DLP Accused of Using ‘Firewater’ Program to Sniff Voters List

The following was received from an anonymous person. The BU blogmaster will let this play and follow where it leads, for the moment – David, Blogmaster

I thought I would let you and the readers on BU, know about one of the Barbados Election Programmes used by the DLP to learn about voters in Barbados. It is called “firewater” and trust me when I say that no one in the DLP wants you to know about this because it has aided them in the past, and because no one in bim can handle the truth about what goes on around election time! How do they know what they know about you during election time?

Firewater came into light during the last 2013 election. It is a programme used to show the voters list and display information about all who are registered to vote in Barbados. In its most basic form, it is a database, with entries pertaining to ALL registered voters in Barbados. Information can be accessed from the database at any time without any clearance or authorization, and because we are talking about voters, access to information about the who’s who of Barbados is granted.

When was the last time you heard about firewater in the news?

You have probably never heard about firewater before because it has never been mentioned once by any member of the DLP because they do not want the public to be aware of what they have been doing with your information! With this programme everyone in Barbados is vulnerable! Firewater can access everything about a person such as National registration number, permanent address and polling district. It has information about every single person who is registered to vote in Barbados so that means even you. I am not aware of any laws regarding the use of information in such a programme outside of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission office(s) but I thought you would like to know.

Firewater is a programme that only the DLP has access to. I am doubtful that the other parties in Barbados have this kind of tool at their disposal. Anyone who is registered to vote can be found by name search, so it is very easy to find someone who is listed as a registered voter. That means anyone 18 years or older at the time of the last election. The database can pull up any one of the 380,000 names listed. No one in the DLP wants you to know about firewater so here is a perfect example of why no freedom of information legislation has been passed.

I have attached some photos of firewater in action. As you can see the database is quite extensive. Firewater was used in the last election in 2013 so I cannot tell you if it will be used again this time around. Firewater is only one of many ‘Barbados Electoral Programmes’ used by the DLP. Most likely, there will be some improvements to these  tools in the upcoming elections as the DLP also controls the government.

I don’t know what else to tell you about firewater other than the fact that this programme exists. Again, this could be one of those issues that borders on the line of legality or it could be completely illegal for the DLP to have compiled the voters’ information in such a manner. I guess it is a question of WHO has access to the database and WHO can use it for what purpose?! I want to caution who and every Barbadian that this is a very comprehensive list with access to your friends, and family’s information. It can be used by persons anyone, and on any computer outside the Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission office(s).


  • What I want to know, has the government paid any millions to SLC Cambridge Analytica to interfere in the 2018 election, if they did, how many millions have they paid and did any of those millions come from their usual election campaign finance bribers who already boasted about bribing both governments…..

    cause, that will be millions lost…lol….

    cause that money to SLC would have had to be paid UP FRONT

    cause with election in less than 70 days SLC cannot now deliver, ya know, the international investigation and all

    how deserving…


  • What is the population of Barbados? Is it 270000, 300000 or 380000?
    Having more names on the electoral register than there are citizens is a bad sign. Does the total number of votes equate with the number of citizens?


  • @Hal

    I noticed the same 380,000 number also, maybe there are either more Barbarians than we thought or maybe it’s electoral padding. More questions than answers.

    Attached Firewater program examples look impressive and detailed. Initial included data would appear to be general in nature, however detailed examination would be required to ascertain if anything is amiss. I would expect the electoral commission to be in possession of such a program.

    The source of the article would be more telling as it could be a competitive parties attempt at a RED HERRING.

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  • Is the data available in paper form for inspection at the Electoral and Boundaries Commission?

    It should be because citizens/voters could scan the data by eye and probably detect abnormalities.

    If enough citizens avail themselves of this facility it will be hard to hide abnormalities.

    This is also referred to as “nit picking”!!!

    You don’t need a computer to do it!!

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  • These types of Databases of Electoral Voters are widely used by various political organizations around the world. There is generally nothing sinister about such databases and the basic information contained in the database is typically supplied by an electoral commission of the voters in question.

    The main question in this case is the number of purported individuals listed as 380,000 as representing Barbados populace. It is generally considered that Barbados population is in the 280,000 to 300,000 range. A number of 380,000 could mean that their are a significant number of deceased individuals in the list as one explanation. If in fact the Electoral Commission is the source of the individuals in the database and the number is indeed 380,000 would raise some concerns.

    The DLP being in possession of such a database program is not in itself damning and I’m sure that the BLP also have their own version of “Firewater”.

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  • In one of the alleged photos, I see that there are 389,000 records. Though alarming, there must be some explanation for this anomaly. Also, if it is completely normal for the DLP to carry this kind of information in their arsenal, can I obtain a copy of this ‘firewater’ program and sell the data for a large lump sum?

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  • The 280-380K includes all ages.

    The Voters list should be far smaller than the total population.

    Children can’t vote.

    I seem to remember it used to be the 100K’s.

    Look at the 280-380K number again.

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  • Nit picking … but that’s how you solve problems!!

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  • I suspect the article is flawed in this regard!!

    Either that or the database is not one of voters but of the entire population, including Bajans abroad.

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  • So if you look at Ishmael in St. John on the first screen you will see “Not a Registered Voter”!!


  • This article is flawed numerically.

    The language is imprecise.

    Sorry to nit pick!!


  • It almost reads like the author has been consuming too much firewater … as in alcohol as the American Indians referred to alcohol!!

    BTW ….. what is today’s date …. April 1!!


  • If this “firewater” story is true……then it is much worse than vote buying.

    However, I over-heard an interesting conversation in which the following was mentioned:

    (1) People who have not voted in Barbados for several years are still on the voters’ list.

    (2) Some deceased people are still on the voters’ list because of some delay in notifying the EBC that these people are no longer with us. Names were called as examples.

    (3) A woman said her 8 year old son received a poling station notification.

    If this information is also true (I do have any information to substantiate these claims), then we are in some serious trouble.

    But it is safe to take these things with a “pinch of salt” and remember it’s “the silly season.”

    I even heard a UPP campaign manager saying the BLP paid “Natlee” to run in the City………

    ………..it’s part of the season.


  • ***** (1) People who live abroad and have not voted in Barbados for several years are still on the voters’ list.


  • Hmmmmmm…………I’m seeing a photo of Jeptar Ince and beneath is information pertaining to George Pilgrim.

    Silly season?????


  • If there is mention of 380K then we must be talking about the full population. So far the comments from the BU family squares with those of the BU household i.e. this firewater is wilting under the gaze of scrutiny.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    … But David surely u jest…re “this firewater is wilting under the gaze of scrutiny.” Good gracious me, what is this supposed leaked story if not to gravely warn – as @Pieces has with his Miami cop Don Johnson protagonist about voter list manipulation!

    1.ALL well-established political parties the world over will have dbase programs like this and that is not sinister; just great campaign management planning.

    2.ALL crooked political parties will ALSO attempt to use lists like this to create FAKE voters…

    We all know that approx. 150,000 people vote each cycle…in the vicinity of 65% of eligible voters…so with those quesstimates the total eligible voters is around 188K..

    …Thus if ANY party is playing ‘let’s scrub the voters list’ with a 380K list pool and then anecdotally we also here its sending a voter registration notice to an eight year old..then I suspect we are in #2: the crooked political party fake voter territory!

    Nothing wilting here…the base story of this FireWater application is a bland “duh” remark; but the overarching real story behind that is a freaking WTF.

    Incidentally, the govt recently approvef land payout monies for citizens that was outstanding since EWB acquired it but paid ‘rent’; then Tom stopped those periodic payments but never paid out the owners. In short…way back. Now Stuart doling out funds…

    The funny thing is that it would ☆NOT be strange if all of those folks vote DLP …. and I suspect they WILL …particularly the ones who have NOT lived or VOTED in BIM since Bree was PM.

    Insidious and nefarious is the gaze of scrutiny here! Let the people beware!


  • Firewater is a Database Management Software (DBMS) so the name is legit.

    Google Firewater Software Database Management.

    “Firewater is an open source scaleout RDBMS based on column store technology. It allows a cluster of commodity servers or virtualized cloud nodes to be used for fast response times on SQL and OLAP queries over massive datasets.”

    It’s the numbers that don’t sound right.


  • Are-we-there-yet

    John, It isn’t just the numbers that don’t sound right.

    Firewater would appear, from the information given in this blog, to be a relational Database Management System that is not necessarily specifically targeted to electoral data of importance to politicians. It seems to have the capabilty of linkage to other databases to extract targeted data on almost every conceivable aspect of the voters daily life once such databases could be provided by database owners for incorporation into the suite of databases linked to Firewater. I am thinking of databases such as; users / frequenters of BU; landowners in Barbados; people with police records; salaries of all government workers; contracts of all government agencies and their value; people with cars valued over $100,000; contributors to the political parties; members of political parties; felons; etc. etc.

    Of course such databases should be the confidential property of reputable agencies or companies and should not be available to any specific political party per se for use in its election campaigns, but can anyone in Barbados be absolutely certain that such databases could not be acquired by powerful people in our society? In the old days it was unlikely that a Systems analyst working at Department X would allow access to that department’s databases by some external non-official agent or agency. But could the same be said nowadays?

    With the exponentially increasing availability and power of personal Computers nowadays and even with the new information and how-to examples on the data mining activities of SCL and Cambridge Analytica, it is possible for even individual Programmers or Systems analysts to soon or now weaponize what might have been a harmless Freewater database that would have been developed only to provide easily accessible innocuous information from the Electoral department.

    It should also be noted that Firewater is not the only database management system that could be used for nefarious purposes. There are several others and it is quite possible that such databases are being used by the Political parties here, perhaps with the exception of the very small ones. to manage the targeting of spot visits and meetings; areas in their constituency; birthdays etc of constituents; location of their meetings, etc. etc.

    With the gradual improvement in sophistication in our data management systems, it is almost inevitable that the voting system in Barbados will become no less vulnerable to the incursions of home grown data mining and weaponizing “experts” than are the mega systems of the USA and Europe and the UK etc.

    The heads-up given by David’s anonymous “whistleblower” is therefore of importance especially if the current Government Party has been thinking along these lines.

    Could that be why Freundel Stuart and his band of non-performers have been sounding so confident that they will win an election that no rational person in Barbados considers that they can?

    Freundal Stuart may well have some firewater up his sleeve to distribute when the election happens at the latest date possible.


  • The voters list has ALWAYS been public information. The lists (in paper) are available at every public library and at the offices of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission. The list at the public libraries are in paper but printed on old fashioned computer paper with the sproket holes on the side, so clearly printed form a cmputer database.

    Since the lists are already public, and have always been so I have no difficulty with the DLP, BLP, PPP, Solutions etc. having access to my information since I also have access to their information. And in addition since the information is public ordinary citizens can check the lists and if there are dead people on the lists or if there are people who have long migrated. Ordinary citizens can draw these anomalies to the electoral and boundaries commission, to their MP’s and to the attention of the media.

    I’ve used the lists myself, although a lawyer/politician friend of mine seemed unaware that the lists are and have always been in the public domain.


  • @Hal Austin April 1, 2018 6:01 PM “What is the population of Barbados? Is it 270000, 300000 or 380000?
    Having more names on the electoral register than there are citizens is a bad sign. ”

    According to the 2010 population census:http://www.barstats.gov.bb/files/documents/PHC_2010_Census_Volume_1.pdf
    Barbados had a population of 277,821 people, but of course some of those people were minors:
    17,352 were aged 0 to 4 years, 18,835 were aged 5 to 9 years, 18,567 were aged 10 to 14. So none of these 54,567 people were enfranchised. In addition 18,870 were aged 15 to 19. Of these 18,870 it is likely that 11,322 are aged 15 to 17 and so cannot vote.

    So I would estimate that Barbados’ electoral list should contain about 212,032 people. That is a resident population of 277,821, minus 65,899 minors/legal children who are not enfranchised/cannot vote.


  • @John April 1, 2018 6:46 PM “Is the data available in paper form for inspection at the Electoral and Boundaries Commission?”


    Whenever a friend, relative or neighbour dies I make it my business to check that the Electoral and Boundaries Commission have removed them from the voters list. i scan the alphabetical list which is published in the daily papers, but when I go to the library I also scan the lists which are held there.


  • So the DLP knows my name, address and date of birth. How can they use that information to persuade me to vote for them? When I dun mek up my mind that I am not voting for them this time, that I did not vote for them last time, nor the time before.

    Too besides I still waiting pun my DLP Christmas hamper. Christmas gone, Erroll Barrow Day gone, Easter gone.

    Where my hamper?


  • It seems one of the opposing parties is running scared of a basic Access database with readily available information. Even the name “firewater”is a bit melodramatic.

    The games have begun!



  • @John April 1, 2018 7:22 PM “Either that or the database is not one of voters but of the entire population, including Bajans abroad.”

    The Barbados government does NOT census Barbadians who live abroad. The government does not have the capacity/money to do so. Some Barbadians resident abroad voluntarily register with Barbados Embassies/High Commissions/Consulates abroad, but such registration is NOT compulsory.

    In addition I expect that there are actually more Barbadians resident abroad that are resident at home. These people do not live here, pay little or no taxes here and should not vote here since they do not have to live with the result of their vote.

    But no doubt some are dishonest enough to vote here, and no doubt some of the political class would encourage such dishonesty/foolishness.


  • @Artax April 1, 2018 7:41 PM “(3) A woman said her 8 year old son received a poling station notification.”

    But does the 8 year old also in possession of an adult ID card?

    And can the 8 year old present that ID and persuade the polling officials that he or she is at least 18 years old?


  • I would not wonder if Bim ends up with 3rd term where Big Sinck rages through the island, steals the hope, the children´s toys and raises the National Socialist Plantation Tax (NSPT) to 30 % in order to “save the peg”.

    Even if MAM wins she will face at least 10,000 “blue” civil servants sabotaging this island in every possible way to pull down Bim and to sell out all Barbadians to Saudi Arabia and China.


  • Are-we-there-yet


    From the information provided here by John and others it seems that Firewater is not a simple basic Access database but a DBMS that is significantly more powerful than Access.

    On the face of it it seems that you might be right this blog is merely symptomatic of one of the opposing parties running scared but it could just as credibly be that same opposing party throwing out on the waters the disctinct possibility that Firewater or any other powerful DBMS could be used to do some of the things that Cambridge Analytica did for Donald Trump in the USA. The example having been set it becomes a simple matter for a good team of data analysts, programmers, biometricians and social scientists to develop a database system based on Firewater that would be able to do the precise targeting of electors that could reverse the tide of an election. Thus, eg,. precise microtargeting of individuals and groups might change a number of votes to the DLP’s way or to the BLP’s way.

    Indeed, I wonder if this simple information might not have been presented to the BU family, to warn an opponent that his party is aware that the DLP is weaponizing and getting ready to engage in a cyber war. Perhaps they need the maximum amount of time to get these new weapons ready and therefore the otherwise unexplainable delaying of the election.

    Who knows what is true?

    Except that the capacity exists in Barbados for homegrown cyber talent to mimic, even if not as professionally as Cambridge Analytica, the tools of that company in our small pond. Indeed, I would not be surprised if such tools have been used in previous elections?


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    It is of note that a few of you of whom De ingrunt Word aka DpD and Observing are two, have remarked that any printed list can be converted into an electronically manipulated list.

    It is also noted that the list has a seemingly inflated population above that stated in the CIA world fact book or the official census.

    So it brings the ole man to one understanding that the Miami Vice JOHNSON conflation of the final voter list WILL BE RELIED ON AND THE FALSE IDs WHICH HAVE BEEN PRINTED HAVE AND WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SO CALLED FINAL LISTS OF ELIGIBLE VOTERS.

    According to a particularly talkative source who, though he is a DLP candidate, is vex and seeking to undermine Fumbles, they believe that the declaration of the falsified lists will cause civil unrest to the degree that “THERE WILL BE CIVIL ACTIONS THROUGH WHICH THEY WILL BE ABLE TO INVOKE THE EMERGENCY POWERS ACT”

    De ole man would suggest that in order to cut the DLP off at the pass the BLP gets the most current list published in the newspapers in a week or two.

    What this will do is twofold.



    PRIME MINISTER MIA MOTTLEY can easily secure funding from the private sector to fund this pre emptive action


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster, grateful if you could retrieve my post from suspense thanks


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Ammmmmm…..should what is being shown be the extent of the DLP arsenal then they need to wheel and come again with this PissWater tool.

    What is being touted as relationships do not even begin to approximate what dbfs can do, or so De grandson tells me heheheheh

    The most that they, OR ANYONE IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CALIBRE OF THE SOFTWARE CAN DO is to impute a vote.

    And thereafter assign resources to confirm said person’s imputed vote as favouring them or conversely allocation specific resources to sway them as their supporters.

    Let de ole man be very clear.



  • Firewater is only the beginning. Do not forget the state of emergency triggered by the new “blue” GG.

    I do not believe in any regime change until MAM is in charge of the police, the military and the secret service.


  • How to rig an election

    In the digital age, democracy is becoming a delusion

    Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klaas

    Andrés Sepúlveda sleeps behind bombproof doors in a maximum-security prison in central Bogota, Colombia. When travelling to judicial hearings or to meet prosecutors, he is accompanied by a caravan of armed guards with serious firepower. As they move at high speed through the capital, the motorcade uses sophisticated equipment to jam mobile phones to lower the risk of a coordinated assassination attempt.

    Sepúlveda is one of the world’s most notorious election-rigging specialists. Now that he has been caught and put in jail, he is helping atone for his crimes by explaining how he fixed elections — and the people he used to work with want him dead.

    But Sepúlveda isn’t the only specialist in this field. The tools he was using are deployed around the world. They’re costly, sometimes scandalous, but often legal. The disruption of democracy has become a great global game, and it’s one that British companies are playing too.



  • We talk about Firewater while we voluntarily give all kinds of information to Facebook, WordPress and, indirectly, to these verminous organisations. In the UK the first thing HR departments do is to check on the social media of any job applicants. Other organisations do the same. And it is no use trying to use nom de plumes, they got your IPs. This along with the widespread use of mobile phones mean they know where you are 24 hours a day, what you have Googled, you have called, who called you. Security services I developed countries know almost everything about you, and they offer this service to poorer nations as part of the new imperialism.

    By the way, this new design is awful. A design that does not improve clarity for readers is a nuisance..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “birthdays etc of constituents”

    “Indeed, I wonder if this simple information might not have been presented to the BU family, to warn an opponent that his party is aware that the DLP is weaponizing and getting ready to engage in a cyber war. Perhaps they need the maximum amount of time to get these new weapons ready and therefore the otherwise unexplainable delaying of the election.”

    That is exactly what this is and am sure that the information is being sold to anyone who has the money to purchase, as politicians and ministers are famous for, selling everything. Padding voters lists with the names of deceased or non existent names to double or quadruple the population’s numbers is nothing new,

    Some years ago a young relative born on the island but was not raised there, in school in Europe, received a birthday card at an address in Barbados from Dumbville’s constituency office as soon as she turned 18, I went ballistic, because the then teen had no voter information on the island having not even been raised there and Dumbville is no paragon of virtue with his porn background, so I was definitely not amused nor impressed, not one little bit and was sure he got that birthday information from the ministry of education.

    Politicians should not have that much access to potential voter’s information for vote pimping purposes, or selling it to the highest bidders like the vile business people who having no scruples and are bound to use the information to target consumers…

    So obviously this has been happening for quite some time, they learned well from Cambridge Analytica who everyone now knows has been operating in the Caribbean for years.

    Hope they all end up in some prison too just like their teachers.


  • Simple Simon April 1, 2018 11:25 PM

    “The Barbados government does NOT census Barbadians who live abroad. The government does not have the capacity/money to do so. Some Barbadians resident abroad voluntarily register with Barbados Embassies/High Commissions/Consulates abroad, but such registration is NOT compulsory.(Quote)

    Do you understand the meaning of citizenship?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Are-we, you are dangerously conflating opposing concepts: pshychographic data mining and cyber warfare are not the same. Not by a long shot.

    What Cambridge did is frankly quite legal and legitimate and has been done by political parties since before Prince Machiavelli…Cyber warfare in most guises is simply a criminal activity attacking tech systems but in this context could be tangetially akin to @Pieces remark “that any printed list can be converted into an electronically MANIPULATED list”…emphasis on manipulation.

    Cambridge was able to take psychograhics to an awesome level because of the granular info available. The only problem with their action was as @Hal said in context OUR social media stupidity: we tell everyone our business.

    Simple loyal example: Magna Loyalty. Stop and think that through again for a sec. At some point every Bajan wanted a Magna card and very few ever stopped to accept that thus every freaking thing they did was captured by BS&T….Boatyard and various other clubs offered Magna discounts as I recall, so too of course the owners’ supermarkets …but then memberships at gyms, bookstores or sporting goods stores were available and on and on.

    Brain freeze…significantly possible psychographic data mining in our backsides.

    So yes absolutely it facilitates “precise microtargeting of individuals”. In our Bajan context can such data mining “change a number of votes to the DLP’s way or to the BLP’s way”…Well, it could…those folks for example who buy religious books and are so identified from their Magna loyalty might be targetted with anti lesbian ads…so yeah!

    I continue to agree with @Pieces that “the DLP is weaponizing” in the form of fraudulent IDs of Bajan expats, deceased citizens and those too young to vote. They have been working on that for a long time so this delay to call a date cant be linked to that. That actor Johnson was freaking good at his craft..he would have won an Oscar if he was ever nominated, fah sure!

    To be forewarned…they say, is to armed and ready.

    BTW, In the USA as much as 25% (90 million) of the entire population – so still likely larger % of voting eligible, non citizens considered- own Amazon Prime membership…Magna on steroids! The president is scared of Amazon CEO Beezos for the wrong reasons😁!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Oh by the way are there any whistle blowers out there who can advise the annual supplies expenditure of the Govt ID office downtown?

    Have more ribbons and security tape been bought in recent years and too more ID inventory as compared to the actual number of NEW IDs issued?

    Is any face recognition being sampled to see if visages are the same on multiple IDs….definitely a case for an ISO audit down there PRIOR to elections.

    I gone.


  • @Dee Word

    BU has posted on a few occasions that several hundred thousands dollars were spend about two years ago on a project to convert the National ID Card to a Smart Cart. It was put on hold when money ran out, however, a couple private contractors smiled all the way to the bank.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    If Fumbles Stuart AND MIAMI VICE JOHNSON are able to have their plan to permit Barbadians from the Diaspora Vote then he would have won the game.

    For whereas contesting parties can register a complaint against a voter’s eligibility in the specific constituency they can

    1.neither immediately gainsay that the virtual voter EXISTS nor

    2.Gainsay that the stated domicile of eligible registration IS A VALID ONE

    This is why they have changed the Chief Justice and now the Governor General




  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, fair enough. I am sure your friend @Pieces can extoll better than I that attempts extend even further back to go the smartcard route….but as you said someone always smiles with a wad of extra change!

    This entire Nat ID, DL and surely Ppssport is a big deal and we must have complete integrity in the system and the officials managing it.

    This talk of a 380K list tho linked to one political party and not the Electoral Dept itself is still very frightening.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    The augmentation of the list to 380k people is the count that is attributed to the Bajans in the Diaspora being allowed to vote


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Facebook scandal: Cambridge Analytica may be probed for breaking poll laws.”

    Most countries where this company operated are holding investigations, they reportedly broke internet laws in Trinidad the way voter information was mined.

    The beauty in all of this is …the company always demand their money in exchange for mischief UP FRONT…every election..ah wonder who is counting their loses in Barbados for the 2018 election.


  • Do we have overseas votes?


  • PieceUnder

    We have to keep it simple.

    Only one issue, a right to call, a right that only the people can trigger, no official or government involvement.

    Once a threshold number of signatures is garnered …….that’s it! An election in 30 days automatically, local or national.

    If we can get this right, then all other things will be added unto thee!

    BTW we do not think this government will be able to get people ‘over and away’ a right to vote this time around.


  • Right now if the right to immediately recall a government and ministers is legislated and enforced, that is a win, win for the people. as Pacha says that will strike an immediate balance and everything will fall right into place after that..

    Fruendolittle and his gang resorted to trickery to win an election instead of doing right by the people, now they can’t legislate anything with an expired parliament, they are making negative history and leaving a corrupt legacy instead, idiots.

    These two outdated political parties still insist on shoving the antiquated practice of voting for long dead premiers and prime ministers down the throats of voters with their sentimental nonsense, which is just more political trickery….they refuse to move forward and into a modern day progressive society, it’s disgusting.


  • As is being said on another thread and which I suspected from one of the resident idiot blogger’s comments on here yesterday, there is a silent movement afoot “by local and international” minorities to dislodge the present ministers definitely, as they deserve …….. and most likely the opposition is also seen as a threat to those little bit of minorities who seek to control the island.

    Should the opposition win the election and do not dislodge minorities permanently out of the people’s parliament and lives of the majority population, make changes and enforce laws that will permanently put these parasites in their places, they too will deserve what is being planned.


  • How will the DLP, if they are the culprit, be able to persuade Bajans overseas to vote? If you think about it, the DLP will have to pay the plane fare of thousands of Bajans eligiable to vote. Don’t see it happening.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    “I am currently in Broad Street on a cell phone”

    How can you disclaim that statement?

    Unless you request proof of life, you cannot disclaim it given my IP cloaking

    My point as per Voter ID validation is that any Bajan, having been issued the ID of another Bajan who is a “Diaspora dweller”, among the 100,000 eligible Diaspora dwellers, for whom MIAMI VICE JOHNSON HAS FACILITATED A FALSE ID, and a constituency of eligible voting, WILL BE ABLE TO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY

    The only issue is going to be the procedures related to objections AFTER THE ELECTION IS OVER and all the legal contests thereafter.

    It only takes 1,000 votes in any of 30 seats to make a difference in the outcome of these general elections and the current process permits for this fraud.

    That’s 16,000 false IDs to assist a DLP reinstatement.

    At $500 a vote that is $8 million dollars which, when we consider the $300 million they are purported to have teifed from the taxpayers piggy bank, IS CHICKEN FEED, isn’t it?



    And these IDs have pictures?


  • @awty and others
    Level 1. data has no power
    Level 2. information has some power
    Level 3. the ability to analyse information leads to potential power
    Level 4. shaping perceptions and mindsets based on analysis is where the real power lies

    This database at best is a level 3 scenario, if persons with the insights and understanding use it as such. At worse it is a level 2. Level 4 is the level of SCL and Cambridge where personal information (not just electoral) is gathered, analysed and manipulated to generate strategies, marketing and persuasive tools. No different than the process to make a Coke advertising campaign better than Pepsi.

    At the local level, some of this information is already sitting on the Facebook pages of both BLP and DLP (and subsidiary pages).

    Without going to deep, a good “analysis” can start the process of cross-referencing “likes” and “insights” and garner where the strengths and weaknesses are and best places to target. The internet has made us connected, but it has also made us vulnerable. Freedom, democracy and openness will always have a back door that can be exploited by those who wish to do so.


    P.S. I am certain that David already knows the “user profiles” of us bloggers. Thank God he believes in the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, the future in the distance, and the good that he can do.


  • Have Bajans ever heard of identity theft?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Yes the IDs do have pictures and since the facilitation of which De ole man speaks is Barbados ID falsification then we do have a problem

    Polling stations open at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.

    According to a much more valid internet source de ole man would wish to share this procedure for the active consideration of readers

    The procedure(s) follow(s)

    “ In the polling station voters are directed to the presiding officer or polling clerk, who asks the voter his or her name, [REQUESTS TO SEE THEIR VALID ID – de ole man’s insertion] checks that it is on the register, and places a mark against the register entry.

    This records that the voter has received a ballot paper but does not show which one.

    The officer or clerk gives the ballot paper an official mark before handing the paper to the voter. The official mark is intended to show that the papers placed in the ballot box are genuine.”

    Now, to any reviewer of this process, the reasonable question is “ what is the process of authenticating the ID OF THE ELIGIBLE VOTER IN THE POLLING STATION?”

    And therein lies the weakness of the system.

    If an “authentic ID” is presented to a polling clerk who has specifically been chosen because the representative of the political party is unable to effect a visual reconciliation of that “authentic ID”, then there is no discrepancy as per that ID

    1000 IDs of 1,000 eligible voters from the Diaspora who the DLP Chief of Immigration confirms are no ON ISLAND PRIOR TO ELECTION DAY, flowing into the election centers over the 720 minutes that they can vote ACROSS 500 buildings WELL I HAVE TO SAY “ HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM…”



    To discuss validating a vote based on he presentation of a National ID which is a piece of plastic sealed by a heat machine seems to be a nonsense.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    I am unsure of your last post Honourable Blogmaster

    I am unsure if you said and verily meant “to discuss validating a vote….is nonsense” or “validating a vote based on ID being nonsense…”

    Since you did in fact write the former I will err to believe that what you have written you have written.

    So how is it nonsense to write about such a blatant flaw in the bajan election process.

    Indeed if you are in fact stating that then the very kaleidoscope of blogs which attended the former BU design which highlighted Any of the instances where the Honourable Fumbles and others of his delinquent languishing party spoke to such false IDs discoveries, is it that you are saying that such assertions to be nonsense as well?

    Surely I am misunderstanding your statement…


  • @PUDYR

    Your translation is always on the side of literal. The comment is meant to convey that a Barbados ID that is put together with a heat machine searing plastic makes a mockery of the voting setup.


  • Forgive de ole man Honourable Blogmaster

    It is an anally retentive mind that concatenates your words in that specific sequence and arrived at that subtle difference in interpretation

    I have to be exact with things in my line of work and therefore have challenges with these sentences that have a dual interpretation

    I have come to realise that the powers that be like um so because it serves their interest to have these inefficiencies to abuse when it suits their purposes


  • The TT AG has decided for what it is worth to investigate this company. No such luck with the group we have here. The AG cannot even confirm if a former AG is qualified to practice law in Barbados. By the way, didn’t the DLP pass a resolution to ask the AG to rule on this matter?



  • @pieceuhderockyeahright April 2, 2018 10:32 AM “If Fumbles Stuart AND MIAMI VICE JOHNSON are able to have their plan to permit Barbadians from the Diaspora Vote then he would have won the game.”

    Bajans in the diaspora should not be permitted to vote because just as there should be no taxation without representation, they should be no voting for representatives by those who pay little or no tax in Barbados, and who in addition do not have to live with the results of their vote.

    Bajans in the diaspora must do the ethical thing and not vote in Barbados’ elections.


  • @Hal Austin April 2, 2018 3:50 AM “Do you understand the meaning of citizenship?”

    Yes I do.

    But since you clearly believe that there is something which I do not understand…

    What is it that you believe that I need to learn?


  • Just read the following on William Duguid’s Facebook page:

    William Duguid You can vote even if you do not have an I.d card as a copy of everyone’s card with photo is held at the station.


  • @de pedantic Dribbler April 2, 2018 10:01 AM “Well, it could…those folks for example who buy religious books and are so identified from their Magna loyalty might be targetted with anti lesbian ads…so yeah!”

    So who tell you that being a lesbian, homosexual transsexual, bisexual, transgenger, intersexual, or two spirited means that a person is not also a devout church goer who buys religious books.

    Certainly in my Christian church there are a good number of homosexual and bi-sexual people, who have been for their whole lives devout members of the congregation. The church can’t open without them.

    So being LBGTI2 and being a devout Christian are not mutually exclusive.


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright April 2, 2018 2:47 PM “That’s 16,000 false IDs to assist a DLP reinstatement.”

    So you are telling me that there are 16,000 Bajans willing to sell their vote?


  • I’ve worked as a polling clerk multiple times here and away and each time and in each place picture identification was carefully checked, by looking at the ID, looking at the real-real face, then looking at the ID again.


  • Good evening.
    Not sure if the procedure is legal, but last time I voted, the Ballot came from a book with a stub, the ID# was written on both ballot and stub….is this the mark PUDRYR alluded to?… “certainly a determination can be made of who voted for who.

    On the subject of validation, can additional current “proof of address” by way of a bill, job letter, or some legitimate correspondence be requested and lodged by contesting parties and individuals and a photo taken at the receipt of the ballot?…certainly that will have to be on the statue books.

    Sad, that a simply case of integrity and transparency must find ways and means to thwart corruption.


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Dr Simple Simon,

    …and the $64k question after the examination of the ID that is thusly presented AND EXAMINED as you described , when the ID has been falsified at source, AS WITH THE BARBADOS PASSPORTS THAT GOT THE FORMER HEAD OF IMMIGRATION KILLED AT HIS HOME IN BUTLERS AVE RATHER UPPER SYNDICATE ROAD IN SPOONERS HILL, what happened then?

    As to your question as to whether 16,000 Bajans would sell their vote I would answer why?

    Why do I need to hire 16,000 Bajans when I can hire 4,000 of wunna hungry economically disadvantaged peeples and print each of wunna four different identities…and give wunna §§§ to clean the indelible ink off wunna index finger heheheheh

    @ nine of nine

    The internet narrative was not explicit about the mark and as per your step of the marking of the voters ID on the ballot and stub that is a valid step which they did not record

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster.

    One may have to confirm Duguids message cause a feller tell me dat he very wrong and if you ent got your ticket, in this case your ID you ent got a chance TO VOTE


  • Simple Simon April 2, 2018 8:20 PM

    What is it that you believe that I need to learn?(Quote)

    What citizenship means.


  • PLC,

    Is there a link between any latest IT work done in BB and CA?


  • @ Nineofnine
    Not sure if the procedure is legal, but last time I voted, the Ballot came from a book with a stub, the ID# was written on both ballot and stub….is this the mark PUDRYR alluded to?… “certainly a determination can be made of who voted for who.
    For ten years now Bushie has been raising this issue on BU, and, led by David(BU), they have been dismissing it as trivial. Now everyone is on about a simple use of a database that can only influence idiots anyhow.

    What the situation that you highlight does, is allow the Government to put together a database of who voted for them, who voted against them, and who did not vote.
    This can then be used to decide who is appoint to Boards, who is promoted, who gets sidelined, and who get big contracts.
    The fundamental problem that has wrecked Barbados is that of INCOMPETENCE … which came from partisan political appointments RATHER than merit based appointments having been the order of the day.

    If it was NOT KNOWN how people voted, it would have been be MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to F*** up the whole country in such a short time as Froon and Stinkliar has done….


  • Bushie

    Yours is too simplistic.

    On the inside, there are people you get contracts, are protected, knowing that they will never vote in certain ways. Familial connections and the like.

    These to us are more portentous that the generalized narrative.


  • The fundamental problem that has wrecked Barbados is that of INCOMPETENCE … (Quote)

    Thank Heavens that at least one person, even if anonymously, has realised what is the Bajan disease. Not corruption, but incompetence. This is an epidemic that runs right through the entire society.


  • @Bush Tea & Hal
    You are completely correct about incompetence being a fundamental problem that is wrecking Barbados. We need to fix the corruption as well because if the powers that be became competent while still being corrupt they would be much more effective at stealing.


  • Ethical behaviour is part of competence. Insecurity encourages corruption. Most people do not set out to be corrupt.


  • The nastiest of corruption, corrupt government ministers and politicians accepting campaign finance from white criminals, corrupt white criminals posing as wealthy business people, no wonder so much land gets stolen and ministers can do nothing but stay corrupt through each 5 year term.

    “(among other unsavory things) to sway a Sri Lankan election by having “someone posing as a wealthy developer come in” to “offer a large amount of money to the candidate to finance his campaign in exchange for land,” his purported dirty tricks may have struck some as so devious-sounding as to be unbelievable. Perhaps, as the company at the center of Facebook’s ongoing privacy controversy claimed after Britain’s Channel 4 released the video, Nix was just playing along with a potential client. That’s a convenient explanation for the company, but it ignores one thing: The tactics Nix described aren’t so different from the kind of things that Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL Group, has reportedly used in the past. Its purported activities in the Caribbean over the past decade or so might be particularly instructive.”


  • Thanks for your erudite intervention Peter. Not sure why some will seek to diagnose the problem to a single issue.


  • All am asking, and it seems I have been asking for days…who besides the DLP government is counting millions of dollars in LOSSES after paying SCL/SLC what’s the difference, UPFRONT….to interfere in the 2018 election in Barbados..lol

    is that too much to ask….ah want to know, ah go find out and when I do it will be blasted across the world, yall trying to keep me in the dark and I will have none of it, I tell you.


  • Someone from Indar Weir team call my home number to ask for support. How they get my info?


  • Besides Fruendeidiot could have called elections early just as other countries did, but no, he wants to make history, well lets see here, that history is going like this….ya already paid SCL/SLC UPFRONT to come up with a big scam….like 6-8 months ago…….brings to mind the old lady on the side of the bus who got tricked in 2013 just like the electorate with SCL/SLC at work…did not see it myself, but ah heard, ask Piece…..that was Phase 1.

    Phase 2 is taking campaign finance money, millions of dollars worth from some white foreign crook(s) posing as a wealthy business man in exchange for land or they controlling the sale of Cajan passports to white people scam, and a bet these retarded ministers dont know and could care less who is really behind that money and is running that scam from thousands of miles away….true licorish, hand to mouth house negros…so let’s presume ministers already got the campaign finance money….and WILL LOSE THE ELECTION.

    Phase 3…making history..lol

    remember how confident yardfowls were on here, they were cussing everybody on the blog everyday, they are all now very silent like they never existed, ah hope they got sold for the people’s millions in campaign finance cause the whole shit went sideways.


  • What is particularly bad, the citizens need land to plant food, but the ignoramuses for ministers and politicians grudgingly keep the land in a bank growing cow itch and bush, just waiting for some white man in a shirt and tie or some monkey suit to enter and bribe them to give away the land for very little or nothing, land that can go to the people as I said months ago when some cretin was on here trying to convince us why government should control the land, like the crook that he is, the people should control the land..

    well, let’s hope there are a lot more politicians, ministers and their yard fowls ..in Barbados and across the Caribbean on tape just like Grant from St. Kitts, selling out people and country for very little…what a thing..lol


  • Not even the use of FIREWATER can save the DEMS!


  • Solutions Barbados and the DEMS think the BLP foolish. Call the elections and you will hear the BLP ideas for bringing Barbados out of this DLP created mess.


  • How come Solutions Barbados and the DEMS want the BLP to come with ideas so desperately? Is it that they waiting to twist the BLP ideas and deceive BARBADIANS as usual?


  • @Roverp

    Are you listening to these humbugs on VOB?

    I had to laugh at Kim Tudor………why did she get involved in politics at this stage……….she is saying that the BLP need to stop calling for the election and bring solutions.

    Does she know that the people of Barbados are without representation? March 6 has gone and the DLP no longer has a mandate from the people of Barbados to govern them.

    Never again should this country be held to ransom by a wicked leader.


  • Right, Colin….ignore this humbug Grenville and deal with the issues.

    I cant wait for this election so that I no longer have to hear from these humbugs. As soon as he opens his mouth, he is attacking the BLP as if the BLP is the government……….SMH.

    He supposedly has a beef with the BLP but the person that has caused him stress and grief is no longer in this party……..deal with the individual not MAM.

    Not one seat for Grenville………that will shut him up.


  • This is directed to Ms. Tudor and Paul and Grenville of Solutions candidate who feel that the rush for elections is not urgent and the opposition party should concentrate on letting the electorate know what the party plan to do. Ideas have been constantly mooted by UPP, Solutions and BLP with its draft manifesto. So what is the problem – should a Performa Manifesto with details be submitted? Elections should have been called unless the house is in disarray. This is not about being lawful….it is the behaviour of being lawless.


  • Wendell Callendar needs to stop!! Just shouting, rhetoric and hot air. A man that is now associated with the 4th or 5th political party and calling for change…lmao.


  • That sell out Grant did not even do the math, he just heard 1.5 million US in his personal account and his head started to spin, he only recovered long enough to ask for 1.7 million US…peanuts for 200 ACRES of prime property…he was giving away everything, lock stock and island…the white man was No.1 with a surety, the very same thing the desperate house negros do in parliament…the majority population don’t stand a chance with these black judases.


  • “Someone from Indar Weir team call my home number to ask for support. How they get my info?”

    @ Kevin

    Perhaps Indar Weir and the DLP are sharing the firewater system.


  • Enuff

    I was impressed with the UPP until Lynette accepted the three humbugs…….David Gill, Maria Agard and Wendell Callender.

    Wendell Callender is a disgruntled humbug who seems to believe he has a right to be elected to parliament..


  • @Pieceuhderockyeahright April 3, 2018 12:29 AM “give wunna §§§ to clean the indelible ink off wunna index finger heheheheh.”

    But, but, but… no indelible ink is placed on fingers, at least on none of the elections in which I have ever voted.


  • As as for the indelible ink, people suggest everything from coconut oil, to hand sanitizer to washing the dishes.

    I don’t think that any of our boys on the block who are most likely to sell their vote engage in dish washing (what are mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends for?)

    So I would suggest that the polling clerks smell the hands of the electorate, especially the young male electorate and if they smell too clean…


  • @Artax April 3, 2018 1:18 PM ““Someone from Indar Weir team call my home number to ask for support. How they get my info?”

    Perhaps like me you have been listed in the phone directory under the same name, number and address for 40 years or more?

    The parties always call me [too late] to ask whether I need a lift to the polling station. I always say no, because by the time they have called I have done voted already, done a full 8 hours day’s work, and cooked for my family.

    The political parties, all of them, are not very efficient.

    I try to vote before 6:15 in the morning on any giver election day, so I don’t now why they call at my place at 5 in the evening.


    And beside I don’t want to take anything from any of the political parties…fellas arrogant and if you take their stuff pretty soon they start to act as though they own you, getting on disrespectful and ting.


  • @Hal Austin April 3, 2018 1:34 AM “What citizenship means.”

    Ethical citizenship means that you do not vote in a country where you have for lived for 5, 10, 15, 20…40, 50 years.

    Ethical citizens understand that you do not vote in an election in which you do not have to live with the result of the election because you do not live in that place.

    Ethical citizenship means that you do not vote in an election in a place to which you have paid little or no taxes for 5, 10, 15, 20…40, 50 years..

    I don’t know where you learned your citizenship, but Ilearned mine from my father, who first voted in the 1951 election, but who did not vote in the 2003 election because as he carefully explained to each puzzled candidate who came .

    “I will be dead soon after this election, so I must not vote because I won’t live to experience the result of my vote, so it would be wrong to vote”

    He could not be persuaded to act unethically.

    That for me is ethical citizenship.

    i doubt very much that there is anything that you can teach me about ethical citizenship.


  • David…

    You’ve heard of Cambridge Analytica. Correct?


  • Simple Simon April 3, 2018 2:15 PM

    I am not a teacher, no matter how ignorant the person may be. By the way, no matter how long you live outside the US, citizens must still pay their taxes. So payment of taxation equates with citizenship?
    How does that differ from nationality? Does place of birth have any importance? Does length of residence, whether citizen or not, entitles one to a vote? The US, Australia and many other nations (Guyana changed theirs years ago) give votes to citizens no matter where in the world they live. Does this matter? How about other resident Commonwealth citizens?


  • Yes Chris, why?


  • This is funny to watch.

    People anxious about a completely normal electoral roll while willingly leaving a breadcrumb trail of personal data all over soshal meeja. Tickles me


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