What’s UP With the Fence?


What the hell is going on in this country….can town and country planning explain this to the people of BARBADOS please

– The following video posted to Barbados Wall of Shame Facebook page.


117 thoughts on “What’s UP With the Fence?

  1. @David
    There was Cabinet meeting today, we are hoping that this matter was mentioned and will be addressed later. Prescod is not known to suffer this kind of thing gladly
    Where are those that protested against Doyle and the Crane?
    1) Was Prescod supposed to ride in and save the day? Looks like his horse is out of commission
    2) You have a penchant for asking these rhetorical questions and you have your finger on the pulse of the Nation so why don’t you answer your own question?

  2. A man by the name of Christopher Robinson who is the owner of Constant Plantation has been on the link with the video trying to scare me, saying that a lawyer is taking notes of the comments.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about Robinson. Any notes that a lawyer is taking, would be more likely to be about Robinson. That aside, the fence still up or have the neighbors extended theirs?

  4. Since “David” has not responded to my challenge let me answer for him in three words “De Election dun”. It made for good pre- election fodder to come down on the side of the “poor” vendors in opposition to a maguffy like Doyle. How dare he come down to Bim and take advantage of us natives even as he is pouring his money into the country. There were three blogs on this issue and many of the people have largely disappeared, does anyone remember the criticism leveled at the last Gov’t about this issue? There is a new boss in town and their belly full, long live “de beach belong to we”.

    Who cares if a few Bajans are discomfited by a fence on a beach?

    De Election dun!

  5. The RBPF formally warned Tonia Alexander for her incitementS to violence against the man whose fence protected HIS private property on the beach. Christopher Robinson was 100% correct that these blogs are watched by lawyers and law enforcement alike so if you threaten with violence you WILL be charged and properly so.

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