Serious Wiretapping Questions for Owen Arthur

Submitted by David Comissiong, Citizen of Barbados

In the Sunday Sun front page newspaper article of 11th February 2018 titled Not On My Watch, former Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin, publicly confirmed :-

(1) that there are “extra-regional third parties” who provide the Royal Barbados Police Force with the “capability” to tap the telephones of persons in Barbados; that these “extra-regional third parties” are given “authorisation” to work with the Royal Barbados Police Force; and that the tapping of the telephones of persons in Barbados with the assistance of these “extra-regional third parties” has been ongoing since the year 1991– a period of some 27 years;

(2) that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, former Prime Minister David Thompson (deceased), and current Prime Minister Freundel Stuart all knew about this practice of the Royal Barbados Police Force collaborating with “extra-regional third parties” to tap the telephones of Barbadians;

(3) that “it was common practice for all Prime Ministers……. to give authorisation” for the Royal Barbados Police Force to collaborate with these “extra-regional third parties” in the tapping of telephones in Barbados; and

(4) that “all Opposition Leaders over the years had been informed” about the Royal Barbados Police Force’s use of wiretapping technology to tap the phones of Barbadians.

And so, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur could bluster and obfuscate as much as he likes about the Governor General being formally responsible for the efficient administration of the Police Force — sensible and conscious Barbadians are not buying his contention that he and other Barbadian Prime Ministers are not relevant to the issue of foreign entities collaborating with the Royal Barbados Police Force in tapping the telephones of Barbadians.

We are also not buying his pathetic effort to turn himself into a victim by claiming that “it has been represented in the public domain that my phones had been tapped also”.Nor are we interested in his irrelevant sob-story about Darwin Dottin being his best friend at primary school !

Perceptive Barbadians will have noted that in spite of all of his effusions and feverish protestations on the matter, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur is yet to deny that foreign entities have been collaborating with the Royal Barbados Police Force in tapping telephones in Barbados.

As a citizen of Barbados I find it to be totally unacceptable that our Government and national Police Force could be joining together with foreign entities to tap the telephones of Barbadians without having established any legal authorisation in the Laws of Barbados for this practice; without establishing any protocols of oversight and accountability in relation to the carrying out of this activity; without in any way informing us–the Barbadian people — about any of this happening; and without providing us with even basic information about the identity of the mysterious foreign entities that are being permitted to invade the privacy of Barbadians.

Who — former Prime Minister Arthur and current Prime Minister Stuart — are these “extra-regional third parties” that are permitted to collaborate with the Royal Barbados Police Force in tapping telephones in our country ?

What are the protocols and regulations under which this practice has been taking place over the past 27 years ? Aren’t we — the citizens of Barbados — entitled to know the criteria by which a decision is made to tap the telephone of a Barbadian citizen? And who makes that decision?

Furthermore, what mechanism of oversight and accountability has been attached to this practice ?Indeed, is there ANY mechanism of oversight and accountability ?

When all is said and done,the reality is that you–Mr Owen Arthur– held the office of Prime Minister of this country for 14 of the 27 years during which this practice of telephone tapping was taking place. And you– Mr Stuart– have held the post of Prime Minister for some 8 of those 27 years.

Do not insult our intelligence with idle and evasive talk about the Governor General or insinuations about current Opposition  Leader Mia Mottley! We need answers to the serious questions that surround this 27 year old practice of engaging with foreign entities to tap the telephones of Barbadians.







  • @Hants

    Another Valentine’s Day massacre in the Empire of the gunned


  • Apologies for double post


  • Soon the most overworked cliche from the politicians “thoughts and prayers”


  • @ Sargeant,

    Expect private security protecting schools to be a new growth industry making America great again.

    Sorry for the parents of the children who were massacred.


  • @ Sargeant,

    TV stations and news media will profit bigly from this tragedy,


  • Prodigal
    I laughed when I heard the woman Agard say she is leader of ‘business’ in the House for the UPP.I would ask what ‘business’ and secondly with this House coming to an end by March 5th what leading and what business can these irritants provide other than being the laughing stock of Barbados.Bunch of nitwits.
    Stuart talking like a drowning man catching at a straw.Only those sucking the treasury nipples dry listening to Stuart.That man is being cussed left right and centre bout buhbaydus.He can really call the election and save Barbados from more downgrades and devaluing peoples’lives.GOOD GOD STUART, GO MAN GO! LEAVE!DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT! May Charles dee Gaulle byline all ‘o wunna rotten Dems.


  • Gabriel

    I wonder if they are so sure that they are so going to win why the hesitation to call the election?

    I cannot remember another PM who acted the way this PM has behaved as a leader of this country. The man is insufferable.

    The Atalky General tonight said that we are saying that they brought in this equipment to be used in the elections and the PM in the background cross talking……..this must be the most interaction he has had with his minister.

    This week’s sitting has shown up these ministers’ incompetence…….. in the meanwhile after Stinkliar’s 6 hours of bilge………….the reserves continue to plummet! Maybe they want to leave no reserves behind……they are that irresponsible!


  • (1) that there are “extra-regional third parties” who provide the Royal Barbados Police Force with the “capability” to tap the telephones of persons in Barbados; that these “extra-regional third parties” are given “authorisation” to work with the Royal Barbados Police Force; and that the tapping of the telephones of persons in Barbados with the assistance of these “extra-regional third parties” has been ongoing since the year 1991– a period of some 27 years(Quote)

    Does this ‘extra-regional third parties’ mean the US, Canadians, Brits or Chinese, or all? We need plain speaking. What else do they do in Barbados? Is the RSS involved in any of this? Is Barbados now a vassal state? Is this the end of our democracy?



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The failed government, the failed corrupt minister has finally given in, there is nothing left of Transport Board for him to destroy with his insurance company partners, how much money is he making from this final assault on the taxpayer funded bus service because he is too incompetent to maintain, manage or bring the bus service into the 21st century .

    At least the good news is, passengers should not suffer anymore because of this minister’s gross incompetence. .

    ……for those who cannot see, the transport board is being privatized in a roundabout way, get rid of this government, vote them all out.

    “Relief might finally be in sight for commuters hard hit by a chronic shortage of Government buses.

    Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley announced in Parliament today the expansion of the integration of privately owned public service vehicles (PSVs) and the state owned Transport Board service, which would allow for PSVs to operate from Transport Board terminals across the island.

    Lashley said in an effort to ease the strain on the ageing fleet that causes frequent breakdowns, leaving passengers stranded, Cabinet had given its approval last week to widen the scope of the integration of the private and Government owned passenger services.”


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “God elected Trump and we are still the most sinful?”

    And God also ‘created sin in the spectre that is satan so nothing strange there.

    Beyond style, less lies and much less daily turmoil the state of affairs under Clinton would essentially be no different.

    She would also be facing a special prosecutor from he pay-to-play allegations re her less than charitable foundation and who knows what that would find ; her husband would be continually shamed as an abuser if the #metoo had exploded as it has; and Trump on the outside would still be causing the same mayhem in his megaphone media style.

    Sin is sin…let Trump lead the way to his self destruction; the Clintons have already done their monkey climb, more dirty backside expose routine!


  • Before Mr Arthur through his own fault ignominously rides off into the sunset after an outstanding performance as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of this country; i would solemnly beseech him to tell us why this the person to whom he entrusted some of the highest responsibilities in the land as Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General and MInister of Economic affairs should should not now be trusted with the responsibility to lead this country.
    In closing i wish Mr Arthur a long and happy retirement and thank him for his outstanding service


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Charles, don’t you think that if Mr Arthur had hard seed physical evidence to display about the person to whom you refer that it would have been leaked long ago!

    Arthur was the PM for crying out enough already….he could have buried her and then some…..thus he either can show only anecdotal details of her misbehaviour or he has been aced by a more powerful political machine which backs the lady in question.

    In either case she has proven herself as a political gorillifant, so at this stage of the game it’s really ‘shut up’ time for folks like OSA as there has been nothing ‘put up’.


  • charles skeete February 15, 2018 at 2:40 PM #

    Arthur was prime minister and minister of finance for about 728 weeks, during some of the most turbulent times in our post-independence history.
    One long-term good he can do the nation is to write of his experiences during those 700 odd weeks (one page for every week or 400 words) would produce a 300 page book – the first by a leading Barbados politician. Michael Manley could be a good example.
    Given Mr Arthur’s complex views on economics (including the DLP’s financial grooming by China), his role in the moribund Caricom project, the internal war in the BLP, a book would be a good opportunity for him to expand on those ideas. He already has free use of a desk at UWI.


  • There are persons here who are unfamiliar with the laws of libel,a refresher would be appropriate


  • So I guess this issue is not a red herring then?


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