Land Dispute Between Sir Charles ‘Cow’ Williams and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite

Submitted by Neil a Holder, Political Leader, Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) – Press Release



Sir Charles Williams

I followed this matter in the print media of the Sunday Sun last week and have since heard of a banter on the radio program “Brasstacks” between Sir. Charles Williams and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite regarding this issue! At this juncture I wish to state very clearly that I have been privy to three occasions prior to the elections where I have personally engaged Sir Charles on this subject on behalf of Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite with both gentlemen present.

In my opinion, Sir. Charles had exhausted every avenue to have the gifted lands approved by the Town and Country Planning Department from inception. From our initial meeting, Sir Charles profusely apologized to Ambassador. Ryan Brathwaite for the protracted delays experienced over the past 9 years citing the then Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart as being the hindrance to the handing over of the lands with the relevant approvals.

In his usual candour Sir Charles gave us a dossier of a multiplicity of correspondence to the Town and Country Planning Department and the Ministry of Agriculture to outline the arduous process and the status to date. This was followed up by an introduction to Sir Charles’  Physical Planners who in return forwarded every iota to both Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite and myself spanning the 9 year period.

It was upon confirmation of receipt of the documentation that Sir Charles gave me full authority to pursue the completion of this matter citing the possibility of my placing some political pressure on the government to do right by Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite. Both gentlemen were extremely frustrated for obvious reasons as Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite wanted to acquire the lands and Sir Charles wanted desperately to deed the gift offered with the relevant permissions.

When asked why Sir  Charles did not alternately choose to offer up a parcel at Apes Hill, the initial reason for the location of the agreed and substantive parcel was that of the locale in relation to the village (Hillaby) where the Ambassador grew up. This was all cited by Sir Charles in the media of recent.

As I came to be acutely aware that Sir Charles had indeed exhausted all channels to acquire the relevant Permissions; I instructed the Ambassador not to engage the media on the matter in the presence of Sir. Charles in the hopes that we could have approached the Hon. Fruendel Stuart in order to have the file reviewed with every expectancy that it would be favourably granted the permissions sought.

To my dismay some two (2) weeks later there was an article in the electronic media where Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite allegedly spoke at length with the press regarding the issues. This was against our mutual agreement in the presence of Sir. Charles and my subsequent admonishment not to go to the public domain with what was at present a very sensitive issue. When Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite was confronted on the matter, his response was that he received a telephone call from that specific media house to query the progress to date on the approvals.

My verification with the media house concluded that Ambassador Brathwaite reached out to them to give the story even against our admonishment and his agreement not to do so in order that we could engage the Prime Minister. By this time I became aware that Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite out of total frustration was becoming devoid of reasoning.

I contacted Sir Charles to apologize for the matter having reached the media which was contrary to our last agreement and understanding. Sir Charles was quite gracious and we then agreed to proceed as planned to have an audience with Prime Minister Stuart.

Once more to my shock and dismay during a conversation with Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite it was revealed to me that he had high hopes of selling the land in order to pursue funding for the preparation process leading up to the World Games qualifiers and the 2020 Olympics.

At that juncture I grew very concerned that an athlete of this calibre was not being subsidized by the Ministry of Sports. I immediately tried to reach out to the then Minister the Hon. Stephen Lashley who refused to accept calls from both Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite and myself. I was later informed that the minister did respond to the Ambassador through a subordinate and gave assurances that he would also have the planning approvals garnered through the Hon. Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister.

This matter has indeed been a political football that has been kicked off field for reasons only known to the Democratic Labour Party Administration which up until election time has never addressed the issuance of permissions for the subdivision.

It is my hope that this will vindicate Sir. Charles and also engage the attention of the Hon. Mia Mottley Q.C, M.P, Prime Minister where a positive outcome will be concluded.
Let us be true Patriots and reward our Citizens who Excel beyond expectation.


  • Liesalot…when yall collude to deceive the bajan public going forward, dont think for a minute no one knows ya plans…this is not the 1950s -1990s…this is 2018…and you and your ilk will be shocked to find out what people know and the people who know it…and are very willing to expose it, cause that is what ya deserve.


  • The last government had no sense. A simple application of planning obligations could have been a win-win for all involved. Grant the subdivision on the condition that a percentage of the land/lots be set aside for future Barbadians who medal at the Olympics/World Championships.


  • @Enuff
    Grant the subdivision on the condition that a percentage of the land/lots be set aside for future Barbadians who medal at the Olympics/World Championships.
    What kind of cockamamie suggestion is that? Olympic/world championship medals for Barbados are few and far between and even COW would balk at that condition because his land will sit in perpetuity when it could have been sold.

    You sure you didn’t have some wobbly pops before you wrote that?

    But you in charge now so invite COW to submit another application and we will wait for the photo op….


  • Sargeant
    It’s called an obligation/condition for a reason. You OBLIGE or no permission and in this instance Cow has no legal legs to stand on–none! So don’t tell me about cockamie. Such an obligation/condition would not be impossible or onerous on the applicant and therefore would be enforceable. The lost of income from the sale of lots would not be a strong argument. Stick to what you know ’bout cuz clearly this type of legalese is foreign to you.


  • @ Sargeant,

    The BLP can be ” nice ” to COW like Owin was prior to 2008.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Sargeant

    You see how these people have become know it all experts?

    Look how you call out Enuff of Lorenzo duo on this idiot idea when you indicated that reserving all this land for Olympic gold medallist was flawed.

    You would have tried to explain to the dufus that because the likelihood of nuff more medallists was ammmmm remote, the idea they provided was pup.

    look what Einstein Enuff said.

    “…Stick to what you know ’bout cuz clearly this type of legalese is foreign to you.

    But den is part of Mia’s thought leaders



  • Ryan just needs money fast and is kicking up dust for that land but he Should show people he is not hungry and walk away and tell them keep it.


  • We now realize it is Neil Holder the buffoon in white who ran for political office with a no name party who wrote this essay. No doubt he forfeited his election deposit. Who of sane mind would listen to and vote for Neil Holder. The running for office by him and others makes a bigger mockery of the Westminster system than it already is.

    What is Ryan Brathwaite doing confiding in him as a go between Cow and himself. You trust COW at your peril. COW, Bizzy and the ostensibly non black cabal perfected the art of targeting the treasury of Barbados. Foreign investment is an after thought . The massive deals with government over the years have made the white elite super rich. At the same time consolidating the commanding heights of the economy and landownership in the hands of COW and his mates.

    There were rumors of Brathwaite falling afoul of his international sports sponsors who allegedly were unhappy with his progress. It is disturbing how fast he fell from world champion to an also ran. He’s still a great sports hero although his light went out too quickly. Cow is Cow. Words to describe Holder would violate the etiquette of the blog. The man and his alleged political party are the stuff of comedy. Brathwaite should seek alternative counsel.


  • Piece
    The salient part of my comment was not about Olympic/World Championship medallists you jackass. It was the principle of using the planning system i.e. the grant of approval to extract public benefits. I said athletes because RB is one but it could apply to other areas where a Barbadian excels–a Grammy/Emmy, Miss Universe/World, a patent etc. Nevertheless, the fact that we don’t win anything regularly does not mean that it wouldn’t happen; therefore, asking Cow to set aside some of the lots is being strategic. The land would not ‘spile’ but in the event someone wins something on the world stage, instead of scrambling, the whole of Bim would know a plot of land is available–“Winners Avenue”. While we await a winner, the lots would be open spaces in the area kept clean by Cow. Empty lots in Bdos is not new. Instead of talking shiite use your best friend Google and you’ll see that in jurisdictions where similar legal obligations or conditions are used, developers are required to contribute millions toward public infrastructure, job training, schools etc. They deliver them directly or pay the equivalent in cash. The act governing town planning is discretionary in nature and in many instances public benefits can be used to tip the scale in favour of approval. The same principle Cow is adopting in this instance–approve because our World Champion would benefit. I repeat, allow Cow to subdivide but attach obligation/condition. You too should stick to what you know–conspiracy theories.

    PS: I am an expert and before May 24. Rest me!


  • “therefore, asking Cow to set aside some of the lots is being strategic. ”

    The government is in charge of the people’s land bank…it is the government’s job to set aside land/empty lots for their own successful and gifted people, not Cow’s ….because he will always have an ulterior motive to rip off the treasury and pension fund in return, why allow him to rip off the people’s land then set up a land fund to give back to successful black bajans, what is wrong with you does that even make sense to anyone..

    There is enough land in the land bank for government to set up a “Winners Ave” ..for their people…why is an old land thief the one chosen to provide this when all the land sits in a land bank controlled by government.

    .Cow should have been in prison and out of the majority population’s life decades ago.


  • Enuff…if ya sniffing glue, stop, smoke some weed instead, it will open ya eyes and give ya more insight into reality.


  • What this is, a lesson to all of the promising athletes. Use your talents to get a scholarship. Get a good degree. Get a masters and then use those to get a job in the US, UK or Europe.

    Barbados / Barbadians have never cared about athletes and never will. When we watch the Jamaicans and Bahamians slaughtering the opposition at the Olympics, we cheer.

    But the Jamaicans and Bahamians know where their bread is buttered and support is derived.

    Barbadians do not.

    A gold medal means a lot to an individual but all you will get in Barbados is a smile and a well done. It will not get you a job like cricket did in the old days.

    Use athletics to get a degree and then ‘stop over and away’, if you want to get somewhere in life.

    Heed my words.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    You should have left “well enough” alone with your last idiotic comment to Sargeant and should not have arisen at 3.56 am to append to your mono track idiocy.

    The point cretin that was made is that for one man COW to be solely responsible for the welfare of ALL THE POTENTIAL OLYMPIC MEDALISTS under your hairbrained scheme is pure idiocy.

    No one person would be so foolish to commit their resources to your Winners Avenue because it would severely discomfort a single private sector land developer to first anticipate the amount of winners and then allocate said land in perpetuity for your idiocy

    Sargeant first showed you to be an idiot and WARU confirmed your idiocy.


    A wiser woman would have backtracked and said

    1.I am wrong to have suggested that the permission be granted for COW to change the use of this agricultural land for Ryan Brathwaite


    2.I was even more idiotic to suggest that COW block of his assets for such a scheme as opposed to making spontaneous acts of gifting that have much more currency to the bajan public that perceive him to be a rapist of crown lands.

    Continue on smartly.

    Ohhh and the Hoodie strategy is quite ammm puerile AND IS NOT MY ACHILLES HEEL heheheheh.

    Let me explain that. When you cite the seeming? Incorrectness per Monique heheheheh you need to understand something. Sir Brandford had a modest home. (I know you don’t understand that heheheheheh)

    What is the brand of the Stoopid Cartoon? Where lies the “demerit”?

    Understandeth thou what thou readeth?

    I done been told wunna what is de ole man heel but you persist with these puerile goading exercises that only confirm your childish mentality as a political strategist and brings hellfire strikes on the tango.

    Heed her warnings and DO NOT ENGAGE since you ARE NOT & WILL NEVER BE the tango.

    I gone wait for “the call” Enuff of Lorenzo duo


  • There is a half hour video on FB this morning, a young man stumbled upon the Lauel Valley Slave Plantation in Louisiana, still intact, the houses built by slaves are still intact, though degraded, even a few outhouses are still intact..

    .., those of you who are still slaveminded need to take half hour out of your self inflicted and self afflicted mental enslavement and view that video. ..ya may actually learn something to help open ya eyes.


  • @ Enuff August 20, 2018 3:56 AM



  • @Tron ”scholarship = method to keep bright Barbadians on the plantation”

    The smart ones will take it, use it to get a degree, then get a job in the US or UK or Europe and get a loan to pay off the scholarship.

    It will be worth it.

    There is no future here for the really bright and hard working (which it takes to get a scholarship and even to perform well at those exams).


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for Enuff of Lorenzo duo thank you


  • Take time to understand your current predicament in Barbados, get rid of land thieves like Cow out of your lives, the island will go nowhere, the majority black population will go nowhere as long as these criminals are around and enabled by black governments… take a long hard look at your African ancestry and the follow up history.


  • Laurel Vally Slave Plantation, Louisiana.


  • Hahaaaa, too many of wunna pretend to be WOKE, but in a RH coma. It is clear from these comments. Bumping wunna gums about things that wunna don’t know, can’t understand and can’t conceptualise. What’s sad is that wunna convinced that what wunna saying makes sense. Before I go any further let me ask one simple question: which one of you know what is a planning obligation/gain? #iamWOKE


  • @enuff

    A creative suggestion? In this case do we know if the application by Sir Charles was to buy the swath of land or was it only the plot for RB.

    May be your suggestion could work a couple lots per development in areas where the sq ft is greater than x amount? Appreciate your point about maintaining open spaces.


  • Who gives a shit about a planning obligation/gain….it is accurate, but not the point.

    There would be no need for a planning obligation/gain..if the black governments got off their lazy asses, took care of their own athletes instead of sitting on their asses colluding with and allowing the likes of Cow to raid the land, outright theft, raid the treasury, outright theft, raid the pension fund, outright theft…then turn around and be insulting, condescending and disrespectful to the same black population he steals from…not to mention practice his nasty racism against..

    ….if the governments instead used the land and money belonging to THE PEOPLE to look after their gifted and creative people …who the hell would need to be given a planning obligation/gain…what the hell is wrong with you.

    besides anyone can google planning obligation/ is not rocket science..


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Crusoe.

    For a bajan *** you have spoken true words to these all these athletes.

    The sad travesty is that Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite is now 30 AND NO ONE IS PREPARED TO TELL HIM THAT HE HAS wasted his time with this government thing and his aspirations.

    Sometimes you have to know when “to fold and walk away…”

    9 years At 30 while a belly searcher is not an insurmountable obstacle

    @ Ryan Brathwaite

    Let de ole man suggest this.

    Create a Non Governmental Organisation called

    ” Outside the Winner’s Circle” with the tag line “the ultimate support mechanism for aspiring athletes.”

    Have as your landing page your story showing why you created the site.

    To assist the “almost there” athletes. The girls and guys like you; with talent and no money.

    Reach out to Rihanna for funding.

    Make the site into a virtual avenue for other athletes Ryan.

    There’s a lot of things you can do with this site young man.

    Avoid the rabble trousers like Neil who wishes to make this a political football.

    Go to COW and ask him to fund it. He is not a bad man as many of us here would like to point him out to be BUT as a minority one can understand these natural defences

    I would get de grandson to help you with the concept Ryan.

    In fact Ryan de ole man will go a bit further and give you the contact information for a feller who would give you a patentable idea pun dis seeming hurdle Ryan something that would permit you to generate real money

    And would make the name Ryan Brathwaite a world legend in a valley yet unfound

    The problem with these so called leaders, both the political ones and Chaiman Mia Mao ZeJong ‘s own, is that they CANNOT THINK.

    Like COW and Enuff of Lorenzo duo they are tied to the physical land and like Mia CANNOT SEE THE FUTURE AND THE OPPORTUNITIES.

    Some of us get that.

    And it’s a sad realization when you be a thoroughbred in a jackass race.

    Give it some thought and then if it makes sense reach out to de ole man for that referral

    OR NOT, cause OLE MAN notes that when the offers come wunna does mysteriously disappear heheheheh.

    As if warned away by intermediaries heheheheh but I ent saying a ting


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a recent submission for the young man and former Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite

    And a request to Sir Charles


  • I figured out some years ago that the self inflicted infestation and mental disease running through the legal fraternity, the judiciary and in the political landscape, the parliament …STILL ARE….they are keeping this destructive practice in play that if the black population needs ANYTHING…and mind you what they need already belongs to them…the wicked system set up by the aforementioned pushes and forces the people to either have to go through the evil minded low rent lawyers, the politicians or the low class thieving minorities on the island or the population cannot get anything done OR move forward, but now it has reached such a state of stagnation from that nonproductive practice that the island has completely STOPPED moving period…

    Look at yasvelves the same way others have observed you and figured it out…figured out what your self inflicted problems are…gosh.


  • David

    I repeat it is the principle so therefore it could be applied to other cases. I am not familiar with all the details of this case, but from what I gather from Cow’s comments on VoB he OWNS the land and appears to be looking at LOTS, he even mentioned providing some for staff.


  • @enuff

    Noted. In this forum we tend to play the man sometimes instead of pursuing thought leadership.


  • Yall doubt me, just ask the ankle bracelet shackled Donville Inniss what I am speaking about, him and his ilk know only too well what they did, it is now time for the people on the island to find out WHY THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO MOVE FORWARD..for the last 52 years..unless they left the country.


  • “Like COW and Enuff of Lorenzo duo they are tied to the physical land and like Mia CANNOT SEE THE FUTURE AND THE OPPORTUNITIES.”

    More like shackled to GREED and believe they should continue to shackle the black population to NEED.


  • careful WW it almost sounds like you said evil white people in other lands gave your brethren a leg up


  • Cow is only up front and centre because him Bizzy, Maloney, Bjerkham et al love to push themselves in front and give off the auras and stench of slave masters, no one would care about or remember any of them if they were not such shady characters …there are 7,500 minority whites on the island, many of whom I know personally….how come their names are not calling in these vile practices.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    And in the usual autocratic style of Chairman Mia Mao ZeJong supporters Enuff of Lorenzo duo comes to BU and says to us “lesser minds” cause we are not from the House of Assembly ilk “I have the solution, it is called planning obligations, Google it”

    You see the problem de ole man gots withese mightier than thou Chairman Mia Mao ZeJong supporters?

    The disdain they have for their fellow countrymen

    Here she is on the internet refusing to share the details of the concept with us, like her boss refused to share the details of Jong’s terms of reference.

    But she wants us to ammmm believe that she is discussing the matter with us sheeple as an equal.

    Google it much in the same vein that Lucille Moe expects to swallow down Chairman Mia Mao ZeJong ‘s Long March and breakfast speeches and the underhand illegal hiring of Charles Jong

    But “WATCH MUH NOW “


  • No Lawson…our well. loved satan in other lands did not have to prompt these fly by night small timers, they figured out how to be exploitative criminals and oppressors all on their own.. but our white satans will lock up these small time satans for us as long as they launder money and commit crimes in THEIR jurisdictions…we have to look after our white satans you


  • Lawson…steady yaself tiger…that video on Laurel Valley Slave Plantation is for information purposes should not be hitting the bottle this early.


  • David
    I am not bothered by the illiterati. We have been subdividing/changing use of agri land for eons–it is not new. Furthermore, the rigid approach to land use is obsolescent but that’s another discussion. However, with some progressive policy (not ignoring the need to keep certain lands in agri use), we could extract substantial public benefits from such approvals by embedding a more robust and transformative planning gain framework into the planning process. Mind you the damn opportunity already exists in the law but has not been used. Instead we have a know-it-all, who admits she does not know what is a RH planning obligation, talking shite. The other Oracle, a pseudo-specialist in malware, twists, turns and changes the argument when he’s been
    evaginated. He is so comatosed, that he interprets my recommendation as being focused on the “physical”, when in fact it is multi-faceted: fairness, equity, transparency, social and economic development and recognition and rewarding of our people who excel against the best in the world in a dignified manner. As we speak, I know someone who is involved in a scheme in the UK and their company must provide a medical clinic and a school as part of their development as an obligation to get planning approval. In Bdos meanwhile we are struggling to synthesise the concept of Cow being obligated to contribute a few lots to the public good. I’ll let the brayers continue to bray.


  • what Bim needs to do is develop a land sale law whereby land that is now in foreign ownership can be sold from foreigner to foreigner but other lands and that coming back into Bim ownership must be leased. leases could be 99 years. this would ensure that we do not find ourselves as tenants in our own country. if we want to copy and paste an appropriate law we can look at Fiji or most recently NZealand. land price is now around 15$ a sf, and that is for the cheapest. who in Bim can afford that and then have to build a house. ridiculous.

    but we need foreign exchange so i dont it will happen.


  • “Instead we have a know-it-all, who admits she does not know what is a RH planning obligation, talking shite.”

    I did not say I did not know what it is, I said although you are correct …that is not the point…

    Besides…both you and I know 20 years from now it’s still not going to get done, it will still be only talk from you, if ya can still talk then…..and inaction from the powers that be, who should be gifting directly to their successful people like aRyan….sin any input from the minorities or anyone else…so no need to raise ya pressure for something that is not needed…if the governments actually cared about their own and that will not hapoen, because they are too self absorbed, anal and lazy….ya can always get Mia to prove me wrong.

    Lawson…ya can call me by my African handle Waru ya know…are you afraid to or what, get over ya fixation with WW…a new beginning….new name, new woman,


  • @ enuff

    are you saying you have no issues with subdividing agricultural land or allowing people to build on what is termed zone 1 land? please explain


  • When Enuff is done panting, we will continue.


  • @James Greene

    You are aware this is a discussion that took placed in the Arthur administration when Dame Billie was the foreign minister when alien land holding legislation was touted. If memory serves the consensus was that this was not a good idea for a foreign investment thirsty jurisdiction like Barbados.


  • @ David

    thanks for the reminder. and here we are today. dont you think it is time to revisit? there is enuff land now in foreign ownership. and long term leases could work just as well.

    also i seem to remember DThompson thinking aloud about making St Philip to St Lucy on the eastern side available only to Bajans???


  • @ enuff
    Bushie is so disappointed to discover that you have the same damn mendicant, albino-centric attitude that guided the DLP parasites to genuflect and kowtow to COW, baloney, jerkham, bizzy and the other symbols of the old plantocracy over the past 10 years.

    Imagine the Barbados GOVERNMENT sniffing behind a cow’s ass for incentives for our WORLD CLASS athletic champions..
    Why is the Sports Council there?
    What does the Arts & Sports Fund do?
    Who audits the BOA?

    Bushie was hopeful that you had learnt enuff on BU to understand the need for SELF RESPECT to drive national policy.
    Instead, wunna are off and running along the IDENTICAL course that Stinkliar and Froon just recently disgraced.

    Just hearing of the deal with Coverley and baloney alone turns Bushie’s stomach…
    Small ‘deals’ with the Devil ONLY EVER lead to total capitulation…

    How soon will the Hyatt commence – now that you and YOUR ilk are set to benefit from the crumbs?
    Is the deathtrap at Coverley now acceptable – since your party became the new baloney poppet?
    How about the cement bond at the Flour Mill? has that now passed the shiite test…?
    Is the BWA building scam now sanctified…?

    Steupsss… There is NO HOPE for our asses.
    Too many damn shiite lawyers bout the place….


  • @Bush Tea

    You would have preferred for Coverley to be bulldozed left ‘barren’?


  • @James

    Of course, we operate in a dynamic environment and strategy must reflect the space in which we operate while aligned to the philosophy of a people.


  • Steupsss
    Everything in Barbados seems to mimic the sewerage plant….

    Why the hell in this day and age should young, talented athletes be exposed to the albino-centric whims and fancies of the parasites of society?
    Why would a talent like RB not have been SIGNED-UP into a program that would guide, nurture and PROTECT his future career and LIFE – once his immense talents were discovered?
    Why would such a contract not have ENSURED that all ‘gifts’ and incentives ( and THREATS) intended for him be channelled through a foundation managed by sports professionals along with his managers /parents ?

    Every time a little talent shows its head these parasites jump out of the woodwork looking to jump on board…. and rather than come with a NEW approach guided by SELF RESPEC, enuff keeps talking about “what has been done this way for decades….”
    No wonder mendicancy is rampant….


  • Bushie would prefer that JUSTICE be seen to be done.
    What is the arrangement that sees ownership of this piece of the country being structured as it is?

    Why is this arrangement accepted as a fait accompli? What has taxpayers contributed to it? What do taxpayers now own /benefit from it?

    Perhaps the Coverley plant should be even expanded, but it should be done in a way that ensures that TAXPAYERS are treated fairly.


  • However since Cloverly would soon be occupied by Ross students
    It takes on the transparency effect a guide to good goverence and not a govt agenda guided of a need to hide how much financial investment has govt given as concessions for the houses to be available to the Ross students


  • @Bush Tea

    You know the answer to your question. It was touched on by others on this very blog. Where in the pecking order do we position sports and culture related activities as a people? Which government will reallocate resources from health, education, agriculture and the traditional sectors to drive a relevant youth/sports program?


  • Of course, we operate in a dynamic environment and strategy must reflect the space in which we operate while aligned to the philosophy of a people(Quote)

    What does this nonsense mean in plain English? Is contemporary Barbadian education so bad that even so-called educated people cannot write a clear sentence? What dynamic environment? What space in which we operate? What philosophy of people?


  • But ya see that word NEED…appearing again….”we NEED the foreign exchange”….a perpetual state of NEEDINESS..

    …maybe ya won’t NEED so much and would figure out you ALREADY have EVERYTHING….if yall would get over ya mentally weak state…of thinking ya NEED what ya already have but are too blind to see.

    CLARITY would indeed enter the picture if all the shite lawyers were to magically disappear.


  • You know the answer to your question. It was touched on by others on this very blog. Where in the pecking order do we position sports and culture related activities as a people? Which government will reallocate resources from health, education, agriculture and the traditional sectors to drive a relevant youth/sports program?(Quote)


  • @ Hal

    was David schooled at Cawmere? lol


  • The government does not need to access funds to allocate a piece of land to Ryan or Rihanna or any bajan…it is Cow always jumps his and Bizzy’s ass in front to act like they control the land bank and are the only ones with access to gift black bajans anything…

    it’s the useless governments who do not stand up or man up…they let others with very bad motives do that…


  • “Which government will reallocate resources from health, education, agriculture and the traditional sectors to drive a relevant youth/sports program?”

    How much of taxpayer’s money paid Steve Stoute to sit on his fat bloated ass for 40 years doing nothing…..hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars that could have gone to athlete programs. many of these “officials” got free trips with perks while the athletes got nothing…


  • @James

    Did you understand the blogmaster’s comment?


  • I do not know, nor do I care. He certainly was not taught by Frank Collymore. He and one other contributor try every day to write in a convoluted language when simplicity will be more understandable. In fact, I only try to read David (BU) because he is chairman of the board and so gives directions to contributors. The other person is a waste of space.


  • @David

    i am with Hal on this one. it could have been written clearer. i read it a couple of times and after i took out the phrases Hal highlighted i think i understand- lol


  • @James

    Thanks, will try to dumdown a little.



  • @David

    dumbdown for me or Hal? be that as it may, you seem to agree that foreign land ownership in Bim needs to be revisited? what are you views on the topic? and should it be a standalone thread?


  • Enuff….ya embarrassed thinking people this morning, if ya dont smoke, drink some cannibas tea…you really do need to enter a state of enlightenment, what a pity you are locked into darkness like those on the blog who are suddenly very quiet.

    Darkness is not a good place to be.


  • Hal has always been an ass.
    It is understandable that a donkey will be confused by thinking such as Bushie’s….
    shiite, even genuine scholars are confounded…
    It is not possible to dumb down to Hal’s level and remain relevant.
    Thankfully he moved to England where he is comfortable and at home.
    Only God knows why he refuses to stay there at the social media level….

    Bushie understands fully what you are saying David, but the problem is wider and deeper that you continue to suggest.
    It all goes back to Barrow’s self image concept…..
    Unless we can solve THAT vision problem, all else is futile.


  • Land use is one of those recurring issues we discuss on BU. It was big in the 2007 campaign given Arthur’s approach to fetching the higest economic value for land. The DLP struck an emotional chord with Barbadians given the power dollars being invested on the West Coast at the time and blatant change of use permissions authorized by TP department/Minister for profit. Again the recall is that an argument was forwarded that the majority of registered land deeds were owned by locals. A numbers argument that negated the nuance of the market.


  • @ Enuff

    Lordy,Lordy, everyone knows I am not good at anything so what I to do? Let me show off my ignorance by commenting where the many BU Angels show no fear of treading. You show some real dexterity in quickly morphing your argument for lots for Olympic/World medalists to lots for Grammy winners; Miss World contestants etc., where do Pick of de Crop winners go? Williams is not running a charity and I doubt that he would want this bit of “noblesse oblige” to generate a future “oblige” to tie his and his descendant hands for the unforeseeable future.

    Then that change of use that you casually dismiss as “We have been subdividing/changing use of agri land for eons–it is not new” is quite a revealing statement, Stuart (remember him?)couldn’t have said it better when it came to the Hyatt but this is a whole new ball game as the players have changed, there is no thought as to why a change of use for this particular piece is in the best interests of Bajans, isn’t there a new Mins. of Town Planning and Agriculture who may have different approaches or has the die been already cast?

    You would have been more persuasive in your argument if you had suggested that developers build a play area for the children of the families they hope to attract, or create a catchment area to hold the runoff of water occasioned by the concrete jungle that will exist rather than have all this water contributing to the constant flooding that Bajans experience each time there is a heavy shower.

    As I said I will wait for the photo op or watch BGIS.


  • Jokers running amok while the nation’s children are watching and can SEE that there is no future for them when their leaders are so mentally deficient and intellectually poor.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hal Austin August 20, 2018 8:32 AM

    Reread what you wrote in 2014 (as one of many laboriously written boring ‘notes from a Native Son’ asreproduced below) and let us know if you still carry those deep-seated prejudices against non-Bajan Caricom nationals like the Guyanese-born now dead DPP and Muslims from T&T.

    (Quote) There is nothing convincing about Caricom’s many statements about cross-border banking and financial regulation that encourages one to have any faith in the current regime. A free trade area should remove import and export tariffs, passports for all people, not just graduates and other so-called professionals, citizens of one member-state should be citizens of all member-states. The barriers we should create should be around our external boundaries, with tougher conditions on entry, tighter controls on who can become citizens our (not Russian gangsters) and restrictions on dual nationality so that some of us cannot walk around with UK or US passports in our back pockets while pretending to be West Indians. Let us drill down our regional unity and remove the barriers that keep us trapped in small islandism (Unquote).

    Who is this “we and us” you keep referring to?

    BTW, have you renewed your ‘blue’ Bajan-Caricom passport or do you still flaunt your British/EU red book on arrival at GAIA?

    Those who seek linguistic purity must first come with clean (writing) hands, not so Billy Bunter?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    On August 19 @ 9.22 PM you said and I quote

    “…The last government had no sense. A simple application of planning obligations could have been a win-win for all involved.

    Grant the subdivision on the condition that a percentage of the land/lots be set aside for future Barbadians who medal at the Olympics/World Championships…”

    Thankfully your idiocy is now a permanent record for all to see.

    You were specific in your representation as it related to Sir Cow’s property.

    In fact you repeated the specific suggestion for the benefit of Sir COW when you said “.. I repeat, allow Cow to subdivide but attach obligation/condition…:

    Now AFTER YOUR IDIOCY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR WHAT IT IS you now see to move the goal posts with this goobledee GOOK idea about it being a global concept you were advancing.

    I been dealing with assholes like you for years the value of whose reasoning is best assessed by saying, if one gave you a cent to purchase your intelligence, you would get back change.

    Accept it Enuff of Lorenzo duo you have been outed.


  • @ David wrote

    “Arthur’s approach to fetching the highest economic and for its highest value for land.

    ” The DLP struck an emotional chord with Barbadians given the power dollars being invested on the West Coast at the time and blatant change of use permissions authorized by TP department/Minister for profit.”

    What you wrote is an accusation of conspiratorial criminal enterprise. What is the statute of limitations ?


  • Yes Hants, it was free for all. A lot of money was made by a few.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a recent submission to Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    I guess dem going feel dat Sargeant, Brother in Arms Bush Tea the Sage Annunaki and de ole man ganging up pun them Chairman Mia Mao ZeJong backside. Steupseee


  • BushTea
    It is not about genuflecting to Cow or the albino class. It is called pragmatism and good public policy, unless you want me confiscate the man land. It is an across the board approach to employing a more modern and appropriate planning system that focuses on strategic rather physical planning. Cow just happens to be the applicant in this case. My view of Hyatt remains and Coverley is still a poorly conceived development, which would be right at home as a student housing campus. I said so a few weeks ago. I support re-negotiating the lease arrangements too.

    Providing lots do not negate the building of a play area and or mitigating flooding/run-off. All of the above could be secured through conditions/obligations. We are talking about a legally binding obligation. It has nothing to do with running a charity. Look I done wid u, because I am wasting my time. Go use Google.

    Well, well
    Stick to learning languages, you should try Igbo next. But your tendency to get confused in debates is very obvious…again.🤣😂😂


  • &enuff

    Do not become frustrated, BU serves another purpose you know. Other social media people use BU as a sounding board for ideas, clarifications etc.


  • Lol…Enuff…ya think that is going to stop Cow et al from tiefing land and money, when yall weak willed negros still have not learned how to say no to a bribe…or put Cow and his ilk in their place….why ya think Dumbville is in the position he is in..

    Wait..why does everyone seem to want to tell me what language to learn when they themselves are learning none….have yall considered that YOU need to learn a couple languages to earn the skill of viewing the world in a new and different perspective instead of your current bowing and scraping while assuming the position to minorities who rob your people..


  • Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite has every right to agitate for the gift which was offered to him. I am surprised that Mr. Holder from the Barbados Integrity Movement would try to put the blame on Ryan Brathwaite when he did nothing wrong. Should Ryan continue to allow persons to take advantage of him and not speak up about it?

    This gift offered by Sir Charles was a con to begin with. He knew that he had petitioned the town and country planning department to change the use of the land. This permission was not granted and I am sure the Town Planner has a justifiable reason for not granting the change. Why then proceed to offer this piece of land as a gift knowing that Ryan would not be able to do much with it?

    What seems a likely scenario was the hope that the overwhelming public favour which Ambassador Brathwaite had gained after his victory could be used to persuade the town planner to issue a change of use for the land. This would allow Ryan to get a piece of the rock which he deserved and the public would be happy that he was being rewarded for his accomplishments.

    This scenario would place our town planner in a compromising position of using emotions as the basis for making critical decisions. I wonder if the Barbados Integrity Movement would not have a problem with a civil service which operated like this.

    This situation highlights that we do not take our athletes seriously. You gifted a world class athlete a gift that he was not able to derive any value from even a decade after. He could not use it to build a comfortable home that he would have some security after his career or even to use its value to assist him in meeting the high cost to train and compete at an international level.

    There is no excuse for this injustice.


  • Good comment Jason. One side of this 3-sided issue.


  • That’s because Cow was determined to benefit more from Ryan’s accomplishments than he did,., through the sale of million dollar properties to fireign whites only…using Ryan’s success….dont mind that idiot

    Holder is a jackass extraordinaire the penultimate house negro.


  • Enuff,

    i have to agree re Coverley. it is a blight upon the landscape of Bim, when it could have been so much more. on one of my quarterly trips to Bim using my red EU passport or maybe it was my blue one, i happened in the area. i was marginally pleased with the development until i saw what i was told were the houses for sale. the houses are matchboxes, built so close to each other you would be able to hear a low key conversation at your neighbour. i would hate to think the nosies that would be heard by a neighbour who has a particularly animated couple involved in getting to know each other as Adam knew Eve. whoever gave permission to build those so called houses should be quartered and whoever built them should suffer the same fate.

    i have the same view of those colourful ones going down the highway 2. if govt is building starter home on small plots why build them smack dab in the middle of the lot? why not build them in a corner so that future expansion could take place toward the centre? and if you want buyers to expand upwards why not build with a flat concrete floor/roof? and why the house are so damn small? the DLP should have lost the election for that alone.

    but my biggest angst is the desecration of the west coast by that Arthur administration. it sold everything on the west coast that could be sold. like David said it was a free for all. Arthur even had CP to sell but the old boys complained and he relented. i would never forgive the BLP for that. it has uglied up the beautiful coastal area.


  • @ enuff
    You need to be VERY careful that pragmatism does not get in the way of your government’s good intent.
    The path to Hell is paved with good intent…. Be guided by the way that Caswell tends to think generally…


    Talking about COW’s land assets …
    Do you think that a THOROUGH investigation and TRANSPARENT verdict is due to all Barbadians on the claim by Plantation Deeds with respect to the ordeal which he described to have been undergone by his late relative…???

    Unless the FOUNDATION of our land assets is properly and transparently fixed, ANYTHING else that your government attempts to build on that foundation will be fundamentally flawed…

    You KNOW this….

    On another note…
    Are you comfortable that your government continues to LAG with investigations into the many alleged examples of bribery and misappropriation such as CLICO, CAHILL, and the MULTITUDE of other examples that have been highlighted by YOUR VERY ministers – ESPECIALLY in light of the recent revelations related to Dumbville?
    Yet you continue to work with the VERY SAME people who would have facilitated this shiite….

    Mia continues to say all the right things….
    BUT… if you continue to lay with certain animals, you will catch fleas….


  • Right on WARU.You express an unblinkered view with which I agree 99.9% of the time.Barbados and the Caricom need to get rid of these lowlife albino centric dinosaurs from our countries


  • Gabriel…if the likes of Cow et al were useful to the majority population, is one thing, but they are not and they are replaceable. .. all they do is suck these islands dry, it’s not like they are sucking from UK, US, Canada etc, because those countries would never allow them to take such distasteful liberties of stealing land or bribing ministers to get contracts or stealing from old people’s pension fund…could you see Cow stealing from US Social Security or stealing state land because he believes he is entitled …without consequences that involve many years in prison.

    ..these parasites make sure when they steal from the majority black population…that there is nothing left…and from the minute the economy starts to recover,., they are back again to take by the hundreds of millions in money or land or whatever their gluttonous greed, envy and jealousy wants….with blind fools like Enuff and bribetaking government ministers like u know who now shackled in NYC…more than willing to accomodate these thieves…this must end, cannot be allowed to continue it is not sustainable and only the weakest willed black people would believe they need them in their lives like they needed slave masters,….a totally delusional shame and disgrace. ..being repeated post slavery…

    Too many blacks learned nothing from that experience and there is Enuff with his head filled with crap, trying to put a legal spin on it to justify why young athletes and other successful young black peoplr should be beholden to a minority land thief none of them need in their lives, when the government got a land bank belonging to the majority population…and can gift land to theur successful young people l

    No one on the island needs Cow…only weak idiots think they do, when he finally croaks…what will they do…fools…am sure Enuff will want to die too.

    If we do not talk about it and give it the exposure it deserves, it will never end.

    There will be no future for the majority population….as intended by minority parasites…as long as that stale mentally of needing slave masters persist, particularly in bribetaking leaders.


  • when the government got a land bank belonging to the majority population…and can gift land to their successful young people at any time and any amount of land.


  • @Gabriel

    In order for Sir Charles et al to access loans from the NIS for example do you know what is the approval process? If you answer the question honestly we can treat to the problem more directly.


  • David
    I am not flustered. Some ideas are too high for many to understand. Setting aside a few lots for future champions is idiotic because we don’t win regularly, that’s the argument. I guess we shouldn’t demand a building code that would be as resilient as possible to hurricanes and earthquakes because we seldom experience these natural disasters. The epitome of igrunce. And when I point out that the list of recipients could be expanded and the principle applied to other developments, I am accused of shifting. 🤣🤣🤣 #iremainWOKE


  • Don’t pant or breathe fire either my man Enuff….we will get through this


  • If you knew what was coming down ya would adopt a new perspective, but that is yall business, I can only do my civic duty and warn…no one can say I dont give warnings..


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    You are a badword liar Enuff of Lorenzo duo and anyone who reviews your submission will see that YOU DID NOT BEGIN YOUR POSIT WITH NO ALL INCLUSIVENESS.

    It was only when Sargeant and James Greene and Bush Tea and the Sage Annunaki called you out on your shyte commentary that you haul you badword out of Dodge City and get pun this pretend horse of “setting aside a few lots for future Barbadians and achievers”


    but instead of recanting and saying “looka i was did talking bare pup you come at 11.45 a.m. and make dis ingrunt statement about the EPITOME OF IGNORANCE.

    But that is par for the course for you and your lot.

    Look how in the face of incontrovertible evidence of the fact that Chairman Mia Mao Ze Jong said that Charles Jong is her Director of communications she is not recanting that pronouncement VIA PROXY LUCILLE MOE and calling the man a cuntsultant.

    But doan worry bout that lie causing T. Inniss and Mariposa going get a copy of the contract that Jong was issued as Director of Communications and submit that to BU with the second Cuntsultant contract showing how Chairman Mia Mao lied


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    An item for Enuff of Lorenzo Duo needs your assistance


  • Lol…Enuff is getting giddy, we have to keep him grounded so he dont end up keeping Dumbville company.


  • WARU


  • Dumbville said that


  • @James Greene August 20, 2018 7:29 AM @ enuff. are you saying you have no issues with subdividing agricultural land or allowing people to build on what is termed zone 1 land? please explain

    A little birdie told me that the civil servants/technical experts have long since prepared a new zoning regime. But the Parliamentarians have not yet passed it into law.


  • At least Mia is a quick study, she listens and as long as she does thst, we will have heŕ back, it’s time to get all these parasitic, minority hangers on like Cow et al out of the people’s lives and off theiŕ backs so that the people and country can finally produce and progress for themselves which will allow everyone on the island to benèfit..

    ..same thing we posted about, under the last administrstion with weak willed corrupt ministers these specific parasites helped raped the country, yet they are still not satisfied and want more millions. they are following current officials all the way to europe to inviegle themselves and interfere in the people’s business for the bribery and corruption factors….everytime any of them does this, the government has a duty to tell the people….because these are determined to continue raping the island and a strong government should be equally determined to lock their gluttonous, thieving asses up, no exceptions…new house…new rules..

    That is how parasitic thieving minorities are, Mia has to watch things, how did they know when the trip was and where the officials were going to be able stalk and follow them….I see the fingerprints of the Cattlewash Crooks in this.

    Pri”me Minister Mia Amor Mottley has raised a red flag on a private car dealership which she said seemed to be everywhere a group of Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) personnel went to purchase garbage trucks in Europe.
    As a result of the observation, Mottley said the SSA group was asked to return home.

    “There are private sector people who believe that the Government has not changed. And I want them to understand that that behaviour would not be accepted by my Government. A [SSA] group went overseas to be able to look at second-hand trucks pursuant to a board paper, and a certain car company’s representatives happened to be at every single location that the group that went representing the Sanitation Service Authority went to,” she said.”


  • Piece….but look at this thing thòugh…these criminals believe they still control a black government even though it is clear that bribery corruption has become unsustainable which means the minority criminal enterprises/cartels and their practices will have to be made obsolete and in a very public manner, if they force the issue the Mia government should give the police whatever files are deemed necessary to act.

    And they actually got some on here believe these dirty practices should continue because that is how things have been done on the island for decades….what a thing,


  • Give me a break with that crap.

    I hope everyone is not so gullible.

    So because according to Mia a Rep of a Car Dealership turn up at every meeting of the sanitation authority reps meeting with the overseas dealer to discuss purchasing SECOND HAND Garbage trucks – that is supposed to translate into some sort of corruption

    So even if the car dealer people were there at the meeting – what’s the big deal?

    Can they influence or force Mia to buy anything Garbage trucks they purchase?



  • Did you say you were some type of mock police…well if ya are and you are in europe and people you know from Barbados turned up suddenly who should not be in your orbit and every location you go they are right there..,, ah guess you see nothing wrong with that cause you are a mock police…

    But me…who is disabled and can’t run would call the police, aftet I pull my gun…ya idiot.


  • Do you have ALL the facts which influenced the decision to call the delegation from the UK?

    If the RFP/due diligence process was compromised how do you know to what extent it would have impacted final decisions on pricing and other terms and conditions of the sale for example? Has nothing to do with if the car dealership was present in the room.

    Give her a couple weeks to investigate where the breach leads to share some more before seeing red.


  • Ah forgot ya gotta spell things out for some, nowhere in that article did Mia say the transaction did not at least start, they can allows finish what they completed from Barbados, they already had face time with the sellers.


  • David

    Seeing that you know,Tell the people please how the due diligence process was compromised?

    Thank you very much.


  • Who knows at this point? If we take the PM at her word there is a scenario where the car dealership could have cut a deal with the possible suppliers, not many build compactors for trucks, they are players inn the industry. Post sales is an important part of a transaction.


  • It was compromised enough to raise a REDFLAG for government….something the former government was too corrupt and compromised to look for or care about.

    These officials are supposed to be travelling on diplomatic passports…private citizens should not be following….the US would have invoked nstional security concernd in one, some of us obviously dont understand such protocols.


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