Proposed Public Sector Expenditure Reduction Programme Document

A consequence of government’s public sector expenditure reduction program is the rationalization of some SOEs and retrenchment that has started. The following document details the Proposed Public Sector Expenditure Reduction Programme.

Read it and weep!


  • @Vincent

    It is not the best analogy, it was meant to show that a course of antibiotics is to deal with the infection caused by the underlying ailment.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU

    I love the analogy. It was apt. I understood your points quite well. It was a good ” hook line” for me (as in calypso). LOL
    But part of my training is to examine the narrative very carefully. You bought into it . I usually ask why.


  • @Vincent

    Often times It serves the blogmaster well to be the forum idiot 🙂


  • Vincent Codrington

    I am paying particular attention to your post @ 11:15 a.m. – especially the last paragraph.

    It would be nice to see you expand on that last paragraph.Should make interesting reading.


  • Public service head issues statement on public sector layoffs
    Article by
    Sandy Deane
    Published on
    October 26, 2018

    Head of the Civil Service Dr Louis Woodruffe maintains there is “no widespread chaos” as the Government continues its restructuring exercise. He also said that every effort has been made to ensure that workers are treated fairly.

    Below is the full statement on the termination process in the public service.

    In order to meet its expenditure reduction targets and to restructure the public service, Government continued its retrenchment programme this week.

    As stated previously, the programme, which involved most Ministries and Departments, sought in all instances to abide by the principle of last in, first out. The process also sought to ensure that cheques and termination letters were given to affected individuals at the same time.
    Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments have reported that they have sought to follow the policies for conducting this process as required by the Prime Minister and this was adhered to in the vast majority of cases.
    Media reports point to some anomalies in the process and where such occurred, they are deeply regretted. However, there was no wide spread chaos across the system.
    There is deep awareness in the public sector of the impact on affected workers and, within this context, officers in various Government agencies worked tirelessly to ensure not only that the process was as efficient as possible, but also that their colleagues were treated fairly.
    Now that the process is coming to an end, the focus will be on seeking to have affected persons retrained and reengaged as quickly as possible to provide various services to the private and public sectors, thereby contributing to rebuilding the Barbados economy. This is a top priority for Government and is being pursued with a high degree of urgency, as are the other supports outlined in the Prime Minister’s recent address to the nation.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU at 12:27 PM

    I know. I name it ” Devil’s Advocate”. You name it “forum idiot”. If it is effective ,why change it. Relax. Reading you loud and clear.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ T Inniss at 12 : 43 PM

    The blurry photographs are :

    Estimated GDP.

    The Public Debt varies in computation and composition from document to document and from compiler to compiler. Therefore another estimate.

    The economy, as a dynamic complex system ,enables one to unearth unintended consequences of suggested policy solutions. I did mention in another submission to this blog that one has to do systems thinking. One examines the feed back loops. Viewing the economy as a complex system,eliminates the need to stabilize in order to move forward. The pilot does not stabilize a plane by cutting off the engine in mid air.

    In a submission above it is suggested that those sent home will be trained to take up new jobs. Where are these new jobs? Would it not be cheaper to keep these persons employed while they are being trained,on the job, for these new digitalised jobs?
    Where processes are being computerised ,is not the purpose to reduce labour? Do we have a shortage of labour? What is the economic function of GoB ?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mr Vincent Codrington

    You are a man of FEW YET PROFOUND WORDS.

    You said and I quote

    “…That is like robbing the poor and then offering them back a minute part of their original property…”

    I wonder if you have in your walks abroad in Barbados encountered the common man.

    The ones that I call the sheeple (and getting cussed for calling them that)

    You would be surprised to find that these sheeple view Mugabe as saviour as opposed to oppressor

    There is an article in the BarbadosToday? I believe penned by the head of the BTHA where as you read it she is almost thanking the Prime Minister for increasing their members water bill by 50% a month!

    That article can be seen at

    As I was reading that article as it shifted from praise to the reality of suffering, I was saying wow, wow, wow…

    And as I continued to read her incredible praise for the hands that were oppressing the sector i then understood your sobering reflection which was “…The only beneficiary is the bully who gets his warped thrill of power over the weak…”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Mr Vincent Codrington thank you


  • @ Piece
    What amazes Bushie is that wunna continue to miss the OBVIOUS FACT that some dark force (that is intent on our demise) HAS to be manipulating the minds of Bajans in particular … and of the world in general.


    We find that the Government is spending TOO MUCH money on wages and salaries. We have known this for YEARS…
    ANY JACKASS (including Maripoka ) would IMMEDIATELY conclude that the solution is to reduce ALL salaries and wages by a percentage amount that regains BALANCE.
    That way, EVERYONE shares in the pain…. and we ALL continue to survive …while hopefully building a new arrangement that makes sense.

    INSTEAD…. OUR JACKASSES IN CHARGE choose to send home thousands of low level workers whose wages are so small that it takes thousands of them to allow the Government to pay for the new Deputy PSs ..and other big-ups that they have recruited ….. along with their recent 5% pay INCREASE.

    But THAT is not the joke….

    The yardfowls and LACKIES (like the BHTA head in BT, The Unions, the Press …. even BU Bloggers….) ALL seem to have brought into this idiotic albino-centric approach – Apparently each hoping to maximise their OWN PERSONAL positions -rather than think of the COMMUNITY CENTRIC benefits of sharing the pain.

    Only a wutless, stinking, RH DEVIL could be so low- minded as to drive such a destructive influence into brass bowl minds…..

    …and instead of focusing on the SELFISH and GREEDY approach being taken, from From the PM down to BU bloggers …are talking shiite about the fact that some of the unfortunates who were sacrificed did not get their cheques when kicked out the door…..

    But Karma does NOT sleep.
    The plimplers will be PARTICULARLY sharp in the grass that is reserved for such selfish demons.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Vincent Codrington October 26, 2018 2:31 PM
    “In a submission above it is suggested that those sent home will be trained to take up new jobs. Where are these new jobs? Would it not be cheaper to keep these persons employed while they are being trained,on the job, for these new digitalised jobs?”

    And pay them with what, VC? Printed ‘cut-plate’ money under an IMF programme?
    We can understand your deep ‘moral’ concern for those who are being forcibly deprived of a source of income. The private sector had its turn of trimming the fat. Now it’s the turn of the civil army of occupation carrying too many parasites in its numerous platoons.

    But isn’t this a clear case of Hobson’s choice facing the Mottley administration?

    This is what the IMF demands in exchange for BoP support. It’s just one of the many deep-cutting surgical measures the Bajan economy-and by extension the society- will have to go through to get foreign money in the short-term to avoid a Devaluation of its Mickey mouse currency.

    But the MAM administration must be more even-handed as it seeks to distribute the burden of fiscal pain and social hardship.

    In addition to targeting the labour force/working class she must move expeditiously to recover the millions outstanding from those who have deprived the Treasury of much needed revenue which could have acted as sutures to help with the fiscal bleeding and mitigate the high risk of widespread economic infection that is being exposed today.

    Have the likes of Parris with his $3.3 million gratuity payment and those who received millions in legal fees made their fair contribution to the national kitty even if to help with some of the ongoing termination payments to the highly distressed public sector workers due for redundancy from the SOE’s?
    Where are the Transport Board and the CBC going to get the cash to meet the termination payments to due to the staff due for severing if not from the Treasury?


  • Any truth to the rumour making the rounds on Whatsapp about why the meeting was called on St. Lucy by the BLP?


  • Vincent Codrington

    Thank you Sir.


  • Bushie

    Yuh like yuh had some good ole ginger tea instead of the bush tea this morning lol.Yuh breathing fire.


  • David/BU

    I don’t know how true – but I have been hearing that once again John King seem not to be happy with the way Mia wants to micro manage every ministry and in particular – his ministry.

    True signs of dictatorship I suppose.

    Anyway all does not seem to be well in Paradise.


  • @David
    Any truth to the rumour making the rounds on Whatsapp about why the meeting was called on St. Lucy by the BLP?
    Why are you asking a question of which you know the answer? Earlier I commented on the fact that the Min. of Environment was twiddling his thumbs while Mia took centre stage in San Francisco. PUDYR is always commenting that Mia is surrounded by (in polite terms lesser mortals) so maybe she feels compelled to take on everything but that may come from years in Opposition when you were the spokesman on every subject and it is hard to let go of the bit.

    In the meanwhile hurray for Whatsapp.


  • Then why pay minister salaries to the lesser mortals.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    As Sargeant pointed out, you dun know the reason for the meeting

    I wrote a small piece here 2 weeks ago with the subtitle of

    “Mia, Shift a Feller”, I realised that it did not post because of my firewall foolishness but I did not revert to it cause it’s not everything that I bother you about.

    Mia wants a legacy like any other Prime Minister would want. That is a reasonable expectation.

    But when she has 21 jackasses of whom John King is very much one, you can understand what she is faced with.

    She is borrowing heavily to create growth, but these 21 imps only looking to spend the $$ she is borrowing

    And Mia ent got no time on her hands to train these clowns, that would be ammmmm impossible

    Now if the true reason for the RETREAT were to be exposed, you understand what this would do to investor confidence?

    But she HAS TO FIRE A FELLER, choose one of the clowns AND FIRE DEM A.SS!

    She to make it public and clinical.

    He has to be an example.

    What this will do is inspire the other 20 to reach out to the competencies of existing bajans who can deliver BECAUSE IF THEY DO NOT DELIVER she will fire them too.

    Look at Mia’s face nowadays.

    She looks haggard and beat down.

    All the gusto that was there in June is gone because NOT ONLY DOES SHE REALIZE HOW BAD THE ECONOMY IS, she has realized how impossible it is to manage it with 21 buhkvunts.

    And people like you pun Barbados Underground ent giving she no easement Sargeant while sheeple like me encouraging she, every step of the way heheheheh

    Its not that you want her to fail but, how can she succeed surrounded by dem chvunts?



    She has been working long hours, you will find her chairing meetings at 1am in the morning.


  • “…you will find her chairing meetings at 1am in the morning…”

    Perhaps that explains the quality of some of the resolutions.

    Liked by 1 person

  • As Bushie said LONG ago…
    Mia means well.

    However, she has too many weaknesses – and she is surrounded by a bunch of lawyers (with LECs) whose predispositions need no further explanation on BU….and other incompetents who are in politics as a last resort…

    She also inherited a Ship of State with a big-ass hole below deck – caused by a Stinkliar and a Froon doing wheelies in Iceberg waters…. THAT GOTTA FIX….or else…

    Her ONLY hope would have been to turn URGENTLY to capable (and DEMONSTRABLY SUCCESSFUL) Bajans to guide the (dirty and dangerous) repairs below deck (involving multiple HIGH-PROFILE prosecutions and perhaps even an execution or two…) and then have a public reading of the riot Act to ALL REMAINING public officials …to either PERFORM – or leave quietly …BEFORE the next purge.

    Unfortunately, Auntie Mia wants to be like Auntie Olga …and give lots of goodies to the needy – while smiling up to those who should be cringing in fear…..
    The damn ship gotta sink…..


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Millertheann… at 8 :25 AM

    And Pilate asked : “What is truth?” A rhetorical response . He already knew the answer. He had heard it several times over the past 24 hours. Even from his wife. But he preferred to make what he believed to be a politically acceptable short term decision. In the long run Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews scattered around the Roman Empire.

    Let us pray for the peace of Barbados.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Vincent Codrington October 27, 2018 12:59 PM

    Glad you can ‘acknowledge’ the wider political dimensions of that well-written play.

    So who is ‘reincarnating’ the character Bar Abba (son of the Father)?

    Who will be the sacrificial lamb of God? The poor who cannot pay their water bills after the recently imposed levies are deducted?


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Millertheann at 1 :31 PM

    Go to the head of the class. You are giving all the right answers today. But you may recall that even though Bar Abba was the son of a father, he was also a terrorist. Do you recall what happened to him in that well written play?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    Your 12.33 post is the bomb.

    Every word a representation of the state of things.

    But you had me heah deading when you said

    “…She also inherited a Ship of State with a big-ass hole below deck – caused by a Stinkliar and a Froon doing wheelies in Iceberg waters…. THAT GOTTA FIX….or else…”

    Superlative imagery!!

    You and the Sage bad dennnnn when I grow up I jes want to be like de two of wunna

    Wheelies in iceberg waters…whuloss

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  • 30 zip gives one some options, especially when a majority of the 30 came in on your coattails. The first option is not to make many of them Ministers as any experienced person can attest the new hires, the green horns are prone to make mistakes; or are so overwhelmed with the task that they develop stage fright and freeze like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Mia is living the lie that “many hands make light work”.

    Second option, do not continue to make UWI a free for all and I wondered how it survived IMF. It looks like some workers were sacrificed for “free” UWI and I am wondering how many have said I am out of a job but at least my son/daughter will be able to attend UWI free of cost.

    However, the good news; 48 lawyers have been called to the bar look at the possible replacements for any of the 29 that can’t carry the ball.


  • Today’s edition of Bdos Today Online Newspaper has 2 interesting articles:

    1) One by Peter Wickham actually confessing that the shine has been knocked off the Barbados Labour Party and the honeymoon period is over.

    He also stated that the Mottley’s administration is facing its most negative blowback since taking power – as a result of the layoffs and the promise she made to give the departing workers their benefits which did not happen for many workers.

    2) Then we had Prof. Emeritus Dr Michael Howard saying that Mottley’s decision to send home workers from the lower end of the scale while simultaneously giving public servants (and the politicians too) a 5 % increase on wages actually increased the wage bill and nullified the cost saving effect of sending home those workers.

    He estimated that the wages for those lower level staff amounted to $ 30 million – while the 5 % increase amounted to $60 million dollars.

    He too (like Gov.Worrell) felt that the job cuts were too shallow to achieve the objectives she wants to realise. – and that by trying to fulfill Campaign Promises – she was doing so at the expense of the country’s economic recovery..

    3) Then we had the BDOS Water Authority announcing that Bajans (are showing their displeasure and) are refusing to pay the new Garbage and Sewage Tax – so much so that their revenues dropped by 40 % – from $ 10 million to $ 6 million dollars.

    Interestingly, leader of the UPP lynette Eastmond is threatening to sue the government for adding this tax on to the water bill – which could leave customers who are unable to pay – with the threat of a lock off of their water supply.




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