Central Bank Economic Review of Barbados’ Economy January to September 2018

Central Bank of Barbados Governor Cleviston Haynes delivers the Bank’s review of Barbados’ economic performance in the first nine months of 2018 and takes questions from members of the media.


Press Release September 2018.pdf


  • Theo
    The players here busy trying to cause confusion during net practice. There is therefore no need to bat or bowl, just let them continue to bowl and bat in the nets unaware of how the wicket that is being prepared will play. Yuh waan bet when the march start dem gine get skittle out?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Enuff November 3, 2018 7:54 AM
    “The Depeiza lady is correct bring proof of corruption and thieving or take a hike and get on with the people’s business.”
    “Ankle monitor!”

    Enuff, this is not a matter to make snide remarks at!

    The call, in essence, is pregnant with serious implications and indeed ramifications for the current administration.

    Why should innocent poor Bajans feel the brunt of the required fiscal adjustment and carry the heavy load of economic sacrifice when millions of taxes are owed to the Treasury as a result of big sweetheart deals between the recently superannuated class of politicians and their friends in the business community including their two-bit pals in legal circles who out of sheer nepotism won the lottery to become overnight millionaires.

    There is absolutely no need for additional legislation in order to seek to recover some of the people’s hard-earned money. Why not start by using the existing income taxation laws?

    Why not conduct targeted tax audits to confirm whether the amounts paid to these inner-circle friends of the last administration have been duly assessed for income and corporation tax purposes and the appropriate taxed paid to the BRA?

    Why not follow the money and see if all is ‘kosher’ and that those in the private sector in receipt of ‘certain’ contracts have clean hands before they can remove the veil of allegations of corruption?

    The existing laws are on the side of the new administration. Make full use of it or prepare to be found guilty in the court of public opinion.

    The people have not forgotten the tax evasion allegations levied by the former DLP administration against a certain member of the Mottley clan.

    Don’t let it appear as if the decent ordinary people, like piggy in the middle, are faced eternally with Hobson’s choice in selecting a horse from the local political class of two musketeers with the livery marked “BDLP, the party of all for one and two for both”.

    “To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.” ~Confucius


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ TheOGazerts November 3, 2018 9:04 AM

    The point to be taken seriously is that the current administration- although saddled with the unenviable responsibility of staving off currency devaluation- cannot be blamed for the massively unmanageable debt which, like the Sisyphus boulder, has fallen into its lap even if by choice through the thirst for political power.

    If fingers are to be pointed then let the multi-face ac the mariposa do another volte-face and point one at her former bête noir OSA with the other 3 pointing at Stinkliar, Physical Deficit Ince and the now worrying Deliar Worrell.

    Mariposa was once the biggest enemy of Privatization and economic restructuring recommended early in the previous administration’s tour of duty. In true weathercock style she is now Privatization’s biggest fan under the MAM administration.

    Mariposa is a fraud in every sense of that word!


  • Still against wholesale Privatisation but in the case of the Hilton and the Barbados national oil terminal which can easily be described as leaking sieves with large holes
    Then would any one in the right mind prescribed holding on to these two assests
    I dont think so


  • BNTCL and Hilton are leaking sieves? BNTCL not being a leaking sieve is a no-brainer. As for the other one, wuh I thought the Hilton was making a profit since 2012, according to Sinckler and Sealy?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa November 3, 2018 11:45 AM

    See what a ‘lying’ fraud you are?

    If the BNTCL and the Hilton hotel are “leaking sieves” how would describe the CBC and Transport Board? Bottomless buckets through which the taxpayers’ money (in the form of subsidies and transfers) disappears like water from a BWA broken main?

    The thing is that the decision to privatize or not to divest has now been taken out of the deceitful lying politicians’ corrupt hands.

    The IMF will dictate which entity will be ‘Privatized’ as opposed to which one will be ‘Divested’ or ‘Outsourced’.

    Now you take your pick of the side of the fence you want to perch and perform your yellow-bellied yard-fowl role.


  • Enuff in Wonderland…do you have any explanation….or just like most Bajans, ya did not know..

    Everyone knows now though…this level of deceit does not stay hidden forever. particularly when it has been done for decades.



  • Well I can see Miller & Enuff still fighting to save the BLP a.k.a TITANIC from hitting the ocean floor……..5 months after setting sail off Government Headquarters in Bay Street !!

    Well there’s a story nah ……..

    Well the Brutalising Lowly People (BLP) syndrome continues !

    Through the Barbadians Experiencing Roughshod Treatment ( BERT ) program 3,000 public officers have been sent home !

    The PM Mottley said only about 1,500 were going home !

    You hear LIE. ?????

    The PM Mottley said only those public officers with less than 9 or 10 years going home !

    At the School Meals Department – out of the 35 retrenched workers. – 12 of them had done more than 10 years !

    You hear LIE ?? ????

    But the saga got …….worse !

    One of George Payne’s niece is among the school meals workers with more than 10 years service ……that get sent home !!!

    Well ” by George ” …… de short hat 🎩 man ——-put a RH cussing in PM Mottley !!!

    Quick so George niece did back on the job – with full pay 💰 too !!

    So it seems you have to CUSS de PM …..to get back yuh job !!


    Barbados 🇧🇧 deserves better !!!

    BERT…….try and behave yuh self !!


  • “Nowadays, one gets the impression Enuff has lost his heart and his faith and fowlicus Artaxicus no longer enjoy delivering pecks 🙂”



  • Enuff 68…look at the real demons here…look at them..ya see them..

    Did Mia Mottley and her family ever bother to tell the Barbados taxpayers how many offshore accounts they hold that avoids paying taxes in Barbados, yet Mia wants everyone else to be laden down with taxes.

    Are all those offshore accounts held by lawyers, former DLP and present BLP government ministers and Judges of the Supreme Court the proceeds of Estate thefts from the elderly, their beneficiaries, INJURED PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMANTS.. anyone else they can steal from, thefts from the Treasury and National Insurance and bribe money they have all been laundering for decades?????

    it is a reasonable question since no one bothered to tell the Barbados people or the pensioners who were and still are being robbed.blind by all of them, that all of these lowlife frauds have offshore accounts all around the world..


  • Enuff in Wonderland…do those envelopes which the clerk of parliament is holding for the sitting DEMON crooks of parliament re their ASSETS ..contain how many offshore accounts each crook minister/lawyer is holding overseas…and exactly what are in those offshore accounts..???

    ya will get an A if ya can answer that one..


  • Notice yesterday how Commisiong in his articles lambasted the Unions and practically called the whole bunch a group of liars
    Reminds me of the many times when the Unions told bare face lies having to do with past govt policies to which they had agreed and then denied making those agreements


  • For what it is worth. The Unions are getting there dues is aces a well deserved payment plan handed to them by this govt
    No matter how much they yell or screamed their voices cannot make a difference as govt has already handed over the public workers to the IMF as sacrifical lambs in return for thirty pieces of silver
    Now all they can do is bury their heads in the sand


  • Wuhloss …yadfowls don’t want to talk about the crooked BLP. ministers/lawyers, their families, hangers-on and their multitudes of OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS….

    wuh happen Enuff 68…cat got ya tongue.

    ..some kinda patriots those skunks in parliament and Bar Association are though..

    if they were truly bajan patriots they would not have secret accounts squirrelling away ill-gotten gains and hiding it from the people , obviously evading taxes….while popping shit about the people should sacrifice and feel hardship while none of them CROOKS ain’t about to be feeling NONE .


  • This BLP new 29 strong Government should order a forensic audit of the last 10 years in all Ministries. All former DLP Ministers and PS of Ministries pensions should be withhold from start to findings of audit


  • The forensic audit should be for the same 10 years as the last DLP Government was in office


  • There 130,000 vehicles are on the streets of Barbados ( less than 1% are electric).

    Fuel import bill was 800 millions Bds in 2012 (50 percent of which is used to generate electricity).
    There was a 30 per cent decline in fuel import bill from $645.4 million in 2014 to about $452.4 million in 2015.
    (50 percent of which is used to generate electricity). In 2017 , the fuel bill was 353, 338, 000 Bds .This due to low oil prices (US$50 /barrel) and an expanded focus on renewables by the DLP administration.

    The current BLP administration is promoting the use of fossil fuels while the rest of the world are moving away from these fuels.

    Barbados need to transition from a carbon based economy to digital- green economy as soon as possible. Fossil fuels are a threat to our civilization.
    Below, are a list of links that support this view.

    Fossil fuel dependence poses ‘direct existential threat’, warns UN chief
    A rapid global shift to clean energy is needed to prevent runaway climate change, says António Guterres

    Associated Press
    Tue 11 Sep 2018 06.49 EDT Last modified on Tue 11 Sep 2018 11.50 EDT

    IARC: Diesel Engine Exhaust Carcinogenic

    Lyon, France, June 12, 2012‐‐ After a week-long meeting of international experts, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), today classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1), based on sufficient evidence that exposure is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer.

    Pollution from diesel fumes raises heart disease risk by lowering ‘good’ cholesterol

    By Ben Spencer Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail

    Diesel fumes raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes by damaging protective cholesterol in the body, research suggests.

    Diesel fume particles ‘could raise heart attack risks’
    BBC News
    14 July 2011

    Breathing in black carbon – the tiny sooty particles particularly linked to diesel exhaust – reduces levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol thought to protect the heart and arteries, experts said.
    Chemical particles in diesel exhaust fumes could increase the risk of heart attacks, new research has suggested.

    Edinburgh University scientists found minuscule particles produced by burning diesel can increase the chance of blood clots forming in arteries.

    The blood clots can then lead to heart attacks or stroke.

    Israel Will Ban Gasoline & Diesel Vehicles After 2030

    November 11th, 2018 by Steve Hanley .



    8 November 2018.

    The Cologne administrative court said Cologne must ban the dirtiest diesels from its centre and other streets from April 2019 to tackle dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions.

    https://youtu.be/wGoQB3cxPHw .


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