Mademoiselle Prime Minister Mia Mottley to Deliver Mini-budget – shifting from the rhetoric


Source: Marla Dukharan 2017 ICAB presentation

Since being elevated to office on 25 May 2018, the Mia Mottley government has moved at a frenetic pace- or so it seems- when compared to the the former Freundel Stuart administration which was characterized by sloth. It should be obvious the path being pursued by the government was planned before winning the government. The speed at which it has assembled a team to support government tells a story of preplanning.

What does it mean?

The new administration gets an A for preparation and the willingness to wrestle with the many nettlesome issues affecting the country. The pundits have fodder for debate why the former administration was unable to secure the support of stakeholders in the social partnership and wider civil society.   This week for example, we learned that the NUPW National Council agreed to a low single digit wage increase for public sector workers. In a sentence, the former government was unable to lead the various parties to achieve positive results, a prerequisite of a leader.

It is only the most loyal supporter of the Democratic Labour Party who continues to reject the position that after ten years at the helm of government the economy refused to positively respond. Twenty plus downgrades from international rating agencies, declining foreign reserves since taking office, running annual current account and budget deficits, inability to deliver wage increases to public servants, there has been a visible deterioration in physical infrastructure- roads, buildings, sewage plants, supply of water, inadequate bus and garbage collection service, unable to enact transparency legislation, declining confidence and misuse of the NIS Scheme unable to public recent audited financials,  unable to respond to Auditor General concerns, increase backlog in the case load of Barbados Courts which attracted frequent uncomplimentary remarks from the CCJ, to name a few.

The failings identified had as an undergird a pervasive lack of discipline how the affairs of the country were managed by the former government. The electorate responded by its 70% response vote at the polls that enough was enough!

For the first time many Barbadians will be transitioning to a reality that it is not business as usual. The feel good factor of jettisoning a non performing government will disappear in the coming days as more austerity measures are delivered. The blogmaster anticipates that Prime Minister Mia Mottley will will move quickly in her term to implement draconian policy measures to achieve improved results in the three year time horizon promised to get to light at the end of a long tunnel. On cue a mini-Budget is scheduled for Monday.

There is the danger Prime Minister Mottley faces that the unprecedented mandate she received at the polling booth last month can be eroded in quick time if the recovery path she has committed the country goes off track. We are in the hurricane season and all that it promises, oil price has been increasing, OECD countries have been curbing flight of southbound capital along with other external influences. Then there is possibility of bad policy formulation because of a misread of the symptoms of the local economy.

All eyes will be on Mademoiselle Prime Minister Mia Mottley next week as she makes the shift from communicating the political rhetoric of the political campaign trail to delivering a policy statement which will impact Bajan households in the pockets.






  • For Professor Cumberbatch. Pedro Welch’s article “Atherley at odds with Constitition” appeared in two parts in the Nation as follows: part 1: The Daily Nation of Thursday June 7, 2018, page 12. Part 2: The Weekend Nation of Friday 8 June 2018, page 18.


  • You cannot say this enough times, the last 40 years have been horribly disenfranchising for the average black bajan because of the nasty actions of both governments against the people….unless you were part of some yardfowl brigade and most times not even then.


    The Government of Barbados SPECIFICALLY IT’S MINISTERS AND THEIR ACCOMPLICES have to stop competing with is citizens and create a new national expectation of what pride and industry means.

    If I see my black ass referenced in resolving the issue of sargassum pun Accra or on Sir Kyffin’s beachfront or a nex feller promote a non solicited community tourism initiative and it attract tourisses dem den let it be dat dat feller get noted for de idea AND DAT IT ENT GET TEIF BY DR MINISTER OF TOURISM.

    Better still if the idea is sustainable ensure that it can be nurtured to become a partnership that refunds to the benefit of its progenitors.

    Else you create a feeling in your citizens that government is a thief WITH IMMUNITY ACROSS THE COMMUNITY. pun intended

    I will never sing the National Anthem of Barbados again because i see tat there is no Piece of the Rock for people like me.

    And so Talking Loud and Saying Nothing if the Mini Budget that Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley will produce for tomorrow with all its grandiose ideas CANNOT ADDRESS THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE OF HOW BAJANS CAN SEE THAT THEY ARE VALUED CITIZENS IN THIS SYSTEM & NOT MINIONS she is wasting time

    And her legacy will end at being the first female Prime Minister of Barbados FULLSTOP.”


  • In a few hours time Barbados’ most magucal Minister of Finance – Madam PM – will announce the following :

    • Bus 🚌 fares up to $ 6.00 per journey ….up from $ 2.00 !

    • Pensioners traveling on public transport ” free ” abolished immediately !

    • Non Contributory pensions to be adjusted upwards once the IMF gives the all clear !

    • Constituency Councils disbanded immediately !

    • Wage hike for public officers on hold until January 1st 2023 !

    • NSRL & VAT to remain in place until talks with the IMF are concluded !

    • 30 Cabinet ministers to be appointed immediately !

    • 12 Government Senators to be appointed immediately !

    • Avinash Persaud to be appointed immediately !

    • Ambassadors at large & Plenitentiary to be appointed immediately !

    • Special Envoys to be appointed immediately !

    It appears that once you are in Red House ……you will get immediate benefits !!!

    While all those who are on the outside will get PROMISES !!

    Looka muh crosses …..!

    Mia cares ……but for whom ????


  • I didn’t get any of the fatted calf which the DLP slaughtered and shared.

    Where’s the beef?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…the exyardfowl without a yard can now talk from experience and with authority about what his political masters did to bajans for 10 long years….he can now predict the actions of the present government. …based on the ex government’s wicked actions.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I understand it was reported that Dumbville is trying to assume leadership of the defunct party, like if he and them have not done enough damage to the majority population, it appears he thinks there is more to be done in his thirst to become prime minister.


  • Will Madam PM also default on the $ 30 million a year repayment for the Doods prison – that she negotiated last time around ??

    A fine example – of one’s past deeds coming back to haunt them !!!!


  • No John
    Since we are presently in the business of amending the constitution
    we could also do end to reflect that that if only one person from the group opposing the government has been elected then that person should be appointed should be dppointed leader of the opposition or the person who have the support of the majority of elected members of a group who oppose the Government
    and while we are at it erase the discriminatory reference to “his” which suggests that the post of Governor General was only intended to be for a female


  • Good she does not have to worry about Cahill!


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