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Prime Minister Mia Mottley

Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been irrelevant in the industrial economy and optional in the knowledge economy, but [in today’s creative economy] it’s pretty much the whole game now.” – Professor Gary Hamel of the London Business School.

Every day since May 25th and the swearing in of Barbados’ eighth prime minister, ‘engagement’ has been palpably visible in Barbados. Engagement with citizens and stakeholders, individuals and groups, and with regional and international entities has been forthcoming. Furthermore, the feature of engagement also implies that the characteristics of a national leader matters. Professor Hamel, in connecting leadership and engagement, identified five paramount issues that are essential: values, innovation, adaptability, passion, ideology. Space does not allow for a full discussion on these dynamics, but enough will be said to indicate that even against simple explanations, the importance of these itemized basics to leaders’ engagement can be meaningfully understood.

In speaking of values, attention is drawn to the necessity to equip oneself with integrity and sound ethical practices, given the waning of public morality and reasonableness in the public sphere. Innovation connotes the individual responsibility to be objectively critical while being creative in determining alternatives and solutions. Adaptability is a necessary ingredient given that the world in which we live is dynamic and change is practically constant. Hence, there must be a strong sense of nimbleness, maneuverability, and a reluctance to be paralyzed by inertia.

The concept of passion is to ensure that our existence is inspired, and that our activities are motivated and honed to success by finding ‘new ways to rouse the human spirit’. The ideology that drives our efforts must be sufficiently compelling as to cherish our attained freedoms and the right of self-determination. Overall, national and civic leaders must never abandon the concert of principles that encourage trust, thus leading to the type of enhanced cooperation and providing for security, prosperity, well-being, and opportunity.

Today, the story that is unravelling in Barbados is inspiring. The one-month old Government is adaptive to the foremost interest of the masses and the leadership is deliberately informative and engaging. Prime Minister Mia Mottley has wittingly wrapped herself around the fundamentals of expressing a clear vision, implanting values, being creative, pliant, and inspired to achieve unprecedented successes at the individual and national levels.

Indeed, with the quest for good and effective governance, PM Mottley is focused both on people and on the policy process. The policy process may be defined as the administrative, organizational, and political activities and attitudes that shape the transformation of policy inputs into outputs and impacts. Thus, Barbadians are observing daily, the kind of public administration and policy processes that augur well for national development due to the deliberate method of engagement.

Public administration is described to be ‘the management of the whole set of government activities dealing with the implementation of laws and regulations, making and implementation of policies and decisions, and the provision of public services’. These things are crucial for Barbados. Thus, the practice of respectable public administration coincides with Prime Minister Mottley’s robust efforts to engage the national constituents for the good governance of Barbados. Miss Mottley demonstrates alongside her team, the active personification of a caring government that is responsive to the needs and expectations of the population.

Moreover, this new Barbados Government is showing deep commitment to reverse the vexing trends and mismanagement practices that festered under the previous administration. Transparency and accountability are clear signposts that the Mottley-led administration has chosen for meeting the day-to-day challenges which confront Barbados. Arguably blessed with the acumen of a communicative style, PM Mottley has been forthright in bringing the most crucial matters to the public’s attention. One example is the true state of the Barbados economy, and her government’s intent to restructure the national debt while repositioning itself for economic growth under an International Monetary Fund (IMF) program.

Additionally, PM Mottley understands the right for the people to have authentic information. Miss Mottley has already reformulated the Government Information System (GIS) whereby, there is the provision of adequate information relating to the governance of Barbados, and knowledge on the projects being undertaken by the various Ministries. The promise of greater citizen participation is encouraged with a system soliciting feedback and encouraging persons to submit their ideas to a listening Government. Dialogue as seen with the ‘Social Partners’ has drastically improved in mere weeks much to the satisfaction of representatives comprising government, business, and trade unions.

Notwithstanding, PM Mottley is also aware of the risks and perils that rest in the vacuum of ignorance and the shadows of speculation. Official reports such as those previously delivered by the Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee, combined with unofficial statements reveal that in past years, Barbados’ institutions and the civil service increasingly suffered from system failure involving the following:

  • Inadequate attention to achieving government policy and delivering pre-determined goals and targets;
  • Inability to cope with the changing environment;
  • Needless and time-consuming procedures (over bureaucratization and duplication);
  • Inadequate delegation;
  • Poorly trained and/or demoralized staff;
  • Increasing incidence of corrupt and/or fraudulent practices;
  • And, inadequate and/or inappropriate skills among managers and staff.

Miss Mottley and her executive are today standing on the right side of law and ethics. Although raising several concerns about the misfeasance done in corridors of stealth, conjecture, shady communications and eleventh hour contractual arrangements, preceding May 24th, 2008, Miss Mottley recognises that it is ‘our responsibility’ to engage with the public and take the appropriate action in the name of resolute public administration and good governance.

To that end, the assertive prime minister instructed her Ministers and civil servants that all official governmental business must be conducted via the secure technological platform for which the Government has invested.  This means that all Government business should be conducted via official emails only. Miss Mottley added that neither she nor her Ministers would be holding meetings to conduct the business of Government without public officers being present.

According to the confident leader, “the notion that persons can meet politically in an office to discuss the business of Barbados without public officers cannot happen because we put ourselves at risk of two things.” PM Mottley cited ‘allegations of corruption’ and the matter of who will ‘follow up’ from the proceedings of any held meetings. In her explanations, the popularly elected leader suggested that “if you are in meetings all day and you don’t have a public officer with you, who is going to follow up?” She elucidated on this point by highlighting that “the role of the public officer is to execute the policy and the decisions pertaining to policy that have been made.”

Therefore, it is a matter of practical purpose and safeguard that the presence of public officers become more pertinent in the scheme of transparency and accountability. PM Mottley’s engagement for purposeful public administration ought to be commended by the population. Nevertheless, it is important that we all remember the words of Hannah Arendt: “Political questions are far too serious to be left to the politicians.”

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and a political consultant. Email:

54 thoughts on “The George Brathwaite Column – Engagement Matters Now

  1. It is worth mentioning that a drive along the South Coast stretch where up until a few weeks ago an awful smell offended everyone and sewage water spilling to the street, except for a faint odour in the area of the Nature Sanctuary there has been a transformation. Kudos to the incoming government for the urgency given. We look forward to the people’s business being continued at pace. The country is sick and tired of the political squabble. Barbados first!

  2. George can often waste an ability to situation by becoming a party propagandist. The BLP is now the government, so get on with implementing change. Barbadians need objective clarity and understanding.

  3. @ Hal Austin

    This George Braithwaithe is obviously an ass licker and is singing for his supper.

    He is a perfect example of the shallowness and lacking of backbone of many other so called professionals on the island.

    He is now the unofficial PRO for the BLP.

    Coming on BU for years writing a whole bunch of shite hoping for a bite of the BLP bony calf.

  4. I cannot believe I actually read this shite. I mean, we all know that you pledge your soul to the BLP, but did you sell it also? When the time comes, and that set of wicked greedy lot start to show their true colours, will you stand in the gap for Barbadians or find some nice juicy reasons to excuse those waiting for their share of the pie because you represent this party and not the people?

  5. All George has done is lists what Mia has said and done so far, and added his interpretation of her actions/words. Offer a counter to what he has written, or hush. Always playing the man/woman.

  6. @ Enuff

    You said and I quote “…Offer a counter to what he has written, or hush…” ( or as Lorenzo tell de ole man STFU heheheheh)

    The fact is that “Dr George C. Brathwaite, part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and political cuntsultant…” is talking his accustomed excrement.

    All of what is going on regarding the so called engagement of the people is pure sleight of hand BECAUSE THERE IS AND WILL NOT BE ANY STATED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY TO SAFEGUARD THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS.

    And fellers like Stephen of Sunisle can continue to teif UP concepts without any constraint cause he be one of Mia’s leading thought leaders who CANNOT BE CONSTRAINED OR DETAINED BECAUSE SUCH WOULD BE A BULLET IN THE FOOT.

    1,000 WORDS OF FAECES that is DEVOID of one singe reference to UP Rights

    But what can we expect from a regime that is constructed on raping its citizens and which cannot publicly recant that rape?

    But I digress

    Here is a public statement on UP policy from Singapore that buzzword jurisdiction that we politicians always talking bout and tekking expensive government paid trips to.

    “…A robust intellectual property (IP) regime is essential to support an innovation-driven economy and the growth of industry and commerce in Singapore…”

    This is serious people.

    Let me go to South Africa and see what one of the leading countries in that continent is saying

    “…South Africa does not have a written national IP policy. As a result, departments that deal directly or indirectly with IP approach the system differently.

    To ensure coherence, there is a need for a co-ordinated approach.

    The South African IP system/”IP Policy” is not informed by other national policies that seek to address national objectives and there is no co-ordinated approach on IP matters by various government departments and other organs of state.

    The private sector also exploits this lacuna in the public service and may be exporting IP without following a well-co-ordinated approach…”

    Now that you see how serious government’s tackle these national innovation initiatives EVEN THOSE WITH THE RESOURCES OF SOUTH AFRICA you dun see why de ole man does openly say dat George Braithwaite is a pooch sucker.

    And I further say that if Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley DOES NOT TABLE AN ACT OR WHATEVER IN PARLIAMENT thst safeguards the rights of citizens from de time a feller come into a room and Stephen or similar competitor sitting dere teifing you ideas ALL DIS ENGAGEMENT TALK IS PURE BOVINE EXPLETIVE and you eould do well to tel you lips off the pokerts too…

  7. Enuff

    The man or the woman? You are such a shite. Dispute what I have written. You might not be sick and tired of yardfowls singing the praises of their political parties and not prepared to call them out when they do wrong, but I have had enough of this shite writing. What is written here is a hold load of shite intended to make people believe that Mottley is the prodigal that Barbados cannot do without. You are also BLP yardfowl who could never bring an alternative view concerning a party that is yet to prove they are far different to the nonsense that the DLP has done. I have already indicated that so far Mia Mottley is doing what the idiots from the DLP refuse to do. However, I really am sick and tired of all the yard fowl writing and praises. Will he be critical of anything Mottley does that appears counterproductive to Barbados’ development?

  8. And enuff when I say bring an alternative to what the DLP has done, I am talking about systems to protect the public purse; increase powers for the Auditor General as she has promised, and making every decision made available for public scrutiny as she has promised. These are things she should have enacted immediately upon ascending office since they were already assessed and discussed prior to the elections. Her assessment of the state of Barbados is also a must, but giving the auditor general more oversight is something she could have tabled immediately. Like I said, I will not call her rogue for the time being.

  9. Sunny sunshine
    We are one month into the new administration. During the campaign, and on being elected, MAM/BLP laid out a 6-month agenda referred to as Mission Critical. Please tell BU what is on this agenda, and if the government has started to address the areas identified? I guess when one’s intent is to oppose, one opposes everything. Since you’re an expert on yardfowlism, could you also explain your silence on the disintegration of the Church of Solutions and the criticisms levelled at GP?

  10. Enuff

    I am critical of what this particular loyal has written. I already stated that Mottley has done more than what the Jack donkeys in the DLP did. She is following her script as set out in her mission. What more you want me to say? You think I am waiting for her to slip up? I would love her to do more than any other Prime Minister ever did for Barbados and coming smelling like a rose, but time will tell. I speak in generals when it is time for me to be specific I can do that too, but what for on here.

    As for Solutions, there is always a storm before the calm comes. Grenville, if he continues, will work out the chinks in his armour and come again. I criticise Grenville’s approach to certain things on here and on his website.

  11. Enuff
    One more thing. Stop the shite talk about an expert. The moment someone got to say something about anything Mottley or in this case, a surrogate of Mottley, wunna frigging loyals come a running to defend. He wrote a bunch of shite in support of Mottley, and I term it shite because it read like diatribe.

  12. RE It is worth mentioning that a drive along the South Coast stretch where up until a few weeks ago an awful smell offended everyone and sewage water spilling to the street, except for a faint odour in the area of the Nature Sanctuary there has been a transformation. Kudos to the incoming government for the urgency given.



  13. SSS why arent u not putting your two cents worth of criticism /comments towards the now defunct Solutions Party whose members lashed out at the leaders concept and ideas formulated on dictatorial principles
    After all you SSS was the one who sang Solution glorious praises .
    Saying something condemnation or otherwise about Solutions demise would perfect a semblance of fairness in your comment with those you disagree

  14. Dear Mr. Brathwaite

    This is apologetic fluff- and cringeworthy too. A year from now I bet you will be embarrassed to read this.

    A. Dullard

  15. Mariposa

    If members of Solutions Party do not like Grenville’s approach then they have a right to vacate the premises, exit and stage right. That is their prerogative. It means Grenville has to do some self introspection to determine what he did wrong. Simple as that. As for his policies, I still stand by them.

  16. SSS titanic
    You’re the one that called me a yardfowl. To be able to do so, you would have to be an expert. You can “shite” as much as you want–a clear sign of uour inability to play the ball. I await you telling BU what was promised in the 1st 6 months. This is not the DThompson show of talk and no action. #neithersurrogatenorfowl

  17. Enuff

    Ain’t got a clue what was promised as I paid no attention to the BLP manifesto or none of the BLP campaign speeches.

  18. SSS as for his policies i still stand by them

    Ouch. You mean a person whose leadership skill was likened to a dictator you still would embrace any thing of what he said
    There was a man named adolf hilter and the populace was mesmerized by his teachings and policies until it was too late
    Any leader who can exhibit dictatorial attributes should be avoided at all cost
    Most likely all his ideas and policies were made up of a formula of bait and search

  19. Enuff you got the J/A Dem yardfowl on the backfoot ,as here she is running her motor mouth and when asked to name anything in the six month strategy she cannot.If you do not know of what you speak then STFU,go support the Solutions who seem to be on their death bed like the Dems.Both you and your partner Piece just opposing for opposing sake especially Piece he on here 24/7 talking and drawing pure gabage,like he smoking weed.To both of you the people are mostly with Ms Mottley who has made a good start by abolishing NSRL,UWI fees,,significantly improved the sewerage problem,getting ready to order Garbage Truucks and soon to start on the roads ,all in one month,whereby we had some procrastinators in office for ten years blaming everyone under the sun for their many failures.Therefore the people spoke and if you two jokers got a problem with that and do not want to help uplift the country then get out the way or emigrate,simple.

  20. Enough of the engagement. Lol. Time to get on with the marriage. And with the real hard work of raising the children.

  21. @Lorenzo

    Of all the birds from East to West
    —That tuneful are and dear,
    I love that farmyard bird the best,
    —They call him Chanticleer.
    …The birds of all the forest
    —Have dear and pleasant cheer,
    But yet I hold the rarest
    —The farmyard Chanticleer.

  22. David

    Haha, but is there a need with a Minister in the Ministry, is there an acting Min of Ed? But I get where you are coming from.

  23. Theo

    Why not portray the fowl fully?

    by Katharine Tynan Hinkson

    Of all the birds from East to West
    —That tuneful are and dear,
    I love that farmyard bird the best,
    —They call him Chanticleer.

    Gold plume and copper plume,
    —Comb of scarlet gay;
    ‘Tis he that scatters night and gloom,
    —And whistles back the day!

    He is the sun’s brave herald
    —That, ringing his blithe horn,
    Calls round a world dew-pearled
    —The heavenly airs of morn.

    O clear gold, shrill and bold!
    —He calls through creeping mist
    The mountains from the night and cold
    —To rose and amethyst.

    He sets the birds to singing,
    —And calls the flowers to rise;
    The morning cometh, bringing
    —Sweet sleep to heavy eyes.

    Gold plume and silver plume,
    —Comb of coral gay;
    ‘Tis he packs off the night and gloom,
    —And summons home the day!

    Black fear he sends it flying,
    —Black care he drives afar;
    And creeping shadows sighing
    —Before the morning star.

    The birds of all the forest
    —Have dear and pleasant cheer,
    But yet I hold the rarest
    —The farmyard Chanticleer.

    Red cock or black cock,
    —Gold cock or white,
    The flower of all the feathered flock,
    —He whistles back the light!

  24. The DLP -the worst Political Party ever to hold Government anywhere in the world and other places. An Absentee Prime Minister whose duties were ceremonial at the best. In 25 years never put forward an original idea. The only Mission the DLP was on was the Destruction of Barbados. They started the Destruction of Barbados in the 1971 – 1976 period but were interrupted by the Right Combination and No Tricks in 76. Foolishly because of a Backraise Budget 1986 they lied their way into Parliament to resume the Destruction which was again interrupted in 1994 after their near total Destruction of Barbados between 1986- 1991 and 1991- 94. Countries in the Caribbean laughed at us and refused to take our dollar. People in Barbados went Jenkins

    Again in 2008 . the DLP returned to resume their Destruction of Barbados. Similar events happened in that period to the 86 -91 period . So Similar INCLUDING the change in leadership and who took up the leadership as opposed to other persons>

    By now Barbadians should accept that they are being spoken to re the DLP

  25. Was wondering Lorenzo what took you so long. Just because I paid no attention to what was said you feel there is triumph for a shite like you to jump up and praise? You are such lapdog idiot that it is amazing.


    If you too feel please so be it. I have no time to venture into such lookups, but I will check it out.

  26. @ Enuff of Lorenzo

    The two of you have made the old man STFU


    That is until Sunday, that is, if the Honourable Blogmaster deems the more expansive article itemizing the parallels between the Integrity Bill and the Enabling Act 1933, worthy of being published.

    We, the electorate, are NOT AS POWERLESS AS WE WERE BEFORE MAY 24TH, as you have come to realize.

    You will also realize that we voters are much more connected with our messaging and 10 times as vigilant, AT LEAST SOME OF US

    But do enjoy this ammmmmmmm Stoopid Cartoon until Sunday heheheheh

    In the meantime de ole man going to speak to your Minister of Agriculture and get some of the weed he planning to grow in his enclave

    Am I got a question for you.

    Since those enclaves are going to be restricted you feel that they are only going to be planting marujuana?

    Why after all, if government is footing the bill, and the site is restricted, we could as well plant some cocaine or whatever does give us higher revenue generating drugs.

    What de two of wunna think? Since wunna close to de throne wunna dun know what going happen.

    Put it in square brackets

  27. I must compliment Mia on removing George Payne as acting PM in her absence.

    Hope this is permanent.

    Next steps are to investigate claims against this crooked white collar individual that I know from first hand experience which will soon be revealed.


    Payne is way too controversial to have as Acting PM..small minds never think of whom or how their previous actions would impact others or themselves in the future,

    people are still talking about his relative a certain Joe Payne now deceased, another lawyer who did the same rotten things to the elderly of which he is also known for and being accused, it is obvious this can bring down the Mottley government….when she already installed Cynthia Forde to advocate and act on behalf of the elderly and the abuse practiced against them on the island..

    Again, the island is signatory to conventions against abuse of the elderly…Mia has to do something about those lawyers who abuse the elderly, this will not go away.


  29. Lol….still don’t think any intelligent person should like human yardfowls though, just look at ac.

  30. Even worse for Mia, her own lawyer Haynes abuses the elderly on a daily basis using the Supreme Court, so when personal injury claimants 60 years and older with cases still dragging through the court system for 15 years or more or less, because Leslie Haynes and the insurance companies like CGI are maliciously suffering these elderly and refusing to pay them compensation, while the chief justice, judges, AG and bar association/disciplinary committee are refusing to clamp down on Haynes and his criminal actions….and the last resort outside of suing them all for elder abuse under the San Jose Charter….is approaching Cynthia Forde…who is now acting on behalf of the elderly. ….what will Mia and Forde do about Leslie Haynes?.

    This one will not go away either, since it is a pet project of mine and I already promised the Blogmaster AND Caswell documents to back up accusations of criminal acts against injured people by Haynes lawyers and CGI/Peter Harris.

    BTW…I am told that one of the Haynes lawyers, Leslie Roberts is no longer with the Haynes law firm, he was particularly nasty when lying to judges openly in court, lying about the defense doctors availability, telling any lie to keep the cases in the system without closure…year after year….let’s hope he is old enough to know that Karma’s memory is a whole lot longer than mine and 10 times more effective.

  31. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Certainly you jest?

    You really don’t want Enuff of the Enuff of Lorenzo duo to respond to that?

    What that information would get them expelled! FROM THE SANCTUM SANCTORUM lololol and you know how they enjoy that


    It would be better to ask de ole man and let me give you the answer.

    First of all YOU ASKED 3 QUESTIONS

    The first is WHY SANTIA?

    The answer to that is that SANTIA does not have any covert desire to replace her prime minister LIKE DALE OR KERRIE OR EDMUND.


    The second reason is BECAUSE THE PHILLIPS ISSUE IS TRUE & SHOULD ATTEMPTS TO PLACATE THE LADY FAIL as Edmund is praying silently they will, IT IS BEST THAT SHE DISTANCE HER INTEGRITY LED GOVERNMENT, pretends that it is, distance it from this Pain in her side.

    You like you ent keeping up pun domestic issues doah.

    Dat woman is courting de IMF de IDB and every international funding agency as she is trying to get money for WHITE OAKS CUNTSULTANTS and SOVEREIGN DEBT AGENCY

    sorry as she is trying to get money for de cuntry and an unknown amount to be paid to White Oaks agency.

    Man you forget what your people got post on your sister blog caribbeansignal?

    You is a younger man Dan me and you getting forgetful bout these coterminous details?

    You like you ent reading de ole man Stoopid Cartoons doah.

    Now de ole msn going give you the more convoluted reason.

    Ammmmm let me see Ef de ole man can say dis delicately.

    Supposing me and you used to visit some side tings dem?

    Jes suppose dat dem was pretty like SANTIA who you recall Atherley was looking at ***

    All right Now, stop dribbling.

    Now suppose further dat we was used to visit dem Santia looking ladies in my car euphemism for having done business together before.

    Now suppose I get wind you wife find out bout “Santia” and coming for you?

    Now suppose you ent know who tell you wife

    Whu after all it could be dat I ent like how you does be tekking me car and visiting dem girls behind me back and ting?

    And I give you up causing gas cost 40 cents per litre more and you does never put gas in me car after you gone the Santia lookalikes.

    Now I gots to be real careful cause I got a woman too (euphemism fr ???) and I ent know effing you going muddy my waters when you wife like you up, euphemism for “when you get oust”

    You understand my explanation or you still want Enuff to explain dis for you?

    But tell me doah ent Santia a lovely woman? Chawwwww

  32. It indeed saddened de ole man that the Mugabe Regime or Mia LEGACY document disappeared from the Top Posts list here given that it had 500 comments

    George Braithwaite one still her with 18 Heheheheh

    But den again de ole man understand de instructions from *** and each man must sing in one or the other choir.

    DE OLE MAN emailed you the article that was promised titled

    “See how “Mia Cares with Her Hitler Styled Bill for “Integrity in Public Life 2018”

    I also sent it by confidential mail IN CASE IT GOT CAUGHT IN YOUR SPAM EMAIL FILTER

    It has this in its introduction


  33. @ Dr George C. Brathwaite, part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and political c(o)nsultant…

    You write all of this and ent say word one bout enabling engagement requires a stated Intellectual Property Policy, NOT EVEN ONCE.

    Would you deign to come back to this ammmmmmmmmm (i ent going use no fould language causing peeple does get vex heah regular and cuss de ole man)

    But would you revert to this lotta long talk (similar to the dribble dat I does write) and at least give some thoughts on IF YOU THINK IP RIGHTS feature in enabling Engagement of these stakeholders.

    What did Mia tell you to write about that?


    I thought so!!

  34. Say what you will about Delisle Worrell “the Elderly Cavorter at Kadooment” what he has suggested for the Public Service is indeed a wise suggestion as it relates to its PENDING RIGHTSIZING.

    It is noted that he did not have the balls to say this during his previous sojourn at the Central Band Towers so we can assume that his balls grew back after his severance.

    I should ask the Grandson for Stoopid Cartoons on this has been but on second thoughts we shouldleave him to leave peacefully into the sunset

  35. And continuing on in the vein of people who have found their voices with the coming of the BLP let us go to the man at the QEH horspital

    He says and I quote “…“This Government . . . has articulated policies that we have been advocating for the last seven or eight years [such as] the need for a new model of health care financing that has become a reality,” while he was referring to the new health service contribution (HSC)…”

    He should be carried out at dawn and beaten with a rod with many stripes.

    He ent shame?

    Nor is dat man Halliday at the water authority?


    De grandson tell me dat someone should collect videos of their SUCK POOCHISM and knit them together in a collage of images showing how EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Adipose Suckers are making these declarations of how they were saying the same thing for 10 years.

    Whu dem mussee mimers like Milli Vanilli


  36. @ Brother Hants

    De Ole Man Going was going ask de Honourable Blogmaster to create a Corner for “De Most Idiotic Statement that a Minister or a ex Minister of a DLP stoogie Said for the Past Week.

    Looka dis one

    “…“But there are some people who are prepared to pay fishermen, to ‘fish’ the Sargassum out of the water. So if that is something the fishing industry is interested in we can develop a relationship where we can start using the fishermen to help us . . . and then we would use that to help us make methanol, methane gas, and fertiliser,” Humphrey said.”

    He did not disclose who would be buying the seaweed, but said more details would follow.

    Dat sounds familiar to you?

    You remember when we had de Invasion of de Giant African Snails?

    And how de last Minister of Agriculture was offering a bounty for de snails “dead or Alive”?

    You remember how dat minister said someting like “we (the GoB) are prepared to pay (fishermen) citizens, to (fish) catch the (Sargassum) Snails out of the (water) gardens?

    Jes do de damn ting man!

    Dere he is Minister Humphrey, wid Ralph Thorne, standing up for a photo shoot IN DE HOT SUN, holding hands with ??? and a next lady jes talking a beriffle uh jobby

    And den we being told that thee is a part II to this jobby? when de details follow?


  37. DLP ‘lost its way’
    Added 01 July 2018
    113 1 0 0Google +0Instagram0Print
    Barbados’ outgoing High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, Guy Hewitt. (FILE)
    We’ve got your back, says Co-op Read More Mandatory Room Rate Levy takes effect July 1 Read More Body beauties Read More Jackson, Levy and Dacres cop gold, Blake’s struggles continue Read More Wanted: A more efficient airport Read More Low-hanging fruit for all Read More Party spots galore Read More
    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) got a 30-0 whipping from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in last General Election because it was no longer “for the people”.
    Related articles
    Hewitt’s way
    ALL AH WE IS ONE: Party paramountcy…
    DLP cut off
    And for it to be resurrected from the political ashes, the party must bury some of its old leadership baggage.
    That was the frank assessment from outgoing High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Reverend Guy Hewitt, as he addressed the annual general meeting of the DLP’s United Kingdom branch in London on Sunday.
    He attributed the May 24 defeat to a “most egregious, homophobic, boarding (sic) on misogynistic, election campaign, [that] created a serious and fatal disconnect between the Government and the governed”.
    The Anglican cleric also took a swipe at the leadership.
    “Political leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, inspiration and integrity. Impact involves getting results, influence is about creating and spreading a vision, inspiration is to get others to follow you, and integrity is the means to ensure that what is done, happens in a just and compassionate manner.
    “If and when a political leader senses that he has run his course, he has a duty and responsibility to share that well in advance with those he leads, and where necessary, make way . . . ,” he added.
    But Hewitt said the party hierarchy and candidates had to take some responsibility “for their failure to act when they should have known better”.
    “Between 2008 when the DLP was elected to office and 2018 when they were routed at the polls . . . there was a sense amongst the populous that the DLP were no longer ‘for the people’,” said Hewitt, who noted he was asked to give his opinion on the results.
    Other factors he stressed included:
    the seeming failure of the last administration to communicate effectively and account to the people;
    the imposition of an unmanageable tax burden;
    the ignoring of rumours of corruption; and
    the release of a manifesto that contained simplistic errors and was issued after the special electors had voted.
    He declared he was not a member of the DLP, nor was he speaking “as high commissioner . . . nor as a priest . . . but as a fellow Barbadian”.
    Hewitt, who was rumoured to have been interested in running for the St John seat, said the party losing nearly every box in every constituency, and no candidate coming within 500 votes of the nearest winner, “says it all”.
    “However, nothing was more symbolic of the disconnect between the DLP and the people of Barbados than the inconceivable loss of St John, the former seat of . . . Errol Walton Barrow, and the spiritual home of the Democratic Labour Party.”
    He however told party faithful in London the DLP was “far from dead”, but it had to drop the “baggage”.
    “This baggage was created following the death of Errol Barrow and then got piled upon thereafter. First it was the split in the party with the emergence of the NDP [National Democratic Party] which caused the loss of a significant cadre of leaders; then the leadership crisis in the early 1990s, the no-confidence in Parliament, the loss of a further cadre of leaders and the election defeat that followed.
    “Then came the leadership crisis in the late 1990s, the emergence of Owen [Arthur], the politics of inclusion and in 1999, another major electoral defeat and the further haemorrhage of future leaders. This confluence of events gave rise to the millennial DLP with a depleted core leadership and which, to some onlookers, seemed to have lost its way and possibly its soul. The consequence of all this culminated in the May 2018 political slaughter.” (JS)

  38. ” Barbados battles sargassum seaweed through innovation ”

    That approach would see sugar cane loaders and conveyor belts being used to harvest the seaweed from the beaches and sea. It will be taken to the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC), where it would be spread across ten acres of land to aid in the production of food crops not usually found in Barbados.”

  39. PUDRYR
    Please do not give the Minister a hard time, he is new to the job and just getting his “sea legs”, next thing you will be quoting his statement that the Sargassum “chased away the flying fish”.

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