Land Dispute Between Sir Charles ‘Cow’ Williams and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite

Submitted by Neil a Holder, Political Leader, Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) – Press Release



Sir Charles Williams

I followed this matter in the print media of the Sunday Sun last week and have since heard of a banter on the radio program “Brasstacks” between Sir. Charles Williams and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite regarding this issue! At this juncture I wish to state very clearly that I have been privy to three occasions prior to the elections where I have personally engaged Sir Charles on this subject on behalf of Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite with both gentlemen present.

In my opinion, Sir. Charles had exhausted every avenue to have the gifted lands approved by the Town and Country Planning Department from inception. From our initial meeting, Sir Charles profusely apologized to Ambassador. Ryan Brathwaite for the protracted delays experienced over the past 9 years citing the then Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart as being the hindrance to the handing over of the lands with the relevant approvals.

In his usual candour Sir Charles gave us a dossier of a multiplicity of correspondence to the Town and Country Planning Department and the Ministry of Agriculture to outline the arduous process and the status to date. This was followed up by an introduction to Sir Charles’  Physical Planners who in return forwarded every iota to both Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite and myself spanning the 9 year period.

It was upon confirmation of receipt of the documentation that Sir Charles gave me full authority to pursue the completion of this matter citing the possibility of my placing some political pressure on the government to do right by Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite. Both gentlemen were extremely frustrated for obvious reasons as Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite wanted to acquire the lands and Sir Charles wanted desperately to deed the gift offered with the relevant permissions.

When asked why Sir  Charles did not alternately choose to offer up a parcel at Apes Hill, the initial reason for the location of the agreed and substantive parcel was that of the locale in relation to the village (Hillaby) where the Ambassador grew up. This was all cited by Sir Charles in the media of recent.

As I came to be acutely aware that Sir Charles had indeed exhausted all channels to acquire the relevant Permissions; I instructed the Ambassador not to engage the media on the matter in the presence of Sir. Charles in the hopes that we could have approached the Hon. Fruendel Stuart in order to have the file reviewed with every expectancy that it would be favourably granted the permissions sought.

To my dismay some two (2) weeks later there was an article in the electronic media where Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite allegedly spoke at length with the press regarding the issues. This was against our mutual agreement in the presence of Sir. Charles and my subsequent admonishment not to go to the public domain with what was at present a very sensitive issue. When Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite was confronted on the matter, his response was that he received a telephone call from that specific media house to query the progress to date on the approvals.

My verification with the media house concluded that Ambassador Brathwaite reached out to them to give the story even against our admonishment and his agreement not to do so in order that we could engage the Prime Minister. By this time I became aware that Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite out of total frustration was becoming devoid of reasoning.

I contacted Sir Charles to apologize for the matter having reached the media which was contrary to our last agreement and understanding. Sir Charles was quite gracious and we then agreed to proceed as planned to have an audience with Prime Minister Stuart.

Once more to my shock and dismay during a conversation with Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite it was revealed to me that he had high hopes of selling the land in order to pursue funding for the preparation process leading up to the World Games qualifiers and the 2020 Olympics.

At that juncture I grew very concerned that an athlete of this calibre was not being subsidized by the Ministry of Sports. I immediately tried to reach out to the then Minister the Hon. Stephen Lashley who refused to accept calls from both Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite and myself. I was later informed that the minister did respond to the Ambassador through a subordinate and gave assurances that he would also have the planning approvals garnered through the Hon. Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister.

This matter has indeed been a political football that has been kicked off field for reasons only known to the Democratic Labour Party Administration which up until election time has never addressed the issuance of permissions for the subdivision.

It is my hope that this will vindicate Sir. Charles and also engage the attention of the Hon. Mia Mottley Q.C, M.P, Prime Minister where a positive outcome will be concluded.
Let us be true Patriots and reward our Citizens who Excel beyond expectation.


  • National Security Concerns.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster

    You are right on that matter of an internal investigation being required.

    On another blog here a few days ago a blogger (I think it was Brother in Arms Bush Tea but I may be wrong) brought up the salient fact that, this new administration is poring new wine into old vessels.

    Insofar as here you have permanent secretaries, and agency heads and managers who were in those same positions for 10 years during the death knoll of the country.

    Yet incredulously they have not been fired.

    For example you have a cell phone salesman called Halliday as the manager of the effed up Barbados Water Authority and we are wondering why our water system is messed up?

    But to the substantive point.

    Every one on that said delegation is a potential pimp and stoolpigeon for that local private company that wants this business.

    These people have been getting kickbacks for so long they expect this as a matter of norm!

    The stoolpigeon WILL BE FOUND OUT and their name broadcast in the same way that they compromised this mission.

    I could tell you how this whole damn thing going be unravelled but dat is Conspiracist TradeCraft euphemism for Duckduckgo but you dun know that.



  • Besides…some of us are aware in the cabal of these same minorities, some of them have joined forces and are now business partners, the set up is very real…Mia would be a fool not to take note and act accordingly.


  • These incompetent managers have contracts and to fire them creates a legal and financial challenge.


  • Then they should all be watched AND monitored, one or two of these little bribetaking riff raff gave up travel dates and appointment times so their bribers can follow.


  • These incompetent managers have contracts and to fire them creates a legal and financial challenge.
    This is a common misconception that has taken root in Barbados and has been at the root of our ongoing mismanagement.
    It is one of the few areas where we should completely ignore Caswell.

    Incompetence and unethical behaviours should be AUTOMATIC cause for dismissal – PARTICULARLY for high level officials. It should be written into their contracts and be clearly signed onto when they accept the high level responsibilities. Failing that, we should bite the bullet, have a national review panel review the cases and fire them…. and let them put their cases in line at the High Court for 2043..

    Only a shiite place would tolerate incompetence that threatens the very VIABILITY of the operation – just because of some stupid shiite contract put together by one of our many shady, incompetent lawyers.

    …but then again…we allowed Froon and Stinkliar to systematically destroy Barbados over a LONGGGG ten year period, and now seriously expect that Mia (or anyone but BBE) to somehow work magic….

    People ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve….


  • @T.Inniss

    you have the same attitude as your namesake, Donville Inniss a Former Minister in the last DLP government. where is the Don today?


  • What contract what, follow them, monitor them, compile evidence and fire their asses for compromising national security using treason laws, they would be too frighten to sue, would not even want that job anymore.


  • Previous governments have compiled national security files on bajans for far less.


  • @Bush Tea

    Understand the point, the challenge is the fact the public service does not manage a performance based (measurable) system. This is where it gets messy.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I had started a response to this on the temperamental Ipad but it froze up.

    “…In breaking news today Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley stunned all the pundits when she appointed her virtual nemesis Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right Director of the Ministry of Professional Development (or the preious Ministry of Planification that PUDRYR has been advocating for over 2 years)

    Many in the BU community were astonished when they heard that Piece (aka Piece uh badword, badword, unpublishable BU ban-able-for-life badword) had taken the job.

    The Apologist, and speaker for the BLP, Enuff of Lorenzo duo said and I quote “many of you will think that PUDRYR is a traitor to the George Banks theme but do not be dismayed. As Director he will be paid from 3 budget lines which will mean that he will still be able to make financial contributions to Mariposa (no not bribes) to ensure that she will not cuss him more vehemently than usual.”

    “Due to the fact that this is a public space management will not publish the comments of Brother in Arms Bush Tea but suffice it to say that there was mention of the breaking of arms and kneecaps.

    Neither will any mention be made of “drowning during a fishing expedition” by Hants, or “being accidentally locked up in the exhaustive archives of Artaxerxes while the air is vacuumed out”

    Pachamama was seen sharpening the blades of his Guillotine and did not respond to questions posed by jurnalists however he glared at the picture of PUDRYR and bared his teeth.

    When Piece was finally reached by email in an undisclosed location he said that “he was aware of the fact that these enemies of the state had long contracts but when contacted by the Prime Minister he realized her predicament”

    He went on and shared

    “My fellow bajans, sheeple all, you must understand that Chairman Mia Mao Ze Jong cannot be seen as anything other than “MIA CARES”

    “De ole man however, given the claim to the 30-0 thrashing of the DLP, (in conjunction with SSS and Colonel Buggy) is seen as a heartless ole fogey (ask Mariposa) and therefore would be better suited to this appointment”

    “I will have them report to my windowless, air-conditionless 40 foot containers at St Lucy’s former prison site every monday at 8.30 and they will leave at 4.30 p.m.

    Among the Professional Development class modules to be delivered will be Teifing of Other People’s property which will have the 5,000 line essay “I must not touch government property”

    Senator Caswell when asked about the hiring of PUDRYR said that he would prefer not to comment on the drivel but could assure the bajan public that he would follow up to see if PUDRYR had been offered the Director’s Job while the PSC rules were being followed.”

    All this to say Honourable Blogmaster that “there is more than one way to skin a cat”

    I ent care what your contract say I is de boss bout here and you going serve at my pleasure IN ST LUCY, even if you keep the badword title and the pay.


  • Piece
    I am now seeing your post at 3:20pm yesterday. Here is my initial post:

    “Grant the subdivision on the condition that a percentage of the land/lots be set aside for future Barbadians who medal at the Olympics/World Championships.”

    Is there any exact amount specified in the phrase “a percentage of”? Furthermore, Skippa I have no shame in standing next to my comment above. Nun! We are not talking about malware, bots and conspiracies here; you should therefore shhhhhh like a 🐁 and stay in your lane.


  • @ David ” These incompetent managers have contracts and to fire them creates a legal and financial challenge.”

    Legal and financial challenges should not be a reason to retain incompetent managers.It is the cost of doing the people’s business.


  • Ryan Brathwaite be given the land he was promised or the cash value of the land.

    I also hope that a program is put in place to support top athletes so they have a realistic chance to compete internationally.


  • @Hants

    Did you hear Sir Charles a moment ago on the afternoon show?


  • @ David,

    I don’t listen to Barbados radio stations. What did he say?


  • He said he has given away 6 pieces of land over the years and applied for TD permission in all the cases which were approved EXCEPT the piece for Ryan Brathwaite. He also shared that based on a piece of paper falling off a truck the application was not approved because the officer responsible was if the view why Brathwaite should get a piece of land and he has to suffer to achieve same (something to that effect). It seems that he has no interest in in offering another piece.



  • Mia has to watch her back, find who her traitors are and punish them..

    “Govt scraps plans to buy secondhand garbage trucks
    Article by
    Marlon Madden Published on
    August 21, 2018
    The plan to buy second-hand refuse trucks for the Sanitation Service Authority appears to have been dumped by the Prime Minister at least for the time being.

    She ordered a group of Government officials who were in Europe to source the vehicles to return to Barbados after they reported the mysterious, simultaneous, appearance of a private sector firm’s representatives, she told a meeting of St Michael South East constituency on Sunday.

    The company may have had an inside track on the Government’s plans while still at the highest levels of Government, the Prime Minister hinted.

    By convention, ministers’ deliberations are considered state secrets and only final decisions of Cabinet may be publicised.

    “Pursuant to a board paper” the group from the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA), the Ministry of the Environment and National Beautification went overseas to examine used garbage trucks, she said.

    But “a certain car company’s representatives happen to be at every location that the group went to.“When the Attorney General and I found out we told the Minister ‘tell them to come home the next day because I need to know how a private sector group that was not a part of the Cabinet Paper could be there at every location.

    “And the minister and I and the AG have agreed that is not the kind of Government we want to run,” said Mottley, who suggested it was not coincidence.”


  • These dirty traitors must be very publicly punished.

    Mia has judases and am there are more than one of them.


  • Cow is a fraud, if he can’t benefit from Ryan’s success more than Ryan, he is not interested in gifting any land, more the reason to watch these crooks very closely and keep them away from the treasury, pentpsion fund and taxpayer contracts, and more importantly, keep them away from young successful black people so they don’t jump out to exploit them whenever they hear one is successful on the international stage, they have been doing for decades.

    Ban these rats.


  • @David

    He said he has given away 6 pieces of land over the years and applied for TD permission in all the cases which were approved
    Help me out here, he had to apply for T&C permission on all of the lots he “gave away”? Did he not give away any lots that were in approved sub-divisions? Who could that “officer” be that held up the approval for 9 years? If all of these “free” lots were in unapproved developments it seems to be a case of “quid pro quo dough” arrangement.

    Don’t worry the T & P guru has already laid out the conditions under which the development should be approved so Brathwaite will soon be in possession of his lot and I will go back to Googling (you too Piece this is above your paygrade)


  • @ David,

    I feel sorry for Ryan Brathwaite. I am sure he truly believed he was going to get the land. Instead he got pucked.

    Since MIA CARES and she hit the ground running like Ryan out of the blocks, she could ask her Minister of Sport to assist Ryan and other potential athletes to prepare for the 2020 Olympics.

    @ David check the link I posted to Athletics Canada website.

    Maybe future Bajan athletes should immigrate to Canada and become Canadian citizens. lol


  • They would be appreciated more and treated a hell of a lot better if they ran for Canada or US etc, have to give the big countries their dues, they know how to take care of their talented and gifted people.

    The gifted and talented should never be at the oppressive mercy of bottomfeeding low ife thieves who are only interested in benefitting’s a shame that successive governments have allowed this to happen every time.


  • NorthernObserver

    So do we know WHO the “car company” is? In typical Bajan style they send a “delegation”, one wonders if the local Internet or telephone connections have been cut.


  • Which car companies were using gas brains government ministers in the last administration for bribery and corruption purposes, should not be hard to figure out.


  • Anderson Worrell

    WARU has a thing to say on August 21, 2018 at 1:39 PM.

    “Which car companies were using gas brains government ministers in the last administration for bribery and corruption purposes, should not be hard to figure out.”

    True. Probaby slavery.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Enuff of Lorenzo Duo

    Cuhdear you does read all my drivel faithfully doah

    Bless your soul.

    Though, now that I mention it, that is your job on the BU site

    “From the Office of the Chairman

    Attn: Enuff of Lorenzo & Lorenzo of Enuff aka Enuff of Lorenzo duo.”

    You have been appointed on this day at the level of S6 (i.e. level suckers of six, nearly said clit) to monitor all dissent on Barbados Underground and report back to me


    Chairman Mia Mao de Jong
    Implementer of the Long March (and supplier of breakfast for the marchers, Syrup will be supplied through the Ministry of Education and the School Meals Department. it may be stale dated 2005 but for wunna sheeple that is good enough)

    Whuloss Enuff of Lorenzo duo is that quiet Enuff for You?

    Mia ent tell you to cease and desist? Do you understand what you do when you write? do you comprehend what de ole man sees?


  • A company that hide behind used cars, and Trans-Tech millions from SSA and Transport Board with the help of former Minister Lashley and Lowe,2 of the DLP bandits, no investigation, just remove corrupted top staff at SSA


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite

    Everyone is making these comments and suggestions some of which are constructive and others are not.

    I hope that I can do something for you unlike those who encouraged you to effect this publicity stunt against Sir Cow.

    Which only goes to support the statement “those who tell you buy Big Cow, dont help you feed it”

    Let de ole man again encourage you with the following item.

    Under seperate cover i send an article to the Honourable Blogmaster which features a suggested Letter for you to Ms. Rihanna Fenty.

    Cow and the others will renege on their promise because the T&P permission for that land was not granted. Such is the nature of these people.

    But there is one thing that is evident from Rihanna Fenty is that she has a love of her country and ONCE SHE HAS CONFIDENCE THAT SHE ENT BEING TRICKED she will engage with serious projects

    The letter that was sent is a suggestion only but should form the basis of an outreach to Ms Fenty

    My Spirit tells me, and I verily believe that she will be favourably disposed to underwriting an initiative that is designed and adheres to assisting athletes and young aspirants.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item for Ambassador Brathwaithe


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Brother in Arms Bush Tea and WARU and 555Dubstreet and others of you, William Skinner, and Bernard Codrington and many more that the ole man cant remember wunna names right now speak of empowering ourselves variously.

    So what if COW reneges?

    Do we have to beg COW or Bjerkham or Maloney or any of them for anything?

    The reason de ole man does hit out and Chairman Mia Mao is not because of that likkle incident with the *** DAT IS NOT IMPORTANT.

    We have a job to do and for such a time like this you have been entrusted this administration.

    Let us change this narrative.

    We have the ability and the resources to stop this


  • BBE an’ Bushie

    “One thing that I have learned from Hitler”

    Always good to know. What BBE what?

    The BU Family, in its majesty, rampant.

    What goats what?


  • Piece…Cow should never be in the lives of young successful Black people or vulnerable senior citizens with land and other property, neither should any of his fellow parasites, they are blights in the lives of the majority population..blights.

    No one should take anything from them and they should be stopped from jumping in front to exploit and oppress the people. ..through self serving offers.


  • “A company that hide behind used cars, and Trans-Tech millions from SSA and Transport Board with the help of former Minister Lashley and Lowe,2 of the DLP bandits, no investigation, ”

    Mia needs to start locking up people and stop telling them bout confessing…the parliament is not a church, lock up some people and that plot to set her up and sabotage the government..will disappear like magic.


  • @ PUDRYR,

    I respectfully suggest you ask de grand son to correct the poster.

    “110 metres hurdles at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics in Berlin”


  • Earthquake just felt in Warrens, Mellineum Heights area.


  • WARU
    Can’t lock-up people just so, its better to remove the known corrupted top staff at SSA, BWA, and Transport Board


  • WARU alerts we to a major seismic event on what some call August 21, 2018 at 5:36 PM.

    Dat alert read alert in full read in full …

    “Earthquake just felt in Warrens, Mellineum Heights area.”

    Murda a lie cricket ‘n’ Bob.

    Probably because of slavery. We ass = grass. BBE say so.


  • Piece
    My one idea trumps your zillion ideas/poster without even trying. Zero cost to a brek state. CT 🖐🏾.


  • The Cattlewash Crooks supoorters seem unsettled…lol

    Earthquake did damage in Trinidad, so far felt in Grenada, St. Lucia, some say Guyana..but tsunami warning for Venezuela where it originated..


  • Enuff…what you think about Mia’s accusations.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    The facts of this matter are that Sir Cow has and will invest more money into the care of his polo horses or his Big Breed cows than he has ever or will ever invest into any 110 metres athletic from any type of Championship!

    His mentality is emblematic of bajans, white and black across Bim

    Unless they can CONTROL the resource and get benefits that accrue to their bank accounts IT IS NOT WORTH A PANG to any of us.

    And this is why we WILL MOVE FROM 1 murder a week to 2 murders a week UNTIL ALL UH WE GOING BE SCARED TO LEF WE HOMES whether it be in the day or night.

    Watch muh now!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item thank you


  • I listen to the exchange on Brasstacks a few days ago and was shocked really. This should never be in the public domain like this. An offer was made in good faith and has been delayed by the nonsense that goes on in this country daily. This should be settled away from the camera and print media.

    Come on guys you can do better than this.


  • @Just Saying August 22, 2018 7:47 PM “This should be settled away from the camera and print media.”

    It was away from the cameras and the print media for nine years and wasn’t settled. Do you believe that if it remains away form the cameras and print media for another 9 years it will be settled?

    The media is the messenger.

    Please I beg you.



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