See How “Mia Cares” with her Hitler Styled Bill for “Integrity in Public Life 2018…

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How Dictatorships Commence – a Case Study

A few days ago Grenville Philips, the erstwhile leader of Solutions Barbados posted a link to this Hitlerian Bill at

It is an 83? Page document that de ole man just decided to read cause well I ent got muffin to do…

It is an interesting document and even it its introduction is a Freudian slip I.e. its reference to a “regime”. But as I continued to read as I HOPE WUNNA WILL, I found, there, hidden away from the eyes of the average bajan SHEEPLE, our local equivalent of Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933!

It took de ole man a like time to find the text of that 1933 Enabling Act in English but here is the short version for those of you “who give a badword”

…The Enabling Act 1933 gave Adolph Hitler plenary powers. It followed on the heels of the Reichstag Fire Decree, which abolished most civil liberties and transferred state powers to the Reich government. The combined effect of the two laws was to transform Hitler’s government into a legal dictatorship.

The formal name of the Enabling Act was Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (“Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich“)…”

So us bajan sheeple continue merrily along, blindly drinking the coolaid under “Mia Cares” REGIME lulled by our cuhdear statement “Give She 100 days Cause She Only Just Start” 

You dead right “she only jet start”

So de ole man will do the following provide a passage from the pernicious Enabling Act of 1933 which can be seen at and also mention its counterpart Act, Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State of 28 to underscore the direction that we are going in IF MIA’s 2018 BILL IS PASSED

“The Reichstag has enacted the following law, which is hereby proclaimed with the assent of the Reichsrat, it having been established that the requirements for a constitutional amendment have been fulfilled:”

Does this easy-peasy “Constitutional Amendment exercise” sounds familiar to wanna sheeple? Bless wanna cool-aid drinking, happy go lucky spirits.

“…Article 4 The Enabling Act 1933

Reich treaties with foreign states that affect matters of Reich legislation shall not require the approval of the bodies concerned with legislation. The Reich Government shall issue the regulations required for the execution of such treaties…”

And then the corresponding Article from Mottley’s Bill of Despot Rights.

“……Article 4.2 of the Despot Rights Bill 2018

“…In the exercise of its functions under this Act, the Commission may not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority.

As well as “…Article 6.1 of said Despot Rights Bill 2018

“…The Commission may enter into such written agreements,

arrangements or memoranda of understanding with a law enforcement agency, including a foreign law enforcement agency, as the Commission considers necessary or desirable for the discharge or performance of its functions.

Like a Triple Canopy “Law Enforcement Agency” but I digress..

“…Article 1 of the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State of 28, 1933 which reads …§ 1

“Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications, and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property are permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

But then let us read “Article 15.1 of the 2018 Chill sorry Bill …An investigative officer has, in carrying out his functions, the powers of a constable to arrest any person whom he reasonably suspects has committed an offence punishable by imprisonment under this Act or under any other

enactment that assigns responsibility for investigations to the Commission. 2018 Bill Part II?

And article 17.1 of said Chill Bill sorry …the judge may issue a warrant authorising an investigative officer to enter and

search the premises for the material and to seize and retain any material, that, in the opinion of the investigative officer, is of the kind described in paragraphs (b) and (c).

SO LEH WE SAY DAT De Honourable Blogmaster got a server, or a laptop, or a smart phone or anything that de investigating office, in his opinion, want to put he hands pun, poor David BU ass is grass CAUSE DE 2018 Integrity in Public Life say so.

So let us move to  “…Article 16.1 of said Despot Rights Bill 2018 OR what is being called the Integrity in Public Life Bill 2018 WHEN READ CAREFULLY SHOWS THAT IT HAS OUSTED THE CONSTITUTION OF BARBADOS

Among many of its clauses which abrogate the rights of Bajan citizens and residents it reads “…An investigative officer may apply to a judge in Chambers for an order, to be called a production order, requiring a specified person to give the officer access to material specified in the application; or produce the material specified in the application for the officer to take away, within 7 days from the date on which the order is made or such other period as the judge determines would be appropriate in the circumstances.

Further affront to the constitution is enshrined in “…The Commission may, if it thinks fit, receive oral or written evidence, but it is not bound by the rules of evidence in the Evidence Act, Cap. 121, and it may take into account opinion evidence and such facts as it considers relevant and


What the France is “opinion evidence”? You mean that if Waveney Bannister feel that in his opinion that Andrew Pilgrim should get lock up, OR PUDRYR, get set up by Senator Williams or he son or any such madness that “opinion evidence” going be the undoing of either party?

But let us read a little further 

”…An investigative officer has the function of carrying out investigations in relation to ANY MATTER, WHETHER OR NOT INVOLVING AN ALLEGED OFFENCE, in respect of which the Commission exercises functions under this Act or ANY OTHER ENACTMENT …”

I don really believe that the Honorable Blogmaster going publish this document but if he does, And does not truncate it cause it exceeds the word limit like George Brathwaite’s articles,  we can expect fellows like Enuff, ONE OF THE MANY EMISSARIES of the saviour and champion of “ye isle of Barbadoes”, will come here to talk bout how dis is a paranoid interpretation of this Travesty

Watch how they continue obfuscating this serious matter with their equivalencies about how the campaign promise of a $500K fine FOR CORRUPTION, get whittle down to a measly $10K 

But remember that “Mia Cares”.

But what is worse is that petty men like Bishop Atherley and other principled fellers like Edmund and Ralph WILL REMAIN QUIET and knock pun de table in the HoA when de bill get laid, much like how, at the signing of The Enabling Act of 1933,  “non-Nazi members, surrounded and threatened by members of SA and Schutzstaffel or the SS…” kept quiet


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  1. “No mind you only recently Well Well and Consequences was warned not to paste 3000 words but Hoodie got a free pass?”

    Piece…that warning was not for me, it was for the nuisance Freedom Crier…who was warned repeatedly about their useless to this forum, cut and paste nonsense from racist websites.

  2. @AWTY
    I am a man that does lissen. So I tek yuh advice and went reading.
    II saw this

    “This section shall not apply to any personal gift received by a specified
    person in public life from a relative or friend.

    A specified person in public life who is unsure whether a gift received from
    a relative or friend is a personal gift or an official gift may apply to the
    Commission seeking its opinion as to the proper classification of the gift.”

    Remember reading somewhere about some Bajan guy whose grandmother holding a couple of millions fuh he.
    He gun get dah as a gift or in de will.

    Is dah wha yah call a Loophole? So you can pay me muddah or me friend and they can hold it or gift it to me .

    I gun tek advice “…and leave the “nuances” and interpretations up to the goodly people who will sit on the Integrity Commission…”

    I coming home and I looking for a job writing loopholes or watering down fines

    Think of these four things and forget the palaver
    Fines well in excess of collected amounts
    Investigating relatives and friends who for no earthly reason got rich overnight

  3. So we had 30 DLP politicians and they were all “crooked”.
    So we selected 30 BLPs and we get a Michael Carrington’s doppelganger in the mix.
    What does that tell you?
    Select any thirty Bajans politicians and you have selected a few crooks .

  4. Has Barbados been deceived and betrayed? Say it ain’t so Mia. Don’t make look like a fool.

  5. One can clearly see the difficulty of writing such a law.
    How wide a net should you cast so as to catch wrongdoers is always open for debate.
    But don’t create loopholes or impose fines that encourages politicians to play.

  6. There is no difficulty in writing the law, there are many seasoned legally trained people existing who can draft legalese, they can even request help from their carom counterparts…

    it is the loopholes they are creating to protect their fellow criminals in their brutal thievery of taxpayers, policyholders and pensioners money is the real problem.

    Though I question the legal skills of many of them, there are those who are experienced enough to draft airtight legislation and not this flimsy nonsense they are trying to slide by with.

  7. Barbadians with savings and chequing accounts at CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank have been hit with increased fees effective Sunday.

    When they go into branches of that bank to deposit money, they will be charged $3. This transaction was previously free.

  8. Charging to withdraw money, now charging you to deposit money, stop using the banks, there are many other alternatives to house your money, shut them down, they are out of control.

    There are many complaints about that bank these days, maybe it’s time for foreign banks to leave the Caribbean.

  9. @David BU

    I kindly wish to draw your attention to a statement made by PUDRYR @July 3, 2018 10:38 PM :-

    He said:- “No (SIC) mind you only recently Well Well and Consequences was warned not to paste 3000 words but Hoodie got a free pass?”

    David, if that’s the case and I have broken one of your blog policies, I humbly apologise for so doing. However, if anyone wishes to verify the claim, all one would need to do is check the number of words in a line and then the number of lines in my copying of the post by AWTY. Very simple maths would show that there are approximately 20 words per line and there are approximately 22 lines. By my reckoning (and remember I am no mathematician) that gives a total of just about 440 words copied. Much, much less that any 3000 words limit as quoted by Mr. PUDRYR!

    Now, Dave, as I asked before if PUDRYR can be so lax and flippant and try to deceive folk here about such a simple point, then it leaves me to wonder just how sincere he is when making any other claims in his posts, PERIOD!

    However, as I did before, I bow to those more knowledgeable than I (PUDRYR, THEO etc) and I take another sabbatical from your very enlightening BU.

    Thanks again David.

    • @Hoodie

      The blogmasters comment was directed at Freedom Crier who is wont to copy and paste at will. As always discretion is used by the BU household, you have no need to be concerned, you are a gentleman on the blog regarding blog etiquette.

  10. This is robbery. Close the bank accounts. Why is this dynamic BLP government not reviving the idea of a Barbados-domiciled bank? This should be a elementary idea for an army of economic ministers and consultants. How about the dimbos at the central bank? Don’t they know what regulation means?

  11. How many times have bajans complained about bank charges but yet these same bajans continue to deposit their monies in banks that use the money to invest solely for the purpose of other financial instituions and shareholders who reap the benefits
    Bajans need a reality check of how to make money off these large financial institutions . however bajans prefer to follow the old path of giving and receiving nothing of worthwhile in return
    To them i say keep on doing so at your on stupidty

  12. Maybe the exgovernment should not have done so much borrowing from the locally based foreign commercial banks who now believe they have a right to rip off their own customers to recoup what they have not been repaid…remember yall never repaid those loans.

    All these ills return to the defunct government’s actions and lack thereof.

  13. @ Hoodie (Leader of the Mugabe Hoodlum crew)

    Please do not leave yet…

    Stay I prithee yet a while longer and do not inflict so cruel a blow as this thing sabbatical pledge…

    Oh woe is me and mine colleagues who would leave this midguard to fly in the faces of gods like Loki, Hoodie, Enuff of Lorenzo, The Patriotic Bajan and Mugabie.

    Please then, IF LEAVE YOU MUST, take this parting gift from de grandson

  14. But hold your horses just a little bit Hoodie

    Wunna think that Barbados Underground doing anything to cause these seizmic shifts?

    “In an effort to increase public awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities, the FEAR TRADING Commission will host a series of Consumer Outreach Days this month…”

    The article continues

    “…On Friday, July 6, Consumer Protection Officers will be located at Abed’s, Swan Street, Bridgetown, St Michael. On Friday, July 13, the outreach activity will be held at Sheraton Centre, Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church.

    On Friday, July 20, officers will be at Cave Shepherd, Broad Street, Bridgetown, St Michael; and on Friday, July 27, they will return to Abed’s on Swan Street.

    All outreach events will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m…”


    But here is the thing Sandra Sealy WE BAJANS ent want all this tokenism.

    We demand dat wunna change up wunna site and do ting like de Jamaicans does do um.

    With Transparency and Accountability and stop sucking Cable and Wireless pooch


    (Note how de ole man switch from calling it de DESPOT BILL 2018)

    It be 8 a.m now so de ole man got to go and enjoy de festivities and may even visit DpD effing he turn up as he planned heheheheheheh

  15. Interesting news about Noel Lynch being appointed Ambassador to the US, if memory serves wasn’t he up for some job in the Tourism field a few years ago and it was alleged that he didn’t get it because of some business about a US Visa?

  16. TheOGazerts; Hoodie; PUDRYR; David; other BU staff members;

    First, I must apologize for inadvertently misleading you through a number of inaccurate statements that I made in some of my posts on the draft Act. Those statements relate to the areas below:

    The imputation of a statute of limitations of 5 years was due to my misreading of one of the clauses in the Sections dealing with gifts only and not with the overall contraventions of the draft act.

    I should have indicated that the draft Act is linked with cap 143, the proceeds of crime act, in relation to a number of aspects of that act and particularly re. such areas as forfeitures and confiscations of the proceeds of crime.

    Where I stated that there was a fine of 1/2 the value of property gained from corruption that should have been 1 1/2 times the value of such property.

    In general, however, I hold fast to my interpretation that the draft Act does not apply to the general public but only to certain top Public servants and Ministers and, in that regard, does not appear to provide any valid claim for its linkage to a 2018 descent of Barbados into a hitlerian regime.

    The procedures for the institution of the Commission and its membership and its functions are clearly spelt out in the draft Act.

    The PM and the LoO, each propose 1 member of the Commission but have no say in determining who the Chairman will be. The PM or the LoO cannot terminate any member of the Commission. The imputations that the PM can undermine the specified procedures seem to be somewhat fanciful. See excerpts from relevant parts of draft Act below:-


    Members of Commission

    The Commission shall consist of:

    a chartered or certified accountant of at least 7 years’ standing appointed by the Governor-General after consultation with any body which in his opinion represents chartered or certified accountants in Barbados;

    a person who holds or has held the office of judge in a superior court of record in any part of the Commonwealth, appointed by the
    Governor-General, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

    an attorney-at-law with at least 10 years’ standing whose name appears on the Roll of Attorneys-at-law pursuant to the Legal Profession Act, Cap. 370A, appointed by the Governor-General, after consultation with the Council of the Barbados Bar Association;

    a member of the clergy, appointed by the Governor-General, after consultation with the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition;

    a person appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister;

    and a person appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.

    Appointment of Chairman
    The Governor-General shall, acting in his discretion, appoint a member to be Chairman of the Commission.

    The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Commission at which he is present, and in the case of the absence of the Chairman from any meeting, the members present and forming a quorum shall elect one among them to preside at the meeting.

    Removal of member
    A member of the Commission may be removed from office by the Governor-General for inability to discharge the functions of his office, whether arising from infirmity of mind or body or any other cause, or for misbehaviour and shall not be removed except in accordance with this paragraph.

    A member shall be removed from office by the Governor-General where the question of his removal is referred to a tribunal appointed under sub-paragraph (3) and the tribunal recommends to the Governor-General that the member ought to be removed for inability to discharge the functions of his office or for misbehaviour.

    Where the Governor-General, after consultation with the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, considers that the question of removing a member ought to be investigated, the Governor-General shall appoint a tribunal which shall consist of

    a judge of the Supreme Court;
    an attorney-at-law with at least 10 years’ standing whose name appears on the Roll of Attorneys-at-law pursuant to the Legal Profession Act, Cap. 370A;

    and one other person of high integrity and appropriate qualifications, to inquire into the matter and report on the facts thereof to the Governor-General and recommend to him whether the member ought to be removed.

    The tribunal shall give the member an opportunity to show cause why he should not be removed. Where the question of removing a member is referred to a tribunal, the Governor-General, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, may suspend the member from the exercise of the functions of his office.

    A suspension may at any time be revoked by the Governor-General and shall in any case cease to have effect where the tribunal recommends to the Governor-General that the member should not be removed.

    BU really needs input from some trained lawyers or persons with significant experience in interpretation of legal documents to provide some answers to the questions raised in this blog by PUDRYR and others. I suspect that several of us on BU have made a number of similar errors to mine because of a lack of experience in linking the provisions of existing acts and their effect on the correct interpretation of specific clauses.

  17. David you got yuh hands full having to explain these growing signs of corruption by the blp govt
    Friends and families and unknown foreign interest on govt payroll
    It would be interesting to know if Jong had to go through the normal process of having a thorough background check before getting the govt job and if there are any records to indicate such through examination relating to his background occured
    We the people want to know

  18. Hal what kind of question

    Commisiong would tell u that he has given back more to barbados that most of its citizens citing the legal fights he has fought and won
    Then he would tell u that based on that record he is more than deserving of receiving govt monies in largess amount
    a. As compensation
    b. As gratitude
    c. His moral dispensation has already been well spent in his service and duty to barbados and its people.

  19. A set of parliamentarians sat and drafted, and will enact, legislation that favours them through small fines while at the same time is significantly injurious to their constitutional rights given the Hitlerian content of said bill. Barbados would be an all round world beater if the expertise many of us have in knowing everything about nothing was replicated in areas key to Bdos’ development. Egofowls are worse than yardfowls.

  20. David Commissiong previously served as the first Director of the Pan African Commission under tge BLP.

  21. Comissiong confirmed to Barbados TODAY tonight that he would accompany Mottley to the 39th CARICOM Heads of Government Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from Wednesday, July 4 to Friday, July 6. “The most I can confirm is that I will be attending the Heads of Government summit in Jamaica as advisor to the Prime Minister in CARICOM affairs,” he said.

    Wonder what Tune Commie Sing Song Playing on that Flute?

    Wonder what is first on Commie’s Agenda?

    What do you Detect that Commie Sing Song Raises Up the Volume with his Commie Buddies in the Caribbean?

    “Comissiong has been a prominent advocate for Caribbean integration, particularly in seeking to bring Spanish-speaking hemispheric nations such as Cuba and Venezuela closer to the English-speaking Caribbean states.”

    Commie Sing Song has been playing his Communist Flute is founder of the Clement Payne Movement, Comissiong is the author of the 2013 book It’s the Healing of the Nation: The Case For Reparations In An Era of Recession and Re-colonisation.

    He has Already told you, were you Listening? Now he has the Barbados Government Mantle to Steam Roll Right on Ahead with his Agenda…

    Hold on to your Seats Venezuela here we come…

    Submitted by DAVID COMISSIONG, Chairman, Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN)

    Dear Colleagues,
    Please see the attached Declaration of the International Conference on Reparations that was held in Caracas, Venezuela between the 8th and 10th of May 2018. The background to the Conference was the historic March 2018 announcement of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that it was officially committing Venezuela to the pursuit of Reparations for the damage caused to the Afro-Venezuelan people as a result of the centuries of European orchestrated slavery and slave trade.

    In so doing, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela became the first Government to officially launch a campaign for Reparations since the historic Reparations claim launched by the fourteen independent nation states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in August 2013….

    Freedom Crier
    May 17, 2018 8:29 AM

    “A Collective Bunch of Socialist/Communist while Running out of other people’s money gather together to Plot, Demise and Strategies how to use the Entitlement Ploy to secure that their Tiefing Continues Unobstructed and with the Applause of those who believe in Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

    The Root cause of All our Ills is that the System of Governance of SOCIALISM is a Fraud and a Ponzi Scheme that inevitably collapses into a State of Communism.

    It is a Lie Perpetuated on we the People of the world. It is the Counterfeit of Freedom and Liberty Masquerading as a Political Philosophy of being Benevolent and Charitable while it is the Exact Opposite!

    Socialism has no theory of wealth creation; it’s just a destructive, Envy-Driven Fantasy about Redistributing of Wealth after something else (and somebody else) creates it first. The slow poison of Government and Corporations, Crony Capitalism has infiltrated almost every level of Socialist Countries and is now being used as fodder to promote Socialism.”

  22. @Hoodie

    The blogmasters comment was directed at Freedom Crier who is wont to copy and paste at will. As always discretion is used by the BU household, you have no need to be concerned, you are a gentleman on the blog regarding blog etiquette.

    David how is this for blog etiquette?

  23. Good Day to you David…

    Well Well Copy & Paste at your Services Sista’s Post in Limbo ASNUSAL!!

    Isn’t it Amazing that with Every the Freedom Crier’s Post Await Moderation?
    Wonder who else is so Privileged here? Guess that is BU BS blog etiquette?

    The Problem with you David is that I am a Civil Conservative who does not lash you with my Tongue as others do so you seek to humiliate me in the name of blog etiquette… I have seen every other Convulsion on BU … Are you calling in the Troopers?

    You may find a Hush in its Place as Previously when doing the same.
    Carry on SmartlyvDavid Folks are not Blind!!

  24. Mariposa,

    What has been published about Mr Jong is not a full CV. It is a few highlights of a IT worker. Before the general election, I said in this blog after the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke that all parties in Barbados should public state if they had any foreigners on their pay roll. The BLP remained silent. I also said that people should not vote for a party unless they explained fully their manifestoes commitments; the BLP published a Mickey Mouse manifesto. I also said it was an opportunity to drive lawyers out of politics; the voters ignored me. Lawyers are at the heart of everything that is wrong with Caribbean politics.

  25. @ Are We There Yet

    Would you be so kind as to answer my question which everyone seems to be avoiding

    Who is the custodian of the declarations of persons in Public life?

    Is it a very simple nuance that everyone is conveniently missing.

    If the Commissioner who is elected on the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition WHICH IN THIS CASE IS THE SAME PERSON, is the very same person who keeps ” the sacred declarations”

    Now in the vein of pledging allegiance to my masters, tell the ole man how will you isolate the declarations from tampering?

    I am not interested in the legalese I am interested in the mechanics

  26. @ pieceuhderockyeahright Wonder What Commie Sing Song Playing on that Flute Now? Different Tunes for Different Times!!

    Beware of actions by the Barbadian Government which are laying the platform for the island to become a police state.
    New Bill will create a police state, warns Comissiong

    Noting that “under our current constitutional arrangements, the only way that the Police can acquire the powers that this Bill proposes to give them is if ‘a period of public emergency’ is declared,” he explained the differences between the Bill and the Barbadian Constitution:

    “Under the Constitution, the special regime can only be established by way of a vote in both the House of Assembly and the Senate of two thirds of the members of these two houses of Parliament, or by way of a Proclamation of the Governor General, to be followed by Orders made by the entire Cabinet of Barbados– Orders that then have to be laid before Parliament, while in the latter case (under the DLP Bill), the decision is totally left to the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police, with no need for Parliamentary approval.”

    Asserting that he does “not feel comfortable with such power being placed in the hands of the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police.”

    1 February 2018 Barbados News

    @ Hal Austin you say, “Lawyers are at the heart of everything that is WRONG with Caribbean politics.” You Sir are on the Money.

  27. @pieceuhderockyeahright July 4, 2018 3:08 PM “Now in the vein of pledging allegiance to my masters, tell the ole man how will you isolate the declarations from tampering?”

    There is no way to isolate declarations from tampering.

    Just as there is no way to stop people from lying, dishonouring their parents, killing, fornicating etc.

    You can only punish after the fact, and if you have no way of knowing whether or not tampering has taken place, then there is no way to punish, because you have no way of knowing the facts.

    But what do I know?

    I am only a

    Simple Simon.

  28. @Hal Austin July 4, 2018 12:23 PM “…accepted government largesse?

    Not government largesse. The poor over burdened taxpayers money.

  29. One can bet that Commie- sin -song is cooking some political stew on that bill to feed the populace one can easily bet that with the help of his twin commuinist karate kid Jong that the chop suey is going to taste real sweet to the blp yardfowls

    #####…..awaiting on Commie last word

  30. @ Simple Simon

    You are correct in the ultimate scenario.

    All I am suggesting is that

    A.the declarations ARE NOT to be kept in the safeguard of the Commissioner who is chosen by the same people who he is keeping their declarations

    B.Like the Grammy Awards the declarations must be safeguarded by the GG & a reputable Accounting Firm.

    Certainly not Peat Marwick KPMG if Darcy Boyce is working there again.

    In fact I recommend an off island entity for this function.

    What is so hard to understand about the fact that bajans ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO BE TRUSTED WITH OUR INTEGRITY after we have practiced deceit for so long

    Like babes we have to be weaned ok

    I GOING go back to the Bill later or tomorrow…

  31. PUDRYR;’ You stated at 3:08 pm today “Now in the vein of pledging allegiance to my masters, tell the ole man how will you isolate the declarations from tampering?”

    I was out for most of today and couldn’t reply until now.

    I would not be as presumptuous as to suggest that I would be able to design a tamper proof system to ring fence the Declarations but I will tell you how I think that the designers of the draft Act sought to do so.

    First they ensured that the GG was the person responsible for all material aspects of the Act. I don’t think that you think that the GG, with her responsibilities to the Queen, would be party to any tampering that might take place under lesser officials.

    Then they ensured that the PM and the LoO were able to nominate only 1 person each to membership of the six member Commission.

    Then they ensured that reputable, experienced professionals, filled the remaining 4 memberships. A judge in a Superior court; A senior Cleric; A Chartered Accountant; A senior Lawyer; All honourable, upstanding, professionals who would not be expected to do anything that would besmirch their reputations.

    Then they ensured that the GG, in his discretion only, and not after consultation with anyone, appoints the Chairman of the Commission.

    Then to ensure that they did indeed make it quite difficult for the members to collude and contravene any aspect of the Act, they explicity required a duty of SECRECY regarding declarations by not only every member of the Commission but all staff of the Commission as well. See the section below:-

    Duty of secrecy regarding declarations

    (1) Every member of the Commission and every person performing any function in the service or as an employee of the Commission shall treat all records, and information relating to declarations, as secret and confidential and shall not disclose or communicate the text of any record, information or declaration to any unauthorised person or allow any unauthorised person to have access to any records, information or declarations.

    (2) A person who contravenes subsection (1) is guilty of an offence and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of $20 000 or to imprisonment for 3 years or to both.

    I would certainly not expect that in the face of requirements and penalties as strict as those indicated above and the shame of a fairly hefty fine (perhaps that fine should go to $75,000) and jail time for the upstanding members of the Commission, that members of the Commission would collude to assist a politician to their own possible detriment. But I would think that the section of the Act that deals with tampering could be strengthened perhaps by developing regulations that might include some of your suggestions at 9:32 pm. eg specifying where the declarations are kept; specifying how they are kept (eg in a safe ), the combination for which is changed periodically; That files must not be removed from the room in which they are kept: that cameras are not allowed into the room where the declaration files are kept; That an accounting firm designs specific safeguard conditions for maintenance of the files; The swearing of secrecy re. the declarations , etc. by all Commissioners and Staff. That the first Commissioners should have some experience of working with similar Commisions outside Barbados,. etc., etc.

    Something along the above lines might assist in allaying some of your fears about the high probability of leakage from and tampering with the declarations. However, I really do not share your fears in this regard as I would expect that a GG would do all in his power to ensure that these declarations were kept safe. Failure in this regard would reflect significantly on him/her, especially if he took the recommendation of a politico and elevated that recommendation to chairmanship of the Commission, which seems to be the subliminal feature of your concern.

    I think that you are right that Corruption is rife in today’s Barbados but I think that it is unlikely that 3 or more corrupt Commissioners could find their way onto a Commission such as this one. But you and SS might be right.

  32. “I would certainly not expect that in the face of requirements and penalties as strict as those indicated above and the shame of a fairly hefty fine (perhaps that fine should go to $75,000) and jail time for the upstanding members of the Commission, that members of the Commission would collude to assist a politician to their own possible detriment. ”

    You are talking about people, am sure commission members will likely be 50 years and older, who are well known to have practiced a pattern of deceit against their own people for 52 years in the name of being loyal to party and fellow politicians and lawyers who are known for corruption..while simultaneously being loyal to a crown..a people who have:

    ALL been maliciously dishonest and deceitful to their own people for 52 years;

    Who kept the true contents of the Constitution hidden from their people for 52 years;

    Who kept the true relationship between the island and UK hidden from their own people for 52 years;

    Who kept the true roles and responsibilities of successive GGs hidden from their own people for 52 years;

    I would not trust not one of those negros.

    Then there is the over 40 years of well known corruption practiced by the 2 tag team governments and the same potential commission members would have, if not colluded with, certainly enabled and accepted such destructive corrupt practices, with their silence….all in the name of being political party supporters and yardfowls…while being simultaneously loyal to a crown.

    Being loyal to the population who paid/pay their salaries was never a deciding factor to any of them, it has never been addressed, so I doubt it has suddenly become part of the equation in the last month., it cannot happen overnight.

    I would not trust not one of those negros with their decades of practice of protection of corruption. .

  33. @ Are We There Yet

    Yes the 4th of July has its regalia in some climes of our world

    So that you get a clear appreciation of Integrity and corruption in Barbados let me provide you with some statistics.

    For such statistics I would first ask you to look at the UN Office on Drug C on and review Barbados’ stats on drug seizures and individual reports as per that site.

    Check the years from 2011 to 2016.

    Is Barbados listed? Now de ole man going let Google be your friend with that one so that you read both the aggregate data AND THE individual report to see how the data is reported foe other countries against reports for Barbados.

    Now before you go any further given where you live, have you been reading any reports on drug related killings in Barbados?

    Does Barbados have any drug lords?

    Have any ever been caught and/or incarcerated in the last 20 years?

    Don’t let me made it too hard for you. What about 10 years?

    So leh de ole man continue.

    You hear bout de employee rights tribunal? Dat did had commissioners too. Whu happen deah ? Whu after all Are We There Yet they had the dame lofty ambitions and qualifications as your own aforestated Commission of Integrity.

    You read the Act and have missed the fact that the GG is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECLARATIONS of the public servants

    This is the third AND FINAL TIME that I will be saying this

    She THE GG only keeps the declarations of the Commission!

    Are you reading the same document that we are reading?

    Let de ole man disavow you of the so called integrity of these former justices whom you believe to be en masse.

    I would detail the operations of the Office of the Ombudsman where one such retired Justice exists but then again i better not.

    Do not get me wrong.

    THERE are good justices and good policemen and lawyers but as you would have seen with David Come Sing a Song, as soon as his cousin get elected president sorry Prime Minister he done broadcast to the GoB the circumstances under which he will withdraw his lawsuit for the people of Barbados

    And den tek de job as de President’s sorry, The Prime Minister’s personal advisor to CARICOM

    You also missed my point regarding the process of incorporating a reputable third party into the declarations process didnt you?

    The duplication of a declaration document in Detail (for readers who need the Bill read 4 times)

    As of May 24th 2018 FOR GHOSE OF US WHO HAVE NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION the BLP won 30 seats.

    Or not one RH seat was won by the DLP.

    What this meant is that there was AND IS no leader of the opposition and any ensuing choice by Prime Minister and LoO IS THE SAME BECAUSE IT IS COMING FROM MIA MOTTLEY!


    So the Commissioner and their staff will probably be lackeys of the Party in Power because it makes sense that A GOVERNMENT THAT HAS CAMPAIGNED ON A $500K Fine now vacillating on the amount to be levied WILL NOT APPOINT AN ENTITY that will employ the Haman Gallows Option!

    Are we still on the dame page?

    What de ole man is suggesting further is that, IN THE CASE WHERE WE JUST HAD PAUPERS FROM THE DLP now millionaires, it would behooves any system to employ

    1.a mechanism that duplicated the declarations of ALL the parties AT GET GO AND


    3.AS part of the intake process verify that the so called declarations ARE TRUE

    Simply put when my black ass falsifies my assets for a bank loan, the bank conducts an independent review of those lies.

    And if my simple chvunt understands the objectives of this Integrity Bill, dem wants to know that they have a record of some validity DO THEY NOT?

    You do not need to answer the question that I asked you and 2 others earlier about 3 times.

    I repeated it 3 times and would expect ghat the independent Senator Caswell and his colleague Senator Dr. Crystal? will speak to the said act when more intelligent people who are hired for these things open their mouths

    It becomes disturbingmy obvious to me ghat many here have yet to read Animal Farm or having read it have list sight of how the mere removal of a bed sheet means that we have met the provisio that “no animal shall sleep in a bed”

    Lord save us…!

  34. Default backlash
    Woah to barbadian firms doing business with Canadian manufactures saying they want they money up front for good and services

    #####…….see Mia cares

  35. By the way, who made the appointments of the principled Mr Commissiong as CARICOM ‘consultant, and the other three ‘strategic’ North American ambassadors? Were these appointments made by the prime minister or foreign minister?

  36. “Simply put when my black ass falsifies my assets for a bank loan, the bank conducts an independent review of those lies.”

    Especially when ya got there and put 5 or 6 million dollars in your mother’s bank account without her knowledge and she croaks…and ya siblings sued you for their share of your pauper mother’s 5 or 6 million dollar estate….and the new government now wants to renege on the 500,000 dollar fine for corruption while in public office. …and no seek to enact only a 5 year statute of limitations which would automatically exclude such a clear case of an unexplained 5 or 6 million dollar gift.

  37. …and NOW seek to enact only a 5 year statute of limitations which would automatically exclude such a clear case of an unexplained 5 or 6 million dollar gift…as a matter of fact, it will also exclude the clico scammers and many other criminals and corrupt ex ministers, current ministers and their co-conspirators, etc….depending on when this bill is actually legislated AND ENFORCED…..unless there is another more retroactive, more rolled back in years statute of limitations attached. .

  38. I really dislike how lawyers in Barbados think, it is not only destructive to their own people, but in these modern, information saturated times…it exposes their small minded, petty, criminal actions and lack of useful skills.

  39. PUDRYR an WW&Consequences, et al.

    You are probably right, but If you are, there is no hope that Barbados will ever get out of the chasm that we are now in. We would have practically no one in the public service that has a sense of honour, decency and doing the right thing.

    There would be no hope for a better future.

    It would be truly a “dog eat dog” and “devil take the hindmost” society in a “dog eat dog” and “devil take the hindmost” world.

    You are probably right but I hope there are still a few souls out there that will metaphorically continue to tilt at windmills and delay the coming apocalypse for a little while longer as surely your analyses above point uneeringly to the end of this system.

    Uh gone!

  40. “as surely your analyses above point uneeringly to the end of this system.”

    Intuitive AND correct.

    Hence back to my previous analysis of……black people tend to NEVER know when they have been FREED.

  41. The real beauty in all of that, the lawyers and leaders destroyed and ended the system themselves, including the court system, it took them 52 years.

    Let’s hope they got some level of intelligence to build a new system that benefits the people who pay their salaries….since they were unable to keep a system handed down to them functioning and devoid of corrupt practices, so there is no way they can rebuild what they destroyed and did not create in the first place.

    Karma is working overtime.

  42. @ Hal Austin

    Hal. A top of the morning to ye in Bonnie Englant

    THERE is no appointment whether domestic or foreign at the levels of which you speak that shall be effected in Barbados WITHOUT THE SANCTION OF Prime Minister Mottley as well it should not.

    Now a few may think of this as cronyism but pause a while to examine the rationale

    She only has six months to turn things around.

    Six months!

    Now if that were cat or dog years that would be 2 1/2 years but in terms of sovereign creditors the country only has 6 months.

    Here is what is going to happen though.

    All of the inept staffing at these overseas missions are going to be recalled and replaced.

    More consulting-like appointments are going to occur to augment the Great Leap Forward.

    And while you do have show pigs like Noel Being appointed remember that Noel did increase the number of cruise liners to Barbados in his day.

    Liz Thompson is a moufer and can’t contribute diddly squat but her appointment is purely a reward for her efforts during the elections

    It is the peripheral staffing that is critical in this advancement

    My message to Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley is that “there is no need to implement any draconian measures or loopholes”

    Keep those tricks and the tricksters who are drafting this legislation out of the mix.

    It is evident to those of us who are watching ghat you are trying hard to do the Right thing but your basic instincts are being fed by lesser men and women.

    You cannot run every ministry BUT YOU SEE DESE RULES AND COMMISSIONS?

    They are going to be the very tools you going need when Sandra and Lynette revert to dem ole tricks.

    And you dun know dem too Mia

    You dun know how dem does do de kickback scams dem with dem peeples AND LEST YOU LOSS YOU SEAT IN 5 YEARS OVER SHYTE DAT DALE OF KERRIE OR PAIN DO, at the very least put in such rules that are crafted to make everybody fear.


    OF course we dun know that de institutional idjits ent know de Bitcoin mechanisms but dat is another comment for another conversation that Leighton Trotman will be tasked with until he retires.

    “Do the right thin

  43. @ Are We There Yet

    It is not my intent to run no one from this topic.

    On the contrary what I hope will happen is that the few of us who are convicted to DO THE RIGHT THING speak out and support the Caswell s of this island

    If Mottley is wrong or Fumbles is wrong or Dale or Chris is wrong, we have to be able to tell them that they are wrong and give them the evidence to substantiate our claims.

    What do you fear now in your Golden Years?

    What can any one of them do to you AWTY?

    While it is a utopian desire we the few of us that remain, MUST SHOUT OUT AT TIMES OR as the Honourable Blogmaster has said “oppose for the sake of opposing”

    Now mind You, here he is for 11 years, opposing the Advocate, the Nation News and Barbados Today but would caution some of us heheheheh not to do anything like that when we are commenting on the honeymoon bride in her 100 days

    Speaking of the “honeymooning bride” she eat recently at the 39th meeting of the dying CARICOM when she said

    “…Our political leadership must facilitate and shepherd, not control and stifle,” she told the gathering.

    “What is most needed, I am convinced, is to give our people the scope to express their natural inclination to getting things to a conclusion in ways that are productive and beneficial to the region as a whole. Our people should not have to jump through hoops to make this happen.”

    She pointed to the lack of movement on regional travel whether it was in the form of a ferry or the problems with LIAT and Caribbean Airlines…”

    Ammmmm this cross border narrative with ferries and Jean Holder’s LIAT (he still going be their Chairman under the BLP?) Is another topic that going generate some interesting “statistics”

    One wonders where the information sharing is going to come from?

    Or is it precisely for this reason that the Dillard David Come Sing A Song has been coopted BECAUSE IT WAS THE SAME COUSIN AND IGNORAMUS who challenged the GoB specifically as related to the FINGERPRINTING and registration of travellers leaving and entering the CARICOM member state of Barbados?

    Is wunna readers starting to understand why David Commissiong is now the advisor to the Prime Minister Mottley on CARICOM matters?

    He is now a dog that is effectively muzzled and cannot bark at Hyatt or FINGERPRINTING or anything that is contrary to the wishes of The Dog Whisperer

  44. If true the selection of Barney, Liz and Reginald is a no brainer. Farley former Minister of International Business is going to Canada; Liz, a former UN employee; and Barney (marketing background and fluent inSpansih) going to the OAS. Strategic all around.

  45. PUDRYR

    Let me now answer your piece of JUly 5th at 5:32 am, point by point. This will have to be broken up into a number of posts as I will be out for much of the day.

    re. your paragraphs 1 to 9 related to my lack of knowledge about drug lords etc. I think those points are really of no consequence in this matter of the efficacy of a Commission in public life.

    Paragraph 10, however, is relevant, even if the comparison you have drawn bears absolutely no direct relationship to the Commission under discussion. You said “You hear bout de employee rights tribunal? Dat did had commissioners too. Whu happen deah ? Whu after all Are We There Yet they had the dame lofty ambitions and qualifications as your own aforestated Commission of Integrity.”

    The comparison you make to the Employee rights Tribunal is perverse if not laughable. I only need to point you to the fact that the Tribunal and all its members are appointed by the relevant MINISTER, not the GG, and not even the PM. The Minister chose a chairman who was reputed to be a good friend of the PM and the GG was not involved in any aspect of the formation or working of the Tribunal. This is a far cry from the Commission for integrity in Public life.

    You also said “You read the Act and have missed the fact that the GG is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECLARATIONS of the public servants”

    I don’t think I ever claimed that the GG is responsible for the declarations … The senior Public servant who makes his declarations must be the one responsible for what is in his declaration. The Commission is responsible for the safe keeping and truth telling of the Declarations. The GG is responsible for the setting up of the total system through his/her Commission.

    You also said “She THE GG only keeps the declarations of the Commission! Are you reading the same document that we are reading?.”

    The GG doesn’t keep the Declarations of the Commission. The Commission does. There is a difference! I am reading the same document, thought it appears sometimes it is through a glass darkly.

    You also said “Let de ole man disavow you of the so called integrity of these former justices whom you believe to be en masse. I would detail the operations of the Office of the Ombudsman where one such retired Justice exists but then again i better not.”

    You are on firmer ground with this comparison as the Ombudsman Act says “3. (1) Subject to subsection (2), the Ombudsman shall be appointed by the Governor-General, by instrument under the Public Seal, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister after
    consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. (2) The Governor-General shall before appointing a person to be the Ombudsman, submit the proposed appointment to each House of Parliament for approval. “
    But note that the PM recommends the Ombudsman after consultation with the LoO and that the Ombudsman is not a direct creature of the PM.

    You also said “Do not get me wrong. THERE are good justices and good policemen and lawyers but as you would have seen with David Come Sing a Song, as soon as his cousin get elected president, sorry, Prime Minister he done broadcast to the GoB the circumstances under which he will withdraw his lawsuit for the people of Barbados. And den tek de job as de President’s, sorry, The Prime Minister’s personal advisor to CARICOM”

    I have not seen enough information to agree with you re. your characteriztion of the person you apparently alluded to above.

    You also said “You also missed my point regarding the process of incorporating a reputable third party into the declarations process didnt you? The duplication of a declaration document in Detail (for readers who need the Bill read 4 times) As of May 24th 2018 FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION the BLP won 30 seats. Or not one RH seat was won by the DLP.
    What this meant is that there was AND IS no leader of the opposition and any ensuing choice by Prime Minister and LoO IS THE SAME BECAUSE IT IS COMING FROM MIA MOTTLEY! ARE YOU CLEARER ON THAT?”

    Yes, I did and do miss the point. I have however got the point of your and others’ perception that we are now, if not de jure but actually de facto, in a one party state situation. I do not agree as I think the Honourable Leader of the Opposition has acquitted himself well in his position so far, given the circumstances. I think it is possible that the LoO can disagree with the PM if he considers that she has mashed the crease in some way. Looking forward to see if there are any additional pointers to such in the future.

    Will have to return to this response later.

  46. @WWC 5:11 a.m
    You did something I attempted to do in a jocular manner.
    I was saying that if we chose 30 Barbadians we would have at least one Michael Carrington, but you presented 52 years of history. You pointed out that the pool where the commissioners will be drawn from is polluted and the possible commissioners have been adding to the pollution for over 52 years.

    PUDRYR @5:32
    continues to point out that the pool cleaning equipment is not working properly and the pool cleaning agents are too diluted. ,

  47. Theo…in other words, it is the same cesspool, same nepotism, some blood relations both literal and figurative ….same pollution breathed in and out by all of them for 52 years, same coordinated dysfunction, same miseducation, same lack of proactiveness, creativity or imagination…same stagnating mentalities intent on keeping their own people in limbo..

  48. PUDRYR; Your 9:19 am post appeared while I was out so I couldn’t respond to it at the same time or before I posted my 10:48 am one.

    Anyhow, when I said “Uh gone” in an earlier post I did not mean that I have given up the fight re. the Bill for Integrity in Public life.

    I still here! …..and I still think that it should be one of the most consequential bills of the last several years in Barbados and that somehow we should let it be known that such a bill is hugely important and that we are quibbling about certain aspects of it to make it the best it can be….. not to have it buried.

    It makes no sense to inadvertently cause it to have the same fate as the DLP one and languish for years in never-never land. Only the very corrupt politicians and public servants will win if that happens. I would hope that most if not all of our suggestions would be taken into account by the drafters and that this would lead to a drastic reduction in the level of corruption in the Public Service. That, as I read it, is what both of us are trying to do, each from the standpoint of different experiences, worldviews and backgrounds. Such a bill needs to be passed asap.

  49. PUDRYR

    I forgot to mention above that I would not be surprised if there are several members of the political class and senior public servants who are doing their very best to have this bill jettisoned asap. They should not be given any comfort in that objective. Silence by those who have the training to provide support for the Bill as well as critiques of it, as it now stands, might well be an indicator of where they might stand in the overall scheme of things.

  50. Theo,
    The one appointment that the prime minister should make is re-installing her uncle Elombe at the NCF. Such an appointment would be on merit as he is by far our outstanding cultural theorist and historian. He has got a wealth of ideas of benefit to the nation.

  51. If Mia had appointed Elombe as recommended by Hal,the very same Hal would be the first out of the blocks shouting and screaming blue murdah bout famlee ties and favouritism and all the other judgements a la Comissjong.

  52. @ Are We There Yet

    My first point, though convoluted, sought to cause you to see what has been the track record of all these justices and persons of character as it related to Drug INTERDICTIONS OVER TWENTY YEARS!

    I sought by oblique reference to no less an institution as the UNODC to show you that, EVEN IN THE FACE OF A DRUG RELATED MURDER EVERY WEEK IN BARBADOS we do not have ANY DATA RELATED TO SUBSTANTIVE DRUG ARRESTS OVER 20YEARS!!!

    My mind works that way namely if you say to me that there are men of Integrity in these systems of justice then SHOW ME THERE WORKS.

    And as the evidence I asked you to review substantiated THERE ARE NO WORKS!!

    I then tried to use the situation of the appointment of the most recent commissioners to underscore the fact that the history of the Commissioner gene pool is not the most spartan

    Again I was not speaking as to its purview but as to the fact that the outcome of the matters under its purview WERE CONTAMINATED notwithstanding the fact that it met all the parameters that you have been so fluently quoting!

    I think that you are very much aware of the fact that I am hinting of the Brotherhood and the Band of Brothers and that, irrespective of whether it is appointed by Sam Poochy or his brother, we have a situation which is tainted.

    What I was teasing to get to is how, in the face of what Theophilus Gazerts was clearly able to understand, how can we the citizens of Barbados, add our thoughts to this mashed up system, and effect REAL CHANGE?


    Are We There Yet, I knowvi had promised not to say this again but I must because I realise that if a man as sharp as you are not seeing it then de ole man dun know that THE SHEEPLE IS LOST.

    THERE is a specific duty as to who is responsible for safeguarding the DECLARATIONS

    Let me repeat this again.

    The ONLY party who is currently delegated WIGH safeguarding the DECLARATIONS of ALL PUBLIC SERVSNTS IS THE COMMISSION.

    Mindful of all my innuendos about the characters of these personages for whom I seek to impute chicanery EVEN BEFORE THEIR APPOINTMENT, I am suggesting that they are not allowed to be the sole guardians of these documents.

    And even if we are stupid enough to have them keep these declaration then make sure that a duplicate set resides with a third party OUTSIDE OF THEIR REACH.

    My reason being that the system as currently constituted is nepostic and CANNOT POLICE ITSELF.

    I hope that I am much clearer with this submission

    My digs at our justice system and the fact that even in the face of drug related murders and UNODC reports are self evident.

    Our criminal system has been bought out and only de poor black man does get lock up for marijuana spliffs

    The pool is nasty and the pool cleaning equipment is malfunctioning and the pool cleaners are not coming to work BUT ARE GETTIN PAID and you and I the Bajan SHEEPLE BATHING IN DE POOL WATER and drinking the scum covered water in like coolaid

  53. Gabriel,

    I do not believe in nepotism, nor do I believe relatives should be penalised because of blood ties. Elombe is the best living cultural historian we have. I have been saying this for years in this blog. It would have been unusual for me to say that Stuart should have found room for him, but his niece should not. That is called a principle – something very unBarbadian..

  54. @ Are We There Yet

    I for one support An Integrity in Public Life Act JUST NOT THIS ONE.

    It is too paltry an act. With no accountability applicable to a people CONTAMINATED by teifing

    It obviously is a copy of someone else’s act that was dumbed down, rather, An Act that a Dummy – Dale copied down AND GOT WRONG

    I been suggesting that if dem wants to copy an act go to Jamaica or Australia or someplace where dem got people with a modicum of common sense.

  55. There is one more item that is in suspense Honourable Blogmaster and which needs your assistance please

  56. @ Are We There Yet

    During you lifetime have you ever had to rely on legal counsel to represent you in a court?

    And, during such representation while your legal counsel has shared their strategy with You, has it ever been thst they did such with counsel for the party you are litigating against?

    Now de ole man would ask you to consider that subtlety in light of David Come Sing A Song’s statements in his June 24th article her on BU about olive branch…

    He said and I quote “…If the new BLP Government wishes to see the back of this Court Case that they have inherited from the previous DLP administration, they would have to do the following things:- …”

    No I do encourage you to do the following and search the BU archives and confirm if de ole man is a liar

    Then I want you to tell me why this champion of the bajan rights who is now the advisor to the president rather the Prime Minister would have given the new BLP government such an easy out were it not for the fact that he is a sell out?

    I GOING see if de grandson can do a Stoopid Cartoon about how de champion has received his 30 pieces of silver and not Hyatt Hotel is a go

  57. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with two items thank you. One is for AWTY and spoke to his counter points to my earlier points and the latter item was about David Come Sing A Song

  58. If the report that Mr Commissiong is now the ambassador to Caricom is true it will be one of the biggest about turns by anyone pretending to have ethical standards in Barbadian public life.
    Nothing can excuse this about-turn; not the idiotic idea that by getting his feet under the table he can influence policy; nor the equally simplistic notion that the BLP has moved towards accepting some of his ideas in principle; nor the nonsense that he can now work for greater Caribbean unity from the heart of power.
    In reality, it is opportunism, an obvious lack of principles and reveals a man, to all extents, without the slightest sense of what it means to be no longer trusted by ordinary working people. He is traitor to the working class.
    Does this now mean that Hyatt has been resolved? Does it go on ice? Or has Mr Commissiong been paid off with a high-profile job? But some people may be surprised by this, not me. When Diaz-Canel became President of Cuba, bringing the Castro era to a close, one of the first things he did was to recruit black people (those of African descent) to high office; these were people marginalised by the Castros since 1959. When I raised this point, Mr Commissiong shamelessly replied on BU that Cuba was gradually changing.
    It was the most deceptive and amoral excuse for Cuban racism I had heard in my adult life. He has done the same thing about Venezuela, the South American country with the highest number of African people (the Guyanas aside).
    In fact, on BU, I suggested this view was Leninist, putting the party before the people; but I was wrong. Mr Commissiong has shown, by accepting two appointments from this government, within the space of a few weeks, that he in clearly in it for himself.
    We can now conclude from all this that his angry, vengeful criticisms of Stuart were simply class-ridden snobbery, almost contempt for someone who was in his year at law school that he felt he was socially, intellectually and morally superior to.
    Mr Commissiong is now irrelevant to Barbadian public life.

  59. I fell for Comissiong and his bag of tricks.

    It is now clear that though many of his actions benefited us, the motivations were more political than what many considered.

    Indeed as one looks at many of the comments on BU, it is also obvious that some who ‘are considered as non-partisan’ are in one of the camps.

  60. Hal Commisiong was as clear as the driven snow in his so called fights for the “rights”of barbadians all his legal ramblings with govt had all the tell tale signs of vindictiveness.
    I was never impressed with his fight against the Hyatt project
    Reason being that the Hyatt corporation is a international brand that has a stellar profile and a clear record which shows its pristine concern and involvement in environmental issues around the world
    So far from it and would be flooish for the Hyatt to take all the positive gains that has built the Hyatt brand into a respectable entity and throw it all away on the sands of a tiny island called Barbados
    As i have said all along Commisiong is a wolf in sheeps clothing beholding to self and only to those he serves and from my vantage point his service was not for the people living on the denigrated corridors of bay street
    Too late now for these people to be help the govt that would have helped them is no more
    In the meanwhile Commissiong belly would be filled as he received his supper well placed before him fir his good efforts by the present govt while the people and business living on the bay street corridor struggle to make ends meet

  61. Maduro and Commissiong shares the same image one can also say they share twin like mentalities
    In this Venezuela the people are suffering and Maduro holds on to power
    In Barbados the people of baystreet are suffering and Commissiong fought for power
    The irony of it all is that they both won

  62. Exyardfowl….Fruendell will take down all yall….lol..

    ….Comissiong, though kinda sketchy when it comes to his relations with Venezuela and the South American corridor, I belive he has a family connection to Venezuela, also Mia, through her mother . ..but all of that is the least of yall worries. ..Hurricane Fruendel is ya biggest problem right now….he pun a rampage and it don’t look good for any of you…hahaha

    I had reason to observe Comissiong in a setting with 2 Cuban ambassadors….the aura was not good. ..and I am very sensitive about those things, he is very useful to any Caricom development, as long as he does not have the power to introduce the very racist to African descendants…South American/Latino influence into the lives very Caribbean islands and its people, , particularly Barbados…those latino countries do not treat their African populations well period and Comissiong knows this , I only wish he would stop ignoring that reality.

  63. as long as he does not have the power to introduce the very racist to African descendants…South American/Latino influence into the lives OF Caribbean islands and its people, , particularly Barbados

  64. @ Theophilus

    You must be kidding me right when you say sincerest thanks to the Blogmaster for keeping the discussion going








    Long live George Linnaeus Banks…

  65. This last election was an eye opener .in fact one can bodly state that the mechanism used were blatantly flawless
    Those mechanism were as follows maniupulation!deceit and the powerful but well oiled political dynamic to massage and convince the brighest as well as the weakest mind
    Here are the hints
    The blp had tried their darn best to apply a fire of political deep thought steeped in negative messages to cause chaos and riots in the street which did not work beginning with the early stages of marches
    Next step the constant ringing if the bell if Doom and Gloom a political strategy to upsurge again to cause chaos .which did not work
    However it did unravel a little nerving of the people having an intent to that of physchological warfare usually called a planting of thenseeds which would slowly uproot or untie people connections to govt policies
    A mastergame plan which gave sufficient room forCommisiong to active his legal appartus to connect himself to the people and disconnect what the people wanted from govt policies
    While all this political gamemanship is taking place the masses are falling asleep
    Last but not least we have a union who is demanding a 23% wage hike which does not make sense in an economic enviroment that shows govt is in debt
    Now as the picture unfolds anyone with an iotta sense can see what has occured
    The unions fell in line like good ole sheep for the propaganda settles for a measly 5%.
    The political will of the people asked for less pain
    The govt of the day has settled in and goverance is one of unilateral decision
    And Commisiong reigns supreme

  66. Plus there was no Cambridge Analytica to help yall tief the election like in 2013, ya were on your own twisting in the wind and not knowing what to do..

    …do so don’t like

  67. There is much more to come with this submission

    First and foremost will be the way that a Bill/Act of this import and impact has been introduced.

    Had Mia really “cared” about the SHEEPLE this would have been among the first of the Covenant Breaker’s Town Hall meetings with the various stakeholders

    The common folk, the unions, the NGOs and others with whom a caring government would have deemed it important to consult.

    This Act and the Freedom of Information act are the two most important planks for a caring government to consult.

    Not to ram it down people’s throats.


  68. Plus…Fruendel & Foes of the People want locking up.

    Former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years in prison over corruption linked to purchase of London flats

    Guilty verdict in absentia against the 68-year-old ends career of one country’s most high-profile politicians

    Saad Sayeed
    51 minutes ago

    Nawaz Sharif, a former Pakistani prime minister, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in a corruption case linked to the purchase of luxury London flats.

    The decision by a Pakistani anti-corruption court is a major blow to his party ahead of a general election in July.

    The guilty verdict in absentia against the 68-year-old threatens to end the career of one Pakistan’s most high-profile politicians over the last four decades, a political survivor who served as prime minister on three occasions.

    His daughter, Maryam, widely seen as his chosen political heir, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Maryam’s husband Muhammad Safdar Awan was sentenced to one year in prison, prosecution lawyer Sardar Muzaffar Abbasi said.

    Both Sharif and his daughter were in London on Friday with Sharif’s wife, Kulsoom, who is being treated there for cancer and is in a coma after suffering a heart attack last month.

  69. @ Mariposa

    You really need to sit out this for a while and look and copy IF YOU CAN.

    Your collective attempt to demonize Mia failed NOT ONLY BECAUSE ALL OF YOUR MATERIAL LACKED SUBSTANCE and was the archaic message of the dodo bird Bobby Morris BUT BECAUSE your party was out of your depth

    You always were out of your depth and NOW YOUR DLP IS DEAD.


    Sit and watch…the Rise of a New Movement

    De Ole Man going pick two men and Two Women and leh wunna see how dis ting does wuk

    You rest girl rest…

  70. Dont know what depth you speak of i swim in my own waters far away from sharks like yuhself
    You seem to be the one upset with Mia winning as for me could not careless
    My only concern is the lies and deceit. Nothing more nothingless
    Btw you can save your advice for self and your punishing 3000 word articles

  71. Yes Mariposa

    Idiots usually find a challenge to read beyond ten words

    This is why Fumbles was able to screw you with his emergency Act of 2017 cause your donkey CAN’T READ.


    Dis is why the Stoopid Cartoons that you het de ole man vex 2 years ago and mek he was to go back to ole fond remembrances heheheheh and create dem visual warfare for your party

    You must really hate de ole man and he grandson doah!

    I guess I won’t be coming to your home no time soon heheheheh



  72. Anyways I tire of you.

    Back to Mia Cares

    Here is what you need to do with this ingrunt Act Mia

    Mel it into a big ting and reach out to America &A few international agencies

    De ole man specifically been trying to tell you bout dese IFIs

    I want you to get in the Carter foundation

    De ole man suggest dat you reach out to Jimmy heself

    And Patterson from Jamaica to do dis ting.

    Mia you got to up you game doah and get rid of dese small island people you gots round you.

    Dale and Kerrie and dem boys gine doom you to a five year term girl.

    Mark de ole man words.

    You really got to get all de bajans involved in dis ting.

    Looka here is an excerpt from on uh Jimmy documents

    It reads “…Two years ago, The Carter Center published Combating Corruption in Jamaica, A Citizen’s Guide, in which leading Jamaican scholars and legal analysts described and critiqued emerging legislation.

    The Guide was an instant success, and we ran short of copies within weeks as legislation went to Parliamentary debate and citizens successfully rallied to persuade their representatives to improve the language of the text before passage.

    It was a stirring demonstration of how the democratic process should work and why Jamaica remains a vibrant polity…”

    Give de People a deadline for the Integrity Legislation and Commission and The Freedom of Information Act

    And mek dis a big national ting, wid live streaming, and ting and let all we big mouf bajans menses come and show how big we imaginary mandingo appendages are (and let de womdns do de same ting wigh dem pudendas…)

    I sorry if I being offensive but you know what? we got to change this mindset bout bajans being docile Mia.

    Dat is whu kill de DLP and ef you let Dale and Kerrie continue pun dem ingrunt path it is you dat peeple like me going blame fuh 1933 when 2023 rolls around

    I GOING try to fistula de best of de ideas to the SHEEPLE amongst us.

    The smart ones know how to make Google their friend

    If you do the two of these right man even de ole msn going have trouble to help launch the Third movement to dislodge some uh the flotsam you got in your 1st and 2nd Eleven team

  73. Hal
    The country with the largest number of African descendants in South America is Brazil and not Venezuela.You should know that.You are a famous newspaperman who is well read.

  74. Gabriel,

    You are right and I knew that. Brazil has the biggest population of Africans in the so-called New World. What I meant and should have said was proportion. Historically there have also been the closes of the Spanish-speaking counties to the English-speaking Caribbean. But the substantive point remains.

  75. These criminal types also hire the mentally weakest underdogs to reinforce the bullying and bullied effect, now we know what is wrong with Ha, Ha…outside of the normal mentally weak black male, the level of destruction to the black mind is total and complete when exposed for years to this high degree of demonic european force. .

    Miller….we were right all along.

    “Paul Dacre

    Asked for the winning formula of his Daily Mail, Lord Northcliffe replied: “I give my readers a daily hate.” No one has kept that flame burning more brightly than Paul Dacre, poisoner of the national psyche, bully-in-chief, whose iron whim has terrified prime ministers for a quarter of a century, and who has announced he will be stepping down as the paper’s editor in November.

    Paul Dacre, Stephen Lawrence and why hell hath no fury like an editor engaged
    Read more
    Like all bullies he targets underdogs, imposing on the country racism, homophobia and philistinism, and shunning complexity and evidence. His sheer bully-power often frames the national debate by warping broadcasters’ news agendas, because they know the Mail makes politicians quake. Theresa May – his candidate – caves in to him every time, as paralysed on paying for social care as on Brexit. His legacy is the great Brexit divide that has torn the country in two.”

  76. @Piece
    Looking for a comment by you where you went into “planification” and sleepers. I would like to reread it before I post. But I think I have the gist of it. Bear in mind that I know nothing about sailing except port and starboard

    My dear Sir,
    I must question your navigation skills.
    I saw that you steered too hard to the port side, over-corrected and went too hard to the starboard side. So far to the starboard that some thought that you had abandoned both the wheel and the ship. Your last post on ‘planification’ was again an over-correction.

    Indeed, it seems as if having lost the wind in your sails, you are now trying to catch a wind that has gone past you and seeking to do so at the expense of fellow citizens.

    I found your use of the term “sleeper” to be very disturbing. We have already divided ourselves into B’s and D’s. A division that serves only the political class as the vast bulk of the population derives no real benefit from this classification.

    To further class some Bajans as ‘sleepers’ and to go after them is a wickedness that should not be encouraged. Is your intention to now out-Mugabe the one you called Mugabe?

    Some may be actual sleepers, but what about those who went along to get along? Will you now advocate a policy that leads to removal of food from the mouth of a Bajan family? Are you suggesting a culling which disadvantages some whose navel strings are buried on the island?

    Sir, I hope have misread and misinterpreted your post. Yet, I must urge you to remain loyal to all Bajans regardless of whom they voted for.

    30-0 signaled the disgust of Bajans with the DLP, please do not let it signal the death of Barbados.

    Your brother in solidarity
    The Ornithologist

  77. Was the BushMaster called by the BBE or by MugaBE.
    Which would be the higher calling?
    His absence is noted and missed.

  78. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I posted an item last night as the 301 st submission on this site an noted that it has not shown as yet

    Grateful for your assistance thank you

  79. @ Theophilus Gazerts

    I never oversteer

    Recon never oversteers.

    Any party going on a mission needs to know what is flanking it as in the lay of the land

    “SLEEPERS” was echolalia and a continuance of the word “implants?” By the notable Archiver Artaxerxes.

    I did not author that but sought to employ his track of thought and words as I replied to him

    You will note that I have not oversteered but have been true to my azimuth in my humble presumptuous prosecutions for Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    De ole man is hoping that she rethinks this hurriedly presented strategy of implementing this Integrity in Public Life Bill and the attendant Freedom of Information Act in this willy nilly way.

    This is the most perfect way to show “Mia Cares” and NOT “SHEEPLE – BEHOLD YOUR FEARS”.

    But then again she is being led by men who are DEVOID of inspiration and see things in 5 year spurts.

  80. @ Theophilus

    The app on this device autocopies what is posted to Barbados Underground.

    It is a precaution because sometimes… heheheheh

    But here it is what i posted this morning AGAIN.

    Dr ole man knows that the submission that he will make going forward will challenge a few of the lookers on so I will mek it real simple for wunna and explain the harder parts Ok?

    So here goes.

    This spoke to the process and what was their outcome.

    “…In October 1999, these articles were compiled and edited into Combating Corruption in Jamaica: A Citizen’s Guide and distributed with the assistance of Sangster’s Bookstores.

    In partner- ship with the Media Association of Jamaica, the Center held public seminars on the issue and conducted working groups.

    Jamaicans took the lead in examining the issue and a Parliamentary debate on the tabled Corruption Prevention Act ensued, lasting over eight months and resulting in more than 30 amendments…”

    This is an important moment for Barbados which, if thoughtfully implemented, will reap some positive benefits all across the society.

    Please give these two Acts some more thought and have all Barbados be a part of it

    Let these Bills employ and enjoy what is a continuance of May 24th where those of us who give a shit, open our mouths and speak to these bills and be part of what will guide our lives.

    Stop using the practices of others who were, and still are despots.

    Lead AND be respected, NOT FEARED

  81. 8.-{l) Pursuant to section 5, the Commission shall consist of the following persons appointed as Commissioners-

    ( a) the Auditor-General;
    (b) four other persons (hereinafter referred to as “appointed Commissioners”) appointed by the Governor-General, by instrument in writing, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, and on the approval of Parliament in the manner provided in subsection (2), from the following categories of persons-
    (i) retired Judges of Appeal or retired Judges of the Supreme Court, from which two persons shall be appointed;
    (ii) senior retired public officials with knowledge and expertise in the area of finance, accounting or public administration; or
    (iii) persons who represent civil society groups that appear to be well established.

    as I read through this Jamaican document (and I will admit that I have not reverted to the fiasco that we have, one of the things that is noted is the depth of serious thought in the subsections

    They made it their business to clearly enunciate who and where its functionaries were and were to be chosen from.

    But one very important thing was that they made provision for a representative of the people from the GRASS ROOTS (which by the way ent the Lions of Southern Christ Church)

    Again let me pause to make this disclaimer.

    Nothing that a man designs IS INFALLIBLE but if at get go, we try to construct fair and equitable systems that at least makes for a better outcome that filling the dice with lead.


    Then until it does bajans continue to operate in darkness and the Imminent arrival of the 1933 Acts

    You can’t be promoting integrity in the face of anarchy under laws

    Where is come sing a song on That?

    Flying bout CARICOM feeling important of course with his new diplomatic passport

    Bless his good soul

    Right on Dale Reading #2 for the 1933 act

  83. Barbados is spending big bucks to comply with global anti-money laundering regulations, even though there is very little financial crime, says the head of the state financial services watchdog. Chairman of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Professor Avinash Persaud said that Barbados is spending a fortune on compliance, while at the same time having (Quote)

    The good professor must be blind; the big moneylaundering in Barbados is in the overinflated property prices on the West Coast. Take a closer look at those deals. It is in the interest of the estate agents not to blow the whistle. Afterall, they make tens of millions from this dodgy deals.
    The other aspect of money laundering is with the big corporates, especially the banks. They simply use their internal markets to smuggle money out of the country.
    This is how it works: Bank A brings in a senior executive from Trinidad or Canada to work in Barbados; all his costs are met by the local bank, but the cost are many times the real cost (salary, housing, etc); that money is then extracted from the local bank account and transferred to the necessary branch in Trinidad/Canada. Money has been so cleanly laundered it can pass the Persil test and the central bank has not got a clue.

  84. The Motley-led BLP government has appointed nine men and one woman to its new Employment Tribunal. I like this form of equality. Plse remind me of the ratio of men to women in parliament? And what is the ratio in the population?

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