IMF Approves Extended Fund Facility for Barbados

IMF Press Release No:18/370

IMF Executive Board Approves US$290 million Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility for Barbados

October 1, 2018

  • The IMF supported program aims to help Barbados: restore debt sustainability, strengthen the external position, and improve growth prospects.
  • Approval of the program allows for the immediate disbursement of about US$49 million immediately.
  • A comprehensive debt restructuring will complement the fiscal consolidation. The authorities have identified parameters that would provide debt relief without jeopardizing financial stability.

On October 1, 2018, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a four-year Extended Arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Barbados for an amount equivalent to SDR 208 million (about US$290 million, or 220 percent of Barbados’s quota in the IMF). The Board’s decision enables the authorities to purchase the equivalent of SDR 35 million (or about US$49 million) immediately. The remainder will be available upon successful completion of seven semiannual reviews.

The EFF-supported program aims to help Barbados: restore debt sustainability, strengthen the external position, and improve growth prospects. Upfront fiscal consolidation, meaningful debt restructuring, and structural measures to support growth should put debt on a clear downward trajectory. The program will seek to protect vulnerable groups through strengthened social safety nets.

Following the Executive Board discussion, Mr. Mitsuhiro Furusawa, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair, said:

“The Barbadian authorities have developed a homegrown economic program to address longstanding challenges, which will be supported under the IMF’s Extended Fund Facility. Over the last decade, Barbados’s economy has experienced low growth, while fiscal and external imbalances have gradually widened to reach an unsustainable situation, with very high debt and very low reserves. The authorities’ reform program seeks to address these challenges with a combination of front-loaded fiscal consolidation, measures to boost growth, and debt restructuring, while protecting social spending.

“Fiscal consolidation is key to the adjustment effort. The authorities aim to increase the primary surplus to 6 percent of GDP in FY2019/20 and maintain it at that level for several years thereafter. Reducing transfers to state-owned enterprises will be key in reaching the primary surplus targets. The program aims to reduce these transfers with a combination of much stronger oversight of state-owned enterprises, improved reporting, cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and mergers and divestment. A planned comprehensive review of tax policies is expected to lead to improvements in the tax system. The adoption of a fiscal rule and reforms in public financial management will help sustain the fiscal reform effort.

“A comprehensive debt restructuring will complement the fiscal consolidation. The authorities have identified parameters that would provide debt relief without jeopardizing financial stability, and an exchange offer for domestic debt (Barbados dollar-denominated) to private creditors was launched on September 7, 2018. The proposed debt restructuring includes features, including a natural disaster clause, that are expected to help the authorities stay current on their future debt obligations. It is important to continue good faith negotiations with domestic and external creditors.

“Bold structural reforms are needed to improve Barbados’s growth potential and competitiveness. There is significant room for improvement in key business facilitation processes, including speeding up the process for providing construction permits and faster clearing of goods through customs.

Adequate social spending and an improved safety net are key priorities for the program. Targeted reforms, to be pursued in close collaboration with development partners, aim at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of social spending.”


Recent Developments

A new government that took office in May 2018 has inherited a precarious economic situation. Over the last decade, Barbados’ economy has experienced very low growth, and fiscal and external imbalances have gradually led to an unsustainable situation, with very high debt, and very low reserves. Public debt has increased to 157 percent of GDP, while international reserves dropped to 5-6 weeks of import coverage.

Although the fiscal deficit has decreased over the last few years, it remains large, at about 4 percent of GDP in FY2017/18. In 2017 and early 2018, the economy slowed owing to measure taken by the previous government to tighten the fiscal stance and uncertainty about the road ahead, with the Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) reporting a contraction of 0.6 percent in the first half of 2018 (over the same period last year).

The new government announced a comprehensive debt restructuring, including commercial external debt and treasury bills, on June 1, 2018. Significant progress has been made in discussions with domestic and external creditors, and an exchange offer for domestic debt (Barbados dollar-denominated) was launched on September 7, 2018.

Program Summary

Key element of the authorities’ homegrown economic reform program are:

(i) upfront fiscal adjustment: the authorities aim to increase the primary surplus by 2½ percent of GDP to reach 6 percent of GDP in 2019/20 and maintain it at that level for several years thereafter, while protecting vulnerable groups through strengthened social safety nets. Adjustment measures include reduced transfers to state-owned enterprises, higher taxes on tourism, and increased personal income tax and corporate income tax rate rates. The fiscal adjustment effort will be supported by the adoption of a fiscal rule, and Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms.

(ii) reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). At 7½ percent of GDP, transfers from the central government to state-owned enterprises are very high, and a major contributor to fiscal risks. The program aims to reduce transfers by about 2 percentage points of GDP, by a combination of much stronger oversight of SOEs, supported by improved reporting; cost reduction, including reduction of the wage bill; revenue enhancement, including an increase in user fees; and mergers and divestment.

(iii) structural reforms to support growth. The program seeks to address weaknesses in the business climate, including slow processes for obtaining construction permits, getting electricity, and registering property, and will include financial and labor market liberalization policies.

Table 1. Barbados: Selected Economic, Financial, and Social Indicators
I. Social and Demographic Indicators (most recent year)
Population (2016 est., thousand) 280.4 Adult literacy rate 99.7
Per capita GDP (2016 est., US$ thousand) 17.8 Poverty rate (individual, 2010) 19.3
Life expectancy at birth in years (2013) 75.3 Gini coefficient (2010) 47.0
Rank in UNDP Development Index (2014) 57 Unemployment rate (2016 est.) 9.9
Main products, services and exports: tourism, financial services, rum, sugar, and chemicals.
II. Economic Indicators
Est. Projection
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
(Annual percentage change)
Output, prices, and employment
Real GDP 2.2 2.3 -0.2 -0.5 -0.1
CPI inflation (average) -1.1 1.5 4.4 4.2 0.8
CPI inflation (end of period) -2.5 3.8 6.6 0.0 1.4
External sector
Exports of goods and services 3.2 6.6 0.8 2.9 2.8
Imports of goods and services -3.9 0.2 -0.4 4.3 3.1
Real effective exchange rate (average) 8.0 0.9 2.5
Money and credit
Net domestic assets 3.0 7.1 2.6 1.7 3.1
Of which: Private sector credit 0.5 1.1 3.0 1.0 3.5
Broad money 3.7 3.6 -0.6 3.0 4.7
(In percent of GDP, unless otherwise indicated)
CG Public finances (fiscal year) 1/
Revenue and grants 25.9 28.2 28.4 29.6 31.1
Expenditure 34.9 33.6 32.7 30.9 28.5
Fiscal Balance -9.1 -5.3 -4.3 -1.3 2.6
Interest Expenditure 7.1 7.6 7.6 4.7 3.4
Primary Balance -2.0 2.2 3.3 3.3 6.0
Public Debt (fiscal year) 1/
Central gov’t gross debt (incl. guaranteed and arrears) 146.7 149.1 157.3 123.6 116.7
External 33.9 31.2 28.3 26.9 25.9
Domestic 112.8 117.9 129.0 96.8 90.8
Balance of payments
Current account balance -6.1 -4.3 -3.8 -3.1 -3.4
Capital and financial account balance 4.5 0.8 0.8 5.4 6.8
o/w Public Sector -0.8 -1.8 -1.4 2.0 3.2
o/w IMF disbursement 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.9 1.9
Private Sector 5.4 2.6 2.2 3.4 3.6
o/w FDI 5.5 3.4 3.1 3.4 3.6
Net Errors and Omissions 0.0 1.0 0.3 0.0 0.0
Overall balance -1.6 -2.5 -2.6 2.2 3.4
Memorandum items:
Exchange rate (BDS$/US$) 2.0 2.0 2.0
Gross international reserves (US$ million) 478.4 358.5 227.7 342.0 516.7
In months of imports of G&S 2.8 2.1 1.3 1.9 2.8
In percent of ARA 105.3 72.6 43.8 65.8 95.1
Nominal GDP, CY (BDS$ millions) 9,451 9,681 9,979 10,343 10,414
Nominal GDP, FY (BDS$ millions) 9,509 9,756 10,070 10,361 10,480
Sources: Barbados authorities; UNDP Human Development Report; Barbados Country Assessment of Living Conditions 2010 (December 2012); and Fund staff estimates and projections.
1/ Fiscal year is from April to March.
IMF Communications Department

PRESS OFFICER: Randa Elnagar

Phone: +1 202 623-7100Email:

197 thoughts on “IMF Approves Extended Fund Facility for Barbados

  1. Now that Mia has been handed 290million smackeeroos aptly called because placed inside that money is a heavy price bajans have to pay
    Having said the above i hope Mottley with all due respect to the 30-0 would so desire fo tell the people of barbados. …
    How !when and where that money would be spent and not be stingy with her PR conference when they really count.
    Btw what happen to Mascoll ..seems as if Mottley has retired him from the limelight
    Or could it be the job is above his pay grade

  2. You people real RH desperate eh. The more one tries to encourage truth, accuracy, evidence and robust debate/analysis, the more clown behaviour is provided. Gresham College calls the man and others Professor and wunna gine come and tell the people what to call the man. Dah is why wunna get 30 all out. Stop being malicious and bitter.🤣🤣🤣

    • Avinash Persaud was hired by the late prime minister David Thompson to find investors to breath life into the Paradise Beach project.He failed but it is useful for the yard ducks to remember the history.

  3. Gresham College sounds like a smoke filled room of backslappers where a certain type of elitism can buy certain types of privilege without having to intellectually sweat real hard meaning that there score board might not be squeaky clean

  4. Yes Persaud FAILED .now a part of his history
    Now let see how successful he will be going up stream after his last failure at taxpayers expense

  5. TInniss
    I always thought that Cabinet approved boards. But lemme ask you a few questions, Harford Chambers? Who was David Thompson’s biggest client and then chaired CBC? In both instances, these “business partners” were appointed to positions where the respective PMs had direct responsibility. Who appointed the chairman of UDC and what is/was the “business” relations? Is this connection related to the alleged pre-election big cheque? Which Ministers’ son sat on a board and nephew on a school board? Wuh bout the former Speaker after the court ruling? Optics? You learned that word on the road to Damascus? #noRHshame

  6. @ Enuff

    A drowning man will catch at a straw, so grabble at them real hard.

    What the writer from Caribbean News Now said again in his article today that : MIA IS A HALF CLOWN AND HALF CON ARTIST.

    Its not me who say so.Some in the Caribbean like they already got Mia assessed.

  7. @Enuff-Oct.2, 2018:

    Relax, my friend….. I am 100% behind Mia & her team but we ‘have to get it right’ this time…. we are digging ourselves out a deep hole left by her predecessors so forgive me for asking a basic question about one of her big-up “consultants”. Is this ‘professor thing’ part of an ego? If the kitchen begin to get hot, will he stay and ‘suffer’ with us or quietly slip away with his big salary… a la the Paradise project? How much government ‘paper’ he holding …. ??

  8. KS
    I haven’t a clue if Persaud gine run or if the professor ting is egofowlism. I enjoy listening to Clyde, Marsha and Ryan, and of course ruffling feathers on BU like Tinniss the hypocrite. After talking about optics and getting eviscerated, he’s back to an article about Mia that is sexist, homophobic, full of half truths, faux pas and ignorance. For example, the writer contends that Mia should not be Min if Fin because she’s “barely” a lawyer and not an economist; but fails to acknowledge that the two other ministers in the ministry are economists plus Clyde. The current MoF in Bahamas is a certified public accountant, and of the last two DLP finance ministers none was an economist. Of course the bots, who can only cut & paste and whose wirings are overheating over the article, don’t recognise it is also critical of them.

  9. The comments on this topic are so typical for Barbadians.

    The island is sinking and all the native lads do is throwing sh… at each other.

    No wonder every island except Haiti has overtaken Barbados.

  10. There are plenty quacks who buy their credentials on line set up an office and lined their walls with these so called papers of certifications
    But who is watching the patient needs medical attention and a quick fix for the problem
    So what Persaud comes along( once again) the patient is in poor condition he says he is qualified and has the answer
    So who is watching
    The tax payers gets screwed once again and everybody lives happily ever after
    Until the next trip to the IMF
    Btw what happen to Caswell i thought he was the voice of the oppisition he is as quiet ad a church mouse
    I heard some of his members of Unity will be shown the door in phase 3

  11. Tton wuh lie you now tell Mia said that Haiti economy was way ahead of barbados
    Maybe reason why she is practicing to become a dictator like papa Doc


    ” Government will be making a decision on the fate of employees attached to the Town and Country Planning Department

    as its office has joined the growing list of public buildings plagued by environmental problems.”

  13. I must confess that the Mia Mottley government is the most CARING & HONEST government Barbadians have encountered.

    On April 1, 2018 the Barbadian public officers received a 5% salary increase after near 10 years of none.

    For the LOWEST paid public officer – that 5% salary increase equates to about $ 90.00 more than their old salary .

    Here is a fine example of the Mottley administration CARING & HONESTY.

    For that said public officer- with a vehicle 🚗 – from July 1 , 2018 ……his fuel ⛽️ bill has risen to $ 20.00 MORE per week when he / she fills up their vehicle at the gas station !

    So their fuel ⛽️ bill gone up by $ 80.00 in a month.

    For that said public officer – with running water in their home – from August 1 , 2018 their BWA bill gone up by $ 45.00 per month !

    So you gave the public officer a $ 90.00 salary increase !

    And because you CARED & was HONEST with them …….. you took back a $ 125.00 MORE from them !

    Oooops …..did someone just said that come October 1, 2018 the said public officer have to pay 1% more for HEALTH LEVY ???

    Oh my …….and to think that this is only phase one !

    Introduced by this 30 member Cabinet ……that CARES !!!

  14. @ Fractured BLP

    That is the sort of message that people who come to the Blog, while they do not want to experience, realise that, whether you are a BLP or a DLP, the administration of Chairman Mao is delivering

    And that, IRRESPECTIVE OF ALL THE IMP HULLABALLOO, and the messages of Enuff of Lorenzo duo and Lorenzo you had Enuff?, this is the Mottleyian reality

    De grandson is travelling so he might not be able to get a Stoopid Cartoon done for that 11.42 pm post but…this has to be part of your message and counter attack

    The facts!!!

  15. Fractured what increase the civil servants got under your try a thing Government?Go look at your Pegasus tapes J/A.As for the know all on this blog onr Piece who nobody ain,t vote for,and who never run anything in his life but his mouth,what says you now?the know all ,who feels he can criticize people but throws his toys out his pram when criticized,like a child was onhere parading about no agreement being signed with the IMF,now got to eat his words,and get down off he high horse,poor should talk less and observe more.Anytime,you getting agreement from T Inniss,Mariposa,and Fractured you know you on the wrong road..Therefore do like another know all Pachanama and take a rest.In my opinion the majority of bajans with Ms Mottley and the BLP still,and are prepared to wait and see what the future holds going forward knowing the road will be rough based on the mismanagement of the country by the dems for 10 years.

  16. @ Lorenzo you had Enuff?


    “…throws his toys out of his pram…”heheheheheheheh

    You really got to do better than that though at trying to rile de ole man with these puerile comments…heheheheheh

    Let me pause and explain.

    When I call you part of the team with their face smeared in shy&#, or that your breath is like faeces, or i say ” I think that Chairman Mia Mao or Mugabe ate kidney beans this morning for breakfast…because Enuff of Lorenzo and Lorenzo had Enuff?” is expectorating bean breath” those are comments whose imagery gets both of you vex and get wunna to really hate me more…

    But when you speak of “toys in the pram” it only give me inspiration to supply you with the “toys in the pram”, those that the ole man HAS NOT THROWN OUT but which your supreme clownship has done an “Alternative Santa Claus” and teifed from under the christmas Tree.

    Let me detail that for you Lorenzo you had Enuff?

    Here are the things that Mia Mugabe has teifed from the pram oooops de ole man nearly say de word plenipotentary heheheheheheh

    But that is above your pay grade isnt it???

    You should ask the Honourable Blogmaster bout that one heheheheheh

    So you have the teat of the IMF to nurse for the repayment of Barbados’ sovereign debt and annual interest payments AND SUDDENLY THESE HAVE BECOME THE ECONOMIC SALVATION OF BARBADOS.

    here is an internet cut and paste for your pooch sucking self to digest.

    “…Why do governments enter into programs sponsored by the International
    Monetary Fund (IMF)?

    IMF programs are supposed to be imposed by the Fund as a condition for providing a government with access to foreign exchange.

    According to the IMF Articles of Agreement, a country may enter into such a program when it “represents that it has a need to make the purchase because of its balance of payments or its reserve position or developments in its reserves”

    IN CASE YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND THAT CLAUSE it is because Barbados is broke and it is not really an accomplishment, it is quite that contrary, it is a warning bell to all of our creditors.

    Shit on breath is one thing but “SHIT ON BRAIN” is a malady that even the accomplished Dr. GP will tell you that this ailment is dangerous but “SHIT FOR BRAIN” has no cure and does not even allow for a brain transfer.

    Not your fault, you just were born that way.

    Now here is the next set of “pram toys” that have been teifed will start to surface.

    Diversification for Barbados CAN ONLY TAKE ONE FORMAT! the country must focus on its people and ICTs. (Now do not forget that Barbados does not have an Intellectual Property regime though it does have a Mugabe Regime)

    So what will that mean Lorenzo you had Enuff??

    Saying that you going ammm get IMF Funding for ICT is not Enuff (pun intended) but you have therefore to either (a) train a cadre of youth or (b) piggy back on an established line of training (no rocket science there)

    But that is not enuff is it?

    The next thing is to produce something that is marketable IN A REASONABLE TIME, something that is either patent-able or copyrightable and then market it?

    Are you with me?

    Now here is where you separate the “BRAINS” (me) FROM THE “SHIT FOR BRAINS” (you, Enuff and Mugabe?)

    You cannot “see” a sustainable ICT matrix that can (a) be easily trained for (b) pass the patent/copyright hurdle and (c) be commercially sustainable UNLESS YOU HAVE THE TOYS IN THE PRAM!!

    Are you with me? dufus? you get where de ole man is going with this?

    Now let us do a 360 degree here for your slow self.

    You have precedence of 180/180 or is that 190/170 heheheheheh

    Then you have “Issues plenipotentiary” heheheheheheh

    Den you have a bevy of toys in the pram that a so effing unique that well even the greatest country in the world says so heheheheh and for which there is a data trail heheheheheh

    Is you with me? You need to ask the Honourable Blogmaster whu de ole man talking bout cause you realise dat de ole man rambling BUT NOT ONE FELLER ENT CHALLENGING DE OLE MAN? heheheheheheheh

    Dat ent got you at least wondering?

    But doan worry ONE DE PRAM TOYS SOON GOING SHOW UP IN MUGABE POSSESSION heheheheheh if not more heheheheheheh

  17. @ Fractured
    So you gave the public officer a $ 90.00 salary increase !

    And because you CARED & was HONEST with them …….. you took back a $ 125.00 MORE from them !

    You have hit the nail that is why we must make everyone aware.

  18. Stop quibbling do!!

    If the BLP had started with a plan to tax us an additional $35 per month everyone would have cussed and got on dixie…
    Instead, They gave a $90 increase in pay to make everyone happy, ….and then waited three months to charge everyone $125.

    Matter fixed.

    All like now so… Stinkliar would have been calculating the appropriate rate (trying to avoid decimals) … then withdrawing the decision (like the shiite tax) …or adjusting some shiite again… and giving the proceeds to some albino-centric controller…

    Look …. our ass is grass ANYWAY…. We just don’t have what it will take to succeed.
    Can’t we just go long to market in peace ….?

  19. Fractured BLP

    Where you get them bogus numbers from? Anyhow, how much said civil servant would save or lose when road tax is deducted and UWI fees are factored in, if they or their children (or all) are or intend to study? Come, come there are many scenarios boss.

  20. Piece uh de rock

    You discovered GIS and Google Earth last week, more than 10 years later than others. I can build and analyse maps using both!! Why don’t you rest muh? Stupse!

  21. T.Inniss October 2, 2018 8:09 PM

    @ Enuff

    A drowning man will catch at a straw, so grabble at them real hard.

    What the writer from Caribbean News Now said again in his article today that : MIA IS A HALF CLOWN AND HALF CON ARTIST.

    Its not me who say so.Some in the Caribbean like they already got Mia assessed.





    In the days when education officers went out to test if teachers were teaching well by quizzing the students on the curriculum, one education officer came up on a very well taught class where all the boys were answering his questions as if they were drinking a Martinuex drink or a red Ju-C!

    the officer got vex and ask for the dumbest boy in de class to stand, and when the lad had assumed the perpinducular he posed this question………


    The lad answered immediately 42 SIR!……………..And the officer was indeed 42.


    The lad answered immediately AGAIN


    ah gone here suh

  22. Piece poor you what conspiracy theory you got for Ms motley getting the agreement ,did she kidnap a IMF official J/A?You speaking about above someone ,s paygrade,who you think you are old man?Your claim to fame on this blog is drawing a few stupid cartoons,and that may impress others but not me,come with something sensible to add to the debate rather than all these shite theories,that make you look dumber than Gear Box..Let me reiterate you do not own this blog and cannot stop me from pointing out your rubbish,i gone.

  23. “Gresham College calls the man and others Professor and wunna gine come and tell the people what to call the man.”


    His Prof title is honorary and this there is nothing wrong with pointing this out. He should not be addressed as Professor.

    It reminds me of college students in the US who tend to call all their lecturers as ”professor” when in truth only some are.

    If UWI awards an honorary professorship to COW for his service to the institution ($$) should we suddenly start calling him Prof COW?

  24. “IN CASE YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND THAT CLAUSE it is because Barbados is broke and it is not really an accomplishment, it is quite that contrary, it is a warning bell to all of our creditors.”

    I don’t even know why any yardfowl would feel proud of living a life of debt cause that is all governments are capable of doing, leaving massive debts and giving the people long talk, embroidered with LIES…..OR that borrowing money that those in the next generation NOT EVEN BORN YET yet will have to pay back…. is some kind of accomplishment..

    ah hope they don’t think the IMF LOAN money is being shared out to yardfowls or is some kinda highway robbery for their political masters to parade around the island like idiots proud of themselves that they are once again getting away with some crime…..they would be dead wrong.

    if ya borrow 290 million to shore up ya foreign reserves, ya are still one billion dollars in the hole and another 15 billion dollars unaccounted for….what is there to be proud of ?

    …because 6 billion of that 15 billion belongs to the current sitting government…..the same cockup they left the population saddled with in 2008, was waiting for them to 2018….when the last incompetent government added on another 9 billion their own that 10 year period…2008-2018..

  25. And then there is this…lol, lol, hahahahaha

    “Shit on breath is one thing but “SHIT ON BRAIN” is a malady that even the accomplished Dr. GP will tell you that this ailment is dangerous but “SHIT FOR BRAIN” has no cure and does not even allow for a brain transfer.”

  26. And with that melee de ole mann was able to determine that

    (a) Enuff of Lorenzo duo was not how one thought she was. And is not withing the inner circle of Mia Amor Mugabe


    (b) was Lorenzo you had Enuff

    Because both took the bait and both DID NOT RESPOND as if they were being warned by the Honourable Blogmaster.

    Neither of the two of you understands what was said and neither of you have been told, have you?


    De ole man truly thought that wunna was from the inner sanctum and would periodically be “spoken to” but wunna is jes really a grade above AC and accolytes to the Mugabe train.

    I was for a while saying that whereas de ole man understood the silence of the Honourable Blagmaster, notwithstanding his hierarchical ranking in the Red Council, I said his silence is understood.

    But you two dufuses who are the BLP assinine cretin first wave just live here on BU. Enuff is gone on Tuesdays which is understood given their job at *** but now i am starting to see the compartmentalization strategy since Mugabe, while wrong, does not want plebians like you to know.

    That is fair enough all things considered.

    And just like that “he ceased” that is a line from an Isaac Asimov story from times aforetimes, i cease with the two of you wannabees who genuinely DO NOT KNOW Mia Mugabe now Chairman Mia Mao

  27. Piece
    You either after likes or trying to prove you’re bright. Every time you attempt to belittle me, I does catspraddle you yet you keep returning. Masochistic much? Now you’re trying to give the impression that I claimed to be a part of the Maoist’ sanctum. I wonder where I am on Tuesdays? Further proof that you have nothing of substance to talk about. Go make a poster or research Robotic Process Automation and Structured Content Management, then come back to BU and behave like Christopher Columbus.

  28. Piece

    Have you notice that Prodi -gal is not here now as well.

    I wish all of them well in their new endeavours.

  29. I was in my car when I heard a little of what Mascoll was saying.

    It made me wonder if they really think bajans are buying the crap they are selling to the people.Steupes.

  30. @Enuff:

    Gresham College DOES NOT call Avinash Professor. That is what he HIMSELF lists himself as. If you check the website, you will see other listing just their names on their presentations. NO PROFESSOR! If he is a professor, so am I, after all I do have an MBA.

  31. Bajans
    Clearly anyone can get an MBA based on the jobby you’re spewing. This is Gresham College’s youtube page:
    From their website: “All of Professor Persaud’s previous lectures may be accessed here.”
    The most important factor in arguing is credibility, lying or being uninformed does not help. All yuh need the learn the word context.

  32. It is worth discussing his true credentials and bona fides again.


    Avinash Persaud has no track record of success that we know of.Yet he is being placed in important,strategic positions by Mottley.


    Tell me – does anyone know what is the position of the overseas company White Oaks now that the ink has dried on the IMF deal?

    How much did we pay White Oaks /

    What services did they provide?

    Are they still getting paid?

    Didn’t kevin Greenidge say the IMF accepted Mottley’s own Home Grown programme BERT – so was there any need for the services of Whiteoaks to negotiate with the IMF on our behalf?

    Did Avinash Persaud have anything to do with White Oaks?

    How much is he being paid?

  33. T Inniss why you do not enquire why according to sources a certain lawyer was alledgedly paid 1 million dollars on the 23rd May,a day before elections ?Why are you only interested in one party and not the one you support.Where is the unaccounted millions which cannot alledgedly be found or accounted for,prior May 24th?Once you are investigating do it across the board.Earlier you spoke of optics and Enuff provided you with some you forgot and what did you do move on to some story about Ms Mottley ,as that is your style when caught being a Dem propogandist,you side step ,and cpo out with a diversion but I suppose the Dems send ,Mariposa and yourself to remain relevant with your daily diatribe,they really need to find better defenders as both of you in my opinion are piss poor.


  34. @ Lorenzo

    Both you and Enuff should be described as piss poor and stupidly blinded.

    DLP is no longer in Parliament hence the current spotlight.

    Two wrongs does not make it right.

  35. Especially dedicated to Enuff and Lorenzo

    It is most pellucidly clear Bajans are no longer prepared to invest in the JOBBY politics of the BLP – post May 24, 2018 !

    Here are some good reasons why :

    Before May 24, 2018 – according to Mia Mottley – she is shamed to be a Barbadian as the economy has been wreaked by the Dems !

    What did Mia really mean ???

    Come May 28, 2018 – she installed a 30 member Cabinet , plus 30 Permanent Secretaries , deputies and other support staff !

    Hyatt & Sandals are very bad investments !

    What did Mia really mean ??

    That when she retrenches 5,000 public officers – they will find jobs at Hyatt and Sandals !

    Mia Mottley truly CARES for all Barbadians !

    What did Mia Mottley really mean ??

    If you manage to live for the next 15 years – you maybe able to cash on your benefits on government bonds & treasury bills !

    A caring BLP government, yes !

  36. Begging fuh a ease from de pain an sufferin

    ” Senior insurance executive Edward Clarke is urging Government to reconsider the “punitive” debt restructuring terms it has offered pensioners and other individual bondholders.”

  37. @ Brother Hants

    Any idiot, of whom they are many in Barbados would ask this question

    THe Government of Barbados has managed to hoodwink the International Monetary Fund that its Sesame Street BERT will bring the economy back on stream in 3 years.

    IT that is the case why then are you licking up people’s investments and saying “NOT CENT ONE” for wunna pensioners CAUSE WE SAY SO instead of “hold strain for 3 years and we will repay your yield?”

    Dem really tink dat people stupid doah!!!

    • One has to question if it is prudent for a patriotic Barbadians to attempt to dissuade others in the diaspora not to invest in Barbados.

  38. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item depicting what the government thinks of Diaspora Dwellers as IGNORANT, UGLY & STUPID and clowns to be taken advantage of.

    Cause Mia Mugabe can change the constitution and the Laws any time she wants

  39. @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Bajans are peaceful and polite so the pensioners will complain and probably die from stress.

    We know that waiting for people to die of old age is a business plan for the acquisition of assets ( land ) and now there is a money saving opportunity.

    Dead people don’t collect pension.

    Buh doan mine me. I hear listening to G G and the Ladies of soul so I jus writin shiite.

  40. @ Brother Hants.

    There are 3 happenstances, prior to Jan 31st 2019 that are going to disavow people of this “Bajans are a peaceful and polite people” cause in the twinkling of an eye, things will change.

  41. Truth you claim you are a BLP supporter and writing such rubbish,the DLP will continue to be in the spotlight as it is their piss poor policies which have us inthis deep hole.Therefore unfortunately for Dems like Mariposa ,T Inniss,Piece ,and yourself we will remind you of your past regularly on this blog .You are a Dem based on your contributions on here ,so you could try fooling others not me,and you all will not get a free pass,on the problems ,the government are currently facing because of as Mr Artur called them,the wild boys poor performance so if that offends you tough.The government did what the Dems should have done since 2013 by going to the IMF,but they were concerned with their survival ,talking about the Economy was turning the corner ,which corner Truth?.The ex PM stated he wanted to create history well he certainly did,not one damn seat.Therefore the economy did not get this way overnight and I believe it will take years to recover ,so for all the doom and gloomers on here,,give the policies time to see if they work or not,before rushing to judgement,that is being reasonable.

  42. “One has to question if it is prudent for a patriotic Barbadians to attempt to dissuade others in the diaspora not to invest in Barbados”

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    What is patriotic about throwing good money after bad?

  43. Lorenzo,

    “I believe it will take years to recover” …

    A very capable national and international senior manager from this island, known to everybody and OSA´s paladine told me in 2013(!) days before the elections it “will take ten to twenty years to undo the damage done by Thompson and Sinckler”.

    We might disagree about items like the size of the cabinet or the civil service or the missing strategy for growth and forex in BERT. However, even if PM MAM would follow here a more aggressive course, she still faces one of the highest debt loads, a completely demotivated public service, a judiciary, a COP and a DPP refusing to do their job and a decayed infrastructure.

    Barbadians must learn to understand that the island is not going through some little recession but that the Barbados Dollar has already devalued internally, that the cash cow called offshore financial industry is dead, that the export industry is dead as well, that the foreign banks are looking for buyers and that the acquisition of international loans with low interest to swap existing obligations plus dealing with the furious international creditors is a very complicated task.

    In other words, Barbados is in a worse position than any Caribbean island hit by one or two CAT 5 hurricanes.

    We have to wait at least five years for an adequate judgement of present gov policies. Every positive or negative comment about present economic and fiscal policies is provisional (including mine) and sometimes just political noise.

  44. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You said and I quote

    “…One has to question if it is prudent for a patriotic Barbadians to attempt to dissuade others in the diaspora not to invest in Barbados…”

    You just assuredly!

    Look at these optics!

    You open the House of Assembly with 5 drug lords!

    You change the constitution to import 3 bajans and make them senators.

    You immediately give yourself a salary increase.

    You then put 26 ministers and over 100 cunsultants to run de cuntry

    In spite if all these increases you then go to the IMF for Emergency funds.

    You give pensioners an increase which you lik up with all the increased taxes.

    You then put US$75 on the tickets of tourists coming to Barbados

    And you asking me, me ? of all bajans, me? if it is patriotic to highlight why bajans need to stop and such investment in Barbados ?

    “…Why beauty hath fled to Brutish Beasts, and men have lost their reason…”

  45. One has to question if it is prudent for a patriotic Barbadians to attempt to dissuade others in the diaspora not to invest in Barbados.(Quote)

    To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, patriotism is the virtue of the vicious. I would advise any overseas Barbadian not to invest in local investment products unless they are properly structured. Loyalty is not a good enough reason for investing. It is the easiest way to lose your money.
    Loyalty cannot replace competence.

  46. Piece….funny, not ha, ha funny that you should post the below image though..and before the smart asses start, orthodontists do some wonderful work these days, in case yall don’t know..

    I just had some work done in my mouth and I can truthfully say…it cost a freaking fortune, much more by double than replacing the roof of a house…

    ….that type of abuse of people could cause someone robbed by government ministers in Barbados to black out on one of them.

    My dentist just made a joke and said, “so the front tooth is a little shaky, would you like me to remove it”

    .. well he is still kicking himself that he said something like that to me, so just imagine a government minister TIEFING my investment money..and I am looking like the dude in the image… before I knew my teeth were going to start to shaking and foolishly invested my money with thieves who are owned by other thieves.

  47. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Let us have a man to man talk.

    Patriotism for the most part, particularly in these West Indian states, has devolved into what we see west indies cricket as, me-ism.

    You have no Barrows nor Williamses nor Burnhams nor Manleys no more leading any nationalist agendas but a bunch of get rich kids who, like the MP for St Peter said in his inauguration speech “are no longer civil servants”

    But it is a thing most strange when clowns and suck pooch specialists are revered in the operations of your country and the real performers are enemies of the state.

    Yet EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE AWARE OF THESE TRUTHS you level the claim of the coolaid drinkers and abdicate the same principles that are plastered over this site.


    Doesn’t a bile come to your mouth much like an indignation that says “wunna wrong to do so and so?”

    Tell me Honourable Blogmaster if any emotion causes you to say “hold on a second, this thing is intrinsically wrong ” and I David King cannot be a part of it.”

    Today they are coming for the Jews and you are quiet, remember soon they will come for you.

    Mark my words…

  48. @ Lorenzo

    You and the likes of you is why I have a distaste for many Bajans, because I identify myself as a BLP supporter doesn’t mean I have become brain dead.

    I cuss both B and DLP Political parties leadership when they are doing shite.

    I am an independent thinker first and BLP party supporter second.

    I don’t speak for myself as I make a lot of money in my Profession and not in Barbados Mickey mouse dollars either.

    I care more about the local Barbados Masses who are sufferings and a continuance of more of the same shite that has the island in it’s current despicable position.

  49. Truth I mash your corns too bad as I do not give two hoots who you dislike as in my view you are a fraud ,pretending to support the Bees yet defending the two known Dems on here and attacking ,Enuff and myself which is your right.However you cannot dispute nothing I stated about the past DLP Government,headed by in my opinion the worst PM and Finance Minister in Barbados political history,who have almost destroyed Barbados,but you want to zero in on this 4 month old government and give the Dems who put us in this position a free pass,it ain,t going to happen,so you could lump it or like it.Personally I and most Bajans know we have a long difficult road ahead where difficult decisions which should have been made by the Dems ,now have to be made,and it will take years to recover .This situation did not happen overnight and it will not be solved overnight,but most Bajans in my view are willing to give this government,s policies time to see if they work or fail.

  50. Past gov got beat 30-0 .the presnt govt (blp) said they can fix everdam thing
    Mia hut the ground running
    First she gave her family and friends huge tax waivers. ..Fix..
    The she proceeded to unilaterally defaulted on govt debt…Fix
    Then all the promises she made she fid not make….Fix..
    She removed the NSRL..Fix
    Increased taxation….Fix

  51. @ Lorenzo

    You want everyone to be pooch lickers like you.

    You could not have read all my comments on BU as you would have seen I am not tolerant of the corruption and mismanagement in either party.

    I cannot support George Payne, and Dale Marshall same as I cannot support Michael Carrington, Dennis Lowe, Michael Lashley, Chris Sinckler etc.

    The immediate 5 percent pay raise for the Politicians within first 3 months and the screwing of the elderly and others who bought Barbados Government Bonds in good faith.

    The large Cabinet of 26 Ministers is a joke which is more than some countries with a population in excess of 10 million versus 280 thousand locally.

    The island of Barbados didn’t get $15 Billion in Debt by itself it was done by Politicians in both DLP and BLP some who were there in Owen Arthur’s Government and now in this current.

    You are so idiotic that I must be a DEM because I don’t toe the line that is how the Masses have been tricked whilst the Politicians and their cohorts continue to play the divide and rule whilst lining their pockets going on for over 30 years.

    I have never voted DLP #JAs.

  52. @ Truth Will Set You Free

    And this is what they fear more than anything….

    The emergence of men and women who, irrespective of whether those in power are B or D, these men and women will challenge and speak out

    And will not fear them, nor back down irrespective of which lawyer or doctor or retired judge they send.

    This is the Moral Wave that MIA MAO MUGABE MOTTLEY is starting to realise is a growing movement

    They are seeing it here on Barbados Underground

    They are seeing it in the local Blogosphere

    They are seeing it in the Diaspora

    They are hearing the real moves and shakes responding openly.


    The people of Barbados AFTER MAY 25TH note that I did not say 24th are a different people.

    And this has all of them afraid.

    Every day you come here and notice that the voices have changed.

    Yes you still have the old pensioners, like me, who ent got no life, and want to be the Leader of the Opposition cause a fellow whose name I shall no longer speak called me so.

    And others of the usual suspects.

    But behold a miracle!

    Now we have local bajans and diaspora dwellers “talking” and Talking de real deal.

    A man pun my job ent calling me that derogatory n word BUT MY PROMOTION PROSPECTS AND INCOME EARNING OPPORTUNITIES are limited cause he hate my guts in the castle of my skin.

    Yet you coming to me in Canada, Amurica and Englant and trying to trick me and tell me trade in my 401K account for Mickey Mouse dollars cause that is what people who are patriots do.

    You Mia fail to realize what drives a stranger in a strange land.

    You had it good all this time pun dat rock in Barbados where wunna does run game pun black people in wunna kangaroo courts.

    What some of us experience in a year you have never seen in your life of sheltered privilege in 10.

    Now you got game and fancy political slogans for west Indians who in the middle of Equal Opportunity and Minority Quotas and non visible segregation education institutions!

    Girl you jes come town wide your games.

    Yes Watch This Wave grow Mottley.

  53. Past gov got beat 30-0 .the present govt (blp) said they can fix every dam thing
    Mia hit the ground running
    First she gave her family and friends huge tax waivers. ..Fix..
    The she proceeded to unilaterally defaulted on govt debt…Fix
    Then all the promises she made she did not make….Fix..
    She removed the NSRL..Fix
    Increased taxation….Fix

  54. Truth I seem to have you rattled,you can call me pooch licker or anything you like ,I will call you as I see you and the dems like you will not get any free pass or sympathy from me.You still with all your fancy language not disputed anything I have said,in my contribution ,therefore go join your ex ministers on the political dumpheap hopefully for another 20 years.As for
    piece I do not know about Ms Mottley anthe BLP,but there is nothing you can say that would frighten me ,it would take 100 shite conspiracy theorists like you to do so.As I stated to you you do not own this blog and certainly do not impress me with your daily drivel or cartoons so reel and come again,as nobody have not elected you to run the affairs of the country.Hopefully you got another 20 years to to come up with conspiracy theories.

  55. @ Piece
    You had it good all this time pun dat rock in Barbados where wunna does run game pun black people in wunna kangaroo courts.

    Very very observant.

  56. @ Lorenzo

    This will be my last and final response to you on BU.

    In the USA for example Elected individuals such as Republican or Democrat Senator may disagree with a policy or certain positions by their Party and may choose to vote against a Bill sponsored and supported by the majority of their Party.

    It doesn’t make the individual a sell out or become a member of the opposite party.

    It is what is called Democracy not what goes on in Banana Republic third world Barbados to control the Masses.

    Barbados’ educational system has failed if people can see corruption and mismanagement and still drink the poisoned Koolaid year after year with musical chairs of DLP and BLP.

  57. @ Truth will Set You Free

    I see that you arrived at the very same position that I have as it relates to the very same 2 actors.

    They cease to exist for the very same reasons.

    That is the nature of the myopic reasoning of these two administrations.

    They are followed by pooch lickers who love to be all up in the Mugabe and Fumble faeces so hard that you wonder how they drive their cars to work on a day.

    You highlight the fact that the constitution was changed for 3 people AND IT BECOMES A CONSPIRACY THEORY!

    You point out that the salaries of 26 ministers were simultaneously increased at a time that we are begging the IMF for operating cash AND IT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY!

    You highlight the fact that all the taxes levies on poor people make pension increases NULL &VOID and it becomes A CONSPIRACY THEORY!

    You highlight the fact that the 1933 Enabling Act of Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley heralds in Brown Shirt Powers and nullifies the rights of citizens AND YES, IT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY!

    You highlight the fact that government is forcing the Bitcoin MMoney platform of the very same senator it changed the constitution for into the throat of bajans, and IT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY!!

    You mention the fact that this government have rewritten the laws and forced people to take a compulsory reduction on government bonds, AND IT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY!

    Mind you this is the same government that said the Sandiford 8% decrease was unlawful and changed the laws so that could never happen again AND THAT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY!!


    De grandson going create a series call the CONSPIRACY THEORY cartoon line that is going to highlight every single one of those CONSPIRACY theories for the general public and let’s see how they do.

    Each one of the Stoopid Cartoons is going to be sponsored by the IMF.

    Let us see how this is going to pan out for us all.

  58. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an general item written to Truth Will Set You Free which speaks to the matter of dissent and how such is construed by the Mottleyian Accolytes euphemism for pooc% suckers who know who they are

  59. @ Truth Will Set You Free

    In the submission that will find its way here soon what de ole man’s granson has done is devoted a Stoopid Cartoon to each one of the Conspiracy Theories that the Government of Chairman Mia Mao Mugabe Mottley is purported to have effected during the last 120 days of her rule and the Book of Mao Conspiracy Theories will soon be featured at a Theatre Near You

    Here is the Cover of the magazine

  60. Can’t stop a COW from grazing and getting fat.

    “C.O. Williams Construction Ltd and Indra Inc are contracted to fix the roads and Betson Consulted was selected as the supervisory consulting firm for the project.”

  61. So you would recall that the first conspiracy surrounds this matter namely

    One has highlighted the fact that the Barbados Constitution was changed for 3 people of whom one is Rawdone AND THAT HAS NOW BECOME “A CONSPIRACY THEORY”!

    And here is that Stoopid Cartoon sponsored by the other IMFF – Indiscriminate MoneySpending for Fun agency

    No it is not the IMF (international Monetary Fund) the one that has made the loan, the one which many of you believe is wunna personal piggy bank, and is being fun by Christine Lagarde’s who wunna figure to be lead IMF fool

  62. So you would recall that the first conspiracy surrounds this matter namely

    One has highlighted the fact that the Barbados Constitution was changed for 3 people of whom one is Rawdone AND THAT HAS NOW BECOME “A CONSPIRACY THEORY”!

    And here is that Stoopid Cartoon sponsored by the other IMFF – Indiscriminate MoneySpending for Fun agency

    No it is not the IMF (international Monetary Fund) the one that has made the loan, the one which many of you believe is wunna personal piggy bank, and is being fun by Christine Lagarde’s who wunna figure to be lead IMF fool

  63. @ Truth Will Set You Free

    So as we progress down that list of conspiracies the 2nd conspiracy surrounds this matter:

    namely, IN A TIME OF SO CALLED AUSTERITY and ALL BAJANS NEEDING TO BE ON BOARD, any citizen who points out that

    (a).there are now some 26 ministers AND
    (b).the salaries of 26 ministers were simultaneously increased at a time that we are begging the IMF for operating cash


    de grandson has sent this Stoopid Cartoon to depict this CONSPIRACY THEORY

  64. But Truth Will Set you Free,

    Bajans are to “STFU” and let the new regime “enjoy its honeymoon period cause you nor me ent ever run for government and “nobody ent elect we to ripoff the people of Barbados”

    No Siree so let we see de 3rd Conspiracy.

    Dis is de one where she trick de ole pensioners poor ingrunt souls dem is cause “Mia Cares”

  65. We are not going to do it in any rushed and rash way. The country is going through a tough adjustment in order to protect our peg. We are not going to endanger the peg,” the Government’s Special Economic Advisor, Professor Avinash Persaud said(Quote)

    Can someone please explain who governs Barbados? This is yet another example of a statement or public announcement tat should rightly be made by an elected politician that is being made by a political hanger-on. Prof Persaud is a consultant to the minister of economics affairs, he is not the minister. So, why is he making this statement to the Barbadian public?
    Same thing with the announcement of BERT, which was made by a collective of appointees. Can someone please remind the prime minister she is not the dictator of Barbados, but prime minister.

  66. @ pieceuhderockyeahright October 6, 2018 4:36 AM

    Piece, The clueless masses do not deserve a better life. They voted twice for Big Sinck in 2008 and 2013. They wanted to eat sh…, the got it. They wanted free bus fares, now they have to pay the bill for their rides.

    We shall complain about the bloated size of the gov operations, but not about the declining finances and the general decline of Barbados. That is just the consequence of many decades of laziness.

    In my opinion, PM MAM is even too weak on debt issues. She must cut the savign bonds and the capital sum of all local bonds as well. Barbadians only understand a strong ruler. PM MAM must sacrifice the local bond holders in order to appease the mighty international creditors. These financial institutions demand human sacrifices and they must get it.

  67. Is Avinash ‘snake oil salesman ‘ Persaud the new Minister of Finance or the Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Who voted for this obese,oily head,slick talking,fraud of a man?

    Why is he making important announcements about new financial policy such as the relaxing of foreign exchange controls?

    There are 3 substantive ministers of finance – and he and Mascoll are supposed to be ‘advisors’ – why is he bigging up himself so in the voters face.Steupse.

    Hard ears wunnh won’t hear.Mia will maek wunna bawl – watch and see.

    And BLP trolls like Tron whose main aim is to push the argument that the Barbados dollar is going to be devalued because of Chris Sinckler and Freundel Stuart – got some a wunna drawn in to he and the BLP agenda.

    I notice the BLP yardfowls and others like to talk about Sinckler Garrison School education – but so that you know Chris Sinckler has 20 times more expertise in working with an economy undergoing severe financial stress – than Mia ‘5 drug lord friends’ Mottley.

    Sinckler was the assistant to Sir LLoyd Sandiford under that 1990 -1993 tough ecomic situation which resulted in the IMF intervention and the stabilization and a return to growth and prosperity of the Barbadian economy.

    What is Mia’s success record?

    Edutech – big fail and corruption in the awarding of contracts etc

    So Minister of Education – FAILED !

    Dodds Prison – CORRUPTION BIG TIME – This Contract was awarded to an International Company whose principals have been jailed for bribing politicians – and this Company had no track record in the design and construction of prisons.

    The burning down of Glendiary Prison under her watch although she was warned about simmering unrest at the prison.


    Attorney General – SHE ALSO FAILED!

    Minister of Economic Affairs

    Big stink which was revealed by the former BLP Prime Minister Owen Arthur – about underhand dealings in the First Caribbean merger

    Questionable circumstances under which her father got $100 million dollars tax waiver

    No positive achievement in this Ministry.

    So tell me again what is Mia’s claim to fame.Steupes.

    • @T.Inniss

      You detract from your comment with your personal attack of the man. Another view is that he is part of the financial team that is scripted.

  68. Instead of talking about relaxing foreign exchange controls,Mia and the Govt should be discussing how to tighten this wanton and wild spending on overseas consumer items through the use of the credit cards.

    A Foreign exchange tax or a tax on online purchases will not cut it because bajans will still continue to use their card and the government will still have to find the foreign exchange to pay for it.

    Imagine bajans racking up over $350 million dollars in credit card purchases – just last year alone.

    Wuh the hell – that is over quarter billion dollars of spending and nearly half a billion.

    Instead of relaxing foreign exchange control – there should be a limit on credit card on spending for overseas consumer items.

    Who is really running this country though ?

    Avinash persaud ( no damn professor shyte) or Mia ‘5 drug lord friends’ Mottley.

    Brother Joe Artherley please have a look at that.

    • @T.Inniss

      Can you tell us the percentage of spending of forex by credit cards compared to the cost of importing oil and food?

  69. David

    My comments on that fraudster – speaks to the disdain I hold for people like him.

    His only aim is to enrich himself by fattening his bank account as quickly as possible.The Four Season failed handling by him should have told us everything about this snake oil salesman.

    No track record of any successful project to date that we can point to – but yet whether through Thompson (who listened to Mia against his party members) and of course Mia herself – this man gets yet another attempt to suck on Barbados sore financial nipples.


  70. @ T. Inniss

    Ammmmm…you may want to vet your backstory right about Stinkliar BEFORE YOU START JUXTAPOSING RESUMES.


    First stop is at the Faculty of Social Sciences Cave Hill campus to ammmmm determine Stinkliar s academic excellence or lack thereof.

    Ammmmm second stop is to ammmm research ghd matter of ammmm the Name Bishop Sununu ammmmm and police outsiders to get to Soc. Sci. Classes early through traffic while Sandiford s protege

    Ammmmm you may want to check with Luna Ramkalawasingh formerly of The Caribbean Policy Devdlopment Centre per his ammmmm management skills

    Ammmmm if you have an obeah woman capable of reading up the dead, one did not say Sandra Wives, ammmmm you could go into St John’s graveyard and get the Late David Thompson tell you a few stories about Chris or get Derrick Alleyne after a few runs go fill you in.

    T. Inniss you are of the newer younger DLP generation and you have no institutional history while a few of us do.

    And therein lies the issue when we know the man and you young Turks DO NOT!

  71. Piece

    I will never stand idly here defending Sinckler or Stuart (especially Sinckler) except in those things I feel certain of.

    He has his masters in International Trade Policy just like a few who the media promote and is not the intellectually dull like those in the BLP camp and some kool – aid drinkers and media hatchet men make him out to be.

    To me he is reasonably intelligent – no worse off than many including Mia.Although he is not the brightest ever to grace politics.

    He is reasonably politically astute although there are some negative sides to him as well.He looks out for Numero Uno.

    I am very much aware of some of the Chris Sinckler’s stories but let us be clear – they don’t come near the ones of Mia Mottley and has more integrity in his little finger than she has in her entire being.

    I will defend neither – because my pot don’t stir at them.

  72. Who is it at CPDC now – a Shantelle Munro Knight – and she is supposed to have superior intelligence.

    What about the Jamaican woman – Pamela Cooke Johnson – who is running the export development Unit (was it CARDI) – who was making all sort of crooked deals and seem to know nothing about what she is (or was?) doing – nuff corruption and fraud based on the numerous stories carried here on BU.

    The Dominican fella and the others in charge of the CARICOM Unit? Any thing brilliant coming out from there?




  73. @ T.Inniss October 7, 2018 9:26 AM
    “He has his masters in International Trade Policy just like a few who the media promote and is not the intellectually dull like those in the BLP camp and some kool – aid drinkers and media hatchet men make him out to be.
    To me he is reasonably intelligent – no worse off than many including Mia.Although he is not the brightest ever to grace politics.”

    What a great advocate you are in defending a pathological liar and a certified conman in the ‘magical art’ of arithmetic necromancy and so supremely adept in changing a tax rate of 0.07% into a fraction of 3 out of ten into a recurring decimal of 0.003!

    Don’t you think a man who pretends to hold a “masters in International Trade Policy” (and functioning in the role of the country’s chief finance officer) should, at least, be basically competent ‘enough’ to know the difference between 0.07% and 0.03?

    Shouldn’t such a highly rated fiscal savant be so prudent as to appreciate the impact of a change in the rate of a tax from 0.03% to 0.7% and its implications for implementation and collection?

    Where is that US $270 million loan negotiated for the resuscitation of the Bajan sugar cane industry and secured in some Japanese bank just awaiting its drawdown to construct the Stinkliar Performing Arts Centre at Brandons funded by a grant from the more-than-generous benevolent Chinese?

    Why do you think your high-flying student of International Trade Policy was given that most apt sobriquet of “Stinkliar”?

    Is it because your mentee stinks to high heavens while excelling in the art of Lying which is the hallmark of Bullshit Supremacy?

    Stop promoting the Peter principle by “bigging-up” an abject failure.

    Stinkliar represented the consummate illustration of that adage well known in the inner intellectual circle: ‘Shit always floats to the top to survive in a sea of mediocrity’; not so, Mr. T.I.?

    You may have the last word in referring to similar examples existing among the current crop feeding at the taxpayers’ expense.

  74. Inniss,

    Look, you are young and you want to become something in the future on this island. Even the DLP stalwarts do not appreciate Big Sinck anymore behind close doors. Big Sinck is the most hated man in Barbadian history. If you start a joke in the supermarket about Big Sinck everybody will start to laugh. Why do you fight for an old lad who got so rich that he has never to work again? Surely he does not share his wealth with you. Why do you fight for an old lad who became the laughing stock amongst diplomats, expats and foreign investors?

    So leave Big Sinck behind. And Donville. The two names are tainted like slavery, white supremacy and plantation.

    And do not be so naive like the new prez of your party – with this Donville picture behind her desk. It will be best for your career to stay miles away from such pictures.

    If the DLP wants to regain credibility, the party must dump Big Sinck into the deepest cave on the island. And never ever leave him out, since all the BLP must do for the next elections is to plaster Big Sinck´s face.

  75. I will go back to where I started this morning and ask again:

    Why is Avinash Persaud – who was not voted in by the citizens of Barbados,who was not appointed as a Senator – why is he making pronouncements on financial policy which should be the remit of the:

    A) Minister of Finance and/or;

    B) The Prime Minister.

    As far as I know he is only an adviser – and in that case the Advisor provides the advice to the Client (P.M.) and the client speaks to any new policy direction.

    It seems like each and every one in this new cabinet is looking for their 15 minutes of fame.All chiefs and no bottle washers.

    Avinash Persaud has no track record of success but only a record of failure and of duping barbadian leaders gullible enough to believe his spiel.

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