A Shitty South Coast

Patricia Inniss, head of the Waste Unit at the BWA

For many years the South Coast of Barbados – Oistins to Worthing – has been known at home and abroad as the place to wine, dine and party by locals and tourists alike. Regrettably in the last year the South Coast has been making the news because of sewage overflowing onto public spaces; roadways, residential and business premises.

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) engineers have tried to fix the problem with minimal success. The reality is that the sewage system in Barbados has been poorly maintained through the years and the hodgepodge approach of the BWA has been significantly affected by a lack of funds and pertinent expertise.  This conclusion was confirmed by manager of the Water Unit at the BWA yesterday on live radio. To her credit Patricia Inniss projected that she was knowledgeable in her job but has been constrained by a lack of resources and an inherited position of a poor maintenance record.

Many of us were bemused by the decision of ministers of government Richard Sealy and John Boyce to bath in the shitty waters of the South Coast in order to convince a suspicious public that all was well.

We await PR stunt number 2!

The following video  circulated on Whatsapp last weekend captures the overflowing filth onto the streets on the South Coast.



  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    Trump agrees to $25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that his office had sued Trump for “swindling thousands of innocent Americans out of millions of dollars and that the settlement had come despite significant resistance from Trump for years….today, that all changes, today’s $25 million settlement agreement is a stunning reversal by Donald Trump and a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university.”

    I don’t think that anybody would say that Donald Trump is not rich.

    I don’t think that anybody would say that he is not rich politician.

    I don’t think that anybody would say that he is not “already a successful person who has already made his fortune”

    He is so rich that he is very likely richer than all 280,000 of us put together.

    And yet…


  • Well Well @ Cut N Paste At Your Service

    Dr. Simple….the orange dude is a crook who has been ripping off everyone for decades, trump has over 3,500 lawsuits in the US alone, the rich get rich and stay rich by stealing from the poor and others, they steal until they die…there is no magic to it..

    very few people on the earth get rich by honesty and hard work…..and we know who those are, trump is not one.


  • No wonder Piece left in disgust. the subject of this thread is the shitty south coast in Barbados and people talking about trump and his shenanigans in the US.


  • bajans November 15, 2017 at 2:29 PM #

    Forgive them………they know no better.


  • bajans November 15, 2017 at 2:29 PM #

    Bajans get bored discussing the same subject. They exhaust their ideas.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    bajans, hal austin and vincent.

    ONE: I was responding to Frustrated Businessman who suggested that Barbados would be better governed and would no have no sh!!t on the south coast if wealthy people who had already make their fortunes sat in our Parliament. I felt it absolutely necessary to point out his fallacy to him. Do you MEN have a problem when I point out the fallacious statements of others?

    TWO: If Piece left, then he left. I am here am I not? To make a contribution equal to or better than Pieces’ Do you MEN have a problem with that?

    THREE: Ask the AG of NY if Trump was accused of “shenanigans” or of something much more serious…to wit fraud. What happens in the U.S.is ALSO my business. Don’t you know that I have close relatives who pay taxes to those United States? Do you have a problem with bloggers criticizing Trump? In your opinion is Trump above criticism? If so, why is this so?

    FOUR: I am not bored and I do know better. Do you think that because you say I am bored that it makes it so. If so why? Because you have balls? Stupseee!!!

    FIVE: Do yo think that because you say that I know no better that it makes it so? If so why? Because you have balls? Anyhow, who is it again who appointed you arbiter?


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    I gone for now to do ACTUAL VALUABLE WORK.

    I leave you MEN to propose ACTUAL WORKABLE SOLUTIONS to the sh!t on the south coast.

    The blog is ALL yours.

    Go for it.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    We don’t need rich successful people sitting in our Parliament, because they will be no better than our current Parliamentarians. We need good laws and good enforcement.


  • Well Well @ Cut N Paste At Your Service

    the moral of the comments for the dumb among you…..

    intelligent people know that installing rich ministers in parliament is the same as installing the poor, hungry, debt ridden ministers…

    do you see the US better under trump….its worse..

    there are more shootings….and unrest

    more corruption…although the saving grace is, unlike Barbados, people will go to prison..

    people are losing healthcare..

    the deficicit is rising…

    eerything is worse…

    put some shithounds that are the islands version of rich in parliament ….money they got through scams or frauds committed against the same majority population and see you will get the same thing US is getting now…

    its very ugly that none of you can think critically…

    that is one of the reasons Piece left…he said so more than once


  • Well Well @ Cut N Paste At Your Service

    speaking of the dumb…wait, where are BUs resident yardfowls…

    today is Nov 15, 2017…we were supposed to hear from yall today how Mia has no LLB and why that is causing shitty water to flow on the south coast to give people cholera..

    yall forgot…but i did not.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    Some of the people on this blog would wish us to believe that Stuart and the DLP are the Devil incarnate. They are not.

    And some would want us to believe that Mia and the BLP are the second coming of Christ. They are not.

    And the new parties, the same tjhing, neither Gods nor Devils, only human like me and like you, with the capacity to do great good or great evil.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    And in case anybody believes believe typhoid can’t happen here, please note that according to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control that “An estimated 5,700 cases [of typhoid] occur each year in the United States. ”

    According to Public Health Ontario, In 2012, 75 cases of typhoid fever were reported in Ontario

    And according to the hns.uk “Typhoid fever is uncommon in the UK, with an estimated 500 cases occurring each year.”

    And we are behaving as though it can’t occur in first world Barbados.


  • Interesting looking at the channel today.

    The level is slightly higher than yesterday.

    However, it looks as though the tractor did some clearing.

    There is a link to the sea.


    What I saw today I suspect was the effect of tide.

    At 1.38 pm today high tide was 0.74 metres.


  • Typhoid is an intestinal bacterial infection from what I read.

    One of the reasons it is not prevalent in Barbados is because of the strides made in protecting the water supply.

    No drinking water for the public water supply is taken from the south coast.

    If Typhoid were to raise its head here it is unlikely that it would come from the problems on the south coast.

    In the past, most houses on the south and west coast would have had water wells because the water was pretty easy to access 10’s of feet underground.

    Sometimes the well depths were less than 10 feet.

    That practice has been discontinued long ago because of the ease of contamination.

    I came across two outbreaks of Typhoid in Barbados in my reading, one in 1907 and the other in 1917.

    Both came from the same water source.

    Water used to be extracted from a 50 foot well in the Farmer’s Gully where it pierced an underground stream.

    It was fed by pipe down the Gully and extracted at the Lancaster Bridge on Highway 2A.

    It fed Mile and a Quarter where the outbreak was experienced and supplied standpipes in St. Lucy and around to the standpipes in Boscobelle.

    The catchment was the Hillaby area.

    It’s use was discontinued but we still get water from this catchment.

    There are however two big differences today.

    The first is chlorination.

    The second is the water is extracted from a more than 200 foot deep well at Trents around which a Zoning policy exists.

    The Zoning policy ensures most of the bacteria is dead by the time it reaches the well and the chlorination kills what remains … that’s the theory.

    That’s why development near public water supply wells is avoided.


  • It is worth mentioning that we should not only be concerned about a shitty South Coast, the road, the condition of the road is slightly above a cart road.


  • Brother David. It’s been some years. Good to know that the shit’s finally starting to fly thru the fan. Have you heard about the IMF’s plan for currency devaluation in Bim? I hope you have some savings and assets ready. I fear that even the most sensible of minds, like the good Dr. Ronnie Yearwood, will continue to be ignored. Please start investing in some foreign commodities and cryptocurrencies ASAP. I’d hate to see you get screwed. Much love and respeck from Albany, N.Y.


  • Been watching the level in the channel.

    It has been rising slightly in sympathy with high tide which reached a peak of 0.77 yesterday.

    The manholes begun to run yesterday as the level rose, today it looks to be about 0.72.

    They actually will avert major flooding if there is heavy rain because the level in the channel will overflow the berm and get to the sea given how the setup in front of the sluice gate.

    Looks like a good job and there should not be a repeat of last year.


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