Wilfred Abrahams’ Press Conference: Disposal Wells NOT Injection Wells, National Crisis in the Making

[Barbados Underground] The information shared in yesterday’s press conference by Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams that the South Coast Sewage Plant AND the Bridgetown Sewage Plant are in a state of sorry repair- although improved functionality pre 24 May 2018 have been reached- should continue to be of concern to ALL Barbadians.

The revelation that there was no transparency around the procurement process to sink the ‘injection wells’ at Graeme Hall, confusion about the depth of the wells tax dollars paid a contractor to sink…and so on.

Listen to the unbelievable revelations by minister Abrahams.


  • @David August 11, 2018 8:12 PM

    “Let us pray they will not have to close that stretch of the highway.”

    Oh yes. This might be rocket science for “educated” Barbadians. You close down one side of the road and dig out the whole mess and install new pipes. I wonder why nothing was done in Barbados like this. You see it on a daily base in NYC, London, Paris and Berlin.

    They even had a working sewage system in Pompeii 2000 years ago!!!


  • Lets get something straight. There is no difference between a borehole which is to serve as an injection well and one which is to serve as a disposal well. Both are disposal wells, the difference is that one is under pressure (via a pump system) and the other is purely gravity fed.
    The capacity of the well to take the sewage is determined by many things but mainly by the transmissivity of the rock formation which is to received that which is being disposed of. A pressurised injection well will take more sewage than a gravity fed well where the transmissivity of the rock formation is the same.

    The pertinent question is why has the BWA stopped or failed to inject the sewage under pressure into the boreholes? Also the depth of any borehole is never known until the drilling is completed. If the BWA does not know the depths of each of the wells then sure they can get the drill logs from the drilling contractor. The drilling contractor for the BWA on the South Coast has been working for the BWA for dozens of years.

    The more important question is why was the BWA engineers/technicians not on site during the drilling program to monitor the borehole drilling operation? This is standard practice and is essential given that the drilling company is paid for the total depths of the boreholes plus other services provided such as casing and pump, water and dye testing. Drilling a borehole or several boreholes to undetermined deaths is not like walking into Massy and buying eggs and milk folkes.


  • Folks, read this article:


    There is no proper sewage treatment at all in Bim. However, that is how it works in developing countries.


  • This new minister is ‘an expert; in these matters. He says the injection wells were a Bds $3.7 million waste of money. But he is going to implement another temporary measure costing Bds $2.7 million which cannot permanently solve the problem. Any temporary measure can be classified as a waste of money. As far as I have read, the permanent solution is a completely new plant.So be careful what you say. I still wonder if the BWA has are any engineers who were part of it for the last 15 to 20 years.
    The government will be collection over Bds $43 200 000 per year from (80 000 I am told) househols with the new $45 water tax. In 5 years it would have collected Bds$216 000 000 from households ALONE not taking into account what will be collected from businesses. Can this help finance a new plant or will we still have to borrow money? In 1990 when the South Coast project was conceived the estimated cost was US$73.1 million. What the replacement cost is 28 years later one has to wonder.
    But eventually that too will be revealed by those who are calling for a new plant.


  • I feel comfortable in the situation knowing that they have gone to whoever looks after the washrooms at oistins fish market for advise.lol

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  • Whenever I enter bathrooms at Oistins, especially with friends and family from overseas, I always feel so proud to Barbadian.


  • Like a dog trying to catch its tail
    Give me a break
    The plant has melted down govt officials in the blp had grand plans of illusions that using a bucket and hose and some disinfectant could have FIX the plant
    Only a jack.a ss would not have understand the capacity of the plant could no longer accomodate the volume of sewage going into the system daily Plus building the plant on swamp land was a foregone conclusion for ultimate failure
    If the wells does not work .it is a major problem which says the plant does not function
    Close the dam thing down
    Two wrongs doesnt make a right

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Tron

    You said and I quote “…A person with an iron heart and a strong will who purges the civil service, firing everybody appointed or promoted from 2008 to 2018 with DLP membership…”

    To be fair to everyone appointed or promoted, the thing is that under both administrations there are hits and misses.

    Incredibly there are many more misses with the DLP than the BLP but de ole man would once again, LKKE A BROKEN RECORD, suggest this.

    “A man builds 5 blocks a day. He works for 5 days a week. How many blocks will he build after two weeks?”

    Straight out of Caribbean Arithmetic Book 1 isn’t it?

    Among the IT tools that Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley must implement is a tool which standardizes the output of every employee based on their job descriptions

    If you are the maid at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and you are to clean 10 bathrooms and mop 8 floors a week, then barring dem teif your mops and carry home your disciclin supplies if you fail to do 18 items at the end of a week it is noted.

    You are given the commensurate warning.

    And Senator Caswell, Akani, and Toni Moore get notifications at their workstation of your performance RIGHT BEFORE I TAKE DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND FIRE YOUR DONKEY.

    Regardless of the party you belong to

    This is not rocket science.

    Move away from the partisan politics to a merit based technology supported Public Service matrix

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a recent item for Tron thank you


  • Time to go back to first principles

    After this prolong discussion, I am somewhat loss as to
    1) What is the problem
    2) Can we fix it
    3) What was done to fix it
    4) Has the fix worked in anyway whatsoever
    5)How far are we from getting a final solution
    6) Do those charged with solving the problem know how to fix it.
    7) Can we put aside our ego, admit we don’t know the fix and get some outside help.

    I made the suggestion to recruit some foreign engineers, well in the past. It is time to abandon the trial and error approach, guesswork and meaningless promises; It’s obvious that we are no closer to a solution. Let’s go back to the beginning and figure out how to solve this problem.

    BAPE fired its meaning less wad some time ago.


  • Govt needs to get an analysis of the soil on which the bridgetown plant is built and use it as guide on what part of the Ch.Ch area would be best to build a newer and more technological efficient plant
    The money already poured into that plant could have paid outstanding bills
    The Caribbean govts seem to have a problem admitting to failure but like gerbils stay committed to spinning the wheel over and over again


  • LATEST BWA announcement that the south coast sewage plant injection wells are a FAILED PROJECT that cost taxpayers $3.7M.


    Isn’t the sewage off the roads?

    The wells achieved their primary goal.

    However, the same result could have been obtained by putting the sewage into the swamp as has been done in the past.

    That was happening for a while very recently and the sluice gate let it out into the sea ….. that was the reason for the three advisories from Canada, GB and the US.

    What for me is important to know is if there is a solution to getting the effluent where it is supposed to go, ie off Needham’s point.

    If it isn’t then we have to find an alternative way of getting rid of or using the effluent.

    Dumping it into the swamp either directly or via an underground route is not a long term solution.


  • Are-we-there-yet


    I don’t know which other active blog I should use to place the below comment, so please forgive me.

    But, did you see the headline in the Sunday Sun today?

    It is about Ryan Brathwaite not yet receiving the land which a large landowner gave him, with much pomp and ceremony, when he became the 110 m World Champion nine years ago. Seems like the gift could have been a questionable strategy to force the PM, Freundal Stuart, to allow a Change of Use application for the Agricultural land of which the 12,000 square foot gift would have been a small portion. It appears to have been a cynical stratagem to trick Stuart into doing something that would provide significant benefits to the landowner.

    Stuart would have none of it! Bravo!

    Perhaps the new Government could convince the Landowner and Developer to exchange that encumbered land with an equivalent piece of one of his Developments for Ryan Brathwaite.


  • The pertinent question is why has the BWA stopped or failed to inject the sewage under pressure into the boreholes?


    There is a video on the internet of the sewage/effluent spouting up from the wells when it was under pressure.

    My geologist friend put it like this in February when the “injection wells” were first begun.

    “Injecting sewage into the coral stone, regardless of depth, is NUTS.

    The coral stone is as porous as Swiss cheese, and whatever is in there will distribute itself, either by diffusion or by advection, or both. And eventually that sewage would come out into the sea also, if diluted.

    Injecting sewage into the underlying pockets of the Scotland Formation that once contained oil and have been pumped empty – that would make sense, at least in principle. Those pockets are ‘sealed’, inasmuch as there are ‘seals’ in sedimentary rocks.”


  • @John

    In the interview above or some other it was stated that the injection wells allow the BWA to apply a level of treatment to the effluent before piping to the swamp/sea.


  • @ John

    The injection well can work, providing:
    1. The effluent is screened properly prior to injection.
    2. The wells are pressurized and monitored appropriately and continuously.
    3. The wells are cleaned periodically to remove the organic soup which will naturally build up from contact with seawater and due to temperature at the base of the well.
    4. It is used only as a short term measure.


  • @AWTY

    Read the article and wondered the same, he donates land not ready for build. Ti say it was an unethical act is a generous way to describe it.


  • Are-we-there-yet

    I also wonder how many previous PM’s fell for such tricks?


  • The question in my mind is has the well failed? What defn of failure is the minister using? Temporary is a well understood word. The duration of temporary may be questioned here but what was the real world outlook for the life span of these wells?

    Maybe the BWA is tardy in doing the other works that it needs to do in the duration of time that the well provided? If they are tardy in completing other stuff? go ahead blame the well it doesn’t have a PR operation to speak on its behalf?


  • I suspect the average Bajan is as confused as I am. In truth, I have forgotten or am confused about what it is we are fixing

    fixed, not fixed, temporary fix, fixed, not fixed,

    So many words phrases/words for failure: potholes, injection holes, bore holes, injection wells, swamp, outflow pipes

    All I see are two empty suits and two ties….,

    Time to stop BSing and let others have the job.


  • Just like a kid on a long trip with “Are we there yet”?
    There is one question Bajans should be asking… “Is it fixed yet?”


  • National crisis in the making? You gotta be kidding me….


  • TheOGazerts
    What are you talking about? You sound nearly as confused as me.


  • Ha Ha..
    The “Are we there yet” does not refer to you in anyway.
    It is what one hears, every five minutes, when a child is taken on a long car trip….


  • But you are right….. I’m confused


  • Kirk Rueladel
    August 12, 2018 9:12 AM

    @ John
    The injection well can work, providing:
    1. The effluent is screened properly prior to injection.
    2. The wells are pressurized and monitored appropriately and continuously.
    3. The wells are cleaned periodically to remove the organic soup which will naturally build up from contact with seawater and due to temperature at the base of the well.
    4. It is used only as a short term measure.


    Have you taken into consideration gravity and the sheet water below the wells??

    Of course the wells can work, if the only goal is to get sewage/effluent off the streets.

    They are working!!!!!!!

    Now, if we want to keep it from the sea which is the reason we got the three advisories in the first place, they are a waste of time and money!!!!

    Which begs the question, who in their right minds would lend the GOB …… exactly how much was lent?

    Check the press at the time and tell me if it wasn’t in excess of $12 million.

    So if only $3.9 was spent on the wells, what happened to the bulk of the loan?

    Same way I can figure out it makes no sense and go to a geologist the lending agency must have access to 10 X the technical know how than I do!!


  • If the minister is unsure of the depth of the wells he could try asking the Nation to see if it could shed some light.



  • “Pump testing of a well allows you to get capacity of the well, [this is] the ability to either absorb water or to extract water. We’re going to be doing extraction, so we’re going to start at a very low quantity, then we will go up to what we think is half the capacity, then full capacity, then we’ll go up to what we think is 150-percent of the particular well, and that information we would’ve gotten from the geological data that we would’ve gotten from the initial boreholes,” he explained.


  • 9th March 2018, things seem to have been progressing with the wells …… both from knowledge of the depths and capacities.


  • Seems the wheels have come off the chariot and somebody gotta get the BLAME.
    The rains soon come.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ John August 12, 2018 1:56 PM

    In light of the palaver of technicalities and partisan political bullshit there is one warning which you guys need to heed ‘tout suite’.

    Never mix shit and other human waste with water whether the same water is from sources you get your ‘potable’ supply or in which you bathe along with guests from overseas (tourists).

    The same way oil and water do not mix, so too don’t infected shit and the vital but vulnerable potable and near-shore water supply.

    As an archivist you must be cognizant of the symbolism of the fountain located in the Bajan Trafalgar /Heroes Square area.

    Water in its ‘clean’ form can be a source of Life; but like other paradoxes of life it can be, ‘once contaminated’ the source of its extermination.

    The Biblical imageries of Noah’s flood and the necessary baptism of your Jesus must have some subtly important relevance to your myopically technical intellect.

    Barbados has been playing a game of Russian roulette with its public sanitation and health systems for a while now. It’s just a matter of time before the chamber containing the ‘black-death bullet’ finds its way to the centre of action (bull’s eye) just like how shit floats to the top of water unless flushed, properly.

    The eruption of sewage on the South coast is just the tip of the iceberg as an early warning signal and which could soon blow its volcanic top if not heeded.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ John the Quaker

    “…Which begs the question, who in their right minds would lend the GOB …… exactly how much was lent?

    Check the press at the time and tell me if it wasn’t in excess of $12 million.

    So if only $3.9 was spent on the wells, what happened to the bulk of the loan?…”

    Are we to infer that a “Holiday” was had with the other $8.1 million?

    Given that the specific amounts being bandied about are $3.9 million this would suggest that a reconciliation of monies spent has already been done.

    And IF WHAT YOU ARE SUGGESTING IS TRUE then this may suggest two things

    Firstly there is a loan agreement with some ingrunt international funding agency that was silly enough to be duped into that transaction


    more importantly THERE IS AN ELECTRONIC TRACK to trace where the other HOLIDAY money was diverted.

    De ole man just wondering why dem doan just fire the general managers and the chief financial officers when dese discrepancies are found.

    FIRE DEM AND DEN MEK A COMPLAINT TO THE SOMETIMISH COMMISSIONER who says that he doan investigate crimes UNLESS DEM IS REPORTED TO HIM, even if he sees a body riddled wigh bullets and a smoking gun.

    John de Quaker when was de last time you had a “Holiday”?

    Can you speculate pun who Teets, AFTER HE EXPOSE HE “SINEWS”, may be inclined to lock up wid de 1933 ENABLEMENT Act?

    You feller real happy wid dis distraction right? Heheheheh


  • Do human beings really not fit in on earth


  • this seems like another comic book trilogy authored by the venereal “bajan green monkey”. Many new characters, different title, but same plot, The higher the monkey climbs the more of his “sewered” tail is seen.


  • @Guest August 12, 2018 3:19 PM “Do human beings really not fit in on earth.”


    Bit of foolishness, by some white supremacists who can’t accept that ALL human beings come out of Africa, and that white skin is simply an evolutionary adaption to the lack of adequate sunshine and vitamin D in the northern climes.

    Accept it.

    Africa is the mother of all humanity.


  • @John Carter August 12, 2018 1:16 AM “The government will be collection over Bds $43 200 000 per year from (80 000 I am told) households.”

    According to the May 2010 Barbados census, page 335, there were 78,936 households. Multiply this by $45 per month per household=$3,552,120 per month, x by 12 months =$42,625,440, multiplied by 5 years=$213,127,200, multiplied by ten years=2,131,272,000.

    Probably enough to properly sewer all of Barbados.


  • $5,400. per household over a ten year period, plus whatever is coming from the business sector.


  • @John Carter August 12, 2018 1:16 AM “The government will be collection over Bds $43 200 000 per year from (80 000 I am told) households.”


    Add that to the revenue from the approximate 35 million gallons per day the BWA pumps and sells to the public.

    Let’s see now.

    30-35 mgd in cubic metres is just under 133,000 cubic metres,

    365/6 days a year

    How much to allow for a cubic metre?

    Lets say $3.00.

    ~ $400K per day …… ~~~$$150 million per year!!

    Please check my math!!

    Even if 40% is lost through leaks the revenue from the sale of water alone could be ~~ $100 million a year.

    Now that is a proper pork barrel!!


  • Does the GSC make up for the unaccounted water for which the BWA cannot charge?


  • Wilfraid Abrahams and Kerrie Sinnermonds have hit the front in the race of spin doctors. What they are prescribing doesn’t square with what neutrals observe. The two of them straining to make the last government look diabolically inept. Its not working. BU’s regular BLp yard fowls swallowing the shoite from Sinnermonds and Abrahams. At the corner of Beckles Rd the woman in red takes a back seat after the Dominican public took a turn in her.


  • The new court building is sick
    The national insurance building is sick
    White Hill cannot be fixed
    Dozens of TransportBboard buses cannot go anywhere-they “sick” too.
    We could go on and on. No wonder that the sewage crisis has no end in sight.
    The Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party after sixty three years of collective government , have refused to maintain anything and the country is becoming decrepit while they create commissions and find “ah food” for their supporters.
    Out of those sixty three years, fifty two have been during independence.
    Both of these now decadent parties should be put on immediate trial for crimes against the state.
    Over to the firecrackers and the little starlights who freequent BU…………….


  • @William Skinner,

    Independence has failed us, or we have failed independence. Barbados is a failed state.


  • William Skinner

    So true about the new commissions for friends and supporters.

    Kerrie just set up one.

    Mia set up one headed by Ralph thorne


  • while trying to go through in my mind the new commissions – post was sent off in error.

    So I will return to that later.

    I am beginning to ask myself if something is wrong with Mia’s brain that at a time of national crisis such as this with very scarce financial resources – she and her people are governing like – money is not a problem.

    I can’t remember where I read the statement that the BLP’s style of governance is to borrow money like there is no tomorrow,waste it on political patronage to themselves,their financiers and some trickling down to their supporters – and in the process they drown Barbados in debt.

    While the Dems come in and tax the citizens to death while they try to overcome the mountain of debt.

    Other than Tom Adams no other BLP prime minister when they come into office – seek to expand the productive sector or find new forms of foreign exchange earning areas to help develop.Its borrow,borrow,borrow and sell.sell sell.

    This last DLP administration found themselves with a load of debt left over and borrowed to keep the country afloat and started selling off the few remaining assets.At the same time they tried to balance it off by taxation which became unbearable.

    Watch Muh Mottley straight out the gates started with a whole lot of taxes – while setting a humongous cabinet,nuff consultants and tsars – and now the latest is bare commissions starting up.Wuhloss.

    I repeat again -Mia is good at running OPPOSITION POLITCS AND USING GUERILLA TACTICS – but running a country especially during difficult times like this – and keeping it together – is totally beyond her.

    Watch She Now and see !


  • @ T. Innis
    “William Skinner

    “So true about the new commissions for friends and supporters.

    Kerrie just set up one.

    Mia set up one headed by Ralph thorne ”

    Let me make it absolutely clear, I see both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party in the same light. This is a position , I have taken since 1970’s. So there is nothing that the BLP doing now that the DLP has not done and vice versa. They place party hacks all over the place both here and overseas. However, from time to time, I do support policy decisions, unfortunately, these are few and far between. I will give you some:
    I supported Mr. Barrow going for independence;
    I supported Tom Adams and the Freehold Tenantry Act
    I supported Mr. Sandiford when he told the Chamber of Commerce that he was not elected in any boardroom
    I now find myself partially supporting Ms. Mottley and the right to free university education. However, I seriously believe it should only be for those who really cannot afford it.

    I am nobody’s(Bees/Dees) firecracker or starlight.

    Quite frankly I honestly believe that right now with all the seats going to one party, well with the exception of one, that our country needs independent voices and social activists to maintain our democratic traditions. Unfortunately, I fear that many of these voices that were so vociferous and anti- Stuart/DLP may now choose to keep quiet for different reasons. We can only hope that new independent social activists emerge and defend rights against wrongs.

    We already have an over abundance of firecrackers and starlights on both sides.


  • William Skinner

    I am very aware of your bona fides – and that you are neither B or D.

    However I try to evaluate and respond to the substance of what is said

    We all know how political parties especially in these more recent years operate – and there are positives and negatives in all of them.However I look at patterns and perceived intent and I can boldly state that this new government does not look promising – especially how they started right out the gate.

    And there is no one trying to alert the public as they did for the last 10 years.That to me in the absence of an Opposition is extremely frightening.


  • Hal Austin August 14, 2018 8:18 AM

    We are not a failed state! We are a floundering state. Soon to be failed if corrected actions are not taken.


  • Barbados is not a failed state, but more like a floundering state. A fish that is caught in a situation where she has insufficient water to survive. Now as opposed to working together to find deeper water we are 100% busy building gallows; selecting jurors & commissioners and constructing the new courthouse to put on trial “ourselves” for letting the water out of the so-in-so fish bowl. “We got this” or “watch muh” cuz we going it ass-backwards. “If you find yourself in a hole; first stop the digging”. Get yourself(us) into deeper water and then consider the before-mentioned activities..

    Just my take.


  • @ T. Innis

    “And there is no one trying to alert the public as they did for the last 10 years.That to me in the absence of an Opposition is extremely frightening.”

    Point taken that is why I have no problem with Mariposa.


  • At 12 noon today the Barbados Meteorological Services issued a flood watch for Barbados.


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