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Governor General Dame Sandra Mason appointed weeks before a general election is constitutionally due.

For some of us forced to observe AND participate in the politics of Barbados AND the region – the Machiavellian flavour our politics has elevated/descended does not fit with the personable disposition that has defined us as a people up until the 70s and 80s. The blogmaster subscribes to the view we must be who we want to be and avoid following the multitude. We must thrive to inculcate those values which are forged from the unique struggles of our forefathers. How can we boast of emancipating ourselves from mental slavery yet by our decisions remain hipped locked to the attitudes and aspirations of others?

In recent years members of the BU household have been overwhelmed by the precipitous degree our standards have fallen in every sphere of life’s endeavour. Our moral and ethical behaviour, the rot of our physical infrastructure, waning of a Bajan brand, even our position on the top of the rung occupied by King cricket.

Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb appointed a few weeks before a general election is constitutionally due.

What tugs at the heartstrings of the blogmaster is the obvious contempt and lack of respect displayed by politicians of the region for their Bajan counterparts. The BU household was weaned on the politics of a period influenced greatly by Errol Barrow, Tom Adams, Bernard St. John, Henry Forde, Owen Arthur, Brandford Taitt, Billie Miller and others who stood tall and commanded the respect of their peers.  This was reflected in the positions they were elected to represent the region and on international bodies. Bajan pride and and the confidence it instilled was a commodity easily sliced with a knife.  It is no surprise we were a people that felt confident and good about itself and was able to  reasonably negotiate the prevailing economic and social challenges of the time.

In recent times we have witnessed a dismantling of gains achieved since 1966. Our politicians and technocrats- by extension Barbadians- appear to be clueless as to what is required to retool Barbados to enable it to sustain the level of development others have worked selflessly to attain. The deer in headlights approach by the current lot has had the effect of ‘emasculating’ a once proud people.  We have reached a point where it does not matter the type or number of polices implemented by this government there is the resignation they will all fail. It is what is referred to in the world of economics as the law of diminishing returns. The obvious result is ‘political utility’ declines and leads to a ‘steady state equilibrium’, what a wonderful turn of phrase prime minister Fruendel Stuart, so cited.

David Comissiong, President of the Clement Payne Movement recently highlighted the classless of the government to rush amendment to the Police Act (click image to read)

It therefore harrows the minds of the political sane among us why this government continues to move full steam ahead by making important appointments and implementing policy changes with a general election a few weeks away. It is a politically ethical corrupt behaviour and one that exposes this political class for what it is, classless. And before the yardfowls chime it to state the obvious, we agree that the government has the legal standing to continue to make appointments and policy until parliament is dissolved. Very much in the same way the sitting minister of transport has traditionally sold PSV and Taxi permits in the last days of tenure.

What a betrayal of our own by our own for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. This comes after dumping billions into education by successive governments.

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  1. David Mr Blogmaster, is it that more men and women who we would nominally describe as ‘lacking class’ have now been elevated to positions of political power ; or is it that we now see our politicians’ classless behaviour starkly portrayed due to the all consuming social vigilance !

    I accept your assertion that the Bajanesque perspective that we were highlighted regionally and beyond for our perceived equilibrium and good sense has fallen to one of disdain and ridicule, but I am less accepting that the iconic folks you named above were any less classless in their crass politization of untimely appointments and other self centered actions.

    There were able to keep many of those actions from public notice or the actions were overshadoweded by other much more meaningful events of the day, I suggest to you.

    This tawdry group does have that ‘deer in headlights” aura as you indicate and absolutely have elevated themselves to a self indulgent special class of abject ineffectiveness…. but we still know what is needed to run a tight governance ship or an efficient sewer system…

    …the question is: do Bajans have the clarity of purpose to dismiss these class clowns and demand that others start to redirect our society properly…

    We MUST demand all leaders act with class in governance thus when they repeatedly perform as clueless class clowns we MUST put political triablism aside for an election cycle and dismiss them out-of-hand!

    That sir would be a positive draw down on the educational investment.

    • @Dee Word

      Where is the utility in pointing to the hypothetical? We have to wrestle – today – with what is real.

  2. Wuh Loss.

    After these two classy submissions ,what is there to say? My only objection is physically framing the submission around three classy Bajans.

    The Electorate, in less than 5 months,will have their opportunity to right these ills. Let us pray that the opportunity will not be wasted.

  3. @David the Blogmaster “Our politicians and technocrats- by extension Barbadians- appear to be clueless as to what is required to retool Barbados…”

    Our political class, our business class, our religious class, we the Bajan people know very well what needs to be done.

    The thing is we are all motivated by irrational self interest.

    Going forward whenever we appear confused, we all need to stop, THINK and then DO THE RIGHT THING.

    We DO know better.

    But will we DO better?

  4. Anybody who believes that a simple election can rid the country of the “political class” is wrong. Ridding the country of a political party to replace it by another political party , that is the other dominant member of the same class, is merely changing a party not a class.
    In other words it is an exchange not an improvement.

  5. The country still has to be run. Barbados should not be following other countries such as the US, and hardly get anything done within a year of a pending election, we are to small for that. The positions of GG & DPP were vacant for months, so the positions werent filled ‘with haste’.

    • @Kevin

      How long have we had teachers, permanent secretaries and others acting in their roles?

      If the positions of GG & DPP were acting for months -why the haste a few weeks before an election?

  6. @ Kevin February 3, 2018 at 3:04 PM

    So what about the proclamation and operationalizing of the Integrity Bill which was passed by both chamber of parliament since late 2012?

    Doesn’t that qualify as being something to be urgently done even if overdue by 5 years?

  7. @ David
    …why the haste a few weeks before an election?
    Is it not obvious?

    Clearly Froon KNOWS that he will be pissed on during coming elections …and (true to his character) he has decided to piss in the water first.
    Any normal, rational, patriotic leader would have announced that the appointments would be done after elections….(and called elections promptly)

    Same way he spitefully pissed on the Eager Eleven, he is pissing on the new administration – …..and on all BBBBBs.
    The influence of the monument.
    ….it is all written in the face and countenance of the man….

    • @Bush Tea

      Sometimes rhetricals serve a purpose.

      It appears Fruendel is more spiteful or is it arrogant than Sandiford.

  8. Like this comment posted by Leslie Lett to Facebook. Just another example of the master servant roles switched and the classlessness on display.


    Leslie P. Lett shared a link.

    2 hrs

    I’ve read this. Several times, in fact. I am still loath to believe it. The raw sewage flowing on the streets of the South Coast has been categorised as a "NATIONAL CRISIS" by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) General Manager, Mr. Keithroy Halliday [http://www.nationnews.com/nationn…/news/109234/sewage-crisis] and identified as a "PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY" by Dr. Hugh Sealy, project director at the Sewerage and Solid Waste Project Unit from 1994 to 1997 [http://www.nationnews.com/…/sewage-leaks-hazard-public-heal…].

    I have to wonder if a similar response will be given if one day there is not just faeces floating in Barbadian streets, but rivers fo blood flowing in a Barbadian school-yard…

    Will the heart-broken Mummy of young Shaquille Brathwaite, who has dreams of becoming a writer to educate Barbadians, be told that Barbados does not enjoy some special dispensation and that these things happened at Colombine High, Littleton, Colorado?

    Will the distraught Daddy of little Shaunté Leacock, who has ambitions of being an actress to entertain Barbadians, be told that Barbadians do not enjoy some special dispensation and that these things happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut?

    Will the grieving Granny of young promising athlete Adam Edghill, who has aspirations of winning an athletic scholarship, going to the 2028 Olympics and making Barbadians proud, be told that Barbados enjoys no special dispensation and that deadly school violence happened at Marysville Pilchuck High, Marysville, Washington?

    And will young Nicholas, Bradley, Warren, and Arianna Lett be told as they stand at the graveside, that they and their fellow Barbadians cannot expect to enjoy some special dispensation, and that a number of teachers have been killed in school massacres in the U.S.A.?

    Stuart says sewage issues not unique to Barbados

  9. So what do we want? What are we calling for? To have a lame duck session a year before elections where major nothing gets done? We cant have that as a small nation.

  10. Good afternoon, my loyal subjects of Barbados 🇧🇧

    I , King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart, now declare to you the following:

    • The Appropriation Bill for 2018 / 2019 will be debated in the House of Assembly during the week of February 13 th , 2018 .

    • There will be no General Elections in Barbados 🇧🇧 during the Lenten season.

    • There will be no General Elections in Barbados 🇧🇧 before the 25 th Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting to be held in the United Kingdom from 19 th April , 2018 .

    Your Majesty will give you further updates, as is necessary.

  11. @Fractured BLP

    This is missing from your piece:

    Freundel woke up from his slumber and saw his shadow which means 16 more weeks of DLP rule.

    • Why would this idiot DLP yardfowl week to trivialize the concerns of Bajans by posting this shite that is mocking? It matches Freundel’s dismissive message last week directed at long suffering residents and others who have to operate in the shit of the South Coast.

  12. Mr Blogmaster, re “Where is the utility in pointing to the hypothetical? We have to wrestle – today – with what is real.”

    And wrestle it we MUST. There was nothing hypothetical about a 17-7 landslide in ’76 or the equally resounding 24 – 3 ten years later.

    In both instances surely there was a temporary ease of the ‘my-party-all-way’ that helped create those swings. We can debate whether it was apathy on the part of the losing supporters; an out-voting fervour of the winning team; or a combination of the two which caused those results.

    So nothing hypothetical to seek a complete destruction of the class clowns called the DLP.

    And let it be clear that we likely need to act with similar ruthlessness in five years too and DEFINITELY by the election after that.

    Frankly my hypothetical is the desire that the next election results read as: BLP 14, DLP 3, Solutions Bdos 5, UPP 8…what a wake-up cry that would be…now that is a fool’s gold but it would be perfect for our future governance development.

    • @Dee Word

      We have seen seismic shifts in the social landscape since the 80s and 90s in Barbados. One must conclude that the outcomes from this shift is manifesting in someway.

  13. Enuff at 7:53 PM

    So do I.

    Obviously we did not have enough mock sport . Are we really interested in change or are we suffering from the complain syndrome ?

  14. @David February 3, 2018 at 3:10 PM “If the positions of GG & DPP were acting for months -why the haste a few weeks before an election?”

    The D’s wanted to put in their people. We all know that.

  15. @Fractured BLP February 3, 2018 at 4:56 PM “• There will be no General Elections in Barbados 🇧🇧 during the Lenten season.”

    But the political class are not Christians, so this “observance” of the Lenten season?

  16. Come on, it is a commonsense affair. What moral authority does the government has operating in lameduck mode to suggest the IMF is now an option? Isn’t this the same lot that has vehemently resisted the approach when suggested by stakeholders that we should have approached the IMF years ago on our terms mainly to release development funding from other funding agencies and reduce debt service cost?


    • Interesting exchange between minister Inniss and Andrew Bynoe over whether a recent US levy increased from 21.5 to 23% will have the disastrous impact on supermarket prices Bynoe is suggesting. Now this is a matter the local media supported by a private sector agency responsible should be able to intervene QUICKLY to deflate the rhetoric on behalf of the public.

  17. @David, the haste is about putting your people in place hoping that the doctrine one favor deserve another. It’s that simple.

    • Even if those selected for the jobs are good candidates, the optics, the perceptions being formed because they were appointed in the dying days. And the Opposition does not have the guts to make it an issue with an election looming.

  18. @ David,

    What should be the time between elections and the last major appointments / jobs made by the ruling party. 6 months ? one Year ?

  19. @David Mr Blogmaster, re your 9:24 AM post…

    Your position has merit but for all practical purposes a job like GG is not one on which that argument would be a winner.

    Such a ceremonial role is a capstone position for an accomplished Bajan who really should be embraced across the political spectrum so WHEN she is appointed should make not a bit of difference to ANYthing.

    Actually even the DPP role should be completely free of politization…alas, that seems not be the reality but if in fact that’s true then when that person was appointed would also make no difference re your argument … because he/she would be biased in one way or other anyhow… Six and half dozen!

    So what positions you see as having this political optical illusion ?

    A most egregious political action was the recent Supreme Court appointment pending the US elections…your argument was ABSOLUTELY embraced by the republicans … no way were they allowing any final year appointment…

    We really don’t have that type of truly meaningful long term societal impact of comparable high level appointments.

    Incidental the term ‘lame duck is quite inappropriate in my view. The reality is that when you are leaving you have every reason to go out with as much bang as you can…nothing lame about that.

  20. @ Fractured BLP February 3, 2018 at 4:56 PM
    “I , King Freundel Jerome Stuart, now declare to you the following:
    • The Appropriation Bill for 2018 / 2019 will be debated in the House of Assembly during the week of February 13 th , 2018 .
    • There will be no General Elections in Barbados during the Lenten season.
    • There will be no General Elections in Barbados before the 25 th Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting to be held in the United Kingdom from 19 th April , 2018 .”

    Fractured the stooge of King Fumble the Fool, you know what, this is one time we are hoping you are ‘right’ in your fortune-telling ventures.

    Your dream of a pending dictatorship simply can be interpreted that your deceitful lying party will be in office to administer (like a good old nursemaid) the medicine Dr. IMF will be prescribing when the forex reserves run out by the end of 1st Qtr of 2018.

    With Foreign debt repayments due and the country’s inability to rollover and be screwed with bigger interest rates along with persistently rising oil prices would contribute significantly to the forex tank reading “E”.

    So stay in power until you are forcibly removed by the sword of Retribution and save the Opposition the shame of having to handle the shitty end of the dirty long stick.

    It’s a pity the dear loving party of EWB’s creation has transmogrified into the King Fumble’s fiefdom of the destructive lying pimps.

    • @Hants

      When we have a look at the heads of expenditure it should make for interesting discussion. Note the PM has smartly and predictably coopted the support of private sector to the Recovery Plan.

  21. Hants February 5, 2018 at 4:32 PM #

    Has anyone noticed the changes made to the Estimates by this government. What do they have to hide?

  22. Cooperation in formulating a plan does not mean CONFIDENCE in the government’s competence to execute. The DEMS are done!

  23. Theresa May has announced a review into the future of the newspaper industry, warning that the closure of hundreds of titles was a “danger to our democracy”.

  24. The danger to democracy is the explosive growth of ‘media sites’ that present themselves as balanced, reasoned fact providers when they are nothing more that swill carriers for the left or right.

    The danger to democracy is the abject narrow-minded behavior of us all who now readily accept irrational, wild ‘fake news’ because it so powerfully validates our biases; were we to use the power at our fingertips to seek clarity and greater knowledge democracy would be secure.

    The danger to democracy is the prevalence of bots that masquerade as real people and drive the views to us mindless citizens.

    Democracy’s failure has less of a link to the closure of hundreds of titles than it owes its pending demise to the GROWTH of too MANY new ‘title’ sites!

    PM May has every right to be worried but she is fooling herself and the people about the real cause of the problem.

  25. The following is an example of how politicians and their yard-fowls “manipulate” politics in Barbados.

    In March 2008, then Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment, Urban and Rural Development, Denis Lowe, “expressed concern that the physically challenged community had to climb two flights of steps to reach the National Disabilities Unit (NDU),” which is located in the section upstairs the National Union of Public Workers headquarters at Dalkeith Road, St. Michael.

    According to reports, similar sentiments were also “echoed by Deputy President of the Senate Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill, who is visually impaired, and former Minister of State in the Ministry Patrick Todd, who said then that a new location would “soon” be identified.”

    On December 22, 2008, (“NINE (9) MONTHS after their plight was highlighted and a solution promised”), the new Social Care Minister, Christopher Sinckler, deemed the situation as “unacceptable” after he had to climb 24 steps leading to the NDU’s office and promised to raise the matter to “the highest possible level,” by “making the issue the main agenda item when he chaired the (January 2009) meeting of Cabinet’s Sub-Committee on Social Policy next month, but the Ministry of Housing and Lands would also be pressured to remedy the situation.”

    Sinckler is also reported as saying to the press: “You can’t have a National Disabilities Unit (for) people, some of whom are severely immobile, getting up here. They can’t get up here. There is no lift, there is no ramp, I certainly don’t see any. There is no way for them to get up here and I don’t know who would have come up with this brilliant idea to place a disabilities unit up two flights of stairs.”

    Approximately FOUR (4) years later, while delivering the weekly lunchtime lecture at the DLP’s headquarters on Friday, September 21, 2012, DLP yard-fowl and then president of BARNOD, Errol Hurley, “explained that the NDU, which is currently located on the first floor of the NUPW headquarters in Dalkeith, St. Michael, presented a major challenge for persons who have physical disabilities to visit that office and he wants the matter to be addressed sooner rather than later.”

    It was reported Hurley also said: “Under the last administration, that department, they put it at the NUPW’s headquarters upstairs. Think carefully in your mind, the name of the department is the Disability Unit, the Disability Unit and you are putting it upstairs. Now persons with disabilities that have to go to that department for whatever reason or the other, they cannot access the department.”

    “I have had discussions with the Minister of Social Care, the Honourable Steve Blackett and he is looking into getting that office moved.”

    It is interesting to note that after TEN (10) YEARS and THREE (3) MINISTERS PROMISING to MOVE the NDU, it REMAINS at its CURRENT LOCATION…….

    ………. on the first floor of the NUPW headquarters in Dalkeith, St. Michael.

    And not a word from Errol Hurley, Kerry-Ann Ifill, Lowe, Sinckler or Steve Blackett.

    (Ohhh…… I forget……they are busy blaming the BLP).

    In other words, they seem to be saying: “We acknowledged the NDU’s location is inadequate and after 10 years of promising to relocate the Unit, we have been unable to do so. But wunnuh must blame the BLP for putting it there in de first place.”

  26. ARTAX



  27. Please tell the truth The corrupt or inept people running Sanitation, BWA and Town Planning are responsible for the potential of an outbreak of Cholera. Why did the they allow the expansion and erection of high density buildings on the South Shore before assessing the capacity of the sewerage system? You do infrastructure then you build. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. What are they going to do with the Marriot dump the sewerage on Browns Beach? Wake up Barbadians end this madness take back your country from the Corrupt Bribe addicted politicians.

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