albino/ albino derived people from Central Asia.

    Full Movie (The Myth of Race and the Evolution of Skin Color)

    Description: This ground breaking documentary combines anthropology, paleontology and human genetics to show how that all humans, no matter what race, nationality or ethnicity you claim to be, share a common ancestor with a small population that lived in Africa between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago. It also explains in detail the biological process, known as mutations that happens every generation that causes humans to look different. And last, it challenges a long standing theory that the evolution of skin color is a result of humans proximity to the equator. The research conducted in this film shows that the evolution of skin color is the direct result of a skin pigment mutation known as albinism, in particular, oculocutaneous type 1 and 2 albinism.

    Video URL:

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