The Caswell Franklyn Column – Unions and Private Sector March to Bring Down Government

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

On Monday, July 24, 2017 two days before the 80th anniversary of the 1937 riots, an estimated 20,000 people peacefully protested against the Government, by staging a march through Bridgetown.

The organisers claimed ostensibly that the protest was designed to force Government to meet and hear the views of labour and the private sector, in relation to the massive 400% increase in the National Social Responsibility Levy, with a view to reducing that imposition.

The unions involved and the private sector agency made it quite clear that they were not seeking the downfall of the Government. My question therefore is, why not? Since they are taking the country along with them to state of continuous suffering. I take my guidance from the Book of Matthew, which states at chapter 5 verse 30:

And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

This administration has surely offended thee and should be cut off. I do not know of any sane person who could honestly hold the view that this Government is performing well, and would want them to continue.

By now this administration and their most ardent supporters should accept that there is one skill set required to win elections, but yet another set of skills is required to manage the country after the victory. The members of the Democratic Labour Party have clearly shown that they are in possession of the skills necessary to win elections. On the other hand, the people who won the last elections have demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that they are devoid of the care, diligence and skill to successfully manage the affairs of this country.

Since they have come to office, their trial and error policies have impoverished the people of this country to a previously unknown extent, while for the most part, the characteristically docile Barbadians elected to suffer in silence. All along Government was aided and abetted in their mismanagement by the leadership of the major trade unions that appeared to be aligned to the DLP. The private sector, even though bothered by the state of the economy, kept quiet as long as they were making money.

It would appear that the unions have forgotten their role but a mass exodus of members has spurred them to action, to give the impression that they are finally working on behalf of their membership. More importantly for the unions’ survival, they needed to stem the outward flow of disaffected members.

The primary duty of trade unions is to look out for the best interests of their membership. And I daresay, the best interests of union members dictate that trade unions should be in the vanguard of any movement to improve the lives of their membership, even if it means removing a government that is as incompetent as the present administration.

Fortunately for the Government, when the unions flexed their atrophied muscles on their own, they were only able to muster approximately 399 persons. They were given a lifeline when the private sector agency joined in with them to organise the record-breaking march.

As a trade unionist, even though over 20,000 people took to the streets, I am ashamed that the private sector that traditionally treats workers with scant respect resorted to bribing and threatening workers to march, and worse yet, the unions went along with it.

Don’t be in any doubt about my position. I firmly believe that this administration is not fit for purpose and should leave office immediately. Nothing short of a national strike would suffice until the Government leaves office, even if that would result in some short term inconvenience for the people.

However, I must caution the unions that they must be careful who they choose as bedfellows. It is prophesied that a time will come when the lion shall lie down with the lamb. But I must warn them that the time has not yet come and they are in danger of becoming lamb chops.

174 thoughts on “The Caswell Franklyn Column – Unions and Private Sector March to Bring Down Government

  1. Bushie

    Chuckle…..Its beyond me how some supposedly intelligent individuals like yourself can be taken in by an outright fake……but as you have already stated and I can verify yuh wasnt too brite at Cawmere.

  2. Bushie

    You are wrong. And when that happens you resort to the esotetic. As if to take us In too deep waters.
    On this you are no position to teach us anything. Moreover your responses lack moral intent

  3. That is the problem with the Vincents…they think everyone is weak enough to think that they need someone white to be successful or made whole or to progress…

    That crock is a myth ya hear.

    Only dopeheads believe that idiocy….and of course the slave minded and wannabe massas of Barbados.

    My husband never managed any business I had for me yet…never will…I run that show cuz am capable.

    Ya see….if the cawmere, harsun educated et al.and those with all the degrees and titles in the world as they love to model, were capable. ..,they would not need a Herbert..they would do it themselves..

    As I said…taxpayer’s money wasted on education……

    ……maybe Fruendel was not so foolish to cut out the taxpayer funded education after was 40 years of waste.

  4. Pacha…they even got me looking at Fruendel in a different light….lol

    I dont know why they think I am able to tell them so much about what those halfassed minorities in Barbados are capable of, when they should know even better than me, they been getting the shitty end of the stick because of those same minorities……,since the fake independence ceremony.

    …..and they are not even the real thing….but my husband is…


    Look at what the Mangoste Maloney is doing, ya see, no respect, if it was Cherry of Jose y Jose doing this illegal dumping…ya would hear the other disrespectful of black people… Mangoste Bizzy jumping in the newspapers calling Cherry a criminal and that there are laws and he is breaking them……

    …and the little midget of corruption Lowe would be backing Bizzy in denigrating a black man like himself.

    See what I mean Bushman…it’s all about teaching minorities respect for and boundaries when it comes to the majority black population.

    Let’s see if any ministers stop Maloney with his disrespect. There are thousands of bags sitting on the Spring Garden highway, if not already expired…are about to…but he got an excuse for the dumping..,Arawak does it too he says…lol.

    “SEVERAL BAGS OF Rock Hard Cement are being dumped behind a quarry at Lears, St Michael.

    The dumping of the hardened substance started earlier this year.

    This column received several photographs showing piles of bags of cement discarded at the site near to Preconco at Lears and at another St Michael location.
    When some of the photographs were sent to Mark Maloney, chief executive officer of Rock Hard Cement, he charged that “it was another attempt by people to mislead the public but Rock Hard sells quality cement”.

    He said it was normal for cement to get hard.”

  6. From the more enlightened among can apply to any country, island, community..whatever.

    “If they live in denial and try to act as if present worldwide poverty and dependency amongst the invaded people is not a product of past worldwide invasion and robbery by the habitual invaders,
    it means there is no change in THE SATAN SOUL

    if their instinctive fear of retribution causes them to support the setting up of exterminating conditions such as mass incarceration, mass abortion, and economic strangulation, it means there is no change in THE SATAN SOUL.

    if they build walls around the properties that they have stolen, and lock the victims of the robbery in the dungeons of inescapable poverty then it means there is no change in THE SATAN SOUL.

    if they are able to go to church and celebrate and have fun while their hirelings are dropping bombs it means there is no change in THE SATAN SOUL.

    if they feel no sense of collective guilt and no sense of responsibility and concern for the grief that is caused when they bomb other people’s homes, and for the calamity and family break-down that is caused by their inhumane incarceration of other people’s children, it means there is no change in THE SATAN SOUL.

    if they abuse the immigrants who flee from the cages of super-exploitation to take refuge in the lands that have grown wealthy from the same exploitation, it means there is no change in THE SATAN SOUL.”

  7. Can anyone remember when Dennis Kellman and HERBERT were locked in battle over the Sugar Industry pension fund?

    When HERBERT wanted to hold onto the sugar industry pension fund monies and give them to the planters who had no right to them?

    At the expense of the workers.

  8. @Carson CC @3:47

    Do you remember when PM Sandiford , in 1991, begged Douglas Lynch of Bdos Shipping & Trading to bring home its overseas pension funds to prop up the country foreign reserves

  9. Carson….the BUers are making me rethink….

    …there are devils in existence, then there are real, real devils in existence.

    yall are responsible for enriching these devils for decades, so yall are now responsible for teaching the minorities. not only to respect the majority population……but also teach them that there are boundaries as it pertains to the pension fund and taxpayer`s money….it is not theirs, there are boundaries to be observed.

    both governments spent decades creating those monsters and are now responsible for controlling them

  10. Anybody know if the planters got their outstanding monies yet……or will this be another year of late fertiliser application and reduced sugar yield for the 8th year?

    I noticed this weekend that the CLICO 2000 odd acres still under cow itch and mossie.

    We once could carry visitors through St.John and proudly show off our pristine lands.

    One bright spot in St.John though…..Herberts’ lands they look good,well,kept and under agri. production with greenhouses…..interesting when compared to govt owned and managed lands.

  11. isnt`s sugar dead, why is that dead horse still being beaten.

    europe is planning to completely stop sugar imports in a few years, after centuries, sugar is now deemed unhealthy…they got better plans, which dont involve the Caribbean…

    what is wrong with other crops….

    Carson…why is government allowing thousands of acres of land to grow bush, when there are thousands of people from all walks of life willing to plant….without all yall drama and confusion.

  12. @NationBLPnewspaper July 30, 2017 at 2:56 PM “So…Caswell is…like all the other BLP Choir boys in Fontabelle who must toe the political line or be sent packing.”

    But, but, but, I thought that the people at the Nation were a bunch of negrocrats singing in the DLP choir.

  13. @NationBLPnewspaper July 30, 2017 at 3:34 PM “NationBLPnewspape knows this all too well. If NationBLPnewspape is so independent, let him write a column criticizing Freundel Stuart and the DLP and show me that I am wrong but he will not because he CANNOT, the DLP will not allow him to do it.

    That is why I call out NationBLPnewspaper as a political whore, he cannot call a spade a spade, and still get his cheque from the DLP. He who pays NationBLPnewspape calls his tune.”

  14. @Pachamama July 30, 2017 at 4:42 PM “Your comment at 805 am is worthy of a knighthood.”

    I am surprised at your comment.

    The Caswell that I know is not interested in any knighthood, or such like colonial trappings.

  15. @ Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger July 31, 2017 at 5:06 PM
    ” what is wrong with other crops….”

    Why not be ‘avant garde’ instead of waiting to jump on the ‘mary-jane’ bandwagon an offer an alternative to the dying sugarcane?

    Without the sugarcane fields or its replacement of agronomical suitability rural Barbados would look like just one hot jungle of bush. It has no mountains or rivers to camouflage its flat ugliness.

    Like most plants (e.g. the tobacco and coca leaf) Sugar is only harmful when it is overly processed and refined.

    There is lot of economic potential in raw sugars; from human health foods which fetch top prices in places like Holland & Barrett to being a ready source of high energy in animal feeds.

    If the sugar industry is totally abandoned that means its indigenous source of raw material (molasses) for the rum industry would fully disappear and Barbados would find it most challenging to market rum as “Bajan fuh real”.

  16. Miller…i was thinking more of sugar and/or molasses for the local and regional markets, not the volume to which they export to europe, which as i understand is now grown, produced and exported at a massive loss to the economy.

    met a dude from UK couple years ago who was marketing the raw sugar in little cans…you dont need metric tons to do that or to produce molasses for rum production.

    other crops are needed to fill in….multiple crops…..regardless what they are.

  17. @ David July 31, 2017 at 2:18 PM #

    @Prodigal Son

    Is this the Humphrey who headed the department responsible for Constituency Councils?


    Yes please!

  18. We should never forget that this was the reason most of the ancestors of the descendant minorities now living on the island were Barbadosed…it was called Penal Servitude, least we forget. These convicts and petty thieves were also deported from UK to other Caribbean islands, Australia and US, etc.

    It’s now refined theft.

    “Moondyne Joe escaped from prison so many times that the government had to build a special “escape-proof” cell for him
    NEXT >
    Instant ArticlesNewsOct 12, 2016 Goran Blazeski

    Joseph Bolitho Johns, also known as Moondyne Joe, was born around 1826 in Wales. He was the third child of blacksmith Thomas Johns and his wife Mary Bolitho. He spent his early years as a copper miner with his brothers after his father died.

    On 15th of November 1848, he and his mate William Cross decided to break into the house of a Mr. Richard Price, Esquire, of Pentwyn Clydach. They managed to steal three loaves of bread, one piece of bacon, several pieces of cheese, and other goods from the house.

    This is the only known photograph of Joseph Bolitho Johns, better known as the Western Australian bushranger Moondyne Joe.

    Eventually, they got caught and were charged with burglary and stealing. Johns conducted his own defense and stated that he wasn’t guilty. Unfortunately, for his trouble, they both received the sentence of ten years penal servitude. They were tried on the 23rd of March at the Lent Assizes before Sir William Erle and they were off to Australia as convicts.

    He behaved well while he was on the boat so he was granted a ticket-of-leave for good behavior when he arrived in Fremantle on the 30th April 1853. He lived throughout the Avon Valley before he went in an area the Aboriginals called Moondyne. There he made a living fencing and rounding up wayward stock and horses. He was doing well until he was arrested on a charge of horse stealing in 1861. Somehow, he managed to escape the cell in the middle of the night, taking back his horse in the process. He was caught the next day, charged, and received a three-year sentence……………”


    Richard Hoard’s column LOWDOWN is guilty of extreme racism. eg. Ten years ago Richard wrote that his initiation into sex came, when a black, servant girl, who took him and his brothers into a room at their father’s overseer’s house and she pulled down her panties and gave them a peep show and  that he saw the Ascania, the Golfito and the Surriento – those were large ships, in the 50s and 60s that took black people to England.  He continued that he was not prepared for what this black woman displayed between her legs and that anyone of those large boats could have fitted in there.  The Nation Newspaper. 

    That statement is soooo racist and cruel to black women.  I shuddered to think how brutalized, cowed and subservient black Barbadians must be that someone can write something like that about their women.  

    This is nothing to do with decent behaviour; it is common class and not cultured, just original, institutionalised basement mentality.  Written policy kept in the sub-basement, two stories under ground, is where the British ministry documents marked “for your eyes-only” was discovered in the 1950s.  The document outlined the behaviour to be meted out to West Africans.  If a West African did anything for the white boss, it stated, the boss was not to thank, but to kick or hit the West African, and not to quarrel or argue with him because the West African would win an argument, as he was usually right.   

    Most reactions are instinctive, like a pig rolling in mud, and many will always behave like that, nevertheless, a pig can be hosed down.  People must identify offensive behaviour, put it in its own compartment, where it belongs with things that do not matter and have nothing to do with it.  That does not mean that it cannot be opened to see that it does not get out. 

    By and large behaviour is inherited and many whites have accustomed themselves to being big bullies.  The strategy has not been altered but for such feelings, which cannot be voiced openly or exhibited overtly because they are illegal, tactics are subliminal, masked carefully but nevertheless just as demoralizing.   “”

    This is the people who HERBERT represents. But on 24 July 2017 we saw the BLACK trade unions, including TWO TRADE UNION WOMEN one very BLACK, holding hands with the Mongoose and trying to pull down a BLACK Bajan Govt.

  20. The BLACK TREADE UNION LEADERSHIP also held hands and walked with these people in an effort to pull down a BLACK BAJAN GOVT.

    HERBERT also represents this other race as well.

    “We contributing because we ain’t got none of us at the prison, Dodds.”  An Indian-Muslim leader said this recently at a talk about Muslim Indians, when challenged about Indians not playing a role in making the society better for all.  It is cunning racism of a failed race – brown-skinned people, who talk with different accents and feel themselves incorporated as honorary whites.    

    Decades ago, in India, with not only the caste system but also the absolute feudal system, he could not get through and most probably pulled a cart.  Towards the end of the war he got a chance to hop on a boat and arrived here, where some black fellow said: “come Indian do not walk barefoot come let me put on shoes on you,” and when they got as far as St. Joseph they married barefoot white girls from St. John, walked about with two suitcases, then rode a bicycle and then a car, then they bring in things and pay off custom officers and by god they made it.   

    The Patels were the first but a lot of them do not remember that they made it with the help of black people. They did not have pretty property; they did not come like tourist; they came to settle and they had nothing.  Later on so many came, when late at night an aircraft came in with about 50 Indians with mattresses, blankets and suitcases.   

    This Indian was talking to black un-informed students so he could fool them with one-sided ideas.   A teacher has so much to teach that something they teach the wrong things – like the thing about not trying to embarrass people.   The issue is not about middle class for intelligent people usually marry other intelligent people but in Barbados, not in the Caribbean nor the world, to keep whiteness it is necessary to inter marry their own but a lot of whites left the country in the exodus to New Zealand and Australia. 

    There are not enough whites to run things and black people, who have recently had access to higher education, are employed.  Blacks are the police.  Whites have money so the black government listens to them and the black university historians let themselves be used to rewrite vagabond, white peoples’ history for them.  This popular history – ingested rubbish and regurgitated waste is destructive and disabling.””

    • And you are SO intelligent you are logged on to BU 24/7 on a blog where the blogmaster is an idiot. You may have the last word.

  21. “We contributing because we ain’t got none of us at the prison, Dodds.” An Indian-Muslim leader said this recently at a talk about Muslim Indians, ….””

    If true it is an interesting statement, seeing as so many of them are involved in the drugs and guns trade/trafficking, only a couple actually get caught and arrested.., and even then, pay massive bribes to stay out of Dodds by disappearing court files and are able to because of their connections with the ministers of both governments. ….that trend has to end Carson.

  22. Carson Cadogan

    People like who use race instrmentally always sound hollow

    And yes there is little doubt that the corporate elites, mainly white and others, have again joined with feckless trade unions in a political project to depose this dip government.

    For if race is to be a defining factor why would your stinking dip not make it a central issue since 2008 and before

    How times is your useless party to deploy race as the last ditch effort to extend an elected dictatorship

  23. @Carson C Cadogan August 1, 2017 at 8:17 AM “trying to pull down a BLACK Bajan Govt.”

    Look Carson, black Bajan people, and white Bajan people sick of DEM, sick of you too Carson. Don’t come playing here lovey, dovey with us, now that you want out votes, when DEM have spent the past many years trying to tax us to death, and you have spent the past 9 years calling us “brown nosers” and other grossly insulting terms.” And now you want something from us? No you ain’t getting it.

    Because we don’t care who our oppressors are.

    We HATE being oppressed.

    brown noser=a person who acts in a grossly obsequious way.

  24. @David August 1, 2017 at 8:48 AM “What is the definition of an idiot?”

    Good morning David: You know that I am always happy to help out.

    What is the definition of an idiot: Carson C. Cadogan.

  25. And I hope that it is not true that the “Popular Discount” email which was circulated a week or so ago did not come from a Cabinet Minister’s phone, and I hope that it is not the same Cabinet Minister who has a white woman for his wife/staunch woman, the same white woman who if he shuts his eye tomorrow we the Bajan taxpayers will end up paying a pension of 4,000 British pounds a month for life, when the same British have refused to pay a red cent in reparations.

    There are 108,629 resident Bajan women aged between 20 and 85> and yet members of our Cabinet, including our Prime Minister can’t find one to marry and leave comfortably off in her old age? And black Bajan women are supposed to vote for you?


    Don’t get me started now.

  26. “”our Prime Minister can’t find one to marry and leave comfortably off in her old age? And black Bajan women are supposed to vote for you?””

    Owen Arthur went all the way to Jamaica for a wife.

  27. Pachamama, hal

    People like you can hush.

    You dont even have a vote in Bimshire. As a matter of fact about nine tenths of you on this blog dont have a vote here. All you try to do is stir up trouble in this fair land.

    It would be great if old pensioners like you would let peace reign here.

  28. @ David you are the “Bajan”definition of a idiot cause you continue to let people “bad talk ”

    you and you refuse to BAN THEM.

    Your tolerance knows no bounds. lol

    Buh doan mine me cause I does use de scroll wheel nuff nuff.

  29. @Carson C Cadogan August 1, 2017 at 10:15 AM “Owen Arthur went all the way to Jamaica for a wife.”

    Ah, but at that time Owen was young and in love, and when we are young and in love we tend to marry among the available pool of potential mates, and when Owen was in Jamaica, the available mates were Jamaican women. So leave Owen and the previous Jamaican sister, and the current Bajan sister alone for me please.

    What’s wrong with our current Cabinet, many (most?) of whom did not spent their youth outside of Barbados including our Prime Minister that they won’t marry black Bajan women?

    And you want black Bajan women to vote for you?


    By your deeds we have known you.

    • By the way, Arthur got his second black wife from Arthur Seat (St. Thomas).

      Sent from my iPad

  30. We know that you do not love black people that much.

    We know you for the users that you are.

    No votes for you.

  31. Carson…this is what will continue to haunt yall…the whole governmrnt, this Eupsuf dude’s file disappeared from the police, when will the attorney general order the office of DPP and police to reconstruct the file so justice can be served…11 million dollars in cocaine and who knows how many guns,.

    What is ironic… the Adam family from St. Thomasm Husband’s Heights and Fontebelle are closely connected to BLP…through a decades old working connection to Billie Miller’s office….

    …. it’s DLP in government, why is this indian dude not in prison.

    “On Thursday October 14, 2010 Suleman Esuf was granted bail of 1 million dollars with two sureties of $500,000.00 in the Bridgetown Traffic Court. We recall Esuf was charged with having a traffickable quantity of cannabis stated as 2778.38 pounds with a street value of 11 million dollars. It should come as no surprise that Esuf was granted bail. In our system of jurisprudence a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. In a case which does not involve rape or murder and if you have the money for the best lawyers little time is spent on remand. In this case Esuf had a cooling-off at Dodds prison for one month. He returns to court March 8, 2011.

    BU continues to be very perturbed at the lawlessness which has become prevalent in our small society. The establishment in Barbados maybe comfortable with Commissioner Darwin Dottin’s statistics but a more than…”


    11 million dollars in MARIJUANA and who knows how many guns,.

    Aam sure the cocaine was never caught.,

  33. Hmmmm……I wonder if any Operative could explain this waste of foreign exchange by their foremost contractor…….

    SEVERAL BAGS OF Rock Hard Cement are being dumped behind a quarry at Lears, St Michael.

    The dumping of the hardened substance started earlier this year.

    This column received several photographs showing piles of bags of cement discarded at the site near to Preconco at Lears and at another St Michael location.

    When some of the photographs were sent to Mark Maloney, chief executive officer of Rock Hard Cement, he charged that “it was another attempt by people to mislead the public but Rock Hard sells quality cement”.

  34. We remember well how this DLP has used race to cover its failings.

    A contradiction about Bajan politics is that the BLP has been more likely to respond to arguments based on race theory or racism as institutionalized than the DLP.

    That is the truth. Not that the BLP is any better in total. For the Bees it has been about shedding its image as a White man’s party.

    Our point is that the issue of race should not be abused in that manner.

    We remember well how Don Blackman carried that issue to the hilt in the 1986 elections, purely for political reasons.

    Under Errol Barrow, who never gave an uck about real racism in Barbados. He was the man who gave us the public order act.

    And now we have this Carson Cadogan seemingly with license from those who would have him on a leash, like the proverbial dog, barking about race as if the DLP has a right to abuse Black people in this way any number of times.

    If the DLP were serious about race or economic racism in Barbados they would have paid attention to the United Nations study, 2000 circa.

    It was the same Barrow who said that FJS was a coward. No coward can’t deal with real issues regardless of how many barking dogs like Carson Cadogan he has.

    Cadogan your pink panties are showing. We see that you are expecting a massive defeat at the next election. And that is why race is to be the substitute to explain your DLPs failures.

  35. @Nationnews “When some of the photographs were sent to Mark Maloney, chief executive officer of Rock Hard Cement, he charged that “it was another attempt by people to mislead the public but Rock Hard sells quality cement”.

    Rock Hard may offer quality cement for sale [I am no judge of cement] but a seller can only sell if buyers are willing to buy. Are sales at Rock Hard down then? Once cement is made into concrete the concrete will last hundreds of years, but unworked cement kept in a damp place [and isn’t all of Barbados a damp place] won’t last too long.

    Is Rock Hard dumping product because they cannot get it sold?

  36. This should tell the present government something, if they are not too self absorbed to understand, just the thought is sending racists into a frenzy….although it’s just a movie.

    “The idea of black people getting their own country — and building it into a stronger country than White America — was enough to send racist Twitter users completely off their rockers.

    On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it was producing a new series called Black America, an alternative history of post-Civil War America in which black Americans were paid reparations in the form of three Southern states that they could use to found their own country.

    “It envisions an alternate history where newly freed African Americans have secured the Southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama post-Reconstruction as reparations for slavery, and with that land, the freedom to shape their own destiny,” reports Deadline Hollywood. “The sovereign nation they formed, New Colonia, has had a tumultuous and sometimes violent relationship with… the United States… Today, after two decades of peace with the U.S. and unprecedented growth, an ascendant New Colonia joins the ranks of major industrialized nations on the world stage as America slides into rapid decline.”

    The idea of black people getting their own country — and building it into a stronger country than White America — was enough to send racist Twitter users completely off their rockers.

    Check out some of the most angry reactions below.”

  37. Now we know why MoneyB, John and Vincent are so viciously against reparations for black people, they are cruel and badminded redneck racists…

    Their reasons are completely different to my concerns. ..

  38. Alien

    The big question is why do companies restructure, in particular insurance companies? Where are our financial analysts, our financial journalists, our investment analysts, our experts?
    It is this information gap that leaves the nation in a fog of ignorance. Companies do not have to explain themselves, investors and customers do not ask questions, and the journalists just re-write press releases.

  39. Is it only Bushie…?
    …or does anyone else worry that Hal only put these posts up to APPEAR to be raising serious concerns …. when in fact he is just asking foolish questions?

    “Where are our financial analysts, our financial journalists”…..?
    Is that not YOU …HAL?
    Where is YOUR intelligent analysis of the situation?
    Why the bullshit?


  40. Bush Tea
    You are risible (Thank to Mr Cumberbatch). You try to get cheap laughs as a way of hiding your ignorance. The class room buffoon.
    @ Bushie, why do companies restructure? Inform the forum. And, for your information, I am a pensioner and lacking in intelligence.

    • Alien

      It would appear that the locals do not know how to bring down the Government so the Trinidadians are showing them the way. No lot of talk and televised meetings, just put workers on the breadline and blame it on NSRL and Government generally.

      If that doesn’t work, nothing will.

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