STOP Rh Reporting Motorist!

Based on reports posted to Facebook it seems that some members of the Police Force have been diligent in enforcing an obscure law which says that no sign (doesn’t matter how small) should be affixed to the front or back of a vehicle. Many believe at the root of the clampdown is the ‘authority’s’ wish to smother the growing popularity of the “Stop the RH Littering” movement which has been gaining momentum because of its double entendre play as it Stop the Rasshole Littering. Rasshole is a popular cuss word used by Bajans from all demographics.

What is evident from the campaign by the authorities is that if there is the will to enforce it is possible so to do. Now if only the same will can be transferred to other areas where there is a crying need? – Blogmaster

Bernie Hilton

25 February at 19:11

Someone was reported with this sticker. It’s a little bigger than the atm card and was in the bottom left hand corner of the back glass

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Dont the police have real criminals to catch.

    And if I bought a car for a hundred thousand dollars, my money, my car, who the hell can tell me I cant put a sticker on it, these are the same slaveminded jackasses who ignore the rapes of women and children, ignore and help cover up the most serious of crimes committed by minorities on the island and ignore the corruption of government ministers and others.

    How did a people get so weakminded and petty…..their only use seems to be to stop any forward progress of each other, stop any meaningful, positive changes to their own existing stagnation generation after generation and that is the only thing at which they excel….a true modern day slave society.

    What about:

    Integrity legislation
    Freedom of information
    Anti corruption legislation
    A sex offender’s registry
    Ending the backlog and corruption at the supreme court

    I notice Adriel Nitwit is legislating every petty little thing he could, but not one of the real issues negatively impacting the citizens seems to register. his stupid little mind, none of the above are important enough to address.

    Vote them all out.

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  • dem must go…bunch of stinking imbiciles….God ain’t sleeping


  • I’m glad to see the officialdom of Barbados has their priorities straight in these economic failing times, going deligently after the priority causes !!!!!!!!

    WHAT NEXT, jaywalkers.


  • How many people have been killed because of reckless and dangerous driving and the absence of traffic police on the roads?


  • @Hal

    Police now have a MISSION, RH STICKER OFFENDERS. No doubt several high speed chases will result in the apprehension of these offenders killing more people.

    Not being BAGAN, I cannot understand the mentality, please would someone dare to make a sane explanation that maybe understood by an uneducated REDNECK.


  • Ah, this is great news. They say if you take care of the small problems in life the big ones will disappear. Sooooo, so the good news is that potholes will disappear, no more public service vehicle speeding alonw with bad behavior, the lewd music will go away, traffic lights will be working again, buses will be available and will run on time, VAT refunds will be paid on time, court cases will be called in under five years, drug kingpins will be prosecuted and jailed, sources of gun will be eliminated…(I’m out of breath), police certificates of character will be available within 24 hours, driving tests, sewage, garbage, customs, school books,…. yes, I am happy to hear that the RH police can find enough RH time to fiddle while the RH government destroys the RH country.

    Does anyone know if RH stickers can be affixed to the sides of your RH vehicle, bought and paid for by you?

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  • Wily Coyote February 28, 2018 at 7:54 AM #

    Barbados-based Bajans are very inward-looking and defensive. It has led to the development of a cultural mind-set which can be difficult to penetrate. There are normally two responses to searching questions: first, we have always done things that way; or, second, we are a small country and one cannot expect us to respond like the big countries. Then there is the: we punch above our weight.
    These excuses explain everything: from excreta in the streets of the South Coast, to the failure of the NIS, to the poor financial regulatory system, to the reversal in the standards of our education.
    Amazingly, there are some outstanding young men and women outside the country who are doing brilliantly. It comes back to what I have said before: the Platonic allegory of the cave.

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  • This situation is difficult to understand, reporting people for stickers which do not hinder their vision etc. Yet one can see see cars with number plates with numerals in fancy print and some plates so small that they look like motorbike plates.
    Going by this then one can be reported for the manufacturers logo and the model on the back of your car. Wonder how the Police are going to deal with political stickers for the upcoming election seems to be a lot of RH……….


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ FearPlay February 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM
    “Does anyone know if RH stickers can be affixed to the sides of your RH vehicle, bought and paid for by you?”

    Excellent point! Well ‘spotted’ (NPI– no pun intended)!

    Does this ‘petty-minded’ regulation also apply to PSVs (including the’ cash-strapped’ TB advertising the wares for other business entities) with the “How is My Driving” signs and those ‘privately-owned vehicles advertising goods and services like KFC fast deliveries from their sewerage-connected dispensing-gastroenteritis retail outlet on the South coast?

    What about the illegally erected death trap at the entrance to the Coverly encampment of concrete ovens in the tropics?

    What are they waiting on? For some white visitor to the banana-slipping island to lose his or her life before something is done about it?


  • Had the backbones not been removed from Barbadians during the period of slavery, we would not sit idly by for what is obviously a lot of RH from this government. Suppose, just suppose every vehicle operator went out and deliberately affixed stickers to their vehicles, how would the police and the courts process this deluge? Lock up all of us? Fine everyone? They certainly can’t crack a couple of heads or shoot a few, can they? You see, it is this docility that causes a horrendously failed and pompous dictator to defer the holding of elections until the very last payday without a murmur from the populace. Burn tyres outside of parliament, block the highway, congest the airport, impede the free flow of traffic into and out of Government House, Parliament, the Bridgetown Harbor and the BWA. It is past time that Frumble and his loitering fools be sent packing before they further destroy this once proud country.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ tudor February 28, 2018 at 8:06 AM #

    You are getting there! At least you are from the ‘noticeably’ more perceptive ‘House of Tudor’ instead of the Machiavellian House of Stuart!

    Major proactive move to suppress any obvious mass ‘motorizing show of support for any anti-DLP movement in the upcoming changing of the political guards.


  • PoorPeacefulandPolitePensioner

    I can understand that limited brains may be distracted by a message on a bumper sticker, but its prohibition is a flagrant violation of our freedom of speech !! These are early signs that Government is anticipating social upheaval . . . . tsk tsk . . . . our own elected representatives have lost confidence in Barbados and its people.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ FearPlay February 28, 2018 at 8:31 AM


    What a piece of revolutionary thinking at complete odds to the enslaved mindset of the Bajan herd endearingly known in King Dyall’s terminology as the Bajan brand of black ‘yellow’ belly cattle.
    Or to be more up-to-date, Bushie’s brand of blasted Bajan basket-cases moulded in the piss bucket of brass and burnt in the bakery of brass-bowlery.

    No wonder why low-class king fumble would want to ‘twice’ pardon those 1937 rebels as a way of sending a sign as to what can await those ‘revolutionary’ thinking Bajans should they pull another stunt of rebellion against the corrupt oligarchy and their colonial-thinking apparatchiks making up the current deceitful lying party of oppressors.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “FearPlay February 28, 2018 at 8:31 AM #
    Had the backbones not been removed from Barbadians during the period of slavery, we would not sit idly by for what is obviously a lot of RH from this government. ”

    Bet ya the beasts of buckingham palace are still laughing their evil asses off at that one…even after slavery and fir 186 years they made all Black men look weak and stupid..

    Let’s hope when the likes of Beckles are finished being enraged at what they recently found out the brits have done to Caribbean people for the last 186 years….they look at it in clear and practical terms….and then act..

    Dont look for the asses of parliament to engage on this, I will give Mia the benefit of the doubt that she has the brain power to assist, but the others are useless.

    And.get some intelligent lawyers on board…not house negros nor the slaveminded pimps with titles with fake status like Billie “the goat” Miller et al……..people who understand, know themselves themselves and are conscious….they do not need anymore sell out house negros….

    ….when they have all that is required.., they systemstically and thoroughly DISMANTLE ALL THE INSTITUTIONS AND STRUCTURES OF RACISM AND SLAVERY STILL EXISTING ON THE ISLAND….which is still being preserved by the useless, disgusting house negros who have mislead the people and stained the island and parliament for over 50 years….they are an abomination and disgrace to their own people.

    There are more than enough grounds to dismantle those evil, still existing british created structures out of the lives of Black people in Barbados and across the Caribbean…Beckles found the evidence himself.

    Or keep the british created evil meant to destroy black people for centuries….and persih.


  • PoorPeacefulandPolitePensioner February 28, 2018 at 8:49 AM #

    The failure of our democracy and of constitutional independence, since the implicit promise was of democratic progress. Have our so-called political scientists compared the state of the nation in 2008 and what it is now, not only the economy, but all our major institutions?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fearplay…it is very clear that the retards in parliament are provoking the public for a reaction, give them them reaction they dont want and are not expecting, only because it is so close to election.


    That is the best revenge…let them go down in history as the leaking gushing shits that they are….too ashamed to show their faces after election.


  • WWC,

    Beckles is part of the problem, not the solution. Guess who got all the nice contracts for the enlargement of Cahill Campus … ? His talk about slavery and restitution cannot hide the fact that he was one of the main employers of Barbadian construction industry. Greetings from Preconco and COW. They are all members of the same class, namely the local elite, living at the taxpayer´s expense.

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Tron….so you are saying Beckles is selfish and this faux outrage he is acting out after he found out the brits still robbed the Caribbean people for nearly 200 years, even after the abolition of slavery..

    …..and his recent declaration to make the brits pay reparations to Caribbean people…is what…just a ploy to get his hands on billions of dollars at the expense of brutalized ancestors…, to do what…give it away to stinking racists such as Cow, Bjerkham, Bizzy et al..

    If that is his intent…the bitch would dry up and blow away the very next day.

    People I know always say he is a fraud and sell out, let’s see if he proves them right.

    I am still waiting for him to give up the house negro pimp title he got from buckingham palace….after he recently found out what the brits did, it was not gossip or hear say, he found it himself.

    I definitely dont want to see a dime of reparations put in any of these weak ass black men or women’s hands…because I fear they still do not understand what is currently at play and they still dont have the brain power, will, foresight, vision or strength to destroy completely the disgusting fake elite racists institutions and slavery structures that are still open doors for the brits and everyone else to walk through, abuse, exploit and steal from the black populations in Barbados and across the Caribbean….for another 400 years.

    Until Beckles understands what is ahead, what can be achieved because of his recent discovery, which i have known for years……he too is useless


  • WWC,

    Beckles is a good man when it comes to scholarship and Barbadian history. His performance is unmatched. He is also a good man when it comes to press restitution. There is no just reason why the Brits refuse to pay, even if it is only a small symbolic sum.

    However, as a manager of Cahill Campus, he was in bed with the local construction industry for many years.

    So Beckles has his good and less good sides … The Historians of the 22nd century will paint a far brighter picture of him than of Big Sinck et al.

    p.s. The latest building on Cahill Campus was done by a black contractor. He tries to match Baloney, COW etc pp. in every respect …


  • Bernard Codrington

    Wuh Loss!!

    Whunna mean that whunna do not understand that this is a means of reducing the Budgetary Deficit? They will soon insist that the fines be paid in USD which will reduce the Balance of Payments deficit.
    Whunna think the people foolish?

    Whuh Loss!!!


  • Good one Bernard but the issue will be to collect the fines quickly given the lag in processing court cases.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Beckles more than anyone else knows what the low life minority descendants of indentured servants with their fake titles and false status are capable of, he knows they would still be living in their lice infested huts in St. John…if the black leadership of the 70s to 2018 were not so weak and gave them the opportunities they needed to steal from the population. …..

    ……he would be an idiot, should reparations, which is looking very likely and will have to be paid eventually, allow any of the minorities on the island to even know reparations are paid let alone allow them to benefit in any way.

    And reparations cannot be any small sum either , the british thieves have been robbing Black people billions of dollars in 186 years, which does not include the centuries of previous enslavement and brutality….

    …… it enrages people who are aware that the skunk David Cameron, still got down in Jamaica, bullshitting Caribbean people, while knowing his family still benefitted from robbing the islands up to 2015…

    … enrages people even more to think that Bajans and other Caribbean people still cannot see the scum british for what they really are, thieves and savages who still hate Black people and are never up to any good.

    Now that the 186 years of thefts are out in the open, dont know how the Caribbean leadership never knew about this, however, the attorneys who will put forward the claims are top of the line and know they got british leadership by their balls for their deceit and criminality toward Caribbean people…

    …….the problem lies within the useless house negros who would still seek to sell out and cause another era of enslavement of their people.. …the house negros of parliament are a threat.


  • Guyanese born ,Barbados based magistrate Lennox Perry drove the fear of God into the hearts of motorists in his ’60s heavy fines in the Traffic Court,at a time when vehicles were few and far between and most middle earning Bajans got salaries of between $100. and $150. Per month.You were lucky if he hit you for $65. when bus fare was .25 cents.Those fines required a visit to the bank for a loan.


  • Gabriel February 28, 2018 at 12:35 PM #

    In many people’s view, Perry abused his position until he ran off to become a land judge in his native Guyana. We now have a woman on the bench behaving as if she needs counselling. You cannot continue to abuse the people and hope they will not respond.
    Our courts badly need reform. We now have a situation in which we have a lawyer/population ration of 1:3, high even in regard to New York. Yet, despite this, we still have police officers in the magistrates court pretending to be prosecutors.
    We urgently need to remove the prosecution functions fro the investigative ones. We have enough young lawyers to prosecute in the magistrates’ court. Historically people like Garry Sargeant have proved to be good prosecutors, but such people come along once in a lifetime.
    We need more uniformed traffic police, with their own line management, and spending more time on the streets.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ BU Citizenry


    The Democratic/Demonic Labour Party HAS BECOME AWARE OF the fact that the “poster” war that is being fought across the entire length and breath of Barbados IS WORKING.

    Please do not get sidetracked with these red herring.

    Cap. 240 of the Town and Country Act under section 31 states

    “(1) Subject to this section, the Minister may by regulations published in the Official Gazette make such provision for restricting or regulating the display of advertisements as appears to him to be expedient in the interests of amenity or public safety.”

    This has NOTHING TO DO WITH A RH sign.

    They also are aware of the efficacy of the adverts and the fliers and all the other information that is being disseminated across the airwaves.

    They are aware of the campaign that is going to obliterate them in the coming General Election

    And, IN ANTICIPATION OF THE ONSLAUGHT THAT WILL OBLITERATE THEM, they have enlisted the Police to be their eyes and ears to ensure that NO POLITICAL ADVERTISING MATERIAL CAN OR WILL BE ALLOWED TO CIRCULATE in these various forms!

    And here is the counter to this last minute thrashing of the DYING DLP BEAST.

    Install Telegraph on your phones and use this tool to circulate the fliers that you are going to be receiving which will state



  • Hal,

    “We have a lawyer/population ration of 1:3, high even in regard to New York.” Indeed. 1,000 or 1,100 lawyers now? More than roaches and ants in Barbados.

    Everybody passes at UWI. That must stop. Other jurisdictions sort out up to 50 % of the students in final exams.


  • Tron February 28, 2018 at 1:19 PM #

    Ratio, by the way. The problem is Barbados is that being a lawyer is a career of choice for two reasons: self-employment, and limited opportunities.
    Most people with law degrees I know do not practice. We need new opportunities for ur brightest and best.
    UWI also needs to cut back on the number of full-time law students; more part-time and post-graduate students and, also, spend the money on more productive courses.
    By the way, a number of Barbadians also do online courses with UK universities ie Nottingham


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    so as it relates to the RH advertising thing….

    all wunna got to do is to install Telegraph app which they cant break…

    and do wunna part in distributing these RH posters

    I ent care ef dem gots a BILLION DOLLARS TEIF it ent matter if dem buying votes cause, unlessing dem got a way to falsify the ballot boxes results, when bajans going into them polling stations later this year, EVERY ONE OF THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY EFFERS GOING GET VOTE OUT!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…Piece, ya will end up bringing back ya girlfriend ac Yardfowl, sticks and stones to BU, when she sees that tee shirt. .


  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    nuff nuff Bajans will be able to see the posters on their cell phones.


  • “, unlessing dem got a way to falsify the ballot boxes results“. As the waning hours of Election Day tick by, well paid gang members strategically placed need only to release a few rounds of ammunition into the air and pandemonium will ensue. In the resultant scramble to safety diligently prepared ballot boxes will replace those used throughout the day and presto, 5 more years of the best and brightest government this country has ever seen. Rest In Peace. Q


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Well Well, I hope not lol

    @ Brother Hants.


    Prepaid mobile subscribers for 2016 stated at 249,081 stated users.

    The issue is not IF THEY EXIST but what they are being exposed to.

    So de ole man gine show WHY DE DLP IS GOING TO LOSE by showing where IT CANNOT IMPACT

    All of the money that it has in its CBC Reporting lies and it cannot impact anything.

    So it does not matter what tiefing and highway collusion the DLP does right now, dem dog is dead.


  • @Tudor..8:06 am

    Was wondering when someone would weigh-in on the real sticker issue “POLITICAL STICKERS”. The BLP pip DEM first with flyers up on poles and with all the pussyfooting with setting a date for election would most likely have been out first with bumper stickers. So this aint really about RH stickers this is about RH BLP.


  • An alternative approach that could be used would also be a plus for conservation. Do not wash you car, truck, van or bus and as the grime builds up, all you need do is wet a finger and carefully write across the back of the vehicle in large, bold letters “VOTE DEM TO Ra…Ho… OUT”. No stickers, no infraction.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    good one FearPlay…lol

    Piece…ya know how serious things are when the usual BU jackasses did not jump out to start fighting against the idea, with all the reparations posts..

    ..that deafening silence alone speaks volumes and is louder than a thousand words.

    going forward will be very interesting.


  • PieceuhdeRockYeahRight

    @ FearPlay


    Mek sure to use gloves causing your fingerprint liable to get lift from you car by dese fingerprint DLP cunstitution infraction specialists heheheheheh


  • Piece, the other danger is the vehicle may have driven through the government sponsored car wash in the streets of Christ Church. Should that be the case and the owner intends to vote for that Ra.. Ho.. party, then that would be the finger to use because the finger owner would be voting for Sh..!


  • Did anyone on BU listen to the debate in the House on Tuesday? If so, who was it that said that he guaranteed the BLP will not win the election…………


  • Those with Instagram accounts…


  • I hope when general election comes, I don’t see any stickers on vehicles


  • put a big s on the side of your car, so when you travel through that sewage water geyser at lanterns at a snails pace, everyone will say look at that escargot.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service are still eating snails, I thought you did not like anything french.

    Who needs stickers on vehicles, when everybody got a smart pphone, who dont have instagram, got twitter, reddit, pinterest, whatsapp and 50 other ways to share posters that are ALL out of government control.

    It just shows how backward the dummies in parliament are…I have seen 70 and 80 year olds with the latest smartphones. .lol


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Thank you for the Instagram post De ole man would have had to ask De grandson how to do that. Heheheheh

    Very few people understand, these several centuries later, why developed countries still perpetuate an active hatred programming against Haiti.

    That country Haiti, has the singular reputation of being “the savages that defeated the British, the Spanish and the French” and they have continued through their various development and National indicative programs, to disadvantage and discommode the niggers ad infinitum aided and abetted by the Papa Docs and other House niggers.

    I make mention of that inconsequential aside to put the ineffectual warfare of these purported superpowers in perspective and set the agility of “the oppressed and seemingly lesser provisioned guerrillas”

    De ole man considers these bumper stickers to be the Haitian guerillas who this seeming force of Fumbles Incumbent Fools WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMBAT.

    It really does not matter what the DLP does with the varied laws and Defense force trucks.



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    De ole man submitted a blog that got held in limbo Honourable Blogmaster. Grateful if you could retrieve at your convenience. Thanks


  • What about the hired cars and commercial companies identification names


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Wily Coyote February 28, 2018 at 7:54 AM “Police now have a MISSION, RH STICKER OFFENDERS. No doubt several high speed chases will result in the apprehension of these offenders killing more people.”

    I’ve never seen or heard of high speed police chase in Barbados. This ain’t the U.S. of A.

    I’ve never of the police killing anyone while engaging in a high speed chase. This ain’t the U.S. of A.

    Don’t listen to Hal. He hasn’t lived in Barbados in more than 50 years and so he doesn’t know what is going on, although he thinks that he does.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    Barbados is a small place and the police know that if they don’t get you today, they will get you tomorrow or the next day or the next.

    So no necessity for chases, especially your alleged chases for RH stickers.

    Ain’t gine happen.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin February 28, 2018 at 7:27 AM “How many people have been killed because of reckless and dangerous driving and the absence of traffic police on the roads?”

    The people who are killed on the roads are mostly young men, and very likely alcoholic drinks are involved.

    You know how wunna Bajan like wunna alcoholic drinks.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @FearPlay February 28, 2018 at 8:31 AM “this docility that causes a horrendously failed and pompous dictator to defer the holding of elections until the very last payday without a murmur from the populace.”

    Bajans ain’t docile, although it looks so to outsiders. Bajans passive/agressive.

    @FearPlay February 28, 2018 at 8:31 AM “Burn tyres outside of parliament, block the highway, congest the airport, impede the free flow of traffic into and out of Government House, Parliament, the Bridgetown Harbor and the BWA.”

    We int gine do none of this. We will say nothing and go to the pools, cool, cool so one morning and vote the DLP out of office. Ordinary so. Plain so. Cool so.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service February 28, 2018 at 9:04 AM “all Black men look weak and stupid.”

    Who you tink you is, cussing all or any black men.

    i know plenty of strong, smart black men.

    Just because you choose to give your “P” to a white man doesn’t mean that we all want to follow suit.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Tron February 28, 2018 at 9:39 AM “…Cahill Campus…”

    Cahill Campus?

    Wha’ dat?


    Why you don’t keep outta we business?



  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin February 28, 2018 at 12:47 PM “we have a lawyer/population ration of 1:3”

    And where did you get these numbers from Mr. Hal?


  • NorthernObserver

    de good Doctor pun a roll this early morning.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    I wish the government all the best in their campaign. Barbados is a lawless and an ungovernable country; a country that appears to have no rules.

    Lock up and fine people! That’s is the only way you’re going to change Bajan behaviour.


  • @Talkng Loud Saying Nothing

    The government picked a good time to enforce the law too!


  • Dr. Simple Simon March 1, 2018 at 1:10 AM #

    The census and Official Gazette.


  • Dr. Simple Simon March 1, 2018 at 12:49 AM #

    The people who are killed on the roads are mostly young men, and very likely alcoholic drinks are involved.(Quote)

    So? This is an even more powerful case for breathalysers, traffic cops on the streets, restricting driving licences and greater penalties. The reality is that reckless driving is a national epidemic, across all races, males and female, old and young. It is a national disease; it gets even more aggressive if the number plate on the other vehicle has a H registration.
    Bajans believe that foreigners cannot drive.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Who you tink you is, cussing all or any black men.”

    So how are you going to stop me from cussing them, when they want cussing, the ones calling themselves Black leaders do not even know when their people are being robbed by UK, dont care that their own people are being robbed by fireign or local because they are too busy robbing and helping minorities rob their own people too….

    the Black men and women who are conscious and actually have a brain are forever marginalized and prevented from contributing to the society, prevented from using their creativity to make things better and people like yourself sit on their backsides and accept that self defeating behavior cause ya busy thinking about who is giving their P to whom.

    With that said…now that ya know that ya asses have been robbed by the beasts of buckingham palace and 10 Downing Street even before ya were born and even more so in the 50 years of ya existence and the dumbass black men particulary and leaders in the Caribbean especially, had no clue and even if they did know would not even open their mouths because they only know how to cuss each other….will you too only accept and keep quiet your lot in life of being used to assure the existence of those who hate you….cause ya only got talk for me.

    That’s the problem right there, when ya only capable of selective outrage against ya own, but cannot stand up and represent or call out the idiot leaders stagnating the country or that of future generations….or the international white, local and other minority criminals making sure ya future generations cannot cannot progress for another 500 years.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Bajans ain’t docile, although it looks so to outsiders. Bajans passive/agressive.”

    Aggressive to each other ONLY..

    Passive to everyone else who is not considered by them to be Black.

    A very ugly behavior inculcated into their damaged psyches for centuries..and now self inflicted.

    Not anything to be proud of.

    BTW… I cant stand weak people…particularly weakness in the Black race, who should be displaying more mental strength than anyone else on earth, given our history.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “I’ve never of the police killing anyone while engaging in a high speed chase.”

    There was a “high speed police chase” on the narrow streets of Fitts Village couple years ago, the 2 cop cars engaged in this chase against a civilian car, but managed to crashed into each other, injuring all the cops, dont know how they managed that, but the police brass swore up and down it never happened despite 50 witnesses standing on the street by Jordan Supermarket witnessing it…..comedy central…it’s the cops that will kill people in police chases.

    Not a good idea on narrow roads.


  • Face it, catching and reporting someone with a “Praise Jesus”, “God is my copilot”, “Stop the RH littering”, or “Vote Dem out” bumper sticker has to be a much easier task than catching one of the many un-mufflered, wheelie popping, un-insured, license plateless, speeding while recklessly weaving in an out of traffic, two wheel travelling road hazards to life and limb that drivers often experience blasting past them at high rates of speed and high rates of ear-splitting noise while out on the road. Only natural for the “low hanging fruit” to be picked off first, and if there is enough ripe low hanging fruit to pick, the higher up fruit can be left alone for another day which might come – or it might not.

    Constable reporting to Sergeant after coming in from patrol:

    Sarge: “Constable Perkins, you manage to stop any uh dem wutlless vagabonds pon the unlicensed motorcycles today?”

    PC Perkins: “No sarge, dem was too fas fuh we, man. But lookah, I manage to write tickets fuh unlawful bumper stickers to five different drivers.”

    Sarge: “Alright den, Glad to see wunna time wasn’t wasted.”


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Dr. Simple Simon March 1, 2018 at 12:57 AM
    “We int gine do none of this. We will say nothing and go to the pools, cool, cool so one morning and vote the DLP out of office. Ordinary so. Plain so. Cool so.”

    Isn’t that just so ‘simply plainly cool’ an outcome as you simplistically ‘wish to hope for’?

    Do you really feel the current crop of DLP oligarchy of pigs would simply allow such a defeatist event to take place after their party’s 14 year’s sojourn in the wilderness of not feeding at the taxpayers’ funded trough?

    Don’t you see any upcoming electoral defeat would spell the end of the EWB effect and a highly probable breakup of that former dear loving party?

    Why don’t you take the prescient warnings of certain ministerial motor mouths who have given you guys early warnings about the spilling of blood and the shameless braggadocio outburst about guaranteeing the planned powerful return of the DLP to high office which they see as their political legacy from the founding father(s)?

    Do you really feel Donville Johnny, the chief vote casting fixer, is here and there for the beer at some pub on the Soho strip?

    Do you really feel that the Cammie-T tutored Fumble would allow his many nights spent at the knees of the Bajan King-maker learning the dirty art of Machiavellian politics just go to waste?

    Just look at how he managed to destroy poor denuded OSA last time the political two-horse derby took place?

    If this man of ‘touted’ morality- who was paraded last time out as the ‘dark’ horse to back in the race of Integrity-can knowingly oversee what the PAC report has revealed without a word of censure of his ministerial stable boys do you think that the same gelding would not go to every length to ensure the morally decent legal actions required from the PAC investigation are kept at bay to die a natural death of cover-up given the Bajan notoriously short memories like the 24,000 tax refunds being stuffed as the Stinking liar MoF spoke just a ‘couple’ years ago, “shortly” like the Hyatt erection and “so forth and so on”?


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    sometimes i wonder what Dr. Simple is thinking.

    she cant see that had not for primarily BU…the self focused simpletons of parliament would be more confident in their plot to dupe the electorate again.

    they can now clearly see themselves losing all that they freely enjoyed for the last 10 years, never worked to earn it, dont want to lose it and will not go quietly.


  • Dr. Simple Simon March 1, 2018 at 1:10 AM #

    @Hal Austin February 28, 2018 at 12:47 PM “we have a lawyer/population ration of 1:3”

    That should have read: 1:300 (one thousand lawyers to a population of 300000, simplified to 1:300)


  • David(BU) is a boss….

    Where do you find these classic examples of bajan brass skippa…?

    Simple Simeon is the arch typical Bajan….
    – Fake academic qualifications which don’t mean squat
    – works for somebody
    – Catches a ZR
    – An inbred defeatist attitude that refuses to stand up for right – due to VERY low self-esteem
    – Can talk a roll on ANY subject, sounding quite impressive – while saying jack S….
    – Owns nothing of substance
    – Has contributed little to their country, community and sometimes even to their own family..
    – Has no greater expectation in life than to live three score and ten – and then die…

    Is that Bushie’s boy Vincent that is back on BU….?
    Yet another classic piece of bajan brass….
    ha ha ha


  • The problem is not the ratio of 1:300; the issue is that they all want (or we expect them) to practice law.


  • Adrian Hinds, Sr.

    Ah, Bushie,

    “Know what I like about the Bush? No eminents. Me, Harold Hoyte, Patrick Maxwell, Bobby Pitcher, Jeff Broomes, a judge – all at the same level.”

    Ya got ma bawlinnnnn, Bushie


  • Cool Jack!!!


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Bush Tea March 1, 2018 at 10:26 AM “Simple Simeon is the arch typical Bajan…– Has contributed little to their country, community and sometimes even to their own family”

    Haul do!!!

    Dr. Simple has given and continues to give blood (literally) sweat (literally) but no tears, Dr. Simple does not do tears, for country, community and family. Dr. Simple is a highly valuable and highly valued member of community and family.

    Re: The ZR thingy. Dr. Simple has saved the country perhaps hundreds of thousands of FX by using public transportation/ZR’s for many decades, instead of doing like some of you RH’s who derive your sense of importance by buying a shiny new car every year.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Bush Tea March 1, 2018 at 10:26 AM “works for somebody”

    Never worked for anybody in my life, except of course for family. Still working for family. Hope to continue doing so until the day I die.

    Why do you want to make it seem that working for family is a bad thing?

    Haul ya a@@ do.


  • @Bush Tea

    You are aware that BU commenters for one reason or the other blog anonymously. Whether to protect themselves because of jobs, observe code of behaviors of the organizations they work for etc. many who post on BU are prominent players in society and post as an ‘alter person’ to BU. The challenge is to filter the extraneous commentary some prefer to cloak themselves and spot the nuggets of wisdom. Who can forget Negroman posting as ‘JC’or Jack Boreman continuing his ‘Johnny’ ways?

    It is the vagaries of anonymous blogging!


  • @ David
    The Mock-Doc’s assessment…
    We int gine do none of this. We will say nothing and go to the pools(polls), cool, cool so one morning and vote the DLP out of office. Ordinary so. Plain so. Cool so.
    Wise readers will grasp the point that Bushie is making. By taking the Bushman’s comment literally, Simple Simon is just reinforcing the broad point being made….. which primarily was related to this attitude of doing nothing and tolerating clear foolishness by national leaders until the SAME leaders decide to provide us with the opportunity to do otherwise.

    It is such casual attitudes that empower life-time dictators…. we are just lucky that our local variety are not even very good at the dictator business.

    Do you think that you need to lecture the bushman about the difference between an online persona and a day to day reality? Dr SS could be the Queen for all Bushie cares – reference is ONLY to the online personality called Simple Simon….and to the actual comments that are made here on BU…


  • The simple point Bush Tea is that Simple Simon is not simple but makes simple comments to project the online personality he or she prefers. You are entitled to your view, carry on.


  • As I said already on this blog, the sticker nonsense is about creating an environment of subservience and intimidations.

    The Right Honourable Ministers obviously see this as a beneficial way to ensure the future, to ensure that the average bajan knows that they must toe the line.

    One must always assess the potential impact to understand the real motive, approach the process from the other direction, as the stated motive is often not the true one.

    Still, hopefully after June they will no longer be Right Honourable Ministers.

    They will just be……….


  • @ Crusoe
    They will just be……
    …RH “has-beens”?
    …In RH Dodds?
    …or just a bunch of Really Heartbroken losers?


  • @ David
    We are saying the same thing…
    Bushie is only cussing the online personality that she choses to project.
    It would not surprise the bushman if SS turned out to be Bushie’s own daughter in reality….. Not that she would be cussed any less then…
    ha ha ha


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    If the island is finally blessed with a strong government come the summer…they (the current loitering government) will all be in prison shortly thereafter…..the earth is entering a phase to rid itself of the excess garbage.


  • WWC,

    You will see, it will be as always: Frundel as big ambassador in NYC, London or Geneva, Big Sinck with a consultant job big like him at CS in Zurich, joining Donville with his IP business there, Thompson in one of her many villas on the other islands and the rest also abroad in their mansions in Florida, Canada and London. They will receive big pensions for themselves and their families and courtesans until they die.

    Whereas the local taxpayer will face crime, sewage, internal/external devaluation, higher taxes etc pp – and the judges, high bureaucrats tell them to shut up since this was the Bajan way.

    The historical likelihood that a politician gets prosecuted for spending too much taxpayer´s money is nearly zero. The same applies to bribery and other traditional forms of gov. criminal activities.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Oh well..ah guess they will all continue to swim in shit until they drown.

    It is doubtful most of the exiting ministers will get beyond eating out what they stole and will eventually have to go begging minorities or any present government for work…

    …Liz Thompson got lucky but she is back in Barbados.

    ….. with the current lot reputations in tatters, I dont see many of them getting international postings after they are kicked out of parliament…., they will see themselves broke before they could blink, living from pension check to pension check with rising food prices and cost of living they refused to control…when they had the opportunity.

    ..Muscle Mary was successfully Barbadosed and fighting to pay the mortgage for his massa wannabe plantation….once kicked out of parliament, the others did not fare that well either, who was lawyer had to go back working for crooks, some had to rely on dual citizenships…it will not be a breeze, for sure.


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