A Shitty South Coast

Patricia Inniss, head of the Waste Unit at the BWA

For many years the South Coast of Barbados – Oistins to Worthing – has been known at home and abroad as the place to wine, dine and party by locals and tourists alike. Regrettably in the last year the South Coast has been making the news because of sewage overflowing onto public spaces; roadways, residential and business premises.

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) engineers have tried to fix the problem with minimal success. The reality is that the sewage system in Barbados has been poorly maintained through the years and the hodgepodge approach of the BWA has been significantly affected by a lack of funds and pertinent expertise.  This conclusion was confirmed by manager of the Water Unit at the BWA yesterday on live radio. To her credit Patricia Inniss projected that she was knowledgeable in her job but has been constrained by a lack of resources and an inherited position of a poor maintenance record.

Many of us were bemused by the decision of ministers of government Richard Sealy and John Boyce to bath in the shitty waters of the South Coast in order to convince a suspicious public that all was well.

We await PR stunt number 2!

The following video  circulated on Whatsapp last weekend captures the overflowing filth onto the streets on the South Coast.


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  1. “Many of us were bemused by the decision of ministers of government Richard Sealy and John Boyce to bath in the shitty waters of the South Coast in order to convince a suspicious public that all was well.”

    ..lol….hopefully they both got skin fungus or worse, never seen such nonsense, all to deceive the public and tourists.

  2. David

    I believe you’re awaiting PR stunt #3.

    PR stunt #2 was appointing former DLP candidate for St. Michael North East, Patricia Inniss, as the BWA’s Water Quality Consultant and subsequently Manager of the Water-waste Division.

    We cannot refuse to acknowledge the fact Inniss may be qualified for the position. However, when political parties appoint operatives to certain positions, apart from “putting some money” in that operative’s pockets………it is done to spin issues in favour of the party, because people would more readily accept the conclusions of someone they believe can present a “qualified opinion.”

  3. These issues with the over-flowing sewage, blocked drains, areas in need of debushing and pot-holes have been plaguing Barbados for several years and this inept DLP administration has allowed the shiite to continue.

    Judging by their actions over the past 9 years, it is obvious the DLP sat on the Opposition benches for 14 years watching the BLP do shiite and came into office without any definitive plans to take the island forward, clearly demonstrating they were NOT prepared to take up the reins of government.

    Rather than formulate PROACTIVE plans/policies, their approach to every issue has been REACTIVE instead, and they continue to blame the former BLP administration and “global economic crisis” for their (DLP) inadequacies and lack of foresight.

    Recall the DLP’s “mantra” during the 2008 election campaign was “It’s time for change.”

    However, the more things change……… the more they remain the same.

    Or as WW&C may write: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

    • The poor maintenance straddles both governments although worse under this one.

      Poor management from no leadership.

      Where is the accountability?

      Were there any firings?

      So far the appointment of a GM whose resume shows he managed a mobilephone store operation and had a non stellar banking career.

  4. Oh dear, another “transitory inconvenience” has reared its head again I see. Never mind, if you should happen to drive through a sewage puddle in a modern car, say a high-end Mercedes for example, with the windows up and the AC set to recirculate inside air, your nose will not have to deal with any undue unpleasant odours. Poorer locals and the tourises walking by or driving by in their open sided “Moke” style rental cars probably would not be so lucky and could even get hit by a splash or two, but I am sure the visitors will just have a laugh and enjoy telling the folks back home about how easy it was to deal with the “transitory inconveniences” encountered on a typical holiday in quaint Barbados. No doubt for the Europeans visitors it will also bring back to mind the mediaeval days of long ago in their various homelands when people in European cities routinely emptied their topsies full of piss and sh1t out of upper floor windows onto the streets below.

  5. We were told two years ago that the sewage traps should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Barbados’s status in EVERYTHING is now that of. GIFTH WORLD COUNTRY.

  6. I was watching how the power company in Puerto Rico was unable to solve the problems there. I am watching how BWA is unable to solve the sewage issue.

    Is it that our engineers can only manage existing equipment. When it fails, we run around like chickens with their head cut-off. We fix, but when similar circumstances present themselves we realize that it was not a fix, but rather that the situation ameliorated and took care of itself.

    In the same way that technicians from NY descended on Puerto Rico with the intention of getting that island running, we may reach out and get a few technicians to visit Barbados.

    Forgive me for being so pessimistic, but reading the same story over and over again is a form of insanity,

  7. Don’t you people get it?? Nothing can be done without FUNDS/MONEY!!! Minister Sinckler therefore controls all of them and they go to him with cap in-hand.

    When a situation reaches ‘critical’ …. Min. Sinckler will thenl look at it and assign a small lump sum to ‘patch the sore’. There is no long term planning or solutions! This will continue until Barbados wins a lottery!

    I believe most sensible persons know this all but what upsets everyone is where, & what, our tax dollars are spent on. If wastage, corruption, party-ism, etc. were all eliminated (lol, ok…reduced) ….. maybe we would stand a chance but ‘life in power’ too sweet and to remain there requires keeping certain people happy, taxing the middle-class, and forgetting about transparency.

    Two, to three, years of an honest government will turn our country around and foreign investment will ramp back up….. but not with this brainless lot in power!

    Question: what ever happened to the Tax-free/Duty Free Zone that was to encourage Bajans to spend their Forex at home and not jump on a plane to San Juan/ Miami/ Fort Lauderdale???

    • This is a serious matter.

      Note that Patricia Inniss confirmed problems simmering at the Bridgetown and West Coast plants.

  8. Before you rush to point out that PR was hit by a devastating and crippling hurricane, plese remember that par of the solution to the power problem was the hiring of a three-man company with a 300M dollar contract. This tells me that (1) corruption is endemic and (2) routine maintenance may be what the Power company employees are doing.

  9. Sewage plant has no money to order parts.

    Pumps being rented from INFRA to keep the sewage plant barely running; millions of dollars in rental bills.

    Fumble says the ForEx shortage is due to Bajan over-consumption.

    It is not their fault, nothing ever was their fault nor will it ever be their fault.

    No credibility with anyone with half a brain since 2010, now no credibility even with the yard-fowls and lackies.

    There was never any chance of economic recovery under the worst gov’t in the history of this country and probably bottom 3 in the entire history of post-colonial Caribbean.

    RING THE RH BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I see a pattern developing regarding the administration and operation of our infrastructure services:

    Electricity privately run, working fine
    Phone system privately run, working fine
    Sewage system gov’t run, failed.
    Water supply gov’t run, failed.
    Public transportation privately run, working fine.
    Public transportation gov’t run, failed.

    The purpose of Gov’t is to LEGISLATE, REGULATE, FACILITATE; NOT OPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @FB

      Too much politics.

      Take the recent ‘issue’ between Ryan and the BLP leadership on his views about the Transport Board. Then listen to Beckles of the NUPW and a BLP member on his views about government’s role regarding SOEs. We are in a bad place.

  11. Fruendel refuses to fire Sinckler…the electorate will have to fire Fruendel and all of them.

  12. My comments on this issue over the past two years were heavily ridiculed as causing unnecessarily negative comments which were affecting the tourist industry. Well its WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. MAINTENANCE is a foreign word in Barbados and the lack of same will eventually come and bite you in the ass, welcome to to the pain. Although the GM of the BWA is relatively inexperienced she has pin pointed the problem, however the fix has escaped her. It’s time for accountability, starting at the top(political) and moving down to the lowest lacky. The Social experiment, that has been used in the old colonial now independent countries, does NOT WORK, unfortunately the experiment is not longer reversible.

    Total FAILURE of the country appears to be the primary option.

  13. David

    Poor maintenance is just an excuse, not that it is now true

    There is certainly no maintenance problems when it comes to the preferred criminal activities required in the offshore sector, sub-sector.

    We see government constantly making that sector more and more amenable to international tax doggers, like their competitors are doing.

    Successive governments have made criminals of us all. We are all culpable in this new slave economy model – the financialization of everything.

    When this much larger set of shiiite hits the fan not even a million sewage plants would be able to clean it up.

    Oh shiiiite now!

  14. People tend to react when they have skin in de game, notwithstanding the beneficial effect that the waters off St. Lawrence beach have on the constitution of the two Ministers the Leader of the Opposition has “skin in de game” in the form of an investment property in that area of town. To avoid the spectre of this continual annoyance elect the BLP and the problem will be resolved after all money talks and (bull)shit floats.

  15. @ Artax
    Seems to be “shite” all around.

    @ David
    If a drunken driver kills you with a Nissan and then another drunken kills somebody else with a Volkswagen, does it make a difference ? You both dead because of drunking drivers.

    You are always trying to compare two bad apples. You have great difficulty in writing off the two established parties because you are all status quo.

  16. Unfortunately, we are so choked at the top (inept leadership, management and supervision) and constipated at the bottom (inept civil servants and zero facilitation) that complete death of the system would be our best hope so we can rebuild.

    Citizens who are not receiving the civil services they pay for will avoid paying taxes since they have to buy those services (health, transport, water storage etc.) elsewhere.

    No tax income means no pay for civil servants.

    Public sector layoffs are unavoidable.

    Cost of labour must drop.

    Less money in workers’ pockets means cost of goods and services must drop, resulting in less private sector jobs.

    This is all simple reality we have been putting off for five years too long.

    Caribbean islands do not have a good record of rebuilding after economic collapse, mainly because the brains and the money immediately leave.

  17. And where has the Health Minister, Tourism Ministers and the Minister of Water Resources disappeared to?

  18. BARBADOS FIRST/PATRIOTIC PARTY (BF/PP) November 14, 2017 at 10:04 AM #
    And where has the Health Minister, Tourism Ministers and the Minister of Water Resources disappeared to?


    They’re hiding in the ‘not my fault’ tent with the moron Fumble.

  19. David

    We see Australia is ridding itself of some shiiiiite politicians with dual loyalties.

    In Barbados, we’ve had a number of politicians with dual citizenship as well, on both sides.

    And there are one or two, now on the outside but seeking to get into to parliament.

    We wonder!

    Separately, are we right to ‘assume’ that general elections are due by January 2018. About two months away

    If so, why is the Greco-Roman, Fruendel Stuart, running the lock to the last minute? What miracle is he waiting for to save his DLP?

    Or does this dictator plans to have us forego such?

    • @Pacha

      You understand the Barbados setup, ALL the politicians are cut from the same cloth, ALL members of the political class. Third Parties included!

  20. Pachamama November 14, 2017 at 10:30 AM #

    Separately, are we right to ‘assume’ that general elections are due by January 2018. About two months away

    If so, why is the Greco-Roman, Fruendel Stuart, running the lock to the last minute? What miracle is he waiting for to save his DLP?


    Only a real pack of fools would go to the masses for judgement after the Christmas we’re about to have.

  21. @ David,

    The only way to change the status quo is by having INTEGRITY LEGISLATION and a FOI act.

    Black Bajans are almost all “family” .

  22. So Freundel the simpleton just woke up and found the bajan lifestyle they grew accustomed to from Errol Barrow and Tomaadams days,that is..A Better life for the People,that lifestyle is why our reserves are at danger level and devaluation beckons unless they can get Jeff or Sonia to capitulate.The fact that Richard Sealy,Kerry Hall,Petra Roach and Billy Griffith increased tourism arrivals and long stay visitors who in turn demand their preferred choice of Omaha steak and cordon bleu,and that Freundel himself,his adviser,his Speaker,his ministers including his eminence lord stickler of deacons farm all drive Mercs,Beamers,Jags and Rangers they all don’t contribute to the champagne taste mauby pockets Barrow spoke of in the days of yore,its the fault of the man in the street who is struggling to buy a few sardines,imported and a bag ‘o rice,imported,a couple onions,imported,a couple pinches o salt,imported,a few carrots,some broccoli,some spinach,all imported,its these low feeders that have caused the reserves to dip to dangerous levels.Poor Stuart,it’s not his fault,he has been dealt a bad hand by the 31% which catapulted him where he is.They had really preferred the King who was called away and left them stuck with the Great Immobiliser.

  23. Hants November 14, 2017 at 10:46 AM #
    @ David,

    The only way to change the status quo is by having INTEGRITY LEGISLATION and a FOI act.


    I don’t understand why people keep harping on about this.

    If we had ANY intention of locking up teefin’ politicians in the last 50 years we could have used numerous laws already on the books.

    No political appointee (COP, AG, DPP) will EVER prosecute a politician in this country.

    The only way these investigations and prosecutions will ever happen is under a de-politicised senate given those powers, just like in the USA. If Americans are good at anything, it is at watching each other.

  24. @ Frustrated Businessman,

    You “don’t understand why people keep harping on about this” because you

    want an ” equal opportunity ” for your party and you will get it.

  25. I got word from very high up in one of my pipe dreams that Barbados gets a 10 billion dollar mortgage on the whole island for just 2% interest per month to save the lifestyle of the middle class, so that they can go on driving fat SUVs, using 80 inch TVs, travelling to Disney Land, shopping in Miami, working 6 hours per day, eating chicken roti in Chefette and committing all the other cruelties of “advanced” Western civilisation.

  26. A fella say the state of Barbados is not the fault of Stuart nor Sinckler,nor Darcy’the Quisling’ Boyce nor Jepter ‘unbiblical cord’ Ince.ORH!

  27. Hants November 14, 2017 at 11:49 AM #
    @ Frustrated Businessman,

    You “don’t understand why people keep harping on about this” because you

    want an ” equal opportunity ” for your party and you will get it.


    I have no political party. Contrarily, my livelihood depends on a real, competitive, vibrant, internationally attractive, national economy.

    In the past 35 years only one Bajan political party’s governance has been able to provide that.

    Even if I don’t assume they can do so again, I can easily assume they can do no worse than Fumble and his Fools.

    My point stands: our issue with political corruption has nothing to do with legislation. It has everything to do with enforcement.

    We have none.

  28. The good news….Fruendel cut the branch from under him when he blamed Bajans because he did not do his job of restricting foreign exchange leakage and imports of german made mercedes benz and japanese cars…..lol

    He got cussed soundly on barbadostoday…hahaha..

    There is not a chance in hell that Fruendel and his now wealthy ministers with their expensive foreign cars, some got 6 foreign cars….will ever be reelected….ha.

  29. I found it very strange that Freundel knew how all the foreign reserves are being eaten up but convenienty forgot how much of the foreign reserves was used to purchase his two luxury rides.

    What a sorry excuse for a leader!

  30. The two cars were bad optics at this time just like the return of the 10%…….The have not learnt as yet that its not what you do but how and when.

    MAM made this point in Parliament in relation to road traffic act amendment.

  31. Fumbles & the misfits posing as a Govt looking for someone to blame.
    Look in the mirror Sir Fumbles..Wunna is the Govt not the opposition..
    Wunna responsible for the meltdown of this economy. Own it..Time to man up.

  32. @ Vincent Haynes November 14, 2017 at 5:33 PM
    “The two cars were bad optics at this time just like the return of the 10%…….The have not learnt as yet that its not what you do but how and when.”

    It would even be more impressive optics if we were to see not only the ministers of Tourism and Health taking a bath in the sewage again but this time around holding hands with the minister of the Lowedown environment and even the PM to show that all is well with the Tourism soul.

    This administration has been playing Russian roulette with the country’s public sanitation and health of the nation for a while now. The literal shit has now hit the figurative fan and the integrity of the entire sewage system is under severe stress and strain.

    What is going to bring this entire rose tree trimming saga to a shitty end is when the Oistins Bay Garden part of the compromised line collapses under the weight of the backup and patrons bedecked in ‘foreign’ garbs and flip-flops are forced to wade through floating faeces and to inhale whiffs of alfresco jobbies à la Barbadoes.

  33. I went and looked at the level in the channel yesterday evening.

    It was just below 0.7.

    The manholes were flowing.

    No rain to speak of.

    This evening it was at 0.7.

    The Manholes were not flowing.

    This time it is not the rain!!!

    …. at least someone is admitting to problems.

    That’s half the solution.

  34. November …. rainy season …. last year there was 6 inches and 64 parts on 29th November.

    South coast flooded out, 1156 acre catchment area raised the level in the swamp.

    It is the 14th today.

    What’s interesting is that in a day the level has risen slightly to 0.7.

    In the absence of rain, looks like they are filling the swamp.

    I’ll look again in a day or three, if there is no rain, and see if the level has risen above 0.7 before I categorically say the level is rising.

    Not a good sign with the possibility of heavy rain this month.

    Not good at all!!

  35. Someone also was careful to point out that the Minister is aware,the Chairman is aware and the General Manager is aware and all are on board with the likely disaster waiting to happen.It is clear that neither Freundel nor Sinckler is in the loop.

  36. @ Hal Austin November 14, 2017 at 1:36 PM #
    “We do not need integrity legislation, but people with integrity in our politics”

    One man called Bajan-Limey Hal to return to his country of birth and join the BIM (Bajan Integrity Movement) to put his mouth where it can make the difference.

    Hal reminds us of that eponymous streetlight ‘off-the-board’ draughts player who, while standing up, can spot all the shots to be played; t(h)rees and all.

  37. @ Gabriel November 14, 2017 at 7:34 PM

    Somebody has to be the fall guy for the pending disaster. The height of the tourist arrivals would soon be upon MoT and swirling sewage cannot be the main menu to satisfy an expected bumper season.

    Do you think that the fake doctor booby Low(e)down would ‘qualify’ as the sacrificial lamb or is the electoral dice too loaded to put the bull-frog looking Estwick out of his agricultural pit of misery of castrated incompetence?

    We must commiserate with our pal Jeff C the BU legal guru.

    Look and see how easily he is being set up as the ‘loyal’ whipping boy for the foreign reserves magical disappearance and would be excoriated as the boy who refused to put his finger in the BNTCL makeshift dyke.

    We are left to wonder who would be blamed for the imaginary Hyatt detumescence.
    Should we blame poor Maureen H for sleeping with a marked married enemy called MA(m)?

    They say that: ‘whom the gods wish to destroy the first make (religiously) mad’.
    For the Xtians fanatics:
    “Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat.”

  38. https://www.nichd.nih.gov/news/releases/Pages/typhoid_background.aspx
    Before the advent of public sewage systems, typhoid was common in the United States.

    And I suppose in Barbados as well. How soon we forget. But let me remind you. My own father had typhoid in the 1940’s and spent 10 weeks in the General Hospital.

    My questions to the bright fellas on the blog.

    Can anything bad happen when public sanitation systems suffer frequent breakdowns?

  39. It is puerile to expect there to be people of integrity in politics, in public life.

    That is a pipedream.

    There is no country this writer knows of which could meet that ‘low’ bar – integrity as a cultural norm, as central to the political culture.

    To foster political integrity we have to do at least two things.

    One, never surrender political power to any set or subset of elites under any circumstances – the destruction of the Westminster model.

    Two, the maintenance of a regime to exact the ultimate price for deviations.

  40. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-connected-company-hired-to-fix-puerto-rico-has-only-worked-two-federal-jobs
    Trump-Connected Company Hired to Fix Puerto Rico Has Only Worked Two Federal Jobs

    I must feel real, real sweet, real sweet to move from an initial $138,000 government contract to one worth $300,000 million. Real, real sweet in truth.

    But at least the Puerto Ricans had the good sense to terminate the contract.

    Question: Have we EVER successfully terminated a contract in Barbados?

  41. Gabriel November 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM “its the fault of the man in the street who is struggling to buy a few sardines,imported and a bag ‘o rice,imported,a couple onions,imported,a couple pinches o salt,imported,a few carrots,some broccoli,some spinach,all imported.

    What broccolli are you talking about?

    Don’t you know that poor people can’t afford to buy broccoli.

    Poor people have to grow a little spinach over the galvanize paling otherwise they would never eat greens.

  42. “Question: Have we EVER successfully terminated a contract in Barbados?”

    Not with the bribe loving ministers and politicians ya got, they can’t even enter into a contract on behalf of the people that benefits instead of robbing the people.

    “Can anything bad happen when public sanitation systems suffer frequent breakdowns?”

    Ask that again when the joke ministers get their first case of cholera.

  43. in the summer on the gap the street was flooded for days. My kids walked through it to get to their condo and each one got some kind of foot infection and had to get stuff from the pharmacy this was rainwater not sewer water . There are so many bad things in that sewage water that someone with an opening in the skin could end up with flesh eating disease. I can remember them doing bandaid surgery on the sewers 35 yrs ago maybe its time to finally fix it right

  44. Hal Austin November 14, 2017 at 1:36 PM #
    We do not need integrity legislation, but people with integrity in our politics.


    Exactly Hal.

    Never again will the people we need to run this country lower themselves to an election podium.

    Our only chance is a de-politicised Senate, with powers of investigation and prosecution, made up of internally-elected representatives from National Associations, to oversee those who are elected.

    Integrity legislation my ass. More smoke and mirrors. Not one of the teefs will ever serve a day.

  45. @ Hal and Frustrated B
    We do not need integrity legislation, but people with integrity in our politics.
    @ Pacha
    It is puerile to expect there to be people of integrity in politics, in public life.
    That is a pipedream.
    There is no country this writer knows of which could meet that ‘low’ bar – integrity as a cultural norm, as central to the political culture
    Another excellent summary of our current dilemma…..

    The REAL problem is MUCH deeper than flawed governance…. it goes to flawed character, and we are now forced to admit that this is a global, endemic issue.

    Shiite fellows….
    It sounds a lot like the Bible’s assessment of the situation…. where all are shiitehounds, and have fallen short of the righteousness of BBE….
    After decades of trying all kinds of other shiite, …in vain..
    Perhaps it is time to reflect on the Bible’s SOLUTION to the problem…….

    Nothing else seems to be working….

  46. Lawson….a year ago Nov 30…you saw us on here berating tbe government for the shitbomb they allowed to float on the South Coast, that same day, while they took the money in the millions and threw a year long independence celebration, instead of fixing the sewage leakage….

    …….. and ya still allowed ya kids to walk around with minimum protection on their feet on the south coast….

    Are you aspiring to become a politician…lol

  47. Enuff November 15, 2017 at 8:37 AM #
    Sounds good Frustrated, but there are more corrupt people outside Parliament than in yuh heaar!


    Agreed but in the Lower House they gang up together in something called political parties.

    In the Upper House (Senate) filled with representatives of National Associations no such gang would exist and expertise to approve lower house legislation would be varied and vast.

    Oversight of gov’t and civil service would be non-partisan.

    This country has had enough of political bullshit. We need to get back to business.


    Politicians should want to enact this legislation unless they are crooks and intend to steal.

    If you don’t want to declare your assets don’t become a politician.

  49. Frustrated,
    So many things coalesce that it is difficult knowing the what s chaff and what is wheat. In a nation of a limited talent pool, with most of them, or at least a substantial number, opting for elective politics oar securing a fortune from public service, it is not surprising that we do not debate public ethics and public good.
    Every professional discussion in most developed nations includes a discourse on professional ethics, which is a compulsory part of any professional course.
    In Barbados we have a situation in which political appointees (yardfowls) are appointed to public office and are determined to hold on to those positions no matter what.
    The national insurance scheme is one, the Transport Board is another and the central bank is a third. But there are any number.
    Integr.ity means that if there is political interference in the management of statut.ory bodies that the appointees walk away and state , publicly, why they have done so.
    Integrity legislation simply means that the corrupt and dishonest will think of ways and means of getting round the legislation as they do at present.
    This is why we need a public morality led by our leading professionals and the church; where is the Archbishop in all this? Apart from some silly preacher preaching about jailing the boys on the block, there is no public debat e about ethics.
    Where are the role models, when we have teachers deliberately failing secondary school children so tha.t their parents can become fee-paying clients of the very morally corrupt teachers prepared to fail children so that they could line their pockets.
    Some time ago I described Barbados as a failed nation. It is. Just look at the more aggressive cont.ributors to this blog and how they interact with unpopular or oppositional ideas.

  50. Posted 11 July 2008 12:20 GMT

    In the follow-up to Prime Minister David Thompson’s first Budget Speech,

    Opposition Leader Mia Mottley declares her assets, becoming the first Barbadian politician to do so.

  51. Hal, consider this much simpler question:

    Why would a young person (less than 60 years old) consider giving up a professional career to suffer lower income in order to run for political office and serve in Parliament and in gov’t as a minister?

    Most people don’t understand the Westminster system and the Feudal system it evolved from.

    Already-successful people who had already made their fortunes and learned their craft are who are supposed to run for election to the Lower House or appointment to the Upper House.

    It therefore follows that anyone who doesn’t meet this definition is looking for financial gains through ‘service’ to his country when they ‘score’ a ministerial seat. That’s when the teefin’ starts.

    This is contradictory to the Westminster system that we have bastardised just like every other colonial bureaucracy that we adopted in 1966.

    We are the neighbourhood dog that chased cars his entire life until he finally caught one and discovered he couldn’t drive.

    Except our fools fail to acknowledge that discovery and change the goals they chase.

  52. @Sargeant November 15, 2017 at 12:10 AM “Pardon the Interruption. Looks like the army is moving against Mugabe.”


    Who cares?

    He is what 93 or 94? He should have gone home at least a generation ago. Some people just don’t know when to say when.

    Let the bright young Zimbabweans take the lead.

  53. Freustrated,
    You are right about the Westminster/Whitehall system. Many of our politicians, lawyers and public servants do not understand the system, nor care enough to study it.
    People become politicians to make a difference, not to get rich. That we have a culture of gross incompetence and corruption is the fault of the voters, who support parties and not individuals.
    All it takes is to jail one person and the others will pull themselves together.

  54. @Hants November 15, 2017 at 10:17 AM “If you don’t want to declare your assets don’t become a politician.”

    The thing is that most of the political class are themselves poor people or are just one generation removed from poverty, and so on entering Parliament they should be happy to declare their minimal assets, and their significant liabilities, mortgages, student loans, child and spousal support responsibilities etc.

    And on exiting declare as well.

    i don’t understand why it is such a big deal.

    Our political class may consider themselves rich, but if any one of them should become ill and should need ten years or more of medical care before death peacefully and mercifully intervenes, how many of them can pay for ten years of care for themselves, their spouse or a child?

    How many?

    The greatest wealth most of us have is our good health. It is NOT money in the bank, here there or anywhere.

  55. @Hants November 15, 2017 at 10:19 AM “In the follow-up to Prime Minister David Thompson’s first Budget Speech, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley declares her assets, becoming the first Barbadian politician to do so.”

    We don’t only want a declaration of assets. We want a declaration of liabilities as well.

    We need to know HOW MUCH our political class owes, and to WHOM.

  56. @Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim. November 15, 2017 at 10:48 AM “Already-successful people who had already made their fortunes and learned their craft are who are supposed to run for election to the Lower House or appointment to the Upper House. It therefore follows that anyone who doesn’t meet this definition is looking for financial gains through ‘service’ to his country when they ‘score’ a ministerial seat.”

    Can you present any evidence to show that “already-successful people” are not hungry for more, more, more…especially if that more, more, more is coming from the infinitely deep pockets of the taxpayers.

    Can you present any evidence that rich people are any more altruistic than poor people. Just recently the Salvation Army told us that poor sanitation workers are are more generous to the Army than rich people. How do you account for that “anomaly”?

    I put it to you that rich people are no less greedy than poor people.

  57. @Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim. November 15, 2017 at 10:48 AM “Already-successful people who had already made their fortunes and learned their craft are who are supposed to run for election to the Lower House or appointment to the Upper House.”

    From 1625 or 1627 whichever to 1951 Barbados’ Parliament was dominated by the richest people in the society to use your own words the “already-successful people.” How well were the majority of Bajans doing? Think about it. You don’t have to read your history books if serious thinking and serious reading is not your thing. Talk to any Bajan over the age of 70 they are not all dead yet, they are not all demented yet. Ask them how well the richest people in Bajan society represented the interest of the poorest people in Bajan society.

  58. We don’t need rich successful people sitting in our Parliament, because they will be no better than our current Parliamentarians. We need good laws and good enforcement, because truthfully human beings are fundamentally self interested, and and fundamentally acquisitive.

    We deceive ourselves if we think and act otherwise.

    We deceive ourselves in we think that having rich people in Parliament will change human behavior.

    We deceive ourselves if we think that “B’s” are in some intrinsic way better than “D’s”

    Or that “D’s” are in some intrinsic way better than “B’s”

    Why do you think that God put “Thou shalt not covet” right up there with “Thou shalt do no murder”?

    Simple Simon, neither “B” nor “D”, neither rich nor poor.

    But pragmatic as anything.

  59. Mark 10:17-21
    The Rich Young Ruler
    As Jesus the Christ was setting out on a journey, a man ran up to Him and knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone. You know the commandments, ‘Do not murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honor your father and mother.’” And he said to Him, “Teacher, I have kept all these things from my youth up.” Looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him and said to him, “One thing you lack: go and SELL ALL YOU POSESS AND GIVE TO THE POOR, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” But at these words he was saddened, and HE WENT AWAY grieving, for he was one who OWNED MUCH PROPERTY.

    So here was a rich politician who was not willing to give up his property not even for entrance to the kingdom of heaven and not even for eternal life.

    He was tooooo in love with his power over people, his bling, his big house, his Mercedes, his BMW, his big house, his skiing holidays.

    Eternal life wha’?

    When I enjoyin’ sweet life right here right now?

  60. Simple!!!!


    Stands to reason that successful people would pay most taxes, that’s a no brainer.

    PhD., Dr. whatever are not necessary to discern this truth!!

    Don’t know when income Tax came into being in Barbados but before it did there was tax on land.

    So only people who owned land/property would have paid taxes.

    Since Barbados is tiny, not may people, a minority, owned land.

    That’s also a no brainer!!!

    Prior to 1951, owning land was the qualification for voting.

    Same all over!!

    In modern day New York for example, I heard the following statistic.

    Only 34,000 people out of a population of 8 million pay 50% of the taxes!!

    It stands to reason that a tiny minority shoulders much of the tax burden that supplies the budget for education, health etc which is made available to people who don’t pay or pay very little taxes!!

    Socialism and its first cousin, facism, can’t work without the minority subsidizing the majority.

    The smaller the economy, the bigger the burden on the minority.

    Obviously, if you have a government that wastes those taxes or applies them fraudulently then there is a problem, the majority who don’t pay or pay very little taxes will suffer.

    Rich people subsidise poor people!!

    This is a truth that has been existence from the year dot.

    Who else is going to!!


    So by definition, if charitable is equated with money, then it is clear only those with money, the rich, can be charitable!!

    Wealth however, is quite different from riches and anyone can have wealth, and share it!!

    Again however, only wealthy people (also a minority) can and do share their wealth.

  61. @John November 15, 2017 at 12:01 PM “Rich people subsidise poor people!!”

    It might be said that poor people are kept poor by rich people.

    It might be said that for hundreds of years poor people in Barbados subsidized rich people in Barbados and in England as rich people in England, and their cousins/managers in Barbados extracted by law, by force and by violence, and by fake religious justification the labour of poor people.

    So if you take all of the land to yourselves, and in addition if you take all of my labour how likely is it that I will become a rich land owning taxpayer, and a rich land owning Parliamentarian and law maker (of course with the capacity to make all of the laws to favour me and mine)

    John, John, John. You really need to repent–not to me but to God–because sooner rather than later both you and I will come face to face with our God.

  62. Simple….the idea is to remove all the greedy control of other people’s money out of the hands of the minority….it never ends well, there is a better way, the rich steal more because they are afraid of going broke, they are selfish and dont share because they dont like others being as comfortable as they are, it has been proven time and again for centuries.

    Never let a minority control the finances of the majority…no amount is enough for them and they look down on the poor with hatred and disdain, while stealing from them….there is a reason why when they die, they cannot take any riches or wealth with them….the wealth belongs to the earth.

    Lawson…..Loblaws is closing 22 location, I guess it’s back to Metro and No Frills for those who wont be able to afford their overpriced home delivery service, that’s their plan, home delivery grocery shopping….something like what Costco now has through some innovative company.

  63. Dr. Simple…dont mind John…he lies.

    The majority population by their share numbers always carry the rich, most of them are welfare rats always looking to dip into the treasury to keep their corporations and businesses afloat…it’s called bailouts in the US…but it’s welfare…in reality and can destroy a country and people financially.

    ……taking from millions of poor taxpayers to prop up greedy, wealthy companies that hide their profits in tax havens…they are tax cheats, not paying their fair share in taxes, but using tax money of the poor majority to survive….

    …in Barbados, the government allows them to raid the pension of the poor…who are the majority population…that is wrong and has aided in currently bringing the island to its knees..

    The only intent of the rich is to keep the poor impoverished so they can maintain their rich status, that intent has to be destroyed.

    John will be punished significantly for his lies.

  64. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/source-trump-nearing-settlement-in-trump-university-fraud-cases/2016/11/18/8dc047c0-ada0-11e6-a31b-4b6397e625d0_story.html?utm_term=.4183bb339d90
    Trump agrees to $25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that his office had sued Trump for “swindling thousands of innocent Americans out of millions of dollars and that the settlement had come despite significant resistance from Trump for years….today, that all changes, today’s $25 million settlement agreement is a stunning reversal by Donald Trump and a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university.”

    I don’t think that anybody would say that Donald Trump is not rich.

    I don’t think that anybody would say that he is not rich politician.

    I don’t think that anybody would say that he is not “already a successful person who has already made his fortune”

    He is so rich that he is very likely richer than all 280,000 of us put together.

    And yet…

  65. Dr. Simple….the orange dude is a crook who has been ripping off everyone for decades, trump has over 3,500 lawsuits in the US alone, the rich get rich and stay rich by stealing from the poor and others, they steal until they die…there is no magic to it..

    very few people on the earth get rich by honesty and hard work…..and we know who those are, trump is not one.

  66. No wonder Piece left in disgust. the subject of this thread is the shitty south coast in Barbados and people talking about trump and his shenanigans in the US.

  67. bajans, hal austin and vincent.

    ONE: I was responding to Frustrated Businessman who suggested that Barbados would be better governed and would no have no sh!!t on the south coast if wealthy people who had already make their fortunes sat in our Parliament. I felt it absolutely necessary to point out his fallacy to him. Do you MEN have a problem when I point out the fallacious statements of others?

    TWO: If Piece left, then he left. I am here am I not? To make a contribution equal to or better than Pieces’ Do you MEN have a problem with that?

    THREE: Ask the AG of NY if Trump was accused of “shenanigans” or of something much more serious…to wit fraud. What happens in the U.S.is ALSO my business. Don’t you know that I have close relatives who pay taxes to those United States? Do you have a problem with bloggers criticizing Trump? In your opinion is Trump above criticism? If so, why is this so?

    FOUR: I am not bored and I do know better. Do you think that because you say I am bored that it makes it so. If so why? Because you have balls? Stupseee!!!

    FIVE: Do yo think that because you say that I know no better that it makes it so? If so why? Because you have balls? Anyhow, who is it again who appointed you arbiter?

  68. I gone for now to do ACTUAL VALUABLE WORK.

    I leave you MEN to propose ACTUAL WORKABLE SOLUTIONS to the sh!t on the south coast.

    The blog is ALL yours.

    Go for it.

  69. We don’t need rich successful people sitting in our Parliament, because they will be no better than our current Parliamentarians. We need good laws and good enforcement.

  70. the moral of the comments for the dumb among you…..

    intelligent people know that installing rich ministers in parliament is the same as installing the poor, hungry, debt ridden ministers…

    do you see the US better under trump….its worse..

    there are more shootings….and unrest

    more corruption…although the saving grace is, unlike Barbados, people will go to prison..

    people are losing healthcare..

    the deficicit is rising…

    eerything is worse…

    put some shithounds that are the islands version of rich in parliament ….money they got through scams or frauds committed against the same majority population and see you will get the same thing US is getting now…

    its very ugly that none of you can think critically…

    that is one of the reasons Piece left…he said so more than once

  71. speaking of the dumb…wait, where are BUs resident yardfowls…

    today is Nov 15, 2017…we were supposed to hear from yall today how Mia has no LLB and why that is causing shitty water to flow on the south coast to give people cholera..

    yall forgot…but i did not.

  72. Some of the people on this blog would wish us to believe that Stuart and the DLP are the Devil incarnate. They are not.

    And some would want us to believe that Mia and the BLP are the second coming of Christ. They are not.

    And the new parties, the same tjhing, neither Gods nor Devils, only human like me and like you, with the capacity to do great good or great evil.

  73. And in case anybody believes believe typhoid can’t happen here, please note that according to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control that “An estimated 5,700 cases [of typhoid] occur each year in the United States. ”

    According to Public Health Ontario, In 2012, 75 cases of typhoid fever were reported in Ontario

    And according to the hns.uk “Typhoid fever is uncommon in the UK, with an estimated 500 cases occurring each year.”

    And we are behaving as though it can’t occur in first world Barbados.

  74. Typhoid is an intestinal bacterial infection from what I read.

    One of the reasons it is not prevalent in Barbados is because of the strides made in protecting the water supply.

    No drinking water for the public water supply is taken from the south coast.

    If Typhoid were to raise its head here it is unlikely that it would come from the problems on the south coast.

    In the past, most houses on the south and west coast would have had water wells because the water was pretty easy to access 10’s of feet underground.

    Sometimes the well depths were less than 10 feet.

    That practice has been discontinued long ago because of the ease of contamination.

    I came across two outbreaks of Typhoid in Barbados in my reading, one in 1907 and the other in 1917.

    Both came from the same water source.

    Water used to be extracted from a 50 foot well in the Farmer’s Gully where it pierced an underground stream.

    It was fed by pipe down the Gully and extracted at the Lancaster Bridge on Highway 2A.

    It fed Mile and a Quarter where the outbreak was experienced and supplied standpipes in St. Lucy and around to the standpipes in Boscobelle.

    The catchment was the Hillaby area.

    It’s use was discontinued but we still get water from this catchment.

    There are however two big differences today.

    The first is chlorination.

    The second is the water is extracted from a more than 200 foot deep well at Trents around which a Zoning policy exists.

    The Zoning policy ensures most of the bacteria is dead by the time it reaches the well and the chlorination kills what remains … that’s the theory.

    That’s why development near public water supply wells is avoided.

  75. It is worth mentioning that we should not only be concerned about a shitty South Coast, the road, the condition of the road is slightly above a cart road.

  76. Brother David. It’s been some years. Good to know that the shit’s finally starting to fly thru the fan. Have you heard about the IMF’s plan for currency devaluation in Bim? I hope you have some savings and assets ready. I fear that even the most sensible of minds, like the good Dr. Ronnie Yearwood, will continue to be ignored. Please start investing in some foreign commodities and cryptocurrencies ASAP. I’d hate to see you get screwed. Much love and respeck from Albany, N.Y.

  77. Been watching the level in the channel.

    It has been rising slightly in sympathy with high tide which reached a peak of 0.77 yesterday.

    The manholes begun to run yesterday as the level rose, today it looks to be about 0.72.

    They actually will avert major flooding if there is heavy rain because the level in the channel will overflow the berm and get to the sea given how the setup in front of the sluice gate.

    Looks like a good job and there should not be a repeat of last year.

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  80. Tuesday 23rd January 2018 marks 225 years since breadfruit was introduced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The breadfruit was first introduced to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in 1793 by Captain William Bligh to address food security.

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