35 thoughts on “Freundel Stuart: Holding Our Leaders Accountable

  1. What value should we place in the word of a Prime Minister. Should we dismiss Prime Minister Stuart’s promise as election campaign rhetoric? Should we dismiss the promise the late Prime Minister David Thompson made to CLICO policyholders? Are we finally willing to say to politicians, ENOUGH!

    Read Nation article PM’s Word

  2. CUP/BFP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Now you all can see first hand why we don’t need any lawyers in government, every lawyer in government is a crook, Name one that is not a crook and then look up the meaning in your Law Dictionary; More lawyers looking to make money for self and crook the people each and every step.As you can see another crook lawyer Ralph Thorne looking to get in next, What a record he has for taking the money and never show up for court,

    Vote Them all out , both Parties need to go,

  3. The Prime Minister of Barbados is a stranger to the truth. The only difference between him and the idiot Trump is that he speaks better English.

  4. David

    Froon is well on the way to collecting a washpan of licks whenever he rings the bell. Sinckler is already working with Kirk Humphrey to make sure Froon, like Perry Christie, is left riding a bicycle without a seat.

  5. Has anyone taking the opportunity to formally notify the USA that Barbados elected a CLOWN years before they put one in the Whitehouse?

  6. The Prime Minister won the head on race on the issue of integrity in the last general election when matched up with Arthur. YET, he allowed the Estwick gun issue to go unpunished with the prorogue of parliament just like the Michael Carrington incident.

  7. Much time immersed in history, keeping abreast of current affairs, gleaning knowledge from the internet and even watching UWITV (online) persuades me that a new governance model is needed to more effectively deal with the economy, foreign reserves … and all those other abstractions.

    In her novel, “Sugar in the Blood”, Andrea Stuart traces her families’ history from the 1600’s in Barbados and on p.21 uses an interesting quote by Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
    She also reports a comment by one Mr Thomas of a nearby plantation, who conceded that ’emancipation was a great blessing to the master; it brought freedom to him as well as the slave.’ In like fashion, it is believed that change in the way our public affairs are managed would emancipate those presently in positions of power while empowering the Nation to greater prosperity.

    Watching A You Tube clip (modern day literature) addressing engineering, Elon Musk acknowledges that in order to effect positive change, like-minded individuals must get together and design a compelling solution. Incorporating Barbados, restoring confidence and raising capital to convert debt to equity could be part of this.

    Attending Gospelfest and a workshop this weekend has enforced my belief that we have the talent, while the size of the crowd clearly demonstrated the numbers of Barbadians that value holiness.
    Recalling another literary piece, it behooves me to wonder whether the system under which our present politic operates, may now be responsible for a lack of ‘good’ governance, in a similar sense as was the system which perpetuated slavery back then.
    There is clearly an imbalance in the system and the debt speaks for itself. The need for discipline is on everyone’s lips. Who wants a currency devaluation, but can we self-medicate?
    Revenues might be increased through enhanced accommodations (AirBnB) and formation of eco-attractions (augmented with more local experience) much of the basis of which is already there. Bajans have savings to invest for conversions, upgrades, eco-developments and so on, but we are somewhat deficient in the enterprise facilitation needed for citizens to be more resourceful. I’m not talking about creativity and innovation, but the existence of a satisfactory financial formula for the realization of rewards to be shared among providers of land, labor and capital. Having said that, there are underlying issues to be overcome since the basis of the problem is considered to lie with successive government bodies, acting within the same outdated, Westminster system in which a conflict of interest from the outset causes candidates to over promise in an effort to gain popularity. An entitlement mentality nurtures expectation and individual responsibility and self sufficiency are eroded. Disappointment often results causing a change of guard only to have the cycle repeated.

    Our economy; our Nation is in need of rescue. Rather than wandering in the desert for decades more, a TEAM of qualified professionals should be elected as sectoral representatives, initially at the level of permanent secretary; except for being held accountable within a yearly review period, to function within an ongoing modern digital direct participatory democracy platform. An aware and engaged citizenry will bring greater effectiveness and efficiency. Information and communications technology will facilitate the transparency, accountability and integrity we so desperately need. The expense associated with present geographical constituency representation, five year electoral partisan politics can be prescribed to pay the debt. We are ready for inclusion in a peoples’ parliament.

    The real crux is obtaining consensus as we work together to rediscover our National identity. This will require unity of purpose; one body, one mind, one heart.
    We must all look first outwards.

  8. Someone referred to Sandy as an errant school teacher.Some say he was a well spoken mopper as they say Froon is as well.History will no doubt record that neither one was classified by the discerning as a successful Prime Minister.The record will prove the discerning correct in their assessment.Both effing freaks,time wasters,visionless wannabees.

  9. Partisan political parties operating under the present system of governance appear to be so preoccupied protecting public perception that they have little time to empower the people they purport to represent in parliament.. A direct participatory democracy must be evolved.

  10. David
    How on earth can someone reach such a conclusion. Are you certain Owen will be running? If the answer is yes….Which Party?. Anyway, how can you match someone with no further interest in being a Prime Minister, without being aligned to a Party can be matched as a preferred PM. Why was this vote initiated? Who did it, where was it done and what is the motive?

  11. What did Stuart ‘have’ on members of the ‘eager 11’ that resulted in him shutting them down? To say that he has been a complete disaster for Barbados and the people is to compliment him. Anyone who votes for this supercilious nonentity in the next election can only be of simple mind, or in receipt of an iPad, iPhone, flatscreen TV, or $200.

  12. Fumble is a fool, a liar and a piss-poor lawyer whose highest ambition was to become a judge so he could piss on everyone ‘below’ him with impunity.

    How far we have fallen.

    There will be no economic, moral, administrative or executive recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

  13. Yesterday Brasstacks was such a waste with all second guessing the most idiotic finance minister in the Caribbean.Worse was that guy Stephens.Egoism reigned.

  14. @ Angela Skeete, Fractured BLP, Carson C. Cadogan, Kevin, Alvin Cummins and the other DLP yard-fowls

    I have not heard from Dr. David Estwick for some time now.

    Do any of you know if he has gone to the Trucial States? Is he in Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Al Quwain?

    So far, Dr. Estwick’s has been an abysmal failure as MoA and could be reasonably described as the worst agriculture minister Barbados ever had. Do you know what are Fruendel Stuart’s thoughts on Dr. Estwick’s tenure as MoA?

    Stuart should be held accountable for not being an effective leader to deal with Estwick.

  15. Artax
    The Eager 11 went to the former GG at least 3 times to say they no longer have confidence in the PM and want to make a change.As usual and including the current MOF and the AG they failed to understand the law and in desperation on the third attempt the GG threw in the sponge and called it a day at the races.The replacement GG,a no nonsense former prosecutor and barrowdem addressed them in French including a few gaulblineyuhs before they got the message and left Pilgrim House,never to return with the foolishness they came with in the first place because it’s a simple math equation and we know that the ringleader didn’t do well in maths and didn’t understand that a majority meant a majority of parliamentarians and not a majority comprising the Eager 11.Surprisingly he they still being paid from the privy purse and a Fumbler still fumbling at the controls.

  16. @ Artax, Estwick nor the so-called eager 11 did no harm whatsoever. That issue was over-hyped and dealt with when Stuart lead the DLP to victory in 2013. What harm did the Judases did to the Queen B just before the 2013 election……… They dethroned her in a very nasty fashion. She was so hurt that she even help campaigned against the BLP in certain constituencies like St. Joseph. Those Judases are ALL still within the busom of the BLP, So keep looking at the DLP and wishing some internal squabble will bring that party down. You, and others will be waiting in vain like Bob Marley. If Mia had lead the BLP in the 2013 elections, the BLP would of had my vote. You and Gabriel and others need to look in your glass house and hope history dont repeat itself.

  17. @ Kevin

    You mentioned: “Those Judases are ALL still within the busom of the BLP.” And I’m sure you are aware that “those Judases” that comprised the membership of the “so-called eager 11” are also “still within the bosom of the DLP.”

    It is interesting to note that after 7 years, in situations where certain ministers can be justifiably described as abysmal failures (i.e. David Estwick, Denis Kellman, Maxine McClean, Sinckler, Byer-Suckoo, Ronald Jones) or cannot be disciplined by their leader for rogue actions (Eagar 11, Estwick, Denis Lowe, Donville Inniss, Denis Kellman) or where Denis Lowe could blatantly ignore the “first in, last out” protocol, which resulted in recently employed individuals from his constituency remaining employed at the NCC during government’s retrenchment process, (evidenced by the recently concluded ERT hearing into that matter) and remain as a minister;

    Surely you have refused to accept the HARM that was caused whereby under these circumstances Freundel Stuart has NOT been “MAN or LEADER enough” to RESHUFFLE his Cabinet.

    And yes, I agree that (me), Gabriel and (Barbadians in general) need to look in (our) glass house and hope history don’t repeat itself.

  18. Why does every politician on the island including Paul…lack the mental capacity and critical thinking skills necessary to protect their own sectors and people from worldwide organizations.


    “It’s madness!
    Paul knocks EPA and other trade agreements

    Added by Neville Clarke on May 29, 2017.
    Saved under Agriculture, Local News
    One of the island’s leading spokesmen for the agricultural sector has all but dismissed as “mad intuition” the decision by Barbados and the Caribbean to sign onto some key international protocols.

    Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) James Paul is ruing in particular, World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe, both of which he claims are hurting the local sector.

    “Those two organizations have constrained the ability of governments to protect sectors that are vulnerable. The United States of America signed onto the WTO, but they ensured that their agricultural sector is protected. The Europeans did the same thing and protected their agricultural sector. The Japanese also protected their rice industry,” Paul told journalists at a news conference today at the BAS headquarters on Beckles Road, St Michael.

    The Government backbencher charged that Caribbean governments were the only ones that had “this mad intuition” to sign onto “agreements that basically undermined their ability to protect the very sector that is the key to preserving the health of the individual territories”.

    Paul called for the agreements to be re-negotiated, insisting they were not working for the region, which he said was being
    forced to import food items that can be produced here.”

  19. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/manuel-noriega-panama-dictor-dead-cia-murder-medellin-cartel-drugs-us-war-a7762846.html

    There is a lesson in here for politicians.

    “Manuel Noriega: Panama dictator worked with CIA while murdering political opponents

    One of Noriega’s biggest mistakes was to order personally the execution and beheading of one of his most-outspoken opponents ‘like a rabid dog’

    Phil Davison 4 hours ago2 comments

    Disgraced former Panamanian General Manuel Noriega was a ruthless dictator, domestic spook, convicted murderer, money-launderer, bigtime drug runner for Colombian cocaine druglords and a double agent between the US CIA and Fidel Castro’s Cuba. To some of his friends, however, including English ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn, he was a loveable rogue. In the 1980s, when he was nicknamed “Pineapple Face” because of severe acne, he stood up to the US but went one step too far when he swung a machete around his head and declared Panama was “in a state of war” with America.”

  20. David,
    All the “fake news” propaganda, and alternative facts presented to the people in the effort to unseat the present PM, the Barbadian populace, are still their usual solid right thinking understanding of the present situation. The stability of the island as a place of sober reflection, is foremost in their thinking, and they have no desire to rock the boat. the BLP operatives are still singing the same tune they have been singing since 2008. They sang it in 2013 and the populace reelected the DLP/ It is obvious that Prime Minister Stuart is going to continue governing until the full parliamentary term is up, so it is no use the BLP supporters getting their undies tied in a knot. The election will take place in 2018, and the people will make the decision. The question is whether the BLP supporters will be willing to accept the results; especially if; as the silent majority is indicating, the DLP wins again. Despite the protestations of these people, the country is still functioning adequately. and stability is the order of the day.
    Further growth is projected, the foreign position is stable, and growing, and all the calls for “Alternate governance” none of the proposed changes to the system of governance proposed is either desirable or workable. the leader of Solutions Barbados shows the same level of unawareness of how government functions, as Donald Trump, and the other parti4es cannot encourage enough people to appear on their behalf to form any credible alternative to the two major parties.The status quo will remain the same, and based on the alternatives proposed it is better to stay with the devil you know.

    • @Alvin

      You continue to define what is the quintessential yardfowl. Can you point to any of the news items attributed to Stuart that is false?

  21. David

    Why you turn off the comments under the transparency thingie. All you gone and do is stop the building of a good war between the pamper wearing shite AC aka Angela Freak and yours truly. I have been ignoring the piece a raggy old pissy brute for some time now. But, she thinks she can insult intelligent people like PDRYR, whom I like bad bad bad. Now you gone and stop the darn war. You is reall kubba when you get ready hear David, stuuuuuuuupse.

  22. Alvin Cummins

    I ask you a few questions on another thread to which you completely ignored. Just like the revelations that prove your position on Cahill to be wrong; well let me rephrase. After it was proven that the DLP front men were involved in the scam called Cahill, lied to the people of Barbados about implementing integrity legislation and then reneging on it, lied about the true state of the economy, and now in the Auditor General report is providing further proof of their nonsense as they have been furnishing loans to the tune of close to 1 billion dollars (983.9 million without) without contracts, you want to convince people that things are all good and on the up and up? Can you accept the beating the DLP will get next year, and will you be man enough to admit that you were wrong again?

  23. Alvin

    Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that any govt can pull itself out of the quicksand we find ourselves in, without the assistance of outside forces, irregardless of it being the IMF,China,Russia or UAE.

    If you are honest with yourself why are you continously spreading fake news about the ability of this govt on its own pulling us out the present mess we are in?

  24. Vincent,
    Where have I ever spoken about pulling itself out of the problems without outside assistance? I have maintained that we do not need to go to the IMF for assistance; after all they have article 4 consultations every year. We do not need to approach them, neither do we ned to enter a program with them. Every government borrows money; check the mighty U.S.A., and we will find places from which to borrow money, even ar concessionary rates.If we borrow from the U.A.E that is even a different situation, and China is willing to help us. what’s wrong with that. It is not “fake” news to have confidence in ourselves, and our ability to solve our own problems. It was the same talk when Sanford decided to depend on us to solve our own problems. It was rough, but it was done, even though Sandi paid the political price, primarily because of the negativity; just like it is today, that was prevalent the.
    If even the government loses the election, didn’t the BLP lose the election s in 2008 and 2013? It will not be the end of the world. There must still be continuity. If the BLP wins, they will not reign forever, they in turn will lose at some time.But of course the election has not yet been called, Campaigning has not begun, and the people have not voted. I seem to remember that the last election was supposed to be in the bag for the BLP, why then are they still in the opposition? I gather, from the posts on this blog, that you are in the U.K. When last have you returned home? When last have you contributed to the foreign exchange position by visiting and spending som “depleted in value” English Pounds? Now is the time for all good man to come to the aid of the country. None of you seem to remember the words of President Kennedy, at his inauguration: “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country.”The country is your country, the individuals who run it may run it badly, but it is still your country, and you should do whatever you can to support it.

  25. Alvin

    Confession is good for the soul.

    Hmmm….a person starts a fire,it becomes serious…..he outs it…….should he be praised.

    For your information I alternate between the UK and Bim and I was during the winter season very much in Bim on the west coast……where were you.

  26. David,
    I listen to Brass Tacks every day, I read the Advocate and Barbados Today, every day, so I am aware of the sentiments of the contributors to those media, their biases and the attempts that are made to influence the people. Petere, the r Wickham has not changed his diatribe; onTuesdays on Brass Tacks, and the contributions to the Sunday Sun, since before 2008, Will he continue after 2018?. But they, the people, can distinguish the real stuff from the dross. We shall see what we shall see. By the way, Yard fowls have habits that should be emulated. They are loyal, they stay close to home; sleeping in the trees in the back yard. If the DLP supporters stay true, unlike what happened with Sandy, the DLP will win again. Check the percentage party votes in the last elections.

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