Request to Remove CAHILL blog

A couple hours before the arrest of former Minister Donville Inniss broke the following message was received by the blogmaster:

I wanted to know if you can please remove this article. its been 3 years and there is no longer a need for this. Can you please remove that article. The information on it is against Google’s guidelines.
James Cole

The blogmaster invites feedback.

33 thoughts on “Request to Remove CAHILL blog

  1. Hyatt Hotel (Barbados) is a no go for BLP over next 5 years. (2022). Has nothing to do with Canada withdrawing investment.Haynes Darlington.P.S. J.N. Goddard “vault” will be stalled by statue of limitations.  

  2. David; Some questions come to mind:

    What is the information that is against Google’s guidelines?
    What is Google’s standing re. content of WordPress articles?
    Is there a time limit set by wordpress for keeping articles up?
    Who is James Cole?
    The article clearly indicates a certain lack of honesty by one of its signatories when compared with previous statements by that signatory. Is that the reason why James Cole is begging you to take it down?

    Don’t take it down. Keep it up to monitor further developments on this front. This may be another of the shoes to drop.

  3. So this scam artist female left Canada to insert herself in the public affairs of the Bajan population in the hopes of ripping off hundred of millions of tax dollars, she and her sidekick Bjerkham, Tempro and the usual gang of thieves incorporated…she herself exposed the government as being corrupt on tape no less and now some bottom feeder wants the story removed..on what grounds..there is no statute to remove public stories.

  4. i have two questions for senator franklyn. 1) it is at all possible given that the US government acted against former minister inniss, and that the suspected company acted against its ceo and that it looks from the indictment that the co-conspirators cooperated with us officials, that no local regulatory agency was aware of the allegations against inniss? the supervisor of insurance didn’t know, the financial services commission didn’t know, the dpp didn’t know, the central bank didn’t know, the cop didn’t know? we only know because the US acted, what would we every know if the US hadn’t acted. 2) what laws exist/actions can be taken against those trusted to enforce our laws but do not act?

  5. “2) what laws exist/actions can be taken against those trusted to enforce our laws but do not act?”

    It is time those sucking on taxpayer’s money in salary every month for decades in the judiciary, AGs office, DPPs office, office of the Commissioner be held accountable for not doing their jobs, how they hell could none of them know when we have been preaching for years on the blog for the world to see…that this would have happened as long as they all lost their diplomatic status..kicked to the curb a la 30-0..

    .I have said it ad nauseam that the only reason some or all of them are not locked up is because of that diplomatic passport…

    I dare Michael Lashley to get on a plane to the US now he no longer has immunity against prosecution.

  6. Blogs = Streets are watching

    Internet = Feds are watching

    It seems like we can longer assume that BU flies under the radar of New World Order spying

    Smile 🙂 you are on CCTV

    Here’s a Playlist for GCHQ and NSA to vibe to
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  7. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    If there is any item that is newsworthy in Barbados, a search of the internet brings up Barbados Underground

    Without a doubt, the mere fact that this request is being made, evidences that.

    Given that the content of the Blog was true, and given that it led to the abolition of the Assification Plant by Claire Cowan and Downlowe, it is my hope that it is kept up.

    So that other activists elsewhere see how civil activism CAN STOP PEOPLE FROM BEING RAILROADED by governments

    This only is going to push up the value of the Barbados Underground Blog by a few more million heheheheheh but such is the price of unflailing activism

  8. David Mr Blogmaster, I agree with all the others. No. On what grounds is removal requested!

    Further to Are-We’s probes, particularly, the Google guidelines being contravened let me highlight a recent case broadly related but DIRECTLY relevant to the point of archival data.

    In brief this doctor, a Jamaica tah bubaclot too and from fancy Ivy League Uni, was WRONGLY accused of patient malfesance/error after a surgery in which he participated. For two years as he notes he was ostracized and victimized and sent tumbling into depression as he contemplated seeking another career and thus ending his life long ambitions to be a doctor because of this greivous error he could not resolve.

    Then just recently the lawyer for said aggreived patient publicly acknowledged that in fact Dr Quarrie who so happened to be a ‘standout’ figure on this medical team DID NOT IN FACT do ANYTHING WRONG….the patient had identified others.

    So to circle back to your issue: those false accusations WILL NOT be immediately removed from a Google search and as I understand these things only in EU would he be able to contemplate to launch a full court press legal appeals to get the false reporting removed online.

    Rather as the story highlights the tech folks mention that the ‘false’ stories will probably bubble up in any search first before the correct and updated story!

    This ‘innocent’ man will forever have to deal with this blatant misrepresentation in some way.

    Soooo, was the Cahill data erroneous and false claims made in the articles?…Has anyone’s reputation been inaccurately malinged?

    Noooooo to removal.

  9. What is ‘James Cole’s” email address from which this strange request emanated Mr Blogmaster? I know a James Cole, but would be sad and astonished if he was connected to any corruption..

  10. Hi David, my name is James Cole and this has just been brought to my attention. I do believe there is only one James Cole in Barbados so I would be interested in knowing the email that request has been sent from.

    Having been vocal on varying concerns in the past, I have been threatened and called all types of names so nothing surprises me any longer.

    • @James Cole

      The email sent to BU differed with the one used by you. It supports the position we have two individuals making.

  11. Let the record continue to show the infelicities of these low life,bag blind,barefoot sumsbeeches whom OSA correctly assessed to be A Pack of Wild Boys.
    Maintain status quo and carry on smartly.

  12. Some people steal other people’s monikers or identities and got the nerve to use it….ya done know the fraud is desperately trying to over up something about the Cahill scam and want to use BU to do so.

  13. Who is this Bernard C at 8 : 01 AM?

    This submission is not mine. And I have no interest in the subject matter.

  14. @ The Real Bernard Codrington

    This only goes to prove the ole man’s point regarding “WHO AM I?”

    I spoke to the issue of prosecuting Bloggers on BU a subject that Mr. Hal Austin had remarked on, and which, to a lesser degree The Luminary Mr Jeff Cumberbatch had touched on recently.

    The first issue is that “there is more than one dog called Bob” as you have pointed out by your disclaimer.

    The second issue is that, Unless the Honourable Blogmaster confirms or denies it, we the BU audience may or may not believe that it was you (prior to your disclaimer of course)

    Blog Protocol may or may not cause the Honourable Blogmaster to provide a confirmation BECAUSE, unless it was derogatory or cause an aspersion to your accustomed circumspect blogging, there is no pain and no blame.

    This is why ANY ATTEMPT TO SUE A BU BLOGGER WILL FAIL unless the BU Blogmaster collaborated with an external agency or agent.

    AND THE OLD DAVID OF BU dont play dat!

  15. Dear David: If “James Cole” was serious he would properly identify himself to you when asking for the removal of an article. Who is he anyhow? And exactly which Google guideline is he referring to? If Google has a problem with the article I am sure that they have the resources to contact you.

    i say ignore “James Cole”

  16. I say ignore the “Simpleton Simon”. Why on earth should James Cole (or indeed anyone else) identify himself to you? I know the young man, and he is not this signatory.

    You big yourself up Simon, you aren’t just simple, you are a cretin.

  17. There can only be a few reasons for anyone wanting this article removed. Just two of these might include:

    a) it is causing embarrassment to and difficulties for one or more of the parties who were involved, who are now trying to do business elsewhere. It should therefore remain available as a ‘warning’ to any such other parties of the wool they tried to pull over Barbadian eyes

    b) the authorities in one jurisdiction or another are taking a closer look at this ‘deal’ and those involved, and while you can shred or ‘misplace’ documents, you can’t do the same to copies online

  18. David. This James Cole I am highlighting was a Deputy Attorney General in the US between 2010 and 2015. I have doubts that he might be representing or might have a legal interest in the on-going allege issue with a former minister of Government. For any legal removal, it must come from a Google legal representative on a Google letterhead and the writer should affix his/her name and position. Looking at the language, it is just scared tactic.

  19. Who is Quantum Energy and are there new beneficial owners of the Cahill Waste To Energy Idea and who owns the Garbage in Barbados? James Cole or whoever must identity who they are if we must take them seriously. I say no to erasing the post for the governance history of Barbados is owned by future generations. Our history cannot and should not be erased or forgotten.

    • @Kammie

      No compelling information has been tabled to remove the blog at this point.

      If the government has information that the Cahill agreement is live and is being shopped around the public should be updated.

  20. Many persons we lied about having knowledge of the Cahill Waste To Energy Plant. This proposed idea started at just over $200M and ended up at $700M. If I got a 2% finders fee or commissions as happens in Insurance what fee or value in kind would I be entitled to after tayes?

  21. @BU David, The mind is a wandering thing this time of the morning and provides answers when you least expect. Waste To Energy is not off the cards for Barbados and the more garbage we produce the greater feasibility and viability the feedstock becomes. Do you not find it suspicious the biggest scandal in Barbados ever getting the most silence. Perhaps, the multi million dollar fees in these austere times are too good to pass up even though it’s cheaper to use solar energy and the 4Rs reduce importation, diverts waste from landfills, employs hundreds, as well as earns FX.

    I am now fully awake for a politician in Barbados is a strange specimen.

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