The Caswell Franklyn Column – Barbados Supreme Court Complex – A Death Trap – Enter at Your Own Peril

The relatively new Supreme Court Complex has now officially joined the growing list of government offices that are alleged to be making the occupants sick. Since its closure some commentators have mistakenly bandied about the term, “sick building syndrome” as the reason for the shutdown.

That syndrome is said to exists when the occupants of a building experience health challenges or discomfort that appear to be linked to time spent in that particular building, where the causes for the symptoms are unknown. Normally, there is no specific illness but the symptoms get worse the longer you stay in the building, and there is improvement on leaving.

The symptoms include but are not limited to: headaches; tiredness; blocked or runny noses; dry, itchy skin; dry, sore eyes; throat irritation; rashes; irritability; and difficulty concentrating.

Sick building syndrome is believed to be caused by a number of factors: poor air quality; dust; chemical and other fumes; smoke; fungi (funguses) among other things including the glare from computer screens.

From very early after the opening there had been a concern about poor air quality but more recently, a number of courtrooms have been close off and put out of use because of persistent fungi (mould) taking over those rooms. Rather than close off those rooms, the authorities should have realised that the building has a central air conditioning system that could transport the mould throughout the offices, and close the building much earlier. That mould created a clear and present danger that ought not to have been ignored.

I could understand staff continuing to work in that building if their symptoms were non specific and speculatively attributed to sick building syndrome. But I find it extremely difficult to understand why workers continued to occupy that building, when they knew that their symptoms were potentially life-threatening and directly attributable to the environmental conditions of their workplace.

Every employer has a legal duty to provide a safe place of work and a safe system of work. To my mind, the Government has failed in that duty. Even so, workers have a right, recognises by statute, to protect themselves from harm associated with their work. The Safety and Health at Work Act Act at section 104 states:

Where, during the course of his employment, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that an employee’s health and safety are in imminent danger, that employee may refuse to carry out the task assigned to him pending consultation with his safety committee, trade union or staff association or the Chief Labour Officer.

In light of section 104, I find it even more difficult to understand and accept that persons, who are said to possess some of the best legal minds in this country, could continue to occupy a mould-infested building for years, without a whimper. After the closure, we were greeted by stories, about a whole range of illnesses, from a number of prominent lawyers, whose work cause them to spend significant time in that environment. Maybe, their failure to speak out had nothing to do with their good legal minds but it might have everything to do with a lack of good old-fashioned guts.

Because of the closure of the building for cleaning and other remedial work, it is clear that the illnesses of employees at the Supreme Court Complex cannot be said to be as a result of some speculative sick building syndrome. It appears to me that these workers are suffering from what is termed, “building related illness”. As such, they would be eligible to claim compensation from the National Insurance Office for employment injury.

A worker who is successful in his/her claim for employment injury qualifies for a refund of expenses incurred in the treatment of that condition. I would therefore advise workers to make the application now that their conditions can be safely attributed to the poisonous atmosphere of their workplace.

Over the years, many people have complained that our judges were lazy, maybe, it is just that they were sick.

Recently, a marshal of the Supreme Court died in so far unexplained circumstances. It is only fair to his family that his death should be investigated to determine if he died as a result of his work environment.

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  1. In light of section 104, I find it even more difficult to understand and accept that persons, who are said to possess some of the best legal minds in this country, could continue to occupy a mould-infested building for years, without a whimper. After the closure, we were greeted by stories, about a whole range of illnesses, from a number of prominent lawyers, whose work cause them to spend significant time in that environment. Maybe, their failure to speak out had nothing to do with their good legal minds but it might have everything to do with a lack of good old-fashioned guts.

    This extract is telling from Caswell’s piece.

    We operate in a Barbados that has joined the others to be a litigious country, yet, our best lawyers- by their admission- have worked in a sick building for 10 years. The question is why? The answer must be greed.

  2. Lol…I tell ya…those lawyers were busy making money, working for insurance companies and screwing injured people out of compensation, maliciously delaying cases of their clients and other people so they will never end…deliberately and wickedly keeping the system in limbo and backlogged..

    It is called KARMA.

    I will probably make another 10 enemies, but why stop

    • A good link Hants!

      How common is mould? It’s very common. The age of the building has nothing to do with it, so whether you have a old house or a new house, either way, if it gets wet and stays wet for a couple of days you’ll get mould growth.

  3. @ David,

    If people working in a building become sick frequently the air quality should be tested.

    There may be a problem with the air conditioning system.

    The real problem appears to be a lack of maintenance.

  4. Within two days of the opening of this building, sewage flowed freely over the floors. It turned out that the sewage lines were blocked with marl and the sewage could not get out of the building. But that threw up another problem. The sewage pipes in the walls were not glued properly and were therefore leaking into the walls. No one has ever opened those walls and fixed the sewage lines. So as far as I know, every time the toilets flush, a small amount of water would still leak into the walls. As a result, mold would grow.

    Since 2015, the authorities knew that raised levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide were present in the building and they did nothing about. It simply required pumping fresh air into the building, which is the job of the air handlers that were not maintained. It is surprising that only one person has died as a result.

    • @Caswell

      Your intervention makes a mockery of the blame game. It is a BOLT project, the government has known there is a problem and allowed the problem to worsen.

  5. @ Caswell Franklyn April 22, 2018 11:19 AM

    Every owner of a private home in Barbados has at least a period of 6 months in the construction contract where the contractor is liable after handing over the site. If not every fault is fixed, the owner can keep the retention sum.

    My questions are: Why did the government (here: the department whichs supervised the project, the CJ and the former registrar) not go after the construction company to fix the faults? Did they exclude any liability? Or was any money paid under the desk to avoid liability? If yes, to whom?

  6. David

    The DLP took the wonderful decision to take this poorly constructed and sick buying off JADA’s hands with a buy-out agreeement in 2009/10. The buy-out price was amount that JADA just could not refuse, the capital cost to construct and all the maintenance cost and profit which would have been earner over the 25 year term of the lease. BRILLIANT. WELL DONE DLP, WELL DONE!!

    • Really?

      We need to see the agreement. The way the BOLT was to work read build operate lease transfer.

  7. When you register with National House Building Council of the UK you gain access to technical backup and information, as well as a 10 year warranty and insurance – Buildmark.(Quote)

  8. Good lord sewage leaking within two days? The folks responsible for the construction of the building should have been excoriated as it shows extreme negligence and indicates that ongoing inspection throughout the building process was missing or non -existent. This seems to be par for the course for any construction made under the auspices of Gov’t; the private industry seems to get it right most of the time.

    Fixing this issue would have required that all or part of the building be unoccupied for some of the time which would have inconvenienced most of the residents as it would mean tearing down most of the walls of their “pristine” new complex and thrown the whole apparatus of the SC and Registry into disarray. The proverb “ a stitch in time….etc.” is never more apt than when these issues rears its head and the building required major surgery but received a band aid.

  9. “The DLP took the wonderful decision to take this poorly constructed and sick buying off JADA’s hands with a buy-out agreeement in 2009/10. ”

    Wow, double wow…I keep telling family who talk nonsense about returning to the island, never put your life and future in the hands of small island ministers, keep your foreign status and live in a damn gated community if you must return , stay away from these parliamentary idiots and their failed policies, lack of commonsense intelligence and inability to negotiate anything to benefit the majority citizens.

    I am sure there is more revolting news to add to this revelation.

  10. @David

    “If the government was aware of the condition of the structure why agree to a buyout?”

    David I’m truly surprised by your comment, the answer is obvious CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE.

    • @Bush Tea

      What is there not to understand? It does not change the fact BU wants to see the buyout agreement if true.

  11. What “Kirk Rueladel” has alleged is that Gov’t bought out JADA which relieves them of all responsibility for the project and furthermore the buy out was not discounted which means that it received all the money that it would have earned over the 25-year life of the agreement in one fell swoop.

    That cant be true can it? That is mind boggling.

    • @Sargeant

      Is why there there an urgent need to have this revelation confirmed. It is not about understanding, it is about making this is confirmed.

  12. We have the NIS building on Fairchild Street closed. There is the Immigration Building on the Wharf, staff transferred to the BTMI building. Not to forget the Treasury building to name just three.


    Treasury Building Environmental Report Made Public, READ

    Posted on March 11, 2018 by David 7 comments

    The BU household is surprised at the Sunday Sun headline TREASURY SICK. We know circulation numbers have been tanking but to highlight what the trade unions have been asking government to address for many years and treat it as an exclusive? What about the report on the Immigration Building on the Wharf Road? What about the Ministry of Health Buildings

    Read more

  13. What are the commonalities with these “sick” buildings? Mould may not be a factor in all but they are all air-conditioned which begs the question, is Legionnaires disease a factor? There are established protocols for dealing air condition systems to prevent outbreaks but with maintenance a non- priority who knows if these have been followed?

  14. And where will the prisoners at Dodds be housed when that building is found to be a “sick building” also, as so many government buildings have proven to be?

  15. Sargeant April 22, 2018 2:22 PM
    “That cant be true can it? That is mind boggling.”

    Why is it boggling your mind? Why are you shock after knowing about the ‘behind-the-scenes Four Seasons project sale’ or the old GEMS hotel Blue Horizon or the recent Hilton hotel?

    Don’t you get that you are dealing with the most ‘openly’ transparent administration Barbados ever had and headed by a true black son of the black called Mr. Integrity?

    It seems slavery has never ended in Barbados. After 180 years don’t you see how easy still it is to buy niggers from a woodpile?

    That’s what you get when you put an overrated black man with massive chips on his shoulders but still looking for royal pips in a PM’s gorilla suit with a set of keys to the building of authority and power.

    Can you think of a bigger lie ever told to a bunch of Bajan brass-bowls as repeated below other than that a white Jesus was born of a virgin Madonna with his father being a Japanese living in the Sky?

    “Why Good governance? Good Governance is characterized by the principles of participation, consensus, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, equity and inclusion, and the rule of law. It assures that corruption is minimized, the views of minorities are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard in decision-making and the allocation of resources.

    I invite the people of Barbados, therefore, to join the Democratic Labour Party on this exciting journey to the creation of a Better Barbados. This journey emphasizes hope rather than despair, light rather than darkness, and movement rather than stagnation. This journey aims at human fulfilment and development. It does not aim at numerical worship and statistical purity. This is the true way of the Democratic Labour Party.”

    • David

      When that building was opened, I was working as an industrial relations officer at NUPW. On day two after the opening I was sent to represent the maids who were being threatened with non renewal of their contracts for not cleaning up the sewage that was flowing through the building. I insisted that it required industrial cleaning. When I spoke to the press on the matter, I was threatened with a lawsuit by the Registrar.

      I told you earlier that the sewage pipes were not glued. I should have also said that nine years later the sewage is still leaking into the walls. As a matter of fact, there is still a wet spot in the wall in the lunchroom for the marshals that is causing the paint to bulge.

      Over on the court side, when they were installing the mirrors in the bathroom on the ground floor, someone screwed the mirror into a pipe and that to resulted in water flowing into the walls as well.

      No wonder there is so much mold.

      Sent from my iPad

    • @Caswell

      This is serious, we need a forceful ‘post mortem’ of events surrounding this building.

    • Instead of fixing the problems in this death trap, it is being hinted to staff that appointments and promotions are in the offing. In that way, workers are being persuaded to volunteer. I wish to remind them that a promotion or appointment would not matter if you are dead.

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  16. @Miller
    What it shows is that whether the DLP or BLP holds the reins of Gov’t some people will continue to prosper.

    As we used to say in the Village, “De Lord doan come but he duz send”

  17. @ Sargeant you have made a good point.

    Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria. You usually get it by breathing in mist from water that contains the bacteria. The mist may come from hot tubs, showers, or ” air-conditioning units for large buildings “. The bacteria don’t spread from person to person.

  18. BU bloggers must relentlessly pressure the incoming BLP government to “FIX THE PROBLEMS”. We don’t want to hear nuh shiite rap about ” the previous government “.

    We all know that the DLP was in power for the last 10 years and neglected to properly maintain Government buildings, the sewerage system and the roads and don’t forget the Transportation system..

    MIA / BLP when you win the elections all the “problems” are yours to fix. Nuh lotta long talk . Just aggressive decisive actions.

  19. @David
    “We need to have this mind boggling revelation confirmed.”

    I agree 100%, however if your dealing with skilful CORRUPTION, in Barbados political cases there are numerous past indicators of such, that delays and a definite lack of paper trail will frustrate any attempt to get at the truth. It must be acknowledged that the Barbados Politician is highly skilled at hidding information from the populace and investigators to such a degree that bullshit baffles brains. Unless Barbados undergoes some radical moral re-invention then this situation will further regress into a more disfunctional society.

    Corruption once embedded in society is almost irracdable.

  20. What about the the buildings housing the ministry of education? When last were the a/c units serviced? Who cleans the old dusty files?
    Some of the employees have had to take sick leave because of the internal condition of the buildings.

  21. @ David
    The whole POINT of using BOLT financing was to operationalise otherwise capital government expenses; AND to guarantee high quality maintenance in the initial years of such projects. The idea was that we would pay a premium for these two major benefits.

    If indeed the DLP then capitalised the complete long term costs AND assumed maintenance responsibilities for this building – while paying the contractor 100% of all current and projected charges, then this will go down as the single most idiotic decision that has EVER been undertaken by ANY black person since they got Baloney to build that underused highway bridge to facilitate Jeff Broomes of Parkinson crossing to CBC for his weekly program….. while hundreds of SJPP students impede traffic a few hundred metres to the South …. and thousands of citizens criss-cross the highway by Skye Mall a few hundred metres to the North.

    Come on David…
    It would take a SPECIAL kind of idiot to make such a decision.

    Do you recall such an idiot flying a kite ….to spend a hundred million dollars to buy an abandoned Hotel
    …to then spend millions of dollars to demolish the same
    …borrow hundreds of millions to build the hotel back
    – then to be handed over to a foreigner – who had been then known only for pissing on Paradise beach
    …and for settling bribery accusations with politicians out of court..

    a foreigner who was subsequently handed DECADES of tax-free benefits in Brassbados …worth a kings ransom?

    Take one guess …what is behind all this….?

  22. David Mr Blogmaster wouldn’t an expenditure that large show up in the govt acs?

    Surely that is an item the auditor general would highlight in his reporting …unless of course we are talking about current year activity which the blogger’s allegation does not suggest!

    Furthermore with our paltry income base, from where would the govt find the funds to buy out a 25 year forward earnings contract?

    And finally such an action would be grounds for serious action in a court of law for the minister approving such…cause on what basis without Cabinet (?) approval would dat have been done?

    What about the PAC?

    What about the lawyers that would have to be involved in such a deal?

    All dat done and not a fella leak a word til now here?

    If that’s actually happened den the entire Bajan system is bare absolute BfreakingS….

    So I think this may be a wild claim…or I should say: it damn well better be?

  23. The building was initially under a management contract with a British firm but after non payment, the company was dine with dem………now look at what has resulted!

    Poor management of our resources……….worthless dems!

  24. Chief Justice: Courts Continue To Work


    Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson. (FP)

    The Courts at the Supreme Court Complex on White Park Road, St. Michael, continue to function.

    This confirmation came today from Chief Justice, Sir Marston Gibson, during a press briefing in the Judges’ Lounge at the White Park Road, St. Michael complex.

    “The Courts have continued to work; hearings have continued only in those spaces in the building that have been remediated to date,” he said.

    Sir Marston explained that they recognised that the Judiciary played a critical role under the Barbados Constitution, and therefore every effort must be made to ensure continuity.

    He noted that the Court of Appeal and High Courts have continued to conduct trials, hearings and other matters at the Judicial Centre.

    “The position taken by the Judiciary is not to be interpreted as forcing any member of staff who feels imperilled by entering the building to do so. It must be pointed out that the Judges have assumed responsibility for the administrative functions normally carried out by the Clerks of Court,” he stated, noting however, that the concerns of the staff had been acknowledged.

    He stressed that remediation of the building was ongoing and would continue until it is completed.

    The Chief Justice said that ongoing investigations have revealed the presence of mould, dust mites and other allergens which have impacted the health of Court staff and members of the Judiciary.

  25. From the time this DLP came to office……..Jada and Preconco automatically found an unholy alliance with Michael Lashley………….every project these two could concoct, Michael Lashley was a willing participant to award no bid contracts to these two white masters who seemingly “owned” him……….

    Is there any surprise in any thing that we are seeing?

  26. This one might have a bigger fish in the net. This is no average scam, remember who was the attorney-general in 2009/10?

    That man NOSE how to make money, trust me!

  27. Why is it the last meeting with the NUPW and the management of the Supreme Court building there was an understanding the building will not be occupied now there is confusion given the order by the Chief Justice for people to report to work.


  28. Here listening to why we need to vote out the DEMS! Can you imagine one of their call in operatives on VOB say that the BLP lost a building namely the Warrens Office Complex. The truth is this government could have paid Mr. Barrack early in their first term and the country would still have the building.

  29. @ Caswell Franklyn,

    There is something that you said here that very few of the readers comprehend what it means


    When you have a building that has been the focus of construction of the type and magnitude that this Whitepark road facility has undergone THIS IS NOT ANY POLISHING OF THE TILED FLOORS THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    You, if you is a former cadet, would understand that when i dun with a building like the courts a feller gots to go through and clean down all de roofs, walls and ting.

    One thing about your writings is that you are “hesitantly provocative” Mr Franklyn

    You dun know that in Barbados DERE IS NO REAL INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS in trufe and youself dun know that people like the Barbados National Standards Institute BNSI if they were tasked to effect any air quality exercise, AS WAS ALLEGED TO BE THE CASE WITH THE LOUIS LYNCH CASE OF TOXIC POISONING FROM A NEARBY LAUNDRYMAT ON COUNTRY ROAD, they could not differentiate the noxious fumes of a poop from Rihanna perfume RiRi.

    We have to pray about the incoming Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and, those of us who do not pray (CAUSE THERE IS NO GOD) have to proactively give support to the hurculean task with which she WILL BE faced.

    a.Her first issue will be the task of managing the political party that will replace the DLP after BAJANS VOTE THE DLP TO RH OUT!

    b.The second issue will be that of managing the indolent snivel service which any incoming party has “inherited”. De Ole man has long believed that Personnel at the Executive Level like PSes should be hired under a separate mechanism than that of long service in the Public Service and then paid on a Performance Basis – YOU Dont Perform YOU Do Not Get Paid. Of Course you done know what that would mean regarding Edson Alleyne…but then again Mr Franklyn you dun know how that would address other associated “MeToo” legal issues heheheheheheh

    c.The SECOND ONE will be that of managing the Matrix of Ministries that facilitate the smooth running of an economy Education, Health, Social Services, Tourism, Transport, etc.

    AND IF IT IS OBVIOUS that the ole man said “second” two times, it is to address the misconception that they are the same thing.

    THEY ARE NOT. One speaks to the disease that is the public service and the attitudes and how it has complexioned our collective psyche.

    The other deals with the institutions that have decayed into inefficient barely functioning operations and what has to be gone to restart them or revamp them or simply abolish them and start all over again. And they are so intertwined that they have to be addreses at the same time.

    d.Finally, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, will be the issue of how Prime Minister Mottley manages the dying economy that she, unfortunately, is going to inherit.

    Paying the operational expenses of this government is going to be a challenge itself.

    But Mr Franklyn, you see the issue of jump-starting a vibrant multi tiered and multi tentacled economy so that we can reinvigorate BIM? that is frightening.

    • Any feedback on the news the new BTMI building has to be cleaned to allow the immigration officers to transfer? Do you believe they allowed construction dust to infiltrate the system?

  30. To whom does the building belong?

    Is it CLICO?

    If so, there is no way it will be fixed.

    If it is CLICO then since 2008 or whenever it opened, it has been owned by a bankrupt company.

    Everybody knew that!!

    I remember the sewage issues … certain people claimed it was sabotage if memory serves me right!!

    I will do some digging!!

    I have never seen a more idiotic situation arise in my life.

    Will the GOB sue CLICO the landlords, to get the building fixed?

    Will the GOB accept the building as payment for the catastrophic failure to perform?

    Even if it does, will it have the funds to fix it?

    Looks like CLICO pulls the strings of our justice system!!

    This is about as crazy as it gets.

  31. Published on: 10/31/2009.
    LESS THAN a month into operations at the spanking Barbados Supreme
    Court Complex, there is urine coming through the ceiling from the floor
    above, and faeces and water floating on the floor.
    Yesterday, a number of Government workers who had been centralised
    from departments around Bridgetown to the complex on Whitepark Road,
    St Michael, walked off the job protesting the unsanitary conditions.
    The section of the complex that was most affected is home to the
    Registration Department, the Law Library and the Court Process Office.
    The marshals are on Ground Zero (the basement), the Registration
    Department is on the ground floor, while the Law Library is housed on the
    second floor.
    “We have been more than patient,” said one woman. “From the time we
    moved in around October 5 we have had problems. Nobody is listening to
    us, nobody is entertaining us, no one’s come to look at the problem. A
    whole month is more than enough time.”

  32. The new court building is not even 10 years old!!!

    Here is another one affected by ,old, the Federal Court House in Miami looks like it recently reopened after being closed for a decade, since 2006.

    But it had a good run, it was first commissioned in 1933 and saw some serious cases!!

  33. My solution for the mould: Pumpall the sewage from South Coast into the court building, first into the registry. Shit to shit.

    Relocate the Supreme Court to the next Burger King. This is where the judiciary in Barbados belongs to. Or KFC.

  34. All of this just goes to show you that Jada, Innotech nor Mark Maloney know “bugger” all about construction……….they are just like loan sharks.

    Jada built the Judicial Complex………bare problems ………Mark Maloney built the Grotto, Valery and Coverley………bare problems.

    The dems were out in force with a very accommodating David Ellis today (no wonder he does not want Peter Wickham on Brasstacks) touting the first class “achievements” of the dlp. They seem to have been given the memo to talk housing today.

    This is a government that touts building houses which can only be classified as foul coops…….which are very expensive and so small for poor black people who more often than not have a lot of children.

    Pity we!

  35. Whoever the contractors of the various buildings were. no multi story building in Barbados is permitted to be built without engineering design and supervision.

    Before concrete is poured the responsible building services engineer, if he/she is responsible, better had inspect the plumbing and electrical conduit and make sure what he/she designed is going to be realizable when the concrete is poured and the blockwork erected.

    Same thing I was saying with the Sewage project, Engineer and contractor together are responsible.

  36. The South Coast Sewage system and the Court have one thing in common, catastrophic failure within a decade!!

  37. Mold and dampness go hand in hand.

    Plumbing issues ….. mold must follow.

    So what are the plumbing issues and how are they to be fixed?

    “Mold and Dampness
    Where does mold come from?
    Mold exists everywhere; there are no indoor spaces without mold.1,2,3 However, without sufficient moisture, mold cannot grow If mold is growing, too much moisture is present.”

  38. Prodigal
    I had the same impression off Ellis today.At least the public is aware that Maureen Hokder is to moderating a call in programme what Natlee was to Bush Hill.To the discerning listener Ellis is no different to Holder when he dons his public relations hat as he will be prone to do now we are coming down to the wire.The outfall of this Ellis dipsy doodling is losses to the bottom line of Starcom network.Politicians cannot buy Dennis Johnson because of his broughtupsy.Ellis?No RH good where ethics are concerned.
    A cost over run of 33 1/3% on the Grotto was given a pass by Ellis.The coops at Lancaster and Coverley were similarly given a pass by Ellis.Tonight CBC TV paraded practically the entire DLP hierarchy for the first ten minutes of the news.Thank god for the mute button.

  39. BAPE will surface on the mold issue at some time in the distant future.

    BAPE believes that the mold should be removed at the earliest opportunity as it can be hazardous to your health. We propose a committee consisting of two lawyers, two doctors and 7 engineers be formed to study this problem.

  40. “If people working in a building become sick frequently the air quality should be tested.”

    Perhaps nobody is working in the building, hence the backlog of cases and the amount of time it took to identify the problem

    Mi belly
    Yah gun kill ma.

  41. Prodigal and Gabriel I too was amazed not surprised at Mr Ellis given his past record of employing known Dems to moderate like mr Husbands,Mr Marshall,Mr Wickham,before he switched Ms Hinds-Layne,Mr Corbin,Ms Watson,DrMarshall Ms Holder and Mr Jemmott,that is a lot of Dems claiming he did not know their Status at the time,give me a break.Today he entertained Straker,s tenantry for over half an hour talking crap.,Blessed Day for another 25 minutes and this so called white guy for another 20 minutes ,yet he is calling out persons as BLp supporters and trying to sidetrack them by interrupting them all the time like on talk ya talk with the three Dem Moderators.Mr Ellis is showing his true Dem colours and he seems to want to sideline Mr Wickham who unlike him those Dems cannot come around with nonsense because Mr Wickham ain,t seeking no balance like Mr Ellis who seems to be the DLP gate keeper and he would pull them up.I remember one time prior to the 2008 election and someone was lambasting Mr Thompsonabout his behavior in leaving Parliament knocking down chairs saying he ain,t coming back until Elections are called and mr Ellis calling in to defend him and at the time I asked myself why as he was not the Moderator and from then I had Mr Ellis classed as a Dem and I still classify him as one,just listen to his tone when he is dealing with Dems and when he is dealing with Wesley,Tall Boy or the Statsman or Winnie.We wait to see if Mr Wickham appears on Brasstacks again before the Elecyions

  42. @Lorenzo and Gabriel

    I am really sick of David Ellis. For the whole year he was not interested in hosting Brasstacks now all of a sudden he is back for two days. To keep out Peter he has organised a boring Tuesday Peoples’ Parliament. People looked forward to Peter on Tuesday.

    Last week’s was the most boring. Joe Atherley is not exciting, the Solutions person was a repeat visitor and Lord have mercy when Lynette arrived………….Wesley asked Ellis one week why was Peter not given another day if he was using Tuesday for Peoples’ Parliament………….Ellis beat all around the bush and then said that Peter may be hosting one. Last Monday he said that Peter was to come to co-host with him………..Wesley ask him why he has to hold Peter’s hand…… I expected, Peter went away.

    Ellis deliberately employed all those dems in 2007 to lambast the BLP and then said after all of them got big picks in the government that he did not know their affiliation……yeah…. we are foolish.

    I dont know if Dennis is on holiday but I am not hearing him at all.

    All the shadow boxing he is doing for the dems will not save their wicked arses.

  43. Lest we forget Ellis had to pay some money to Barney Lynch and had to eat crow when he read a letter exposing a former Commissioner of Police to ridicule.

  44. Ellis entertains the man they call Arthur talking shiiiiite ever week.

    The man is a dlp yardfowl and a liar. He keeps repeating the lie that OSA sold the BNB. I sent a Whatsapp message to Ellis telling him to correct Arthur, Ellis did not read the message………… but let a dem send a message about something a Bee say and he reads it very fast.

    OSA sold 51% of BNB and retained 49%. The dead king said up front that he was going to buy back the 51%, the bank in Trinidad came out and told him that for him to be a buyer, there would have to be a seller and that they were not selling the shares.

    It was the lying incompetent Chris Stinkliar that sold out the remaining shares for less than they were worth when he began his mass destruction of this economy………..He went cap in hand to the Trinis and they knew he was desperate and they”jucked” out his eyes.

    The same thing happened with ICBL shares…..the dead king told Bajans not to buy them, then he and his buddies bought up the shares. Then this dlp sold the remaining shares when they got into power.

    And this is the truth!

  45. Lorenzo, Gabriel

    Did you see the naked bias on display on DLPTV tonight?

    Who told Kim Tudor that she is a politician? She looks very uncomfortable in the role. There she is on DLPTV saying that she got street lights for some road in Eden Lodge………..good for you girl. You are not an MP and you can get lights for people all of a sudden………and to think the MP was asking for these lights for ever.

    Mr Toppin said that the man from St Philip North told him up front…… work will be done in BLP constituencies…………yeah, because Barbadians do not live in these constituencies, Russians do!

    Cant wait to see the back of these idiots.

  46. Saw Kim pretend she dancing.No rythmn.She could get some free lessons from Natlee.Looked so odd and was that the crooked speaker next to her?.One thing Kim can market is that she is well endowed with mouth.Lovely pair of lips.A real mout’ful.
    Another important point in the selling of the BNB shares which OSA oversaw.The proceeds of the 51% went to the rebuilding of the 4 star Hilton Hotel which the same incompetent Dems now selling at you guessed it…below market value.

  47. … and then there is the crack in the floor of the Supreme Court of Justice that may or may not give cause for concern!!

    Sewage, damp, mold … crack .. never a dull moment!!

    Violet Beckles must be cracking up!!

  48. @John
    find out who owns it….I cannot.
    This says “The Government of Barnados and Whitepark Development Limited (WDL), a special purpose vehicle set up for the project by Caribbean Commercial Bank (CCB)” .
    Since CCB was sold to RBTT in 2004, it makes sense that….

    from a ‘cached’ advertisement for then vacancy of ‘Head – Finance – Barbados & Eastern Caribbean’ at RBC….under functions
    • Manage the annual audit of the Banks’ and Holding Companies’ financial statements whilst adhering to the group audit deadlines.
    • Manage the annual audit of the subsidiaries – Coast Guard Relocation and Whitepark Development Limited.

    Said Whitepark also shows up in the Paradise Papers as did nearly every CAIPO registered entity…

    You mentioned engineering and I found this, at least the structural/civil end….

    I’m not overly familiar with BOLT, but am with PPP, which I guess is similar. It would appear the financing came via CCB-RBC. You will note one Leroy Parris was a short lived, but initial Director of WDL. I am unable to identify all the other directors, and they have been many as you can see from the ICIJ link.

    It would “appear” WDL acted as the Prime/General Contractor? Unlike Clearwater Bay, I can find nothing in the Parliamentary proceedings referencing WDL.

  49. Prodigal,Gabriel & Lorenzo

    Do any of you want to bet that if the BLP wins the general elections Maureen Holder will recruited as a “Brass Tacks” moderator.

    And people like Randolph (who now calls Mason & Guest), the Trini hag and all those now frequenting CBC’s “Talk Ya Talk” will embrace VOB…………… saying it’s “the best thing since sliced bread.”

  50. I appreciate the CCB – CLICO relationship, but CCB was sold. Hence the financing actually came from, not who negotiated the initial deal, the Royal Bank?
    It would seem WDL was the owner’s rep/manager, and according to ICIJ was still appointing new directors late into 2013.
    The current WDL Directors seem to be a group of Senior Public Employees.

  51. Artax
    All things being equal if your forecast holds water Holder will have to do the improbable….penance… and seek forgiveness for all her sins told and untold and even then Ellis might find himself between a rock and a hard place to convince his superiors of the unique value of this marketer who prostituted her goods in the interest of denying the queen bee her rightful place in the hive of activity.If you thought Barrow or Tom was full of spite when the occasion demanded or Thompson was equally wicked and consumed by the Fatted Calf mentality of hate and spite for all those who would deny him the spoils of victory,well you ain’t see nutten yet
    A fellow told me the Cathredal church at St Michael’s Row was in near darkness a few Sundays ago when the BLP was welcomed in a special service.He said it was standing room only.I hear the coming East Coast outing this weekend will be a sea of red.There will likely be a weeping and gnashing of teeth in George Street and those like Philip and the dribbling ole duffers like Astor will likely have lancing gums.

  52. Artax I hope you are wrong because I would hate to think that Mr Ellis would be so stupid to embrace her ever again after all the licks Ms Holder and her Dem sidekick the the Trini put in Brass Tacks and its callers and the chat.If that was to happen I would finish with Brass tacks.However I put nothing past Mr Ellis as he is the PRo for the Dems in my opinion and I am wondering why Mr Wickham was not given another day,as Mr Ellis has two or he could easily replace Mr Lane who thinks reading as much socisl media messages and keeping callers waiting forever is the thing to do and is far too frivolous in my view.The other question I have for Mr Ellis is why would an established and equally popular Moderator like Mr Wickham have to co host with Mr Ellis.The last Moderator he did this to was Ms Caddle and quick so she disappeared as one who like Mr Wickham pelt warm lashes in this Government,apparebntly to the displeasure of Mr Ellis.Mr Ellis seems to want to stifle or sideline Mr Wickham and it seems Patrick was right about Mr Ellis and his motives and I as one will be watching his actions closely in this Election period.

    • There is the cost factor read VoB has to pay Wickham to host the program, Ellis is a salaried employee.


    “The Supreme Court complex could be a virtual ghost town Wednesday as the Barbados Bar Association has joined the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) in advising its members not to enter the Whitepark Road building.”

  54. I am not hearing any question directed to the contractors who built this building and no question to the owners of this building, I am not speaking about government and I hope we monitor those buildings at the grotto NHC buildings and the ones at valery again NHC buildings.

  55. @Cecil Brooks
    who OWNS the building? Eventually it was to be the Government of Barbados or an agency thereof.

  56. It is interesting some workers including judicial officers turned up for work at the Supreme Court yesterday despite clear evidence we are dealing with a sick building. The expectation is that the Environmental Report will confirm the nature of the ‘infection’.

    • David

      So far one man is dead as a result of working in that building, Yet still, others turned up for work. They might be many reasons why workers would gamble with their lives but I can only give you the ones communicated to me; they include but are not limited to:

      workers received veiled threats pointing out that they are temporary;

      they were reminded that promotions are being considered and allowed to contemplate the consequences of not turning up for work in that death trap; and

      Others want to come out but are not union members.

      some like working in and around the courts and fear the prospect of being transferred;

      Sent from my iPad

    • Caswell

      What you have stated is very serious. It ignores that there is an environmental report being reviewed to inform next steps, it ignores the rights of workers in a situation where occupational health and safety should be paramount. If proof can be had this would be the perfect situation to expose intimidatory tactics by the bullies.

    • David

      Certain persons feel that they can do what they like and get away with it, even going to the home of one of the husband’s mistress and sharing some blows. That might not have anything to do with the courts or its personnel but it says that you can ignore the law depending on who got your back.

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    • We look forward to the report being made public. We are already anticipating the implications with an already moribund court system being adversely impacted.

    • Would having the report make any difference. They had a report in 2015 that revealed or rather proved that the environment was toxic and they kept it from the workers. I know a young boy that is without a father as a result.

      Sent from my iPad

  57. Well if the people of Barbados cannot see the Hand of God, judging us for turning our back on them as He has done with many nations in the past, the majority of us must be blind. Including many pastors, men of the cloth etc. When the proverbial #$%^ hits the fan, I am wondering what they are going to do. Do those of you, who like me are not connected or monied have ANY idea of the REAL SLAVE conditions that we will have to exist under?

  58. re Well if the people of Barbados cannot see the Hand of God, judging us for turning our back on them as He has done with many nations in the past, the majority of us must be blind. Including many pastors, men of the cloth etc.

    It ought to be very clear that GOD has indeed turned His back on Bim as posited above.

    I used to wonder if he would one day send a hurricane to sheke the populace from its ungodliness; but from that the country could easily rebuild and recover.


  59. GP

    Thank you very much for the references to the two books, “Trail of Blood” and “The Faithful Baptist Witness”.

    Found them on Amazon and am half way through the first.

  60. @GP
    It ought to be very clear that GOD has indeed turned His back on Bim as posited above.
    Thanks GP, you have provided us with another meaning to the phrase “behind God back”

  61. The following was sent to BU’s inbox:

    Dear Members,

    At a Special General Meeting held this afternoon at the Barbados Bar Association Headquarters, the following resolution was passed:


    The Barbados Bar Association has been informed of ongoing environmental issues at the Supreme Court Complex which have led to a risk of exposure to infection, underlying and unidentifiable illnesses and other risks to health to members of the public who enter the said building


    1.      From this point forward the Barbados Bar Association will advise and recommend to its members that they no longer present themselves or in any form participate or attend chamber matters, trials or any other such activities at the Supreme Court Complex because of the risk of exposure to infection, underlying and unidentifiable illnesses and any other risk to health associated with the ongoing environmental issues which have led to the cessation of activities by the Registry staff of the Supreme Court.

    2.      The Barbados Bar Asociation will accordingly advise its members to inform their clients of the foregoing circumstances and the risks posed to their health as a result of the said unresolved issues at the Supreme Court Complex.

    3.      In the interim, the Barbados Bar Association recognizes and is prepared to offer its assistance to maintain the rule of law and access to justice. In this regard the Barbados Bar Association recommends and insists that the traditional recess which is scheduled for the month of August be brought forward to cover the entire month of May 2018 and that immediate arrangements be put into place for the following:

    i.                 The approval of sureties for persons who have been granted bail;

    ii.                The arrangement for the receipt, organisation and hearing of urgent applications;

    iii.               The filing and collection of birth, death and marriage certificates;

    iv.               The collection of decrees certified orders;

    v.                For the exercise of the discretion of the court to enlarge time for the purposes of compliance with orders of the court, case management directions, limitation periods and so forth from the 11th April 2018;

    vi.               Access to critical records; and

    vii.             All other matters incidental to the administration of Justice.

    4.      The foregoing recommendations will remain in place until the Barbados Bar Association receives definitive scientific evidence that the Supreme Court Complex is fit for the use of members of the public.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kristin C. A. Turton

    Hon. Secretary

    Very interesting resolution!

    Has it received “definitive scientific evidence” that the court is UNFIT “ for the use of members of the public?”

    I wonder too if the Bar Association met with the CJ, Registrar and AG, the main functionaries that administer the Court system before taking what in the face of it appears to be precipitate action!

    I know for a fact the President of the Bar Association has never had the decency to speak with the Attorney General and she is known to have at hand his office numbers and his Cell phone number.

  62. John April 23, 2018 7:14 PM “Mold exists everywhere; there are no indoor spaces without mold.1,2,3 However, without sufficient moisture, mold cannot grow If mold is growing, too much moisture is present.”

    Has anybody considered using dehumidifyers to remove the moisture from the air? Every time we breathe we expel moisture into the atmosphere. And if the building is a closed building where does that moisture go?

  63. The U.S. Embassy building at Wildey is about the same age as our Supreme Court building, about ten years old. The Embassy moved there in January 2007. I don’t hear about any environmental problems there? Weren’t both buildings built by Bajan artisans? So what is the difference? I would bet anything that the Embassy has a full time non-unionized maintenance staff, and that they have to WORK HARD EVERYDAY to keep the building shipshape.

  64. @FearPlay April 22, 2018 3:32 PM “And where will the prisoners at Dodds be housed when that building is found to be a “sick building” also, as so many government buildings have proven to be?”

    Not much of a worry except for some of the administrative buildings which are closed/air conditioned.

    There was a period of my life when I was in, and the cells are not air conditioned, there is natural ventilation. No carbon monoxide, no mold/fungus. Plenty fresh air.

  65. WHEREAS: The Barbados Bar Association has been informed of ongoing environmental issues at the Supreme Court Complex which have led to a risk of exposure to infection, underlying and unidentifiable illnesses and other risks to health to members of the public who enter the said building


    Wow, the Bar Association has suddenly realised that there is some source of unidentifiable infections!!!

    This is the height of totally ignorant language!!!

    These idiots have been working every day in there for the past 10 or so years and are only now being informed of an environmental issue which cannot be identified!!

  66. “The other question I have for Mr. Ellis is why would an established and equally popular Moderator like Mr Wickham have to co host with Mr. Ellis.”


    You answered your question with the comment re: “Mr. Wickham pelt warm lashes in this Government.”

    As such, if you were to rationally analyze Ellis’ handling of “Brass Tacks” recently, you would immediately realize that, given his provocative style of moderating, Peter Wickham may not be the best moderator to host “The People’s Parliament” at this time and more so during the “silly season.”

    Ellis is guided by criticisms of Brass Tacks……and there could be a number of reasons why he prefers to co-host with Wickham.

    Perhaps Ellis does not want a repeat of what transpired previously when the BLP “was in power” and Wickham used to “pelt some warm lashes” in the BLP and specifically Owen Arthur……..and the consequent actions of the pro BLP callers towards Wickham……..

    The tables have turned…….with Wickham “pelting some warm lashes in the DLP and particularly Freundel Stuart…….

    ………….Ellis may believe as a co-host he will bring some measure of fairness and balance to the program, while holding Wickham’s hand and guiding him along a specific line.

    Then the “economics” of program and VOB must be taken into consideration.

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