STOP RH Littering

Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director, Future Centre Trust

There should be no doubt in the minds of Barbadians that we have a RH littering problem in Barbados.  A look at the embedded video of a recent cleanup effort spearheaded by the Future Centre Trust (FCT) and its Advocacy Director Kammie Holder records a sorry tale.

Clearly Barbadians have to be forced to a Christian understanding the need to be more sensitive to the environment in which they coexist. The evidence of RH garbage in Barbados reaffirms that an F on the litter scorecard is well deserved. A greater effort is required to ensure that a relevant national education program is rolled out,  supported by strict enforcement methods.  Of course there is the bigger issue the country faces by not having a relevant waste management strategy.

Kudos to those concerned for coming up with the RH sign which appears to be resonating with the public.  The use of double entendre is a tried method of exploiting the ambiguity of language. The creators of the campaign suggest the sign should read ‘STOP the Roadside Highway Littering‘ instead many have applied a colloquial interpretation of the sign to mean ‘STOP the Rasshole Littering‘.  The FCT and Kammie Holder must be supported to ensure they are able to convert the noise generated by the effective signage to that of coaxing behavioural change by an insensitive pubic. Given the threat to the health and general well being of the country it is time for the country to wrestle the RH littering and waste management to the ground.

It is worth mentioning that a disappointment to many has been the inability of the relevant ministries of government- especially Denis Lowe’s- to work with the FCT to achieve the common objective -a cleaner Barbados.


  • @ Simple Simon
    The options are those that are now coming
    forward. I am saying that we write off third
    parties because deep down we like it so!
    Stuart and Mottley are the old order.
    Esstmond and Grenville are suitable
    Neither Stuart nor Mottley has much to
    recommend them. Ask their supporters to
    name anything significant they have
    achieved as parliamentarians.


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