STOP Rh Reporting Motorist!

Based on reports posted to Facebook it seems that some members of the Police Force have been diligent in enforcing an obscure law which says that no sign (doesn’t matter how small) should be affixed to the front or back of a vehicle. Many believe at the root of the clampdown is the ‘authority’s’ wish to smother the growing popularity of the “Stop the RH Littering” movement which has been gaining momentum because of its double entendre play as it Stop the Rasshole Littering. Rasshole is a popular cuss word used by Bajans from all demographics.

What is evident from the campaign by the authorities is that if there is the will to enforce it is possible so to do. Now if only the same will can be transferred to other areas where there is a crying need? – Blogmaster

Bernie Hilton

25 February at 19:11

Someone was reported with this sticker. It’s a little bigger than the atm card and was in the bottom left hand corner of the back glass

Image may contain: text



  • @ David
    We are saying the same thing…
    Bushie is only cussing the online personality that she choses to project.
    It would not surprise the bushman if SS turned out to be Bushie’s own daughter in reality….. Not that she would be cussed any less then…
    ha ha ha


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    If the island is finally blessed with a strong government come the summer…they (the current loitering government) will all be in prison shortly thereafter…..the earth is entering a phase to rid itself of the excess garbage.


  • WWC,

    You will see, it will be as always: Frundel as big ambassador in NYC, London or Geneva, Big Sinck with a consultant job big like him at CS in Zurich, joining Donville with his IP business there, Thompson in one of her many villas on the other islands and the rest also abroad in their mansions in Florida, Canada and London. They will receive big pensions for themselves and their families and courtesans until they die.

    Whereas the local taxpayer will face crime, sewage, internal/external devaluation, higher taxes etc pp – and the judges, high bureaucrats tell them to shut up since this was the Bajan way.

    The historical likelihood that a politician gets prosecuted for spending too much taxpayer´s money is nearly zero. The same applies to bribery and other traditional forms of gov. criminal activities.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Oh well..ah guess they will all continue to swim in shit until they drown.

    It is doubtful most of the exiting ministers will get beyond eating out what they stole and will eventually have to go begging minorities or any present government for work…

    …Liz Thompson got lucky but she is back in Barbados.

    ….. with the current lot reputations in tatters, I dont see many of them getting international postings after they are kicked out of parliament…., they will see themselves broke before they could blink, living from pension check to pension check with rising food prices and cost of living they refused to control…when they had the opportunity.

    ..Muscle Mary was successfully Barbadosed and fighting to pay the mortgage for his massa wannabe plantation….once kicked out of parliament, the others did not fare that well either, who was lawyer had to go back working for crooks, some had to rely on dual citizenships…it will not be a breeze, for sure.


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