The Caswell Franklyn Column – DLP Preparing to Fool Public Servants a Third Time

Caswell Franklyn, Unity Workers Union

The Barbados Today of February 5, 2018 reported that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced that thousands of public servants, who had been working for three or more years, would receive their official appointments by March 1st. That announcement was made the previous night at a Democratic Labour Party meeting.

Over the years, I have come to the realisation that statements or promises made at political branch meetings are intended for the consumption of the party faithful; they should not be relied upon or taken seriously by the general public. This time around I hope that this particular promise would turn out to be an exception.

But after reading further, I started to become nauseated. The article went on to state that the PM dismissed calls, from leading economists, to lay off public sector workers in order to curb spending, saying that he found the “stench” of that suggestion offensive.

He further declared that he would never resort to dismissing civil servants in a desperate attempt to save the economy. I well recall that the Government dismissed 3,000 temporary workers between June and December 2013, and a further 3,000 souls were shown the door in 2014, all in an effort to save the economy.

This apparent Saul to Paul transformation of the PM led him to continue to assure his supporters by saying: “I do not accept and will never accept that when the Barbados economy gets into trouble that workers are to be the fall guys in this exercise all the time to bring it back to respectability”. I am sure that workers would welcome his change of heart. However, he continued to lay it on thick by saying: “We have to find other ways to ensure that we can correct our problems. If the workers have done nothing wrong, why should they be victims to all of this?”

The country heard similar sentiments prior to the 2013 general elections but once the elections were over, Government could not move swiftly enough to rid itself of 6,000 voters, oops, I mean workers. Why should public workers expect to be treated any differently this time around?

At section 8 of their 2008 manifesto, the DLP promised public servants that they would restore their pensions that were eliminated by a previous DLP administration. That pledge has not been honoured. Additionally, at section 21, they promised duty free cars for personal use for designated public officers. Thus far those designated public officers have turned out to be the general secretaries of the two major trade unions.

In 2013 public workers were promised that there would be no lay-offs. We are painfully aware that the promise was honoured in the breach.

Now in 2018, in an effort to woo the public servants, the DLP is promising to appoint thousands of temporary officers who have been employed for three or more years. That can only be a sick joke being played on public officers.

In the dying days of the Arthur administration, parliament passed the Public Service Act. At section 13.(7) that act provided that all temporary officers, who were employed for three or more years prior to December 31, 2007, would be entitled to be appointed, if they had the necessary qualifications. Thereafter, at section 13.(11) the act provides that no established office in the Public Service shall remain vacant for more than one year. Why is the time being extended to three years?

The DLP has ignored that law and is making out that waiting three years for an appointment is somehow better than waiting for one year. Worse yet, they want to be rewarded at the polls for delaying public officers’ lawful claims for appointments, until it suited the DLP. They are not doing anybody any favours; they are merely complying with a 2007 law that they opposed.

There is a saying: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. The DLP has already fooled public workers in two consecutive elections with unfulfilled election promises, and is now seeking to make fools of them a third time.

I can only conclude that the DLP believes that public workers are so imbecilic that there is no need to lead them to the slaughter like lambs, that they would just walk there on their own.


  • Hal

    I would be grateful for that book, if it is not already taken.

    Contact me at


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  • NationBLPnewspaper

    Refer to the Nation Newspaper today- Page 12, Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018 – Dale Marshall is quoted as saying “They want to distract you from the constant battering they are getting in the press”.
    OOPS! The BLP Nation strategy revealed.

    Caswell Franlyn – the Lackey who I called out on this blog is toeing this line and collecting his pay check. Caswell is a mouse and not a man!

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  • Thank you CASWELL….the DLP government believe we are IDIOTS that believe their lies and have no other option but DEMS!


  • NationBLPnewspaper

    Caswell, Harry Russell, Tennyson Joseph, Clyde Mascoll, Frances Chandler, Albert Brandford, Ezra Alleyne, Lisa Cummins- all BLP pimps employed as part of the Nation BLP Fox news strategy to consistently attack one party and give a pass to the other .

    That is why BLP MP Dale Marshall can so proudly say in today’s paper “They want to distract you from the constant battering they are getting in the press”.
    Marshall said it ,not me – the battering in the press by the commentators above is intentional. It is not an accident and it is not an accident that ALL the commentators above NEVER NEVER criticize the opposition leader in anything she does.

    Contrast that to the pre 2008 period when Nation BLP columnist Albert Brandford was aiming all of his journalistic wrath on then opposition leader David Thompson.

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  • Still unanswered: what is a good ratio, in a country with a population of about 285,000, between people sucking on the public tit and people not sucking on the public tit?


  • Indeed, does anyone know: in Barbados, what is the ratio between civilians and people sucking on the public tit?


  • Quoting Hal Austin:

    “It is not just a Barbados problem, but an English-speaking Caribbean problem. Trained and educated Caribbean people like the certainty of a monthly salary, rather than the risk of self-employment.”

    If that had been written by what the resident laughable halfwit on this blog calls “albinos”, the subliterates would have been enraged to delusion.

    Still to know, and it’s important to know: what proportion of the 285,000 people in Barbados is depending for its subsistence on the public tit?

    Exit question: of the proportion of the Barbados population who depend for their subsistence on their access to the public tit, what percentage depends on, say, Sweden? If the donors turn off the tap, for how long can the government keep providing the milk for all the people on the tit? Anyone know?

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  • Theophilius Gazerts

    @Hal 2:35
    On the mark.
    Real questions


  • Theophilius Gazerts

    Promotion from HaHa to


  • It’d be interesting, wouldn’t it, if the donors turned off the tap?

    What might happen?

    Well, we can be pretty much assured that halfwits on semiliterate hate-mongering blogs would stop, immediately, from mentioning “albinos”.


  • @Explain It to me; you are becoming boring like a stuck record. Are you that Boremann person.


  • Still to know, yet to learn, and how boring it is to have to repeat the questions. What proportion of the 285,000 people in Barbados is depending for its subsistence on the public tit?

    The other thing, while the halfwits swim in this delusion of punching above our weight: what percentage of the Barbados population depends on, say, all the taxpaying “albinos’ in Sweden? All the “albinos” in the Netherlands?

    If the albino taxpayers in Sweden and Holland decide to stop being donors and turn off the tap, for how long can the government of Barbados keep providing milk for all the people on the tit? Anyone know?


  • Caswell Franklyn February 12, 2018 at 4:45 PM #

    I would be grateful for that book, if it is not already taken.(Quote)

    I have sent you an email.


  • Black guy who reads

    It is depressing to have to ask these questions again of someone who should have the answers at his fingertips.

    What proportion of the Barbados population is directly dependent on the public tit?
    What proportion of Barbadians dependent on the public tit depend on what Barbados Underground’s resident morons refer to as “albinos”?


  • Black guy who reads February 15, 2018 at 6:11 PM #

    The Estimates should tell you how many public sector positions there are and salaries, but Sinckler has changed its composition – without a word of protest. You will have to do your own arithmetic. But the number is between 26000 and 30000 out of a workforce of about 140000 and a de facto unemployment rate of about 25 per cent.


  • Black guy who reads

    That’s close to one in ten public-tit suckers. And we haven’t even got close to how many of their income depends on what the stunningly stupid resident halfwits at BU refer to as “albinos”.

    Murda ah lie cricket’n’Bob


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mr. Caswell Franklyn

    The dangling of “permanent appointments” to temporary employees in the Public Service seems neither to be a DLP or a BLP owned phenomena.

    What you have underscored that this is bribing is being carried out by a DLP administration which is known to be the very worse government that this country has ever had.

    What is also a given is that none of the potential appointees will, as a matter of conscientious objection, strenuously object to their appointment, should that be their reward/bribe.

    Of one thing however the bajan electorate might be able to rely is the following

    where the appointees WILL TAKE THESE BRIBES and WILL VOTE THEM OUT.


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