• @ David
    I know Comrade Prescod, I honestly agree with you. Let’s wait and see. Comrade Glenroy Straughn and I had similar battles trying to defend beach vendors almost thirty years ago.
    We need to put a stop to this nonsense immediately.


  • “Prescod is not known to suffer this kind of thing gladly.” Who the eff cares? Wuh he going do? Tek the Israel Lovell drummers down there and beat de bongos till the Jones run away screaming?!

    @PLT, I am quite poor and powerless. Am I not on BU?! I am tired of being powerless and supporting a losing side! So why not support the rich and powerful even if they would piss on me given a chance at least I am not deluding myself that I matter but hey don’t let me rain on the parade!

    I would bet that not one person who is bothered by this fence has brought it to the attention of the authorities i.e T&CP office or the NCC. It’s easier to moan on Facebook and BU.

    Since I made my tongue-in-cheek post there have been 20 posts, most confirming that we are just full of hot stale air!


  • Both governments were and are all useless jokers allowing a bunch of white boy bullies to do as they like on the island for the last 52 years…..where is the self awareness and self respect…all these government ministers and lawyers know to do is thief and mostly only from their own people.


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    @ Hants August 30, 2018 3:53 PM

    The problem may not that we switched to GPS landmarks, the issue may be that we have not switch the lawyers or the enforcers?


  • @Hants August 30, 2018 8:29 AM “There was a guard wall at Greensleeves that was almost in the sea. The owner was a billionaire who seemed to be able to buy anything he wanted in Barbados.”

    Isn’t Greensleeves on the land side? Not the seaside?


  • @ Simple Simon,

    Greensleeves became part of Luxury home of Hans Rausing and includes a beach front mansion.



  • Ah yes.

    And things did not work out too well for his son Hans Kristian Rausing, the one who when his wife died was too drugged up to make a single simple phone call to the undertaker, and left her body in the house to rot, to become a stinking, rotten mess.

    More money than sense.



  • The National Conservation Commission has advised the public that Heywoods Beach (North), St. Peter, will be temporarily closed until Saturday, December 15.


  • Did the useless police in Barbados ever check this mansion for drugs like they chase down their own people for every marijuana leaf and seed.

    The wealthy use heroine, cocaine etc…drugs that can never be legalized…right in Barbados …so when the wife was held at the US Embassy in UK with drugs.heroine, cicainr ..did the nuisance drug squad in Barbados search their mansion…I bet not..the coward wusses only know how to harass and lock up their own people.


  • so when the wife was held at the US Embassy in UK with drugs.heroine, COCAINE…


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Ms. Peggy Green

    I read what you said and i quote

    “…A judge, also not believing, sent him to the Green Gates for psychiatric evaluation and observation – his story was also not believed here. He said he became so scared after no one listened to him that he could not speak…”

    Let the ole man talk to you a second about the phenomenon of the terrorist and the inadvertent radicalization of a clean skin jihadist

    Your response is going to be like many others here “what the badword…” But I have a purpose albeit a dual one, and I will share it with you.

    When Islamic men are incarcerated in the populations of 1st word countries many are beaten and raped.

    Beating is “psychologically acceptable” for any man. We sit and plot revenge. And sometimes get beaten again.

    Raping IS NOT and culturally this is anathema for such individuals and breeds a venomous hatred against the societies these guys find themselves in.

    If an examination is made of these specific examples it will be found that the radicalisation of certain of these persons has taken on a specific profiling to attract the silently venomous…

    That said let me continue.

    That young man is perfect material for radicalization

    He was “raped” by this system and has every right to go to Marl Hole to the nearest “***”, engage the services of Smith & Wesson as his attorneys and Judge and exact a poor man’s justice.

    THEY know who then can do that to.



    And if you doubt me just ask Mariposa and she will tell you that de ole man ent lie.

    So there we have it.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.

    I got the grandson to create a Facebook account so de ole man got de grandson composing a 60 minutes video for the Ermine Atwell family members.

    It will take some time BUT …once it is finished…they can start to publicize the affair with a different more ammmmmm emotive video


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for Ms. GREEN


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Peter Lawrence Thompson

    Do you have a measuring tape?

    Do you have a can of red Kevlar spray paint?

    Take said spray can and go to that referenced Beach, or any offending beach in Barbados, and measure that permitted distance and show video of the infraction.

    Take pictures too of the same measured distances as eell as pictures of the property, and send de ole man a link to those uploads via the confidential exchange on BU

    Not Dropbox folder items though.

    They must be displayed on your site and permit for screenshotting software to “record” the screen.

    That is because the actual picture permit trojans namely ssh tunneling commands to be effected on receiving machines

    heheheheh that technical note is not for you Peter. The party knows who they are.

    De fellows waiting pun wunna doah, try a ting nuh?

    Unlike Barbados where the Rule of Law is NOT OBSERVED unauthorized computer access is a crime punishable under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 28 USC . 1029

    GIVEN the incident with the erstwhile Honourable Pornville AND THE FACT THAT WUNNA FELLERS IS BIG BOYS why not try a ting nuh?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Forgot to mention that it is the United States Secret Service fellers who do effect thus type of action and these fellers ore serious than Donvilles DOJ crew.

    Do a ting nuh?

    Steupseee you are enemies to the people and will either cease in these practices or be exposed by the mightiest country in the world AFTER RUSSIA? Heheheheh cause it is said Putin has A. Dump in his back pocket.

    Stick to the plan of empowering BAJANS and not spying on us AND ALL WILL BE WELL.

    Trust me on this one, I have not been wrong on anything so far and I gain nothing by lying with the shadows of the evening gathering around do I?


  • Thanks Hants!

    Looks like Sargeant got his answer. There is waterfront work being done by a contractor commission by the NCC.


  • Talking |Loud,

    No. I do not believe the BLP or DLP governments are ever on the side of the people. They see protests as being a nuisance. They are on the side of the dollar.
    On the other matter, you know and I know that a lot of these foreigners come to the Caribbean and get away with murder, things they could not do at home.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mr. Hal Austin

    Hal, you may recall riding in a Rocklyn Bus with the conductor spanning the back wheel to take the fares of passengers in the 3 back rows (two of which faced each other)

    Both the driver and the passengers were disposed to tell an conductor to come in their row when the bus was approaching a narrow walled area AND HE WOULD LISTEN!

    These politicians remind me of the newer ZR rabble who when you tell the conductor that he is dangling dangerously from the overpacked ZM in the starwell, HE BUSES YOU YUH FADDAH AND YOUR MUDDAH badword as is recorded gy Dr Duguid in the house of assembly not too long ago.


    Have you ever attended a town hall consultation in Barbados?

    From the time you take the microphone you are seen as the enemy!!!

    And while you say that “protests are a nuisance” de ole man would say that “merely opening your mouth is seen as dissent AND FOR THAT YOU ARE TARGETTED”

    You try it, and you will see that UNLESS YOU HAVE A GOLD SPOON IN YOUR MOUTH, you are heckled by the planted supporters of the administration that is represented on the podium AND THE CHAIRMEN (Mao) always smile and conveniently do not call anyone to order during the exchange


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    As a people we have to “eat” a different food.

    So that when you come fact to face with this racism FOR TO CALL IT ANYTHING ELSE IS PURE IDIOCY, that we are able to recognise it for what it is.

    Here is some of the “food” that de ole man advises you to “eat”


  • Piece,

    Dem people still celebrate Columbus Day!


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Why don’t you suggest a better way to delineate beach front property than using a ” High water mark ” ?

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Hants the best way to delineate beach front property is to use Gabby’s suggestion: the first grain of sand belong to Barbados and Bajans. End of story. Everything will be clear after that.


  • Piece,

    I travelled on Trotman’s buses and Harold ‘Zeek’ Tudor’s garage was in the Ivy (it is still there). So I had a good experience of the buses before the Transport Board was created. We used to ‘hop’ buses. I knew about the buses before Google came along.


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    I want you all to know the white racist in the video sent corrupt Barbados Police earlier today to the young lady’s house who recorded the Beach Fence video and posted on Facebook that he was threatened by her.


  • Why are you putting fences around white peoples houses and not letting them out


  • The young woman who filmed the video has stated that the man in question who has the beach enclosed sent the police for her stating that she has threatened him. I told her to file a complaint with the police and to provide them with a copy of the video.
    It is time for all to take action. This bold face man not only has the audacity to enclose the beach beyond the high water mark but to call the police with a set of lies that he was threatened. He is trying to play the role of victim.


  • Where are those that protested against Doyle and the Crane?


  • Gotta admire dem whiteys! Dem doan talk, dem does do! De fence still up and even de neighbors plan to extend dem own fence too and de police gone fuh de girl dat film de fence. Imagine I once witness a robbery in progress and I call de police and they tell they ain’t got no vehicle and call back later but a whitey could tell de police he feel threatened and brapps dey gone to arrest the woman! Wuhlah murdah, is plenty talk in de rumshop.

    Anyways PLT I wid wunnh in dis talking ting cause the whiteys ain’t got no use fuh me as I poor and powerless. Any fried chicken sharing cause you know we like we belly bad?


  • These foreign land owners will always be with us as they find that they have more privileges and rights in these islands than they would have in their own homeland.

    Our docility silences us and leads to inaction. Our predominantly Black constabulary are used to remind us that others have greater rights than us; they are used to silence the few sheep who dare to bleat.


  • I now provide a translation of PLT statistics and laws.

    Take off your shoes and socks; roll up your pant above the knees and keep a part of your body in contact with your body at all time. The beach is any land between you and the body of water.


  • Hehe
    Take off your shoes and socks; roll up your pant above the knees and keep a part of your body in contact with the WATER at all times. The beach is any land between you and the body of water.


  • Looks like the “lost decade” continues into the “lost one hundred days”……..


  • @ William
    What did you expect?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother Hants

    you asked the question and I quote “…Why don’t you suggest a better way to delineate beach front property than using a ” High water mark ” ?…”

    I learnt this about 40 nuff years ago during a class introducing the Systeme Internationale.

    “… In ancient times, the body ruled when it came to measuring. The length of a foot, the width of a finger, and the distance of a step were all accepted measurements.

    Inch: At first an inch was the width of a man’s thumb. In the 14th century, King Edward II of England ruled that 1 inch equalled 3 grains of barley placed end to end lengthwise…”

    With each change of the king the measuement of the day changed so the small hands Donald Trunk would have similar challenges regarding the amount of land he could claim as King.

    Now armed with that detail you would be right to ask what de badword de ole man is talking about?

    But bear with me my brother i getting there

    De old man would change the rules of the town and country planning for the entire island

    I would create a “SWATHE” a virtual band that would allocate the measurement of the widest beach in barbados TO ALL BEACH FRON PROPERTY and then deed the virtual usage of the part of existing structures in the SWATHE to owners at 2018 ON A TEMPORARY BASIS.

    IF such SWATHE IS 50 feet wide from the hightide then whatever property that you have between 50 foot and the sea IS TEMPORARILY ALLOCATED TO YOU and your heirs for a long as I the owner of Crown Lands so deem fit.

    As to that finger thingy and its connection

    I would go to the centre of the road that is closest to the coast in any area of barbados and let beach owners take out their “appendages” if male, or reveal them IF FEMALE and determine the amount of land that is theirs by virtue of the distance that they are able to project their urine while being observed by other bajans on TV streamed by Mr Charles Jong regionally.

    You think that would solve the problem heheheheheh cause fellers like Pain and Teets would not want all Barbados to see their “shortcomings” heheheheheheh and as we get older you dun know that we cant even pee one foot away from our bodies heheheheheheh


  • The fence come down yet? Not holding my breath.


  • @ Ping Pong
    This is Barbados.
    The REAL question is…
    Has the neighbours’ fences been EXTENDED yet….?


  • The more pertinent question is why was there the hullabaloo against Doyle and the Crane compared to this one?


  • @David
    There was Cabinet meeting today, we are hoping that this matter was mentioned and will be addressed later. Prescod is not known to suffer this kind of thing gladly
    Where are those that protested against Doyle and the Crane?
    1) Was Prescod supposed to ride in and save the day? Looks like his horse is out of commission
    2) You have a penchant for asking these rhetorical questions and you have your finger on the pulse of the Nation so why don’t you answer your own question?


  • A man by the name of Christopher Robinson who is the owner of Constant Plantation has been on the link with the video trying to scare me, saying that a lawyer is taking notes of the comments.


  • I wouldn’t worry about Robinson. Any notes that a lawyer is taking, would be more likely to be about Robinson. That aside, the fence still up or have the neighbors extended theirs?


  • Since “David” has not responded to my challenge let me answer for him in three words “De Election dun”. It made for good pre- election fodder to come down on the side of the “poor” vendors in opposition to a maguffy like Doyle. How dare he come down to Bim and take advantage of us natives even as he is pouring his money into the country. There were three blogs on this issue and many of the people have largely disappeared, does anyone remember the criticism leveled at the last Gov’t about this issue? There is a new boss in town and their belly full, long live “de beach belong to we”.

    Who cares if a few Bajans are discomfited by a fence on a beach?

    De Election dun!


  • @Sargeant

    Assumed it was a rhetorical.


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