End of Inept and Evil Government

Submitted by George Brathwaite PhD

Worse than a corrupt government is an incompetent one, not least because having the second characteristic does not exclude the first one. – (Victor Bello Accioly).

Against a distressed society and a baulking economy, Barbados is set for a possible direction-altering outcome in the general elections slated for May 24th, 2018. The current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration has been beleaguered with crisis after crisis in almost every sphere of political economy, and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund are on standby to rescue a country from its man-made indiscretions.

A record total of 132 nominated candidates will beckon and woo the electorate for its support; among them are 32 women, the highest number ever to seek election in Barbados on any polling day. If the numerically increased challengers to the DLP administration since 2013 are anything to go by, then the situation partly removes doubt over the extent that voter-apathy has enveloped the political climate. Polling day can be expected to attract one of the highest voter-turnouts in post-independent history, and this is very likely to mean a change in government given the stale and dour status quo.

Moreover, the popular discourse is suggesting that Barbados is ripe for both change and substantial reforms. In terms of personalities and power, one of the most monumental things likely to occur is Barbados seeing the election of its first female Prime Minister. Mia Mottley, by dint of years of commendable public service and commitment to empowering people, will most likely see her become the region’s fourth female prime minister following on from the initial step which saw Dame Eugenia Charles of Dominica emerge as a strong leader on July 21st, 1980 until June 14th, 1995.

In many respects, the last decade has been a lost decade for Barbadians with many gains achieved under the Arthur years (1994 – 2008) being wiped away for several reasons. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, to this day, would attempt to convince Barbadians that the “worst downturn in nearly 100 years” have been extreme, with the repercussions being far-reaching and prolongingly ravishing. However, many observers and economic practitioners still argue that Barbados went about its business based on a badly flawed approach of trying to tax its way out of the recession.

Year after year, rather than stimulus to spur economic growth, tax increases of enormous proportions coupled with the unsavoury practice of unsustainable printing of money magnified the fiscal deficit and the hugely increasing debt problem Barbados faced over the last five years. In all this time, the Barbados dollar survived under the constant threat of devaluation because of the lack of adequate levels of foreign investments and economic growth. Unrealistic capital expenditures and lack of proper prioritisation for balancing the generation of revenues against the provision of public services, meant that the economy coughed up even more problems for the society.

Incidentally, the DLP’s noble mantra that ‘Barbados is more than an economy, it is a society’ became empty rhetoric for residents. The disheartening conclusion became entrenched in the psyche of Barbadians, many of whom were forced to live through a long and consistent period without salary increases while high inflation and unemployment became the new norms. Burdensome taxation, and particularly the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) which was introduced two years ago at a 2 per cent rate, was increased to 10 percent and had significant drag on businesses and all consumers.

The fact that in areas such as public transportation, healthcare, education, and sanitation, Barbadians were receiving services far below the standards achieved pre-2008, clearly evoked questions of how the taxpayers’ money was being spent. Reports emerging from the Auditor General drew attention to administrative malfeasance and the possibility of corrupt practices further weakening the national economic situation.

Largely, the social, economic, and environmental policies of the beleaguered DLP wreaked havoc on all socio-economic categories of persons in Barbados. The nation through the political opposition, trade unions, civil society, church, and other entities increased its voice of complaint and protest directed towards a ‘silent’ prime minister. Criticisms swelled against an ill-disciplined Cabinet, and overall, allegations of an uncaring and uncharitable government were being heard across the length and breadth of Barbados.

Indeed, one of the sentiments that have captured the imagination in Barbados, is the need to end the life of an inept and possibly evil government. One may ask, ‘what is a wicked or evil government’? The American social philosopher Eric Hoffer answers this question in the following way: “No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will and suspicion; it is an evil government.” Many persons are convinced that the behaviour and policy options taken by the Barbados Government under Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s leadership for more than five years amounts to the characterisations expressed by Hoffer.

The evidence is both wide and deep. In the political campaigning of May 2018, numerous Barbadians are suggesting that they have been exposed to record lows on the political landscape, and especially from the characters comprising Freundel Stuart’s Cabinet and team that must face the electorate on polling day. While it is partie du cours to target the leader of opposing political parties in a strategic effort to handicap the entire team, Barbadians were given a campaign launch by the DLP that almost totally avoided the economic and societal issues that have vexed the population.

Instead, Barbadians evidenced the worst of all sordid behaviour by an incumbent government seeking re-election when DLP candidates, one after another, took to the podium to viciously berate, disrespect, curse, Mia Mottley, the political leader of the strongly positioned Barbados Labour Party (BLP). The coarse content, unpleasant tones, and putrid statements by DLP candidates left much to be desired. The gross disrespect spouted to a woman of obvious decency, intellect, and caring was not on the cards for the youth or a general audience since many of the nasty comments would have been rated ‘NC-17’.

The behaviour by the DLP’s candidates on the night of May 6th surely reinforces the view that the DLP has fully transformed into a government that blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will. Freundel Stuart’s Government, besides being inept and paltry in its performances for almost a decade, is equally a pathetic and poisonous group best defined as an evil government if Hoffer’s definition is to be accepted.

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and a political consultant. Email: brathwaitegc@gmail.com)

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  1. We are not as hopeful as this writer.

    Personalities may change but the same types will populate the lack of faculty

    This is no watershed moment, just more indications that the system corrupted by the duopoly has gone into a death spiral.

    There is no real woman either! No evidence has been presented in support.

    We say let it die on the vine. For after death comes rebirth!

  2. Worry not yourself, George………..just a few more days and all will be revealed! Patience, my friend, have faith!

  3. Why did Owen Arthur remove Mia Mottley from being. Barbados Attorney General ?

    Did it have anything to do with the fact that OSA found out that Mia Mottley used her bloodline – instead of a Law Degree & LEC – to practice Law in Barbados ?

    Why does OSA insists that the BLP – that he proudly led – is now a party that has lost it’s SOUL under Mia Mottley’s leadership ?

    60 hours and counting – why hasn’t the BLP Chairman & Campaign manager spoken out about the alleged ” bashing of Mia Mottley ” by the Dems ??

    Is George Payne up to his October 2010 plot again ??



  4. “Barbados is more than an economy, it is a Society.”

    WRONG. Very wrong.

    Barbados is not a free economy, it is a plantation with economic slavery.

  5. Well said Pacha.
    When Bajans got rid of Arthur in 2008 we said the same shiite…
    Our problem is MUCH deeper than ‘Bees’ vs ‘Dees’ – it is about an infestation of brass bowlery.

    It is becoming increasingly apparent to anyone who can think, that your prognosis (death on the vine) will be to only viable option…. even to the various yardfowls that have been fuelling the brassbowlery….

    Of course, this prognosis have long been articulated by no less a source than the bible…. when it warned that
    “unless those days be shortened the brass bowls would actually exterminate themselves..and all life on Earth…”

    But FOR THE SAKE OF BBE’S ADOPTED BUSH PEOPLE… those days WILL be shortened (ended abruptly) …and soon.
    Matt 24:22

  6. If we are to believe Arthur’s assessment of Mottley, which Fcuktured BLP repeatedly posts…, in the face of “glaring and conspicuous” evidence, then surely we must similarly accept Arthur’s assessment of Sinckler as well.

    Here are the words of Arthur:

    “Where a country faces economic decline for five (5) years……and there is no end in sight, there is a great danger that, unless that there is a drastic change…then…..in policy……that country could go into the economic wilderness for perhaps a generation.”

    “Sadly, that is what CONFRONTS our Barbadian society.”

    “It is clear that the policies are NOT working…… and on trajectory, Barbados faces a very grim and very dismal future.”

    “We believe that ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man,’……and that Chris Sinckler would have been in any event an unlikely person to lead Barbados out of an economic difficulty……..”

    “……….not because of the absence of training, but because of his temperament…….and he has moved from I call it….from blunder to blunder…….his policies have been like leaps in the dark……

    “…….am……he keeps pretending the country is stable when it is not stable…….”

    ……….and he is so emboldened in the confidence he expresses in workings of his policies….. that I fear that this bad situation in Barbados is going to continue to get worse if this person, who quite frankly has shown himself to be TOTALLY INEPT…………”

  7. On the radio news this this morning, Ms Mottley is reported to be proposing a sewer system for the squatters in the Belle. She has given her support for the presumably unregulated street vendors in Bridgetown. She promised pay increases for civil servants regardless of agreement with unions, increases in pensions, water and electricity supply for Temple Yard and purchasing of 50 sanitation trucks.Other members of her party have promised a more lenient response to cannabis use and distribution.

    What else have I omitted?

  8. RE Of course, this prognosis have long been articulated by no less a source than the bible…. when it warned that
    “unless those days be shortened the brass bowls would actually exterminate themselves..and all life on Earth…”

    But FOR THE SAKE OF BBE’S ADOPTED BUSH PEOPLE… those days WILL be shortened (ended abruptly) …and soon.
    Matt 24:22




  9. Jesus gives three major discourses or teachings in Matthew’s Gospel.
    These discourses are:
    (1) Constitution of the Kingdom (Sermon on the Mount) -Matthew 5-7. Ethics of the Kingdom.
    (2) Continuation of the Kingdom ( Mystery Parable Discourse Matthew 13. Enunciation of the present state of the Kingdom
    (3) Conclusion of the Kingdom (Olivet Discourse) Matthew 24, 25. Eschatology (future) of the Kingdom.
    They are called major discourses because of their extent, content, and intent.

    • What is the Olivet Discourse?
    • The Olivet Discourse is the name given to the orderly and extended teaching given to the two pairs of brothers by Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives.
    • This discourse which clearly applies to Jews towards the close of the age is recorded in Matthew 24:1 – 25:46. Parallel passages are found in Mark 13:1-37 and Luke 21:5-36.
    • Other passages to consider when studying the Olivet Discourse are Daniel 9:24-27 and Revelation 6:1 – 19:21, which refer to the future seven-year period called the tribulation.

    • The Olivet discourse refers inter alia, to
    • 1- the future seven-year tribulation period during which God will complete His chastisement and purification of Israel and judge the whole world (Daniel 9:24-27; Revelation 6–19).
    2- the appearance of Christ at the end of the tribulation, which we call the second phase of the second coming of Christ.

    • What is the context and the background or occasion
    • Having wept over Jerusalem and rejected it, Jesus left the temple for the last time with the words “Your house is left unto you desolate.” The lords public ministry is finished and his final statement in verse 39 of chapter 23 is a clear reference to his second coming to the earth to establish his kingdom. The prophets ( Isaiah 11; Jeremiah 23: 5-8 and Zechariah 14: 4-21) all declare that when the Lord comes the second time to the earth the Jews as a nation will welcome his return and they will accept their rejected Messiah.

    Having denounced the religious rulers and turned His back on Jerusalem, telling them that turned His back on Jerusalem his disciples came to him to show him the beauty of the temple which Herod was still building. It seemed unbelievable that this building could be destroyed.

    The disciples were very disturbed by the lament of Jesus over Jerusalem with the strong word, “Behold your house is left unto you desolate” (Mt.23:38). They wanted to call His attention to the beauties of the temple which was far from desolate. The disciples looked at Herod’s temple which after forty years was still not complete and it did not look desolate. The disciples, however, did not “see” things like the Lord Jesus, who saw more than the here and now.

    The disciples were not much different to us. Like them we can usually not see the sweet bye and bye or in to the future at all. We are often content with the present and live in the nasty here and now as best we can. We really do not see the world today as God sees it; it is passing away. The cultural centers, the schools, the skyscrapers, the great cities are all under judgment and are all going to pass away. We must learn to see these things when we look at our world.

    Jesus then distressed the disciples further with the statement concerning the coming destruction
    of Jerusalem.

    The first three verses of Matthew 24: provide for us the key to its structure and the context of the events out of which it came.

    (Mat 24:3) Jesus’ prediction brought up three questions.
    Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?“

    As He sat on the Mount of Olives, removed from the temple, yet overlooking it, the two pairs of brothers we are told in Mark came to Jesus privately and asked him three questions about His bold prediction concerning the destruction of the temple.

    Tell us, when shall these things be?
    What shall be the sign of thy coming?
    What shall be the sign of the end of the age ( not world as mistranslated in the KJV)

    The disciples probably thought they asked only one question, because in their minds, the destruction of the temple and the end of the age were probably connected. But really, they asked three questions , which are answered in the remainder of the chapter.

    Jesus said the temple would be completely destroyed. It was logical that the disciples wanted to know when it would happen. Jesus will speak to this question, but only in the context of answering their next two questions.

  10. Amm Sinckler is not positioning himself to become PM yes OSA as once a minister of finance did have a difference of economic policies in respect to Sinckler
    However OSA scathing remarks against Mia character are those which does not bode well as one who is apiring to be PM
    It should of be uttermost concern that leadership is a combition of skill character and integrity for all intense and purpose as a figure head and as a true examplary representative of the nation’s moral values
    What the leader expect of its citizen in laws written in the justice system they should also exemplify

    also exemplify

  11. • Jesus describes the sign of His coming and the end of the age. (Mathew 24:15)
    • Jesus reveals the sign of the Great Tribulation to be , – the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel 24:15-25
    • When the disciples questioned Jesus about the signs of His return, in the Olivet discourse, Jesus said, inter alia.
    • “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel — let the reader understand — then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” Matt 24:15-16
    • Here Jesus goes back to Daniel 9:24-27
    • As spoken of by Daniel the prophet: The mention of the abomination of desolation is taken from the book of Daniel. They shall defile the sanctuary fortress; then they shall take away the daily sacrifices, and place there the abomination of desolation (Daniel 11:31).
    • This describes a complete desecration of the temple, prefigured by Antiochus Epiphanies in the period between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
    • Standing in the holy place: This means that the abomination of desolation takes place in the Jewish temple. This is the only plain meaning of the phrase holy place. Some believe it happened in a prior Jewish temple, before it was destroyed in A.D. 70.
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    • Note that the abomination of desolation would be seen in the holy place, and those in Judea would have to flee to the mountains (24:15-16). These would be dreadful times indeed for the Jews. “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now — and never to be equaled again,” said Jesus (24:21). Things would get so bad that no one would survive if those days weren’t cut short.
    • Though Jesus mentioned what would happen in the world at large, Jesus was talking primarily about what would happen in Judea and Jerusalem. Luke uses the phrase “there will be great distress in the land” to describe the context of Jesus’ comments (Luke 21:23). The temple, Jerusalem and Judea were the focus of Jesus’ warning, not the entire world. The warning Jesus gave about impending doom was primarily for Jews in Jerusalem and Judea. Though the events of A.D. 66-70 confirmed this, Jesus was speaking of a time even more future.
    • The desolation lasts until the coming ruler is destroyed – This period of wrath will only last for a limited period of time. We know from Daniel that this ruler will have power only for the final 7 years – of which the last 3 ½ years is the period of intense persecution for the Jewish nation and all those that worship the true God.
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  12. • Jesus describes the sign of His coming and the end of the age. (Mathew 24:15et secq)
    • Jesus reveals the sign of the Great Tribulation to be , – the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel 24:15-25
    • Jesus also predicted that thIs period i.e the Great Tribulation would be “shortened” (v. 22), literally, terminated or cut off (Gr. ekolobothesan). This does not mean that the period will be less than three-and-a-half years, but that it will be definitely terminated suddenly by the second coming of Christ at the end of three-and-a-half years as first predicted by Daniel in Daniel 9.

  13. • The great tribulation, accordingly, is a specific period of time beginning with the abomination of desolation and closing with the second coming of Christ, in the light of Daniel’s prophecies and confirmed by reference to forty-two months.
    • In Revelation 11:2 and 13:5, the great tribulation is a specific three-and-a-half-year period leading up to the second coming and should not be confused with a general time of trouble, such as was predicted earlier in Matthew 24:4-14.
    • That this period would be a time of unprecedented trouble is brought out clearly in Revelation chapters 6-19.
    • One of the various judgments, the fourth seal (6:7-8), predicts a fourth part of the earth perishing.
    • In Revelation 9:13-21, the sixth trumpet refers to a third part of the world’s population being killed. These are only part of the great catastrophies which fall one after another upon the world and which will climax in a great world war (16:12-16).
    • The final judgment just before the second coming, described as the seventh bowl of the wrath of God (vv. 17-21), consists in a great earthquake, which apparently destroys cities of the world, and a hailstorm, with hailstones weighing a talent, or as much as eighty pounds. Putting all these Scriptures together, it indicates that the great tribulation will mark the death of hundreds of millions of people in a comparatively short period of time.
    • It is this to which the Lord Jesus Christ referred when in the Olivet Discourse he said at Mathew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    1. Presentation of questions by disciples to Jesus on top of the Mount of Olives (vv. 1-3).
    2. Panorama of this age (vv. 4-14). (also describe the natural events of the first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation).  
    3. Persecution preceding the Great Tribulation (vv. 8-13).
    4 Prophecy of the Great Tribulation (vv. 15-20). Verses 15-22 relate the beginning of the Great Tribulation, the second 3 ½ years, signaled by Antichrist’s breaking the peace treaty brokered at the beginning of the period.  
    5 The great tribulation (vv 21-28) Verses 23-44 reveal God’s wrath during the final half.  
    6. Proclamation of the Second Coming of Christ (vv. 29-31).7. Parable of the fig tree (vv. 32-35). Verses 32-44 give three ways Tribulation saints will know His Second Coming is nigh.
    8. Program for God’s people-the Jews (vv. 36-51).



  15. Finally here is Mathew 24:22.

    And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    PLEASE KINDLY NOTE, THAT Mathew 24:22 DOES NOT SAY THAT “ But FOR THE SAKE OF BBE’S ADOPTED BUSH PEOPLE… those days WILL be shortened (ended abruptly) …and soon.”

    PLEASE KINDLY NOTE ALSO , THAT NOWHERE DOES IT SAY IN Mathew 24:22 THAT “brass bowls would actually exterminate themselves..and all life on Earth…



    14 Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.

    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

  16. How you or anyone know if Sinckler is not positioning himself to be PM?

    After all, was he not a member of the disgruntled “Eager 11” that orchestrated a “secret coup d’état” to rid the DLP and Barbados of Freundel Stuart………and “to chart a path forward for the retention of our party in Government?”

    Now……. lest some interpret my comments as I accepting “assistance in kind” from Mottley, we should analyze the facts fairly and rationally.

    Although “OSA scathing remarks against Mia’s character are those which do not bode well as one who is aspiring to be PM,”……….

    ………..what you should bear in mind is the fact that, so far, Arthur has not presented any “DEFINITIVE EVIDENCE” to SUBSTANTIATE his allegations against Mottley. Under these circumstances, his outbursts can only be described as the “political rhetoric and innuendo” of a disgruntled man.

    And as he continues to make these snide remarks, which some people may assume to be true because of his political relationship/association with Mottley over the years……..

    ………….which the DLP and its yard-fowl operatives “take up and run with” because it suits their political agenda……….

    ………Mottley has shown a level of maturity as she continues to dismiss and ignore Arthur’s characterizations, while CONTINUING to PRAISE him at the same time.

    If we continue to be “fair and balanced,” the DLP and its yard-fowl operatives have continued to push this LEC nonsense, but they and the Attorney General have been unable to prove Mottley is unqualified to practice law under the Legal Professions Act or that she has been practicing law illegally in Barbados.

  17. ” If we continue to be “fair and balanced,” the DLP and its yard-fowl operatives have continued to push this LEC nonsense, but they and the Attorney General have been unable to prove Mottley is unqualified to practice law under the Legal Professions Act or that she has been practicing law illegally in Barbados ”


    Soon enough your words above

    You will be shocked to learn the TRUTH !

    Mia Mottley is not as ” Bona fide ” as you believe !

  18. RE You will be shocked to learn the TRUTH !

    Mia Mottley is not as ” Bona fide ” as you believe !

    IF Mia Mottley is not ” Bona fide ” with respect to her practicing law in Barbados who is to blame?

    If you are implying that she has not obeyed the law with regard to be registered as eligible to practice law in Barbados, why is it than under both BLP and DLP administrations she has not been judged by the law in this matter?


  19. Neither do u. In any case
    Sinckler did not announce his intentions in this upcoming election so for that reason what i have stated about him not positioning himself remains a fact until Sinckler says differently
    Therfore the focus must remain on those candidates who are active in placing their names on the ballot box as formidable ministers or PM
    One cannot get away from facts . George Brathwaite and his ilk should be reminded that the electorate does not only take the economy into consideration but along with them the moral compass of the nation into voting and who can be best placed
    also George Braithwaite if memory serves me right barbados had a good economic performance going into the 2008 election with the blp in charge but with all that in play the blp did not win the election
    Questions surrounding Mia character should rightfully make the blp foot soldiers nervous as indeed it just might be dejavu all over again
    The blp foot soldiers including George Braithwaite should not foolishly dismiss the moral compass not forgetting it was the .moral compass that played a heavy hand in keeping the blp in the wilderness for the past ten years as lost souls
    Ask OSA if u doubt me

  20. Georgie Porridge !!

    You go and find out why she ain’t get arrested yet ?

    A good place to start is to find why Owen Arthur had to remove her from the post of Attorney General ?

    Go and do some research – and give us your findings !

    • The DLP strategy is so idiotic. All that is happening is that women and young people are rallying behind Mia.

  21. A corrupt law was passed to give Mia her the required credentials
    The controversy surrounding Mia stems from principle of what is required by law for all individuals contesting to be admitted to the bar who are required to be examined and fully accepted by Wooding before accepted to the bar which Mia did not
    Mia and a few yoken individuals did not have to go to Wooding which is by law required
    Those who are upset and rightfully so sees an injustice done because of Mia bloodline in helping her to become an accredited lawyer
    My perception about the one or two who in which the law also gave favour was done out of “tokenism” to keep the public mouth shut as a pretentious cover to shield Mia against controversy and those who had engaged in making and having the law passed

    ######::# Corruption

    • You are so silly, surely a yardfowl personified. If a law was passed to allow Mia to practice law as you write what is the issue? If she is practicing illegally before the Court not only in Barbados but across the Caribbean who should prevent it?

      The more you continue with your idiocy it makes you more idiotic AND Adriel Brathwaite who promised to address the matter AND Sir Maurice King who was involved in her admittance, DEM.

  22. David

    Who are these girls & women ?

    Petra Whickham & Marsha Caddle ??

    Wunnah remain in suspense !

    Rational thinking Barbadians watching & listening to wunnah – too !

  23. Fcultured BLP

    I have never read any of your contributions in which you “discussed” social, economic or other issues, rationally and objectively…….. but prefer to focus on trivial, childish non-issues. Hence, this is a clear indication that your view of such matters seem to be incredibly naive and parochial.

    Your role (for the DLP) in this forum is to distract by dwelling on the type of political rhetoric that appeals to yard-fowls who would rather discuss shiite than important matters such as the “political economy.”

    It is also clear that you do not conduct the necessary research before rushing to post shiite….. in anticipation of scoring “cheap political points and for purposes of political expediency.

    You should be aware that former member of the DLP, Vere Brathwaite, qualified to practice law under circumstances similar to that of Mottley.

    Then …….. “(Brathwaite) is not as “Bona fide” as you believe.”

  24. You David have been calling those dlp supporters who frequent BU idiots for the past years
    Question if you and the other blp yardfowls are so smart how come no strategy by the now leader of the blp has been formulated to win previous election
    What you and other blp morons need to get through wunna thick heads is that leadership requires more than an all out war of crticism against govt policies but giving alternatives formulas which is an equivalent to remedy in order to get the full confidence of the people
    If Mia does not have an answer for allegations towards her character to defend.
    Dont see how she would handle and defend the nation in times of crisis

    ######. Mia in crisis

    • Some unexplained things will always occur. Just like the Donald Trump fiasco.

      You have a a choice Marioposa or ac, take your pick.

  25. “My perception about the one or two who in which the law also gave favour was done out of “tokenism” to keep the public mouth shut as a pretentious cover to shield Mia against controversy and those who had engaged in making and having the law passed….”

    It is this type of THINKING that has Barbados in its current social and economic predicament.

    It is common knowledge that Mottley was introduced to the Bar of Barbados in 1987 by Henry Forde and Errol Barrow……… and subsequently admitted by then AG Maurice King..….under a former DLP administration.

    If one was to take the yard-fowl’s above comment to its “logical conclusion,” then one would “justifiably conclude” that…….

    ……..and we take into consideration that:

    (1). The Attorney General is the Leader of the Bar of Barbados, Parliament’s and Government’s principal legal advisor, the guardian of the public interest and invariably moves the admission of young attorneys to practice in Barbados.

    (2). It is the duty of the Chief Justice to ensure that the applicant meets the legal requirements for admission to the Bar. If the legal requirements are in doubt, the CJ would refer the matetre to the AG.

    ………then Forde, the late Barrow, the late Chief Justice Sir Denys Williams, the former Attorney General Sir Maurice King, the former Registrar, Madame Marie MacCormack and, by extension the DLP……… were complicit in this criminal conspiracy of the “pretentious cover to shield Mia (Vere Brathwaite and others) against controversy.”

  26. The DLP has no coherent strategy. All the videos, LEC and other topics they have been posting on BU for over 18 months, yet it remains the key part of their election platform. It is stale! No wonder Dems relaunching tonight.🤣🤣

  27. “Question if you and the other blp yardfowls are so smart how come no strategy by the now leader of the blp has been formulated to win previous election?”

    The above question is enough reason why David is justified in “calling those dlp supporters who frequent BU idiots for the past years.”

    Let me explain why.

    Mia Mottley first entered politics in 1991 and was elected to parliament in 1994. At the time she became actively involved in politics in 1991, (Sir) Henry Forde led the BLP into the 1991 general elections.

    Owen Arthur subsequently led the BLP into the general elections of 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008 and 2013 general elections.

    Against the background of this evidence, only an “idiot” would posit that the NOW leader of the BLP has been unable to formulate strategy to WIN PREVIOUS ELECTIONS.

  28. To be frank do not give a rats a.ss who were involved in the law it does not exempt all the underhand dealings and coercionthat must have taken place in order to give Mia her full accreditation to the bar
    The moral of the story wrong does not supersede right and what is done in the dark would eventually come to light
    Which now is the basis for all the controversy attached to the LEC
    amidst the worrisome murmurs of privilege and entitlement
    Idiot! i might be but not in this case since i can see that the forest is made up of trees.

  29. David & Artax

    This saga with Mia Mottley LLB qualifications are way above your brain capabilities !

    Or you are all are ” stupidly ” playing to the gallery !!

    Anyhow the Dems have achieved what they wanted with this issue !

    That is , Barbadians are waiting to witness the UNMASKING of Mia Mottley!

    The Dems don’t want any guidance from wunnah, JOKERS ……on this one !

  30. Words cannot describe the level of your ignorance. The more you contribute, the more you prove David is justified in “calling those dlp supporters who frequent BU idiots for the past years.”

    WITHOUT your usual innuendo, generalized statements and political rhetoric……..

    (1). Explain what is “ all the controversy attached to the LEC?”

    (2). Please PRESENT to this forum, “DEFINITIVE and CREDIBLE EVIDENCE” to substantiate your comment re: there was wrong doing and “underhand dealings and coercion that must have taken place in order to give Mia her full accreditation to the bar.”

    (3). Why has the government, through the Attorney General, not proceed with charges against Mottley for illegally practicing law in Barbados?

    ……..unless they believe she has a status “of privilege and entitlement” as well.

    Having separated Mottley from the other attorneys by suggesting that “privilege and entitlement” is the basis upon which she was admitted to the Bar, without a LEC…………

    …………upon what basis were Vere Brathwaite and the other attorneys admitted to the Bar, under circumstances similar to that of Mottley?

    • Now if the law as ac opines was changed what is the yardfowl suggesting, Mia is to be blamed? Why not blame the Registrar of the Court or the Bar Association the one with authority to apply the laws of the land?

      They are Yardfowls then they are jackasses.

  31. My question to you why was a law had to be passed in the first place
    When a law already in place required applicants pursuing full accreditation to the bar to be fully qualified after attending Wooding and passing all the required examinations ?
    since you have all the answers answer my aboveclmment

  32. So Mia was so powerful that she got a law changed across the entire Caricom? She needs to be PM then–fishing agreement, CCJ fuller subscribed as the appellate court, bajans owning tdad and all other members. 🐎

  33. The DLP politicians placed this Mottley/LEC issue in the public domain, perhaps for two main reasons (1) political strategy and (2) yard-fowls believe everything politicians say without offering proof or explanations, and politicians can rely on them to keep any unsubstantiated issue in the public domain, …….reason why the only people pushing this Mottley/LEC nonsense are the DLP yard-fowls.

    Ironically, during the DLP’s tirade last Sunday night, despite “brandishing” his LEC, in giving an example, Michael Lashley ADMITTED that both he and Mottley are lawyers.

    The LEC was created by Articles 4 and 5 of the 1970 Agreement Establishing the Council of Legal Education, which was signed by the representatives of a number of Caribbean territories.

    Any lawyer with the LEC is allowed to practice law in any country or territory which is a signature to the agreement.

    “The ORIGINAL agreement exempted persons who were qualified to practice law on or before 1 October 1971, or who were undergoing a course of study leading to a qualification which would have enabled them to practice law before that date and who completed that course before 1 January 1980.”

    However, “a SUPPLEMENTARY AGREEMENT in September 1984 EXTENDED the TRANSITIONAL PERIOD, and also provided for separate principals for each of the law schools empowered to award LECs.”

    I will list some of the representatives that signed the supplemental agreement in September 1984:

    Keith Forde (Antigua & Barbuda) signed the agreement on September 19, 1984 in Antigua;
    Louis Tull (Barbados) signed on September 14, 1984 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica;
    P.L Adderley (Bahamas) – September 23, 1984 – Miami, Florida;
    Roman David (Dominica) – September 14, 1984 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica;
    Winston Spaulding (Jamaica) – September 14, 1984 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica;

    If we are to believe the “mouthings” of the resident yard-fowl, then Mia Mottley wields tremendous powers of “privilege and entitlement,”……….

    ………….because she was able to CONVINCE the governments of OTHER Caribbean territories to develop and sign the supplementary agreement, thereby extending the transitional period…..


  34. You now see why I tell you dat David is justified in “calling those dlp supporters who frequent BU idiots for the past years?”

    Wunnuh is nuff idjuts………

  35. Fact. I am spending most of my time playing my guitars and watching music videos ( mostly Glennis ).

    Fact. The BLP has at least a 90% chance of winning 24 seats in the election.

    IMHO. There is a 10% chance that MIA Mottley will not be selected to be Prime Minister by the elected BLP members.

    All this BU banter is similar to 2008 and 2013. Bare shite rap.

    BU got yardfowls, turkeys and ducks hence the volume of shite. My scroll wheel allows me to by pass the shite.

    Thankfully we have a few brainiacs who contribute to BU. They know who they are.

  36. Keith Forde (Antigua & Barbuda) signed the agreement on September 19, 1984 in Antigua;
    Louis Tull (Barbados) signed on September 14, 1984 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica;
    P.L Adderley (Bahamas) – September 23, 1984 – Miami, Florida;
    Roman David (Dominica) – September 14, 1984 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica;
    Winston Spaulding (Jamaica) – September 14, 1984 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica;


    A good attempt !

    Now go to the other document where the Attorney Generals & Legal Affairs met in Barbados in December 1984 .

    Look for the name TAPLEY SEATON who represented St. Kitts at that meeting .

    TAPLEY SEATON is now the Governor General of St. Kitts and Nevis .

    Find the document that reflected the decisions taken at that December 1984 meeting.

    Then you would see why this issue about Mia Mottley and her LLB qualifications……will not be going away soon.

  37. I want to hear the yardfowls still taking about this LLB/LEC..not sure which, AFTER they have lost the election….lol

    I noticed none of the ex ministers are saying a word about it, only yardfowls.

  38. Rather than come to this forum with” tit bits” of unsubstantiated nonsense………. the onus is on you to present that information.

  39. @ Fractured BLP May 9, 2018 5:11 PM

    Despite Fumble and his goons knowing all this time Mia is NOT qualified to practise Law in the member states which were signatories to this controversial agreement they the (cabinet of monkeys) still allowed MAM to pay her registration fees to be on the 2018 roll of attorneys-at-law allowed to ply their trade.

    Has MAM (QC) committed a fraudulent act in cahoots with the authorities in order to get on that 2018 roll of licensed liars and glorified crooks?

    Now whose mistake is that? Is it that of Gollop (the LEC man) or is it that of his bosom pal the PM who has remained like the three politically-wise monkeys hearing no evil. seeing no evil and speaking no evil about Mia’s LEC or No LEC?

  40. No female should vote for Irene Sandiford Garner, Steve Blackett, Freundel Stuart, Chris Sinckler or David Estwick.

    Not a single vote. Desperate people do desperate things.

  41. Donna Wellington of the Bankers Association put some warmass lashes in the Freundel Stuart administration today saying it has been living beyond its means for the past 10 years that it increased Barbados’s debt 3 fold from 5 billion to 15 billion.This is the government that says it wants another 5 year term so it can continue the borrowing from the NIS and selling the family silver.With their record of 10 years of famine they have the gall to ask the electorate for 5 years more of pot luck.

  42. @ Gabriel May 9, 2018 6:21 PM

    Donna is just another fly-by-night Johnny-come-lately.

    We were saying the same thing here on BU for months. Where was her big-mouth then?

    You can expect the likes of Stinkliar, Jester Physical Deficit Ince and the pure-bred finance idiot Denis Kellmanomics -followed by their BU yard-fowls like ac, Fractured Kevin and the missing Alvin Boots Cummins- to argue passionately that the national debt rose to $15 billion because the DLP administration had to borrow $10 billion to payback the $5 billion racked up by the BLP.

    Typical Stinkliar arithmetic!

  43. @ Georgie Porgie May 9, 2018 6:55 PM

    So too does Marla Dukharan. Marla was saying months ago what Donna is now saying.

    Why didn’t Donna put her head above the parapet then? Is it that in true bandwagon-hopping fashion she espies a different administration by month end and would NOT be the target of Stinkliar’s misogynistic barbs?

  44. So glad that the conversation has changed back to what is important, the way this dlp has destroyed our country.

    Why are we allowing these two dlp yard fowls dictate the conversation on BU. They have an agenda, the LEC talk was debunked and they went away, now with a disastrous campaign going on, the goons have been given their home work to do again.

    Signs of desperation.

  45. Speaking of destruction once again OSA has rubbish another one of Mia giveaway plans calling the increase of monies to the pensioners a long term destructive formula

  46. Speaking of destruction once again OSA has rubbish another one of Mia giveaway plans calling the increase of monies to the pensioners a long term destructive formula

  47. @ Mariposa May 10, 2018 6:41 AM

    You also said the same about OSA’s Privatization proposals and his most recent urgent call to go to the IMF, tout suite.

    You do remember OSA, don’t you? You have to remember Seethru Arthur whom you used to refer to as a “drunken lying” bastard.

    You certainly cannot forget that outlaw whose was depicted on a bullet-riddled poster as a wanted man, an outlaw of the first degree who- prior to the 2013 elections- not only undermined and overthrew the current target of your vitriol Ms. Mottley but also made a solid promise through his Privatization programme (according to your lie of reasoning) to ‘sell out’ Barbados to foreigners and rich white Bajans like COW.

    So what’s next on the DLP Privatization agenda? The BWA or the GAIA?

    You can say what you like about OSA but one thing you can’t blame him for is the 23 downgrades The Bajan economy suffered under that stinking liar in need of an XXXXL training BRA.

    Maripussy, you come across as more ‘credible’ when you contribute to BU under the pseudonym “angela Skeete” than any of the other schizophrenic manifestations you exhibit to make yourself look like a pure-bred yardfowl like Fractured. ‘waiting’, Josh, etc.

  48. Arthur should know.
    He gave back the 8% without any requirements for increased productivity….
    Leading to long term shiite – as explained so clearly by BU’s Tron…

    @ ac
    Why do you not go away nuh?
    You can’t see that the DLP ministers DO NOT WANT to be re-elected?
    No one knows better that the ministers, exactly how incompetent they have been…
    Those BBs spent the last ten years robbing and looting, and are now hoping to ride off into the sunset…
    But their nightmares are only just about to begin….

    Unfortunately, Bajan BBs will also share those nightmares ….for being so tamely complicit in the DLP shiite….

    Trust Bushie…. or just tarry a while…

  49. Until Mia tells how she plans to pay for her giveaways . All of her utterences would be rubbish and thrown into the sewer system which is another grand imaginary schemes to fix
    Havent heard any of the blp official economic experts the likes of Mascoll and Ryan Straughan endorsing Mia great giveaways.
    I wonder why

  50. “Havent heard any of the blp official economic experts the likes of Mascoll and Ryan Straughan endorsing Mia great giveaways. I wonder why?”

    Perhaps you need to stop watching and listening to DLPTV8……..

  51. Making the rounds on social media are three lovely multi storied apartment buildings owned by Donville.The square-look architecture looks familiar.Donville using his opportunity to get things done at discount prices compliments of the faxpayer.

  52. Heard the humongous liar Froon this morning on VOB News holding forth that the DLP made Barbados proud with its work over the last 10 years.He sounded like a lunatic frothing at the mouth.It is vital that those 40% who did not go out and place their X in 2013 make sure they go out and do so in 2018.Do not stay home and allow these madmen to ever lay hands on our taxes ever again.

  53. A short economic history of Barbados.
    Anglicized 1628
    First Government/Parliament 1639
    National debt 1639-2007 left by last BLP administration $5 billion.Country status approaching first world.
    National debt 2008-2018 left by last DLP administration $15 billion.Country status approaching fourth world.

  54. Chris (“decimals”) ranting bout all the $ the BLP spending.!
    Maloney/Bjerkham/Parris not letting off the cash?
    Nobody backs a loser eh!
    Pull ya pocket Man …U wealthy..!!!

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