Vote Rigging in Barbados – A Hollywood MIAMI VICE Version

Submitted by Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

@ The Sage Annunaki

De Ole Man said dat I would respond to a recent blog of yours on “Barbados A Country in Abeyance”. As usual, oh Sage, I expect that you, in your inimical fashion, will introduce some subject that is so superbly composed to pique the interest of those of the BU audience who can see these things AND, to excite the remainder of us, the nitwits who does pretend we know something.

Foremost of hhom is de ingrunt Ole Man.
Because I am conversing with you, de ole man shall try to sound intelligent and so, in order to keep up that pretense, you will note that I will rely on the materials of professionals on this topic of voter rigging. (In short I do a Melania, and have tiefed de subject matter).

When you introduced your MIAMI VICE submission, you craftily intermingled it with the name of de star boy, one Don Johnson “the Actor from Miami Vice” but I am sure that you WERE NOT tangentially alluding to a next feller who is purportedly engaged by the Demonic Lying Party to effect a VOTER RIGGING shenanigan in BIM.

But de ole man ent too bright and I ent know who Don Johnson is nor MIAMI VICE.
The big ups say that “Vote Rigging” can occur at any stage of the electoral cycle.
“In the pre-electoral stage some governments interfere with the planning process by:

1. “Deliberately underfunding activities like staff training and civil voter education that leads to an level playing field.
2. Incumbent governments may interfere with the voter registration process by deliberately failing to fund it on time and/or by interfering with the procurement of appropriate systems.”
2b. ((OR BY CONTRIVING A LAW THROUGH WHICH THEY WILL DISRUPT THE VOTING PROCESS LEADING UP TO OR DURING Election Day activities when they will crack some heads and kill some people))
“The election period is where the most visible vote rigging takes place.”
3. “During the vote, these include: impersonation, multiple voting, deliberate shortage of materials, closure before time, etc.”

And finally when calculating the vote:
4. “…tally sheets are adulated, others are swapped, or excluded from the final tally by voiding good ballots on improper grounds.”

There is a rumor going around Barbados dat de MIAMI VICE actor has developed a Voter Rigging plan for Barbados that will take the following formats. PLURAL.

The Voters Lists will be compromised and only specific names of persons will appear (euphemism for BLP and other non-determined voters’ names will me removed from the names of the lists that will be relied on Election Day).

It is rumored that the processes associated with the actual voting at the polling stations will be changed. Some suggest that there is now an irregularity as it relates to the storage, and transport, of the ballot boxes to central counting stations.

It is rumored that MIAMI VICE has ensured that the ballot boxes that are going to be provided during this election have been changed (a most suspicious change) and their design and requisite securitization leave much room for switching the boxes WITHOUT the disappearance of the box being detected NOR the falsified contents being suspect.

Now, in addition to the above, a fellow in the know says that they have already inflated the Electoral Staffing HR compliment with DLP stalwarts.

It is rumored that MIAMI VICE and the Demonic Party team oversaw to the hiring of these zealots and that they will descend on the Polling stations on Election Day as part of the “SWAP AND REPLACE” VOTER RIGGING.

Additionally, a new seating layout will be en vogue at the Polling Stations, one that the agents of the various contesting parties will NOT BE FAMILIAR WITH, NOR MORE IMPORTANTLY WILL THEY BENEFIT FROM.
Added to the above MIAMI VICE has effected A DUAL VOTERS LIST of sorts so that “the baseline voters list on the final day of the elections will be at variance with the ones that the parties will have relied on PRIOR TO ELECTION DAY”

MIAMI VICE has proposed that such “DUALITY” will permit “impersonations en masse” for the benefit of the DLP and, IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY PICTURE ID RECORDING AS PART OF THE VOTING PRACTICES IN BARBADOS, contesting parties will not have any hard evidence to rely on to gainsay THE FALSIFIED IDs OF THESE REPLACEMENT VOTERS.

MIAMI VICE has proposed that this is one of the ways that the ballot box counts will be affected for the Demonic Lingering Party.

De ole man ent know dis MIAMI VICE man nor do he have peoples high enough in de electoral Office mechanism to speak to the ID impersonations or the swapping of ballot boxes that is to occur during the GENERAL ELECTION.

Oh De ole man ent say muffin bout de Ballot Box Swapping yet right?

Apparently MIAMI VICE doing a “real time” ting where (a) when a body come in the polling station and vote, in places where DEM anticipating losses, EVERYWHERE heheheheheh, (b) SIMULTANEOUS TO THAT VOTE a new ballot going will be made for that body at a next location in favor of the DLP.

That will guarantee that ALL DE COUNTING GOING ADD BACK and all de voters at the polling stations going match back.

But what MIAMI VICE has done in conjunction with de Fumbles Team is that, WHILE THESE BOXES are en route, UNSUPERVISED, DEM GOING GET SWAP!

MIAMI VICE has been very secretive about the way de boxes going get swap, EN ROUTE, when contesting parties ARE NOT WITH THE BOXES so much so that MIAMI VICE, and team, ALREADY HANDPICKING THE POLICE WHO IS TO TRANSPORT THE BOXES.

But you dun know how these fellows does talk.

De Ole Man only hope dat Prime Minister Mottley going get (a) have a method to record the multiple instances of voter ID fraud (b) a way to ensure that the boxes are not swapped NOR THEIR CONTENTS EXCHANGED (c) “Election experts and long-term observers” are engaged to come to Barbados and have them “begin their work, weeks before the actual election day, looking at candidate registration, the legal framework, the media situation, the work of the election administration, and the campaign environment.”

De Ole man also hope dat (d) “On election day, short-term observers monitor the opening of polling stations, the vote cast, and the counting and tabulation of results.”

De Ole man also hope dat (e) “After election day, observer remain in the country for another few weeks to monitor how possible election-related shortcomings and complaints are dealt with by the election administration and the judiciary.”

Oh Sage Annunaki tell de ole man if you like this MIAMI VICE version of Voter Rigging for a script for Hollywood(of course the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

De ole man only use big people writings bout dese high science tings to submit this Hollywood ting and hope that nobody doan feel that insider information bout de MIAMI VICE Man being leaked


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…’you know how dem fellas does talk”

    So you know we all heard about the vote rigging plot since last year, it was even on facebook, we even know it is a party pimp and nuisance who had a posting in Europe have the big brain idea to rig the coming election because they know they cant win.

    Let’s hope he goes to prison.

    Ah wonder if they know that none of this is a secret though and everybody can recite the upcoming vote rigging plan chapter and verse…lol


  • The following might shed some light on the PURPORTED PROPOSED BALLOT BOX SWAP.

    These operational details refer to certain procedures which happen on the day of the general elections and which ARE NOT WITHIN THE PURVIEW OF the Representation of the People Act OR Section 42 (1) of the Constitution of Barbados.

    In short what MIAMI VICE WILL BE RELYING ON IS THAT all the big names pun the Supervisory Committee will not mean a ting when the swapping happens.

    AND HE MAY BE RIGHT BECAUSE All that highfalluting appointment of those 5? representatives, as required to satisfy the “election of members to the House of Assembly”, or the pronouncement that elections “shall be conducted under the direction and supervision of the Commission”, MIAMI VICE can continue to feel confident that the BALLOT BOX SWAP WILL BE EFFECTED, because of the mechanics of the election.

    During the last election there were some two thousand, two hundred and fifty-nine (2 259) officers engaged in the conduct of the elections, in the following categories – Returning Officers 30, Election Clerks 30, Special Presiding Officers 30, Special Poll Clerks 60, Presiding Officers 546, Poll Clerks 1275, Counting Assistants 258, and Clerical Assistants 30

    To what extent will the “cherry picking of these election facilitators” by MIAMI VICE, IMPACT ON THE COUNTING OF VOTES AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE RESULTING OUTCOME OF THE ELECTIONS?


    Here is a detail that is worth mentioning for the Columbo sleuths among you.

    “Transport Board buses with Police escorts are generally used to transport Presiding Officers with ballot boxes, other Election Officers and Polling Agents to the Counting Centres. “

    The million dollar question for the 250 thousand Bajans is how and where the SWAP MIAMI VICE AND THE DEMONS are talking bout, where will it happen?

    Can the boxes be swapped even though Polling Agents are supposed to be close to them at all times?

    Will some sort of preplanned disruption occur that will cause a BREAK in the monitoring of the correct ballot boxes?

    In the face of these rumors, what options are there for contesting parties to use to ensure that the authentic ballots that are submitted by the electorate are the real ones that will be tallied in the final vote?


    But we must fear the Voter Ballot Substitution Plan IF THE MIAMI VICE RUMOUR IS TRUE


  • System is Broken

    @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Well written and I believe 100% to be true.

    With Barbados full of crooked Lawyers, crooked Politicians, CROOKED POLICE from TOP to BOTTOM this is just par for the course and finally getting full exposure thanks to insider information and widespread Social Media.


  • I myself have heard about voters being paid by an incumbent to surrender their cards for money of course and being instructed not to go to the polls. The cards were returned a few days later. Looks like big time personation is in the works.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Oliver Smith.

    This impersonating through proxy is precisely the thing that de ole man spoke of elsewhere on this blog.

    Imagine this being how Bajans will rely on “please provide us with two forms of identification with pictures” to prove that George Pigrim is George Pigrim.


    When Humpty Dumpty tek $10,000 from a Guyanese and issues him an authentic Bajan passport the US will effect a third party verification by their agents on th3 ground thereby bypassing said collusion at source.

    The ability of our archaic I’d system to validate the collusion that is going to be effected at the polling stations based on falsified IDs IN THE ABSENCE OF VERIFIED PICTURES OF THE SO CALLED HOLDER OF THE ID, is going to be incredible.

    There is no way that the List that MIAMI VICE AND HIS DEMONS have composed from the eligible voters who traditionally have not voted and upon whom they are relying WILL NOT VOTE AND HAVE THEREFORE ISSUED FALSE IDs , can be gainsaid by contesting candidates.

    If there is no picture that validates the baseline voters list available at the polling station on the day of the general election THE TWO FORMS OF FALSIFIED ID WILL RULE THE DAY.





  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Do you think the Russians will interfere in the elections too????


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Only if the treasonous, orange idiot from the WH is involved….

    No where in North America accepts Bajan ID.

    If I heard about the vote rigging plot since last year, Mia and the other political parties should have also heard about it since last year and already requested international election monitoring.

    We know the government dont think vote buying will work this time, since everyone is on to their lies and deceit and they dont have enough yardfowls or minorities to reelect them, they are solely dependent on the majority population who they have lied to, deceived neglected and stole from to be reelected.



  • Are we talking about Vote Rigging by the present group of imcompetent politicians who can’t tell toilet paper from a TURD, your giving way to much organisational credit to a bunch of proven morons.


  • No where in North America accepts Bajan ID.


    Anytime I use a credit card in the US and an ID is requested my license, ID Card or Passport all work!!!

    I can use any one!!

    Mostly I have my license easier to hand and it works … like magic!!


  • I see the CLICO folks are getting back some money.

    What effect (if any) will this have on the votes?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Wily Coyote March 8, 2018 at 7:43 AM

    Don’t underrate the political guile of the current DLP top brass. OSA did it at his peril with his ‘untimely’ premature Privatization outburst. Remember the ruse pulled by Fumble on poor OSA in Parliament regarding the sale of Mia in return for support against the Eager 11 which backfired on the same Mea Culpa quisling who proved to be extremely ‘poor’ in Opposition?

    The current DLP administration may be incompetent in managing the affairs of State, especially the economy, but when it comes to practising the dirty art of party politics it is head and shoulders above the BLP in any contest of political blood sport.

    Any talk about vote buying is just the red herring to lead you away from the dirtier vote rigging trail so adroitly described by Master ‘Piece of de Rock’.

    Bajans, by and large, are rather ‘simply’ naïve people and would never expect that sort of behaviour from politicians who exploitatively lay claim to their working class roots while parading behind the mask of integrity and piety.

    The tactician in the political animal called Fumble will be making full use of the people’s political folly and go to any lengths to leave a legacy in the electoral territory no other primus inter pares ever ventured in order to make their imprimatur.

    Any time a two-term visibly unpopular administration can be so boastfully cocksure of returning to power via the ballot box at a time when the future of the country depends so much on a large dose of refreshment called ‘Confidence’ you can bet the actors behind the upcoming façade of electioneering hocus-pocus know both their ‘stolen’ lines and ‘rotten’ onions to perfection inculcated at the Machiavellian theatre dedicated to the memory of the Kingmaker Master Cameron Tudor.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    John Liesalot…if all you do is use a credit card in the US to spend money as a one will stop you.

    i am speaking about serious business, not just using a credit card as a tourist..neither US nor Canada allows you to use bajan ID to conduct internal business…the banks would allow you to use your passport in Canada to open an account, but not your bajan ID card,.

    the US does not allow even that…you need a US ID…easy enough to get.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    the banks would allow you to use your passport in Canada to open an account, but not your bajan ID card, or drivers license….and that requires 2 pieces of ID, you can get a Canadian ID to use though, just apply for one at their DMV.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service March 8, 2018 at 6:17 AM “No where in North America accepts Bajan ID.”

    You are lying. My Barbados passport and or driver’s licence and my Barbados issued credit cards too) has been accepted in the following North American countries:

    Antigua (including Barbuda)
    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic
    St. Kitts and Nevis (both islands)
    St. Lucia
    St. Vincent (including Bequia)
    Trinidad (not including Tobago0
    United States of America


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    Bank in Canada cashed a cheque for me too. Showed my Barbados passport, my face and the cheque, and walked out with Canadian cash.



  • Dr. Simple Simon March 8, 2018 at 12:13 PM #

    I do not have a Barbadian ID card, but I have a passport. Last time I was in the country I went to the Registry to get some certificates of birth, marriages and death. I was asked for my ID, and said I did not have any, but I had a passport. The young lady behind the desk, declined my passport. She called her line manager, a short stout guy, who told her to accept it.
    I came away astounded that a passport, the international ID document, was not accepted in Barbados YET THEY WANTED AN ID CARD THAT WAS NOT EVEN COMPULSORY IN BARBADOS. IT WAS AROUND THE TIME A Jamaican MAN WAS JAILED FOR OBTAINING TWO FRAUDULENT ID CARDS.
    By the way, I was due to leave before the certificates came back and the line manager wanted to know if I could get someone to collect them for me. I declined and offered instead to leave a stamped addressed envelop.
    To this day I have not received the certificates. I repeat the failure of our institutions has nothing to do with dishonesty – both people were decent people – it is all about competence.


  • the US does not allow even that…you need a US ID…easy enough to get.

    You are mixing up things.

    Banks in the US are insistent on a US address.

    If you don’t live there and are still prepared to give a fictitious one, be also prepared for the day when you are found out.

    Simpler to tell the truth and go without.

    No argument from me, straightforward as it gets.


  • DMV will need a US Address too!!

    Like I say, simpler not to tempt fate!!


  • I came across this recent enactment in the UK which I think is applicable.

    Unexplained Wealth Orders, UWO’s!!

    It is about money laundering and proceeds of crime.

    No respectable financial institution wants the taint of some “bloody” foreigner waltzing into their country and implicating it in activities that are illegal.

    …. not to say that if the $$ and connections are right the institution won’t jump through hoops!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    So let us for the sake of discussing this MIAMI VICE JOHNSON script assume that the incumbent government is going to use fraudulent means to win a third term.

    The question that presents itself are not why they will do it but HOW THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO DO IT?

    Coercion at the Ballot Box? That has been done before in nearby Jamaica in the “garrisons” and in Guyana so there is precedence but may be unlikely

    Ballot Box Swapping? That is a possibility yet given the moving part requirements WILL REQUIRE SEVERAL LOGISTICAL PARTS best augmented by a state of emergency when the safety of polling station representatives of other party candidates cannot be guaranteed and therefore people remove themselves from their monitoring duties out of fear of life and limb.

    and finally because of falsified ID cards for which there is no polling procedure to validate the person’s Identity WHILE THE IMPERSONATOR IS AT THE POLLING STATION.

    So notwithstanding all the ID scenarios provided by many of you where a secondary ID was either accepted or denied, the issue that faces our General Elections is very simple really.


    Item 5.1 of the Report of the General Elections 2013 states:

    “5.1 In establishing Polling Stations, the three hundred and thirteen (313) Polling Districts were divided into five hundred and forty-one (541) Polling Divisions which were accommodated in two hundred and fifty-three (253) buildings. Of these, one hundred and twenty-nine (129) were government buildings and one hundred and twenty-four (124) privately owned properties. A complete list of the Polling Stations is at Appendix C.”

    253 buildings to serve 541 Polling Divisions.

    Leh de ole man pause for a moment to let that sink in.

    We have 250K eligible voters who will ultimately pass through 253 buildings less those persons who vote prior to the elections like policemmen and foreign embassy staffing etc.

    The mechanism of verifications of the final voters lists by respective candidates DO NOT INCLUDE PICTURE IDs so while the physical examinations of the published lists MAY NOT BRING OUT ANY IRREGULARITIES the process of passing through 253 voting stations WILL.

    And it is upon this flaw in our voting system that Fumbles and MIAMI VICE Johnson are relying.

    To all of wunna intellectuals who are versed in US, Canadian and British law and jurisdictions far and wide de ole man would ask the SIMPLE question


    No party contenting the general election can reasonably have the resources to have agents who are permitted into the 253 buildings, (a) see every single person entering the station and (b) cross reference the name on the list and (c) ultimately validate the ID of the voter.

    PLEASE DO NOT GET SIDETRACKED BY THE COMMENTARY BOUT the Department of Motor Vehicles in America and the Donkey Cart Registration Department in Outer Mongolia.

    It is hard for some of you because some of you are simply ra**hole* and agents of the RH DLP but for those of you who are serious about eradicating the worst government that this country has ever seen it would be worthwhile to propose a counter for this VOTE SCAM THAT THE DLP IS PLANNING


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “DMV will need a US Address too!!

    Like I say, simpler not to tempt fate!!”

    As I said..if you are doing internal business in North America or working need North American ID…address…the whole works. ….bajan ID will not be accepted.

    If you are on vacation and using a credit card, you need the ID you are carrying to confirm your identity as a tourist spending money..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece…only outside election monitors can spot those irregularities, bajans would get distracted and wont see a thing….

    international monitors who have done this before in various volatile and larger countries and who have the experience are what you need….nothing else will work.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Having said that Well Well you have responded with the correct answer.

    Barring Prime Minister Mottley, none of the other pretenders to the throne have to grey brain matter to see this aspect of the VOTER SCAM THAT IS GOING TO DESCEND ON BARBADOS

    I think that you would do well to read this section called ELECTION ADMINISTRATION in the Report of the General Election of 2013

    3.1 The General Election of Thursday February 21, 2013 was conducted by the Commission in
    accordance with the provisions of the Representation of the People Act and Section 42 (1) of
    the Constitution of Barbados which provides that “The election of members to the House of
    Assembly shall be conducted under the direction and supervision of the Commission”. The
    members of the Commission are:-

    Mr. Owen L. Estwick, GCM, BCH — Chairman
    Dame Billie Miller, DA, BCH — Deputy Chairman
    Mr. John Haynes, BSM, JP — Member
    Ms. Kim Thompson — Member
    Mr. Larry A. C. Smith, LLB (Hons.) — Member

    3.2 In accordance with Section 30 (1) of the Act, Mrs. Angela Taylor was appointed the Supervisor of Elections and the Governor-General, in accordance with Section 30 (2) of the Act, appointed Mr. Ian Browne, the Deputy Supervisor of Elections.

    These are the superlative minds that were then tasked to administer the general elections and de ole man is sure that another set of similarly talented people will be appoint to the Commission this time.

    None of whom have the greymatter to perceive the threat OR, being “warned in a dream” of the imminent actions, will be capable of making any recommendations to thwart the pending SCAM.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece…the US requested permission to monitor Antigua’s election.

    I think Barbados needs a little more than that, you neutral international monitors

    “ST JOHN’S, Antigua — Hard on the heels of attempts by the Sandals Resorts group to influence the March 21 general election in Antigua and Barbuda comes a request from the US embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados, for formally accredited diplomats to “observe” the polling, but the US State Department has denied that this represents interference in the country’s elections. In a diplomatic note dated February 27, 2018, to the government of Antigua and Barbuda, the embassy requested that Julie Limoges, foreign service officer in the Political and Economic Section, be given formal accreditation to act as an observer in the general election.”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Well Well and Consequences (forgive me for reverting to your older name but…)

    Forgive de ole man when I sometimes suggest things that seem to coincide with what the big boys and governments ultimately do.

    De Ole Man has no internal insights other than what common sense dictates.

    The issue is that such is commodity is not really “common” at all and we suffer collectively because of its paucity in distribution.

    Instability in Caribbean Governments is of concern to the United States of america for 3 reasons

    The first is obvious and is seen as the Flight of Immigrants to the “Land of Opportunity” by those who are not debarred from doing so or by those with the resources to illegally do so.

    The Second is based on the Mendicancy Syndrome of National Indicative programming that is the fallout of such Economic Instability

    And the Third which is a Fallout of the second and WHICH IS OF EVEN GREATER IMPORTANCE TO THE US is that these proximate under-performing economies WHEN THEIR BEGGING EXPEDITIONS FAIL run to CHINA for NIP support!

    So it does not become any partnerships and long term relationship diatribes that the USofA is supporting out of the goodness of their hearts, THEY FRANKLY DO NOT GIVE A SHYTE ABOUT THE CARIBBEAN other than the fact that the proximity of these economically distressed economies RULED BY MEN AND WOMEN without any competencies cause them many sleepless nights when China NIP starts to indicate “dependency”

    So when you see

    “China will provide Barbados with aid to the tune of BDS $15 Million (50 million CNY), to fund the Hope Agricultural Training Institute at St. Lucy, and the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill Centre of Food Security and Entrepreneurship.

    This was disclosed on Wednesday when Chinese Ambassador, Wang Ke; and Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, formally signed an agreement on economic and technical cooperation, at the Elsie Payne Complex and on behalf of their respective Governments…”

    That sets of a green light to the US not only because of the millions involved but the long term nature of a Food Sustainibility programme.

    “Democracy” in the US Vernacular does not include Chinese Dependencies pursued by flailing Caribbean Member States engaging with the PRC.

    Fumbles government is dead but what you must understand is that the US has significant Intelligence gathering infrastructure in Barbados and further afield ergo the diplomatic note scenarios…


  • The Barbados ID is not accepted in Canada. My cousin was up for my mother’s funeral about 4 years ago. We took her out for an evening where ID was required and all she had on her was her Barbados ID and it was refused. This is somewhere where we were going to spend lots of money….dinner and gambling at the Casino. The passport would have been acceptable but she left it at my house.


  • I the election is called between March 16th and April 12th, I will be in Barbados and will be voting. I will check the voters list as soon as I arrive to make sure I am on it.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece…you can call me whatever you are most comfortable with.

    Yeah…we know the US considers the Caribbean, their back yard.

    I would like to see monitors from every large nation descend on the election in BIM and drive a scare in the nuisances loitering on the parliament steps..

    …. if they try to rig the election, they will become famous worldwide and rain down crap on themselves, they know they are cowards and can only drive fear into the most vulnerable people on the island who look like them.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Bajans….they are tightening things up, I gotta renew my


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Bajans

    If my memory serves me correctly WW&C is correct and there is a newer procedure and requirement for one not only to be listed but permitted to vote.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Gotta be careful your identity is not misused and abused this election.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Desperate people lusting after power and coveting money, while trying to hide dirty secrets do desperate things.


  • @millertheanunnaki March 8, 2018 at 8:50 AM #

    Wily will take your well presented comments under advisement, now we’ll both have to WAIT until that fateful election result day, when and if it occurs. Re-evaluation and hindsite will no doubt give us further discussion on this topic.


  • @Well Well and Piece, thanks for that information. I will have someone check it out for me before I get down there.


  • Would someone tell us northerners what the new procedure and requirements are for people to vote in Barbados. I just called a contact and she said nothing has changed and that Parliament is still sitting. Is this so?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ bajans March 8, 2018 at 9:30 PM

    Tell your “contact” to get with the programme.

    The last sitting of Parliament was Friday 2nd March and was automatically dissolved, sine die, on Monday 5th March.

    You must be on the local voters’ list or crapaud smoke your electoral pipe.

    If you work for the government in any of its overseas agencies then all is well since you can vote in advance of the date of the elections.

    But if you plan to vote DEMS but not locally registered, no problem. For Maximus McCleanus will be flying you in on Coconut Airways, all-inclusive, while you sing:

    ‘Wow, we are going to Barbados, thanks to the Bajan taxpayers to vote for the party to send the country further into the abyss of economic and social decay’.

    People, except the pimps and yard-fowls, have lost all confidence in the DEMS.

    Time to put them back into the Opposition cages where they are supremely competent.


  • @ millertheanunnaki March 8, 2018 at 9:58 PM #

    Is the unelected Maxine “Madmax” McClean still allowed to function as a minister after the dissolution of parliament?


  • Ministers are not elected, they are appointed by the Prime Minster.

    On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 5:04 AM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • NorthernObserver

    u need to go to icij site and type in some of the company names you know are involved with 4 seasons. Lo & behold u will find the last director appt to the P88 Board?


  • Thanks NO, besides Clearwater which companies did you run?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    The blogger said: “The Barbados ID is not accepted in Canada. ….she had on her was her Barbados ID and it was refused. This is somewhere where we were going to spend lots of money….dinner and gambling at the Casino. The passport would have been acceptable but she left it at my house.”

    This matter of acceptance of Bajan ID internationally is being badly shewed and misconstrued!

    Any company will generally accept valid and provable govt issued foreign ID to the extent of the level of security and importance linked to that acceptance…thus, denial or acceptance is based on the level of trustworthiness the reviewing authority choses to accord the doc.

    Our old IDs were the most low secure pieces of plastic imaginable and yet were accepted some places outside BIM; our Old DL booklets were even worst and yet car rental agencies used them repeatedly to allow Bajans to drive all over Miami, Toronto and NY for many years.

    There is a text called the ID Checking Guide which has been in print for several years with annual (as far as I know) updates. This book provides a form of validation of various country IDs…and of course there are more sophisticated online systems available.

    The point simply is that an ID is as valid and ACCEPTABLE as the company accepting it wants it to be…because they have means to affirm possible bona fides of the doc.

    All our basic ID docs (DL and Nat ID) are now more secure (yet still can be counterfeitered of course) so let’s not produce a narrative that suggests something has changed so detrimentally ….because for as long as I can recall the only Bajan doc assured of general acceptance off island was the ‘secure” passport…so until and unless we get impenetrable chips or other multi factor validators on our plastic ID cards the extra security care taken to produce a oassport will still make it the international ID of choice for companies to authenticate this Bajan is who s/he claims to be!


  • @pedantic, the casino is owned and operated by the government of Ontario.


  • @ PURDUR
    ….”Election Watch – I made it my business to go to the Electoral Boundaries Commission this morning where I was met with the utmost level of efficiency & professionalism. I was given a number & form and told to sit. I sat and completed my form . While waiting I checked the voters log to make sure that I was registered to vote. Upon doing that I realized that even though I completed change forms on three occasions my address was still wrong. In less than 10 minutes my number was called and I went to see the officer who was extremely informative as I fired off questions. He informed me that no citizen of Barbados should be refused to vote because they did not have an ID. On voting day an officer is present at each polling station with registered voters information from that constituency. He said they have the info so if an ID is stolen, lost or tattered they are able to cross reference the owner’s information. He also checked the system and informed me that the reason my current address is not in the voters log was because the log was printed in January and my update would have been entered after the publication. I was pleased to learn the changes were made which allows me to vote in the constituency where I reside. In 8 working Days I will have my new ID. Once you present your old ID CARD you do not have to pay. Without the old ID the fee is $25. There is also a $1 charge per document (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree) if you do not bring photocopies of your documents. I paid $2. If you have any queries it is advised that you visit the Electoral Boundaries Commission which is located on the Ground Floor of Building #2 Warrens Tower, Warrens, St. Michael. Don’t get caught off-guard on Election Day. BE PREPARED! #thechasefiles #allaboard #electiontime #nopassport #nodriverslicense #barbadosidentificationcardonly #EBC #ElectoralBoundariesCommission”……….


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Nine of Nine

    The writer of the Chase Files, are they someone important in Barbados? that is, are they well known?

    One cannot be too confident in the veracity of the final voting list as it related to (1) the eligible electorate nor (2) where they will be allowed to vote on Election Day

    All of these seemingly smooth enablements WILL MEAN NOTHING WHEN, on el3ction day, they introduce the curve ball with names disappearing from the permitted list.

    So the proof that de ole man will accept about what the EBC is saying IS ONLY GOING TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE EATING OF THE PUDDING ON ELECTION DAY


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