Politics of Vitriol

Hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head again in Barbados. When a DLP leader is spoken about in the worst way none of the sanctimonious hypocrites from the BLP or otherwise have nothing to say in fact they embrace the comments. The DLP launches an attack on the BLP leader who happens to be a woman and these people want to rush back to a moral code. In all of this the question is was the current BLP leader in charge and responsible for the projects that were identified during the presentations?

James Paul (DLP Candidate for St. Michael West Central)

The day after the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) delivered a stinging rebuke of Mia Mottley’s leadership  at their kickoff political meeting, it has been interesting to monitor the feedback. Although anecdotal, the blogmaster senses there are many who were turned off by the torrent of invective hurled at Mia Mottley from the DLP platform on Sunday night.

Why should Barbadians be surprised? Politics is a blood sport some say and clearly the DLP will devise the strategy they determine is best suited to win the upcoming general election. If Mia is able to withstand the assault then it will make her worthy of the position she holds as leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). The blogmaster has no issue with the DLP focussing on the capacity of Mia Mottley to lead or on her record of achievement in public life. Attacking the leader is an established tactic adopted in team sport with good result. The fact that Mottley is a woman will encourage the irrelevant emotional argument.

In a press interview with the Prime Minister after he was nominated to contest the St. Michael South seat, he expressed satisfaction at the  level of response the DLP kickoff meeting has aroused in the population. Clearly a key plank in the DLP’s strategy is to focus the campaign on Mottley.  To state the obvious, it will be up to the voters to decide on the 24th May 2018 its effectiveness.

The blogmaster noted the excuses proffered by campaign manager Bobby Morris at the DLP kickoff meeting on behalf of Denis Lowe and Kim Tudor. Denis Lowe is reported to be recovering from a knee operation AND Tudor was said to ‘under the weather’. Inquiring minds want to know if there is a possibility Tudor – the woman – didn’t have the stomach to be present on the DLP platform during an attack against the woman Mottley.

It will also be interesting to observe how the campaign develops now that the kickoff meetings of the weekend are out of the way. So far the BLP has to be given more points for engaging in a lower level of vitriol. However, for the sensible among us, we will be listening to how Mottley and the BLP plan to stabilize and restore prosperity to Barbados in the coming days, the same for the DLP. The DLP will also have the task of defending its record in office for the 2008-2018 period. An incumbent running for a third term is always challenging. Doing so having presided over an extended period of austerity moreso.

In summary, we will have to determine if the government has managed the affairs of state satisfactorily given the hand it was dealt. It will have to be careful in its explanation why it has not implemented Integrity and FOI laws after ten years in government. The blogmaster notes the BLP has promised to make this a priority on the first working day of parliament should they be elected to government.

What is the state of its waste management program? Although Lowe can boast of a spanking new SSA headquarters located at Vaucluse, the island continues to manage waste collection and disposal in the same way its predecessor did prior to 2008.  When the Cahill Energy deal crashed…. Interestingly, the Barbados Water Authority finds itself in a similar position with a spanking new headquarters, BUT, unable to efficiently distribute water to parts of the island. A situation that gave rise to the ‘water warriors’. This is a ministry which also has responsibility for waste water management. Enough has been recorded about leaking sewage on the South Coast.

Other big ticket items is the inability of government to adequately maintain the infrastructure- roads, buildings, vehicles to name a few. Why has Barbados not been able to earn Cat 1 aviation status for the country given its majority holdings in LIAT. An unhealthy NIS Scheme. An unsatisfactory transportation system.

Of course there is the economy stupid where there has been negligible growth in the economy in last decade supported by plummeting foreign reserves and skyrocketing debt. All the above however are symptoms of the lack of vision the country has not been able to benefit from in the last 20 years by implementing a relevant governance framework.

This is not an exhaustive list.

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  1. @Hants
    Dig up de pitch fork at de Garrison
    Don’t you realise that Bushie has a 16th century mindset of good and evil spirits? He would fit in with the crowd that burned Jeanne d’Arc at the stake and cheered the hanging of the “witches” in Salem. Note that these trials and sentences were carried out by supposed Christians. Somewhere along the line he must have had a bad experience with an Obeah man so it is natural to look at some symbols as instruments of evil.

  2. @ Sargeant 8:18 am
    …or perhaps Bushie knows something of which you are totally ignorant..

    You do know that NCO’s often have a very limited ‘picture’ of the battle plan.
    Yours is not to reason why…
    yours is but to do and die…

    Sometimes, sergeants will be unable to follow the thinking of the commanding officer….

  3. ” After years of waiting, people living in The Belle, Licorish Village and surrounding St Michael areas that sit on the Zone 1 water table, are being promised relief by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).”

    ““They need a sewerage system. They need a reverse osmosis [system] . . . . That is a technical and engineering thing ”


    I look forward to the expert opinions of the BU maguffees.

  4. @Hants
    If I was a politician I would be very careful about promising folks (BTW aren’t some of these people squatters?) a sewage system given the issues around the South Coast

    Did Mia make a backhanded stab at Owen when she indicated that a paper was presented to the then Cabinet by Jerome and nothing was done?

    This is a strange election cycle: Gov’t minister promising 15,000 new jobs; the Opposition (odds on favourite to win) trying to seal the deal with outlandish promises and last but not least a reformed hooker with a heart of gold.

  5. Clearly I was not clear ( lol ) that you should click the link and read the nationnews article. If you read the article you would see that everything I wrote that was in ” ” were MIA’s comments.

    read and come again. lol

  6. Heard the hyprocrite Trini Dem and the J/A ms Decided trying hard to justify the disgraceful behavior of Sunday Night,s DLP Meeting.However kudos to Lisa Gale for her handling of the Trini Dem,who most Moderators allow to rant and rave without challenge on Brasstacks.Ms Gale asked her directly if she agreed with the appalling behavior and she dilly dallied saying she was neither agreeing or disagreeing with the behavior and Ms Gale rightly told her she felt sorry for her.Imagine a female agreeing with that nasty behavior,But obviously she is a Dem yardfowl so she could not be critical of the Dems,Ms Undecided,would obvo=iouly agree nothing better is expected of the simpleton,just spouting rhetoric she hears in George Street,The three female candidates Mrs Sandiford-Garner ,Ms Depeiza and Ms Byer Suckoo,should hold their heads in shame and should not get any female votes,neither Mr Blackett,Dr estwick or the PM,in my view.Noticed Ms Tudor of NISE was absent probably could not take the planned approach good for her.The most disgraceful Meeting I have ever seen or heard.Where are the women,s group in all of this?

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