David Has Defeated Goliath at the OAS!


The resounding diplomatic and political victory that our Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nation states won against the powerful quintet of the United States of America (USA) , Canada, Mexico, Peru and Panama at the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting that was held in Washington D.C on Wednesday 31st May 2017 may be likened to the biblical triumph of the pure and principled David (the little shepherd boy) over Goliath, the mighty and power-drunk warrior!

The issue at stake was the fate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and both the David-like CARICOM states and the Goliath-like “quintet” of large and powerful states came to the meeting armed with a draft resolution.

The CARICOM draft resolution was based on an understanding that at the heart of the conflict in Venezuela is a determined effort by an economic elite to wrest political power and control over massive petroleum resources from the hands of a socialist Government that – for the first time in Venezuela’s history – has been sharing these resources with millions of impoverished citizens.

Our CARICOM Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers are not naïve neophytes! And they are aware that the wealthy Opposition forces in Venezuela are pursuing a conscious policy of orchestrated violent street protests that are designed to produce personal injuries and loss of human life, that can in turn be magnified and used by the all-powerful Western media as a propaganda tool against the Government of Venezuela.

As a result, the CARICOM draft resolution radiated respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela and demanded an immediate cessation of violence, adherence to the rule of law and constitutional processes, absolute respect for human rights, and the implementation of a process of dialogue in the country.

This fair and principled draft Resolution effectively challenged the interventionist “might makes right” posture of the “Goliath quintet” and their draft Resolution, and led to a stalemate which was only broken when the CARICOM states proposed that the meeting be adjourned and that an effort be made to honestly discuss and negotiate a mutually acceptable draft Resolution.

The “Goliath quintet” – desperately seeking a way out of a humiliating diplomatic defeat by a group of micro states – accepted the CARICOM proposal!

This brilliant diplomatic triumph has showcased CARICOM at its very best – standing up for such critical international law principles as respect for national sovereignty and independence; courageously speaking truth to power; expressing solidarity with the universal struggle for social justice; and acting collectively and in unity.

And this is how it should be! This is how it always should be where the Caribbean people and their Governments are concerned.

Indeed, if there is one people on the face of this earth who possess both a right and a duty to stand up for the inter-linked principles of freedom, independence, social justice and human dignity it is us – the people of the Caribbean!

We, after all, are the descendants of a people who were subjected to the most horrendous forms of the denial of freedom, justice and human dignity.

Our history has therefore  prepared us for and given us a great purpose and mission in this troubled world – and we must dutifully fulfill that purpose and mission.

We, who have never invaded any foreign country or ever committed any acts of assassination, genocide or other crimes against humanity, are uniquely qualified – morally and otherwise – to confront the big powers of this world and to speak up for principles that are critical to the survival of human civilization!

We must therefore humbly and modestly recognize and accept this as our duty– a duty that we perform in honour of our ancestors who suffered so much for the cause of freedom and human dignity. And we must therefore always be prepared to stand resolutely against all those who seek to deflect us from performing this sacred mission that our history has bequeathed to us.

It is against this background therefore that I now  hereby call upon all Caribbean people to– with one voice— denounce the four former Central American Presidents who recently arrogantly and perversely publicly attacked our CARICOM Governments for the stance that they took at the May 31st OAS meeting.

The former Presidents in question – Felipe Calderon of Mexico, Oscar Arias of Costa Rica, Mireya Moscoso of Panama, and Alfredo Cristiani of El Salvador – are all multi-millionaire doctrinaire Capitalists who have been accused of or implicated in wrongs ranging from the massacre of students and intellectuals (Cristiani), extra-judicial killings in a so-called “drug war” (Calderon), corruption scandals (Moscoso), and constitutional abuses (Arias). Furthermore, three of them hail from nations with sordid records of genocide and crimes against humanity.

The “Open Letter” that they so arrogantly addressed to the political leaders of our CARICOM nations is a one-sided, extremist document that is riddled with half truths, distortions and outright lies. Every self-respecting citizen of the Caribbean should recognize it for what it is– an outrageous piece of right-wing propaganda, and reject it out of hand!

16 thoughts on “David Has Defeated Goliath at the OAS!

  1. There was a time when the West Indies dominated cricket.The ICC continually changed the rules of the game to stultify the powerful unbeatable West Indies.In addition one of their own albino creoles,a bloody Trini at that, delivered the proverbial nail to the coffin when he denied Desmond Haynes a place in the team.From then on to now the WI team has been a shadow of its former self.
    Similarly this pyrrhic victory by the Caricom brethren might be a swan song.Be prepared for the backlash in the rule changing game.

  2. David is making a fuss about some insignificant, meaningless meeting that will have no effect whatsoever on events in Venezuela because the Maduro regime is already doomed.

    When you live on a tiny island, the OAS may seem like an important organization, but it isn’t. Most North Americans barely know that the OAS exists, and their deliberations seldom receive any coverage from the major media organizations.

    David needs to take his meds.

  3. laughable that Comissiong who does not trust the american govt would hearlded the Caricom nations as having a win against OAS nations.
    Not even me would give any meaning of real significance knowing full well the power of these nations to play go hide and seek against small economies
    I guess all would have to see the practicality of this win which is for now only written on paper and for how long God only knows

  4. Commissiong you need to get off your perch. The same countries that you have a high disregard and disrespect including their trust and loyalty you now pen an article almost stating that these countries words are trustworthy just to point out what you belive is anadvantageous strategically accomplished win for Caricom against OAS aka as Goliath
    What a lark

  5. The non effect of the seriousness of this article is reflected in the number responses received.

  6. Yes, now that you have written the cheque here’s hoping that you can honor it when it falls due! I well remember a short, good looking man of supposedly high intelligence, putting Mrs Lagarde, head of the IMF, in her place at an international forum (or so he thought). We are now afraid of approaching the same organization in our dire hour of need.

  7. Chuckle……we really are a country of lilliputian minded people.

    Kudoes to David…..every little bit helps in the grand scheme of things.

    • Vincent

      Why have you descended to this level? idiots discuss people. Sensible people discuss ideas.


  8. Chuckleberry Finnn. ….Chuckle ! every little bit helps.! So does that include govt homegrown policies to reign in barbados debt . think Mr. Finn before you open yuh mouth.

  9. Mr. Commisiong you are a real joker. Just for the record David killed Goliath.Think about that which is not the same as deals made between Caricom and OAS which at the drop of a dime can become unravelled

  10. Ghee Whizz you sure you meant what you said. For if so that comment descrbes you to a Tee. Bro think before yuh own yuh mout

  11. “So does that include govt homegrown policies to reign in Barbados debt?”

    ALL the “govt homegrown policies” this inept DLP administration developed “to reign in Barbados’ debt” have FAILED to ACHIEVE the DESIRED OBJECTIVES.

    If the economic policies of Sinckler and his cohorts have been ineffective during the past 8 years, then it is highly impossible for this recent Budget to be successful.

    Unfortunately, the 2017-2018 Budget and its responses from the other parliamentarians were similar in content to Budgets and responses of previous years. Sinckler changed the names of the taxes he planned to implement and the names of the people he usually insult during his presentation.

  12. Luis Almagro is a Uruguayan politician and lawyer.He is the Secretary General of the OAS.Ronald Sanders the Antigua Ambassador to the OAS wrote in his weekly column that Almagro saw it preferable to meet with some Venezuelan protesters after the Meeting so much so that the PM of TnT Dr Rowley ‘felt himself constrained to say that the OAS Secretary General must be changed,having removed the OAS from any meaningful participation because of his behaviour’

  13. Not one response on this article from the blp yardies who frquent this blog except one yardfowl Artax. who thought best to stroll over looking for scratch grain
    Artax from now on you will be known as a blp Turkey

  14. Is David Commissiong being dishonest about CARICOM’s position on Venezuela? Mr Commissiong’s article suggests that CARICOM states were unanimous in their opposition to the resolution put forward by the USA on 31st May at the OAS meeting.

    Please read the following report carried in the Jamaica Gleaner on 03 July, 2017.


    Note that ” Jamaica was among six Caricom countries which voted in favour of a failed US-backed resolution at the recent Organisation of American States (OAS) General Assembly meeting in Mexico on the crisis.

    The resolution included a proposal for mediation of the Venezuelan political crisis. But it failed after falling three short of the 23 votes necessary for it to be passed.

    Barbados, The Bahamas, Belize, Guyana, and St Lucia were the other Caricom states that voted in support. Those who voted against the resolution, which also called for President Nicolas Maduro to “reconsider” an assembly to rewrite the constitution, were Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Haiti, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago abstained.”

    It seems to me that Mr Commissiong is a no idealist fighting for the working man but a very dangerous and duplicitous provocateur who operates in the favour of those who do not mean well for Barbados.

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