The Adrian Loveridge Column – Here Comes the Departure Tax!

While I know this week’s column is going to attract some criticism in certain quarters, I believe we still have to discuss these things and to creatively help mitigate the obvious negative consequences of such decisions.

We are now just days away from the 1st October 2018 imposition of what amounts to a secondary departure tax that our cherished visitors will be forced to pay, if they choose Barbados as their destination of choice.

Every man, women and child, irrespective of age, will have US$70 (currently GB Pounds 54.60) added to the cost of their airline tickets.

Most of us fully understand the reasons why and comprehend that tourism is our main and only significant foreign currency earner, which resulted in few other choices.

What remains incomprehensible is that once again the cruise sector has escaped, or some might say, evaded, any additional tax increases.

Pretty much everything of the potential damage caused by the further tax grab, is speculation, but there are certain inevitabilities. For most of our wealthy visitors, US$70 per person, or US$280 for a family of four, will probably make little difference.

However it would be absolute folly not to fully understand that our traditional accommodation base has changed dramatically over the last few years.

Travel giant Expedia registered the greatest recent growth from their HomeAway brand, one of the main competitors to Airbnb.

With very few exceptions, Barbados will now have the highest airfares within the Caribbean, already charging a US$27.50 departure tax, compounded by VAT (value added tax) on the outbound Barbados flight section.

None of us should dwell under the illusion that we will get the business anyway. People have choices and their own economic circumstances have a profound influence on the destination decision making process.

In the case of the United Kingdom, higher inflation than anticipated, the uncertainty of the ongoing Brexit saga and the substantially lower value of Sterling against the US$, all play a significant part.

There are some little caveats to ease the pain, at least in the British market.

Both Virgin and British Airways have introduced new levels of economy fares. Those either able or willing to forgo a checked piece of luggage will, at least for now, experience some minor savings.

My guess though, this will have very limited appeal, as for most of our lady visitors, part of the anticipation and experience is in packing variable clothing options.

Canny frequent flyers can look out for lower cost alternatives. As a member of American Airlines AAdvantage for over 23 years, I can still buy a one way ticket from Barbados to London Heathrow via Miami for US$52.50, plus 32,500 miles on selective travel dates.

Presumably, the US$70 will be added to that next month?

For a very long time, targeting those who already have sufficient earned miles has been an area that should have received more marketing attention.

This will have to change if we really want to retain market share.

For those on a budget (the vast majority of our visitors), several choices will be considered, including trading down to a less expensive lodging option, reducing the intended length of stay and spending less in the destination at restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping and car rental.

Ultimately, we will be judged by delivered value-for-money and the overall welcome our cherished visitors receive.

55 thoughts on “The Adrian Loveridge Column – Here Comes the Departure Tax!

    • St. Lucia and Jamaica as two example have a similar fee. This is not concrete, if the numbers are negatively impacted the government can back out. The bottomline is that the money has to come from somewhere to pay the bills.

  1. The money has to come from somewhere all right, and the goose that lays the golden egg will be the sacrifice. I would start by clearing out all those fat idlers at GAIA and make sure that the arrival experience is a swift delight not an unending ordeal. First impressions are key, and to watch those poor bastards having to stand around interminably after a long flight, in the non-citizen/resident line is a shame. Customers are worth more than that.

  2. @ Adrian Loveridge

    This is the tip of the spear

    This represents the Thought Leadership that has accompanied Chairman Mia Mao to the HoA table.

    THis is who she has to make her decisions

    This is who she changed the constitution to import into Barbados

    This is who she has negotiating her Staff Level agreements/Loans with

    I am surprised that the money was not even more than this

    It shows what is lacking among her 26 effing ministers

    Here is a new breed that loves the Public Relations stunts by Charles Me Lov you Jong Time and are veritable waste foops.


    And Land & Money Grabbers

    Welcome to the IMF party

    Tell me Loveridge who can you complain to now?

    Who can you seek to reason with?

    Kerrie Oblonghead?

  3. Got to affect the visiting numbers but after our ‘spin doctors’ adjust the numbers for cruise passenger arrivals, etc…. we will be told that “Numbers are up!!!”.

    My friends in the other islands are laughing at the arrogance of these taxes on the tourists ….. we still think they will come no matter how we out-price ourselves or treat them… these are big impositions…. why could we not have eased these fees up slowly???? Why slap on such high fees …bam!!! Tek dat!!

    In many areas of economics, it literally boils down to: (1) higher fees/taxes from a smaller population, or, (2) lower fees/taxes from a larger pool of people…… we always go for Option (1).

  4. Barbados unfortunately is continuing to play VOODOO Economics.

    A very dangerous practice to an already Decimated Economy.

    Played by Watch mu now and the Dream Team of 26.

  5. @ KS

    There is a major challenge as it relates to your option 2.

    That makes the greatest sense though a simple statement of ” lower fees/taxes from a larger pool of people” de ole man fears that that “is a Bridge Too Far” for these Thought Leaders.

    Let me give you some words from a usually sharp thinker who says and i quote

    “… and it is on that basis you can say that there is hope for the future and that the propensity of the Government is to do things better and different; and if they are doing that we suspect they are probably engaging with the problems in a different way from what we had become accustomed to seeing over the past eight years,”

    Those are the words of Dr Belle formerly of FSS Cave Hill as he intoned that these signs suggested “something different and something potentially better” would likely come from the new administration’s practices.

    He ended by saying “I would give them good marks”.

    What is this new administration getting good marks for?

    Doing something different? and potentially better?

    Let me see if i have this right.

    MacDonald’s is a franchise that is on every corner in the US. Almost every corner. TGIF while not as big as the big “M” holds a fair share of the market.

    Did they not fall into the market of something different and potentially better YET HISTORY WILL SHOW BOTH FAILED IN BARBADOS!!

    These are purely semantics this different and potentially better and (if you were a man) you would understand that being stroked to orgasm by my right hand renders the same results as if you slowly bring me to said climax.

    So how do we get to Option 2 KS?

    By the way your initials are the same as that Kerrie Oblong head fellow so you may have to change your moniker to something less ammmmmmm frightening

  6. I envision the other Carribbean Markets taking full advantage of this wide open door govt has u
    open to make tourist mad and allowed competition to siphoned off through use of a creative marketing strategy some of the tourist and visitors from the barbados market.
    I envision that whatever financial gains barbados might make from the tax would have to be funnelled into a marketing strategy to stop tourist from choosing cheaper markets to vacation (which relates to a penny wise and a pound foolish)

  7. Jamaica is enjoying a bountiful summer tourist season
    By all accounts Jamaica Tourist minister has said that was there best year ever
    Havent heard what was barbados numbers i remember Loveridge posting a monthly article pinning barbados numbers against St. Lucia
    Now that this govt has all but pinned barbados hotel industry back against the wall with those astrnomically high nimbers in taxes it would be of interest to see how dilgent Loveridge would be in highlighting whatever numerical fallout that would be attributed to the taxes

  8. @ Mariposa September 10, 2018 9:05 AM
    “Jamaica is enjoying a bountiful summer tourist season..”

    And this is in spite of the crime and violence you are always decrying Jamaica for!

    Aren’t you the one who is always preaching doom and gloom should Barbados follow Jamaica and end up in the hands of the IMF under a Mia-led administration?

    Are you now making out a good case for the Devaluation of the Bajan Mickey mouse dollar so that you lazy laggards calling yourselves Bajans would be brought back to the zone of reality in which your fore parents lived?

    Through Devaluation, Jamaicans have honed the art of survival to its last forex measure.
    Every economic activity is geared towards earning or saving forex in order to survive and enjoy a certain standard of living based on imported conspicuous consumption; with exports to Barbados a good source of forex especially in that ‘compressed’ cash crop called mary jane.

    How can you Bajan people expect to keep your dollar at 2:1 and still deliver value-for-money to tourists which, in real terms, ought to make it much closer in value to the Jamaican dollar?

    If you want to be a five-star costing destination then you have to deliver at least 4-star value as the minimum standard.

    Why not go and clean up the nasty stinking place including your once beautiful beaches before asking white people to pay more?

    Get rid the shite flowing into the sea on the South coast and stem the tide of destruction of the beaches on the West coast and you might just be in like Flynn to take away some of those visitors from the booming Jamaica as you did in the 70’s and 80’s.

  9. 45govt stop talking shyte. That blame game shyt talk not going to take barbados out of the economic mess that started over forty years ago most of which has been attributed to blp who managed this country the longest
    Get out if here you piece of dog s.hte touting yuh self serving crap.
    How in the world can 10 years of a dlp administration reign of power be attributed to over a billion dillar economic debt hound
    Now that wunna blp yardfowls see that fixing the economy is more than having a PR game plan wunna running all over the blogs taliking nonsense about past govt and debt
    Get out of here s hit hound and pass that sorry nonsense to idiots like yuh self
    Yuh so f.ri ngg annoying next time u see me on this blog pass on the other side idiot

  10. Miller later yuh and Mia would be bouncing off the walls when the tourist numbers reveal the inevitable
    Only a ja.c.ass would throw their lifeline to other tourist markets that is full of hungry wolves and cant wait to be invited at the competiors table and willfully eat whatever is offered
    All small island tourist market have been given a golden opportunity to eat and devour the barbados market by creating an open market strategy that invites tourist to have an enjoyable and rewarding tourist market at lower rates than barbados
    Who in the world runs a business which would allow the competition to take away their customers in such and easy manner
    Never heard or seen such ignorance in all my life doing business

  11. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Ha, ha….. never noticed my moniker had such an ‘effect’….. I’ve changed! Hope his middle name is not “Ian” or I’ll have to change again.

    How to get to Option 2??….. good question… probably need some political experts and their consultants to come up with workable solutions but I would start with removing personal income tax and let the middle-class that bear that tax, get some $$$ in their hands to pay bills and spend, instead of thinking ways to avoid paying………. btw, that’s just one small suggestion…………

  12. The departure tax is not only assuring that some foreign exchange revenue is collected – it also serves to discourage the extravagant overseas Xmas shopping sprees of Barbadians while simultaneously getting these “high fliers” to make a more direct contribution the recurring administrative deficit. Perhaps USD 70/traveler is a bit high, but the measure is sound. PM Mia is leaving government enough space to make a concession.

  13. Are you serious Poor Fellow about bajans shopping at home. Really. The increased of prices caused by the taxation would automatically cause consumer spending at home to decline which only serves as a double whammy for the economy
    Furthermore bajans would still have an opportunity to bypass the departure tax by relying on families sending barrells now the NSRl has been removed

  14. That departure tax is a killer tax in so much that the usual blp spin doctors and talking heads for this govt rather not engage but keep mouth close about this dreaded tax place on the tourist industry

  15. Furthermore what does barbados have to offer a family of four in the area of fun and entertainment that would at least give sufficient reason for the additional cost to travel to the island
    After four oclock this island is on lock down barely see anyone going anywhere where there is entertainment outside a rumshop or playing dominoes

  16. @ PoorPeacefulandPolite September 10, 2018 12:39 PM

    Totally agree that Barbadians who seek lavish holiday overseas must be properly taxed. Gov should impose 500 USD departure tax for every Barbadian per flight to other CARICOM destinations and 1,000 USD for a flight to North America or Britain and demand a certificate that all taxes on the island are paid. Unlike foreign tourists, Barbadians flying to overseas destinations weaken the forex reserves and must be punished accordingly.

    We als need for Barbadians a specific tax on SUVs say, 200 % in addition to all other duties and taxes. A Japanse SUV must not be cheaper than 500,000 BBD and a Mercedes SUV not cheaper than 1,000,000 BBD. A tiny car or a donkey is good enough to move around Barbados.

  17. Never heard of an argumentum ad absurdum?

    Of course, Barbados is heavily overtaxed. However, given the local irrationality there is plenty room for new or higher taxes … 😉

  18. Cheaper than Barbados

    Dominican Republic US $10 entry fee and there is also a US$20 departure tax, Total US $30.

    Cuba ?

    A year from now we will see if the tax negatively affected Barbados Tourism.

  19. DR is 500 m closer so 35000 less fuel to get there so cost to Barbados is already higher add departure tax for some it may be too much

  20. Red Jet recently place a fee on the second bag .
    Now please between the airlinee trying to make up for the fuel charge at tourist expense
    How much belt tightening should govt expect from visitor and tourist to help pull the debt wagon
    People plan vacations for fun not to be bushwhacked with govt debt

  21. Marioosa… Is this really called for? All the name calling… But this is what some Bajans do. They don’t agree with you and don’t have alternative suggestions so they do what they do best CUSS…

  22. Marioosa… Is this really called for? All the name calling… But this is what some Bajans do. They don’t agree with you and don’t have alternative suggestions so they do what they do best CUSS…

  23. Marioosa… Is this really called for? All the name calling… But this is what some Bajans do. They don’t agree with you and don’t have alternative suggestions so they do what they do best CUSS…

  24. Marioosa… Is this really called for? All the name calling… But this is what some Bajans do. They don’t agree with you and don’t have alternative suggestions so they do what they do best CUSS… Shame on you Mariposa

  25. Let me tell u something jean when it comes to cussing and name calling Mariposa gets it back and front from 45govt and others daily and does not say a word
    So dont come here trying to lecture Mariposa on good attitude standard or behaviour
    Get yuh facts in order first before bolting to the head of the line to speak of what you dont know
    Have a nice afternoon

  26. I see the Irish-Canadian Paul Doyle of the Crane has done a deal with the Hilton on timeshare. What was revealing about the press conference fronted by our prime minister, the minister for everything (where was the minister of tourism?), was that this deal was known to a number of people in Barbados before the announcement in the US. Since the Hilton is listed on the New York stock exchange, and this was market-influencing information, I wonder if the US regulator, the SEC, is going to launch an investigation? There are other questions to be asked, but this is the most important for the time being. Who bought shares?

  27. Jean u had enough time to post the same comment three times none of which add content to the article steupsee
    Just let be knucklehead

  28. @ Mariposa

    There is some truth to the statement “if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas”

    Look how you are hobnobbing with BU intelligencia and more and more you are making sense

    You said and I quote “…That departure tax is a killer tax in so much that the usual blp spin doctors and talking heads for this govt rather not engage. but keep (their) mouths close about this dreaded tax place(d) on the tourist industry.

    Look let me tell wunna wannabe tourism experts bout tourism at the micro level.

    When a tourist comes to the country they budget for everything food, transport, partying presents and ancillary items (like popo and de other thing that Bulbados is well known for)

    You spend everything and when you leave you tend to have exhausted your budget CAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU PLANNED WHEN YOU CAME!!!

    When my as* is leaving this forlorn country what US$70 do i have in reserve? and if i have children you really thing that i have this sort of discretionary income in my wallet?


    You are killing the goose that lays the golden egg!!!

    This is not like the Honourable Blogmaster is saying something that you can “experiment with and gauge what the common sentiment is!!


    For the love of Country Mia Mottley DO NOT IMPLEMENT THIS TAX!!

    Touch everything else but disband this jackass idea!!!

    I am warning you fools again DO NOT DO THIS JOBBY!!!

  29. I am speaking as a traveller travelling experiences consist of fun! shopping and some rest now i have to add a worry about 70dollars plus including other family members
    Not fair at all

  30. Taxing tourists is on the rise and has become common place in a number of popular European cities such as Barcelona. We tend to exaggerate the contribution that tourists make to our economy. There are a number of European cities who are fed up with the huge numbers of tourists who descend on their cities and bring nothing but destruction.

    It is no different to having toll bridges. People will complain, initially, but after a period they will become accustomed to paying the required toll fee.

    Tax the tourists and bring in some much needed revenue.

  31. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You more than most people KNOW ME.

    Has it ever been that you have heard me make a pronouncement that I cannot back up?

    The solution lies in what KIS (formerly KS and almost the blight Kerrie Simmonds) said earlier

    And I quote “…in many areas of economics, it literally boils down to: (1) higher fees/taxes from a smaller population, or, (2) lower fees/taxes from a larger pool of people…… we always go for Option (1)…”

    The 2nd Option is what I am endorsing.

    The fact is that these Tourism Marketing experts do not have an effing clue about marketing a popsicle

    Year after year they spend close to $100 million on marketing the island.

    Every effing year Honourable Blogmaster this is the wastage that they experience as if on a Road to Blighted Mountain.

    Here is what I know.

    There is a way to increase these visitors (notwithstanding how nasty the place is)

    This is what I fear

    Both of the BDLP whores and hoares (old engish spelling used to encompass the old fogeys and waste in that institution) will teif de concept IF A FELLER EVEN STARTS TO DISCOURSE IT WITH THEM.

    175 pages of a Proposal to Invigorate Barbados’ Tourism Marketing strategy but where do you send that proposal?

    To get who teif it? Ideas4barbados?

    The very institution that has no type of Intellectual Property Protection Policy and is now circulating a Stoopid Cartoon (sorry Mr Olivia Wellington calls it a Stoopid Meme) promoting said Ideas for Barbados?

    You see what we are dealing with Honourable Blogmaster?

    A Buhchunt like Kerrie Simmonds, accompanied by a team of Thought Leaders who think that US$75 on departure tickets will achieve a revenue viable revenue to address this imbalance stream or what you have described as “…a country with a debt to gdp of (157%?) 171% (or (175%?)…”

    We are our own worst enemy Honourable Blogmaster.

    Give me 1/10 of that budget and I would effect the following Honourable Blogmaster

    1.Create & submit a viable Structure to achieve the single objective of Increasing Tourists Arrivals (By increase I mean that there will be a direct correlation between ID identifier of traveller and Entry Departure Form data)

    2.Create the Intellectual Property construct that would facilitate the profit sharing between 3rd parties and the GoB and its specific agencies

    Hope that that answers your 8.29 am question where you said and i quote


    What are the avenues a country with a debt to gdp of 171% source revenue?

    Just asking.

    3.Establish and deploy the specific enablers post ensuring that that critical Critical documents and other required contracts are signed and registered – e.g. CAs, NDAs, MOUs and other required contracts

    4.Effect the initial engagement, piloting and ongoing management of IP for core facilitators specifically their Terms and Conditions, with Deliverables & Timelines and of course costs.

    5.The Formal engagement would have to be by contract with a substantive mobilization fee at commencement because the BLP & the DLP are crooks and frauds AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

  32. @ Talking loud and saying nothing Let me show you what Barbados in our Unesco designated City of Bridgetown is offering vis a vis what these other destinations is offering and let me see if you can really compare Portugal’s grapes with our sour dunks

    or this one on Baxters Road (forgive de ole man Sage)

    Now tell me why I would pay for the resplendent Paces of Interest as opposed to the Garbage Dump of the Caribbean now?

  33. Are we going to discuss the colonisation of the South-East corner of St Philip by the Irish-Canadian Paul Doyle, and the way the prime minister was fawning at him like he was the man with the food package?

  34. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right September 10, 2018 6:21 PM,

    What a sad photo. With a few exceptions Barbados is a tired looking Caribbean island in need of a complete makeover.

    Have you heard of the Scottish chef called Gordon Ramsey? He is a “Michellin” chef and has a TV program (shown in America) where he visits struggling restaurants with the intention to turn them around by offering them advice.

    Have you seen the natural beautiful island of Grenada, Dominica, et al.? Barbados is the ugly duckling within the Caribbean region. Yet the tourists still come. If they are so dumb then they deserve to be taxed, heavily, for the privilege of visiting Barbados.

  35. So here we have a cuntry that is advocating in increase in departure taxes for a tourism product “land of pure sands, the sea and the sun” and a visual assault on people as they leave the seaport walking to our UNESCO designation.

    Or from our airport coming towards our city with the Death Island in the middle of the ABC highway (bless Abijah’s soul)

    Let me show you what is thought leadership in tourism Honourable Blogmaster.

    Mr. Loveridge

    How many people or bed nights do you have to secure for your hotel to break even?

    Can you provide audited financials to support that number for review by the requisite authority?

    Can you then provide a ratio of Marketing $$ to securing each of your guests? going back for the last 10 years?

    Is the ole man correct to assume that their is a relationship between your marketing spend and the tourists that you get?

    Can a number be put on that? and can a similar $$ amount be put on the value of each tourist for you to break even? and at the macro level what is the value of each of your tourists to the money that tourism generates for barbados each year?

    Are either of you gents getting where i am going with this?

    Paul doyle declares an annual occupancy level of x and therefore there is either a clearly successful marketing campaign that he is using or he is laundering $$ for a cartel.

    and he can answer those questions to any Regulatory agency.

    If one puts US$70 on his or Loveridge’s guests both of these hoteliers can tell you immediately what the fallout is to their bottom line.

    If however the Government of Barbados can say to those hoteliers we propose to invest in a system that is going to cost “w”

    We know that we can show you that as a direct result of our system that you will get “x” visitors more.

    Once we can show you “x” visitors who you are valuing at $y we want to pay us z dollars per visitor for the use/benefits of our system.

    Any visitor who enters our system as a “Clean Skin” is thereafterwards part of our Tourism perpetuity income IRRESPECTIVE OF which hotel/accommodation that he remains at, hopefully it will be yours.

    It is incumbent in this government to invest in its hoteliers as opposed to punishing them with these draconian taxes.

    But then again de ole man would be speaking to a government that Really Cares and is not into TSHIRT GIMMICKS

  36. Time is against de ole man so like in John 13:27 “that which I have to do I must do quickly”

    Dem carry de ole man here de other day and confirm dat what de ole man was thinking is both possible and practical

    Because de white man doing it

    These are all “fronts” not the fronts that does sell on Bush Hill but facades.

    We need a quick fix Talking Loud and Saying Nothing that makes the place look good even though it is just the front of a building that is affixed to our old decrepit city.

    Maybe the InterAmerican Develoment Bank would invest in something like this under its Sustainable Cities programme

    Let de ole man explain

    “…What is ESC ?

    The Emerging and Sustainable Cities Program (ESC) is the IDB’s non-reimbursable technical assistance program providing direct support to national and subnational governments in the development and execution of city Action Plans.

    ESC employs a multidisciplinary approach to identify, organize and prioritize urban interventions to tackle the main roadblocks that prevent the sustainable growth of emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean. This transversal approach is based on three pillars: (i) environmental and climate change sustainability, (ii) urban sustainability, and (iii) fiscal sustainability and governance…”

    But then again who is we ammmmmm Talking Loud and Saying Nothing?

    Nobody ent give we no Caricom Ambassadorship!

    Nobody ent give we no Director of Communications position!

    Nobody ent want people like like we for dem Thought Leadership positions that paying people from three separate budget lines

    And certainly nobody ent ammmm change de constitution to bring we back to Bulbados fuh we to sit down in the Senate and play Pokeymon pun we Iphone right in front of Charles me Love you Jong Time streaming cameras.

    By the way you see that Mia still streaming Weather Advisories pun she facebook page?

    so CDEMA ent got the facility to do dat I guess


  37. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item that is in between the Facade Drivel and the Garbage Dump of the Caribbean Drivel

  38. US visa fees are raised without a murmur.
    Airlines raise their fees without a murmur.
    Special seating outside open seating on airplanes now carry a fee.
    Baggage fees are imposed and not a whimper.
    So what de rasshole wunna Mekking noise bout when de guvement institute a few on travelers ?

  39. I can imagine all these tiny islands rolling out tourism marketing strategies to bite Barbados in the arss and have Barbados reached its final destination to the bottom of the rock in tourism
    I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of these tiny Caribbean islands where tourism marketing strategies are rolled
    I bet most would be 😀 from ear to ear at the gift Barbados so happily gave them
    Jamaica is already boasting about a banner tourism numbers
    I guess there way of sending a shot across the bow.

  40. because Foul Mouth Bill JUST IN CASE YOU DID NOT NOTICE “…The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States was worth 19390.60 billion US dollars in 2017.

    The GDP value of the United States represents 31.28 percent of the world economy.

    GDP in the United States averaged 6991.52 USD Billion from 1960 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 19390.60 USD Billion in 2017 and a record low of 543.30 USD Billion in 1960.

    I will continue to enlighten you Foul Mouth Bill with another item copied fro the internet

    “According to National Geographic, the United States benefits from an abundance of natural resources, including forests, freshwater, oil and mineral deposits, along with fertile soil. Coal and natural gas resources help to boost the national economy of the United States…”

    Now hold on just a second while I look for the CIA fact book on Barbados’ natural resources…i going come back and paste that as soon as i find it.

    Barbados is a one donkey town called tourism AND WE SHOULD NOT TINKER WITH THE FIRST OPTION.

    Find a second one because once you and Oblong Head EF IT UP, IT CANNOT BE UN _ EFFED UP!!

    Wunna have a feller like Noel Lynch who is a master at marketing tourism product, ASK NOEL what he thinks of this fvcked up idea and if he says that it it worthwhile to tamper with this product while our ASSES ARE BEGGING THE IMF FOR MONEY well good effing luck to all uh wunnah


    Loveridge you see why i does doan write nuffin pun your blogs.

    Every time dere does come de badwords and mek me shame to be in the castle of my skin

  41. Look these knuckle heads have no idea for a recovery plan for barbados
    They rolled out taxation plans but not one thing said about a growth plan
    Now all one hear from the koolaid drinking suck poochers is leave govt alone to finish mashup and brek up
    What business in the world invite competitors to snatch up /steal their best selling product without them having to ask
    Wuhloss muh belly and they cuss sinckler day and night about a decimal point
    Now come to think of it they going give away they bread and butter for free. Lol

  42. @ Mariposa

    It does not take the remarks of an ex prime minister to comment on the idiocy of a US$75 departure tax.

    Someone would have to be a real chvunt not to understand how this idea is going to be deleterious to the mainstay of the Economy – tourism

    But let me also say that, armed as Mia is with her Thought Leaders, euphemism for the dredges of society that the political process in Barbados produces every five years, what else can one expect?

    The reason that Mia’s government will not continue to be a 30 to 0 representative construct in 2023 is very simple.


    She has continued in the same vein of Fumbles and Stinkliar and has put the screws on the most fragile in the Barbadian society otherwise called the poor man.

    So all the “pretend increases” for pensioners by 2023 WILL BE ABSOLUTELY KNOWN TO BE SLEIGHT OF HAND!!!

    But watch as wunna start to see what the old man prophecies manifest itself at Christmas with the decrease in spending that the merchants report.

    And the decrease in tourism arrivals that will be experienced by the 2nd quarter of 2019

    Where there is no vision the people perish…

  43. @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item that remarks on Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur s recent remarks

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