2018 General Election BUzz

The eagerly awaited 2018 General Election is finally here. Unlike previous elections we have not had a CADRES Poll to ‘control’ the debate. The blogmaster’s view on polling in the days and weeks before an election can be found on BU’s pages- it compromises the process.

The blogmaster has grown cynical of late after observing how the majority of the citizens are satisfied with a process best described as ‘political musical chairs’ we love to play every election cycle. Today is the one day in the governance process Barbadians exert the power to dictate to the political directorate who they want to lead the country. The down side is that after exercising our civic duty the system is ‘hijacked’ by those elected to SERVE.

One of the most used words in the political lexicon is CHANGE. The use of the word reached a ‘crescendo’ in 2008 with the rise of Barack Obama. Are we the citizenry satisfied the change which has been promised every election cycle bar none was satisfactorily delivered?   At this juncture in our history what has to change? What can we the PEOPLE do to determine how members of the political class – who are elected to serve the us by the way – to force change to our governance setup?

Polling stations will open from 6AM to 6PM.




  • No candidate should be allowed on the bus but a representative of each party should be accompany the ballot boxes to ensure there is not crookery.

    This is unfreakingbelievable.


  • This is DISGUSTING. Absolutely disgusting.


  • No wonder they want to get rid of CCJ.


  • Every Rh this government has had to oversee it ends up going south!!!


  • Why the Rh should the special boxes be holding up the process?



  • @ David,

    Do they collect all the boxes before they start counting ?

    We should have been seeing poll numbers an hour after polls closed.

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  • Bajans will remember this next election too. NOT ever vote for any of these people ever again.


  • Why so much trouble with the special boxes?

    They could have paid 30 taximen $100 each to transport the 30 special boxes to the polling stations. Two agents, one from each of the main parties and one policeman could have accompanied each box. From St. Phillip to St. Lucy would take an hour at most even in heavy traffic. If the boxes left the prison at 6 they would/should have been at the counting stations by 7. And the electoral count should be done by now.


  • @Hants

    Yes, all the boxes have to be collected before counting starts.

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  • Are-we-there-yet

    I wonder if the genesis of this whole debacle might have been in the attitude of the Electoral Office management who would seem to have defied orders from the CCJ and the Barbados Supreme court. One question that could be asked is if a Chief Electoral Officer would have defied an order of the Court without being ordered to do so by a Superior?

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  • What is this bullsheet I am hearing about non Barbadians / commonwealth citizens voting late and delaying the counting of votes?

    Time to take these words out of the National Anthem.

    ” Strict guardians of our heritage
    Firm craftsmen of our fate “


  • Any doubt now of dictatorial tendencies?


  • NorthernObserver

    didn’t the CJ hear some case from these folks earlier this morning?

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  • Is he trying to push this to a state of emergency?


  • @Hants

    Following the Barbados Today feed, the reason for the delay appears to be the late delivery of the special boxes.


  • An ongoing manifestation of shiite….and arrogance.
    After listening to Liz Thompson on CBC, Bushie has flashbacks to the last BLP dispensation of belligerence and crude arrogance. It is not difficult to project the kind of future in store for this already shitty place.

    Remember David?
    What aint ketch yuh aint pass yuh….


  • Continue posting HERE please.


  • Congrats to all BLPites on BU blog !!

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  • Looks like “Hats” Payne has lost his seat in St. Andrew. Just as well anyway!


  • Those who are too enthusiastic now are warned.

    There are still approx. 40,000 civil servants destroying the island. They will go on depleting the forex reserves.

    There is still a blue GG, a blue DPP, a blue gov of central bank, the many blue judges and a blue registrar, not to mention all the officers S1 and S3 with their affiliation to the DLP, their families and courtesans. At least 25,000 They will do everything to sabotage the new government and to drive Barbados into slavery.


  • Tron May 25, 2018 4:39 AM

    There are still approx. 40,000 civil servants destroying the island. They will go on depleting the forex reserves(Quote)

    What has this got to do with foreign exchange reserves?.


  • I hope and pray that God will give you, PM MAM, and the other 29 members of government the strength, wisdom, knowledge and protection to get the job done without any let or hindrance. Please, MAM, I also pray that your government remain humbled and never lose touch with any of the citizens of this beautiful country. I pray that the goodly people of this country will join forces together with the new government and rally to the cause. We should appreciate the fact that we (government and people) all have a most difficult task ahead of us to stop this country falling off the edge of the cliff where the last administration has taken us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  • @Tron May 25, 2018 4:39 AM “all the officers S1 and S3 with their affiliation to the DLP, their families and courtesans.”

    To tell the truth, I don’t see that man of the former DLP fellas able to manage with na courtesans. Being able to hold on to a courtesan takes physical staman and money, and sometimes power.

    Fa all ‘o DEM, dem tings, money, power, and the physica stamina of youth all ‘o dem in real, real short supply right now.

    A lotta, lotta DEM will find that they have shortcomings


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