• Where are those that protested against Doyle and the Crane?


  • Gotta admire dem whiteys! Dem doan talk, dem does do! De fence still up and even de neighbors plan to extend dem own fence too and de police gone fuh de girl dat film de fence. Imagine I once witness a robbery in progress and I call de police and they tell they ain’t got no vehicle and call back later but a whitey could tell de police he feel threatened and brapps dey gone to arrest the woman! Wuhlah murdah, is plenty talk in de rumshop.

    Anyways PLT I wid wunnh in dis talking ting cause the whiteys ain’t got no use fuh me as I poor and powerless. Any fried chicken sharing cause you know we like we belly bad?


  • These foreign land owners will always be with us as they find that they have more privileges and rights in these islands than they would have in their own homeland.

    Our docility silences us and leads to inaction. Our predominantly Black constabulary are used to remind us that others have greater rights than us; they are used to silence the few sheep who dare to bleat.


  • I now provide a translation of PLT statistics and laws.

    Take off your shoes and socks; roll up your pant above the knees and keep a part of your body in contact with your body at all time. The beach is any land between you and the body of water.


  • Hehe
    Take off your shoes and socks; roll up your pant above the knees and keep a part of your body in contact with the WATER at all times. The beach is any land between you and the body of water.


  • Looks like the “lost decade” continues into the “lost one hundred days”……..


  • @ William
    What did you expect?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother Hants

    you asked the question and I quote “…Why don’t you suggest a better way to delineate beach front property than using a ” High water mark ” ?…”

    I learnt this about 40 nuff years ago during a class introducing the Systeme Internationale.

    “… In ancient times, the body ruled when it came to measuring. The length of a foot, the width of a finger, and the distance of a step were all accepted measurements.

    Inch: At first an inch was the width of a man’s thumb. In the 14th century, King Edward II of England ruled that 1 inch equalled 3 grains of barley placed end to end lengthwise…”

    With each change of the king the measuement of the day changed so the small hands Donald Trunk would have similar challenges regarding the amount of land he could claim as King.

    Now armed with that detail you would be right to ask what de badword de ole man is talking about?

    But bear with me my brother i getting there

    De old man would change the rules of the town and country planning for the entire island

    I would create a “SWATHE” a virtual band that would allocate the measurement of the widest beach in barbados TO ALL BEACH FRON PROPERTY and then deed the virtual usage of the part of existing structures in the SWATHE to owners at 2018 ON A TEMPORARY BASIS.

    IF such SWATHE IS 50 feet wide from the hightide then whatever property that you have between 50 foot and the sea IS TEMPORARILY ALLOCATED TO YOU and your heirs for a long as I the owner of Crown Lands so deem fit.

    As to that finger thingy and its connection

    I would go to the centre of the road that is closest to the coast in any area of barbados and let beach owners take out their “appendages” if male, or reveal them IF FEMALE and determine the amount of land that is theirs by virtue of the distance that they are able to project their urine while being observed by other bajans on TV streamed by Mr Charles Jong regionally.

    You think that would solve the problem heheheheheh cause fellers like Pain and Teets would not want all Barbados to see their “shortcomings” heheheheheheh and as we get older you dun know that we cant even pee one foot away from our bodies heheheheheheh


  • The fence come down yet? Not holding my breath.


  • @ Ping Pong
    This is Barbados.
    The REAL question is…
    Has the neighbours’ fences been EXTENDED yet….?


  • The more pertinent question is why was there the hullabaloo against Doyle and the Crane compared to this one?


  • @David
    There was Cabinet meeting today, we are hoping that this matter was mentioned and will be addressed later. Prescod is not known to suffer this kind of thing gladly
    Where are those that protested against Doyle and the Crane?
    1) Was Prescod supposed to ride in and save the day? Looks like his horse is out of commission
    2) You have a penchant for asking these rhetorical questions and you have your finger on the pulse of the Nation so why don’t you answer your own question?


  • A man by the name of Christopher Robinson who is the owner of Constant Plantation has been on the link with the video trying to scare me, saying that a lawyer is taking notes of the comments.


  • I wouldn’t worry about Robinson. Any notes that a lawyer is taking, would be more likely to be about Robinson. That aside, the fence still up or have the neighbors extended theirs?


  • Since “David” has not responded to my challenge let me answer for him in three words “De Election dun”. It made for good pre- election fodder to come down on the side of the “poor” vendors in opposition to a maguffy like Doyle. How dare he come down to Bim and take advantage of us natives even as he is pouring his money into the country. There were three blogs on this issue and many of the people have largely disappeared, does anyone remember the criticism leveled at the last Gov’t about this issue? There is a new boss in town and their belly full, long live “de beach belong to we”.

    Who cares if a few Bajans are discomfited by a fence on a beach?

    De Election dun!


  • @Sargeant

    Assumed it was a rhetorical.


  • The RBPF formally warned Tonia Alexander for her incitementS to violence against the man whose fence protected HIS private property on the beach. Christopher Robinson was 100% correct that these blogs are watched by lawyers and law enforcement alike so if you threaten with violence you WILL be charged and properly so.


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