The George Brathwaite Column – Dust Off the DLP, Change is Coming

George Brathwaite (PhD)

In another week or so, the pain and punishment being meted out to Barbadians will increase with the 2017 Budget measures taking full effect. The ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has failed to convince Barbadians that today or tomorrow will be any better than the plight Barbadians endured for nearly a decade after that party’s coming to office. Since 2008, Barbadians passively and repeatedly made many sacrifices for the sake of nation. However, Finance Minister’s many economic stumbles, and Prime Minister Stuart’s hands-off approach, and the general lull in communications between the governing and the governed, have raised several questions across Barbados. The over-taxed population is wondering if those sacrifices were worth the dutiful efforts of the public and private sectors? What about the concerns of thousands of consumers who have seen inflation and the cost of living force them to raid their piggy-banks of every cent?

Clearly, things are far from the optimum in Barbados. The economy is in shambles and the society is crumbling having paid a price too high for the levels of incompetence witnessed from the DLP under Mr Stuart’s uninspiring leadership. Observers of national politics have long sensed and expressed their views that the DLP Ministers have a serious bout of ill-discipline that is showing up in arrogance and unsympathetic discourse with the public. The DLP’s main tunes have lambasted, insulted, and dismissed many from the walks of the private sector, trade unions, marginalised groups, householders, and the youth. Any suggestion from the periphery or outside of the DLP attracts disdain from a Cabinet whose underperformances have pushed Barbados backwards by at least 15 years.

Every day, Barbadians are realising that key spokespersons of the DLP lack the emotional intelligence and intestinal fortitude to bring about change from within. Perhaps, and partly hidden from view, there is a brewing rivalry within the DLP for that party’s leadership and hence the sense the leader is a ‘go-as-you-please’ champion. Certainly, Prime Minister Stuart’s slumber has not been made uncomfortable by those persons who have publicly called for an approach exposing his dis-connectedness to the people of Barbados. Ministers Inniss, Sinckler, Stephen Lashley, and Estwick have all at one time or another, recognised that the Prime Minister’s silence and non-interventionist styles are incompatible with what is needed in Barbados. Unfortunately, not one of the Cabinet or DLP parliamentarians is willing to go further and rouse Stuart from his deep forlorn and pitiful posturing. Nor has any one made the crucial step to depart from the ways of malaise and, speak out against the ills that are economically bankrupt and socially disempowering the nation.

If anything, Barbadians are witnessing a final burst of desperation from the DLP’s General Secretary and co-chair of the propaganda machinery. The FACTS (i.e. Freundel and Chris Telling Stories) have been unleashed on the public with unapologetic and fanciful claims. Political spectacle and ridiculous accusations have targeted the main media and all opposing entities. Many Barbadians have already been repudiated by the DLP’s rhetoric, including some staunch Barrow’ites. Clumsily and without any care to what is said, DLP spokespersons cut and chop down which is a figurative form of shooting people and cracking heads. When it is not Jeptor Ince calling the private sector parasites, Barbadians have had to endure the acrimony of Blackett blistering a young man’s parents for doing the right thing by allowing the Queen’s College student a voice in the civics of his nation. Also, the childless woman in Barbados has been put under the woeful hatchet of the representative of St. John. Numerous Barbadians would certainly prefer to get insights on her predecessor’s dealings regarding CLICO and sums of money amounting to $3.3 million.

An electorate will, over time, gravitate to the individuals and particularly a leader that the people can trust to get the necessary job done. With a leadership preference standing at 52 %, and with an increased approval rate, Mia Mottley’s demonstration to date speaks for itself. Comparatively, the weighty burdens placed on Barbadians by an uncompromising Minister of Finance and allowed by a pedantic Prime Minister while supported by churlish DLP parliamentarians, have rendered the DLP government unbearable. In real terms, and this assertion extends beyond the recently published results of Nation/CADRES poll.

Barbadians have literally made up their minds that a future DLP government is at best untenable and will not happen after the general elections coming later this year or early next year. Unfortunately, the drudgery of seeing off these final overs of Stuart and company, will mean that Barbadians must go well beyond the latest polls to register their disgust and etch with indelible ink that the DLP is not fit to govern – morally or otherwise. If Barbados is to rise from its present mire and degradation, the ouster of the DLP via free and fair elections must be manifestly delivered. The exit of the DLP will start the rekindling of hope. Of course, one may relate to Herbert Marcuse’s statement that “free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.” However, it is the conscious expression of liberty, the hope for better tomorrows, and eventually how we seek to determine our social, economic, and political empowerment that will matter most going forward.

Indeed, it is more vital today than ever before, for the Barbados electorate to regain confidence in our governance systems, and equally so in the capacity of the politicians we elect to office. Any elected politician must pledge to work committedly to return civility, safety, and a sound economy to our shores. This should be a demand by the electorate to all political candidates and parties seeking to contest the next general elections. It simply cannot be business as usual.

Moreover, Barbadians must be given timely and necessary information to make informed and confident decisions. Forums, inclusive of e-platforms and social media, must be set up at multiple levels for much enhanced people participation in the decision-making which ultimately affects their lives and livelihoods. Representation must mean much more than an elevated status for our elected officials. Edmund Burke once stated that representation: “ought to be the happiness and glory of a representative to live in the strictest union, the closest correspondence, and the most unreserved communication with his/her constituents.” Barbadians must continue to preserve people power, and the political class must remain grounded or be constrained by this fact.

The eventual winning party and its leadership must decisively create a viable and humane future that is economically sustainable and socially uplifting. The Barbados of tomorrow must be made viable for all citizens and residents regardless of political persuasion, age, gender, race, status, or lifestyles. Change needs to be demonstrated and this demands that the Leader of the Opposition, as the most popular individual leader in local political circles, must be an effective communicator and must continue to provide hope for the many Barbadians that have long given up.

No doubt an enterprising Mia Mottley of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and her formidable-looking team, will face considerable scrutiny and criticism on the way forward for Barbados. Yet, they must demonstrate their readiness, focus, and competence with a measure of credibility that is seen in their promises and performances in and outside of Parliament. There must be empathy for the most ardent of DLP supporters, while ensuring compassion for all citizens and residents whose suffering for almost 10 years has been unprecedented and unmerited. Barbadians are strongly calling for democratic leadership that is defined by effective representation, and one that is strongly given to trust, accountability, and transparency in the governance of this Barbados nation-state. Surely, Barbadians can now prepare to dust off the DLP, change is coming!

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a political consultant. Email:

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  1. No doubt an enterprising Mia Mottley of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and her formidable-looking team, will face considerable scrutiny and criticism on the way forward for Barbados.


    Seeing that the country is in ducks guts and every day puts it further under according to all the local,regional and international economic gurus,why is the opposition not sitting down with the unions and planning a shut down of the ports untill elections are called?

  2. What a jack talking poop so early in the morning calling for a shut down of an island that relies on Tourism for its economic stablity
    Nw jack pray tell what next after the muscle flexing can the Unions and the blp lead by Mia have to repair the damage.
    What a jacka.sss Vincent

  3. Morning

    by George, you are at it again.

    “BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY (BLP) supporters have been told to take a cautious approach to the results of the latest NATION/CADRES poll which favours the party.

    “Forget about it, do not even think about it,” warned seasoned Member of Parliament Dale Marshall.”

    Seems like someone in the crooked Barbados Labour Party remembers PETER WICKHAM’s bogus polls from just before the 2013 elections and how they misled the BLP.


  4. Well, Mia is already under scrutiny.

    I will say no more.

    hint, hint, (llb) (lec) (qc) (fraud)

  5. GEORGE BRATHWAITE the 10 Millian dollar woman ent gine win no election ash got alot to answer for. The DEM recieve a mess up governmetn from theBees ……………

  6. Georgie Porgie Brathwaite

    No change will come from your BLP. For the BLP is incapable of such.

    Are we not politically mature enough to known some basic truisms?

    That your BLP has no answers to the endemic failures of capitalism after another 10 years in the political wilderness.

    That after 10 years of austerity politics, as started by OSA, the only material difference between parties is a relative distance from failure.

    That after a honeymoon of 6 months there shall be no recognition that the change of which you speak ever happened.

    That the only difference will be the formation of thieves, pimps and lackeys seeking to suck the blood of a hapless population given no real choice.

    Certainly, it must be time for the truth of that effective antiquarian device to be deployed liberally.

  7. Vincent Haynes you backside DLP supporters are more than fifty percent of the electorate you looking to start political tribalism. Big teet Joe Grines Dale Marshal might look like a fool but he isn’t foolish. Anybody who thinks past the yard fowl mentality of BU knows a year is eternity in politics. CIA informer Wickham poll could be counting eggs in the fowl bottom as he did in 2013. That boy of uncertain gender hard ears. Joe Grines Smiley nearly kill me with laugh when I read the Nation.

  8. George

    I think you better check with your Leadership before writing these articles. Don’t mind DAVID pressuring you to write something every week.

    These articles are making you look stupid.

    A man with a Pee-H-Dee.

    You praising the poll and Dale Marshall saying that it is not worth what paddy shot at.

  9. George

    Chuckle…..looks like regular contributors without a party card will have difficulty on this blog competing with the political class advertising their wares….ah gone.

  10. Dale Marshall is not about to let the same dog bite him twice.

    He, unlike DAVID, knows that PETER WICKHAM IS A JOKE.

  11. George

    Your whole article based on the premise that what PETER WICKHAM say is the gospel.

    Now Dale Marshal is saying that it is not worth the paper that it is written on.

    So who to believe, You or Dale?

  12. Vincent uh gone good .Get outta here yu jack a ss and tek uh igrunt play card with yuh . Shut down what country wuh. Yuh so god dam stupid to und we stand tge impkications. Better if you use a glue stick instead of chapstick to keep yuh mouth shut.godblimma when the country collapse who de hell gonna fix it u are a real pokey fuh trute

  13. George

    Real people…..

    Traders fear that there would be a complete collapse of the sector, leading to large-scale unemployment.
    Textile traders in Hyderabad to go on three-day strike against GST from June 27

  14. Lord have Its mercy.Other than Vincent who sez he is a sol fa up an on boy,other than Vincent all the contributions are the George street puke.the dying dems.

  15. CCC you and Angela AC Skeete working overtime on these blogs I hope they paying you well.If the poll don,t matter to you two just stay off and let sensible people discuss the results.Your many posting already tellsme you both are very worriedThe free lunch coming to an end.Pachamama I always see you speak of we on these blogs w,who is we?i imagine you are one person with one vote like the rest of us but you like to come over as so powerful,you need a reality check .you always criticizing George over his support for thee BLP which is his right,you obviously support the DLP which is also your always make statements about the BLP which I doubt you can substantiate with any evidence.If you have any I suggest you produce it because at the moment there is no comparison between the BLP and the DLP none Ms motley is by far the most capable person to take Barbados forward.

  16. George

    Your article didn’t do any better on Barbados Today.
    Does not look like too many people believe you.

  17. Carson C Caduncy you can’t find something more useful that pollute this blog with your garbage!!! seeing that your Govt overspending taxpayers money to let private contractors to collect it!?!?!!?!….If I remembered correctly you took a long sabbatical from this blog…. do so again please!!!! …..for the love of all things holy!!!!….your contributions are so childish and reeks of desperation….jesus man…the govt could find something useful for you to do or sain like finding an alternative to Freundel to lead wunna band of “wild boys” in the next election…..

  18. Peter Wickham and Nation drop a poll and just them hook a very rare and endangered Estwick shark off St.Philip.

  19. You know Donny-Ville father was a piece of fisherman from St.Philip so just now he bung-ing on pun that Wickham/Nation pool bait, he gone can’t let that pass him at all.

  20. “”Some representatives of the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC), swooped down on the constituency of St. Michael North East, yesterday morning Monday, June 26, 2017.

    These representatives eagerly took to a few communities near Jackman’s St. Michael.

    There were three normal, main reasons for the exercise:

    1) To continue taking its moral political case, about Mottley being the worst BLP leader ever – and the reasons why – to the constituents of St. Michael North East Constituency – the constituency whose seat in the House of Assembly she occupies;

    2) To continue canvassing many districts within the St. Michael North East constituency, with a view too of continuing to introduce our candidate for the constituency – Mr. Peter Rock, to many of those constituents of that constituency, that would not have previously met him;

    3) To continue the party’s political educational/flyer campaign against Mottley EVER becoming any prime minister of any government of this country.

    A number of residents expressed serious concern about the poor level of stewardship exhibited by Mottley in dealing with some of the constituents’ affairs.

    Another set of residents (Christians) expressed repugnance at the idea of Mottley EVER becoming any prime minister of any government of Barbados.

    And a different set claimed to be apathetic to local electoral politics.

    All in all, yesterday’s canvass was nourishing and exciting.””

  21. You DLP propagandists fail to realise the obviosity of your fate.

    You got elected twice because Bajans voted against the BLP, not for you. The same ‘against vote’ in the next election will put you into opposition for at least 15 years.

    You have failed spectacularly and brought a new disrespect for politicians and our entire governance systems to the Bajan psyche.

    There will be no economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

    The idiot Stinkliar has been operating in a vacuum (vacuum of intelligence, knowledge, education, training, guidance, advice, leadership, conscience) for 8 years and we all know how base particles behave in a vacuum.

  22. Saying to ignore the fraudster Wickham and his fake poll is like saying that american should ignore Russia influence in their election
    Six of one and half dozen of the other.Wickham past intereference in the 2013 election gives enough reason and so justified as to why any thing he does that involves election result should be fully scrutinized
    The blp operatives would like all of society to forget Wickham nasty dealings in trying to undermine the 2013 election process but bajans must be mindful of the fact that a leopoard of the Wickham inbred political pedigree would never change his spots. Wickham has already exposed his nakedness for all of barbados to see and what all have seen is very ugly.

  23. Yard-fowls from both BLP & DLP never cease to amaze me.

    On Friday, January 11, 2008, Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) published an opinion poll that PREDICTED the DLP would win the January 15, 2008 general elections. The poll results indicated there would be a near 10% swing away from the BLP.

    “………”What this means is that if the government gets the 9.9 per cent swing in their favour then it means we are looking at 20 seats for the Opposition Democratic Labour Party and around 10 for the ruling Barbados Labour Party. The Barbados Labour Party have served three terms and have come to the end of the line and I think they are looking at Opposition but a respectable Opposition at this time,” said Mr. Wickham.” [RJR News: Saturday, January 12, 2008]

    While the BLP & their yard-fowls ATTEMPTED to DISCREDIT the poll after its results were released, the DLP and yard-fowls behaved as though Wickham was “the best thing since sliced bread.”

    Criticisms of Wickham’s poll in 2008 brought the wrath of the DLP and its yard-fowl suppporters.

    I cannot believe this is the SAME Peter Wickham who the DLP and its yard-fowls are NOW calling a “fraud,”his poll “fake news” and using all types of pejorative statements to describe him because CADRES’ recent poll favours the BLP to win the 2018 general elections.

    Wickham criticisms of Owen Arthur brought the wrath of the BLP and yard-fowls, but were accepted by the DEMS and their yard-fowls. But the DEMS have now removed him from “hero status” because he is equally critical of Freundel Stuart.

    “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

    Beware of Yard-fowls.

  24. “………”What this means is that if the government gets the 9.9 per cent swing in their favour then it means we are looking at 20 seats for the Opposition Democratic Labour Party and around 10 for the ruling Barbados Labour Party. The Barbados Labour Party have served three terms and have come to the end of the line and I think they are looking at Opposition but a respectable Opposition at this time,” said Mr. Wickham.” [RJR News: Saturday, January 12, 2008]

    As BU is aware, the DLP actually won 20 seats to the BLP’s 10, proving CADRES poll to be accurate.

    Peter Wickham is the same man the DEMS “rewarded” after the January 15, 2008 general elections, by appointing him as a moderator for “Talk ya Talk” at least 3 times a week on CBC 100.7fm; host for the “People’s Business” on CBC TV8 and CBC’s political analyst.

    The same man who was a hero to the DLP in 2008 is now a fraud in 2017.

  25. Artax

    Chuckle…..Now wuh yuh expect gine happen to anybody who tell de Emperor that he naked…….in days of yore he would have been decapitated.

    Today its villifying and besmirching the mans reputation whose only crime was to attempt to save the DEMs from themselves…….if they had listened to him,Hartley and many more in their then camp this country and DEM would probably not be in this deep doo doo.

    So all DEM hardears ones can do is cuss and get on bad……lol…..long may it last.

  26. what de hell does talking about 2008 election have to do with Wickham blatant attempt to undermine the 2013 election with his two fraudulent polls

  27. These countries are not about to collapse and they are certainly not at the brink:

                                                       Public Debt to GDP Ratio         External Debt to GDP Ratio

    Japan 242.65% 185.61%

    Spain 105.02% 132.55%

    Portugal 132.63% 197.66%

    Netherlands 63.510% 428.87%

    Ireland 104.12% 547.87%

    Just to name a few.

  28. David you ought to shut uh mouth you are the one always talking about integrity and accountability . when an electoral process is compromise by using tainted polls to influence an out come of an election those persons who engaged in such illegal acts should be banned or denied a license to practice for the purpose of engaging in the electoral process by which material can aid or help in forming or influence the outcome of an election .
    Wickham Cadres have shown preciously to engaged in such an illegality by presenting two different polls of contradiction within hours of publishing and disseminating on the political landscape

  29. @ David

    I was not responding to that idiot Angela Skeete, I was only illustrating how yard-fowls operate.

    It’s similar to how prior to the 2008 general elections, the BLP yard-fowls used to describe VOB as being biased towards the DLP, because many of their moderators were pro DLP; while DLP yard-fowls used to say CBC is biased towards the BLP.

    Now, the same individuals who were previous praising VOB are now saying the station is pro BLP, and are calling CBC because that station displays a clear biased towards to DLP, evidenced by moderators Maureen Holder & John Lovell.

    • @Artax

      Maybe you should call in to Water B on the CBC TV program talk show to quiz him on how he sees the upcoming general election. It is hardly likely he will be allowed to criticize the government in any strident manner. Last moderator (Wickham) who did went through the eddoes.

  30. stop talking pup fool/ , The cadres Poll of 2013 shone light on the desperation of political maggots living among the blp fold who would go to extreme to undercut the political process a dangerous process which was allowed by the Wickham Cadres poll.
    The fact that you Artax and David BU would use tic for tat banter among the differing supporters to take away the blatant efforts of the Wickham poll in 2013 shows your low level of smut to eagerly entertain without even bothering to chastise or dissociate self from such rooted corruption

  31. Carson Cadogan

    They are all about to collapse, any morning now!

    You and the DLP don’t get it, do you.

    Is this what the DLP has come to?

    Trying to justify unsustainable debt, in perpetuity.

    You got the country in duck’s guts.

  32. 2008 DLP won 20 seats
    2013 DLP won 16 seats
    2018 DLP won ?? seats?

    How exactly is the DLP going to retain the government?

    • You will have to factor if the 3rd parties gain traction. IF they do they will cut votes from the BLP.

  33. lawson June 28, 2017 at 11:12 PM #
    Does anybody believe that the next govt voted in can do a worse job

    Not even if they were the three blind, deaf and dumb monkeys in the old ‘evil’ joke.

    All any gov’t ever had to do to make this country work is engage the patriots who are keen to contribute and take decisive action while not discrediting the system with blatant teefin’ and stupid statements and policies.

    That just summed up the DLP gov’t failings in one sentence.

    Ninjaman couldn’t do worse.


    Common yardfowls at war…lol

    Upset Wickham slams Morris as a ‘common yard fowl’
    Added by Neville Clarke on June 28, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    “Pollster Peter Wickham has derided Democratic Labour Party (DLP) stalwart Robert Bobby Morris, who yesterday utterly dismissed an opinion poll conducted by Wickham’s Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES), which found support for Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and the DLP at an all-time low.

    In dismissing the poll results, Morris had said that districts were chosen strategically to get a desired result.

    An upset Wickham has reacted forcefully, telling Barbados TODAY Morris had behaved like a “common yard-fowl”, and the comment was “both offensive and disturbing”, bearing in mind he had always seen Morris as one of the superior intellects in the DLP.”

  35. @ WW&C

    This recent CADRES poll seems to have got the DLP and its yard-fowls in a tizzy and they are talking shiite.

    Denis Kellman, Maureen Holder & former UWI lecturer Michael Howard were on Kellman’s facebook page “making sport” at Wickham and CADRES’ poll.

    According to Howard: “I think we are speaking of a pollster who wants a particular party to win the next elections and he is not hiding his preference.”

    What amazes me is that CBC presents Holder as its “political analyst.” What qualifies her for this position other than using CBC’s “Talk ya Talk” call-in-program to display her contempt for and insult callers who may be critical of this inept DLP administration?

    Ironically, she replaced Wickham, who also displayed a similar attitude at CBC, until he began to be critical of the DLP…………. and lost favour among the DEMS in the process.

    • We are suppose to be an educated nation yet it is so difficult to be confident in the views of out trained citizens. They qualify to be yardfowls just like those they would peer down the nose and shout ignorant.

  36. That attitude is “endemic” in this society, David.

    Take Christopher Sinckler for example. Sinckler has been asking people to bring solutions. Yet, when “trained citizens” present alternative views on his economic policies, he uses any forum to “block” and cuss them.

    The bombastic Sinckler cussed Jeremy Stephen, Marla Dukharan, Ryan Straughn, Dr. Delisle Worrell and Professor Michael Howard. Anyone who presents a different perspective is labeled a BLP supporter or an “enemy of the state.”

  37. The biggest “enemy of the state is Peter Wickham those words fits him like a T his mesmerising leap to jump from one party to another is a telling sign of duplicitous sinister actions .Not to mention how he used his wiki lips to tell the CIA what he knew about barbados govt actions
    In any other country he would have paid a heavy political price
    Wickham is trying to make himself relevant but most barbadians knows he cannot be trusted for many reasons
    Wickham finding refuge in the bosom of the BLP is not surprising since his morals views are one and common with Mia Mottley both of whom has endorsed the advocacy for same sex marriages.

  38. Artax

    Why are you entertaining Sinckler? Don’t you know he is a waste of space a little man trying to so a big man’s job?

    Good Jesus H Christ man…………the foolish little man could not even surmount 1% support as leader in the recent poll.

    • What is puzzling for some is why has Sinckler surrendered to become the poster face for government’s failing economic policies. He was well positioned to have an excellent political career.

  39. Wickham had no other choice to speak out his reputation once more would take a beating as ominous clouds of suspicion swirled about as to sinister actions behind the poll
    Nothing that Wickham says or does can repair his already damaged reputation as he repeatedly shoots himself in the foot against all odds

  40. Last week was “Mottley & LEC week” and this week could be entitled “Wickham & CADRES week.”

    In this article, the DEMS were praising CADRES’ poll because the results were in their favour. Now the same party, of which Wickham was a member, are castigating him “based only and specifically” on CADRES 2013 poll.

    The following article is indicative of how politicians from both BLP & DLP operate in Barbados.

  41. David

    He opted for cash in hand knowing full well that the sooner Mottley becomes PM the sooner he has a chance to be the PM after her, a wait of 5 or 10 for a young rich aspiring politician is NOT a big ask.


  43. LE C and Cadres poll are both indicators of the root of corruption past and present that lies in the bowels of the blp party.
    Just imagine any ordinary citizen given a right of passage because of name to practice law in any country without being certified.
    Not even in the good ole USA a country known for all kinds of illegalities would a member of govt be given a passing grade without fully certified
    But what is so blantant offensive is that the blp operatives can and would hurled narratives to demean and degrade those of disagreement they perceive even without proff of similar actions

  44. angela Skeete

    That dog ain’t hunting baby girl, wunna Dee’s have to run pun wunna terrible and incompetent record since 2013. I mean can you find a bigger set of buffoons?

  45. Was it necessary to do a survey to know that the DLP will loose the next election by a wide margin?

    They are unlikely to garner 3 seats!

    That a pollster’s ‘reputation’ can again be brought into question is in itself a sample of the culture we’re dealing with, on all sides.

    Wickham can hardly be considered strictly professional as he continues to allow himself to be drawn into various milieu – social environments, sometimes as activist.

    Whatever sample is chosen, by whatever means, is unlikely to reject the lust for DLP blood. It’s the sole societal response. The reverse would have been true too.

    All this within a wider population hell bent on self destruction from the frustrations of an intractable political malaise.

  46. How come yardfowl Carson Cadogan and ACs have not yet mentioned a real alledged COUP being planned against Fruendel, not the Eager 11 chicken coup this time……..are real, real coup being planned by some of the last coup plotters now being called the “Fiery Four”…, haha ha,  lol….

    Someone just sent me this and I cant stop laughing.

    Where does this leave the loyal pimps and yardfowls…..twisting in the wind, I

    “FIERY FOUR, BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — PM STUART AND ESTWICK BATTLING — Naked, the talk all around Barbados from rum shops to salons, the Heights and the ghetto, is that a group of FOUR ministers in Freundel Stuart’s cabinet are meeting on Monday evenings at a popular watering hole, and the topic of discussion is the removal of Stuart as party leader.

    Naked, they are being referred to as the ‘Fiery Four’.  Apparently, they are four of the original ‘Eager Eleven’.  Estwick and Inniss are alleged to be a part of the Four, and the stunt Estwick pulled by declaring to Bajans in Barbados Today’s paper that he was the “BEST MAN TO LEAD THE DLP” and be PRIME MINISTER, are all a part of the Fiery Four’s plan.

    But naked, you see the man that got gunned down in St. Stephen’s today?  Well he was gunned down right in front of the watering hole that the Fiery Four have their meetings.”  Anonymous”

    Bushma…where are

  47. WW&C

    Root of corruption past and present have to factor in past and present CADRES polls that favoured the DLP to win.

    And Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite has been upholding this corruption as well.

    The “Eagar 11 reduced to the “Fiery 4? and have been meeting at Eight Ball?”

    I believe this story because “8 Ball” was a die hard DEMS and many DLP parliamentarians and supporters frequent that venue on a daily basis.

  48. Art….whatever is done in the dark, must be revealed to the light.

    The AG gotta go…

    The DPO gotta go….

    Fruendel….gitta go…

    They all gotta go..

  49. David June 29, 2017 at 8:04 AM #
    What is puzzling for some is why has Sinckler surrendered to become the poster face for government’s failing economic policies. He was well positioned to have an excellent political career.

    I suspect the obvious: he believes his own bullshit.

    Unlike Donville and Sealy who are doing their jobs as best they can, damn the torpedoes.

    If anyone in this gov’t could do better they probably would. Managing this country properly is simply way beyond their skills, experience or intelligence.

    Like the dog that chased cars his entire life until one day he caught one and realised he couldn’t drive.

    All of this was obvious to anyone who could read a balance sheet in 2013 but an ignorant electorate condemned us to 5 more years of decline.

  50. VoB news at 12.30…..Unions to march for rollback of some budget items…..moderator asks then what?…..good question.

    The Unions should forget about marching and close down the ports untill such time as elections are called.

    We are too timid/frightened in this country and this has ever been so which is why twistorians on the hill had to create warrior heroes in Bussa and the 1937 rioters.

  51. So Peter says he did not conduct the Poll . yet he is upfront and centre trying to defend the integrity of the poll which by all accounts stinks the house up.
    Now who would belive Peter when his integrity was called upon the carpet in his last poll.
    Now as if to throw insult to injury he wants to take those who are questioning the truthfulness of the poll as fools

  52. angela Skeete

    You should thank Peter after all it was his poll a few days before the elections in 2013 which ensured OSA had is second and last loss as leader of the BLP.

  53. Everyone one knows that Estwick ain’t going to be no part of group involving knucklehead Sinckler.

  54. Frustrated Businessman (aka tired of pointing out obvious realities of Bajan suffering) on said:

    Exactly Vincent.

    There is no more time for political posturing, by unions or anyone else.

    The unions need to force elections now. There has been no confidence in this gov’t for at least 7 years and they just squandered their last chance to regain it.

    If the DLP wins again most of us who have other business or professional options outside this country won’t be around to see what happens next.

    If the DLP gov’t had one ounce of moral fibre it would seek a mandate from the people to continue their economic policies, even if most of us know they don’t exist. That means elections.

  55. Frustrated Businessman (aka tired of pointing out obvious realities of Bajan suffering) June 29, 2017 at 2:27 PM #

    Why is it so difficult for other Bimmers to understand this…….I was hoping to have been proven wrong on my last sentence…….no such luck…….let those who are here enjoy the wukkup over the next 11 months.

  56. @David as one sips the political tea leaves as brewed here it’s frustrating. As
    a pandering mouthpiece said today in US in a similar context, Bajans KNEW well what they were getting when they elected this bunch of doo-little posers!

    Your remark, for example, that ” [Sinckler] was well positioned to have an excellent political career” is well stated. He had what could be described as the perfect internship or apprenticeship and it’s absolutely mindbogglingly that he should therefore lead us back into an economic malaise…as the man with whom he apprenticed asked in not so graphic words, ‘how the f…iddlesticks did we get back here’.

    Unlike @FrustratedB I don’t think that he simply loves the smell of his own bullshit but rather that he is bluntly out to feather his nest to the detriment of implementing hard-charging polices that would lift the less-fortunate and lay the foundation purposefully and practically for the business sector .

    Yes managing a small island economy lashed with high winds from world-wide economic swells is difficult but the sheer level of highly questionable national projects and badly formulated taxation and operational programs suggest this is about competence and integrity NOT necessarily “skills, experience or intelligence”.

    That can actually be found in abundance in the civil service and otherwise so these bandits simply are dismissing credible advice….incompetence and greed.

    @Vincent at 12:51 PM ….Keeping with that theme that politicians are elected by members of the same unions which you strenuously advocate should “close down the ports until such time as elections are called” please fully explain how this benefits the average Bajan.

    If you elect a bunch of corrupt putas to run your affairs should you not expect to shoulder the burden of your own decisions!

    The DEM MPs clearly see the writing on the wall but if they have been seeding their retirement with these million$$ capers so boldly these many years past why do you perceive that the dire constrains wrought on the island from such a shut down will adversely affect them or give them pause!

    Change is desperately needed but at this point forcing an election a few months earlier solves nothing…particularly if the spiteful DEMs decide to hold out… what do many of them have to lose really!!

    Surely to do such at the height of the Crop Over season when so many small operators can get some ‘free cash flow’ would be doubly counter-productive. … that wuk-up is important to the base economy; the broader political wuk-kup will spill it’s monstrous seed soon enough.

  57. The CCC(unt) and AC(unt) and all their scunty followers are positively shitting their Depends at this poll. What’s wrong girls? Can’t handle the truth? Y’all woulda been licking PW’s ass if it had turned out the other way. What a sad sight, though not as sad as the sight will be when your useless leader and his single percentage loser colleagues are all out on their bare asses the day after the next election.

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