Open Letter to the Registrar of Supreme Court about Leroy Parris Matter


The embedded letter dated 30 January 2019 was sent to the Registrar of the Supreme Court in the matter of Civil Case 99 of 2016 – Clico International Insurance Company (under judicial management) Claimant vs. Leroy Parris First Defendant, Branlee Consulting Services Inc Second Defendant and Estate of David Thompson (acting through duly appointed Personal Representative Marie Josephine Mara Thompson) Third Defendant by senior lawyer Vernon Smith Q.C.

The blogmaster has been reliably informed that to date the Registrar of the Supreme Court – paid with tax dollars – has not seen it proper to reply to the letter. Many in this space will read the letter and be happy to focus on the minutiae of the several issues exposed in the content. The more sensible critique should be the breakdown of the justice system in Barbados. A simple letter to the Registrar that should have triggered a routine response in a 7-day period has stretched to six months. This is not an isolated case.

Today the blogmaster listened to Senator Caswell Franklyn in the Upper Chamber outline the horrific state of the public service. We have to wait for 6 weeks for garbage pickup, we have to tolerate a fleet of 60 buses to serve the country… more importantly we do not have a clear strategy for waste management. This week so far we were subjected to the Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith and the Registrar of the Court Barbara Cooke-Alleyne expressing public disagreement.

What is happening Barbados?



  • People keep saying something is very wrong in Barbados and they would be RIGHT.

    ,..,as a matter of fact, something is wrong with those cursed QCs with their uppity asses, for some reason they want to give their Black clients, whom they think are benesth them….NO INFORMATION ON THEIR OWN CASES……even if they are being paid, they do as they like, especially in personal injury cases…..these crabs act like they are special, higher up and better off….a lot of them want locking up..

    That up there is pure madness, aint most of these QCs in this case…all ready to croak……but ah guess that is the plan…case goes on for 10 years after each ones dies off, keep the bar association churning….the things these crabs do to tie up the system should be a criminal offense.


  • Is there not a Court Reporting System? I would imagine the Court Reporter prepares and certifies the transcript after hearing and a request for a copy of the transcript and its cost is a routine clerical matter. Why must this type of request be addressed to the Registrar? Is it something about rules?


  • Even so, if the fool received this request sent to the wrong person/department, then by all means have it redirected.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David Mr Blogmaster you are more versed in the local legal procedures than I am so guide us here…

    You have keyed in on the “simple letter to the Registrar that should have triggered a routine response in a 7-day period has stretched to six months” but overlooked the apparent lawyer disgruntlement noted by Smith, QC.

    So is this letter really that SIMPLE!

    Maybe that seeming disagreement by itself is reason enough for any delayed response to Mr Smith…afterall, he is stating quite clearly that his JUNIOR associate usurped his authority and acted on this matter without his consent…so unless this is BS gamemanship (considering that Smith and Gollop QC -with whom the junior acted- have partnered together often in the past) then, that issue needs to be resolved first and foremost, not so!

    That said it does appear that only fools and plebs in Bim follow the rules and decorum of professional life!


  • @Dee Word

    Is an acknowledgment to the letter a reasonable expectation?


  • Today the blogmaster listened to Senator Caswell Franklyn in the Upper Chamber outline the horrific state of the public service. We have to wait for 6 weeks for garbage pickup, we have to tolerate a fleet of 60 buses to serve the country… more importantly we do not have a clear strategy for waste management. This week so far we were subjected to the Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith and the Registrar of the Court Barbara Cooke-Alleyne expressing public disagreement.

    What is happening Barbados?

    Barbados is clearly punching above its weight.


  • Is there any familial relationship between the Registrar, Barbara Cooke Alleyne and one of the lawyers. Ramon Alleyne?


  • @John

    Google is your friend?


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You are to be congratulated on your own improved practices as it relates to embedding documents for viewership by readers.


    Few understand that a post on these sites

    Clears up the original documents and cleans it of the usual metadata which your original documents has
    Cleans it of purposed and unintentional keylogging software that places reverse ssh script on people’s machines.

    Script that was used to download the contents of people’s drives contrary to any so called Data Protection laws

    You are to be congratulated on your technological practices and your attempts to go this new way and do the right thing.

    But we are still watching you cause…Mugabe and the rest of them still recognise that people’s hard drives carry information about their lives and allegiances and income streams WICH SHE, BEING A CONSUMMATE RH TEIF, will always want to steal.

    Given her dearth of ideas.

    But look how the piss poor Dictator, BEING ARMED WITH THE CONTENTS, can only produce “shadows” e.g. a Ri Ri museum.

    AND IF SHE PRODUCES ANYTHING ELSE, oh well there are still Statutes that can be relied on for Theft under US law heheheheh

    Keep up the good work

    De ole man and me grandson watching heheheheh


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for you thank you


  • Does anyone proof read legal letters?

    Three of the island’s 17 newest Queen’s Counsel were admitted to the Inner Bar yesterday.

    And Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson has urged them to hold fast to the undertaking of being mentors, just as they were mentored as young lawyers.
    Husband and wife team of Supreme Court Registrar Barbara Cooke-Alleyne and Ramon Alleyne, who created history as the first married couple to become Queen’s Counsel, along with Acting High Court judge Alrick Scott, were admitted in a short ceremony where, in moving away from tradition, Deputy Registrar Joy-Ann Clarke read their letters of instruments in Supreme Court No. 5.
    Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite spoke on behalf of the Alleynes, while Sir Richard Cheltenham stood for Scott.
    Cooke-Alleyne and Scott will be otherwise engaged tomorrow, when the ceremony for the other 14 attorneys will be held.
    The three lawyers expressed their appreciation to those who had supported them throughout their journey. (Quote)

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Mr Blogmaster you initially made the point NOT to get caught up in the minutiae of the many issues the letter raised and look at the big picture of the piss poor process re 6 month delay for a basic response….

    So let me make my point by asking you this: what if the very existence of that letter is itself a major issue and to respond/acknowledge it OFFICIALLY would itself initiate even more procedural and other problems.

    I am merely reading the letter and making a blunt assessment there from …

    1.It is noteworthy is it not, that Smith QC claims his junior acted and performed SIGNIFICANT tasks on this case WITHOUT Smith’s awareness.

    Was Smith sick, otherwise incapacitated when these acts were done or is he delusional now ??

    2.Smith alleges, it seems, some serious wrong doing (fraudulently illegal really) by members of the courts …do you truly believe that such claims are so run of the mill that some standard response should be offered?

    And finally do we really believe that the ever vocal Smith QC (well maybe age as dimmed his bombast) would demur from filing suit to protect his interest if the claims made above were …as strong as he says.

    I am a forever skeptic with these guys Mr Blogmaster so although I get your big picture view this matter seems so wrought with serious allegations that I can fully appreciate the molasses like slow crawl …

    Something ain’t copacetic here!

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  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    What did Classic’s “One Song” say this year “Leroy Parris and Donville Inniss in one basket”

    I’d put this verbose matter in that self same basket.



    oh well, so what’s new…another TIEFING LAWYER from Barbados robbing overseas clients $800,000 dollars, keep this piece of shit in prison…with Vonda..


  • David
    Is Vernon Smith QC in receipt of a practicing certificate or is a registered member of the Bar Association?🤔🤣🤣


  • Given the frenetic activity of paid apologists on BU, this has been a very bad two weeks for the administration.

    One guy spinning on a wicket that is not taking spin and the other yapping and nipping at people as if he is the village pot-hound. A yard dog that is locked outside the gate and is chasing cars and passersby.


  • @enuff

    What does that have to do with the Registrar responding in a timely manner to a letter?


  • TheoGaz
    So the Registrar failed to reply to a letter and it is the government fault? Ok, you get through.
    Everytime you refer to me as a paid apologist it proves once again that you can’t address what I write and therefore have to resort to attacking me–a sign of weakness and capitulation– and, as I have repeatedly stated, you only read to respond and not to understand (or can’t). This constant refrain about me being a PA is an an attempt to insult and quiet me but it caant wuk. I will continue to state the facts and question the illogical pissery y’all post even if it means being a lone voice; because I enjoy watching wunna get hot and sweaty…me vs BU, bar the blogmaster, Lorenzo and a few others. Imagine if I were a paid PA with acess to all the inside info, I would be further shellings tho. There’s constructive criticism then there is hysteria, lies, egofowlism and yes–yardfowlism too. In closing, could you enlighten BU on the impact of the income tax changes that took effect from July 2019, or comment on the just announced revamping of the BYS? Show BU you’re not just parroting the Salemites talking points.🤣🤣


  • David
    Did I say so? I did not even read the scanned documents.
    Is this the same QC the BU intelligentsia/prosecution accused of having a hand in the death of the Smith lady few years ago? Vacillation and inanity heavy pon BU.🤐


  • Wuh Enuff…it looks like the topic of death is following yall everywhere. Me thinks it’s time to start scrolling past your comments too. I dont want anything yall conjuring and manifesting following me too…lol


  • Ignore.⛔🚫☣🐎


  • @enuff

    Do the blogmaster a favour and take the personal back and forth outside. Gone pass boring now. It is easy to delete comments although not preferred.


  • I much prefer talk about the tiefing lawyers especially the uppity QCs who believe they can do whatever they like with their clients, whose money they seem not to be able to stop colluding with defense lawyers in personal injury cases to steal…while victimizing their clients…..instead of working for them…no one is doing anything about these wicked lawyers, not enuff of them are being locked up..

    i am shocked to hear one actually said that he DECIDED years ago not to tell his clients upfront about the amount of legal fees he is entitled to until AFTER the case is done…am like who the hell does that.

    ..clients are ENTITLED to know upfront what their legal fees are ..seeing that their is a FEES SCHEDULE

    ..clients are entitled to know what these wicked lawyers are requesting or negotiating to settle on their behalf…but these want to keep the information AWAY from the clients and then they never know what is going on in their cases…

    that TOO needs to drop down on all these demons who think they are so special……like a ton of bricks..


  • David
    Note my response was ignore, so you didn’t have to tell me. You need to clean up the misinformation, propaganda and libelous as well. Thanks.


  • The day i post documents and information to FB and other social media sites about those personal injury cases that are used to victimize clients…there will then be something to REALLY WORRY ABOUT…

    me thinks that time is drawing closer and closer…and there are SO MANY SITES to post documents to…all across the world..

    until then…warning yall should be just enuff…but ya do not heed any warnings do ya…ya think ya so special…

    it is plain as day, the lawyers are crooked and very few work for their clients, it seems like every other week one is now in the spotlight….for tiefing land or money or some insignificant or irrelevant piece of material or paper money that they could live without..


  • @enuff

    The blogmaster has posted the position on the matter as well as to post the press conference which included the report by the COP several times.


  • David

    if you care to allow this-

    story updated by the British Press


  • I know no one is going to listen to me, but it is best to leave out that story, there is a lot going on and it is best the family and UK authorities deal with this, enjoying the show is one thing, getting too involved is another…especially when from the government to the police to most other people, do not have the facts of what happened and it appears everyone is just making it up as they go along in cover up mode, when the family obviously got the video that some people watched..

    the press in UK has the video and are talking about how distressing it is, too distressing to put out there, not even FB is allowing it..on their site.


  • Public Notice Only:

    Over 20 networks from Russia to Dubai, across Europe, Across North America and the Caribbean are carrying the 2 stories given by the Barbados authorities about this lady’s death by fire…. doubt me, the press secretaries can check it out themselves and see who is running the story.

    Stay tuned for more updates coming out of UK.


  • Ignore.⛔🚫☣🐎
    Just parroting.
    Looking to see where I said “the Registrar failed to respond to a letter and it’s the government fault”

    Seems as if I don’t even know what I wrote. Silly me.


  • Ya joining the ignore

    i haven’t had this much fun in years..

    ah wonder what next they will drop on us…..and tell us it’s something else..

    ah see they now have it all to do..

    exercise is good, keeps ya fit.

    Theo..looks like they are just gettig started .

    i will watch from a safe distance…me nah know none ah dem…


  • No words to describe this, now FB is making a meal of these 2 different stories surrounding this lady’s terrible death and both stories came from the police so the media…the real media…has no choice but to run with both stories so readers have the option to bellieve which one they want to believe.

    Now if we had said without proof that this is really happening, we would be called liars.

    But don’t mind me…am on the ignore list now.


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