Another Caswell Franklyn Column – Unions Seize Chance for Redemption

Donville Inniss – Minister of Commerce responsible for BIDC

The following article reposted, the author is Caswell Franklyn the head of the Unity Workers Union. The article is made relevant by the decision of the Barbados Courts to rule in favour of the dismissed BIDC workers – David (BU)

THE RELATIONS BETWEEN the Government and trade unions in this country has been unnecessarily reduced to […] a state of government induced chaos.

It would appear that the major unions have delinked from Democratic Labour Party control, leaving the Government rudderless in the sea of industrial relations.

Previously, Government did not see the need to develop any expertise in the area of industrial relations because it relied on its minions who control the decision-making organs of the unions to keep a lid on the simmering cauldron of employee discontent.

Read submission Unions seize chance for redemption originally posted 12 July 2015.

19 thoughts on “Another Caswell Franklyn Column – Unions Seize Chance for Redemption

  1. Win, lose or draw these retrenched workers were entitled to receive their but this corrupt government refused to pay the pensions, until the workers withdrew the case. They opted to be vindictive and starve out Barbadian citizens in order to get their way.

    A government that behaves in this manner should be forced from office and its members, who supported the decision to blackmail these workers should forever be disqualified from holding any political office in this country. They are unfeeling and spiteful. That type of behaviour has no place in a civilised society. Bunch of wild boys.

  2. I am very happy for these workers………..I went out and marched with the unions to support them! One of the displaced workers is a school friend of mine and it was so stressful for the person as one of their children had just gone overseas to study.

    Talk about a heartless government!

  3. These are the same vicious, criminal minded, unfeeling ministers of government got the nerve to believe an electorate of over 100,000 people are stupid enough to reelect them despite the wicked, despicable way they treat their own people…really?

  4. @ Caswell
    A government that behaves in this manner should be forced from office and its members, who supported the decision to blackmail these workers should forever be disqualified from holding any political office in this country.
    You need some SERIOUS help….
    Perhaps it is good that you did not BUP after all..

    Skippa, a government that behaves in this manner should be tried, convicted, lined up in Bay Street and either shot or beheaded with Pachamama’s Guillotine…. (decided by lot)… ALL within one week.

    This business of ‘punishing’ leaders by letting them get away with doing shiite – and thinking that NOT REELECTING them is punishment is PURE JOBBY.

    To whom much is given, MUCH is expected.
    ….and to whom much is given, and much shiite is delivered, MUCH MUCH vengeance should be extracted.

    It is no wonder we have such a shiite place….

    We vote out thieves…to
    vote in BIGGER thieves…
    only to vote BACK in even BIGGER thieves again… ????

    Only brass bowl Bajans are THAT stupid….. Bushie thought that you knew better.

  5. The following excerpt was taken from today’s edition of Barbados Today:

    “Barbadians who are owed money by Government are being told by a ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) senator to wait for payment in silence.”

    “Referencing workers still to paid for services rendered during Barbados’ hosting of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XIII) back in August, Senator Reginald Hunte WARNED that there were CONSEQUENCES for those who OPT to MAKE a SCENE over the LENGTH of TIME Government was TAKING to PAY them.”

    “Hunte ARGUED that it was part and parcel of Barbadian culture to wait for what is owed and Barbadians should therefore not get BENT OUT OF SHAPE if Government were also SLOW to PAY.”

    This inept DLP administration never ceases to amaze me.

    Here we have a government senator, Reggie “DLP Pimp” Hunte, essentially THREATENING Barbadians who have been awaiting for years/months, payments of NIS benefits, income tax and VAT refunds and payments for goods and services………..

    ……….to either “SUFFER IN SILENCE” and wait until whenever government decides to pay……….. or demand payments and “SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.”

    • He is a government appointed senator like Irene et al, shouldn’t he represent government’s interest?

    • @Artax

      If that were the case who do we need a system that sees the government, Opposition and GG appointing Senators? Bear in mind the GG is appointed by the prime minister.

  6. Dippa designed the Senate in our constitution to never threaten his ultimate authority.

    Our political system is often described as Westminster; it is one of the greatest educational frauds perpetuated on our citizens. The Westminster Gov’t actually has a functioning Upper House; we haven’t since independence.

  7. is this the same Hunte who dipped into ministry of education funds, earmarked for scholars, to send his children abroad to school…or is that another politician thief who did that.

  8. Wrong. The GG is appointed by the Queen.

    The prime minister makes the recommendation, the Queen makes the appointment. I have said before that as a young man we had a subject called the British Constitution, which explained how our constitution worked.
    There is nothing more irritating than intelligent people not even understanding the basics of how they are governed.
    Then they have the audacity to talk about the Westminster model. Nonsense.

  9. pure nonsense, if the PM stops recommending, the old hag cannot appoint.

    yall slaves are slaves for life.

  10. I would invest in an airline ticket to vote for any party that promise to mandate muzzles for Reginald Hunte and Maurine Holder. Neither one should be allowed to speak publicly. Not even from a prepared script given the track record of this administration.

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