A Response to Owen Arthur

Submitted by David Comissiong, Citizen of Barbados
Towards the end of November 2012 the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam visited Barbados, and during the course of that visit Minister Farrakhan and his entourage had a meeting with then Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur, at the Opposition Leader’s office situate at Parliament building in Bridgetown. I, David Comissiong, attended that meeting as a guest of Minister Farrakhan.
During the course of that meeting Owen Arthur expressed the opinion that United States President Barack Obama had totally neglected the Caribbean region — had, in fact,done less for the Caribbean than even George Bush — and that it was Hugo Chavez and Venezuela that were making meaningful contributions to the Caribbean.
Owen Arthur also informed us that he had come to the conclusion that he had made a mistake by not having Barbados sign on to Venezuela’s Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement when he was Prime Minister of Barbados.
He went on to inform us that if his Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won the General Elections that were due in 2013 (and he became Prime Minister again) that he –Owen Seymour Arthur — would be taking Barbados into Petro Caribe.
In light of the foregoing, it is truly remarkable and bemusing to hear the same Owen Arthur now talking about signing on to Petro Caribe as being tantamount to “selling the foreign policy of Barbados”.
Furthermore, the Caribbean countries that signed on to the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement were not doing Venezuela a favour. Rather, they were taking advantage of a very generous Venezuelan offer of deferment of payments on the purchase of energy supplies, as well as access to grants, concessionary loans, and social and economic development projects. Indeed countries such as Dominica, St Vincent and Haiti benefitted from literally dozens of developmental projects in the fields of agriculture, education, and the provision of energy-based infrastructure and facilities.
It should be noted that hardly a day passes in Venezuela without the right wing critics of Chavez lambasting Chavez for — in their words– “giving away” Venezuela’s precious resources to the Caribbean nations through the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement !
Owen Arthur is therefore playing games with this issue — tawdry partisan political games — and should be ashamed of himself.
The fact is that as late as the end of November 2012 he was raring to sign on to Petro Caribe as a programme that was in the national interest of Barbados and did not need any further persuading on the matter !
Fortunately, there must have been a good twenty or so people in that meeting room in November 2012 — all of whom can verify the truth of what I say here.

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  1. Simple Simon May 16, 2018 1:52 PM “Some of us have been so brain washed that we do not even realize when we are being screwed”.

    If only some people can Hear themselves THINK and take their Own Advice!!

    You were mixing up Political nonviolent Actions taken by a Government with the Majority Religion of the Country. Have you have not considered a possible reason behind the attempt to expel Peaceful West Indians from England is that if you try to Expel our people that have been in that country for so many years that there would be an outcry to such a Degree by the Caribbean Countries and English people so when they Relent and Stop their pursuit they will then say in order to be fair and even handed you cannot Expel the Muslim Invasion taking over England. In my way of thinking this is another example of playing with people’s minds and exercising control of what they think!!!…


  2. @ Mariposa May 16, 2018 4:48 PM

    “Then today Mr. Mottley states a request for waivers on monies due the IRS was granted
    Now the question of who gave permission still lies openly in the public domain awaiting Mia response..”

    No, you just cannot await a response from Mia!

    The burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

    That responsibility as to which Minister of Finance (or the person duly authorized) granted the waiver lies squarely in the lap of her accusers.

    The current PM and MoF both have access to the files from which they would have obtained information of the Mottley tax matter to present a case on their political platform.

    Let them produce the files the same way you and rotten mouth Lowe want Mia to produce her LEC.

  3. @ Pachamama May 16, 2018 2:34 PM
    Unlike you, it would be premature to conclude OSA got the sequence of events incorrectly without a rejoinder from him.
    We doubt that.
    Is FJS a liar as well. For he issued more damaging evidence, as an eye witness, to the CRIME as it was in process.”

    If you want an answer to your question whether FJS is a liar you need only look at his antecedents.

    This is the same man who denied any knowledge of the Cahill agreement until a copy of the same agreement with his name and signature turned up in the public domain thanks to BU.

    Neither should you dismiss his claims about the FBI report involving damning evidence about the same OSA and which mysteriously disappeared from the PM’s Office.

    You would also like to take into consideration the promise he made in Parliament to reveal a list of those highflying greedy Barbadians who got burnt in the CLICO scam with the EFPA’s being the apex of the Ponzi pyramid.

    There are other incidents to be cited to test the level of the man’s integrity, but we would leave them for the time being unless requested.

  4. Simple Simon May 16, 2018 2:19 PM @Freedom Crier May 16, 2018..6:27 AM “Do you Recall that Christians Abolished Slavery?”
    I recall that Christians instituted, and managed and practiced slavery against my people for hundreds of years.

    All Barbadians born on this beautiful gemstone, of Barbadian heritage have ancestors who were slaves originally; the Chisel of Oppression Carves us all from the Same Stone. Everyone in Barbados whether they think they are white or whether they think they are Black have other Races in them. If you think otherwise simply open the phone book and see the names listed of the Black Irish that most are unawares of their Heritage.

    “Curiously, of all the Irish shipped out as slaves, not one is known to have returned to Ireland to tell their tales. Many, if not most, died on the ships transporting them or from overwork and abusive treatment on the plantations. The Irish that did obtain their freedom, frequently emigrated on to the American mainland, while others moved to adjoining islands. On Montserrat, seven of every 10 whites were Irish. Comparable 1678 census figures for the other Leeward Islands were: 26 per cent Irish on Antigua; 22 per cent on Nevis; and 10 per cent on St Christopher.

    Although 21,700 Irish slaves were purchased by Barbados planters from 1641 to 1649, there never seemed to have been more than about 8 to 10 thousand surviving at any one time. What happened to them? Well, the pages of the telephone directories on the West Indies islands are filled with Irish names, but virtually none of these black Irish know anything about their ancestors or their history.

    On the other hand, many West Indies natives spoke Gaelic right up until recent years. They know they are strong survivors who descended from black white slaves, but only in the last few years have any of them taken an interest in their heritage”.

    When we Erase History we will not learn from those who have gone before… Sanitation of History is by no means a Small thing to simply be ignored, it leaves coming Generations is absolute Ignorance to be manipulated to repeat the mistakes that we can learn from those who went before us.

    The Left is famous for Rewriting and Erasing History. That is the Practice of Leftism not Conservatism!! The Idea of Conservatism is to Conserve, Preserve and Encourage that which is Good! Disinformation Is Poison Period! It is Shocking and Sad how people like to Erase and Rewrite History to Suit their own Narrative.

    It is Important to Remember that “The Foundation For ALL Tyrannies Is The Removal Of Free Agency”.

    Greatest History Lesson Ever…

    As the Lord’s Prayer says, “OUR Father Who Art In Heaven”

    One Race the Human Race!

    We Are All Connected By God’s Amazing Grace

    Video…Wintley Phipps Amazing Grace

  5. @ de pedantic Dribbler May 16, 2018 4:42 PM
    “@Miller, your teapot tempest just developed into a raging legal volcanic eruption. Lots of nonsensical charge and counter charge parsing that will now engage lots of money changing hands.”

    True! A day in politics can feel like a month.

    But there is one thing that be assured and it is that you will not hear another word about this ‘alleged’ tax malfeasance on the part of the Mottleys from the mouth of any DLP public speaker or OSA and his handmaidens.

  6. No! No! No!

    The evidence is there for all to see.

    18 downgrades, forex down to a trickle. Sewage on the Coast. Only six working garbage trucks. Unemployment rife. $10Million out of taxpayers money being used to repay Duprey et al.

    What more yuh want???? Yuh (as the Trinis say) Chupid or what?!!!!

    Or have the attention span of a monkey watching a banana laden spin wheel?

    Anyone who votes for this lot is a johnny!

  7. “But there is one thing that be assured and it is that you will not hear another word about this ‘alleged’ tax malfeasance on the part of the Mottleys from the mouth of any DLP public speaker or OSA and his handmaidens.”

    interesting week ahead..lol

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