General Secretary Caswell Franklyn of Unity Workers Union Accuses BWU of Being Irresponsible in the CBC Strike Matter


Veteran trade unionist and General Secretary of the Unity Workers’ Union, Caswell Franklyn says the Barbados Workers Union only wants to show its might rather than being right.

Mr. Franklyn says there should be no dispute over the increments issue which was negotiated.

He adds that the actions like those being taken by the BWU have hurt the union movement’s image over time, and resulted in some unions continuing to lose members

90 thoughts on “General Secretary Caswell Franklyn of Unity Workers Union Accuses BWU of Being Irresponsible in the CBC Strike Matter

  1. So Caswell ……have you preached this sermon of ‘ irresponsible union leadership ‘ to Akanni Mcdowall as well ?
    As you have done to Sir Roy ‘ Duke of York ‘ Trotman ?

  2. David

    I hope you have taken a cue from Caswell……that is call a spade ♠️ when you see it ?

    By the way how is your investigation on whether MAM has an LEC qualification or not coming along ?

    Your comments/ questions above – to Caswell are fine……but don’t cherry 🍒 pick your topics !!!!

    • We are waiting to see the outcome to the DLP’s resolution at the annual general meeting which instructed the Attorney General Adreil Brathwaite to report on the matter.


  3. David

    I don’t think that Sir Roy is expecting CBC to pay increments to the 68 members of staff who have reached the top of their salary scales. I believe that he is more interested in the fight so that he can give the impression that the BWU is working on behalf of its members. In so doing, he is hoping to attract new membership or at least stem the outward flow his membership.

    It is interesting to note that his picketing has at best only attracted 40 people.

    • @Caswell

      Something surely smell rotten here. Sir Roy as experienced as he is knows that increases are not paid to employees at the top of their ranges.

    • David

      I agree that should be experienced enough to know that increments are not when a worker reaches his maximum. But you must consider another factor, and that is: Sir Roy might be spending more and more of his waking time in the company of that German man – Alzheimer.

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    • @Caswell

      Let us tackle this issue from another angle. Let us assume Sir Roy has made an “error” in judgement, why has the council given the go ahead to escalate industrial action?

    • David

      The Executive Council of the BWU has always been used as a rubber stamp of the General Secretary’s actions. You must also bear in mind that the BWU now has two general secretaries.

      You should recall that the industrial action at CBC started long before the Executive Council met to approve industrial action. Also note that Sir Roy is supposedly employed as an advisor but this advisor seems to be advising no one. Who was he advising when he conducted negotiations with CBC without the presence of any of the staff of BWU.

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  4. @ Caswell

    I am a bit curious pertaining to certain opposition from you to the other trade unions. Is it that you are trying to operate like a cat sneaking up on a mouse that is eating a piece of cheese. Looking back at the Union and the business sector walking, you was opposed to the strike in the interim but wipe your mouth clean when over 20,000 walk.. Maybe, you are hoping that these unions will make a fundamental mistake and you make inroads to grabble the volatile members. Am I right ? Union leaders don’t have to be buddies, but must have that connect for any assistance that might be needed in order to protect workers. I say no more but will look at the out come to see if The CBC and Union will come to a positive understanding within a democratic process. Forget the politics since it will only destroy any Union – big or small.

  5. @ Caswell you said

    Sir Roy might be spending more and more of his waking time in the company of that German man – Alzheimer.

    You don’t know you have it until someone check your medical health. You and others might also be friend of that German.

  6. Chuckle….or it could be a ploy to force the govt to call early elections…….as layoffs are looming due to the failure of the NSRL,hence a lack of money…….who knows.

  7. Workers should educate themselves so that they are use by persons who are seeking to improve themselves at others expense. If you are at the top of the scale you are not entitled to any increments. That is the law and has been the law when I join the service. Fire them!!

  8. @ Topcat October 1, 2017 at 8:30 PM

    What a brilliant case you have just put forward for putting the long-ailing CBC at the top of the list for immediate sale or closure since it is too far gone for any attempt of restructuring to achieve some semblance of viable resuscitation.

    CBC along with others like RDC and UDC will soon feel the hammer of the IMF because your home-grown plan of restructuring has found itself in the hospice for the terminally ill and would require an injection of foreign stimulation to hobble to the door of the undertaker with a note tied to their toes “good riddance to politically-created bad rubbish for we should never have been created in the first instance”.

  9. @ Fractured BLP October 1, 2017 at 6:23 PM
    “That report of the investigation will come .”

    “Will come” when?
    As the Jamaicans would say: Go bring and come (again)!

    We are still awaiting the Pegasus Hotel tapes.

    What about the investigation into MAM’s love of beating and biting both local and foreign broads with succulent clits so hooked as to make her criminally unfit to hold public office just like the speaking Michel(le) the Carry-away-a-ton conman.

    What about the Four Seasons deal which was so close to completion that not even a pinch of snuff could get between the anus of the MoF (minister of failures) the stinking liar and the ready dickheads of imaginary investors who like groupies were sleeping outside his office just waiting for a piece of the all seasons action promised since September 2011?

  10. Why do we need CBC in the age of internet? The video clips on Nationnews, Barbados Today and other platforms are sufficient.

    Instead of singing Pravda´s hymn, the CBC staff should go to St. Michael North West and film the shootings in this area. You have just to wait 10 minutes at night before something happens.

    Or dress yourself as a young white male tourist, go to the beaches at West coast. It will take the camera team only two minutes before some drug dealer approaches them.

  11. Vincent Haynes October 1, 2017 at 7:05 PM #

    “….or it could be a ploy to force the govt to call early elections…….as layoffs are looming due to the failure of the NSRL, hence a lack of money…….who knows.”

    @ Vincent

    Stuart should have announced the election date shortly after the credit rating downgrade # 20.

  12. Fcuktured BLP

    Will George Pilgrim also ask Adriel Brathwaite to investigate the reasons why Tannis, Abed (and many other DEMS in recent months) left the DLP to join the BLP and the other “third parties?”

    During previous DLP annual conferences George would “brag” about how many people joined the DLP during the particular year, presenting outrageous statistics. Yet, we only see a “HAND FULL” of people at constituency branch meetings.

    However, this year I noticed that George did not brag about how many new members joined the party.

    Perhaps he should similarly tell the public how many people left the DLP.

  13. Miller don’t panic !!

    The details are coming !!

    By the way you noticed how MAM & George Payne kept their mouths shut in Parliament last week during the debate on the Barrack building !!

    Edmund Hinkson sprang to his feet to douse the fire 🔥……but used GASOLINE instead ….!!!!

    It is going get hottter as the CORRUPT…. BLPites are further exposed .

  14. Not only is CBC a useless propaganda money-pit but it is competing against tax payers while pissing away tax payers’ money.

    Give the employees 100% shares in the company proportional to their salaries, cut all subventions, rent them the building for $1 per month, charge them the same license fees the other radio stations are charged and move on to the next statutory money-pit to do the same.

    Let water find its own level.

    Turn tax spenders into tax payers and give the rest of us a break!

  15. Just one simple question, was the employees over the salary scale in 2012? if the answer is no shouldn’t they receive the increments until they reach the salary scale. If they received salary increases when Thompson was in office, shouldn’t the scale also increase. I know that there are salary ranges and when an employee negotiates an contract the ranges doesn’t remain the same but increases the same amount as the % of the contract.

    • Sir Roy’s position is that the CBC agreed to increments for ALL employees in lieu of a performance system being implemented. In fact as recent as August 17 Suckoo and the CBC agreed and asked for six months to comeup with a plan.

  16. After listening to Sir Roy and the General Secretary Moore it is evident the agreement under dispute was not relevant to existing conditions and BOTH parties must be reprimanded. In this day a relevant performance management system should have been implemented by the CBC management and on the other side of the issue the union should have know increases to employees at the top of the scale would create a problem i.e. kicking the can down the road.

  17. Interesting comment from GS Toni Moore today regarding the lack of urgency by Suckoo to schedule a meeting between the union and labour. Why not have the meeting today?

    • David

      It would appear that BWU has placed itself out on a limb, and it would also appear that Minister Suckoo is not in any hurry to help them down from that perch.

      The position taken by BWU is not only unreasonable, it is unconscionable. The Minister has no power to resolve this or any other Labour matter. Unfortunately, over time, the union and Government cosied up together to deceive workers, pretending that there was industrial harmony. Now it seems that Government does not want to continue the pretence, so there is now no mad rush to help Trotman and his other junior general secretary to save face.

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    • @Caswell

      There is simply too much politics in everything we do in Barbados these days.

      On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 10:28 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • David

      You are absolutely correct. Today’s politicians have polluted this country with their low level intellect. But it did not start in 2008 when the DLP were elected to manage the affairs of this country, even though this is the dumbest lot that ever got together to form an administration.

      We watch as political parties had a maximum leader and any piece of crap could win a seat if he held on to the leader’ coat tails. Thereafter, the crap would end up forming a cabinet. It has now reached the point where most of the Cabinet is not Cabinet material but the PM is forced to use them anyway because that is all that he has to work with.

      While not being able to adequately manage the affairs of this country, politicians somehow believe that they must control ever non governmental organisation, from unions to PTAs, to keep them from embarrassing the government. As a consequence, organisation, like the unions especially, engaged in party politics rather than act in good faith, with a view to the best interest of their membership or the country.

      BWU is now positioning itself to appear that it the vanguard to remove the DLP, in order to curry favour with the BLP that is widely expected to win the next elections. You would recall that this union played the same game in 1994 to topple the Sandiford Administration with Sir Roy emerging as Owen Arthur’s boy. I think this time around he is trying to prepare Toni to become Mia’s girl, but that can be dangerous.

      The CBC strike should never have happened. At least though the majority of the staff realised that they were being used and refused to support the action. This strike is essentially over and is a humbling experience for Sir Roy. Today, they managed to muster about 12 out of approximately 280 members of staff to support the strike.

      To save face, BWU will order the strikers back to work on the pretence that they are doing so out of respect for the politician that would be chairing a meeting of the two sides. Eventually, this matter would peter out.

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    • Caswell you have read that Suckoo is reported to be out of the island today and therefore former head of the BEC Harry Husbands will chair the talks between the union and the CBC? How ironic!

    • I know that the minister is out of the island that is why I made reference in the last paragraph above to the politician that would be chairing the meeting. I also expected the face-saving climb down by BWU after the big talk. The BWU could not maintain the strike when the CBC staff realised that they were being deceived.

  18. David and Artax,
    Based on information given to parliament it looks like the tax measures are working. In addition,CBC was insolvent when Henry Forde was campaigning and promised to sell as soon as the BLP won the election. They won and fourteen years later it still had not been sold. Wha happen?

    • @Alvin

      How do you define ‘working’? The fact the minister stated the NSRL has raked in 50 million dollars so far? Dont you have to assess the other points the minister made that growth this year will be .5% and we know that forex reserves has now reached single digit weeks? There are other measures we can point to…

  19. @ Caswell you said

    Sir Roy might be spending more and more of his waking time in the company of that German man – Alzheimer.

    I counter attack your statement i an earlier post and will go further. Everybody seems to be blaming Alzheimers whenever seniors forget something. What about young people below 21 years of age who are always forgetting.

    However Caswell, you are wrong about BWU decision to strike. Did you see the agreement between the Union and The CBC before talking nonsense? Unionism should be a collaboration between Unions to work together since one of these days you might need assistance. You cried down the walk and your criticism spew effluent in you face. Now you criticise BWU decision to fight for the rights of workers and this time solid waste all over you.

    How on earth can you expect other Unions to assist your Union if you run into problems.

    I must admit that I respect your views, but I cannot be a hypocrite on this issue.

    Doug apologise. I presume yours should be coming shortly.

    • Tell me Why

      You don’t recognise a sell out when you see it. There was no agreement between BWU and CBC to pay any increments above the scale. They are now saying that there was an agreement with Senator John Williams, during the Arthur Administration, to pay above the scale. Do you really believe that? If that were the case, why was it not honoured since then?

      Government does not want to be embroiled in any confusion with BWU so near an election campaign. Mind you, this matter is far from settled.

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  20. Earlier in talks, it was stated that Senator Williams and the Union agreed to the increments. Was it that The CBC probably didn’t understand such language? As you may know in the trade union world, you cannot just wake up one morning and state you striking tomorrow. The union was wishing and hoping for months that The CBC would get on the same page, but instead CBC prolong the matter until the union couldn’t take it no more. Caswell, do you feel Minister Suckoo would have been able to broker the deal?

  21. @ Caswell

    You get in here and talk a lot of bull. Whatever you say not outside of an apology is not going to cut it. The facts of the matter is that the union get what it was fighting for the workers.
    All you do is get in here and spew a lot of political garbage against the BWU that if you were proven correct would have get you one or two government workers.
    You plot failed.

    If there is a sellout or not the union and workers got what they wanted.
    Under your leadership you would have SOLD out the workers.

    Your garbage attack on BWU leadership was unwarranted, political and nasty.
    I have lost all respect for you.

    Nothing short of an apology will redeem you.

    • What has the union gotten? The workers have been paid the four increments? If they are paid who will ultimately have to pull pockets at an agency that is chronically insolvent?

  22. David. You would have realise in both the private and public sector, management always stating that it s impossible to give an increase due to a lack of money, yet additional employees are hired and top management receive increases. That is the behaviour of all managements.

  23. @ David
    I don’t know if you questions were aimed at me.

    Who is going to pull their pockets is/should not be a concern of a union at this point. If an agreement was made on behalf of the workers then it the union business to see that the obligations are met.

    If CBC has to send home Doug and use his salary to make up the difference then so shall it be. He or whoever can go and have Caswell union to fight for them.

    If it is insolvent then it need restructuring or selling and layoff will happen in both cases.

    The union has gotten some extra dollars for it members (and the non- members will also benefit). Those that are kept will have a little more and those that will be let go will benefit now with a little more before they go.

    • This is the idiotic space we find ourselves, a government via SOEs having to promise increments that is broke. Once a payment is done expect an avalanche of requests to be submitted by unions onbehalf of the others.

  24. Caswell

    Correct me if I am wrong……did I hear someone from the BWU state that agreements reached at meetings are not taken down……or in other words meetings are no longer minuted/recorded……if so when did this start?

    I recall negotiating as the BA rep. pay increases in the 70s with Leroy as the BWU rep. and all meetings were minuted for approval at the next meeting after circulation prior to the next meeting.

    • Vincent

      If the meetings are not minuted one party can always come back and say that you misunderstood me, as in this case.

      What will eventually happen at CBC is what is happening at the Barbados Water Authority, where junior workers are receiving more basic pay than their supervisors. But then again, CBC’s management caved in and they might not tolerate a BWA situation. They might argue to have the differences restored.

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  25. @ David

    Then blame the government. The union government looked out for its members, the union is looking out for theirs.

    Like it or lump it !

    • @John

      Yours is a narrow/myopic view. What the worsening financial position will do is force changes to be made to staff complement. Isn’t this what Doug Hoyte and Chairman Earle have been saying until yesterday? The change will come AFTER the next general election. We continue to play the ass with managing the country.

  26. Did all of you really believe we were going to get through election season without employees getting a raise? Fool be on you.
    After umpteen years of stringing them out, all now need a pre-election win.
    The economic crisis ended years ago, everywhere but in Bim. That is because ours was self inflicted. Watch and see if we don’t get a tax rollback too…..the NSRL was so successful we can now reduce taxes.
    We do not need an election budget, when the same can be achieve via other means.

  27. @ David

    I put out what I think is the responsibility of the union.

    As I said before, the worsening financial position will either force CBC to restructure one way or the other and that is what they need to do as a business entity.

    Managing CBC and the country the correct way means some of the workers need to be layoff.

    If you were one of the workers at CBC that didn’t not get the increment like the others you would have wanted it and probably fight for it with the union.

    And if you were one of the leader of BWU and felt you had made the agreement for the increments to be paid across the board then you would have no choice but to side/fight for it for you members.

    What are the changes that will be coming after the next election?
    The needed layoffs?

    The from the union perspective it has done well for its members.

    You have to learn to separate the responsibilities of the two, union and government.

  28. @ David

    At one point you are saying the increment will FORCE change. Make it seem like you are against this change.

    Then you are saying the change will come after the next election. Makes it seem like you are agreeing that changes must and will be made.

    Then you are complaining the we continue to play the ass with the economy who are the “WE”?

    From the Barbados economy point of view I am all for making the necessary changes ASAP not just after the elections.

    But when it comes to the union matter I am for the union doing what is best for its members.

    The union is not the government and must do what it has to for the good of its members.
    The government is not the union and need to manage the country.

    When Government member voted to restore their 10% they open up themselves to the scenario that has just played out at CBC.

    • On queue we read in today’s press the NUPW will be pushing for increases for public servants based on Sinckler’s boast that the NSLR raked in 50 million dollars. Bare in mind we have a social partnership that was meant to lead at times like now where the national interest should trump the singular. What a Greek like mess we find ourselves, no longer can the social partnership model be held up as a beacon.

  29. john October 5, 2017 at 9:31 PM #

    “When Government members voted to restore their 10% they open up themselves to the scenario that has just played out at CBC.”

    @ John

    You made some very interesting points in your contribution.

    You must also take the NSRL and its intended purpose into consideration. According to Sinckler, the original intent of the NSRL was a means of financing health care and waste management. The levy was increased to 10% from July 1, 2017 and was projected to generate an additional $218M in tax revenue by the end of the 2017-2018 FY.

    When the unions and private sector asked government to reduce the NSRL by 50%, Stuart said revenue earned from the levy was used to pay public sector employees and its reduction may result in layoffs. Here we saw the purpose of the levy conveniently shifting from financing health care and waste management to financing the payment of government’s salaries and wages.

    In what I would describe as a “convenient reaction” to the latest S&P credit rating downgrade, Sinckler said that for the period July 1 to September 30, 2017, the NSRL generated $50M in additional tax revenue. However, Sinckler said because of the levy, the QEH is now in a position to pay its debt and the SSA will soon get a new fleet of trucks.

    It seems as though the purpose of the NSRL keeps shifting according to the scenario. So……. who are we to believe…………. Stuart or Sinckler?

    If we believe Stuart, then any salary increases demanded by the unions will be justified.

  30. @ David

    We HAD a social partnership under Owen BLP administration.
    That was destroyed when the current administration came into power. I would even go as far as saying and they try to destroy the labour movement.

    @ artax
    These politician will do and say what is best for themselves and their party first
    Yet people want the unions put the country first and their paying membership interest after. their do not see the union as a business entity also.

  31. You swore, PM | Barbados Today
    You swore, PM
    The island’s most powerful public sector labour union is holding Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to his word on the controversial National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) in view of the performance…

  32. The Unions never cease to amaze what inappropriate behaviour and distasteful and disgusting attitude coming from Annakani first on line ready to draw blood . Bro it would take more than one serving of 50million to bring this economy to an enviroment where all needs are met. Bro you need to learn your table manners and look across the table and see how many mouths need to be fed our of that one serving
    Yes the govt unlike the Unions would suffice those demands in a timely and orderly fashion. If u do not like the process u cant always march again

  33. Angela, Who said those words regarding using NSRL to pay workers. To whom was it made and the occasion it was made. When you find out, go in a corner and think before spewing nonsense.

  34. A valid point was made today, NSRL is a recurrent expenditure. Where is the logic to use NSRL to support wage increase.

    On another note Dennis Johnson is wrong to suggest people questioning the general secretaries of the NUPW and BWU accepting duty free concessions as petty. Wrong!

    These people must be always seen/perceived as impartial.

  35. Sir the govt specifically stated by use of wording. Review! Possiblity!with a spacing of small pay hike.
    Sir before you jump on your high horse look again and review the govt language with an understanding to see if it means a committiment to a promise without certain regards first met
    I am certain the govt would try it best to give something in regards to pay but already Annakani is behaving like a bull in a China shop beligerant and out of control

  36. @ DAVID you said….

    “On another note Dennis Johnson is wrong to suggest people questioning the general secretaries of the NUPW and BWU accepting duty free concessions as petty. Wrong!”

    Is this the first time that a Union leader get Duty Free Status on a vehicle? What about Sandals getting Duty Free for management. That is not petty but simply ridiculous and an insult to we the tax payers.

    • David

      Both NUPW and BWU are entitled to receive EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL duty free in accordance with part 2 of the Customs Tariff. I have never heard of an educational car. In order to get a car duty free, the Minister of Finance must do the union a favour and use his power under the Duties, Taxes and other Payments (Exemption) Act to waive the duty.

      The Minister must then lay the order in parliament for 40 days during which time either house can nullify the order. The order must also be published in the Official Gazette. This has never been done simply because you do not publish BRIBES.

      I well remember when I worked at NUPW, Roslyn Smith complained bitterly when Dennis Clarke got his AUDI duty free. She complained bitterly that it looked bad and made NUPW look like it was selling out. Mind you, when she became General Secretary, her first order of business, believe it or not, was a duty free car.

      I will not go any further since I have addressed this matter in my column for Sunday.

      Sent from my iPad

  37. Tell me Why October 6, 2017 at 11:06 AM #

    “Angela, Who said those words regarding using NSRL to pay workers. To whom was it made and the occasion it was made. When you find out, go in a corner and think before spewing nonsense.”

    @ Tell me Why

    It’s the job of Angela Skeete, Fcuktured BLP, Carson C. Cadogan and Observing (Waiting or whatever name he/she chose to use at the time), to represent the inept DLP administration on BU. And their activity and that of other operatives/yard-fowls will obviously increase in this forum when the 2018 election campaign officially commences.

    Stuart responded to the unions and private sector’s plead to decrease the NSRL by 50% by saying revenue generated from the levy will be used to pay civil servants and any reduction would ultimately lead to layoffs in the service.

    Sinckler said the levy generated $50M during the past three months and is projected to realize $200M by the end on the 2017-2018 FY. Therefore, any request by the unions for an increase in salaries and wages is justified.

    Today’s Weekend Nation has reported President of the BCCI, Eddy Abed has saying as a result of the NSRL, “businesses were being forced to reduce their workforce in an effort to reduce the expenses associated with the NSRL.”

    Abed also stated the levy “created another layer of cost causing Barbados to become ridiculously expensive compared to other islands in the Caribbean and North America.”

    Obviously, the NSRL will result in an increase of import costs for local businesses, which most likely is passed on to the consumer………., hence, an increase in prices.

    But, remember, VAT is charged on the price of goods inclusive of NSRL……… therefore, the increase will be compounded by the addition of VAT.

    For example, if an item costs $200
    Add: NSRL (10%) = $200 + $20 = $220
    Add: VAT (17.5%) x $220 = $38.50
    New price = $258.50

    Sinckler projected the NSRL to generate $200M in a financial year.

    But, consumers usually react to price increases by reducing consumption, which results in a decrease in businesses’ income and government’s tax revenue.

    Perhaps Sinckler did not take such changes in consumer behavior into consideration.

    And this is where I have a problem with the $200M projection.

  38. We will get no more than $120M over twelve months. Economy is just collapsing – as expected.

    EVERY new or higher tax since 2008 failed to create higher revenue. Why should it be different now?

    The very problem with Barbados is simple: The whole elite is UNABLE to learn from their mistakes. They think they are some black master race of the Caribbean, but in fact, they are the laughing stock of America.

  39. All that is required between now and elections is paved roads,no garbage,debushing,pay CBC,pay NUPW,get some projects started and some war chest money.

    Bimmers have short memories………….Dems win again…………………they hope.


    NO WAY


  41. Video contains the entire speech from PM Stuart in which he adresses the Unions and Private sector concern regarding NSRL and public workers pay increase

  42. @ Artax October 6, 2017 at 2:56 PM

    Obviously, the NSRL will result in an increase of import costs for local businesses, which most likely is passed on to the consumer………., hence, an increase in prices.
    But, remember, VAT is charged on the price of goods inclusive of NSRL……… therefore, the increase will be compounded by the addition of VAT.
    For example, if an item costs $200
    Add: NSRL (10%) = $200 + $20 = $220
    Add: VAT (17.5%) x $220 = $38.50
    New price = $258.50

    Artax, a good analysis on the negative multiplier effects that massive increase in the ‘snarling’ NSRL would have on the wider economy based primarily on a chain of imported goods (and services) feeding into an extensive network of wholesale distribution, retailing and even on the local production in the fledgling sectors of the semi-indigenous aspects of the economy like food and beverages, vegetables and poultry.

    Why stifle demand in the local production sectors when forex is already at a supply premium?

    What you have inadvertently omitted are the ‘cascading’ effects the same NSRL increase will be having on the sellers’ mark-ups on the same goods and services at every point of the supply chain resulting in higher VAT and an unnecessary, unjustified and burdensomely unfair increase in the final prices to the consumers; and nothing to do with the underpinning trading relationships of supply and demand or vice versa.

    This is just a recipe for further economic contraction which will express itself in the inevitable dampening in demand for goods and services the very bedrock of the Bajan tax revenues regime dependant on the demand for and sale of those very goods and services.

    Something must give.

    A simple upward adjustment of the VAT rate along with a justified contraction of the basket of zero-rated and exempt goods and services would have been more efficient in its application and definitely more effective in its revenue generating efforts without the falloff in economic activity.

    Stop fiddling with the tax regime which is, on the Legislative pages, one of the most efficient and effective systems available to meet the country’s social requirements.

    Its main drawback rests with its less than stellar enforcement and collection efforts due primarily to political interference in a socially incestuous environment and glaring lack of top managerial commitment, supervision and support for those at the coalface of enforcement.

    Stop making the already complex system more complicated.

    Let “KISS” be the motto of the BRA in its overriding goal of achieving “Efficiency, Economy and Effectivenes”.

  43. Part of the new deal for a service commission for teachers should be a no-strike deal as part of the occupation’s professionalisation.

  44. Interesting comment from Eddie Abed today to the effect we are fighting for public workers increase, we are running a deficit, there is talk about funding salary increases; a recurrent expenditure from NSRL, the government has floated the idea of reprofiling debt, the CBB has been printing money _we likemum.

  45. Q Why are we ignoring the management crisis at CBC?





  46. @Hal, that is not the question. The real question is why does the government still own CBC? BLP should have sold it right after election.

  47. @ Crusoe,

    It is an open secret that the Trinidadian owners of the Nation want to own CBC. Imagine our two leading media organisations being owned by foreigners? Isn’t the more important issue political interference in the daily running of CBC by some pompous buffoon?

  48. When are we going to discuss the crisis in management at CBC? Is the president preparing CBC for sale?

  49. Is anyone going to discuss government plans for CBC? Will CBC now become part of the government information service? Will that awful, aggressive Moe woman now tell reporters how to report and what to report? Or will middle class Bajans take the easy way out and watch CNN and BBC World and be happy?

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