Bajans Can do a "Peaceful" Revolution

Submitted by PUDRYR

@ Exclaimer

And you said, and I quote.

If a businessman in the UK were to make such a statement he would have been held to ridicule. Here is a businessman who has outgrown this government. With each protestation from the William’s clan becoming more shrilled we have to ask ourselves who is in charge of Barbados…

I started to respond to that and then I said that my response would take too long for a post and I said that i would truncate it here and see if I could submit a blog for consideration titled How Bajans can do A “Peaceful” Revolution.

Many people here seem to think that my Stoopid Cartoon Posters are contra the DLP and that they are the extent, depth, breath and height of what this ole man wants to be a part of. And what is that?

Those black, white, nigger hunkie, buckra johnies, sambos, chinks, spics sand niggers who want real and equitable change for Barbados, our region and (unrealistically) the world. This scratching our our collective pooch and us congratulating ourselves in this BU Rumshop IS ALL WELL AND GOOD for us on a daily basis, but as Dr. GP points out to us so mannnnnnny times, the very incestuous interbreeding that we condemn our leaders for we practice here under the cover of this BUshel!!

I am going to provide a quotation from a document that, should you seek it out on the internet (and it is rather difficult to secure) you must be aware that it is rigged to follow every person in the world who download it. Part of it states and I paste it here.

“…The study of coup d’etats has been a mainstay of mainstream political science since the early 1960s. The numerous coups in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia and parts of Europe provided several case studies for scholars eager to understand the phenomenon.

“However, the bulk of the literature is concerned with an analysis of the macro-level socio-economic conditions that make coups feasible.”

“While this is useful, it exposes a huge gap in the literature because almost no attention has been paid to the intricacies involved in the actual planning and execution of a coup.”

Now every man jack, both DLP readers and BLP readers will rush to this article because “it look like de madman is advocating treason and sedition”. But they would be surprised to know that this, while it is “the discipline of choice, aforetimes” has taken a different route which I would ask you to waltz with me a few moments as I try to be wunna collective Huckleberry.

We ALL OF US, excluding the diaspora dwellers, face a common enemy of a government of inaction, a legacy of successive governments of graft and corruption, an army of occupation, and a group pf mercenaries like Bizzy Willliams and David Staples, who in the absence of direction ARE EFFECTING A DE FACTO COUP!!

Without bullets, and one which scum like Verla Depeiza and WeeffingJonesing, David Durant, Richard Sealy, Adriel Brafwit, Pornville and Stinkliar and Fumbles, NONE OF THEM EFFERS will come out and say that this is treason and sedition!!

But, like Mugabe, dem will say dat anyone who disrespects de institutions of law have to get locked up by Dale Marshall so wunna dun know where all we asses going.

But the ole man puts this to you that, as Well Well and Consequences is stating, as Bush Tea and The Sage and Pachamama and many others, of late RECOANTHONY and Mr. Kammie Holder, repeat every effing day, if we do not effect this “Revolution” we will be subjected to this Coup even without knowing it has happened.

Let me revert to the classifications of a coup for your edification AND MY OWN.

“….military intervention in politics [can be classified) into four levels.

“The first – influence – is the case where the military merely presses the civilian government to implement policies which the military deems appropriate.”

“The second – pressures or blackmail – is the case where the military seeks to convince civilian powers to do its bidding by threat of some sanction.”

“The third level – displacement – is the case where the military replaces one cabinet or set of civilian politicians with another more compliant set through the use of violence or threat of violence.”

“The last level – supplantment – completely sweeps away the civilian regimes and establishes a military one in its place.”

Now can de ole man speak at the macro level of what our Revolution should be??

“the first INFLUENCE – where we press the collective to adopt healthy people-centric practices which we deem appropriate (Dem Stoopid posters got a dimension dat de ole man frighten uh de shyt##e!!)

“the second PRESSURE or BLACKMAIL – a continuation of the first where “whistleblowing” becomes the exposure of corruption (currently the norm of our society) but one where Bajans interested in the betterment of the whole, expose these scum, as opposed to the Bizzy’s et al. being emboldened to make these claims to the crown jewels.

“The third level is DISPLACEMENT – displace their economic matrices, humble their asses by use of mechanisms and programs and AN ETHOC that they can never usurp.

“The fourth is SUPPLANTMENT –  the eroding and complete replacement of their socio, political and economic dependencies while we establish the BajansWantPositiveChange “regime” in its place

This is not rocket science.

It works for coups, in times aforetimes, it is working for Putin in Russia today in the Ukraine and for the other fellow in Syria and for Erdogan in Turkey and Duterte in the Phillipines.

I am speaking of a different type of “Revolution” that does not involve AK 47s nor SU 34’s but is of a much more “deadly ” nature to all these enemies of peace and prosperity and which enthusiastically? hope to provide an “Effing Piece of the Rock for every one of our Scvunts.”

@ Hants and GP
Periodically, Hants you highlight actions of others who “do things in and around Barbados” that are meaningful. Here is what de ole man would ask the two of you Rumshop clients if wunna would be disposed to “putting your money where your mouth is” No insult intended just a statement. The task is to buy a cheap phone with a SIM Card and a monthly plan for “Unlimited Text only” Their sims will only be used in disseminating the Bajans want Change Message. I our behinds are serious about this let us progress this matter with a fervour, the hour is near and “what thou doest do quickly”

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160 Comments on “Bajans Can do a "Peaceful" Revolution”

  1. David October 13, 2016 at 1:01 PM #


    No BU is not on the market. And yes we have declined offers in the past.


  2. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI October 13, 2016 at 1:20 PM #

    So let me put this proposal of an “economic revolution” one which, given our palpable slave mentalities, is doomed to fail, in context.

    I want us to examine BU’s struggle, pre its buyout?, for the last 9 years.

    Let us examine this economic struggle through the eyes of the descendants of the 95% of us niggers, offspring of forgotten? nations who were were once kings and queens in Africa.

    Could any of wanna high fliers explain to de ole man how descendants of a race of such advanced intellect, intellect that purports to have declareded the existence of Sirius A and B, before the existence of the telescope, races that could be so brilliant to have ruled kingdoms throughout Africa, could have such offspring as we?

    In fact, with regard to dem niggers de ole man want wanna to tell me how it transpired dat dese illuminated blacks could have been subjugated by 50 white men on a slaver which held over 500 of our warrior scvunts?

    I sorry, doan leh we do all uh dat David Come Sing an Effing Song, and Derrick Murray, and David Denny and Trevor Prescod back-to-Africa-shy##te jes stand here a like bit and explain this to the ole man.

    Den after wanna explain dat, wunna gots to tell me how 10,000 white peoples, without any visible shackles, got 250,000 Bajan niggers shackled in economic slavery AGAIN?

    In fact now dat i think bout it, that did not ver change did it?

    We like um so doah, cum leh we wuk up and have a good time..cause heah we is debate with a next white christian gentleman John bout last name and all that sorta scvunt

    Ohhhh and while we asses are at it please do not forget to put on a nice looking African dashiki shy##e and look authentic and ting.



  3. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI October 13, 2016 at 1:32 PM #

    @ David [BU]

    I am trying to see if there could be some catalytic substance that permits our ingrunt selves to see what a premiere medium this BU is, WHILE YOU LAST david.

    Right now you have become the Block, de corner, de strip, de Rum Shop of choice where anyone who is anyone who has a modicum of desire for change and growth and advancement for Barbados comes.

    My thing about the Web site being sold is to get people thinking and take their heads out of their behinds.

    Look how we have close to 1000 comments about Hillary’s 30K email and everyone pun dat stream but simple things like taking precautions pun dem computers ent even cause a feller, barring The Gazer to bat an eyelid!!!

    We does get ballistic pun every body else problems but we own.


  4. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI October 13, 2016 at 2:06 PM #

    I am at a crossroads of sorts trying to understand why other races have such confidence in themselves to the degree that they are all on the Stock Exchanges.

    Blacks too have confidence.

    We have unlimited in them, but none in NOT OURSELVES, insofar as being the superlative consumers of other people’s shy##te, and, in some cases, we are as much as 60% of their consumer base.

    I have come to believe that there is a radio wave emission that has been tuned to the frequency of a drum, ergo our nigger’s susceptibility to it.

    If it were a discordant treble, or other instrument, more whites would be affected by it but they are immune to the sound and have understood the grip that these primordial drums have on us and know how to subliminally enviegle we negroes.

    No one race, like the race of the Negro, wherever we are, all over the world, can be so asleep, eyes wide open!!!

    Look around us.

    Dr James Husbands the first black man to pioneer solar water heaters and, at 2016 the age of photovoltaics, is struggling, is being beaten out of the industry that he started, by several other (white) companies, that came after him.

    A lack of vision? or is it a blight on the nigger? Obeah? something is not right

    Give me a discipline, or arena, some domain where we control, I don’t mean athletics or sports or comedy, or dance, I mean the technologies of the future, robotics, operating systems, Artificial intelligence, ballistics, defense, alternative propulsion systems, agriculture, finance, film name it

    One or two people who perform in an area does not mean anything in the constellation of global industries, we need “footprints in the sand” not “imprints of piss” which quickly disappear once the rain falls and the sun hits it.

    Samsung, Apple, Aiwa, Philippe Patex, Rolex go down through the names and the answer comes back white, Japanese, German, Chinese.

    But No Niggers, yet we are the builders of the great pyramids in Egypt yet, like the cataclysm that wiped out the Dinosaurs, we too would claim that we suffered a similar cataclysm which dispossessed our black asses.

    The Cataclysm of Slavery, that is our mantra

    Yeah Right and I got a bridge to sell your scvunt

    Come leh we jes wuk up pun one annuder


  5. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI October 13, 2016 at 2:52 PM #

    So what a go on wid de ole man dat got he posting up a storm and making dese comments?

    Man he like he talking bout evey body dennnnnnnn!!!

    He making statements bout BU, he talk bout the great society of Tutankhamen and impugned that, in the presence of slavery, it might suggest that Black Civilization might not have been so advances as being espoused and in so doing he might have commited sacrilege against the wisdom of Sage Annunaki and Hopi and Pachamama and even Kiki aka 555 DubStreet.

    What is up with these 5’s? Chad got 5’s in he name too???

    Oh and beore i forget I cuss Come Sing a Song (again)

    Whu wrong wid he?

    Whu got he so?


    Maybe it is just Clarity.

    The realization that we niggers is really slaves, and even effing we was to live 500 years, when de next generations arrive at 2525 de ole man finally realize dat we gine be slaves den too

    Cum leh we wuk up and have a good time…


  6. Anonymouse - TheGazer October 13, 2016 at 2:58 PM #

    Allow me to join you here, so that you do not become like John the Baptist who was crying alone in the wilderness.

    I would hazard a guess that most Barbadians who can vote in the US are not truly interested in the discussion taking place there ->. Our minds are made already made up and barring ‘more sudden revelations” our votes are already locked in. If I were a betting man, I would bet that most of the contributors to the ‘Trump posts’ are outside of the US and are unable to vote there.

    It might be a part of our national make up that we become exercised by things that we are powerless to act upon, but like an ostrich we bury our head in the sand when confronted by things that directly impact upon us. Do we carry the genes of garrulous creatures, making us mere men of words and not of action?

    Perhaps we realized that we discussed these same matters several times and no longer care to continue these discussion. We know the problems and their solutions, but we fail miserably when it comes to implementing/executing solutions. We focus our attention elsewhere.

    I support your call for national engagement and to have an interest in causes that directly impact upon us, but you ask us to travel a path that is different to what we are comfortable with. We may share a similar vision, but our DNA is different. Your execution component is not damaged. You must walk alone for you are in the execution phase.

    We are men of words and not men of action. We are creatures of habit and so we will circle the block with our BDLP framework


  7. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI October 13, 2016 at 7:26 PM #

    @ TheGazer

    Thank you for those sobering words.

    Reality check was, and is, a necessity every now and again.


  8. Violet C Beckles October 14, 2016 at 9:35 PM #

    Study land fraud and see all crimes and cover up, Call it what you all may , but you have to know the roots of the crimes, Some lost focus of what went wrong and who did what, Use any means that lead to justice and freedom of information ,The DBLP is to blame with help of the courts and lawyers, Say its not so, and blind your self for the next 50 years,
    1937 to 2017 will be ripe for our own global reset, The Bankers are going to jail and the rest of the crooks in Bim time is short, Vote them out and wake up to a new day ,


  9. Exclaimer October 15, 2016 at 12:24 AM #

    @ PUDRYR,

    I sense your feeling of disillusionment. The Hilary/Trump blogs have proved popular due to a certain “MB”. Do I need to day say more?

    I have been on this island these past several weeks and I can confirm that the spirit of revolution will never take root in Barbados. Some of the stories published by the media are jaw-dropping.

    I read the story of a Rastafarian family who removed their child from the education system. They did not have faith in the Barbados schooling system and decided that they would self-educate their children. The authorities took the parents to court and were prepared to make the child a ward of court!

    The second story revolves around a messenger of God – Reverend Lucille Baird; who stated and I will paraphrase her words. She implied that those individuals who lived in block neighbourhoods were feral as they lacked God in their lives! Her solution was to send them to work in the fields just as their ancestors did!

    The Third story concerns the dire situation concerning the deliberate non-supply of water to the numerous communities inside the country.

    All three stories have taken place in a black-led and a black majority country. What does that tell you Piece?

    We will soon be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary. Yet all I can see is a country rooted in a quasi-apartheid system as practised in Australia and until recently South Africa. Piece, just face it we are not YET ready to have a revolution. I recommend that you enjoy your remaining time with your grandchild or doing something that will bring happiness into your life. Barbados is a lost case.


  10. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI October 19, 2016 at 8:18 PM #

    @ Exclaimer

    That is soooo sad a thing to say, it is worse than a knife wound


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