A Response to Owen Arthur

Submitted by David Comissiong, Citizen of Barbados
Towards the end of November 2012 the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam visited Barbados, and during the course of that visit Minister Farrakhan and his entourage had a meeting with then Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur, at the Opposition Leader’s office situate at Parliament building in Bridgetown. I, David Comissiong, attended that meeting as a guest of Minister Farrakhan.
During the course of that meeting Owen Arthur expressed the opinion that United States President Barack Obama had totally neglected the Caribbean region — had, in fact,done less for the Caribbean than even George Bush — and that it was Hugo Chavez and Venezuela that were making meaningful contributions to the Caribbean.
Owen Arthur also informed us that he had come to the conclusion that he had made a mistake by not having Barbados sign on to Venezuela’s Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement when he was Prime Minister of Barbados.
He went on to inform us that if his Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won the General Elections that were due in 2013 (and he became Prime Minister again) that he –Owen Seymour Arthur — would be taking Barbados into Petro Caribe.
In light of the foregoing, it is truly remarkable and bemusing to hear the same Owen Arthur now talking about signing on to Petro Caribe as being tantamount to “selling the foreign policy of Barbados”.
Furthermore, the Caribbean countries that signed on to the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement were not doing Venezuela a favour. Rather, they were taking advantage of a very generous Venezuelan offer of deferment of payments on the purchase of energy supplies, as well as access to grants, concessionary loans, and social and economic development projects. Indeed countries such as Dominica, St Vincent and Haiti benefitted from literally dozens of developmental projects in the fields of agriculture, education, and the provision of energy-based infrastructure and facilities.
It should be noted that hardly a day passes in Venezuela without the right wing critics of Chavez lambasting Chavez for — in their words– “giving away” Venezuela’s precious resources to the Caribbean nations through the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement !
Owen Arthur is therefore playing games with this issue — tawdry partisan political games — and should be ashamed of himself.
The fact is that as late as the end of November 2012 he was raring to sign on to Petro Caribe as a programme that was in the national interest of Barbados and did not need any further persuading on the matter !
Fortunately, there must have been a good twenty or so people in that meeting room in November 2012 — all of whom can verify the truth of what I say here.


  • @ David,

    Does a person who ask for a tax waiver have a right to do so without public knowledge of the reason for the request ?

    Was the waiver to Mottley granted and were any laws broken ?

    Not interested in morality or ethics cause I doan pelt bout dem kind a big rocks. lol


  • ””””””””””Let me state for the record that I do not believe that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) or the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela would have offered any finances to the Barbados Labour Party or its then leader, Owen Arthur, in the year 2013 !”””””

    David Comissiong has descended into being a water boy for Mottley.

    This kind of protection of kin within the class formation is why Barbados will be unable to avoid perdition.

    For lies and the word of feckless elite forces are to be valued above incontrovertible evidence and common sense.

    As persons who were involved in these kinds of intrigues previously, we can say with a high degree of certainty that the OSA description of events seem credible.

    As a lawyer, he is here asking us to accept what he ‘believes’ instead of the words of the man at the centre of events and the supporting documents. witnesses.

    Few have been more critical of OSA than this writer. In fact, when David Comissiong was working for Mr. Arthur the foundation for our present economic malaise was set in concrete. There was no critique of him then, from Comissiong.

    At that time we were the ones warning the country.

    Now that Arthur decides to tell the objective truth. Truisms supported by official government documents, witnesses, and credible circumstantial evidence, we are to avoid obvious conclusions in favour of elements within the local petit bourgeoisie, of which both Comissiong and Mottley feel they belong.


  • David


    Is this not what you (we) have always fought for. Against the appearance of it.

    Oh Jesus Christ, you may very well attract our ire.


  • David


    The appearance of it

    Is this not what BU has always pretended to be against?


  • @David
    One has to believe a waiver is decided on merit and the MoF has options to trigger to ensure transparency in final decision.
    I know you wrote that the comment was meant to be general but you left out “conflict of interest” which has been front and centre of this blog for the last 11 years and counting. How would that “merit” based decision appear to the general public when the blog has been critical of the “favours” allegedly handed out to businessmen, friends and associates of this Gov’t?


  • weh de yardfowls dem disappeared to..

    Elliott brought his supporting documents that it is Owen initiated contact with the offer to wave the accumulating penalties on the taxes, so, since it is all now in pre litigation…does Freundel, Owen, Sinkler, barbadostoday etc…care to repeat these allegations, ah mean they should not need to cause it appears Elliot is determined to give them ample time in court.

    well, well, well…


  • @Sargeant

    Did you watch the Elliott Mottley press conference that portrayed Arthur to be less than honourable?


  • @Pacha

    Based on Elliott Mottleys presss conference clearly Arthur skirted truth in this matter and the merger issue. We can debate why the Rh Mottley did not pay his taxes on time but …


  • @Crusoe May 16, 2018 4:42 AM “If I got a condo, pun Toronto Waterfront, I doan care when most does gotta scrunt,”

    So who de phuck real estate agent fool wunna that a condo on the Toronto Waterfront is a desirable thing?

    That place of dreadful cold,where one has to breathe the same stale air for months at a time, or step out into minus 40 degree cold?

    Gimme a house in a village in Barbados. A place where I can step outdoors half naked on any day of the year.

    A place where the totally fresh Atlantic air blows on my sleeping face every night.

    A place where God’s free son warms my skin, and my heart everyday?

    Who tell wunna that Toronto is some paradise?

    Looka the real estate agents fooling wunna, they have a scheme to move the money from your foolish pockets to their already fat bank accounts.


    Been there. Done that. Will never ever do it again.


  • Well Well

    Where are you seeing that.

    We interpret it as an attempt to silence people. Anyhow, your oft repeated claim is not as iron clad as you may believe.

    There are always ways to talk about anything, without talking about it, in the English language.

    In any event, the people know the deal already

    Silence or the attempt thereto will only elevate the truisms exposed.


  • Georgie Porgie

    These guys will not heed the Lord’s injunction in JOhn 7 viz

    in other words…


    Now that Mottley has presented the facts, I hope some morons get sued in to paupertude!


  • Hegemony= the dominance of one group over another, often supported by legitimating norms and ideas. The term hegemony is today often used as shorthand to describe the relatively dominant position of a particular set of ideas and their associated tendency to become commonsensical and intuitive, thereby inhibiting the dissemination or even the articulation of alternative ideas.

    Some of us have been so brain washed that we do not even realize when we are being screwed.

    i never thought that I would live to see the day when the political/economic class of Bajans would believe that a condo in Toronto is better that a piece of the rock.



  • Pachamama May 16, 2018 1:17 PM “As persons who were involved in these kinds of intrigues…”

    Intrigues Pacha?

    You was a bad boy?

    So when did you find the Lord?


  • @David
    Just watched same remember I also wrote
    If one swings a dead cat at a Mottley family barbecue one is sure to hit a lawyer, if Owen’s claims about Mottley pater are inaccurate one of them is sure to be at Whitehall Road with a writ in hand.
    Over to the lawyers.


  • Pacha…as you know, I have repeated on here ad nauseam …both political parties have through 10 election cycles for a total of 52 years post independence:

    disrespected and insulted the majority black population..

    disenfranchised the majority black popoulation in favour of a minority white, Indian, Syrian local and foreign business sector..and their tiny population

    refused to enforce treaties, charters and human rights protocols to protect the majority black population..

    refused to release the land to their own black people

    colluded with and enabled thefts of properties, tax dollars, contracts , and pension dollars from their own black people

    colluded and enabled in the destruction of the taxpayer funded judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court

    refused to recognize that the majority population has rights

    refused to enact anti corruption, integrity or any legislations that can hold ministers of both political parties to account, or for the consequences of their corrupt actions against the people for the last 5 decades.

    none of that is easily forgiven or forgotten by people like myself.

    you are right, saying there are ways to talk of things without talking about them, I am a master of that.


  • @Freedom Crier May 16, 2018 6:24 AM “…1400 years of Arab and Muslim slave raids …”

    Since the Muslim Prophet Mohammed was not born until 570 Christian Era, and since he did not receive his first revelation until 610 when he was 40 years old, and since 610 Christian Era to 2018 Christian Era equals to only 1408 years are you telling me that Islam was practicing slavery from 610 to 2010?


  • @Freedom Crier May 16, 2018..6:27 AM “Do you Recall that Christians Abolished Slavery?”

    I recall that Christians instituted, and managed and practiced slavery against my people for hundreds of years.

    If you set my house on fire, and if you keep that fire burning for hundreds of years, do not expect me to say “thank you” when you have put out the fire.


  • We have read the account of the news conference in the Nation newspaper of today, website.

    We are not impressed by anybody’s tearful pleadings. This is a court of law, not pleadings. We want to look at the underlying case

    Seems to us that their counter tries to present dates, events, circumstances as to cast doubt on the narratives told to us by OSA and FJS.

    But none of what we read, in the Nation, goes to the substance of the claims made.

    FJS and OSA should now, circularly, let us know who signed the waiver. What was the process. There should be more government documents with somebody’s signature on them.

    In 1999 or 1994 a similar ploy was made by Arthur around the question of the IMF, against Thompson. Thompson was still able, cleaverly, to talk about the issue.

    We do not know that taxes due can be so separated from late payment fees and interest charges.

    There is nothing wrong with trying to get these add-on waived, but to somehow assume that they are not integral to the amount owed seems specious, at best.

    This is at best an attempt to take this issue off the table.


  • @Pacha

    You have to line up Elliott Mottley’s response to the accusation leveled by Arthur.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Whitehall

    Most here knows the ole man to TRY TO Be as fair as frail human can be for as often as such fragility permits.

    Among de ole man’s Stoopid Cartoons you will find a few dedicated to David Commisiong and the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch as being “Barbados’ only two lawyers ” among the 1100 advocates in this fraternity

    When David goes left side with his Lulu can do no wrong rants I just admit that I revert to that name.

    When he alone championed the Fingerprinting fiasco which the Demonic Labour Party sought to inflict on BAJANS I commended him for it.

    As did I for his Marriott efforts and successes.

    But THEREIN I am guilty Whitehill.

    There are no free passes for stupidity or callous acts or teifery or denial of people’s rights cause you are yesterday’s warrior not turned today’s despot.

    The thing is dat de ole man could come here and reveal many instances where you and many others woyld see the true nature of many saints and martyrs on the bajan landscape BUT TO WHAT DOES IT AVAIL?

    I have come to realize that we humans are captive to this dross flesh and our human flaws LIKE GRAVITY, still hold us captive to its laws ergo your bottom and mine are planted firmly in a seat even though the plane we might be in is airborne

    It becomes evident that David is obsequious with certain matters that he strategically prosecutes.

    Nothing is wrong with that IF he can sometimes be seen to stand up and say if a particular party is wrong notwithstanding consanguinuity

    The gentle berating sometimes is utilized because he has achieved enough wealth to be comfortable and not to cow tow to any man of woman born or untimely ripped.

    But den again I is one in the “morituri te salutant” crew (we who are about to die salute you) fearing only He who can deliver the First and the Second Death so my mindset is different


    Liked by 1 person

  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @The Honourable Blogmaster

    I had made a submission specifically in response to Whitehill s comment early this morning

    Grateful if you would retrieve (BTW since the responses may be dated because of the lapse do be assured that putting them in at the current time as opposed to yesterday etc is understandable and appreciated)


  • David

    Unlike you, it would be premature to conclude OSA got the sequence of events incorrectly without a rejoinder from him.

    We doubt that.

    Is FJS a liar as well. For he issued more damaging evidence, as an eye witness, to the CRIME as it was in process.

    We would guess that everybody will be made a liar not to disturb certain people’s sense of reality.


  • David

    What are you saying?

    That has been done by us.

    The above are our reponses to that.


  • @Pacha

    Why is a rejoinder necessary? The PM is in a position to be seized with the Rh facts. What rejoinder what!


  • @Pachamama May 16, 2018 2:22 PM “We do not know that taxes due can be so separated from late payment fees and interest charges.”

    You may not know this but in fact it is the truth that taxes due, penalties, and interest are presented separately to the tax payer, and that it is fairly routine for officialdom to waive the interest and penalties as long as the tax payer who requests a waiver pays the principal sum of the original taxes due by an agreed date.

    How do I know this.

    I spent decades in the same bed as a tax man (now ex) or maybe it was a tax woman (now ex) Lolll!!!

    Ask Bushie. He can explain me. Lolll!!!

    Why just last year or the year before or three years ago this current Minister of Finance granted a waiver of penalties and interest to every Tom, Dick and Harry, Susan, Jane and Rashida, who completed a form at BRA, and who paid the principal taxes due on the agreed date.

    I wonder if those people who are now saying otherwise are being disingenuous.


  • On Wed, May 16, 2018, 2:38 PM Barbados Underground wrote:

    > David commented: “@Pacha Why is a rejoinder necessary? The PM is in a > position to be seized with the Rh facts. What rejoinder what!” >


  • Simple Simon

    You maybe be right

    Remember though, that all the amounts due were subject to a court judgement.

    It was therefore, out of the hands of the tax office which makes the determination your bedroom taught you well. (smile)

    A tax planner, was also a branch of what this writer used to do, in a previous life.


  • But David

    We politely asked for a rejoinder

    Because we are following this matter not with any political malaise toward any one but with a higher purpose. It has to do with a certain antiquarian device.

    In those circumstances, we are prepared to let the evidence lead us and not presume things which are unsupportable by fact.

    As blog master, you may!


  • Noah Niles

    We would like to hear all of what the people involved have to say in response.

    For us, the evidence of OSA, FJS and the documents presented make a damning case.

    We noted the statements today. Those cannot be compared with what we already have. They are just words. No documents were circulated to our knowledge proving otherwise.

    Mottley, the elder, has personal reasons to say what was said today. In those circumstances, his words cannot constitute incontrovertible evidence.

    But if there is more incontrovertible evidence available the public should know before the election.

    This legal process we see today will not make that entirely possible.



    You sharing some warm licks!


  • Also the blp yardfowls are jumping but i caution them not so fast.
    The PM did not say that a waiver was granted by any one individual except speculation arises to point fingers upon those with most influence and have the know how calling on OSA to clear the aire
    Also in regards to Stuart comment about the finances due he speciffically stated that “monies due to Internal Revenue Service was granted a waiver.
    In his mentioned comment he did not say it was a waiver of taxes owed
    In any case one can be certain that OSA will give a swift response
    As for the threats by lawyers to close the mouth of the fifth estate.it is sad that under a democracy where govt must be opened and transparent andwhich the role of the media becomes effectual it is sad that there are those of elite influenca who can roll a cannon ball of tremendous strenght by way of the legal arm with the intent to scare and make all scatter


  • “You may not know this but in fact it is the truth that taxes due, penalties, and interest are presented separately to the tax payer, and that it is fairly routine for officialdom to waive the interest and penalties as long as the tax payer who requests a waiver pays the principal sum of the original taxes due by an agreed date.”

    Simple Simon

    You are correct……….and similar transactions occur when “tax amnesties” are offered.

    Perhaps some are conveniently overlooking facts to justify Owen Arthur’s comments?

    How do we know if the “documents” Stuart displayed were authentic? I recall David Thompson saying he had a document to prove Owen Arthur entered in to a secret agreement with the IMF……and we all know the results of that façade.

    However, the Official Gazette was presented as evidence to prove Mottley was not acting as minister of finance during the periods under scrutiny.


  • Correct me if I am wrong, but this current Minister has offered one or maybe two tax amnesties since he became Minister. And he was clear that the interest and penalties would be waived if the taxpayers paid the original sum of the taxes due. I was at BRA to pay my taxes during that period and the line of “tax defaulters” was around the block as ordinary Bajans tried to “make themselves right” with the tax man.

    Tax amnesties like (immigration amnesties) are granted from time to time by all governments everywhere from time to time in order to bring people into compliance. The government gets the needed money, and the taxpayer gets right with the tax man.

    The alternative is to lock up or bankrupt citizens, neither of which is a cheap option, especially if those citizens are elderly.

    Individual citizens are also free to request a waiver of interest and penalties. No lawyer nor accountant is required, and although a very busy professional person might choose to hire a lawyer and or an accountant it is not necessary to do so.


  • @Artax May 16, 2018 3:33 PM “Simple Simon. You are correct.”

    And if I, a Simple Simon knows this, surely our Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Freundel Jerome Stuart, and our former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur ought to know this too?

    After all I have NEVER graduated from any university anywhere. And I have NEVER taken an accounting, finance or economics course.

    But i read a lot, of everything. Even things that are none of my business.



  • By the way awaiting to hear when Mia would categortically state that she had nothing to do with any waivers by influence or signed signatory to documentation
    All Mr. Mottley did was to open the Pandora box wide enough for further speculation. OSA has already denied any personnel or political involvement
    We have heard by two parties
    However the most relevant party to whom the issue has brought speculation Mia has stayed the course of muted mouth rather than have a frank and open response.
    This issue will remain high on the political pole in reference to who know what and when they knew it.
    If not nobody then who gave permission


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Miller, your teapot tempest just developed into a raging legal volcanic eruption. Lots of nonsensical charge and counter charge parsing that will now engage lots of money changing hands.

    @Simple, there was nothing said by the two PMs which suggested they are not aware of the tax and interest issues as you described..Any Bajan who owns real estate absolutely knows that too frankly.

    The point is that Mr Arthur casually seemed to offer that the waiver was for taxes (principal) not the interest and penalties.

    However what is more amusing in this entire ridiculously bad soap opera is the desperate fallout between high flyers. Mr Arthur is really painting himself in ignomy by making veiled half baked statements of innuendo of a matter almost as old as the daughter he says is soon heading off to college.

    And BTW the cynic in me wonders what were those choking tears by Mr Mottley on the mention of the word ‘daughter’…good heavens, that’s a cartoon maker’s dream entrez to meme heaven there…the nasty digs are too ribald to record here.


  • The blp has tried to take away the
    focus of the relevancy of the waiver and permission granted
    Firstly no comments by way of media or individual commentary has refered to Mr. Mottley as doing any thing wrong.
    The issue in itself lays the spotlight on a matter of impriorty which could have made it possible for Mr. Mottley to receive the waiver
    There is no argument of suggestion that he could not have ask for the waiver
    The argument lies in how it was done and by whom after several accusations leading to speculation
    So far what we have learned is that OSA states he did not give his personnel permission to grant waivers
    Then today Mr. Mottley states a request for waivers on monies due the IRS was granted
    Now the question of who gave permission still lies openly in the public domain awaiting Mia response


  • …this is some good herring tho. Light on the cou cou but the electorate choking on herring. SMH. True to form, the Hon. PM has consistently preached history lesson after history lesson whenever he opens his mouth. Strategically avoiding any discussion of substantive issues. He should (re)acquaint himself with the philosophy of M. Garvey and avoid ventilating his inferiority complex against people who are not his enemy. The bottom line is that none of the issues surrounding the tax waiver were illegal, innapropriate maybe, but not illegal based on what we know so far. He should offer context and discuss the overpayments, giveaways, waivers his administration has perpetuated or delivered to a select few. Both administrations have basically brought us to the point of deeply polarised set of capitalists, professionals, and working-class each ready to slit each other throats on the say-so of thirty buffoons who are generally less intelligent, content or successful than themselves.


  • Simple Simon May 16, 2018 1:52 PM “Some of us have been so brain washed that we do not even realize when we are being screwed”.

    If only some people can Hear themselves THINK and take their Own Advice!!

    You were mixing up Political nonviolent Actions taken by a Government with the Majority Religion of the Country. Have you have not considered a possible reason behind the attempt to expel Peaceful West Indians from England is that if you try to Expel our people that have been in that country for so many years that there would be an outcry to such a Degree by the Caribbean Countries and English people so when they Relent and Stop their pursuit they will then say in order to be fair and even handed you cannot Expel the Muslim Invasion taking over England. In my way of thinking this is another example of playing with people’s minds and exercising control of what they think!!!…



  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa May 16, 2018 4:48 PM

    “Then today Mr. Mottley states a request for waivers on monies due the IRS was granted
    Now the question of who gave permission still lies openly in the public domain awaiting Mia response..”

    No, you just cannot await a response from Mia!

    The burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

    That responsibility as to which Minister of Finance (or the person duly authorized) granted the waiver lies squarely in the lap of her accusers.

    The current PM and MoF both have access to the files from which they would have obtained information of the Mottley tax matter to present a case on their political platform.

    Let them produce the files the same way you and rotten mouth Lowe want Mia to produce her LEC.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Pachamama May 16, 2018 2:34 PM
    Unlike you, it would be premature to conclude OSA got the sequence of events incorrectly without a rejoinder from him.
    We doubt that.
    Is FJS a liar as well. For he issued more damaging evidence, as an eye witness, to the CRIME as it was in process.”

    If you want an answer to your question whether FJS is a liar you need only look at his antecedents.

    This is the same man who denied any knowledge of the Cahill agreement until a copy of the same agreement with his name and signature turned up in the public domain thanks to BU.

    Neither should you dismiss his claims about the FBI report involving damning evidence about the same OSA and which mysteriously disappeared from the PM’s Office.

    You would also like to take into consideration the promise he made in Parliament to reveal a list of those highflying greedy Barbadians who got burnt in the CLICO scam with the EFPA’s being the apex of the Ponzi pyramid.

    There are other incidents to be cited to test the level of the man’s integrity, but we would leave them for the time being unless requested.


  • Simple Simon May 16, 2018 2:19 PM @Freedom Crier May 16, 2018..6:27 AM “Do you Recall that Christians Abolished Slavery?”
    I recall that Christians instituted, and managed and practiced slavery against my people for hundreds of years.

    All Barbadians born on this beautiful gemstone, of Barbadian heritage have ancestors who were slaves originally; the Chisel of Oppression Carves us all from the Same Stone. Everyone in Barbados whether they think they are white or whether they think they are Black have other Races in them. If you think otherwise simply open the phone book and see the names listed of the Black Irish that most are unawares of their Heritage.

    “Curiously, of all the Irish shipped out as slaves, not one is known to have returned to Ireland to tell their tales. Many, if not most, died on the ships transporting them or from overwork and abusive treatment on the plantations. The Irish that did obtain their freedom, frequently emigrated on to the American mainland, while others moved to adjoining islands. On Montserrat, seven of every 10 whites were Irish. Comparable 1678 census figures for the other Leeward Islands were: 26 per cent Irish on Antigua; 22 per cent on Nevis; and 10 per cent on St Christopher.

    Although 21,700 Irish slaves were purchased by Barbados planters from 1641 to 1649, there never seemed to have been more than about 8 to 10 thousand surviving at any one time. What happened to them? Well, the pages of the telephone directories on the West Indies islands are filled with Irish names, but virtually none of these black Irish know anything about their ancestors or their history.

    On the other hand, many West Indies natives spoke Gaelic right up until recent years. They know they are strong survivors who descended from black white slaves, but only in the last few years have any of them taken an interest in their heritage”.

    When we Erase History we will not learn from those who have gone before… Sanitation of History is by no means a Small thing to simply be ignored, it leaves coming Generations is absolute Ignorance to be manipulated to repeat the mistakes that we can learn from those who went before us.

    The Left is famous for Rewriting and Erasing History. That is the Practice of Leftism not Conservatism!! The Idea of Conservatism is to Conserve, Preserve and Encourage that which is Good! Disinformation Is Poison Period! It is Shocking and Sad how people like to Erase and Rewrite History to Suit their own Narrative.

    It is Important to Remember that “The Foundation For ALL Tyrannies Is The Removal Of Free Agency”.

    Greatest History Lesson Ever…

    As the Lord’s Prayer says, “OUR Father Who Art In Heaven”

    One Race the Human Race!

    We Are All Connected By God’s Amazing Grace

    Video…Wintley Phipps Amazing Grace


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ de pedantic Dribbler May 16, 2018 4:42 PM
    “@Miller, your teapot tempest just developed into a raging legal volcanic eruption. Lots of nonsensical charge and counter charge parsing that will now engage lots of money changing hands.”

    True! A day in politics can feel like a month.

    But there is one thing that be assured and it is that you will not hear another word about this ‘alleged’ tax malfeasance on the part of the Mottleys from the mouth of any DLP public speaker or OSA and his handmaidens.


  • No! No! No!

    The evidence is there for all to see.

    18 downgrades, forex down to a trickle. Sewage on the Coast. Only six working garbage trucks. Unemployment rife. $10Million out of taxpayers money being used to repay Duprey et al.

    What more yuh want???? Yuh (as the Trinis say) Chupid or what?!!!!

    Or have the attention span of a monkey watching a banana laden spin wheel?

    Anyone who votes for this lot is a johnny!

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  • “But there is one thing that be assured and it is that you will not hear another word about this ‘alleged’ tax malfeasance on the part of the Mottleys from the mouth of any DLP public speaker or OSA and his handmaidens.”

    interesting week ahead..lol


  • @ Pieceuhderock…, I had half expected you to go upside my head with a verbal 2×4…you didn’t really!


  • Things that make me go hum!!

    Owen continues to allow DEM to mek he look like an ass!


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