A Mottley Legacy? Or a Mugabe Regime?

@ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

“To whom much is given it is said much is expected…”

As I sat to write this for submission on Barbados Underground, I pondered long about a name for this article.

And even longer on what I was going to put in it since it was NOT WRITTEN to sow a feeling OR fear of a “Night of The Long Knives” but to genuinely engage with the leader of this administration and more particularly highlight the skills of those you have surrounded yourself with.

And Yes, it is indeed a presumption to assume that a lowly citizen might pen a letter to their Prime Minister, but mine is the constant hope that “gods in Mt. Olympus might entertain mere men in midguard.”

For there to be a “Mottleyan LEGACY”, I humbly suggest that your focus HAS TO BE ON THE BAJAN PEOPLE.  It CANNOT BE one that is superficial or designed to be a “sleight of hand” exercise and even things like seducing simple pensioners through a promise of a $75 per month increase in pensions, in their right hand, INSTANTLY NULLIFIED by a sewerage levy of $30/mth, taken from their left hand, speaks to a disturbing start out of the blocks especially when that increase is further depleted by commensurate levies on things like the kerosene may pensioners use in stoves and lamps.

It is ten years now that the people or Barbados have been suffering intensely under the DLP but that “suffering” has been going on for much longer than 10 years.

This suffering IS NOT the overt poverty of 5,000 pit toilets which you spoke of removing during your government’s  tenure. No Madamoiselle.

By the way, you do know that an “Adopt a Pit Toilet ” or appropriately named social partnership programme, underwritten by  businesses or corporations, where tax write-offs will be offered, IN LIEU OF PART OF THAT 5% TAX INCREASE, would eradicate said toilet pits in 1 year!

No, de ole man is speaking of an “entrenched suffering and disenfranchisement”, a creeping miasma THAT HAS ENVELOPED THE COLLECTIVE BAJAN PSYCHE, and, for at least 4 administrations, has contributed to, and has impaled our nation – INERT AND IMPOTENT.

Madamoiselle Prime Minister, I am sure that you can see that Bajans have become a nation of “merchandisers OR consumers” we are either one or the other. A fact that your IMF counterparts have gone to pains to state in their Reports.

And there is no place, nor initiative, nor enabling agency that fosters innovation or meaningful “otherness” to break that mould.

And please, do not proffer the inert Enterprise Growth Fund nor the Access Fund corpses or many other pretty named cadavers as innovation facilitators cause $5,000 non collateralized loans is not innovation or meaningful “otherness”.

YOUR AUDITS which you call ” Phase 3 ” of your administration’s proposed actions, those which you declare will see “a continuation of the review of these state owned entities (I should mention though that those two EGFL and Fun Access are “personally owned” and not SOEs heheheheh) they will only confirm that these personal serfdoms CONTINUE TO ACT as enemies to the state and should be immediately disbanded like the guerilla terrorists they are.

Now i would ask you this question only hoping you could answer it? (Not “would” cause I doubt that de ole man is of the ILK to attract your answer)

Do you know, OR HAVE PEOPLE WHO KNOW, how to foster THEN NURTURE that “otherness”, whether it is tangibles or intangibles, assets that are of the calibre and national value that Barbados is seeking?

I am speaking of “tangible intangibles” like Rihanna who, i hasten to add, is “the exception to the rule”, A CHANCE HAPPENING, one which was not fostered nor nurture through anything proactively designed OR planned by Barbados

It was evident to all that your recent mini budget lacked any real proposals from your thought leaders that offset the dire state of the economy

And, coupled with your choices in the Senate, one fears what your “third tier”  or what I call “shadow government” will deliver, your “thought leadership teams” AND THE IDEAS THAT ARE SURFACING

DE OLE MAN goes on record to say that one fears the “pretend arrangements, and sweetheart deals” that are appearing. Take for example that BPI and BMTI pre-arrangement. These structures WILL NOT EMPOWER THE CITIZENS OF BARBADOS, will not breed ANYTHING THAT WILL REDOUND TO YOUR LEGACY AND CERTAINLY PROMOTE THIS NATION

And in parting de ole man will leave these words with you. (again there goes that presumption heheheheh…)


If the lesson, of how we THE PEOPLE, have voted out the late Errol Walton Barrow, from St John on May 24th 2018, is lost on you AND THE REST OF THE BLP, then I encourage you, AND YOUR COLLEAGUES, including Hartley and Peter, to continue on in prosecution of this thread of SHIFTING CONSTANTLY INCREASING TAXES to the said people while dividing up what has become “THE FATTED COW”, what the DLP previously called The FATTED Calf.

Continue in this thread and you will see how long you ride in MP1, and sojourn at Llaro Court …

Your humble servant

Piece of the Rock Yeah Right


  • Are-we-there-yet

    PUDRYR, re. your 9:00 am post;

    I was only trying to see if the words in caps triggered a similar “shutdown” to the one I experienced yesterday when I tried to make a short post with that combination of words in the text.

    It didn’t recur so I’ll ignore it and chalk it up to happenstance.

    I’m not trying to dirty de ol’ man waters even though I thought murkiness was the objective of avant garde protection systems.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Lorenzo

    Let me disavow you of your belief that you or anything that is of woman born,or untimely ripped, cannot frighten de ole man


    As you would have been informed de ole man gonads does live for a challenge but den would also have told you dat dem doan want any of de idiot brigade to engage wid de ole man

    Dat would unfortunately mean fellers like you.

    Leg me put it dis way

    Effing Mia number ent in you phone you is not in de Elite group dat is to talk to de ole man


    Doan get vex. Not everybody could get senatorial pay and apparently you is not considered to be of the calibre to be thusly employed


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Now back to the main subject

    @ Dale Marshall Attorney General

    DEAR low pay feller will not understand this but…

    I borrowed the following from a Commonwealth territory i think.

    “…Judiciary- in hierarchy of courts supreme court is at apex..and thats why to strengthen its pillar Removal of judges was made difficult.. to prevent judges being influenced or affected from politicians..and to let them use their power freely..

    However provision for removal of judges of supreme court is in art 124(4) of Constitution of india..which says in broad view that president can remove after a resolution passed by parliament with special majority.. only on grounds of prooved misbehaviour or incapacity…”

    Now some of you will say that I am exposing your plans and that this will not give you any working space.

    But I am not exposing how you WILL FIRE CJ Marathon Gibson in the near future

    But I am setting up the imminent destination of your actions

    CJ Marston has to be fired sorry relieved of his duties.

    This submission will act as a public notification to the dufus of your plans

    But here is the outcome of this broadcast to the CJ.

    Impeachment is a death sentence to his career options WHEN HE IS FIRED

    A wise man being made aware of this in advance would resign the post as opposed to having their reputation tarnished.

    But then again we are NOT dealing with a wise man so what wunna may end up having to do is chalk up a number of performance reports showing his inconsistencies AND FIRE HE SCVUNT AFTER ALL



  • Tired of Politricks and Endemic Corruption

    @ Artax

    I don’t need to disclose myself same as many others like you who are a hypocrite.

    I have read several postings by you of how great an accountant you are and a former high ranking government employee in either a Ministry or Statutory Board.

    You have never disclosed your real name I wonder why if you have been telling lies on yourself for the nonsense spewed from your mouth.

    When you disclose your real true verifiable id on BU, I will disclose mine.

    In the meanwhile I suggest you go back in the corner and come back out when you are ready to stop behaving like an immature child.

    Again I will say one should not throw stones whenyou have glass windows.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece….any firing of the chairman of the judicial legal service commission….read the Chief Justice….. will have to be done by the GG acting on the recommendation of the PM..as it’s clearly outlined in the Constitution. .

    And with the surgical precision removal of the DLP by the electorate, the CJ cannot play the yardfowl card and be browbeaten or bullied into not doing his job and as long as he starts doing his job as at tomorrow, there will be absolutely no reason to fire him, unless he refuses……the yardfowl element of his appointment has been removed…by the people, the CJ is free, hopefully he recognizes freedom when he sees it, his way is clear to give the supreme court a complete overhaul from judges to lawyers to the DPP to the police….and every barricade and obstruction to a functioning judiciary in between.

    ……AG Marshall made it very public and abundantly clear, the CJs hands have finally been untied..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    They can make all the excuses they want to in the world, the truth and reality will still remain that it should never have reached this point…the judiciary took decades to self destruct with lots of help….it did not happen overnight..

    There are no future excuses that can be made by the CJ, Registrar or the AG…that they .not take control of these attorneys and their destructive, negative behaviors in the judiciary…in light of all the evidence that they, with lots of help, brought the court system to its knees.


    The attorneys most of them, caused most of the problems in the court system.. and will have to be reined in so there are no more repeats, yet they are the ones now complaining the loudest..

    “There are more than 900 pending criminal cases and even more outstanding civil matters, some dating back to the early 1990s.

    Cooke-Alleyne assured the public and attorneys the Court would be doing its utmost to expedite urgent matters, and urged those with such transactions to walk with all their documentation.

    Bar President Liesel Weekes last Thursday likened the delays and challenges in the court system a “national crisis”. She said the suspension of court operations adversely affects the public’s right of access to justice through the inability to get matters litigated. “


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    For Enuff’s peace of mind, it is very important that he sees the path being taken by those who know the path that should be taken so that Mia is not blindsided as is all of our concerns.

    Piece….any firing of the chairman of the judicial legal service commission….read the Chief Justice….. will have to be done by the GG acting on the recommendation of the PM..as it’s clearly outlined in the Constitution. .

    And with the surgical precision removal of the DLP by the electorate, the CJ cannot play the yardfowl card and be browbeaten or bullied into not doing his job and as long as he starts doing his job as at tomorrow, there will be absolutely no reason to fire him, unless he refuses……the yardfowl element of his appointment has been removed…by the people, the CJ is free, hopefully he recognizes freedom when he sees it, his way is clear to give the supreme court a complete overhaul from judges to lawyers to the DPP to the police….and every barricade and obstruction to a functioning judiciary in between.

    ……AG Marshall made it very public and abundantly clear, the CJs hands have finally been untied..



    A blind man on a trotting horse can see that coming Dale “Smiley” tipped his hand in a recent speech when he spoke about the inefficiency of the Court system and in effect told the CJ to get his act in order. The CJ is now faced with a “Sisisphilian” task and we know how that fable ends.


  • So far in the less than a month in office we have seen pleasing signals by this government. How much time is reasonable to expect to results?


  • I am so pleased that our country has defaulted on its debt
    I am so pleased that our country having to go to the IMF with cup in hand
    I am so pleased that my paycheck would literally reduced to nothing because of heavy taxation
    I am so pleased that all consumer cost would increase on all items because of a gas tax
    I am so pleased that my water bill would increase by an additional 45dollars per month including additional vat charges
    I am so pleased that when family members living overseas come to visit that the cost of leaving barbados would bite a hole in their pockets OUCH!
    I am so pleased that in addition my bank fees have increased
    I am so pleased that my light bill has increased
    I am so pleased that my internet service and telephone bill has increased
    Oh before i forget i am so overjoyed that the civil servants got 5% wage hike
    Thank u PM it certainly is a pleasure


  • And also not forgetting PM Mia the generosity on which you bestowed on the wealthy at taxpayers expense in million dollar tax write offs
    Yes Mam the pleasure was all mine
    The pace at which you have gotten all this “goodwill” is well noted. Btw i am awaiting with much anticipation for more of the pleasure you can go on the bank on such a pronouncement


  • Tired of politricks

    Seems as though I touched a nerve and damaged your fragile ego.

    My point remains that anyone, including me, can come into this forum and use a psuedonym to make all types of grandeur claims, such as the ones you made, and we do not have any means to verify if those claims are true.

    And you talk about being immature, my friend, only an immature individual would respond to a genuine criticism by bragging about how much riches he has, how many people he employs and how many charities he donated to. And then throw temper tantrums.😫

    There are thousands of rich people in Barbados that have made and continue to make meaningful contributions to the development of this island and it’s citizens, without being boastful.

    Rather than brag about what they did, real mature men remain CONFIDENT and modest, especially if they are genuine. Only hypocrites brag about doing things, just to get the attention
    and recognition they are desperately seeking.

    You may have the final word, because I am not going to lower myself to your standard any longer 😂😐

    Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.


  • And you talk about being immature, my friend, only an immature individual would respond to a genuine criticism by bragging about how much riches he has, how many people he employs and how many charities he donated to. And then throw temper tantrums.😫(Quote)

    I could not have said it better myself. But then again I am a chartered accountant, with a rented apartment and other wealth who travels down the islands often for work and pleasure. I wonder which anonymous person made those claims. Bragging is a game for those lacking in confidence and in search of status.

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    With such a tiny judiciary and with competent officials from AG, CJ, Registrar, Judges, Magistrates, particularly the really stupid ones, coming down the line are doing their jobs, there should be improvement…WITHIN a 6 month period is reasonable a time period to expect a complete overhaul…

    ….as long as all the bad decision making, the delayed judgements, the constant adjournments, lack of files, deliberate and malicious lack of preparation particular on the parts of lawyers AND the prosecuting police……and bad lawyering are all eliminated …this week…there is no reason why a functioning judiciary cannot emerge right away….

    Let’s hope the bar association president has recognized that despite the judiciary and it’s process being destroyed for decades primarily by lawyers who were practicing before she was born and lawyers and their dishonest practices when she was still in school…..she is now the one being scapegoated by the same lawyers for their actions, just because they never thought ahead to the day their decades of wicked criminal practices against their clients and people they victimize as a rule who are only looking for justice from the judiciary will return to bite them in the ass..

    ……an intelligent bar association president would now overhaul that system of membership. …radically….an intelligent disciplinary committee would do likewise and stop enabling and colluding with their fellow criminal legal fraternity members in their midst.


  • Mariposa or Ac or whoever you are you should be ashamed to come in this forum talking about taxes,after the last MOF taxed us to death and did such a poor job that we are forced to go to the IMF.Just before the Elections the Dems were saying how stable Barbados was,and turning some corner.the facts are the Dems should have gone to the IMF about two years ago but they were only interested in self presavation not the well being of the country,hence where we are today,so do not come in here bellyaching about Ms motley with little foreign reserves having to go to the IMF,she had little choice.As to Piece ,I do not wish to stop you from nothing all I told you was to be reasonable,Ms Mottley has a mess to clean up and it will take time.I am not looking for any pick as I work for myself and to clarify I do not know Ms motley personally I just believe in her ability as a politician capiche.I am willing to give her the opportunity to prove herself as PM.


  • Ashamed. I spoke a truth nothing to be ashamed
    However it is you Lorenzo who should be ashamed of the govt you elected and a govt who promised to put money back in the peoples pocket . A govt who told the people that past govt was sending the people to the poor house because of taxes.
    Have you got no ashamed to even infer that i should be ashamed to show face. Btw this is my way of reminding you and Mia of the promises she made and in two weeks has broken all
    The huge increases in taxation would not amount to a hill of beans to those which she has made pittance offerings for as sure as day runs into night those pittance offerings would be gobbled up by high prices generated by inflation which leads to stagnation in consumer spending and most likely job losses.
    As Mia says watch me
    Hell yes all will be watching.


  • Mariposa,

    Keep going. You are on to something.


  • I repeat for clarity:

    “And with the surgical precision removal of the DLP by the electorate, the CJ cannot play the yardfowl card and be browbeaten or bullied into not doing his job and as long as he starts doing his job as at tomorrow, there will be absolutely no reason to fire him, unless he refuses……the yardfowl element of his appointment has been removed…by the people, the CJ is FINALLY free, hopefully he recognizes freedom when he sees it, his way is now clear to give the supreme court a complete overhaul from judges to lawyers to the DPP to the police to INSURANCE COMPANIES….and every barricade and obstruction to a functioning judiciary in between.


  • And yes Lorenzo you should also be ashamed of the govt that you have elected for spilling political propaganda to feed the masses always to keep them whip up in frenzy as a way of distraction or paying attention to those early mistakes that they have made
    Mistakes which would not have been made if accountability and transparency was the driving force
    Explain to all and sundry how this govt uniltaterally made a decision to default on debt without first telling or including their creditors input
    This in my opinion is a colossal failure to good goverence and even more a step removed from good faith binded in contractual agreements to the creditors
    Most of importance is a lack of good judgement with a failure to execute and expedite due dilligience and respect for the nation and people
    Furthermore the message sent to all parties which were not include in this unilateral decision is that this is a govt whose dictates would be borne on stealth and mostly armed by dictator ideas and philosphies


  • Well, well

    I was seeking help for you and others, not me. With a 30-0 win, nothing will get under my skin especially when I can see what is coming. Let me repeat, when Mia and the BLP done everyone will sound like Mariposa, Fractured and Piece.


  • Perhaps some of those many rich people in Barbados that have done so well off such a small population could join together and donate a hospital rather than peanuts to the country.



  • The Red Wash…That is Why we have to Watch Carefully and See What they Do? Barbados has a Culture of Restraint that will Serve us during this time where there will be Ample Opportunity. “The Government Changed with out a Stone Being Pelt”. Although what Madison says is True the Barbados Culture needs to be Taken into Account. “The Preservation Liberty is Eternal Vigilance”


  • @Enuff\
    “I can see what is coming. Let me repeat, when Mia and the BLP done everyone will sound like Mariposa, Fractured and Piece.”

    Sometimes it is better if you keep your mouth shut.. At times you sound like you are announcing the coming of an African dictator.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Guest

    What you need to understand about philanthropic gifting in these civilized countries is that for ever dollar gifted the giver is able to write off at least 2 dollars.

    At least.

    Then there is the intangible currency of honour and lick as* that they receive in the news and social circles OF WHICH NEITHER EXIST HERE PUN DIS ROCK


  • “Well, well

    I was seeking help for you and others, not me. With a 30-0 win, nothing will get under my skin especially when I can see what is coming. Let me repeat, when Mia and the BLP done everyone will sound like Mariposa, Fractured and Piece.”


    Enuff…speak for thyself…seek help for the most vulnerable in the society, that would be admirable.

    I suspect you are trying to say that Mia would have navigated SS Barbados so well going forward that there would be little to no room for criticisms or need to red wash the government by the electorate next election…in that case, we wish her well and credit and admiration where it’s due and well deserved..

    ….. if successful…..she would have done her job, for the salary being paid to her and her ministers etc..and would have managed to control the uncontrollable ministers and those under her government, a feat in itself, in all of that make no mistake, there will be the likes of myself with distinct clarity of thought, either as we are trained or born to be…monitoring her progression from the 1st, and in case she is deserving of a 2nd through 3rd terms…she has to make it easy for herself, no one else will.

    As things now stand, Mia, as most intelligent women are, is open to reason and the ability, rarely seen in men, to listen, evaluate and apply logic at a quick pace…..that attribute and obvious skill will take her a very long distance…if she does not become distracted by the minority crooks.


  • Blah, blah, blah. You find out who is the duly elected MP for St.Thomas pre-May 2018 yet? LMBAO


  • lol…..Ah think Rolerick is the least of ya worries, he can’t even get a stipend to keep the constituency office opened unless the building belongs to him.

    Just be very careful my blah, blah, blah, don’t turn to hahaha when the minorities, Cow, Bizzy, Maloney, bjerkham and every white, Indian, syrian, local and foreign lowlife, the local criminal element….. start demanding their pound of flesh from Mia right along with their self perceived entitlement to rob the treasury and pension fund as they have been allowed to by BOTH governments for the past 52 years…..that is one yall will not be able to hide from me…just like the issues at the judiciary .

    Then the blah, blah, blah will take on a whole different tone and narrative…


  • Don’t ya just love it when yardfowls get cocky and overconfident too early in the game….it just makes my day watching them, before they get all the shit squeezed out of them, all 25ft.


  • Enuff…Ants have longer memories…ya right on par in the memory department with a goldfish…lol


  • lol..

    “Scientist have proven that goldfish memory spans are nowhere near as short as three seconds. Your goldfish can actually remember things for at least five months!May 13, 2013”


  • Tired of Politricks and Endemic Corruption

    @ Hal Austin

    Glad you have exposed the FRAUD Artax.

    His own WRITTEN words have convicted him and exposed him for who he is on BU.

    Again for him and his BU ‘friend’ Simple Simon a simple lesson repeated one should take the plank out of one’s eyes before trying to take a speck out if someone else’s.

    I tried to lay an example of how narrow minded most are when it comes to party politics which clouds any meaniful debate and instead got attack by two jokers.

    One I repeat should never throw stones when one have glass windows.

    What a bigoted small minded dishonest conman Mr Atax extraordanaire accountant and major contributor to Barbados’ development by talking raw sewage on BU everyday and attacking everyone who comes on BU that he feels will enlarge his status and his self importance on BU; and not in the real world by creating major employment and opportunities for others on the island.


  • Bushman…I have a bone to pick with you…ya hiding from Enuff and let him loose on the blog to self destruct…lol…..yall know well enough about the 15 second attention spans of yardfowls and yall out out there laughing…


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right

    There is a track of seeming reliance on existing administrative DEFECTIVE, DEFICIENT & DELETERIOUS structures that seems to me to be worse than mendicancy and bordering on downright SLAVE MENTALITIES.

    I mean, day after day after day, bloggers come here on BU and BEMOAN all the travesties within the BAJAN SYSTEM and send up an “Oh Me Miserum” cry (oh woe is me) that characterizes the Rum Shop.

    But then again when we look at how the white man does do TINGS DEM you start to realize that black people are truly “special” and that euphemism is pretty much representative of the fact that we are doomed to be servants in the fields of the white massa until the Coming of Our Lord (who some of us would love to ascribe a colour and an origin. But that is another discourse)

    I have been promoting “self determination” as it relates to various Consumer Rights in the rum shop for ages, and suggesting that this self reliance DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE POWERS THAT BE but can be made to happen just because the common people want it to happen

    “May 24th The People’s Movement”

    This commences WHAT BAJANS ARE ABLE TO DO and should not be allowed to die CAUSE WUNNA DUN KNOW HOW the attention span of Bajans is limited to the core.

    But stay with the ole man a while as i show wunna what de white man does do with similar resources


    For those of you who are like the ole man and will NOT GO TO EMBEDDED LINKS what this is blog that is maintained BY A WHITE MAN CALLED Tony Hetherington.

    This WHITE MAN is “Financial Mail on Sunday’s ace investigator, fighting readers corners, revealing the truth that lies behind closed doors and winning victories for those who have been left out-of-pocket…”

    Now what THIS WHITE MAN (sorry to continuously be capitalizing his colour in this way but I jes wants us niggers to recognize that we CANT DO THINGS LIKE THIS)

    So what THIS WHITE MAN has been doing with equal resources, rather less resources than BU, AND CERTAINLY LESS THAN THE FEAR TRADING COMMISSION is to simply

    (i) THE WHITE MAN has set up an email where people can send their complaints with supporting documentation of an infringement

    (ii) THEN WHITE MAN then makes outreaches to the institution(s) via email ON BEHALF OF said parties and chronicle said outreaches

    (iii) THE WHITE MAN then provides an update of the outcome of his representations in the Daily mail

    But then again this is a bridge too far for us niggers

    Did de ole man hear anyone cry out Consumers’ Corner?

    Jes suppose dat the Honourable Blogmaster were to say use the free template available at http://freewordtemplates.net/form/customer-complaint-form.html to start the ball rolling and thereafter have a summation of people’s matters and the date submitted featured?

    I am sure that the Lawyers for BU could in fact advise on which fields could be posted AFTER THE SUBMISSION & THEIR CONTENT THAT WOULD NOT BE LIBELOUS

    But then again de ole man don’t want to be presumptuous and I AM BEING SERIOUS ABOUT THE PRESUMPTION thing.

    All i am seeking here is to suggest how we as simple bajans who care about BARBADOS can take control of this “MAY 24th THE PEOPLES MOVEMENT” and galvanise it to serious action above and beyond our little Rum Shop bickering

    I will see what the grandson can do with regard to a Stoopid Cartoon …

    This has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH MIA’s LEGACY OR MUGABE’s REGIME cause the people HAVE TO KEEP ON THE PRESSURE or else this “NOT ONE RH 30-0 SEAT” campaign can easily displace the people’s power to a place where WE BAJANS DO NOT WANT TO BE.


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    Regarding Education Issues

    De Ole man has mentioned to you previously that, concomitant with (the ablative must follow heheheheh) the various “thought leadership initiatives”, which we have yet to see, has to have at least a 2 pronged approach to our ailing Education system.

    Curriculum Rightsizing and Pertinent Instruction Matrices

    DE ole man has said in other posts here that your former Ministry of Education needs to rethink how it optimises its HR resources and MAKES SURE THAT THIS ELITIST SYSTEM OF ‘my son get in harsun college ” and the customary shame for “my son get in garsun” is removed forever

    You may not realize this but the last Garsun Board of Management had actually canvassed to have Garrison ‘s school name changed. This was as a result of the SHAME & IGNOMINY brought upon it by Chris Stinkliar and you may confirm same at http://gisbarbados.gov.bb/blog/renaming-of-garrison-secondary-school/ (now dont let lorenzo or de hood see this entry cause they going go back and confirm that the school names got changed before the 0.07 comment by your DLP namesake)

    Notwithstanding that obvious shame de ole man thinks that you need to BUMP UP THE VOLUME and instruct your three ministers

    Senator Dr. Rommel Springer – Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Technological & Vocational Training

    Kay MConnie – Minister of Innovation, Science & Smart Technology

    Lucille Moe – Minister of Information, Broadcasting & Public Affairs

    to use the ubiquitous broadband technology and permit your STUDENTS and teachers at Garsun to benefit from mathematics teachers at Harsun

    Note that I have conjoined 3 ministries in my suggestion and not one this is because ALL 3 are joined under this thrust.

    Now de ole man dun know that you are on top of the direction that I am going in but for the sake of the 3 of these ammmmmm thought leaders here is what we proposing (heheheheheh de ole man say “we” heheheheheheh)

    Now it is obvious about the Education part so Dr Rommel should at least get that one so that should be a IDB continuance with EDUTECH

    Now as per Innovation and Smart Technology ammmmm the funding that the EU has had there in its budget languishing you can reach out to their Dr Boyce and he may move his lazy as* and help you cause well leh me put it dis way you gots some real indolent people to deal wid Mia

    And finally I dun know dat Lucille ent going get this one either so what you are doing Mia is expanding the Matrices and making CBC become part of your Saturday morning integrated Education for the coding classes that Kay who you bring back from Murica or Canada going advance under her Smart Technology portfolio.

    I is not going talk bout dat Education/Edutech ting too much cause dere is two fellers here dat is Mottleyian diehards and does tell de ole man dat “I always talking bout edutech with such fond remembrance” yet neider uh dem dont talk or respond when Skinner say whu he gots to say bout um. heheheheheh

    but dat maybe causing Skinner is who he is and de ole man ent nobody I dont know cause my understanding is that The Covenant that you promoted up to the General Elections was about everyone being able to participate in the table of anticipated prosperity that you have projected for Barbados


  • The blogmaster does not have the time resource to be all things to all men.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with another entry


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Ok so let me return to my ramblings…


    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley.

    Again I shall resort to WHITE MAN articles of wisdom and insight and knowledge and all dem tings dat we black people does got to hire white people to do for us “hewers of wood and drawers of water” (not you Madamoiselle Prime Minister cause you dont really run to whlte people ammmm cause Bizzy and COW and Weatherhead and Avinash ent white is dey?)


    “…David Richards, chief executive of data firm WANdisco, warned of ‘chaos’ as firms scramble to move EU customer data out of the UK to warehouses in Europe or to remote ‘cloud’ storage that conforms with GDPR…”

    By the way this is the same GDPR that I have been begging the Honourable Blogmaster about and that he refuses to give up any information about heheheheheh

    But that report continues

    “..But under EU legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect last month, firms face fines of up to €20 million (£17.6 million) or 4 per cent of global turnover – whichever is higher – if they are caught storing the data of EU customers in non-EU countries, which will include post-Brexit Britain…”

    Now de ole man would have you observe the *** which speaks to a proposal to the BIDC for a Data Centre. If such were to be an active initiative during your first five years, that would give you the capacity to satisfy the VIrtual Requirements of this type of Business Model.

    But it would mean that you would have to break the monopoly of places like LIME if you want to be a serious contended in the arena.

    As long as Barbados moves towards the ISO standards (that is Grenville fixation ISOs) that they will require Barbados can court other coterminous data services. THAT IS OF COURSE IF KAY KNOW WHERE TO HUNT FOR SUCH THINGS and ensure that the capacity exists to leverage these opportunities when they are found

    Please do not forget the words of Bob Marley, “IN THE ABUNDANCE OF WATER THE FOOL IS THIRSTY…”

    And no, it is not that the ole man believes that every body udder dan he is a fool, but de ole man havs come to realize that nuff of de people who you got around you ammmmmmmm got “challenges” to say the least.

    And that you are having to do all the thinking for your 1st Eleven &&&& your 2nd Eleven.

    How are the shipments going to come from the EU to the UK?

    And how will that be “inviolate data”? you understanding the magnitude of all of this Madamoiselle Prime Minister?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Your response, given the Coming of the ***, is both anticipated and predicted heheheheheh

    We will continue Blogging until *** or sooner when you ***


  • Everybody complaining it looks like the poisonous medicine fed to the masses tamkng effect and PR stunt of brainwashing not taking egfevt
    The PSV owners is givkng notice that 40 cents tax on gas would all but force some of them to go out of business. (Clue #1 joblessness) i wonder how Mia would explain the economics of that reckless tax tp the IMF in their next meeting
    Also heard the travel agents sounding the alarm stating that travellers would be hesitant to visit barbados because of the awful tax which more seems like a punishment for visiting barbados
    Also heard the arts and culture stating that the taxes would put a dent in the entertainment area during crop over
    Wuhloss mia you said better not bitter
    Anyhow that is between you the IMF and the people


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    Cc to your Minister of Transport

    “To govern a people, you show how you care…”

    And “Mia Cares right?”

    The average bajan uses public transport and ZRs.

    To show that you care I would respectfully suggest that you do something quickly about the Transport Board fiasco starting with the immediate disbanding of Alex’s ting at the Transport Authority.

    Lest it be again said dat de ole man is submitting information that is substantiated by verifiable materials from other sources Let me rely on other current public statements by respectable big wigs in the community and sector.

    Let me begin therefore with some remarks from the Chairman of the Alliance Owners of Public Transport, Roy Raphael underscoring the inept Transport Board and inadequacies of the existing bus route harmonization

    He remarks, he believed not enough research was done before the routes were chosen, and there was no monitoring system in place, for example via a ticket or otherwise, to indicate how many passengers were moved, particularly to account for concession fares for the elderly and schoolchildren.

    This inadequacy of research has characterized the cuntsultants who have been hired by successive administrations for what is the backbone of the economy -transportation of the employees and schoolchildren and citizens.

    Dr Justin Robinson was given a whole set of money by David Thompson to harmonize the same bus routes in 2008.

    Alex and his predecessor and John Useless Boyce spent a whole set of money on servers and Arcview GIS and training for He duncy self and here we are with an effed up system that any since could populate with waypoint data from Google maps IF YOU KNEW WHAT THE EF YOU WERE DOING.

    Get rid of these enemies of the state Mia reassign them all to that Ministry of Planification that I have been recommending to you for a while. MADE THESE INEPT SNIVEL SERVANTS TRULY IMPOTENT LIKE THE ADMINISTRATIVE EUNUCHS THAT THEY ARE.

    The expertise and technology are both there to facilitate an integrated bussing system which would use your Green buses to service the central corridors to the hubs* e.g. oistins, holetown, speightstown, six cross roads and st George’s church and the Four cross by the Fire station in St John.

    Dr ole man can send you dat map. In fact you dun got um…

    Then you integrate the Zed from those hubs after deploying a transfer system which a “smart technology” not de expensive foolishness dat Kay tinking bout, but a system that will harmonize passenger usage, transfers, cashless payments and logistics seamlessly for the poor and vulnerable bajan passengers that “Mia really needs to Care about” if you are serious about the next five years you joked with Luis Moreno about.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    Awarding Contracts Transparency & Freedom of Information

    One notes with appropriate and understandable restraint, your recdnt commdnt about government email and the requirement that ALL GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATION IS DONE USING OFFICIAL EMAIL.

    You also have indicated that no private meetings will be allowed.

    Why not go one more step and have said process involve the following sub procedures

    Where applicable have attendees to the meeting sign a document saying who they are and their capacity at said meeting.


    Where applicable have representatives of the GoB sign Non Disclosure Agreements
    Where applicable when a tender for goods or services is not successful make it a policy that the Government department respond with a reason for its non acceptance so that a party can at least see what it was deficient in and make appropriate adjustments in future submissions
    It would be really helpful if the Electronic Scoreboard that you were shaking around during the Moreno Public Relations camera shoot could be enhanced to provide a tally of all government contracts LIKE THAT OF THE SAME INTER AMERICAN BANK that you were courting. It would be disturbing that you are accessing loans from the IDB and they are disclosing all the innards of Barbados ‘ loans buy you are hiding the full internal tally





  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    There are a few things concerning that last post that need to be advanced.

    A Non Disclosure Agreement is based on parties discussing/exchanging subject matter that one or both of the parties wish to protect. It provides for such exchange and recourse in the event of a breach.

    It would seem to my slow self that one of the things your administration would place some meaningful import on is Intellectual Property.

    Certainly one has yet to hear what will be the rights of government counterparts, particularly those of us WHO ARE POOR?

    Right now Dale and Edmund and Abraham, the ones with the permission to speak publicly are only dealing with the Eye Candy.

    But i would feel that, given your insistence on “flying home Senator Kay MConnie – Minister of Innovation, Science & Smart Technology”, IP Rights may be central to her functions in your administration.


    It is only reasonable that, If wunna seeking to invite WHITE MENSES & WOMENS, from over and away, to be part of this Innovation Drive, that wunna going have to state wunna IP policy and show wunna good faith.


    The following article may be instructive on this subject, Its commonalities and ironic connection with other things underscores the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Innovators which you have not said WORD ONE ABOUT and which de ole man is inclined to believe that you WILL NOT MENTION.

    This is why de ole man is inclined to believe that the BLP policy on IP WILL BE vapourware as far as the Poor Entrepreneur is concerned and I would go on record to say to all entrepreneurs and innovators NOT TO SHARE ANYTHING WITH your administration WITHOUT you stating what you plan to do in this respect

    The more things change the more…


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    The BLP should have made you a Senator. lol


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ brother Hants

    Dat is not dem intention by any means for it would mean dat after mekking de ole man a Senator Dale Nuff Teets and Edmund would have to exercise the Incoming Computer Misuse Act of 2018 that seeketh “to cause dissenting comments about this saviour government to cease and desist”

    You can be assured that as sure as day followeth night dese Rum Shop comments going soon be a thing of the past due to the upcoming big foot moves pending

    “Watch Muh Now”

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with dat submission on the Daily Mail article on the Russia/FIFA World Cup theft of IP

    heheheheheh dat is effing it did not disappear from your suspense box heheheheh


  • @Hants

    I agree with you PUDYR is at least a STAR but I recommend that he made a TSAR or is that CZAR?


  • Prime minister Mottley has just issued a directive banning senor ministers from meeting with business people on their own. This should be extended to senor civil servants and should include embassy and high commission parties.


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    De ole man hopes that you are well and that this email finds you in the best of health.

    De ole man remembereth well the statement “give de goat enough rope and it will hang heself” de irony of dat is dat Dale and Edmund giveing de ole man alot of rope heheheheh

    But dat is not de subject matter being discussed.

    I wish to speak to you about Witch Hunts.

    Now everybody who is anybody going say that a feller who we dun know is one of the worst employees, when a new administration fire he, was the most industrious feller in de organization.

    I know that you are smart BUT YOU PEOPLES DEM IS NOT TOO SMART

    Case in point.

    “…“As far as I am aware the previous board was disbanded and I would like the Government to tell me if a new board was constituted after Parliament was sworn in. If there is no board then it means that this is a one man decision,” the source said, seemingly pointing the accusing finger at Minister of Housing George Payne.

    NOw de ole man ent really interested if it is fake news or otherwise, AND WE DUN KNOW THAT PAYNE IS A LOOSE CANON (ask Edmund)

    But effing you dont want to give de DLP ammunition about witch hunts and persecution you going have to put a muzzle on dese fellers like Payne.


    What you can do is to direct these ingrunt Ministers dat NOT A FELLER IS TO BE FIRED WITHOUT IT COMES TO YOU!

    I sorry bout this autocratic styling and Mugabe edict but IT GOT TO GET YOU APPROVAL!!

    In the meantime what they MUST DO IS SEND YOU A REQUEST for reassignment of the offender.

    I know that you dun got de ole man strategy downpack but Pain ent no braniac.

    Looka how he gone and say dat he is a solicitor in Englant! You gots to muzzle he and de rest uh dem to this Ministry of Planification Policy.

    So instead of that article reading “…A major shake up appears to be under way at the National Housing Corporation (NHC), with news of the sacking of General Manager Lanette Napoleon-Young…”

    It would have read “…General Manager Lanette Napoleon-Young shared with the Barbados Today that she had been reassigned to the Ministry of Planification (indefinitely)” as the GoB is seeking to implement a new direction and strategy for the new administration.

    I going gots to tek a ticket down deah and give you some pointers on these things…can you send a ticket for me like you did for Rawdon and Kay and that third young lady whose name de ole man cnat remember for Broadstreet?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley


    CC your Minister Of Agriculture Indar Weir

    @ Indar Weir Minister of Agriculture


    The idea is that gardens (of a miniature nature) would be encouraged in and among communities for the benefit of that community.

    Like miss Headley’s garden in *** but the rather simplistic concept is that each lilliputian commune would grow in a bundle with other producers for their proximate communities .

    The advertising of the existence of a GULLIVER Garden would be by using a specific logo that would identify that property as a lilliputian node. This would be where people could come for specifically smaller produce like seasoning thyme parsley lettuce.

    Kay Mcconney The technological whizz would use her expertise to create a mobile app to register who is growing what.

    Something which was never done for all the years BASIS was operating.

    And enrolled farmers would be given “water credits” to offset the nominal increase in their water bills.

    Sales volumes of the poundage of produce sold would be recorded, as was supposedly done at the place by the Grotto out Dayrell Road – BASIS

    Pricing should be controlled to ensure that local produce under this import substitution initiative is affordable yet profitable to these lilliputian farmers.

    The ideal mixture for this utopian vision would be having teens enrolled in this community based concept.

    De ole man would further propose incentivizing their enrolment IN THIS FANTASY through credits for UWI or BCC e.g. paying for the enrolee or their designee’s tuition fees or books or bus fares.

    One could decrease the actual income paid to enrollees in cash generated by sales of the produce, but give a counterpart electronic credit

    And jes doan tell de ole man it cant work.

    It does work.

    Magna Card does do those back end electronic credit awards every effing day.

    We have to think of ways to enfranchise people in our communities.

    I am going to admit I don’t know the minimum footprint required by an enrolee for a “lilliputian node” to work

    I however can tell wunna dat if you got 16 3×5 beds and a rotation schedule for your crops, you can make at least $500 a month for 2 hours a day

    I would start at home nodes and build out to the community pavilion which is a much bigger footprint ( presumption being hydroponic setups with compatible crops.

    One additional corollary would be the express requirement that people have to had experience with nodes before being graduated to larger program space

    I really don’t know if hydroponics can work in these small spaces.

    What I am damn sure works is 16 beds. What I know works is calling stores and hotels to sell my produce but everyone does not have the garden that was available to me.
    So that is why I’d revert to a smallfactor acreage of a hydroponic plant.

    Who will pay for the hydroponic farm ? Which International Funding Institutions have the experience or the inclination to invest in this idea?

    Would a local or regionally based philanthropy be interested?

    Would the Halouttes be inclined to underwrite said outreach say at five houses in each community where they have a Chefette?

    That is 13 Chefette AND THAT IS 65 JOBS Mr Haloutte or is that inconsistent with the model wunna got for low income communities?


    Dat is for building up communities with easily constructed mobile hydroponic farms as opposed to flooding The Farm with ***

    But de ole man get side tracked again Mr Indar Weir.

    You ever hold a fork in your life at your travel company? I guess dat ent a fair question doah so I retract it…


  • Piece I am not sure if your comment was made before it was confirmed that a new board led by Mr Douglas Skeeteis in place and Ms Young was summoned and ultimately dismissed.Therefore,i am not sure why you are insinuating that it was Mr Payne,s decision alone.Why are you nitpicking and trying to be so negative.I believe the Transport board and CBC also needs to be address,not by reassigning as you say but removing,if necessary,as one bad apple could spoil the whole bunch,and this is no time forfooling around,any obstacles need to be removed.


  • Keep going Piece. You are now the resident “free government advisor” and BU physic. I like your ideas re the community garden. I belong to one up here in Canada. I have 600 square feet. I pay $15 a year and get water and compost. I have a perennial so mine is not tilled but the annual lots are tilled every year. Those are bigger, 25 by 50 ft. approximately and cost more. I give my excess produce to the the Food Bank in my area for distribution to the poor. I have two pumpkins left from last year and some potatoes, both sweet and Irish. Don’t be deterred by the naysayers.
    Has any one seen or heard from Bush Tea?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Lorenzo

    You like to stalking de ole man doah…

    I said and I repeat “…NOw de ole man ent really interested if it is fake news or otherwise, AND WE DUN KNOW THAT PAYNE IS A LOOSE CANON (ask Edmund)…”

    I said that I did not care if “it”, and by it i means “the possibility that Payne dismissed Napoleon alone or with a committee”

    I insinuated nothing.

    I fact I boldly said that Pain is a loose cannon

    You seem to be sort of slow though.

    So here is the dimwit version for your consumption

    Firing when a new administration takes over WILL BE CALLED WITCH HUNTING.

    MAM does not have the best 1st Eleven or 2nd Eleven

    To remove negative fallout from loose cannons abrogate said firing function and make all such functions come to self

    However to ensure that the agency continues to function WIGHOUT THAT COG IN THE WHEEL as well as ensuring that no legal action ensues take that party out of circulation by putting them at a Ministry of Planification that you create.

    Place you own people at the helm.

    Now simpleton what this means is that you have moved what is called en passant in chess and while you have not killed the trouble maker you hzve killed the trouble maker cause they cannot claim wrongful dismissal because you will continue to pay them during their shift

    Additionally one can broadcast to the public the name of the institution so as to wreak the commensurate embarrassment and shame with their secondment to this institute or you can keep it offscope depending on your objective…

    You are not too bright are you?

    Mia going have to second you too causing you ammmm ent doing a good job here pun BU…

    Mia, help muh nuh! Lorenzo got muh languishing


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Bajans

    I must admit that I did not benefit from a current experience for that idea it was and exposure 35 years ago when I kept gardens and sold vegetables to hotels and supermarkets.

    I grafted and Israeli girlfriend’s experience with a kibbutz and the familiar landscapes of Deacons Pinelands and Haynesville and my inner city encounters and proposed that.

    I combined my knowledge of IFIs and Small island Developing States and the millions of dollars I have seen sent back to Washington and New York because the country office did not have any “thought leaders” OR THE COUNTRY WAS BEREFT OF THINKERS

    I am glad that you spoke to the fact that it exists in Canada and that my madness works.

    As to the last part about the Halouttes that is just GOD using the ole man.

    What He is telling me is that the entire bajan population wants to participate in the rebuilding BUT PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THE LIES OF ALL THESE PAST ADMINISTRATIONS.

    So people like Haloutte and Abed and Joseph and Adams and Branker and Hall and the whole bunch of them they want to see where their money is going.

    Dem tired of all the other crap.

    And Mia’s Legacy has to bridge all these issues about hunkie and nigga and bukkra Johnnie and coolie man.

    People have to create bridges built on mutual respect and not that waste badword “I am a Lionfrom the City of Bridgetown ” stupidness.

    You understand what the impact of 65 symbiotic jobs between the business community and the average black man in the hood would mean BAJANS?

    Haloutte would loose he whiteness for at least 65 families.

    And 65 people would be taken out the unemployment gutters.

    At least 65!!

    This time must herald in a new vision and mission among Bajans no pun intended where we must feel that we are a part of this thing.

    Too long we been put in the doldrums and this Must CHANGE


  • 30 – 0
    The perfect result for a useless Bunch of Wild people.Rebuild Party ? Rebuild my foot .Rebuild Party ? For What ?


    Stop humbugging Barbados ever so often
    JOKERS !!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    Tourism Marketing

    You will note that i did not copy this to your Minister of Tourism Kerrie.

    I will tell you why.

    I listened to him on the General Election platform and I was so disappointed but the pure badword that he presented.

    At one point the clown was boasting bout how many girls he used to check from right there by the shop and I said whuloss…Mia is running this?

    But then I reviewed the party HIERARCHY and the faction being courted and I said I understand.

    You note that i am talking freely now because I …well I know where I am off to so I do not fear anyone.

    The process that BMTI and the next one is proposing is a waste very bad word and I would suggest that you leave it out or rather do not subscribe to it as completely as they have suggested.

    I seriously do have a solution for that which will put Barbados on the mapfiguratively and literally.

    I have already shown you an idea for the physical plant because the island is in a sorry state and needs “refresh but beautiful hotels and no tourisessesses is similar PERDITION.

    That idea .can be funded under the IDB’s renewable cities theme.

    The second idea will change the face of Tourism Marketing forever.

    But you have no Intellectual Property Regime in place so we ole man ent got no place on de dance floor to place my feet.

    If you ever get ready please let me know and then you can write Kerrie a script knowing that he will adhere to it as you instruct.

    Just think FOREX JOBS & LICENSING FEES and then call de ole man


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    C.c Minister of Education Dr. R Smith

    This item benefited from insights from another Bajan who had to flee the indolence of thought and absence of though leadership that has characterized Barbados for donkeys years.

    It speaks to the harmonization of our education system and seamlessly interweaving education and the proactive fostering of critical thought initiatives among our secondary school populations.

    Needless to say that an overarching it was not entertained by de former vandagers and may probably not be understood by you lot either.

    But here goes…

    The Program for Innovation and Invention (P.I.I) contributes to fostering the practice in, and propagation of, creativity among youth by designing and deploying programmes which are pro-actively participatory i.e. they immerse students in a proactive curriculum that fosters and nurtures the experience of creativity and having hands on experiences for themselves.

    I respectfully suggest(ED) that the GoB specifically the Ministry of Education implements this initiative at specific secondary schools and concomitantly includes resource persons from different sectors, bringing together teachers, creative professionals, students, the Ministry of Education, the University of the West Indies, specific coterminous companies, the private sector and students in this collaborative initiative.

    The specific aim of the P.I.I is “to foster and sustain creativity among our school population and youth by using a structured collaboration of public agencies, engineers, scientists, research organizations, students, the private sector and stakeholders in developing the creativity mindset.”

    The project has five components.

    strengthens the Ministry of Education’s Chemistry, Physics and IT curriculum particularly their respective SBA (School’s Based Assessments) components acting as a catalyst for engendering Innovation and Invention in the Education system
    Utilizes (i) Information, communication and technology systems – the Edutech backbone particularly the Electronic Chalkboard matrix de ole man harping on to facilitate connectivity and dissemination of instruction in conjunction with modules from (ii) and appropriately tailored Business or Accounting courses to enhance the business skills of the students (since a specific school might not have a Physics/Chemistry lab it would use its Business Courses to “manage” the incomes and expenditures associated with creating and deploying a P.I.I initiative in the *** (iii) Learning and capacity building in ***; and *** Project implementation – these speak mainly to practicals where students with appropriate permission from parents, and under supervision by school teachers “rotate out into the field” to deploy their solutions, for a specific time period and commensurate grades. This “field rotation” is the surreptitious deployment of a much needed National Youth service for our apathetic youth. we inculcate service to nation into their psyches early In their development.
    This P.I.I and its novel system will co-opt the private sector through an optional subscription to fund the expsnsion and ongoing R&D at participating schools. For example CGI would be seen as the logical co-sponsor of a Combermere R&D centre to provide the equipment, IT matrix, uniforms** (** all school students on field deployment in the P.I.I should be identified by a specific Uniform/coverall with a signature beret)
    The element is R&D at any participating school may either be “school specific” in response to a need in that School’s location e.g. road slippage in St Andrew or a national problem e.g. potholes across the island’s roads.

    Note that P.I.I will involve an actual product/service-to-market deployment/implementation


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance…


  • Keep going Piece.

    I like the ideas you suggested under education. Most schools should have ‘shops”. In either carpentry, mechanics, etc. and after a course of study, and for hands on experience go out into industry for a 3 month work assignment to put what they have learnt into practice. This would end up with a high school credit ( at O’level). This would hopefully form a basis for and interest in various types of engineering.

    With regard to the gardening, you will need some high profile people to star,t to encourage others to participate. Lets face it, Bajans see gardening/farming as dirty work. Not up here in Canada. The President of my gardening association is a retired Dean of Engineering from Carleton University. The lady across from my lot is a current Professor of English at a CEGEP in Gatineau. The lady beside me is a retired teacher and a friend from Congo’s husband and two sons are all three Medical Doctors. But we all grow our own food.
    Check this out: http://www.gaga.ncf.ca

    Re tourism, I have travelled some, but not as much as others. Barbados does not place any emphasis on history or historical buildings. Look at Sam Lords Castle, burnt to the ground. Look at the old Hospital building, burnt to the ground. Look at the Empire Theatre, a veritable eyesore. There are some beautiful facades in Speightstown but the buildings are boarded up and in dilapidated conditions. In other countries, a historcial plaque would have been nailed to those buildings and they would have to be kept up in their original condition or taken over and maintained by government as historical artifacts. Not so in Barbados, there is no value to them, in history. The tourists have nothing to see after a suntan and a few sea baths.


  • @ that address should be: gaga.ncf.ca


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Bajans

    Thanks for the endorsement but I am going a tad bit further than the usual internships and attachments.

    The standard question that faces The Gentleman who Promotes Mahogany Sales in Barbados Medford’s Mahogany is “What artifact do I create that will be the next IPad to the Artifacts World”

    Similarly the question that is facing the Beaches of Barbados is What can we do with the sargassum invasion?

    Similarly speaking the question that faces Barbados as it relates to Holes in the Roads and Materials that break down too quickly road …?

    These are either “self posed questions that a school or students who opt into the P.I.I can be asked to answer or opt to propose.

    There are over 10,000 issues that beseige our system of governance and what these challenges become are the parallel of the Labours of Hercules but of an indigenous nature to serve the needs of Barbados which we challenge our young bajan minds to do

    AND ONCE THEY HAVE ACHIEVED IT, we reward then with internships of scholarships with places overseas which advance these ideas under a IP agreement between Barbados and that university or that R&D facility

    THat is what Kay McConney should have been hired to do among her various chores.

    THe problem with us Bajans is that all we bajans like fising in the same pond of mental croneyocracy


    But this is the albino centricism that the Missing in Action Bush Tea has spoken to at length.

    If you open your mouth about any single topic on the fact of this earth that is a problem I will hazard to say that some of us can provide you with a partial solution to it.

    I can tell you that there are thousands of secondary school students and tertiary students that exists in Barbados THAT WE HAVE FAILED TO SERVICE AND NURTURE

    And I ent talking bout Fund Access boutique underwritten loans, or EGFL hardwood scams, de ole man talking bout IP Assets yet to be nurtured, of a value that will bring renown to our 2×2 rock in the sea.

    “…Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before…”

    Innovation and Technology and Smart Technology (the Ministries that one of our senators was imported to Barbados and the Constitution changed for) speaks to voyages in Thought in a dimension that requires the collective bajan psyche to “go where no one has gone before”

    Is this a shocker?

    De ole man here agitating for the very same thing that it is obvious that our “thought leaders” must nurture yet, and here de ole man gine use de square brackets [[dem seeketh to assassinate de ole man for promoting AND ACTUALIZING the very same thought dimensions that they bringing back Kay to do]]

    YOu feeling de ole man Bajans?

    Sooooo what do all dat mean Bajans?

    Is it that they are serious in this pursuit of Innnovation? they must be cause otherwise the Imported Senator would not be being paid a salary of $*****per month
    Is it because they are racist? No causing she look like she is a nigger.
    Is it dat because dem a classist? Possibly causing de ole man only went to Brumley heheheheh
    I forget de new question that the Honourable Blogmaster gave me. Is it because I too smart for my own good? heheheheheh

    But i thought that it was smartness dem was looking for?

    Heheheheheh is must be de ole man mouf and dat he doan respect anything of woman born or untimely ripped…barring the Christ Child


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    Lest this blog continues to be Ideas4Barbados@GIS.bb.org heheheheheh for free heheheheheh de ole man needs to keep wunna honest.

    The question that many bajans are asking is “after the extensive examinations by the Internal and external auditors, and the interventions by the IMF auditors, do you feel that WHEN THE TEIFING IS LOCATED, and the teifs are identified will anything happen with these teiving politicians WHO MAY BE YOUR FRIEND OR YOU ARE THEIR CHILDREN’s GODMOTHER?”

    Here be a Stoopid Cartoon that the grandson sent to memorialize this ethical conundrum that you are faced with

    I wonder if Our Senator Caswell Franklyn might get an opportunity to ask you this question IF THE OPPORTUNITY EVER PRESENTS ITSELF IN CABINET?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a response to Bajans’ recent remark


  • Has the new BLP government told us yet what is the total debt owed to China and the cost of servicing it? Will this be included in the debt restructuring?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Now the ole man would seek to revert to the travesty called the Fear Trading Commission “OBLIQUELY”

    and to do so requires some convolutions of your respective minds.

    The Barbados Today machinery which is trying real hard to teif de BU readership by incorporating a more liberal blogger submission policy printed this item which de ole man teifed

    Incredulously it has come from the SBA which was previously led by Senator Lynette Holder.

    But the reported speech narrative goes as follows.

    “The Small Business Association (SBA) is confident that some of its members will drop consumer prices as soon as the hated National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) is scrapped at the beginning of next month.”

    Whose adjective is “hated” ? Barbados Today or that of The SBA?

    It continues

    “Some people are going to be able to reduce their prices almost immediately and others are going to have to wait for their stock to be depleted because they had already paid the NSRL on it at the port of entry . . . but I would think that for the most part within a month to two everybody would be able to get their prices to pre NSRL,” President of the SBA Dean Straker told Barbados TODAY in an interview on Monday.

    Now how in the name of *** can he know is he using Lynette’s crystal balls?

    The narrative continues

    “…This assertion contradicts that which was expressed earlier by the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as Government, that it could be up to five months before consumers begin to benefit from the removal of the tax, which was introduced in September 2016 at two per cent of the customs value of locally produced and imported goods, and raised last July to ten per cent as the then Government sought to close a gaping budget deficit…”

    Now again i ask you to walk with me through this statement of absolute knowledge of reductions.

    For most items imported $$xx are approved by the central Bank for x tins of say corned beef which according to the reports of the non connected Customs and Excise government department arrived in the island on Date y.

    So you know the cost, the quantity and the date of entry.

    Now unless you are privy to the inventory of the merchandiser how the badword are you going to know that the merchandiser’s inventory is exhausted.

    And de ole man puts this to you very simply.

    Until, and unless, that merchandiser goes back to the government/central bank and requests FOREX for additional purchases, YOU, NOR THE SBA, NOR SAM POOCHEY cannot differentiate the stock being sold

    AND CONSEQUENTLY the SBA cant say that the price of any individual item is going to come down.

    In fact UNLESS THE GOVERNMENT CREATES AN INTEGRATED SYSTEM that links imports with sales and central bank authorizations all else is guessing and emotive conversation geared at having the fickle audience and bajan sheeple buy into that “hated” talk, lock, stock and barrel


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right
  • Piece I might not be smart but I know garbage when I see it.You have assumed a role of opposition for opposition sake.However you can blog and post as many pictures as you like there will be no return of the DLP try a thing government within 15 years,in my opinion.Thus far Ms Mottley has kept most of her promises like abolishing the NSRL,abolish UWI fees,making tremendous progress with both the South Coast and Bridgetown projects in a matter of four weeks and you on here griping?Are you the new Fractured ,AC or SSS.Do us all a favour and take a rest or STFU,as you really ain,t impressing too many with your shite.


  • The old lady and her daughter who alleges that George Payne stole her property
    Mother and daughter are on face book via video relating more if the sordid details of what George Payne stole from them
    The video is so complelling it would take a fool to make such a detail video if not true and most likely face legal ramifications
    George Payne can hid and closed mouth all he wants but this is video #2 which defines his character as unsavoury and his judgement wholly merits that of no moral grounding
    I dare BU David to go on Jackie Stewart page and share the video on BU
    George if those allegations are true u are one pathetic low down piece of turd for a human being
    Now got the nerve to place hands on the bible and be sworn as a minister of Parliament


  • And the blogmaster dares you to explain to FORMER Speaker why history will record him as a thief!


  • Amm the speaker is gone he does not have to say nuttin. George Payne and Dale Marshall are govt ministers and have sworn on the bible to be truthful and honesty
    All awaits to see how they are going to go before the public and defend those allegations of theft now being played all over Social media against them
    David did not expect u to put that video on BU because the details does not play well into your agenda to defend corruption and dirtiness in the blp


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Now Lorenzo you like you is a good bvhchunt though!

    Look at your puerile reasoning

    “…You have assumed a role of opposition for opposition sake…”

    What is your leader’s plant the Bishop Reverend Joseph Atherley if not opposition for opposition’s sake?

    Why you Doan post here and tell Mia STFU?

    You is a real female rabbit in truce doah.

    Does you remember dis poster? From 3 months ago?

    OR this one from 2 years ago?

    Yet you and the rest of you Johnnie come lately suckers of Mia’s adipose lips cand come here and write shyte because as Lorenzo you is in mia camp and you singing fir your supper

    So here is your meal ticket for all to see how deep you have your lips applied “…However you can blog and post as many pictures as you like there will be no return of the DLP…”

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    You can express your eternal thanks to Lorenzo for the new Series of “Watch Muh Now”

    De grandson rearing to go…tank you Lorenzo

    Of course dat only gojng get de ole man banned by the Honourable Blogmaster …


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance with tis item for Lorenzo which you observed me posting


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    A few items are in the suspense box oh Honourable Blogmaster


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Not those ones thanks but the specific one for Lorenzo with his quotation


  • PieceUhDeRockYeahRight

    The one from two months ago Lorenzo

    You may have to pull your face out of her *** to be able to see this one too


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Having given you that history lesson de ole man shall revert to speaking with the grandson as it relates to him creating a Stoopid Cartoon about

    “When is $500,000 ONLY WORTH $10,000?”


    It is when “Watch Muh Now” Mia shifts the value of the fine for teifing Ministers of whom there are many in her first eleven, from the penalty of $500K to a measley $10K!

    Remember your post of June the 27th at 5.48 p.m. when you speak to Mia and tell her why you believe that she should STFU Lorenzo, heheheheheheh

    Wunna does doan understand how dis inspiration ting does work doah…

    It is synaptic triggering…you say “x” and de mind does effect an association and lumen recall with “y” and “z”

    Bear sport in the Rum Shop heheheheh


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Regarding the first public statement of Trevor Payne as scripted by wunna know who…

    The article says and I quote…”The newly-appointed Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod, is unsure when the Sanitation Service Authority’s (SSA) modern five-storied headquarters at Vaucluse, St Thomas, will open…”

    Which when translated into plain english means “…I, the 2nd eleven Minister under the Real Minister of Environment and National Beautification, I is unsure, (no he speaks properly not like that Barker fellow from times afore times)

    “I Trevor have not been given the go ahead as to when when the Sanitation Service Authority’s (SSA) modern five-storied headquarters at Vaucluse, St Thomas, will be open and in fact IF IT WILL BE OPEN FOR MY MINISTRY.

    “This is left up to my boss Mia, who will decide IF I GET TO EVEN PEEK IN THE BUILDING.”

    “Whu after all she might decide to move all of the Government offices on Bay street up heah and move me and de garbage trucks to Bay Street, wunna understand what i am saying?”


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    I hope that you see what de ole man was telling you about regarding de Ministry of Planification recently

    Looka Lucy Son “…he man who, up until last month, had responsibility for the National Housing Corporation (NHC), today said Barbadians should not be surprised that his successor, George Payne, is shaking things up at the state entity.

    Former Minister of Housing Denis Kellman’s comments come on the heels of the sacking of three NHC employees this week, including General Manager Lanette Napolean-Young.”

    It has to be managed very sensitively.

    Now I going writ to you in square brackets to keep this on the Lowedown (pun intended as you will see)

    [[You see that building that you have not given to Trevor Prescod?

    I suggest that you make that into the Ministry of Planification for a few reasons.

    Firstly is is 5 storeys tall and it is new so when you transfer those vandagers to that structure DEM (another pun) going feel really good and special.

    Secondly dem going be high up in the spotlight AND THEIR RESPECTIVE GAS BILLS GOING MEK IT HARD TO COMMUTE THERE PUN A DAY, and it you permit them to come there for about 9 months dem would be brek

    The Third thing is dat it is a garbage facility and you could easily carry dese pieces uh badword pun a tour of de facility and lef dem pun de tour

    You cousing David Commissiong says that i does be gratuitous wid me insults so I would ask you to forgive me my presumptiousness.

    And I also going apologise to you in advance for the language dat Lorenzo going use to you when he sees you this week]]


  • Piece, it seems to me that Lorenzo is new to the blog and is not aware of all the hard work you and the ‘grandson’ have done to rid the island of the DLP. I would advise him to visit the Stoopid Cartoons blog and have a look at what you, Colonel Buggy and SSS have accomplished. He was actually insinuating that you are a DLP operative. The folly. You should start some stupid cartoons on these new BLP idjits.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    CC Minister of Innovation Kay Mcconney

    There is an item that I would wish to share with you that features centrally with what all the Public Relations going on with so called “engagement of the people” for Innovation initiatives

    We both know that this outreach to people for ideas4barbados@gov.bb is pure sleight of hand BECAUSE THERE IS, AND WILL NOT BE, ANY STATED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY TO SAFEGUARD THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS.

    Let me give a example that you can well appreciate.

    Stephen of Sunisle will he or others like him at State Entities be allowed to continue to teif IP concepts without any constraints?

    Will these fellers get a pass because they be one of your purported “leading thought leaders” the inner sanctum sanctorum who CANNOT BE CONSTRAINED OR DETAINED BECAUSE SUCH WOULD BE the proverbial “BULLET IN THE FOOT?”

    I recently has the distinct displeasure of reading 1,000 WORDS OF BADWORD by one of your sing for his supper team (geofge brathwaite)

    His obsequious article which i am sure you say through, is DEVOID of one single reference to any provision for IP Rights for any bajans who want to be part of your “Mia Cares” bandwagon

    But my query is, what can we expect from a regime, SORRY LEGACY, that is constructed on successive administrations that were adept at raping its citizens and which, even with your arrival, cannot publicly recant that rape?

    But I digress

    Here is a public statement on IP policy from Singapore that buzzword jurisdiction that many of your colleagues and politicians always talking bout and you may recall, have taken expensive government paid trips to.

    “…A robust intellectual property (IP) regime is essential to support an innovation-driven economy and the growth of industry and commerce in Singapore…”

    This is serious people talking about serious Forex generation Madamoiselle Prime Minister.

    Are you serious too?

    Let me go to South Africa and see what one of the leading countries in that continent is saying

    “…South Africa does not have a written national IP policy. As a result, departments that deal directly or indirectly with IP approach the system differently.

    To ensure coherence, there is a need for a co-ordinated approach.

    The South African IP system/”IP Policy” is not informed by other national policies that seek to address national objectives and there is no co-ordinated approach on IP matters by various government departments and other organs of state.

    The private sector also exploits this lacuna in the public service and may be exporting IP without following a well-co-ordinated approach…”

    I am trying to share with you how serious governments tackle these national innovation initiatives EVEN THOSE WITH THE RESOURCES OF SOUTH AFRICA with a GDP of US$480 billion!

    And I further suggest that you Madamoiselle DO NOT TABLE AN ACT OR WHATEVER IN PARLIAMENT which safeguards the rights of citizens we are going to have a widespread situation where EVEN IN THE FACE OF ALL THOSE GOVERNMENT ENFORCED EMAIL, fellers will park themselves in a room, like Stephen and teif you ideas.

    De ole man respectfully suggests that all ENGAGEMENT OF THE SOCIAL PARTNERS IS PURE PUBLIC RELATIONS unless you up the volume in a meaningfjl way other that this Sleight of Hand and political vapourware

    Your respectfully

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right
    Self Appointed Leader of the Virtual Opposition (

    ps. Since de DLP is defunct and de ole man help you mek dem defunct, SINCE dem ent getting dat $150,000 @ year no more, you think de ole man could be paid dat money???)


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Dear Honourable Blogmaster your hep with a submission to our Prime Minister please


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Oh dear de ole man asking nicely….heheheheh


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Ohhhhh and since some fellers going come here and say dat i falsifying this information I will submit the text of the BLP Manifesto page 70 which states


    Expanding access to justice is fundamental in a well developed functioning democracy.
    it is a critical element in the preservation of citizens’ rights, the dispensation of justice
    and the preservation of Barbados as a safe haven and a place where its citizens as well as
    non-citizens would wish to conduct business and make investments…”

    Now these are your words in your Covenant of Hope, NOT DE OLE MAN’s, but we dun know that alot of things that we write are subject to becoming fluff after the euphoria of the General Election has worn off.

    What does Dispensation of Justice Mean?

    What does Safe Haven Mean?

    Will it mean that the citizens and non citizens conducting business will be assured that their assets, tangible and non tangible, will be assured of your government’s protection?


    “When is $500,000 ONLY WORTH $10,000?

    $10K is not prohibitive. What next? Integrity legislation with a slap on the wrist for those who ignore the law?

    Mia must engage the targets and not shadow box. The performance might wow Lorenzo, but the more discerning sees gimmickry.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ TheoGazerts

    De grandson wukking pun dese things slowly remember that he is at de bank

    You are precisely correct my man spot on


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    So de ole man got a gadget installed dat does do *** heheheheh

    And it will register the blog count, among other things which registered 488 and then went back to 487…

    So it is not that the items are not being posted irrespective of the VPN, it is that they are bing purposely filtered AFTER THE SUBMISSION.

    But we got pictures/simulcast videos of that too.

    However, we dun know that it is you ting ostensibly so….”watch you now”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ TheoGazerts

    You said and I quote

    “…“When is $500,000 ONLY WORTH $10,000? $10K IS NOT prohibitive! What next?” (My caps for IS NOT)

    De Grandson send de ole man a Stoopid Cartoon

    It is based on the Female Equivalent of James Bond/Chris Decimals Bond 00.7 or is that 0.07?

    Lara Croft Tomb Raider but he has called her “Mia Crafty – HoA Invader”

    For whereas Chris Stinkliar changed could not get the decimal point right with his 0.07 she has not shifted the decimal point from hundred of thousands to ten thousand but she has DIVIDED by FIVE!!!

    When de boy dun it I gine send it to you AND TO LORENZO

    Dat is EFFING um doan get block.

    You mean dat in 30 days dis is where we going?

    Not even an idea yet to diversify de economy and mek one dollar in foreign exchange and dem shifting the goal posts?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right
  • ” The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation has a new Board, with Melba Smith as its chairman and Dr Sharon Marshall as her deputy.

    The other members are: Brian Clarke, Peter Boyce, Gillian Leach, Reginald Bourne and acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs,Cheryl Alleyne. ”

    The Board of Directors has been appointed for a period of three years, with effect from Wednesday, June 27


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ TheoGazerts

    This items has its genesis in the post that Grenville Phillips made.

    De ole man said earlier that “Bajans thank him for trying but… sometimes people have to know when to refashion the product, like Steve Jobs did while redesigning the IPad. And commensurately know when to let go of the steering wheel

    The duopoly that has besieged the Barbados landscape HAS TO BE DECONSTRUCTED.

    We cannot expect any type of growth with these re-samplings of our old vomit


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ People of Barbados

    Wunna really read this Integrity in Public Life Bill?

    Wunna realise that this is creating a Hermann Goering Commission for the Night of the Long Knives?

    Where is the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch?

    Have you seen this despotism at work?

    Do you thing that any of the 300k bajans have seen this Hitlerian doctrine being rolled out?

    Dear IMF and InterAmerican Development Bank HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?

    “…Production orders
    An investigative officer may apply to a judge in Chambers for an
    order, to be called a production order, requiring a specified person to give the officer access to material specified in the application; or produce the material specified in the application for the officer to take away, within 7 days from the date on which the order is made or such other period as
    the judge determines would be appropriate in the circumstances.

    Wunna really comprehend what is purportedly an Integrity in Public Life Bill is in fact Goebbels being implemented in Barbados?

    Has the Leader of the Opposition Bishop Atherley seen this?

    Did he comment on this?

    Has Senator Caswell or Senator Crystal seen this anarchy?

    Instead of stroking my doggie with talk about the removal of the NSRL what the ef is she doing? other than being a beautiful Nubian princess? Notwithstanding the extensions!

    Now is time to get real serious though

    And thus is what you the Honourable Blogmaster are supporting? By stiffling free speech?

    Dud you read this document David BU?

    Have you read this document David Commissiong?

    And here you typing shyte bout civil society “making a shopping list” while your cousin doing de dog.



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance with this post please


  • The PRA, part of the Bank of England, has issued a warning about cryptocurrencies. Is the central bank going to join them? Who regulates cryptocurrencies in Barbados?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ To Anybody Who Really Gives A Flying Badword

    Here is a pernicious item which has passed by the most discerning under the cover of night.

    Ostensibly called “Integrity in Public Life Bill 2018”


    It is one which fellows like Enuff have either not read OR have not only read, BUT WE’RE PART OF THE DESIGN TEAM AND realise that, hidden away from the eyes of the average bajan, we have seen the local embodimen of Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933!

    “…The Enabling Act gave Hitler plenary powers. It followed on the heels of the Reichstag Fire Decree, which abolished most civil liberties and transferred state powers to the Reich government.

    The combined effect of the two laws was to transform Hitler’s government into a legal dictatorship.

    The formal name of the Enabling Act was Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (“Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich”)…”

    And lest we bajans continue merily along blindly in this folly about “Mia Cares” and “Give She 100 days Cause She Only Just Start” de ole man shall give you a part of the Bill of Despot Rights.

    “…An investigative officer has the function of carrying out investigations in relation to ANY MATTER, WHETHER OR NOT INVOLVING AN ALLEGED OFFENCE, in respect of which the Commission exercises functions under this Act or ANY OTHER ENACTMENT …”

    But fellows like Enuff, ONE OF THE MANY EMISSARIES of the saviour and champion of ye isle of Barbadoes, will try obfuscating the matter with their equivalencies about $500K, rather $10K fines for corruption.

    He and others will try to laugh away the content of this Bill and say thst it really only show that “Mia Cares”.

    He will then go further to state that ALL the nefarious passages in this Bill of Despotic Wrongs are necessary enabling mechanisms for the “Integrity in Public Life Bill of 2018”.

    And we like the petty men we are WILL REMAIN QUIET like how at the signing of The Enabling Act of 1933 “non-Nazi members were surrounded and threatened by members of SA and SS…”

    IT BEGINS!!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hal

    Nobody regulates cryptocurrencies

    Because nobody at the FSC know one badword bout them AND AND THE faction that is managing the BittCoin sector is connected to the real crooks and drug dealers and money launderers in the island

    But then again Hal we have imported a Senator from Murica who is a cryptoexpert AND CHANGED the Constitution

    You know him?

    Need I say more?

    May the 24th 2018 changes all things and will show all these demigods that I AM THAT I AM has no other equal.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright




    @ To Anybody Who Really Gives A Flying Badword

    Here is a pernicious item which has passed by the most discerning under the cover of night.

    Ostensibly called “Integrity in Public Life Bill 2018”


    It is one which fellows like Enuff have either not read OR have not only read, BUT WE’RE PART OF THE DESIGN TEAM AND realise that, hidden away from the eyes of the average bajan, we have seen the local embodimen of Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933!

    “…The Enabling Act gave Hitler plenary powers. It followed on the heels of the Reichstag Fire Decree, which abolished most civil liberties and transferred state powers to the Reich government.

    The combined effect of the two laws was to transform Hitler’s government into a legal dictatorship.

    The formal name of the Enabling Act was Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (“Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich”)…”

    And lest we bajans continue merily along blindly in this folly about “Mia Cares” and “Give She 100 days Cause She Only Just Start” de ole man shall give you a part of the Bill of Despot Rights.

    “…An investigative officer has the function of carrying out investigations in relation to ANY MATTER, WHETHER OR NOT INVOLVING AN ALLEGED OFFENCE, in respect of which the Commission exercises functions under this Act or ANY OTHER ENACTMENT …”

    But fellows like Enuff, ONE OF THE MANY EMISSARIES of the saviour and champion of ye isle of Barbadoes, will try obfuscating the matter with their equivalencies about $500K, rather $10K fines for corruption.

    He and others will try to laugh away the content of this Bill and say thst it really only show that “Mia Cares”.

    He will then go further to state that ALL the nefarious passages in this Bill of Despotic Wrongs are necessary enabling mechanisms for the “Integrity in Public Life Bill of 2018”.

    And we like the petty men we are WILL REMAIN QUIET like how at the signing of The Enabling Act of 1933 “non-Nazi members were surrounded and threatened by members of SA and SS…”

    IT BEGINS!!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    Your help please with an item that won’t post


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