DLP Accused of Using ‘Firewater’ Program to Sniff Voters List

The following was received from an anonymous person. The BU blogmaster will let this play and follow where it leads, for the moment – David, Blogmaster

I thought I would let you and the readers on BU, know about one of the Barbados Election Programmes used by the DLP to learn about voters in Barbados. It is called “firewater” and trust me when I say that no one in the DLP wants you to know about this because it has aided them in the past, and because no one in bim can handle the truth about what goes on around election time! How do they know what they know about you during election time?

Firewater came into light during the last 2013 election. It is a programme used to show the voters list and display information about all who are registered to vote in Barbados. In its most basic form, it is a database, with entries pertaining to ALL registered voters in Barbados. Information can be accessed from the database at any time without any clearance or authorization, and because we are talking about voters, access to information about the who’s who of Barbados is granted.

When was the last time you heard about firewater in the news?

You have probably never heard about firewater before because it has never been mentioned once by any member of the DLP because they do not want the public to be aware of what they have been doing with your information! With this programme everyone in Barbados is vulnerable! Firewater can access everything about a person such as National registration number, permanent address and polling district. It has information about every single person who is registered to vote in Barbados so that means even you. I am not aware of any laws regarding the use of information in such a programme outside of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission office(s) but I thought you would like to know.

Firewater is a programme that only the DLP has access to. I am doubtful that the other parties in Barbados have this kind of tool at their disposal. Anyone who is registered to vote can be found by name search, so it is very easy to find someone who is listed as a registered voter. That means anyone 18 years or older at the time of the last election. The database can pull up any one of the 380,000 names listed. No one in the DLP wants you to know about firewater so here is a perfect example of why no freedom of information legislation has been passed.

I have attached some photos of firewater in action. As you can see the database is quite extensive. Firewater was used in the last election in 2013 so I cannot tell you if it will be used again this time around. Firewater is only one of many ‘Barbados Electoral Programmes’ used by the DLP. Most likely, there will be some improvements to these  tools in the upcoming elections as the DLP also controls the government.

I don’t know what else to tell you about firewater other than the fact that this programme exists. Again, this could be one of those issues that borders on the line of legality or it could be completely illegal for the DLP to have compiled the voters’ information in such a manner. I guess it is a question of WHO has access to the database and WHO can use it for what purpose?! I want to caution who and every Barbadian that this is a very comprehensive list with access to your friends, and family’s information. It can be used by persons anyone, and on any computer outside the Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission office(s).

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  1. Fractured Liar…yall had a whole year leading up to election date, yet to be called, to train polling staff and retrofit polling stations…

    Browne of Antigua called his election nearly 2 years before it was due a snap election….. and he had all of that ready.

    Yall were waiting to retrofit tricks to deceive the electorate and steal the election, tricks Cambridge Analytica were not done preparing before they got exposed worldwide and so did yall dishonest, vicious demons….making history..lol

    Bajans now know everything, including Fruendolittle telling voters to sell their votes so they can be locked up.

  2. CORRECTION: Ethical citizenship means that you do not vote in a country where you have NOT for lived for 5, 10, 15, 20…40, 50 years.

    Utter nonsense. So a person who is overseas struggling to help his family in Barbados, whose navel string is actually well planted in the island, an owner of property and a payer of taxes should not be able to vote because he is out of the island. And a man on the island who is sucking on the public tits (teats) and contributing nothing is a better citizen and has more rights,

    A CBI gets more rights because he greased a few palms.

    A road to foolishness. Utter nonsense,

  3. I guess if you are out 40 years and you rush in and grease a few palms you can become a CBI and perhaps vote. Is that ethical?
    Let’s not start dividing citizenship into different categories . Focus on the unethical citizens who are on the island.

  4. Migration is a release valve for the island. It is not our fault that only the rich and the sheep remain at home.

  5. Gazer…not your fault either that there is a decades old practice by both political parties to chase and squeeze their brightest, most creative people off the island so that the house negros in parliament can please, appease and enrich minority parasites with opportunities, instead of their own people, it is a curse and blight both governments carry, stagnating and building barriers so black business people are forever unable to progress and build large businesses, both black governments are skilled at those crimes against their own, so most bajans have no choice but to lesve the island….ask Ha, Ha Jackass Austin why he left Barbados in the 60s and 50 years later typing nonsense from behind the safety of a computer in UK…the idiot.

    It’s very difficult to trust these two old political parties with the future of the majority population, they are both practiced sell outs.


    Retrofitting tricks to tief the election.

    “However, she charged that the Constitution did not contemplate that Stuart would take advantage of the 90-day period “to govern with business as usual”.

    “I ask the public servants of Barbados to remember therefore, that it is you who must help to keep the Government accountable,” she stressed.

    Sounding like someone who was confident that the BLP would form the next Government, Mottley asked the public servants, to “ensure that what we find on the day after elections is not a debasing or a sell-out of this country’s assets and of this country’s resources”.

    “This Government will use the power of incumbency to create opportunity and support for themselves and their candidates,” she contended.

    “They’re calling up people who they know and telling them ‘come and get sort out’ [for National Housing Corporation housing units].”

    She said attempts will be made to pave “every road in St Philip” and beginning today, “warrants [to spend] will come up to the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Finance will send back down the money to each Government department and to each statutory corporation.

    “I am asking the public servants of Barbados to protect the public interest. We are in dangerous uncharted territory,” she stressed.”

  6. I must apologize to those who remain on the island and participate in ‘nation building’. Indeed, some remain at home and fight to make Barbados a home for it citizens. To those, I apologize. Soldier on. Your efforts are appreciated.

  7. “Simple Simon April 3, 2018 2:00 PM: @Artax April 3, 2018 1:18 PM ““Someone from Indar Weir team call my home number to ask for support. How they get my info?”

    Simple Simon

    You have incorrectly attributed the above comments to me when, in actuality, it was “Kevin” who wrote the comment as follows:

    “Kevin April 3, 2018 11:45 AM: Someone from Indar Weir team call my home number to ask for support. How they get my info?”

    Please read the contributions carefully and thoroughly.

  8. Still trying to wrap my head around this jackass politician from St. Kitts selling out his island to some random white person he dont even know for the tiny amount of US1.7 million for 200 acres of land….the greedy little sell out did not even walk with a calculator, did not even attempt to do the math in his head or he would realize he would never had even entertained selling anyone of the black citizens in the tiny St. Kitts population one acre for the price he was willing to take from the white dude per acre, because he was getting a lump which is a pittance when you actually do the math.

    disgraceful…and the company still has the video up for the world to see how easy it is to buy and sell black Caribbean politicians…disgraceful.

    I have always disliked politicians and thought them slimy, leaking slime, this one proves me right on so many fronts, we have always known them to be sell outs, but actually seeing how petty, trifling and cheaply they prostitute themselves on video, while otherwise pretending to be religious and respectable…it is really numbing and nauseating..

    and the cheap hoe can’t even pretend he is suing for defamation, he made a whole movie..lol.

  9. “Still trying to wrap my head around this jackass politician from St. Kitts selling out his island to some random white person he dont even know for the tiny amount of US1.7 million for 200 acres of land….”

    I believe you did not read the report thoroughly or understood its content.

    I have seen you post information relative to Cambridge Analytia and that company’s involvement in the elections of some Caribbean islands.

    Firstly, the politician (Opposition Leader Lindsay Grant) DID NOT SELL any parcel of St. Kitts’ land to a foreigner for US$1.7.

    As you may know, Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix was suspended from the firm after an “undercover” Channel 4 journalist recorded him on camera trying to manipulate elections in Sri Lanka by having an individual impersonating a wealthy investor approach a candidate and offer to finance his campaign in exchange for land.

    Apparently, Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL Group, engaged in similar activities during the 2010 St. Kitts & Nevis general elections. According to the New York Times, the SCL Group, working for then Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, allegedly mounted a sting operation against SKN Opposition Leader Lindsay Grant at a Marriott hotel, where Grant was recorded on camera, agreeing to sell land British investor at under market value, in exchange for a US$1.7M DONATION to his election campaign.

    SCL also worked on the 2011 re-election campaign of then St. Lucian PM Stephenson King, who subsequently lost. It was reported by Bloomberg that, if King had won the elections, SCL was supposed to “receive a $1.9 million contract from St. Lucia to run a public health ad campaign against smoking and obesity, a million of which would be used for the health ads while the other $900,000 would have been back pay for the company’s work on the election.”

  10. Although many in this forum seem not to be fond of SVG PM Ralph Gonslaves the following excerpt from an article written by April Glaser in the March 29, 2018 edition of “The Industry”…….. may be of some interest to BU, as it relates to how the SCL Group was “employed” to manipulate the 2009 Constitutional referendum:

    Before SCL had dealings in St. Kitts and Nevis, in 2009 the company worked on a major referendum campaign on the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to defeat an attempt to establish a new constitution to replace the one that had been enacted when the country became independent from British rule in 1979.

    Had the new referendum passed, it would have installed a number of new (often odious) provisions, including rules that opened elections to dual citizens and that legal marriage could only exist between a man and a woman.

    The referendum also would have ended Queen Elizabeth II’s symbolic reign over the Caribbean country, but the measure failed to get the two-thirds majority it needed—thanks, at least in part, to help from SCL Group, according to accusations at the time from Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, who in 2010 said the campaign to defeat the referendum had hired SCL to run a smear campaign against him.

    Gonsalves further claimed that his rival James Mitchell—the founder of the country’s National Democratic Party and a former prime minister—held an advisory role on SCL’s board, an allegation Mitchell didn’t deny when asked by a reporter from the Guyana Chronicle. Mitchell is also listed as a member of SCL’s advisory board in a Bloomberg profile.

    Later in 2011, in presentation materials seen by the Times of London, SCL admitted it worked against Gonsalves with a “targeted digital attack,” meaning that “within three weeks every single reference to him on the first two pages of Google … referred to the candidate’s horrific track record of corruption, coercion, rape allegations and victimisation,” the presentation read.

  11. Art…give it a rest, show me where I said HE SOLD the land, the little sell out thought he was talking to an investor who would give him 1.7 million US to put in an account he had in another Caribbean island, instead he was talking to a journalist…his dream of selling 200 acres of land for very little for campaign financing never materialized.

    Maybe you should watch the video again.

    All he got for his deceit and treachery was EXPOSED.

    next you will be telling me he was just pretending to sell land that is not his…..so explain why the video is still up.

    And if you read other Bloomberg articles, you would see where Cambridge Analytica also demanded payment UPFRONT before introducing sell out politicians to “rich investors”….there are many articles on the subject out there to read, you are quoting one only.

  12. And you now trying to exonerate the creep Gonzalves is a joke, all the things he accused the opposition of doing he himself did…google the business people now charged in the US for stock fraud, they all hold St. Vincent passports..bought under the passports sold to investors scam…and as ya can see, he is well known for being a creep..

  13. This is the real world, no exonerations for corrupt governments, prime ministers, ministers nor politicians, everyone is being exposed, and if when caught the 50 million dollar criminals want lighter prison sentences…they will talk and call mucho names.

    St. Kitts had one of those crooks who bought a passport from them, when he was arrested in US in some criminal scam, St. Kitts immediately revoked the passport…..fill in the blanks. .

    Vincentian woman, firms indicted on $50m fraud in New York …
    https://www.iwnsvg.com › News
    Mar 3, 2018 – A Vincentian woman and two companies based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are among six individuals and four corporate entities indicted in the United States in international securities fraud and money laundering schemes amounting to US$50 million. Linda Bullock, 57, along with Loyal Bank,

    $50 million securities fraud charges lead to insolvency for UK broker …
    Mar 5, 2018 – The charges allege that Beaufort Securities facilitated at least ten “pump and dump” schemes involving U.S. publicly traded stocks, generating over … Hungary and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines); and Loyal Agency and Trust Corp., an off -shore management company located in Saint Vincent and the

  14. I don’t want to engage in any argument with you because you have this way of shifting to goal post to prove you are always right.

    However, I must apologize for interpreting your comment re: “Still trying to wrap my head around this jackass politician from St. Kitts SELLING OUT HIS ISLAND TO SOME RANDOM WHITE PERSON HE DONT EVEN KNOW for the tiny amount of US1.7 million for 200 acres of land……”

    ……..to mean you implied “HE SOLD the land.”

    You must forgive me for thinking that “this jackass politician from St. Kitts SELLING out his island to some random white person he dont even know,” meant he was actually selling the land……….

    ……….and THINKING of selling it.

    Please accept my apologies.

  15. If you watch the video Art…and read the information on the screen at the same time, you will see where he did SELL OUT HIS OWN PEOPLE FOR 1.7 Milliom US….he agreed to sell 200 acres of land, he did not say NO..he asked how much…so yes he sold out land not belonging to him…he just got nothing in return because he is the typical dumb black man, am sure he gave up an account number to the Journalist “investor” and everything for the wire transfer…waiting in vain.

    the journalist specifically asked him, how much after he asked the dude what he had in mind, journalist says US1 million,then 1.5 million… sell out says no…1.7 Million US…a transaction…you cannot spin that enough to change the facts….sorry he did not end up in prison, but it finished his political career for selling out.

    Ah know the most ignorant among you dont see that as selling out but it is, just as you dont see what your politicians and ministers do as corruption and selling out, but it is….inabliity to interpret reality and facts got everyone looking corrupt.

  16. And surprise, surprise, the idiot Grant who got caught on tape selling out his own people….. is a lawyer..lol

  17. in the spirit of sharing information, which any 3rd year law student can tell you, there was a verbal agreement to sell 200 acres of land and making sure the white man got top priority when Grant was elected, which he was pretty sure he was going to be.

    what I suspect Cambridge Analytica did in the Caribbean was hedge their bets, play all political parties against each other, so the company would not suffer any losses, the minority crooks on the island do it every election, give both DLP and BLP campaign financing, whoever wins the election, the briber comes out the winner…. all they had to do is send in different people offering campaign financing or in the minorities case, bribes….who would know the difference…a win, win..for Cambridge, no matter who is elected.

    That is why passports still got sold in St. Vincent no matter who won the election.

  18. They come with all types of scams which are nothing more then thefts and capitalism wrapped up to look as something else like philanthropy, they are some British crooks in Barbados pretending to be philanthropists, stupid African and Latin American presidents and Caribbean ministers and politicians fall for these lies and scams and get punked as they deserve, because they never learn, but it’s the people who always suffer..

    that is why Bolivia’s president kicked everyone of these evil bastards out of his country.

  19. Wow…..I’m now more confused than ever…….

    Please bear with me because, as you know, I’m not the “brightest bulb” in this forum (ask Hal Austin).

    You asked to “show (you) where (in your original comment you) said HE SOLD the land”………. thereby implying that you NEVER mentioned anything about land being sold.

    ……..but you subsequently wrote on April 4, 2018 1:01PM:

    “If you watch the video Art…and read the information on the screen at the same time, you will see where he DID SELL OUT HIS OWN PEOPLE FOR 1.7 Milliom US….he agreed to sell 200 acres of land, he did not say NO….he asked how much…so yes he sold out land not belonging to him…he just got nothing…”

    ………making it appear as though you are essentially admitting that you previously wrote Grant SOLD the land.

    Under these circumstances your comment re: “Ah know the most ignorant among you dont see that as selling out, but it is” may be applicable to me.

    However, in the interest of clarity, would you care to explain to me how a VERBAL AGREEMENT to sell “out land not belonging to him…..”

    ………could be INTERPRETED as an ACTUAL sale or selling “out his own people for US$1.7M…….especially under circumstances where Grant was supposed to receive US$1.7M campaign financing if, upon wining the elections, he agreed to facilitate the sale of the land a “British investor” at an under-valued rate.

    I believe everyone in this forum would understand if you simply admitted you made an error. After all, human beings are imperfect.

  20. I did not make any error…I know what I said, you are the one tying up yourself, I asked you to show me where I said he sold the land, you showed. me where I said it, I showed you where he sold not only the land…but his own people.

    Now show me where he DID NOT sell the land and his people.

    when you are through with your fantasies that he was only “thinking of selling the land”….face some reality.

    I am not the one who meets with white people to sell yall out, it is clear Grant did not even do a background check on the journalist “investor” before promising him the whole of St. Kitts, google it’s size, tiny island..not unlike your own ministers who never do background checks on white investors…Del Mastros come to mind.

    had the dude been a real investor, had Grant won that election and not honoured that agreement which would by then been in written contract form with voice and video to back up an investor, because he was not dealing with an idiot like himself…you would have seen the lawsuit.

    yall like to back up and protect crooked politicians too much…that is why the island is in it’s present state, you get the leaders you deserve.

    it would not kill you to say Grant is corrupt…he dont even know you and you have nothing he wants…Art

  21. Art….word of advice, stop trying to make every issue about me….you will never win.

    I dont think that is why the blog exists.

  22. And go and take ya meds, it’s obvious ya having one of your psychotic breaks/meltdowns, I can always tell when they are coming on, ya always turn up with pure shit.

    ah heard Risperidone is real good.

  23. I must apologize that my asking you to explain an issue you raise and certain contradictions in your comments, which I did not understand……..made you believe I was “trying to make every issue about (you).”

    It would be “fool hardy” for an idiot such as me, to expect to challenge someone such as you, who possess the wisdom, intelligence and superior intellect (which you so often demonstrate in this forum)……..and win.

    And you demonstrated those attributes by recognizing that my asking you for a simple explanation “is pure shit,” and concluding I am one of those individuals that “like to back up and protect crooked politicians too much,” even when I did not mention it…….pure genius.

    And you are correct that “it would not kill (me) to say Grant is corrupt……(after all) “he dont even know (me) and (I) have nothing he wants…..”…….thanks, you definitely “put me in my place.”

    It would be very remiss of me if I did not thank you for the diagnosis and reminding me that I’m “having one of my psychotic breaks/meltdowns” and recommending the medication. I am going to take your word for it that “Risperidone is real good.”

  24. Lol..the long on short of it is this Art.

    There are better ways for politicians/ministers to enfranchise their BLACK people without selling out the people and their land to the first white man or woman who comes along offering 1 or 1.5 million dollars for 200 acres of land to the politician’s bank accounts, but none if them look fir that better way out, they are not interested.

    …, we noticed from Africa to the Caribbean Black leaders most of whom are lawyers, doctors, business men and women, graduates from various universities, their first instinct is to sell out land and people, none of them have deviated from that abhorrent and regressive practice in the last 60 years post various dates and facades of independence. …and they never will, unless they stop it completely.

    The only people who benefit from such corrupt arrangements are the ministers/politicians with a million or 2 dollars in their personal bank accounts AND those whites they practically give away the land and passports to….the people lose always.

    Again I refer to Del Mastros and his cousin….and that is only one example..

    which ministers took 1 million dollars to allow a convicted criminal to purchase land on the island?

    How much did Del Mastro pay for the land?

    Who benefitted from that purchase?

    Last I heard Del Mastro was looking for concessions from the government at taxpayer’s expense, read, more disenfranchisment of the people for 20 years or more while he gets wealthy, just like Sandals and Stewart, cause you can guarantee any jobs generated by that corrupt agreement government signed would be low paying jobs. ..a lose, lose for the people and island.

    Del Mastro should be off house arrest in Canada by now, has Dumbville said anything to the people, hopely he wants back his money.

  25. The island needs legislation re powers to recall, whereby the people can recall any government, any minister at anytime by petition who continue to practice such corrupt…self defeating to people and country. ..thievery.

    Forgot to ask.

    Which ministers refused to investigate or carry out any background checks on Del Mastros or any other white investor BEFORE taking their bribe money, selling them the people’s land for a pittance, giving them millions of dollars and decades worth of concessions, allowing them to set up businesses on the island and after all of that, turning a blind eye when they start committing crimes on the island, no matter how vicious those crimes?

    From I heard the name Del Mastro it took me all of 2 seconds to find out everything I needed to know about him, which was nothing good and a another 2 seconds to post that information, I did not even need interpol.

  26. Some months ago the Blogmaster posted a video in French where the Ghanian president rightfully told the french president Macron in no uncertain terms that the African continent was tired of France and other European countries who have exploited and stolen from the continent for centuries, treating those African countries like beggars, while still stealing from the continent…many of us were impressed.

    Well guess what that dumb black man as president has since done, sold out the Ghanian people for US 20 million dollars so the US can build a military base in Ghana and the people are violently protesting in the streets, because they can see it exactly for what it is, a sell out….Black leaders doom themselves to be sell outs.

    Am sure France also had a slimy hand in that, paying Al Queda or ISIS to create mischief on the continent which gives them an excuse to pretend to want to protect, while tiefing, black leaders fall for that scam every time, but that shit is not getting past the people, they believe none of it and they are right.

    “Kwasi Kpodo
    ACCRA (Reuters) – Thousands of people protested in Ghana’s capital Accra on Wednesday against the expansion of its defense cooperation with the United States, in a rare public display of opposition to the growing foreign military presence in West Africa.

    Demonstrators carry banners during a protest in Ghana’s capital Accra against the expansion of its defence cooperation with the United States, Ghana March 28, 2018. REUTERS/Francis Kokoroko

    Demonstrators blowing vuvuzelas and beating drums filled Accra’s business district, holding placards criticizing a new deal with Washington that they say threatens Ghana’s sovereignty.

    “As a right-thinking citizen, I am here to fight for my country. I am against selling our peace and security for $20 million,” said Gifty Yankson, a 49-year-old trader.

    “They (the American military) become a curse everywhere they are, and I am not ready to mortgage my security,” Yankson said”.

  27. This video and information about bribing political parties with campaign financing, even in the Caribbean, has been around for 2 weeks, politicians deserve to be extorted and blackmailed, they are too greedy.

    just a matter of time before more than that is done to them.

  28. I think it might have been Simple Simon who made the astute observation about the Money the Parliament extorted from the Treasury for the Electoral Boundaries Commission software update.

    If it is not, I apologize Dr. Simple Simon (btw I hope that you did not get your degree from the same place Dr LoweDown got his…heheheheh)

    The key thing that all contesting parties must be on the lookout for is the changes in procedure that are to be announced at ALL the polling stations.

    It is imperative that the EBC be made to announce what the new processes WILL BE, BEFORE THE ELECTION DAY.


    The DLP experiments with the island wide blocking of the internet and disruption of telecommunications carriers have been completed successfully.

    So now the DLP will have the capacity to shut down telecommunications island wide with the compliments of the ***, and restrict outgoing telecommunications during their intended local Ruptions on Election Day .

    It is imperative that alternative communication options be available, at all times, to the supporting election HR matrix of the Contesting candidates.



    Fumbles wants to be on the ground when it happens because he still does not trust the Eager 11. AS WELL HE SHOULD NOT.

    The old man would suggest convening some high power delegation, invitees of some gravitas, a series of seminars which bring some quasi heavy hitters on the ground during the election, heavy enough to persuade the clowns to abort those plans, lest it ricochets to their detriment

    Most assuredly there are at least 3 “friendly” governments that will support some low level delegations that do not require any government to government permissions but for which any untoward exposure of invitees to domestic “ruption” would have adverse state to state outcomes.

    Be prepared cause dem ent leaving dat gravy train easy

    While it is sort of late in the game to isolate the compromised computers and phones what is done on the ground is critical.

    And do remember that Stoopid Cartoons what Cambridge Analytica calls psychographics works ok?

  29. @ David if the population of Barbados is estimated to be 286,388 how can 257,000 + people be eligible to vote ?

    • @Hants

      This is the number confirmed by the EBC on the voters list. Stories so far suggest the electoral list is in dire need of cleanup.

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