Barbados Integrity Movement Open Letter to the Fair Trading Commission -Proposed BNTCL Sale to SOL GROUP

Submitted by the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM)

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  1. One of our problems as a people is that fact we are ignorant about what is important. We allow ourselves to be sucked into the narratives of the political class and like flies to crap gravitate to the salacious. We have two significant issues we as a people should be railing about -the willingness of the TPD and prime minister to waive the EIA, HIA and TIA. They have used a bogus argument that the whole area was assessed therefore the need for a location specific impact study is not required. BS! Read the draft physical development plan currently being discussed in town halls and there is a big contradiction. The other issue is the one being highlighted in the BIM press release. Absolutely no interest being shown by relevant stakeholders in response to a significant transaction. It is no surprise the leadership of the country play us for fools.

    The traditional media sees greater benefit to fueling the political stories because of the economic benefit.

    • @Alvin

      No comment to your asinine response. In fact it reinforces the point.

      The other slant is that with the plan to sack Worrell the government needed a credible intermediary with the external agencies.

  2. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You are correct that Bajans dont give one effing badword about things like EIA nor this BNTCL issue.

    And why is that?

    “I pledge allegiance to my cuntry Barbados and to my flag to uphold and defend her honour and by my living to do credit to my nation, wherever I may go”

    What the eff does that mean?

    After the teacher tells the class to sit dem donkeys down that is the end of that until tomorrow de same time Monday to Friday.

    You understand whu i getting at?

    You see where de disconnect is?

    Dese citizen instructions dat you and I got when we were at school were ONLY ancillary to what our parents, our grandparents our uncles and aunts and our church and our community was reinforcing us to wherever we went!!!

    We were part of a matrix which has failed us and has failed our children because the lessons of our youth were not reinforced during our formative years, and our primary school and our secondary school and certainly not at the UWI Cave Hill.

    I going bet you $1000 dat you could not get 10 people to tell you which part of the Barbados Cunstitution guarantees their rights as a citizen

    But you can be sure that we know what the 5th Amendment of the United States is.

    You comprehend what Alden Blackman’s matter against Pat Brayshaw means?

    you went to he petition page to see how many bajans give a flying shyt# effing a white woman block off your nearby gully and flood out you house???

    So my brother, when we get to the point of discussing Environmental Impacts or the Oile Spill in Christ Church dat kill out de farmers and poison we underwater supply and this ammmmm ting you thing dat people gives a shyt#??


    • @PUDRYR

      It is ignorance rather than they don’t care. A political party hoping to stake it’s claim based on popularity will not do it on issues like this one. Yes it will appeal to the civic minded read on the fringe.


  3. @ David
    Take it easy boss….
    Don’t get too worked up about a people who are getting exactly what they deserve.
    KARMA always work…

    Just stop anywhere and take a good look at the people passing by…. a procession of wasted foops… They do not care!!!
    Most do not even grasp what we are talking about….
    All just want someone to GIVE them things….

    Any thoughts about justice, fairness, righteousness or Godliness are so far from their minds as to be non-existent. A people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve…..
    We deserve our leaders.

    Stop losing sleep, …you have done your job admirably… they CANNOT say that they were not warned…shiite man.. you even seem to to have enjoyed doing it…,

    But after you see them put up that monument in place at the Garrison, you may as well relax – That was the spiritual contract being signed, sealed and delivered…..

    Barbados has decided…..
    It was an easy bed to make …. now let us see how it sleeps….

  4. First tings first.

    De Ole Man biased as muck gainst these FTC effers (excluding Jeff Cumberbatch) s i got to state dat openly.

    My first statement is dat Sandra Sealy is a chvunt and the FTC is the equivalent of the Hitler’s Brown Shirts to maintain the status quo of the LIME monopolies and such tings so doan leh we get tie up.

    I now reading through de document

    Dis these people send you a word document or a pdf?

    THe reasons I asking is cause since it is in PDF format that requires we lazy people to click and read something.

    And i dont know if you realise something.

    Well Well Well posts her stuff, in addition to the link, she will sometimes take an excerpt of that document and put it here for our lazy scvunts to read.

    De ole man gine tell you dat I does learn nuff tings from dat practice but it also tells me that people dont like to leave their substantive blog to go to other blogs for certain things.

    But dat is only me.

    Here is an excerpt of dat document dat interests me “… it seems a reasonable request for a direct or indirect consumer of “fuels” to seek to secure this document from the FTC given your supposed role as arbiter of consumer related affairs…”

    Wunna see dat even Neil Holder is confirming whu de ole man is saying bout dat woman Sandra Layne?

    She is an ingrunt wuman jes like de Griffith one causing she feel dat dis place is “she ting” but hold your horses, leh we read on heah a lil bit

    “…It is evident that this active blocking access to examine these agreements speaks to, or
    some may say lacks, any Integrity on the part of the FTC,…”

    Dis document has had de benefit of no less than “the Man” heself “the Sage Annunaki”

    Looka dat construct!!! it giving de ole man a much missed erection!!! heheheheheheheh

    Wait wait wait wait wait my man wait

    Um continues “… Incredulous as it is. note is made that the FTC states that the document was prepared “by the potential purchaser of the BNTCL” and it is not a summary document
    prepared by the FTC, post your full investigations…”


    Jeff ent see dis?

    No no no not my man Jeff, no no no no. fuh real fuh real….

    You mean dat de document dat de FTC giving out BOUT BNTCL SALE TO SOL, GET EFFING PREPARED BY SOL?


    fuh Real!!

    I got to go and read dat document my man…

    Where it is?

    Tell you sources to send a link to that document or better still send a copy fuh we heah at BU

  5. @ DavidMarch 2, 2017 at 7:37 AM

    What are you implying here? That Arthur will be the behind-the-scenes de facto man in charge at the Central B?

    I still cannot see what Arthur can bring to the table that has not been served before to this same administration.

    What is required at this late stage in the game is not more talk or endlessly repeated recommendations on the need for change and restructure but serious and factual implementation of the known courses of action with strict timelines for deliverables.
    What is the current administration waiting for? A repeat of 1994 but this time around the IMF enforcing the same programme under a BLP administration?

    The current administration is woefully lacking in managerial competence and intellectual capital with a stellar record of making grand promises but heavily weighed down by a yoke of not only an escalating fiscal (or should that physical?) deficit but also a stark implementation deficit disorder symptomatic of its failure to convince the international rating agencies and overseas investors the country is on the right path to economic recovery.

    Now this is where Arthur ought to aiming to go to sort out that problem having its genesis in his profligate philandering days.

    Not in the armchair of hot air lying in gaseous bullshit about Mia being the reason for his rejection by the electorate in 2013 but in the seat of actual power where he can drive directly the process of recovery as he likes to believe he did from 1995.

    If Mia was the cause of his February 2013 electoral defeat because of her kidnapping of his Privatization baby why did he walk away- and with his clout still having negotiable currency in the party- allow MAM to rise to the top of the pile knowing full well, in his estimation, she was estimably unfit to hold high office of any kind in Barbados?

    Just a word of warning to OSA:
    You might have ‘stealthily’ succeeded in filling the minds of politically naïve people about Mia’s unfitness in your-Tell-it All’ press conference after the death of your nemesis Thompson and by misjudging the mood of the electorate you made a smart move to return to the throne to wage a vendetta of vindictiveness to soothe your 2008 bruised ego.

    But not this time, not this time around old boy.

    You are not going to hang that Privatization bogey around the neck of the now battle-hardened emotionally high tensile Queen Bee Boudicca.

    That is your baby. You ought to be man enough and ‘fa(r)ther’ it until it becomes a full-grown adult and ready to leave home to live on its own.

    You did show great responsibility in its early years. Now get on with the job and stop looking for a scapegoat for a fake dad living in ‘stepney’.

    Mia might be a ‘sucker’ for oral punishment but (s)he doesn’t have the gonads to wear ready-made jackets with the brand-name “Past-wear-by-date” and designed by OSA.

  6. @ Piece…
    Bushie saw that statement about the summary having been prepared by Sol too…. but surely this must be taken in the same light as recent reports about Owen….

    Don’t you wonder about previous decisions related to BL&P …now that one of their people left FTC and went to a senior position there…?

    Even so, it is hard to accept that they would promote a propaganda document from Sol as a FTC ‘summary’…….

    In countries populated by normal people, heads would roll when such outrageous things occurred, but in brass bowl land, it is par for the course…..

  7. @ Miller
    Poor fella…. dream on….
    If you think that the DLP’s intent is for Owen to bring some ‘solution’ to the crisis then you may be as clueless as your school senior Alvin….

    That opportunity of which you speak passed YEARS ago…
    The DEMs only want scapegoats now…. and Arthur thinks himself a master Guru and nationalistic lone ranger….

    If you know anything about flying, then the plane was slowing down from years ago …and the jackass Stinkliar kept pulling back on the stick…..
    Now in the inevitable stall …and just a few hundred metres from the ground, he is asking Owen to come to the cockpit….
    Why do you think….?

    The issue now is about who bells the cat….
    …and the crash investigators will document who was at the wheel at the big bang….

  8. The sale of the BNTCL to SOL is a deal done and dusted. What you are witnessing is the rigmarole of formalities in need of legal sanitation by the secretary of legalese and refinement for public consumption.

    And just like the firing of the Guv from the CB OSA is on board with that distressed sale.
    Any further delay in officially accounting for that vital shot to the fast dwindling foreign reserves would only hasten the tolling of the Devaluation bell as contritely announced by the former DLP propaganda can(n)on on all monetary matters in his parting sermon of confession from the Ivory tower.

    • @Miller

      Hope that it is not your intention to cast an aspersion on the chairman of the FTC Commissioners? But you are correct, the offhandish reference by the MoF made about the approval process by the FTC was disrespectful.


  9. @ the Sage Annunaki,

    Owen Arther made a gamble.

    Like Bill and Hilary Clinton made a gamble on Trunk – to have Donald Trunk, THEIR PLANT, run as a Republican, he went off the range AND THEY LOST!!

    Similar to the one that David Cameron made with the BREXIT Referendum AND HE LOST.

    Owen’s was a gamble that the puny men in the BLP would have rebelled against Mugabe.


    …because not one of them have balls and are in fact no different than Dr. Jerome in their effeminate characteristics, nearly said dispositions, characteristics bespeaking hidden, rather closeted mannerisms, which the world is blind to but which Wise Men like you see.

    Maria Agard has balls and this accounts for the fact that she was tossed out of the BLP.

    These others have fat pudendas which they have padded to assume the male bulge, to give the appearance that there is a doggie there.

    He needs to be wise in this engagement.

    Leave Mugabe alone with her internecine struggles and the prevalent sentiment of Bajans which is “we want a woamn BUT WE ENT WANT ONE OF THEM AP OUR PM”

    Action Plan

    1.Effect the necessary changes to the Public Snivel Service while putting the blame on they who deserve it, THE DLP (doan mind you assisted for 14 years)
    2.Show the international agencies and the people of Barbados what you are still capable of
    3.Work pun *** and *** that will take care of Mugabe
    4.Effect Option D and that will ***

    Beware of Mugae and Option E. I jes expose part of, if not all of the Option E nuh?

    Steupseeee and i had did already hit the submit button…..heheheheheeheh

  10. @ Bush Tea

    No officer contracted to wok at the FTC, FSC or any other regulatory agency should be contractually permitted to work for any utility or company that the have had to effect oversight over for the effluxion of 7 brassbowl years!!

    Now back to de document.

    You realise dat de ole man does get seduced by these things that fall into the category of “For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do – George Linnaeus Banks” ???

    Tings like “Nazzim Blackett who de Royal Barbados Police Farce was trying to kill, dem Remington 30.07 Rifles dat get teif at the Office of the Former Commissioner of Police, Pammy with the renown? adjusted pudenda at the Caribbean Export and her purported teifing spree .

    De Underdog Tings.

    A real Homegrown Don Quixote

    It is because de ole man got a trait to mek heself feel important and to got a blog fuh heself pun BU, yes siree, wunna sleuths has found out de ole man secret all by wunna selves

    But leh de ole man get back to dese SOL monopoly tings and Sandra Layne tinking dat she mek sheself.

    De letter continues “….but certainly this ignores the fact (a) even though the BNTCL is a now a Government owned entity (b) irrespective of the intent to sell and then be a privately traded entity, is still now a government asset…”

    You remember recently how Pornville get up and say dat dis SOL/BNTCL transaction “was a private transaction?

    You remember how dat pompous fustrated (not frustrated) man get to announce all uh dat pun TV?

    Dis statement from this political group in this format just make a light go on in de ole man head!!

    De BNOTCL is we own and it is run using we money and when it get sell it going affect all uh we

    What is the send of Douglas Trotman and Hallam Hope fighting EMERA against electricity bill increases when SOL and BNTCL can jes mek a change in de price of fuel EVEN BEFO’ we IT LAND PUN BARBADOS??

    Dis mekking sense to me and I is a Piece uh Badword ACCORDING TO Walther PPK

    • @Hants

      What you stated is correct at one level, however, it does not change the need for transparency and equality around the BNTCL SOL transaction.

  11. We are in urgent need of a Freedom of Information Act.
    Unfortunately our people are too ignorant and indifferent for this to become a big election issue.

  12. Cut to the chase. The government desperately needs the $100 million US DOLLARS.

    Now we can return to the intellectual master bation by de BU maguffees.

  13. @ Hants

    If I was to follow your reasoning at 10 a.m. i would arrive a this then.

    LIME was owned by Englishmenses

    Barbados, or Little England, was one a colony of Englant

    Derefore we as little englishmenses being screwed by LIME, or metropolitan menses, under a monopoly, by our kin, was ok

    DIGICEL is owned by Irish People?

    Ireland and England are part of the United Kingdom derefore being screwed by them joining together to provide so called competitive prices IS ALSO OK

    SOL is owned by a Bajan SO it is ok for him to screw us.

    I notice dat you ent sen me no mo’ pictures of dem fish dat does abound de place!!

    I see dat you has grown rather sel FISH lately,

    well go log and keep you selfish fish dem, i hope dat some flying fish attack you moses when you ot dey in Canada Great Lakes and unfair yuh and slap you wid dem wings….

  14. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght,

    Check BarbadosToday front page. lol

    Now as far as “Bajan owned COL” is concerned, I just trying to be provacative but I don’t

    have the testicular fortitude to say that the Government should not sell more than 75% of BNTCL even though the desperately need US DOLLARS.

  15. @ the Sage Annunaki

    If you are saying that this is a deal that is done and dusted then you are confirming the thrust of that BIM letter to the FTC

    “…Furthermore, while the FTC has ostensibly “sought to engage the general public to respond to a scantily informed 13-page “Summary””, one which is, incredulously prepared by the purchaser the SOL Group, (as in the fox guarding the chickens?), the SOL Group, the document is empty/devoid of pertinent facts, how can the FTC reasonably expect a public it claims to represent, to provide sound feedback on the future of this “National Asset” using what is an “informational vacuum”?

    What you are saying here is that this 2 weeks given by the FTC is in actual fact a waste foopism?

    You have to take that back cause you have in so doing not only confirmed that Sandra Layne of the Fear Trading Commission is a sellout BUT you have imputed less than honourable character to the new Chairman of the Fair Trading Commission

    This is really going to be a hard one to call as it relates to there being a fair review of these issues which affect all Bajans and the fact that the GoB needs money immediately.

    @ THe Honourable Blogmaster

    De FTC like dem blocking de ole man machine cause i cant get to see de 13 page document on their website.

    Do you have a copy of that FTC summary here?

  16. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght,

    I was so discombobulated by Destralison that I wrote COL instead of SOL. lol

  17. What concerns me about the document is the fact that the entity brings in a profit of $80 million Barbados per year or $40 million US. Did we not read on another blog that the idiot government selling this profitable entity for $100 million US? That is two and a half years profit.

    What is wrong with Bajans?

    Did Bush Tea not tell us when they sold the electric company to EMERA that the company had some 500 million in retained earnings on the books and they sold the company for less than this? Brain dead people all.

  18. “GUYANA has come a long way from being a recipient of discounted oil under special terms from Venezuela via PetroCaribe, to where it is now: set with ExxonMobil to topple Trinidad and Tobago as the new largest oil producer in the Caribbean, and one of the largest in South America.”

  19. @ DavidMarch 2, 2017 at 10:01 AM
    “The issue is about regulating the market to ensure the consumer is protected.”

    From whom should the consumer be protected?

    What is so special about the sale of gasoline and diesel to people who identify their status as a human being by the size of gas-guzzling vehicle their drive on the country’s crumbling network of make-over donkey cart roads?

    The mere fact that a player controlling around 70 % of the retail ground fuels market can be seen as the sole buyer of a storage terminal where there are no competing facilities is tantamount to the deliberate creation of an unnatural monopoly to achieve a political goal (no economic rationale) under the guise of monetary and fiscal strictures.

    Why not start out fair in the divestment process by allowing both players in the retail market to own initially the terminal in accordance with their individual market share?

    Can you see any loss of economies of scale resulting from an initial duopolistic ownership arrangement of a warehouse for the intermediary storage of imported petroleum fuels?
    Isn’t there a similar arrangement of precedence in the aviation fuel sector at the GAIA?

    • @Miller

      Of course we have a conspicuous consumption for fossil fuel but we cannot through out the baby with the bathwater. We consume energy to support business as well. The government must ensure its rollout renewable plan is robust AND timely.


  20. Miller

    OSA just finished on Brasstacks and in summary we have to go to the IMF now before we have no fx left which could see our dollar very shortly on par with GYD or JCD…….when that happens all the diaspora individuals can come and buy up all the tourist villas on west coast for chump change as the tourisses would have long gone.

  21. @ bajans March 2, 2017 at 11:19 AM
    Brain dead people all.
    They will sell the family’s stove for $5.00 to buy a ‘Mary-J’ and a sweet bread….
    …and then walk about the damn place begging for a dollar….

  22. Excellent point made today that the purchase of BNTCL should be offered to institutional investors especially the NIS responsible for generating a level of return on investment to ensure the Scheme satisfy it’s future obligations to pensioners. Of course the government wants money now and in US dollars.

  23. David

    This govt is convinced against all the advice given to it that they can hold this country together untill the next elections,so they are going all out to get as much fx as possible which is why I would be suprised if cabinet decides today to appoint OSA as they know what to do but it is not politically advantageousto them to do it.

  24. @ David ” Of course the government wants money now and in US dollars.”

    Yes David. Desperate situations call for desperate actions.

  25. Why not give Sol permission to construct their own storage facility or rent BNTCL for a period of time? Keep BNTCL our national asset.


    OUR COUNTRY can go and extract the oil reserves found off Barbados.
    Give SOL the preference to process and refine it, while the Country maintains control and
    share in the profits.
    SOL can be given the task of extracting the oil via sub-contracting, with other permissions and meaningful concessions for constructing storage facilities as well as processing and refining while the Country remains in control and share in the benefits.
    Derivatives of processes and products are made readily available FIRST to the local market at relatively reduced costs as compared to International tariffs.

    Its OUR COUNTRY’S RESOURCE, for OUR COUNTRYS’ ECONOMY made available by one/many of our COUNTRYS’ COMPANY(s)

  26. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Is there a link? heheheheheh

    De ole man sorry to be bothering you but you will notice that most of these people’s websites have suddenly stopped working RATHER permitting downloads of site materials

    Look How the Page has not come back up yet.

    And look how the page is not permitting the download of the 13 page report written by the SOL Group the purchasers of BNTCL

    That one “hit me for six” as it certainly presents a case of the “fox guarding the chickens” and giving a count to the farmer each morning that all the chickens are accounted for heheheheheheeh

  27. @ nine of nine

    I am an ole man with a fossilized brain (AC tell me so) so please help me with this one

    Please tell me what is the difference between the existing sale of BNTCL to the SOL group exclusively and your suggestion at 9.23 PM

    “Give SOL the preference to process and refine it, while the Country maintains control and share in the profits…”

    Whu preference mean?

    Dat is Latin for share wid everybody?

    Wunna realy tink dat people real foolish doah

  28. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght – INRI March 3, 2017 at 11:07 AM #

    Eh,,”The Market Vendor” wod be amused and laugh it off as entertaining, but to answer ya query…

    We dealing wid oil right? Wouldn’t you think that the oil cartels would want to get in de do? …I think so eh, even if dem big oil muguffies) offer we saen… ummm. well de preference is that home drums goah beat first, nottin to do wid white, brassbowlery or de sort, ya ca show me de black fella/company dat deal in oil…see, I ah national man and think ’bout we first, so why not de bajan company wid nuff money to spend and want to invest thouh it bout storage fa now, he might think to expand….ya know how som women dus suck up when dem want saem… de Govment brek, da is why we country men must be in de control … I aint white, nor about any party aint na trickery, only common sense dat de grandmodda drill in me head…..

  29. @ Nine of Nine

    The issue is monopoly.

    I dont have one clue about how to drill an oil well, well “laying pipe” i know how to to do that though Simple Simon going come on later and say that I telling lies and cant do it well (nooooooo i never lay no pipe at Simple Simon place, i only mean that she will make her usual comments hehehehehheh)

    So in the absence of knowing about terminalling and all those oil terms i would expect that someone with the requisite experience should be hired to do that job.

    So while i agree that SOL might have the experience having been one of those people who suffered through the LIME experience where as a person calling another user of a cell phone YOU THE CALLER PAID TO MAKE THE CALL AND THE PERSON RECEIVING THE CALL WAS ALSO RAPED BY LIME.

    That is what a monopoly means to me.

    Being so screwed by the forces around you that all you can do is to pray that it soon is over.

    So your point about it being a white or black thing while i can speak to the fact that we niggers have a disposition to suck white ass, that is not the point here.

    What is the point is that

    (a).One vendor has been chosen for this contract
    (b).the People of barbados are being told by the FTC, and SOL, the purchaser, BNTCL the vendor and BCCI and BCSI that the sale is kosher.
    (c).It seems fair that we the ppeople who are going to have to buy the fuel should see what is in the document and hope that the Fear Trading Commission would facilitate an independent examination of said sale and not let one Sandra Layne run rings bout we Bajans.

    It is you who played that Bajan card above yet strangely you doan want to employ it when you are asked for equity in letting us Bajans view the said document.

    My ingrunt self read bout something called a throughput rate in the above letter and while i attempted to download the document from the FTC site I was unable to do so.

    How say you Nine of Nine(s)

  30. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght – INRI March 3, 2017 at 8:21 PM #

    I too am following this development, it seems to be of a sensitive nature.
    I concur that we the people must be facilitated with transparency of the process, the “purchaser” cannot determine an outcome of a judgement that lays in the bosom of an authority and the authority cannot pass that “submission as their own. Its a deliberate violation of ethics and the process.

    Rendering a false and misleading declaration/statement,
    DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS under the coloring of law,
    CONDUCTING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY HAVING KNOWLEDGE OF and making no effort to modify or disclose,
    PERJURY (having knowledge of a fact but tells a lie TO TWIST IT).
    MISAPPROPIATION. Failing to carry out ones’ legal duties,
    MAIL FRAUD by photocopying or issuance by any electronic means of that which is disclosed as supposedly LEGAL documents conveyed/reproduced as ones’ property.
    THE REFUSAL or DELAY OF THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW by intent to defraud persons wanting transparency.

    See, all facts denied by such acts is criminal in nature. It baffles me of such bold actions by those with “authority” …. maybe they think they are illusionists.

    The only other conclusion is that the “summary” was submitted to the seller but is being used as a document of the house to effect a decision.

  31. You do know NineofNine that this matter is of critical import to this flailing administration?

    You said and I quote “…THE REFUSAL or DELAY OF THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW by intent to defraud persons wanting transparency…”

    Let us just look at the FTC for a few seconds.

    Well we could really “just look at the FTC for a few seconds, IF THEY HAD THEIR SITE UP AND WORKING hehehehheheheheheh.

    But that is all part of “the delay” that Sandra Layne and her minions are effecting in the serice of their masters at SOL

    But here is a likkle (jamaican word for little – Sandra is Jamaican or did you know that) a like bit of the site that is permitted to be seen

    “Did You Know

    The FTC must consult the public before making decisions on utility regulation matters.

    The FTC has the power to stop a merger.

    If you have been misled about the price or nature of goods or services, you must first let the business try to resolve it before contacting the FTC.”

    So their first lie and fallacy is that they must consult with the public before making decisions on this and any other matter.

    Did you know that the actual process necessitated that the FTC was consulted LAST YEAR??? and that the GoB ignored that step?

    Why NineofNine that alone would make one suspect and one would have felt that if they were in fact doing their job merely getting a whiff of this skullduggery would have cause this Sandra Layna to have put down her Galaxy 7 free phone from LIME calling all over Jamaica pun a day to rush to perform the mandate of the FTC on behalf of the people of Barbados who are paying her Jamaican donkey’s salary when the month comes.

    Now ammmmmmmmmm i doan know if you are able to see dem site but leh de ole man learn you (not teach heheheheh) learn you a ting or two


    No NineofNine de ole man is not cursing you, nor begging you to fix me up with some woopie (whu after all we Bajans are getting Woopie do to us daily)

    you must be raw with the woopie that you and I are receiving heheheheheheh

    No, this refers to “the Woopra JavaScript tracking code” that they are using on the site has been tailored to identify all FTC website visitors and track any customer action on your computer heheheheheeh

    Big Brother is Watching you.

    So watch dis now.

    Dem is sophisticated enough to ammmmmm

    (i).be tracking who is coming to their site to download what, but

    (ii).not sophisticated enough to sit their behinds down to (a) do a proper document for the public far less (b) be interested enough to monitor if the BNTCL sold this national asset in accordance with FTC regulations?

    You wid de ole man here?

  32. Bajans are a simple people READ Stupid. So here are some 1 page points to get us to understand what this Monopoly of our Barbados national Oil Terminal Company wil mean to simple things that we deal with Every Day like our so called Tourism Industry and more expensive tickets which make our country a less attractive destination to tourists IS THIS SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR ALL UH WE ???

  33. I wonder if my champion heavyweight Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch is on island??

    I know that he has to be travelling cause there is no way that that FTC CEO sandra Layne could be doing this buhkvunt and he letting this go long.

    If it was Andrew Downes well yes, you could expect that type of behaviour from him.

    Monique welll ammmmmmm i biased in a sort of way heheheheheheh but not Jeff.

    He doan play dat.

    Now let me ask you Nine of Nine.

    If the site has been down for 4 days and people are unable to see and review the document (that they are putting ammmmmmm webbugs in to track users who use javascript pdf readers) do you feel that they will add another four days to the end of their deadline to fulfil their side of the bargain?

    Whu after all it is only fair that they give people adequate time to review the 13 page document.


    It is as if they are saying to the public, effing wunna want to see what is in the summary document you will have to come and read um?

    If they really wanted to dissuade ole menses like me from cutting and pasting all they would have to do is rasterize the document but that would only stop lesser menses cause me granson an convert them to OCR using ***

  34. @ PUDRYR
    Bajans are a simple people READ Stupid.
    Stupid is when, due to certain limitations with intelligence, you find yourself being disadvantaged by others – particularly those with albino-centric inclinations.

    Bajans are NOT stupid.

    We are brass bowl idjuts.
    “Brass bowl idjuts’ are those with limitations in intelligence,who make it their business to be disadvantaged by others – particularly others with albino-centric characteristics….

    The best part about the SOL deal is where we convince ourselves that the FTC will control the final prices….
    ha ha ha
    Oh Shiiittteeee!!!

    It HAS to be a serious EVIL curse in our donkeys…. and with his monument in place, the new boss man doing dixie bout here…

  35. @ NineofNine

    an injunction?

    an injunction? against what?

    A pending sale?

    An already done deal?

    Explain that to me

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I am relying on generic descriptions of these posts of Chairan, commissioners and commissioners

    e.g. “…The CEO is ultimately accountable to the board of directors for the company’s performance.

    The chairman of a company is the head of its board of directors. The board is elected by shareholders and is responsible for protecting investors’ interests, such as the company’s profitability and stability”

    I guess that given that tis definition is woefully deficient in any application to this FTC then i guess that you may be indirectly saying that Jeff et al are just there tekking up space

    @ Bush Tea

    When I am posting on Imgur de ole man has to be careful not to use the real words that i want to use like “waste foops” and brass bowls”

    You might think that i am kidding but these targets of the gransdon’s Stoopid Cartoons have complained for the ole man’s posters and I am in moderation nowadays.

    150 viewers a months 10 million posts and de ole man hath made it to moderation

    Dis is why de ole man medding up words like fecundities etc.

  36. Plain and simple…………The government desperately needs the US $100 million.

    Don’t have any illusions about ” competition “. That does not happen in business in Barbados.

  37. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght – INRI March 4, 2017 at 5:45 PM #

    See, being given a deadline for the public to view and give feedback on THAT DOCUMENT which has not surfaced by the said deadline, then, that’s reasonable grounds for an injunction to extend the timeframe for perusal and feed back.

  38. Juxtapose this interview (one which is notably expansive) by The Honourable Owen Arthur on this matter of our economy and that by Chris Decimals Bonds seen earlier at the DLP weekly pandering exercise and what do you arrive at?

    Chalk and cheese.

    One ned not comment on the paucity of commentary by one Hal Austin heheheheheheh

    The simple issue here is a man accustomed to running a government and a country and a party, the DLP, that is still in election mode and are incapable of upping their “game”

  39. I have finally received a copy of this Fear Trading 13 page document.

    This thing is designed to discommode us bajans while mekking dese people very rich.

    After we sell them BNTCL for the paltry sum of $60 million or is that $75 million or $100 million AND IN WHAT CURRENCY, In 10 years, they will make at least one billion dollars!!

    They are giving away BNTCL for nothing, well not actually for nothing.

    These effers are (a) padding the election coffers and (b) padding their pockets and (c) giving away 100% of the company.

    De ole man doan know nothing about Keynesian economics de only body i know is Kenny, Kenny anthony, or at least i know his name.

    But this is highway robbery and if a lawyer had balls this is something that someone with balls should take them effers to court and contest this sale.


    But bajans was at Gold Cup and did not give one (word to rhyme with cup)

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  41. BNTCL will be a dinasour in next 15 yr. Barbadian should not waste time /money in this company. This company consumes billions in foreign exchange, it doesn’t earn / save it.
    Barbadian need to pressure the government to give us a proper energy policy that will allow us to transition to 100% renewable by 2030.

    We need a policy similar to Germany if we are going to make the transition fast.

    Barbados needs an energy policy like Germany. Read the comments of German Parliamentarian, Herman Scheer.

    HERMANN SCHEER: The big mistake in the energy debate is that most people think, because they believe that there is a monopoly and the expertise for all energy activities in the hand of the existing energy players. Many people, including governments, including many scientists, who get their orders for studies from them, they believe and think that the present energy suppliers, the present energy trusts, the companies, they should organize the transformation. And this is a big mistake — a big mistake — because this part of the society is the only one who has an interest to postpone it. The only one. All others, all the others, have an interest to speed it up. But as long government think that it should be left to the energy companies, we will lose the race against time.

    AMY GOODMAN: The Financial Times says German photovoltaic cell installations last year amounted to more than one-half of those in the world.


    AMY GOODMAN: How did you make that happen?

    HERMANN SCHEER: With the Renewable Energy Act. The Renewable Energy Act was one of my initiatives, together with only a few colleagues in the Parliament. And it was not a draft of the government, because the government was against. We mobilized the measure — it was the Parliament — against the will of the government, to introduce this law and to adopt it. It is a law which gives investment autonomy for all who want to invest for renewables. Without any obligation for them to ask the power companies if this is, let’s say, compatible with their energy investments, they could do it. The full name of this law is Law for the Priority of Renewable Energies.

    And it constituted a special renewable energy market with priority and with three elements. The first element is a guaranteed access to the grid for all — for each kilowatt hour produced by renewables, apart from the question who is the producers. The second element is a guaranteed fee for that, because without that, there could not — there would be no investment security. That means we made an obligation to give them a fee, and we enumerated this fee, very precise, and — in order to avoid discrimination. The third element is no cap. No cap for that. And this created the investment autonomy, and more and more individual persons, owners of houses, companies, individual companies, cooperatives, local municipalities, local utilities, they became the investors. And in the run of ten years, there was the total installation by such investments of 45,000 megawatt renewables — all renewables, PV, wind power, photovoltaics, wind power, biogas, small hydro, independent power players, many of them, and with a total investment of more than a hundred billion euro. And to make a comparison, in these ten years the big power companies invested less than ten.

  42. Barbadian BNTCL is the pass , we need to look to the future.Don’t invest in the past , bank on the future.

    We are on the cusp of the most radical transformation in energy in a century. Exponentially improving technologies such as solar, electric vehicles, and autonomous (self-driving) cars are turning the industrial-era energy industry on its head and making the gasoline vehicle obsolete.

    Tony Seba’s talk focuses on market disruptions caused by exponential technology improvement, business model innovation, and disruptive product design enabled by this convergence. His new book “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation” projects that by 2030:
    – All new energy will be provided by solar or wind.
    – The architecture of energy will flip from centralized, command-and-control, secretive, and extractive to distributed, mobile, intelligent and participatory.
    – Electric Utilities as we know them will be obsolete.
    – Oil will be obsolete.
    – Nuclear will be obsolete.
    – Natural Gas will be obsolete.
    – Coal will be obsolete.
    – All new mass-market vehicles will be electric.

    The technology and market trends that are leading to this $12 trillion/year disruption are well underway.
    -The global solar market has grown at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 41% since 2000.
    -The cost of Solar PV has decreased by a factor of 222X since 1970.
    – Solar has improved its relative cost position by 2,900X relative to nuclear 3,200 relative to natural gas since 1970 and 1,294 times relative to petroleum.

    -Unsubsidized utility scale solar is already cheaper than nuclear coal and diesel.

    -Unsubsidized rooftop solar will be cheaper than the cost of transmission making central generation obsolete.

  43. Today the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – part of the World Health Organisation – announced that it had reclassified diesel exhaust as a ‘definite carcinogen’ – putting it in its highest category (Category 1).

    In other words, IARC’s expert panel assessed all the available scientific evidence and decided that exposure to diesel exhaust fumes can, and does, cause cancer in humans – specifically lung cancer (although there’s weak evidence they’re also linked to bladder cancer).

    Oil Companies have lied to you for years,they are selling you a known carcinogen for profit.

  44. @ ra1
    Very perceptive thinking on your part…….however…

    Germany is a world leader in this kind of thinking and those policies result from the vision of people who see themselves as MASTERS of their world….and actually sought to conquer it.

    Barbados, on the other hand, is an island of slave descendants who were bred and socialised SPECIFICALLY to be subservient and self-deprecating brass bowls.

    In short, chalk and cheese.

    If, however we were REAL people (rather than BBBBs), Barbados has the IDEAL environment to achieve 100% RE coverage in record time. Instead, we have allowed Emera/BL&P to dictate the pace, direction and the tempo of our so-called RE drive.

    First they said that there was a limit to what the grid can accommodate… (a lie)
    Then they said they were safety issues… (another lie)
    When those tactics failed, they quickly installed a massive RE plant themselves (ha ha ha )
    …and all the while, they have used the Fear Trading Commission to hamstring locals who were making impressive strides in RE…..

    As a result, RE is now on the decline in Barbados …while we await INEVITABLE new issues in fossil fuel supply (either price raises, dollar devaluation, or security instability) that will catch us with our pants down….

    Steupsss…. you are casting pearls at brass bowl swine boss….

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