The Grenville Phillips Column – Put Up or Shut Up

Grenville Phillips II, Leader of Solutions Barbados

This is the most crucially important general election that we have ever had since our independence.  We are so much in debt that we are facing economic ruin.  If any successful political party fails to significantly improve the economy within their first year in Government, the majority of Barbadians will suffer unimaginable harm.  We are realistically looking at most of the middle-class being reduced to poverty within the next 3 years.

With so much to lose in this general election, voters need to examine each Party’s economic plans.  However, that is clearly asking too much of voters who have more immediate concerns.  In recognition of this, the US has a non-partisan Congressional Budget Office that examines political plans and determines their effect on the economy.

For this critical general election, Barbados desperately needs a set of non-partisan accountants and economists who are willing to put aside their political biases, and honestly examine the effects of each Party’s plans on the national economy and society.  I am calling on the Barbados Economic Society and the Institute of Charter Accountants of Barbados to form a joint committee to do just that – for all of our sakes.

The criteria for membership of this committee should be agreed with all political parties.  The joint committee should critically examine each assumption used in each Party’s economic plans, because we cannot afford to get it wrong this time.  It is in all of our interests to know whether a Party’s plans are likely to work, and any deficiencies in a Party’s plans that need to be corrected before they are implemented on the public.

While this can serve to protect the public in some way, it is not fool proof.  Despite all political parties knowing full well that there is no more money left to pay for reckless political promises as in the past, some Parties will continue to make them, because that is the only way they know of getting elected – but this time, they know that they will be blatantly lying to the public.

Since we have run out of time for any more political games, Barbados needs a guarantee that we can return a political product if it is found to be defective.  One such method is to allow voters to recall all members of Cabinet after their first year in office, if their economic plans fails to meet the measureable improvements promised.  With this method, politicians are less likely to make reckless promises and are more likely to keep responsible ones.  It is much better to hold by-elections in those constituencies than to put Barbadians through any more unnecessary suffering.

Solutions Barbados is the only party offering to do what the other parties have not done, namely, properly manage public services, reduce our national debt, allow public workers to be promoted on merit alone, and root out corruption.  Our plans have been published for the past 2.5 years for rigorous public scrutiny, and we welcome having them scored by any non-partisan group.  It is now time for every political party contesting this important election to either ‘put up or shut up’, because we simply cannot afford anymore broken political promises.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • millertheanunnaki

    @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service January 19, 2018 at 5:58 AM
    “They allowed state owned buildings to fall to the ground rather than refurbish them…first mistake, not satisfied with that, they then neglected everything else and wasted billions of taxpayer’s dollars, to build concrete.”

    Just look at what the accomplice in his corrupt game is saying:

    “We have been requesting more money to buy equipment [but] it was only in this last Estimates that we were told go ahead, order the equipment. So now we can order equipment….”

    Wasn’t a similar commitment given to the taxpayers to justify the imposition of the NSRL? Where are the garbage trucks and equipment the NSRL was supposed to pay for?

    We are certainly not amused by his ‘timely’ outburst.
    He needs to look in his own backyard (literally speaking) and see the mounting tons of equipment and ‘parked’ vehicles that could be brought back into commission with a little help from the MoF and the students at the Polytechnic or Ucal or even Transtect.

    But there are no big payday deals (kickbacks) in good housekeeping maintenance and repairs, are there now Messrs ministers?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Exactly Miller…I remember decades ago seeing mechanics at transport board repairing those board buses that were then on the roads, both governments have devolved in 50 years to not maintaining anything…not the buses, not garbage trucks, not the roads, they have equipment rotting away, even when donated to them or purchased new…. must have a bribe and kickback or government ministers are not interested, the new age criminals.

    Lashley was in Broward County Florida last weak asking them advice on how to operate the transport board re bus parts and buses as a money generating venture…the clown.

    Rocklyn and all the other Black entrepreneurs of the 60s and 70s did not need advice, they knew what to do instinctively. …and none if them had degrees.

    … the degreed, corrupt idiots of parliament took over and destroyed everything…

    They can’t manage, water, sewage, garbage or roads,.

    Fools with degrees.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    …both governments have devolved in 50 years to not maintaining anything…not the buses, not garbage trucks, not the roads, ESPECIALLY not the sewage system…..they have equipment rotting away…..


  • Both governments? Well Well dey the evidence?🤔


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Enuff…it is your job to bring the evidence to prove me wrong.


  • Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim.

    Prodigal Son January 18, 2018 at 8:23 PM #
    We have a stupid RH Prime Minister who refuses to speak to the people of Barbados. He only speaks to visitors whom he wines and dines at Illaro Court on taxpayers dime.



    Most of us just want him to go away.

    The man has enough nose for two people and is wasting it by continuing to breath.

    Concentrate on the simple fact that we have had to suffer for the past 9 years: in the absence of Thompson there is no gov’t leadership, just every man for himself. No cohesive economic plan, no ministerial management, no confidence in governmental systems or people, overt bribery solicitation, zero facilitation, total economic and civil regression.


  • Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim.

    To plagiarise S&G, we have squandered 10 years of our existence for a pocketful of mumbles such are promises.


  • Agree FB……….the country has been made poor as a result of these morons but word on the street is that the morons are the richer for having been in office for 10 years!


  • @Frustrated Businessman:
    it goes on thus, remember,
    “All lies and jests, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”


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