Elombe Mottley Speaks!

BabaElombe Elton Mottley posted the following text to his Facebook page a couple weeks ago. The lack of focus on the Arts by successive governments continues to be of interest to the blogmaster. Why? We boast on a daily basis that our people are our greatest asset, yet, we do close to nothing to develop the Arts (The blogmaster exerts editorial license to expand the definition of the Arts to include Sports).

Governments of Barbados continue to allocate billions to the education budget annually, however. show a reluctance to to create the opportunity to harness and release the cultural expression of the people.  Surely there is a case to be made against successive governments for suffocating the cultural expression of Barbadians?

-David, blogmaster


Restoration of the Empire is a must. To refurbish the building, replace seating, outfitting with sound and video equipment, etc, will not be a priority at the moment as I see it. Unfortunately it has a seating capacity of under 800 seats. Years ago when I was involved, the seating capacity was to be extended to about 1200. In order to do that and also to provide a larger stage, dressing rooms and storage, it would have been necessary to utilize the space behind the building. Unfortunately, the same government of the day allowed the construction of the building behind the Empire. There may still be enough room to do that and should be considered. The Globe theatre has a seating capacity close to 1200, but has no access to parking. Same problem with the Empire.

Government investment and ownership of buildings used by its populace leaves much to be desired. Government does not depreciate its investment in buildings, nor does it provide for maintenance. I invite you to go up behind and around the museum and see the abandonment of those buildings allowing them to fall apart. [CHECK THE NUMBER OF BUILDINGS IN BRIDGETOWN AND ACROSS THE NATION, the buildings that are not maintained, government owned lands that are over-run by bush while the possibilities of involving the country to participate in the production of our own food is ignored.

Let me highlight some of the stupidity of the governments of Barbados.

Why would you refurbish the Daphne Joseph Hackett Theatre, install an unnecessary elevator, remove the rehearsal building, the former kitchen area, removed the old stable which was also used as a rentable gallery for artist. Now why should the NCF charge $2500 to use the theatre? That amounts to $12.50 a seat before you advertise. Is this any way to promote the development of the arts? The capacity is under 200 seats. On top of that, there are the taxes to be paid on that. Are we serious about the development of the Arts?

When I set up years ago the National Cultural Foundation, I insisted on having a maintenance department – I had all of Queen’s Park, Community Centres island wide, and maintenance of the equipment coming out of CARIFESTA 1981.

Who does the maintenance of the facilities? Is it going to be farmed out to political hacks? Let me give you an example. I received a notice from a Permanent Secretary to hire some company to treat all the facilities managed by the NCF that would cost the NCF $15,000. I responded and pointed out we treated our buildings for less than $2.00 per facility because we had a program in place. I heard nothing more from the Ministry.

If government does not have a plan to restore some of these heritage buildings, why don’t they offer the public long term leases (30+ years). The lessee could restore the buildings and use them rent free for20 – 30 years with all the rights. Maybe a company can do the restorations and rent out the properties!

Back to the start. It makes no sense for government to restore these buildings and then make it impossible to be used by the artists of the country. Anyhow, for a population of under 300,000 people, how to we maximize the benefits for all our citizens. I mean all, all, all. GOVERNMENTS MUST STOP RIPPING OFF OUR COUNTRY…..PERIOD.

The NCF is not only a producer of Festivals as I keep hearing. Festivals are important to identify and provide channels for our youth to develop. Performance is the rewardable process of measuring our development. This process cannot be treated willy-nilly.

Ask yuh self a few questions. How come the NCF is short of money and yet Radio stations over the years can give away cars and the NCF has not been able to upgrade its sound and lighting equipment?

Why was the community development officers detached from the program of strengthening the development of communities and using the services for the development of the arts from the community level?

I want to draw your attention to some facts.

Every radio and television service in Barbados MUST give Government (and its agencies) 10% of its broadcast time for its use. This amounts to 2.4 hours a day. This is part of the license. These same stations use the products of the NCF to make enough money to buy cars and give them away yet some of them want to object to the NCF using this time to develops Governments development programs. Without the programs of the NCF, none of them would be able to generate that audience nor would they be able to give away cars.

When I set up the NCF, it was actually the Ministry of Information that had responsibility for the Community Development department which was absorbed into the NCF to organize the workshops and research in various communities. The technical officers (dance, music, art, writing, et al) organized the content, and the persons to teach these workshops. Most of the time, local artists were used and paid to run these programs. We also used all of the content of various ministries to provide information and education to the communities thru the use of qualified persons to speak on the topics developed by those institutions.

Let me state clearly, I am not looking for any job in any form or fashion. However I know from experience that there is too much ad hoc planning on the continued development of Barbados. What makes an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 166 square Miles, and less than 275,000 people, rated #9 in the world in Education by the World Economic Council, and we continue to devalue ourselves with foolishness.

Racketeering at any and every level in Barbados must stop and that includes the NCF if such exists. Newspapers, Radio Stations, the TV station, bloggers, must reflect more on the development of the country. There are too many areas that does not require government’s involvement. How many reviews of plays, concerts, books, musicals, and performances are covered in any of the 3+ newspapers, the Radio stations including GIS, on TV of various internet channels, dot com sites, on Facebook social media, et al? These are important to the artists/performers and offer critical assessment of their work. There are many people in Barbados who can do these reviews. Why isn’t it being done? Why are the creative people – musicians, actors, dancers, writers, performers, et al so silent on these needs? Are the owners and editors so removed from the society in which they live, work, play, raise children and families that all of them hat the food for development and the achievement of excellence is a real and important aspect of our total development. The editors, owners and general manager got to do better than what they are doing now.

Ah gone.

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  1. David, I regret to have to remind you that the ‘cultural expressions’ of the modern Barbadian seem to consist mainly of obscene gyrations known as wukkin’ up and windin’ up ya ass. I don’t think the government needs to encourage this. Stick to education.

  2. A good man with some good ideas,although I don’t agree with everything .

    I am glad he is not tainting himself with this Mottley led administration.He is bigger than that.

    We need people like him to write in the newspapers as columnists,to hold discussions on tv or host radio shows and not the University certified empty barrels that push themselves forward in the media as ‘experts’.

    JEREMY STEPHENS,SANKA PRICE,MARLA DUKKERAN,DAVID ELLIS,LISA CUMMINS,RYAN STRAUGHN,AVINASH PERSAUD and the list goes on and on – just people frothing at the mouth and throwing around words and saying nothing.Big steupes.

    Oh for the day of Gladstone Holder,Oliver Jackman,Ralph jemmott,Elombe Mottley,Professor Neville Duncan,Sir Keith Hunte, Farley Brathwaite,Wendell Mcclean,Woodville Marshall,Errol Barrow,Tom Adams – these were men of substance – who when they wrote in the newspapers or discussed matters on radio and T.V. you learnt something .

    • When he returned to Barbados last year to hold a couple lectures how many people attended? Who cares about culture and the Arts?


  3. What ‘culture’ do we have to be proud of …and to offer to the world?
    Apart from the crude copy of the worst of Jamaican ghetto lewdness
    and the pedestrian ‘soca’ that has a lifespan of exactly three weeks ..
    what EXACTLY should we be promoting as ‘culture’.

    Boss, culture normally reflect aspects of a PROUD civilisation.
    Dance and music that signifies progress, cohesiveness, development, love…
    Poetry that reflects a future vision, reflection of a proud past, and commitment to ideals…

    BEFORE we can focus on arts and culture seriously, we will NEED to establish something that is WORTHY of projection…

    Right now, we are essentially parros..
    We spend MUCH more than we earn..
    We are selling family heirlooms in order to eat and buy bling…
    We own less and less every year…
    We are masters of NOTHING…. while foreigners dominate EVERY area of our lives..

    Culture shiite!!!
    We may as well learn Chinese like the PM wants… and get used to THEIR arts and culture..
    …at least to the extent that we have already adopted Jamaica’s along with their sandals…

    Elombe is a cool fella…
    But he lives in the clouds …somewhere in Jamaica…

  4. Does Elton talk to his niece? Facebook and not facetime? She would appreciate an extra hand to lighten the “heavy” load, doesn’t she remember that you were there promoting the arts back in the Yoruba and shirtJac days?

    Could we have a word from Johnny ma Boy on Elton’s suggestions?

  5. Elombe is consistently and intellectually the leading cultural historian and theorist in our society. I have said one of the first appointments this government should have made was to appoint him as a consultant to the NCF. Such an appointment would not be nepotism, but one based on merit and the nation would benefit more from such an appointment than from an army of economists all armed with PhDs.
    We are not a one-dimensional society, government is about the totality of our social, economic and cultural lives.

  6. When he returned to Barbados last year to hold a couple lectures how many people attended? Who cares about culture and the Arts?

    Beware of the village idiot. Elombe’s lectures were well attended. He also gave two talks in London both of which were well attended and there have been requests for him to return.

  7. last time Elton spoke, he said that we should have offshore medical schools galore SEEMS HE GOT THEM! RIGHT?




  8. Bush Tea
    As usual well said!…..CBC TV promoting Jamaica ghetto music for years and recently added CNN American Imperialism as part of its TV offering…..CBCTV well endowed obese female news and weather presenters including those who say the sun is EXPECTED to rise or the sun will rise at 12 minutes to 6 instead of what appears on the screen 5.48. Weather presenters literally gulping saliva in the middle of a sentence,Carib Vision with some of the most unprofessional looking news presenters I have seen.The same Carib Vision with lots of ghetto music and ghetto videos.Dah is we culture.
    On the bright side there is the good news of our PM engaging world leaders in a tête-à-tête at the UN,a far cry from the idiocy associated with 2 past leaders of the unpopular Democratic Labour Party.Sandiford Garner and the Guy can continue to talk nonsense to their Fatted Calf followers.If the Dems want to be taken seriously all these corrupt thinkers of the last regime must ride off in the
    sunset and write their best sellers.

  9. GP
    That hymn A&M 694 was a favourite in the Bim I grew up in passing the many watering holes on Roebuck St,James St,Suttle St,on the way to Cheapside from the Weymouth campus of Noott College.Besides Hubert Parry’s hymn tune aptly named Freshwater and which has fantastic harmonies,there are the beautiful words of the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson:-

    Sunset an evening star and one clear call for me,
    And may they be no moaning at the bar,when I put out to sea,
    But such a tide as moving seems asleep,too full for sound and foam,
    When that which drew from out the boundless deep,turns again home.

    Twilight an evening bell and after that the dark,
    And may there be no sadness of farewell,when I embark,
    For,though from out our bourne of time and place,the flood may bear me far,
    I hope to see my pilot face to face,when I have crost the bar.




  11. There is more going on than disposable soca and wukking up but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This mindless vulgarity is an attempt to escape from the problems of life. People don’t believe that there is hope for change and so they adopt our version of “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. However, there are many others, like Adrian Green for instance, who address the issues head on and there are many who appreciate the efforts. There is still a core of thinkers among us promoting all of the positive aspects of culture that would help to propel us forward.

    Whenever I am out and about I engage strangers in conversation and I find that all they need is conversations at the grass roots level – conversations that make them stop and think. We used to have people who operated at that level. We need work done at the community level. We need conscious discussions and mobilization at the community level.

    AND CBC NEEDS TO STOP PROMOTING BASHMENT SOCA AS THOUGH IT DESERVES A PLACE IN THE MAINSTREAM. It is disgusting to simply join the masses in idiocy because it is popular and therefore profitable. Government should provide leadership for the masses not encourage them in vulgarity.

  12. @ Donna
    Not only CBC…
    Every damn day, timed exactly for the school children on the way to school, one John Doe plays a lotta mindless shiite featuring ‘wuk up on it’ and promoting his own personal wuk up jam sessions …

    Then the children are expected to sit in class and imbibe ‘teachings’ about some boring shiite like algebra – while their little pelvises are still jamming from the morning session…

    Of course the children know EVERY LAST word of these Jamaican gutter lyrics….
    even the ones that are lost on decimals…

  13. CBC is government owned. It should be leading the others in the right direction not joining the multitudes to do evil.

    P.S. What exactly is the “it” they are supposed to wukk up on?

  14. @ David,

    the video above shows a poster “Barbados feat. Rihanna”.

    The comedian said a new slogan for Barbados could be ” batch better have our money ”

    Welcome to the modern world.

  15. I did not say the masses are promoting it. It would be more accurate to say they are falling for it. Mindless “wukkementism” rather than thought and action that would challenge the status quo. It wasn’t the government that first promoted it though. Crop Over and its music used to be thought provoking as well as enjoyable. One used to “wine” rather than wukk up. People used to look each other in the face and not just rub genitals and costumes used to depict some aspect of life that could be recognized in the design. Now it’s all beads and feathers and nakedness and “looking good.”

  16. @ Donna who wrote ” One used to “wine” rather than wukk up. ”

    The end game is the same. To get laid.

    Some people like to modestly wine an chip, go an get laid and go to home to get to church in the morning.

  17. Playing Devil’s advocate here, is culture set in stone or does it change with the times.

    My late grandmother would argue that reggae music was the devil and there was nothing artistic about it (she was wrong obviously) but my larger point is culture is fluid it is not staying still and the mistake we make unlike Jamaica is we never make any attempts to bridge the gap as our culture changed.

    In the mid to late nineties our Soca music was the best in the world; our influence on Trinidad is well documented; many of their current top artists will mention the domination of Krosfyah and Square One as a driving factor for them.. So while the Trinis embraced it and enticed our producers to move there, we instead quarreled about declining morals and how young people danced to the music.

    Bajans love to cut off their noses to spite their face

  18. Hants,

    It was never MY intention. I just enjoyed the music and the dancing.


    Culture does change but it doesn’t have to change for the worse. Nobody can tell me that encouraging people to disrespect women by thinking of them only in terms of “bumpers” is the equivalent of a sensuous, suggestive song that embraces the whole person. Ain’t nothing wrong with sex as long as it is between equals.

  19. @ Donna,

    My impression of you is that you are ” wifey material “.

    Would only be interested in you if I was looking for a wife.

    In my younger days or in between marriages I focused on “sampling”.lol

  20. @Donna

    Don’t confuse entertainment with art. And I’ve seen how the young ladies behave when Jagwa or Stiffy come one, these guys aren’t writing these songs for men.

    Also you are focusing on one aspect rather than the big picture. What if in reggae’s early days the focus was only on smoking marijuana. Again that’s all my Grandmother focused on and she would argue that things got worse.

    The brilliant Eddy Grant created RingBang, the most original sound since Spouge and we got ourselves all contorted because one guy sang a song about putting a hand on a bumpa.

    Again cut off nose to spite face

  21. This is a good time for government to invest in cultural industries.

    There are a lot of school leavers and graduates who could be part of a structured program.

    Elombe could be the ” czar ” to manage such a program.

  22. @ Donna

    Banks lend according to ability to repay , supported by seizable collateral, and for sums that cover costs of labour and costs of funds. A carnival costume meets none of these criteria. The masses may be low in income but not low in commonsense.

  23. Redguard,
    Both you and your grandmother got Reggae wrong. When Rock Steady progressed on to Reggae(at one point it was called Reggay) it was about the music and the groups. The ‘smoking’ as a mass ritual after after the music was established. Remember, the largest market for Reggae in its early years was not Jamaica.


    The perineum is the area in front of the anus extending to the fourchette of the vulva in the female and to the scrotum in the male.

    The perineum is the area between the thighs that marks the approximate lower boundary of the pelvis and is occupied by the urinary and genital ducts and rectum.


    The perineum is the area between the anus and the posterior part of the external genitalia.

    Quae cum ita sint, i.e since these things are true, in wukking up THERE CAN NOT BE ANY RUBBING OF THE “perinaea.”

  25. @ Georgie Porgie,




  26. HANTS




  27. @ Georgie Porgie,




  28. @Hants
    Invest in the cultural industries by doing what?(Quote)

    Is this a serious question or is the chairman being provocative? Afterall, Rihanna, our national cultural icon, has just been made an ambassador.

  29. Entertainment and art are both part of our culture. We were discussing our culture.

    Yes I am a Bajan with eyes to see the men rubbing their genitals on the female posterior.

    The women are just trying to be popular with the men. It’s the same as it always was. I recently heard a DJ talking about he doan want no boring women on the bus crawl. Women like me who do not allow the men to do as they please on the dance floor are termed boring.

  30. re GP
    At the risk of being told that you have a PhD in Anatomy, I wrote perinea and I meant perinea. Thanks for telling me what I already knew.

    1- I dont have a PhD in Anatomy
    2- Like you I know that the plural of perineum is perinea, and I dont give 2 hoots what you know or do not know.
    3- I have stated the exact location of the perineum….plural perinea


    Can’t say that loud enough, these thieves for lawyers and pretend business people that Mia has surrounded herself with and FOISTED on the population should hear that every damn day..

    …no need to even call names anymore, everyone in and outside of Barbados now know who these criminals are and what they represent. …ripping off the people.

  32. JODA PRODUCTIONS in their proposals for a CULTURAL POLICY made the call for developing known arts and cultural expressions at the primary school level first, that by teaching students at that level, the fundamentals of the arts will provide an opportunity to appreciate expression and then build upon it throughout their school life and hopefully bring about career pursuits in the various “cultural genres” and career fields, without which, creating an Industry would be futile.

    To further develop the model, crafted events could highlight the naturals into competitions levels.

    Another area of interest was that of STREET CULTURE, where natural “cultural phenomena” is born. This particular expression would be given exposure as “new product” to promote it.

    Exposure to Careers in a “cultural industry” is a must at an early age. There are many to choose from. Celebrated icons and specialists can play their part in helping the young at heart.

    What can the Government do?
    -Legislate for development.
    -Add a cultural space in schools curriculum at all levels….. development/security
    -Allow ease of promoting the Arts, events are high risk, bloated pre-event costs are now deterrents.
    -Facilitate for exporting.
    -Add venue space, Government owned or private (town planning permissions)
    -Add a special unit security task force within the RBPF to reduce / eliminate event crime.

    Cultural Programs at the community level is also a must.

    Hats off to Elombe, whose contribution to the Arts is priceless.

  33. It was JODA PRODUCTIONS in their proposals for a CULTURAL POLICY made the call for developing known arts and cultural expressions at the primary school level first, that by teaching students at that level, the fundamentals of the arts will provide an opportunity to appreciate expression and then build upon it throughout their school life and hopefully bring about career pursuits in the various “cultural genres” and career fields, without which, creating an Industry would be futile.

    To further develop the model, crafted events could highlight the naturals into competitions levels.

    Another area of interest was that of STREET CULTURE, where natural “cultural phenomena” is born. This particular expression would be given exposure as “new product” to promote it.

    Exposure to Careers in a “cultural industry” is a must at an early age. There are many to choose from. Celebrated icons and specialists can play their part in helping the young at heart.

    What can the Government do?
    -Legislate for development.
    -Add a cultural space in schools curriculum at all levels….. development/security
    -Allow ease of promoting the Arts, events are high risk, bloated pre-event costs are now deterrents.
    -Facilitate for exporting.
    -Add venue space, Government owned or private (town planning permissions)
    -Add a special unit security task force within the RBPF to reduce / eliminate event crime.

    Cultural Programs at the community level is also a must.

    Hats off to Elombe, whose contribution to the Arts is priceless.

  34. This subject led by Elombe Mottley presents a double edged sword.

    If he is successful with his agitations whatever is conceived will be deemed nepotism because he is related to Chairman Mia .

    If he fails then, even if he had the cure for aids, it will be lost to the ages.

    But in spite of him being a Mottley and 2hat that means in Barbados is entitlement, it would mean that whatever he would seek to promote MUST BE SUPERLATIVE.

    He does not come across as someone who tows the line for fools and certainly while a Mottley IS NOT A MIA ACCOLYTE.

    Therefore I would suggest a compromise.

    His vision while it can play out at the micro level with the Empire and the Globe IS A WASTE OF HIS NOUS.

    He should be seen as Trainer of Trainers for these various yet inexperienced and immature ambassadors and to lead and liaison between the varied outreaches and those being reached.

    A Word to the Wise is sufficient. Wunna really don’t have the time to be playing catch-up with these performers and people whose skill sets will ef up the machine shop.

    The vision expressed here is paltry and speaks to a queens park and local venues.

    Culture, a commodity that is severely underdeveloped in Barbados,have many more dim3nsions but then again I have found that this is a bridge too far for many of us.

  35. @ Hants

    From now on I’d like you to remember this.

    Barbados Underground has become the gateway for the Barbados Labour Party which is devoid of real ideas and therefore you are being asked a question for the government.

    You can do one of three things.

    Ignore the question and act like if you cannot see the query and let in go by as a wide.

    Square up to the ball and play it so that they learn how to effect good governance for free.

    Or do like the ole man and call them out as brimlers and pretenders.

    In time you too will learn that this game being played by Mia and Fumbles and all the rest of them is NOT ABOUT PATRIOTISM or love of country or people IT IS ABOUT SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT

    AS TIME WILL REVEAL TO YOU SHORTLY what this is about is testing th3 ma4ket to appoint Elombe Mottley to this position.

    So when nuff of you and me brimlers come here and commend Baba what that means is that it i# palatable.

    Now if you can’t understand this lesson then well let us look at Fleur and Glennis a while longer …

  36. @ nine of nine

    I am sorry to say this to you.

    Your ideas are great but their cost is too high and the gestation period is too long.

    These guys do not want lofty medium term or long term ideas.

    I want you to start thinking in terms of 180.

    Ten 180’s are five years with 180 being 6 months or half a year.

    That is the first term of this government and if you can’t do turnarounds within that period well you are blowing air up our collective pooches.

    The government of Barbados does not have 10 years to see results from your ideas.

    It has months at best.

    So craft your solutions in that framework ok?

    Chairman Mao’s March while it envisions a never ending tenure does not consider your vision to be part of th3 Mandarin construct ok?

    So now that you are thinking sensibly again do reboot again

  37. Quite frankly, I have no idea what is modern day Barbadian culture.

    I’m not a fan of popular dancehall Jamaican music however it is clear that Jamaican music is popular throughout the world. Jamaican culture is very much an exportable “asset”. The rastafari religion has spread its seeds throughout the world.

    Take a look at Haiti it has a high culture of art and artists who are universally recognised. It also pays homage to her ancestors by continuing to practice voodoo.

    Two islands that are proud of their African heritage and have a rich source of artists that cover all genres of culture. Never mind folks we still have Rihanna!

  38. @ Piece,

    Here are the words from one of your ministers in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment Marsha Caddle:

    “I want us to know it took ten years to destroy this country and it is not going to take ten years to fix it but it is not going to happen overnight and I want us to understand that is the message that we have to carry. Because this administration and I am not saying that because I am a part of it, this administration is working very hard to very quickly stop the bleeding and begin the process of transformation. But you have to help us carry the message,” she said while seeking to explain the severity of Barbados economic situation.”

    @ David, check your spam folder. The above link was a blue’s song from the great Big Bill Broonzy: Black, Brown and White


  39. @ Piece

    Those recommendations were made in the late ’80s, by NOW (2018), we would be seeing great results.
    Any short term solution calls for working with what we have, at this time, that is not much locally.

    Landfall benefit will have to employ using the new ambassador to bring the needed forex in by the cruise ships and plane loads, she will need to set-up shop here, the only thing is, she is owned by other interests and cannot do as she please.

    Thanks anyway for your brilliant insights.

  40. @HalAustin,

    You are missing the point my friend, yes Rihanna was made Ambassador, but let’s not forget or pretend. Her claim to fame and the basis of her global success has nothing to do with Barbados culture…..if she was a Trinidadian citizen, the global appeal and fame would be the same. R&B and Pop music genres have nothing to do with the Caribbean as far as the modern listener and her fan base are concerned. Her fans cannot place Barbados on a map, or point to one cultural aspect of Barbados based on what made Rihanna popular.

    Talking nonsense. We are not ready to exploit our cultural wealth…..only slap a label on an already famous individual.

  41. @Talking Loud,

    Does Minister Caddle include the 114 years of Arthur rule when it comes to the destruction of the Barbados economy?

  42. @ nineofnine September 26, 2018 7:32 AM

    There is another Bajan-born but overseas-made famous ‘cultural asset’ who could be approached to promote Barbados as a rising star on the cultural tourism horizon in order to drive more visitors to the Island.

    Tourism is the most proactively practical cylinder to drive, in the short-term, the forex-earning vehicle to save the country from further financial and economic meltdown.

    What about approaching the UK-based ‘voice-actor’ genius Redd Pepper Green to do some vocal promotions for Barbados?

    It would be rather creative if the Bajan Tourism gurus could get both Ambassador Rihanna and Redd Pepper to do some promotional work on the international scene to help to refresh the staid but fast staling product called ‘Tourism Barbadiana’ especially in its biggest source market the UK.

    How about getting Virgin Atlantic to display Ambassador Rihanna on the fuselage of one of their aircraft as the “Bajan Sky Virgin”?

  43. @ The Sage Annunaki

    You can expect that that brilliant idea is going to be stolen from you and will soon adorn a few airlines that are West Indies bound.

    Barbados in and of itself has no real culture is an idea that is touted here and de ole man concurs.

    The social experiment that is Barbadiense failed to permit the buckra johnies and us negroes to embrace our different bloodlines and forge and support an identity that is integrated.

    So John the Quaker and Lawson the unknown quantity while they promote their white supremacy policies have to tread carefully in a society that while 95% black is skewed towards white privilege

    And successive black administrations are incapable of fostering and environment that gives equity for all races.

    What faces Chairman Mia Mottley is for her to bridge the gap with such a programme that exemplifies and edifies black brilliance oh Sage.

    That fuselage idea is sheer brilliance but de ole man will guarantee you that it will be fvcked up by the powers that be b3cause they don’t comprehend how it is to be delivered and the mileage that it will afford any such idea.

    If you were to tell the bvhkvunts that the whole process is to be video recorded from the start them fvckers would be lost.

    The have no idea how to leverage currency and will jump to the end point without including its beginning.

    It is a bridge too Effing far for them Sage

    When devaluation comes where do you plan to go and live?

  44. Redd Pepper.. never knew of him until you mentioned him.. after reviewing some of his work, he is very talented and Internationally known.. (I take it he’s a Bajan or at least by roots) …great combo as you suggested..
    if only I was at the steering wheel, much would be done. LOL

    Redd Pepper

  45. Anu

    Richard Branson loves Barbados, sure he will want to do it, if only by association with an Icon Celebrity, a native from one of his major long haul destinations. WHAT A PLUS!

    Move to copywrite it ASAP

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