‘Leaks’, the Leveller

topsecretThe elevation of Donald Trump to become President of the United Stated States of American has triggered a very eventful period in the history of that country. The most recent Trump event has seen the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn because he reportedly lied to colleagues – namely Vice President Pence –  about conversations with the Russian Ambassador during the election campaign last year. Of interest to BU is the impact ‘leaks’ have had on forcing Flynn’s resignation.

Last year ‘leaked’ Cahill Energy documents by BU played a small part preventing a poorly conceived project from being implemented. BU recalls the reaction of Senators McClean and Depieza to the BU exposé during a debate in the Senate –they referred to the BU household as having committed treason! Remember when the Deloitte CLICO Forensic report was leaked the response by the Prime Minister Stuart?

Whether in the USA or Barbados politicians react the same way to ‘leaks’. Trump frequently referred to Wikileaks in a favourable light during his campaign to become president. In Barbados the leaked Cahill documents were referred to on the floor of parliament by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party. However, now that Trump has to perform in the role of president he has expressed concern about the Intelligence Agencies and ‘leaks’. In Barbados if the BLP Opposition were to be elected to government tomorrow there is no doubt there would be Trump and Stuart like reaction to ‘leaks’.

The explosion of the Fifth Estate has seen a deluge of fake news and alternative facts in the public newsfeed. The upside however is the opportunity for players sworn to secrecy to leak classified and sensitive information deemed to be in the public interest. There is the adage which says nature abhors a vacuum. With failing governance systems across the globe, including Barbados, and the always on challenge to hold public officials accountable the Fifth Estate has assumed a legitimate role by facilitating ‘leaks’ to be the great leveler.

The critical observation about ‘leaks’ is the struggle by various players to balance the right to maintain secrecy as it relates to national security for example and for the citizenry to know -popularly labelled as transparency under a democratic system of government we practice.

Some of us have been subjected to whispers about surveillance equipment operated to support CWC 2007 operations now being used by the Barbados police force in day to day operations. If true, to what extent does the use of such equipment violate the civil liberties of Barbadians recognizing that the government has the job of managing national security? As far as BU is aware there is no legislation to support use of such equipment anyway.

The political shenanigans and obvious breaking of the Barbados financial rules by government ministers and other officials when the Cahill Energy deal was being constructed –IF the information was not leaked one can only speculate the possible outcomes. How are citizens expected to hold public officials accountable within the existing flawed governance system? It is obvious after many years of trying by the Auditor General’s Office civic minded players will feel pressured to leak (share) classified and sensitive information with the public.

As we have been observing in the USA lately, when in Opposition ‘leaks’ are welcomed, however, when the role flips it is about initiating investigations to identify the source of the leaks and bring the offenders to justice.  It is evident there is growing disaffection by Barbadians with the current governance cum political system and the BU household anticipates we will witness more ‘leaks’ in the future. Especially as the silly season approaches.

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  1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-pick-vice-admiral-robert-harward-national-security-adviser-michael-flynn-resignation-a7584806.html

    Smart Vice Admiral…he sees the writing on the wall for the administration and has no intentions to sully his reputation or compromise his integrity.

    Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser turns down job

    Vice-Admiral Robert Harward says decision was ‘purely a personal issue’

    Lizzie Dearden, Justin Carissimo New York @lizziedearden 4 hours ago

    Vice Admiral Robert S Harward visits Zaranj, Afghanistan on January 6, 2011. Shawn Coolman/US Marines via Reuters

    Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser has rejected the post days after Michael Flynn was forced to resign.

    Vice-Admiral Robert Harward said the decision was “purely a personal issue” but his refusal was another blow for the White House after a series of policy U-turns and calls for investigations into alleged Russian links.

    “Harward is conflicted between the call of duty and the obvious dysfunctionality,” a person with first-hand knowledge of the discussions between the President and his candidate told the Financial Times.

    A reported stumbling block in negotiations was Vice-Admiral Harward’s concern whether he would be allowed to bring his own staff to the National Security Council, following suggestions that Mr Flynn’s deputy KT McFarland, a former Fox News pundit, was asked to remain.

  2. Leaks happen when government ministers, prime ministers, presidents tell lies to the people…Ca

    Cahill leaks could not have happened if Fruendel did not lie to the people for 3 or 4 years about Cahill, the leakers know truth from lies even if the leaders and their lackeys dont….someone has to have some type of integrity or democracy becomes a failure because of liars.

  3. David

    This is a very good post.

    Although an ugly man from England would want to say that comparing and contrasting the American and Bajan experiences should not be your province.

    Others will find all kinds of notions to deny the prescience.

    For you are to concentrate 100% on what is happening in Barbados. As if Barbados is an ‘island’.

    Indeed, we would venture that the police monitoring equipment cited came from empire.

    And like all its many ‘gifts’ to Bajans it behaves differently on this landscape.

    One thing though, we are not sure, as much as we support leaks, that we want the security agencies – CIA, NSA, Special Branch and 15 more – either in Barbados or the USA, using the ‘whistle-blower’ status to routinely interfere in popular government.

    Like the USA has done to the rest of the world for centuries

    Even if that government is led by Trump or FJS, in spite of the tendencies of officialdom to love leaks or hate them, depending on current position.

    We had drawn to your attention a number of former CIA agents who took responsibility for a counter-coup against Clinton, to help Trump. Now the shoe is on the next foot we have the opposite reactions. This is very dangerous set of scenarios.

    For us, this maybe a bridge too far. Let us know your feelings about this notion. Remember, the security state is no less dangerous whether it comes through the ballot box, imposed by the oligarchs or paved with good intentions.

    But overall an adroit intervention by you.

  4. Parallels must be made between countries, ya do not want dummy leaders in the Caribbean copying an illiterate like trump, many of them are chomping at the bit to be a trump….wannabe trumps, so they can continue to victimize the people….they are all currently being kept at bay by the US Constitution, the judicial arm of government, the media and the intelligence community.

    The illiterate trump, instead of doing his job as president, is now actively trying to turn public opinion against the media, trying to stop the press from doing their jobs, trying to have wiggle room to implement his sick agenda….but the medias are the fourth estate….and cannot be stopped in the US….cannot be muzzled.

    We all know what muzzling a press for decades in Barbados can do….look at the current mess, both governments have eroded any respect they had from the people with their decades of lies, secrets and deceit….with their lack of transparency. …just as they deserve.

  5. The people of any country has a right to know when they or their country are in any danger and are being put at risk.


    Press conference shows something is wrong with our President

    SPECIAL TO THE NEWS Thursday, February 16, 2017, 11:00 PM

    If one can say that the Trump presidency has been off to a rocky start, his press conference today was an avalanche of boulders. “I’m here today to update the American people on the incredible progress that has been made in the last four weeks since my inauguration” is what Trump said at the outset.

    An update about incredible progress was not what followed over the next 77 minutes, one of the longest — and certainly the most bizarre — press conference in the history of the American presidency.

    An explanation for the extraordinary display is not hard to come by. For the first month of his presidency, Trump has been engaged in frenetic activity, but things have not been going well. His signature immigration executive order was blocked by the courts, his cabinet appointees have been slow-rolled by Congress, he is engaged in open warfare with the nation’s intelligence agencies, he is embroiled in a mushrooming scandal concerning possible collusion between his campaign and Russian intelligence, and his National Security adviser, General Flynn, was forced to resign for misconduct in yet a second, separate Russia-related scandal.

    Over 77 minutes, President Trump held one of the longest — and certainly the most bizarre — press conferences in the history of the American presidency.

    On a daily basis, from early morning and in the dark of night, perhaps for many hours at a time, President Trump has been turning the channels, watching news coverage of this unraveling. And he has been stewing. The cascade of blunders and bad news was not supposed to be the way things happened. This press conference was an opportunity for a volcanic vent.”

  6. Would it be right to say there are different types of leaking? To be fair things that are embarrassing, things that that show corruption, and things that are classified have to be treated differently. National security must be investigated to the fullest, the others may or may not be.
    WW you keep saying the US constitution but it was all out there word for word so anyone can read it clear as a bell on the presidents power on access to the US. A non elected official believed he could over ride that decision, it will be cleaned up and rolled out again next week, but read between the lines trump is laying back waiting for gorsuch to be appointed then you will see the 9th circuit neutered

  7. when bajans say the old boys network I am sure they mean the plantocracy but there is another old boys network in town maybe not as old but certainly just as greedy. What is needed is someone to turn it on its head the square peg in the round hole. What you need is someone who doesnt need the money but wants to leave a legacy.

  8. @David, amazingly for the second time in recent post I agree with the Pachamama….as I read the post I said to myself ‘good piece’ so was amused to then read his post. Geezus, my bones are definitely creaking more to the far-left in old age. LOLL.

    As the brother highlights leaks as wonderful as Cahill were, have also proved to be deathly wrong per Wikileaks at times.

    The public has a right to know their leaders illegal activities and thus we can celebrate a ‘Deep Throat’. But was the FBI NY office’s apparent insurrection of leaks to Giuliani just and valid behaviour.

    When Wikileaks published that trove of data with names that embarrassed at least one Bajan pollster but also led to mayhem and death for others in more violent locales was that just and valid behavior. No, no and no that must always be.

    This matter of Trump and possible collusion to Russia skates very close to the border-wall called treason. That’s a necessary wall and anyone breaching it must pay a harsh penalty…BUT that is NOT the case here (yet, maybe).

    Whether we like the man Trump or not is irrelevant. These leaks are badly compromising his ability to govern and must be brought under control… or to say it differently: leakers must keep their powder dry for the real ‘illegal’ behaviors.

    Leaked details on the chat with the Mexican Pres or Aussie PM were unacceptable. These leaked details to supposedly validate a lie Flynn told to Pence is nonsense in my view considering that the FBI does not have the man under criminal investigation.

    What great crime was any of that resolving.

    Let’s be reminded that Obama prosecuted MORE ‘unskilled plumbers’ than any other president in recent years so Trump is right on that factoid rant he made yesterday: the leaks are perverse and problematic.

    No administration or country can function with so many plumbers wielding their wrenches so maladroitly.

    And as the ‘Goddess’ or is it ‘wise-man’ said, a very balanced piece. Good stuff

    • Obviously there is no rule book about this kind of thing. Watergate was responsible for the fall of a president. The Cahill leak opened the eyes to many Bajans. The difference between the USA and Barbados is because of political expediency not a boy was held accountable for Cahill.

      In Barbados it helped to stop the project BUT the system issue is unresolved. In a Case like this we need mere PS’s to leak information if national security is not an issue. The idea of a secrets act is anchored in a bygone Era as far as these little islands go.

  9. Ahh yes. People like to hear the whole dirty truth when it is about other people.

    When the the truth is told about them, and then the voices of truth are called dirty leakers.

    Lord human nature never changes.

  10. We should be aware that once we enter the cyber world any where on this planet we are being noted and our statements and documents are filed for future use e.g entering the USA and your name is flagged suspicious,all of your various accounts be they fb,BU or others whether using psuedonyms or not will be checked for words pertaining to the activity suspected.

    Likewise information will be placed to be leaked if it is deemed usefull to arrive at a certain conclusion for reasons that we will never know but for sure not morality or patriotisms by the original placer of the info.

  11. Lawson….again, ya cannot neuter the 3rd arm of government, which part of that dont you understant…trump is a monkey wuth a pen….all his decisions, vetos etc can be overriden, by congress, the senate or slapped down completely in the Supreme Court which heads the judiciary the 3rd of government….did you stop school at 2nd grade.

    A retired judge is waiting the go shead to draft impeachment documents for the monkey with a pen…lol…he cant even neuter or muzzle the press…4th estate…. nor interfere with intelligence wuthout payback.

    And now that the army is pissed off at trump, he would be lucky he is not arrested for treason.

    ….hard to find intelligent leaders without the big stupid, overinflated egos, dictatorial attitudes and arrogance when outfitted with small island status and titles….thrown in the mix.

    Did you hear what the idiots labelled themselves, not servants of the people and country….but a “political class”…it clearly shows a backward mindset since all their salaries come from the backs of the poor on the island…what the ministers and politicians love to term “poor black people”.

  12. The thing is, who wants to enter the US in its current state, unless they are citizens, who are also being detained…..no one is safe… whether you say something on social media or not…….so stay where you are…..

    …….this is a malicious and concerted effort to spread misinformation and isolate people….that practice worked for centuries but has been dismantled completely by the press and social media….this is an attempt to restore that scam.

    But it will fail…..there is now a powerful force fighting the weakening evil.

  13. For the thousandth time………no president from Washington coming forward will ever get absolute powers………under the present constitution.

  14. @ De Ingrunt Word.

    “What is Truth…?”

    That 20 centuries old question befuddles man and will always do so because, as she who does not believe that there were significant bribes during our (last?) election, when the “truth” is uttered against us, we become most vehement and vitriolic.

    @ Lawson

    You wrote a mouthful per the invasive practices of the USofA as it seeks to mine Big Data on our BU, FB and elsewhere.

    I encourage you and the USofA to remember Richard Nixon of the I am not a Crook renown.

    None of us can be so blind (barring AC) to the fact that after a while entrenched evil turns out to be the grandson of so called good legacies as we, inebriated under the Errol Barrow legacy, have come to understand about Fumbles Stuart and his current administration.

    We are watchful of seditious statements but, even in the nation that leads the so called free world, the aspirations of a 7 year old madman in the body of a 70 year old, need to be culled before its cancerous growth kills the whole organism.

    A man sending a picture to a prospective interested paramour by whatsapp showing her his “equipment” is only the modern day equivalent of the verbal lies you and I used to tell our respective victims of how “we going rock their world” with our 2 inch “hammers” (when fully erect – sorry to tell our your secrets)

    Where I am sending that picture of my weiner to your 5 year old grandaughter or some precocious adolescent, while promising her sweeties (sorrry de ole man has to be politically correct) while promising the underage him/her, a PS2 with all the accoutrements, then you can agree why my exposure, is desirable and critical.

    Even if you were to live your life “upfully” Lawson, like a fellow whose story is told in the Bible, whom we are trying to forget, it is very likely that you will get bad talked, He was Crucified, FOR THE TRUTH. THE WAY AND THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

    Sometimes what is revealed can be life changing and deleterious to the victims of what may be cyberbullying but, as with these revelations of the infelicities and treasonous actions of Trunk and his cronies, to destroy “Pachamama’s Empire” that is sedition and given that the USofA IS AT WAR, it warrants a firing squad.

  15. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-republican-adviser-something-deeply-wrong-quote-a7585511.html

    Those Republicans who are smart and rghtly frightened, have already sensed the danger and acting to do something….the stupid ones will want to wait for something bad happen….then act.

    “A senior Republican adviser said there is something “deeply wrong” about President Donald Trump after watching his first solo press conference in office.

    “Something is deeply wrong with our president and the country is in danger,” wrote Gabriel Schoenfeld, former adviser to Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign, in an op-ed for New York Daily News.

    “The danger will only be averted when the Republican leadership in Congress publicly acknowledges what they and the rest of the entire world already know: America’s president is not wearing any clothes.”

  16. Once more the American propaganda/information machine has captivated the attention of those who believe that fake news is something new. America was built on fake news. America is the capital of false information that it has used to destabalise many countries. All through Latin and South America we see the socio-economic road kill from American false news once called propaganda. Our Caribbean region has been a victim of American fake news and will continue to swallow all the crap emanating from Washington. The Information highway and American propaganda has collided and now they cannot separate fact from fiction they are peddalling enormous amount of junk that we are lapping up. As is usual anything America serves we eat without question. Fake news propaganda fake advertising all of it is what America is built and sustained on. Don’t believe the hype.

    • Was it Pacha who opined some time ago that because of the influence of US culture on our people -in our mind we can be considered annexed!

    • IF we find our society locked into a stasis state because of the cultural influence of the socalled developed countries how will we disrupt it?

  17. @ Dompey

    “It ddoen’t take the brain of Donald Trump to know that you’re a supporter his Crockernomics.”

    Pray tell where in my post you evidenced this. Thanks.

  18. William….if you have ever lived in the US you will be quite capable of separating fact from fiction…fake news from real news…..there is absolutely no real news or facts coming from the present administration, that’s why even republicans and the military are so afraid and angry…..and are hellbent on doing something about it.

    In Barbados…were it not for BU and social media, everyone would know about the corruption by government ministers and business people for the last 40 years and no one would lift a finger to stop it….Americans know how to stand up to evil, they know how to fight evil, they do not just write pretty sentences and talk.


    “Trump mulls 100,000 National Guard troops for mass deportation
    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Updated: Friday, February 17, 2017, 11:00 AM

    JAN. 28, 2017 FILE PHOTO
    Trump’s plan could lead to the military-enforced removal of millions of immigrants from Oregon to Louisiana. (ALEX BRANDON/AP)
    The Trump administration is considering a proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants, including millions living nowhere near the Mexico border, according to a draft memo obtained by The Associated Press.

    The 11-page document calls for the unprecedented militarization of immigration enforcement as far north as Portland, Oregon, and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Four states that border on Mexico are included in the proposal — California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas — but it also encompasses seven states contiguous to those four — Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

    Governors in the 11 states would have a choice whether to have their guard troops participate, according to the memo, written by U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general.”

  19. Is Canada willing to accept these Trump- made refugees, and specifically those from the Caribbean?
    If we are not careful, Trump , in bringing in his modern day US Cavalry, aka the National Guards, may well take a page out of his very early predecessors’ books ,and uproot and relocate who they refer to as the Native American , yet again.

  20. @Well Well & Consequences February 17, 2017 at 12:17 PM #

    “William….if you have ever lived in the US you will be quite capable of separating fact from fiction…fake news from real news…..there is absolutely no real news or facts coming from the present administration, that’s why even republicans and the military are so afraid and angry…..and are hellbent on doing something about it.”

    All I am saying is that we are being drawn in , as usual, to Uncle Sam’s propaganda machine. Whether its fake, real, leaks , it is all part of how the USA operates. The American information, misinformation and falsehoods have been our staple diet. That is why we are so fascinated with the current horse manure in Washington from all of them : GOP Democrats Trump etc. Errol Barrow once said that there is nothing America can teach us about good governance or Democracy. He was correct.To put in a nutshell: its nothing new to those who understand that is how America operates.

  21. And one sure thing not a single Caribbean leader will have the balls to open his mouth and condemn Trump’s action on their Caribbean people.
    Many of the Caribbean leaders are now meeting in Guyana. Lets wait and see what they have to say.
    But we can predict what our own Prime Minister is likely to say, ” Its the fault of those Barbadians and other Caribbean people who have been netted in Trumps roundup. They should have made themselves right!”

  22. William….all am saying is that more needs to be done to make changes of the mindset of the politicians, lawyers, business people on the island…change the 16th century mentality….

    …….the island is not big enough to copy the energy of larger countries, but at least copy the spirit of the population who know how to stand up fpr their rights….ya can get ya fill of real news and fake news….anywhere, look at the politically tinged crap CBC puts out, more biased crap from the 2 other newspapers and online news…but it all means nothing, if you do not know how to put it to positive use to make things better in your corner of the world.

    Ya cant live in the 1600 and 1800s forever….no one can.

  23. Colonel…given the illiterate’s erratic psychotic episodes, the Caribbean leaders gotta watch their tails too, there are people resigning from trump’s councils, very few still want to work with him…..imagine how he will treat Caribbean leaders……he wont even consider them human….he looks down on black americans as he was taught to do by his racist, criminal father.

    So it’s very likely, unlike Obama, he will send his lowest minions to deal with them or just ignore them complete, just as he is doing to the black caucus of senators and congession men and women in the US, he ignored their invutation to address them, when the black female reporter questioned him about it yesterday, with his disrespectful, offensive nastiness, he asked her if they were her friends, acted like he did npt know who they were or never heard of them before and told her maybe she can set up an appointment. …which is his job as president.

    …..they should send foolish George Payne to meet with trump…lol

    So good luck to Caribbean leaders trying to navigate around that illiterate.

  24. And may I add…these black senators and Congress people are the same ones whom he needs to approve his written legislations to get any bills passed in congress or through the senate and he still dont care….to him they do not exist.

    …….just as he is doing to the black caucus of senators and congessional men and women in the US, he ignored their invitation to address them, when the black female reporter questioned him about it yesterday, with his disrespectful, offensive nastiness, he asked her if they were her friends, acted like he did npt know who they were or never heard of them before and told her maybe she can set up an appointment. …which is his job as president.

  25. I have no clue why Stuart is surprised or why Caribbean people continue to believe themselves special…this current administration does not care…….they will round up and detain or deport anyone……their future plans do not include the Caribbean. …in private life the billionare club is used to trading in billions of dollars….daily…..why ya think the illiterate only chose BILLIONAIRES to be part of his administration….the Caribbean does not have that trading power.

    Ya would think this would open the eyes of Caribbean leaders….but no…..Fruendel is surprised…lol

  26. Germany planning to form an alliance against trump, because their idiot neo nazis are plotting to support trump.


    English Translation. .

    This Week’s SPIEGEL

    “The Pain of a Donald Trump Presidency

    “America first” has been the order of the day for the past two weeks since Donald Trump became the new U.S. president and divided his country. What do we know about his inner circle? And what role does Steve Bannon, his chief ideologist, play? A preview of this week’s issue by Klaus Brinkbäumer.

    © DER SPIEGEL By Klaus Brinkbäumer

    U.S. President Donald Trump and his chief of staff Steve Bannon

    Saturday, 2/4/2017 09:05 AM
    Dear Readers,

    Donald Trump has now been president of the United States for two weeks. It literally pains me to write about all that has happened in these first days. The president of the U.S. is a racist. He is attempting a coup from the top; he wants to establish an illiberal democracy, or worse; he wants to undermine the balance of power.

    The article you are reading originally appeared in German.

    With his style of rule — his decrees, his appointments and his firings — he is dividing Washington and the rest of the country. Our cover story this week, which will be published in English on Monday, describes how Trump’s inner circle works and how insecurity has grown among government officials. It sheds light on the role of Stephen Bannon, the former head of the right-wing news portal Breitbart News, who has become Trump’s Faust, his chief ideologue and the man pulling the strings in the White House. Bannon is also a man who loves wars — he sees them as being thoroughly advantageous.

    During the course of his reporting on the cover story, SPIEGEL Washington correspondent Gordon Repinski met with government officials who spoke of their worries and their pangs of guilt. “They are considering whether the right thing to do would be to leave the government or to put up resistance from within,” says Repinski. In London, my colleague Peter Müller spoke with Ted Malloch, who is considered Trump’s favorite for the post of ambassador to the European Union — a man who has praised Brexit and predicted the collapse of the euro.

    The problem will not resolve itself. German business is the opponent of American trade policy, the German democracy is the ideological opponent of Donald Trump, but even here, in the middle of Germany, right-wing extremists are trying to give him a helping hand. It is high time that we stand up for what is important: democracy, freedom, the West and its alliances. Germany, of all countries, the economically and politically dominant democracy in Europe, will have to form the alliance against Trump, because it won’t otherwise take shape. It is, however, absolutely necessary.”

  27. David

    What has become of AC?

    Has she been banned, died, or might she be elsewhere trying to save the love of her life – this wicked DLP guv’ment.

  28. ATTENTION: Greencard Holders are being Warned.

    Green Card-Carrying Caribbean Nationals Warned Not to Travel Out of U.S.
    By Lena D – February 15, 20170956

    MIAMI — Florida immigration attorney Dahlia Walker-Huntington is warning Caribbean nationals with green cards who have been charged with a crime in the United States to postpone overseas travel.

    In spite of a ruling from a federal court stopping the Trump administration’s executive order banning travelers from seven predominately Muslim nations, Caribbean nationals living in the U.S. are nervous. The attorney spoke at a recent immigration forum at Holy Family Episcopal Church in Miami Gardens, Fla., and stated that non-U.S. citizens are still exposed to the ban’s negative implications.

    Walker-Huntington stated that local law enforcement has been re-ordered to function as immigration agents by the Trump administration, a stipulation dropped during the Obama era.

    Caribbean nationals who may have committed minor offenses in the past who now may want to travel or apply for citizenship are advised not to travel.

    “If you are a green-card holder and you were arrested, even if you were not convicted or even if the case was dismissed, do not travel, as you may be caught and be unable to return,” she said.

    Caribbean nationals who have green cards and who have been charged with crimes are more likely to be harassed than individuals coming to the U.S. for the first time.

    Additionally, those holding green cards and spending more time outside the U.S. than inside may also face a higher chance of losing their green cards. Walker-Huntington that if they are unable to live in the U.S., they can apply for an entry-level permit that allows them to stay out of the country for a period of two years; they must continue to pay U.S. taxes during this time, however. Noncriminal undocumented individuals are now viewed as threats to U.S. national security and are to be repatriated quickly.

    The new U.S. government is hiring some 10,000 more agents for Homeland Security and they will be looking for visa “overstayers,” as well. Walker-Huntington noted that new U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that such individuals will no longer be subject to prosecutorial discretion, under which they would be released until their cases are heard; instead they will be forcibly detained for as long as two years.


    A mother talking to her new-born baby
    Or the first ever word spoken
    The smell of fresh-cut hay or grass
    Scrunching leaves on a bright autumn day

    The absolute deafening silence
    Of a mountain lake at sunset
    An eagle swooping on its prey
    As sea-gull crying

    A distant train whistle
    The blast of a fog-horn
    A hound baying in the woods at night
    Amidst the nocturnal sounds of insects

    A stadium crowd singing the national anthem
    The enchantment of a southern Baptist church
    The cheerful laughter of children at play
    The happy banter of a crowd going home

    The crackling fire on a bitter day
    The screech of an airplane’s tire at touch down
    The ecstasy of her lovemaking
    And your wife’s soothing voice at morn

  30. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-latest-secret-services-motorcade-limosine-hit-object-rock-florida-a7586876.html

    Just a matter of time befire those as crazy as the illiterate or even crazier, crawl out of their holes.


    “Secret service investigate after Donald Trump’s motorcade ‘hit by rock’

    The US leader was travelling to his Mar a Lago resort in Florida

    Chloe Farand 4 hours ago5 comments

    Secret services are investigating after an object was thrown at one of the vehicles in Donald Trump’s motorcade Kevin Dietsch – Pool/Getty Images
    The Secret Service is investigating after an object, believed to be a rock, was thrown at Donald Trump’s motorcade.

    Mr Trump was greeted by protesters as his convoy made its way to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, when the object hit his vehicle.

    “The Secret Service can confirm that an object appears to have been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon,” a spokesman for the intelligence agency told members of the President’s press pool. “We are investigating at this time and don’t have anything further.”

  31. Why are we obsessing over the US presidential election when the RSS is arming itself, at the behest of the US and Canada, to take over democratic governments in the English-speaking Caribbean if there is any social breakdown.
    Tom Adams’ gift to Caribbean democracy. Let us talk about the RSS and its secret intentions.

  32. Paris is burning after police raped a young black man.


    Hal….why dont you get it, whatever happens in big cities. …can negatively or positively impact on the lives of people in the Caribbean….unless they have infomation about what the same US and Canada are prompting the Caribbean leaders to do to their own people….they will never know….why dont you post some information, articles about RSS takeover and stop whining…..all the information can then be linked together to form a clearer picture about the conspiracies against black peoplr.


    Lawson…the immigrants are coming time to build that wall.

    “Nine people flee U.S. border patrol to seek asylum in Canada
    REUTERS Saturday, February 18, 2017, 5:09 AM


    A man who claimed to be from Sudan runs for the border after taking his family’s passports from a U.S. border patrol officer.
    A man who claimed to be from Sudan runs for the border after taking his family’s passports from a U.S. border patrol officer. (CHRISTINNE MUSCHI/REUTERS)
    Nine asylum-seekers, including four children, barely made it across the Canadian border on Friday as a U.S. border patrol officer tried to stop them and a Reuters photographer captured the scene.

    As a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officer seized their passports and questioned a man in the front passenger seat of a taxi that had pulled up to the border in Champlain, New York, four adults and four young children fled the cab and ran to Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the other side.

    One by one they scrambled across the snowy gully separating the two countries. RCMP officers watching from the other side helped them up, lifting the younger children and asking a woman, who leaned on her fellow passenger as she walked, if she needed medical care.

    The children looked back from where they had come as the U.S. officer held the first man, saying his papers needed to be verified.”

  33. American citizens are no longer safe in the US…as a former journalist Hal….you have a part to play instead of waiting for it to hit the Caribbean and then to start talking,

  34. Besides, if the local leaders in the Caribbean, most of them, weren’t so damn corrupt and practiced that corruption with local business cockroaches instead of doing their jobs of securing the economy and society……..there could be no social breakdowns in any of the islands.

    So where are those articles in support of your comment Hal.

  35. Well well,

    I have passed the baton. In my youth my battles were different. I spent a fair amount of time going undercover for the now defunct News of the World and the Sunday People, much of it rewarding.
    All the information about the RSS’ mission creep is in the public domain.
    Young journalists in Barbados must take up the challenge and read the runes. My observations are as a reader.

  36. WW these people are circumventing the rules canada probably will send them back,but they are not american citizens, but you have to admit trump is working they usually get into canada then sneak into the us

  37. I told you the immigrants are coming Lawson…..you cant say all are not UScitizens, the young children are more than likely born in the US…they did not say what passports they were…..I stand by my comment that US citizens are at risk in the US….and besides, it’s your illiterate idol would be causing that. Canada is pretty tame on asylum seekers, it’s the immigrants have to jump through hoops. Maybe ya can marry an immigrant Lawson….a black one..lol

    Hal….ok, so you an observer only.

  38. Well well,

    Yes. I have done my bit. My doctors will tell you how difficult a patient I am. If I do not like it, I will not do it.

  39. Ok Hal….

    Lawson….no wonder ya cant keep out of Barbados, or ya just saying that to impress the hell outta me…lol

    I suspect the Sudanese dude is trying to keep his family together….when they deport parents, even nursing mothers, they try to keep the children born in the US, so if that is what it is in this case, the dude was way ahead of them..lol

    ..immigration loves to break up families and foster care the children if they have no one and the parents are unable to make travel arrangements.

  40. http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/93688/pm-stuart-evidence-barbadians-detained-us

    Ignorance knows no bounds.

    Fruendel may want to speak to immigration lawyers in the US to get information, CONSULATES ARE ONLY CONTACTED BY ICE….if the immigration detainees agree to be deported. ..it’s a legal immigration court process that can take months or years,…..it takes up to 3 months for Consulates to be contacted by ICE to make arrangements for detainee travel….only if the immigration detainee agrees that they do not want to go through a tedious detention and immigration court process in a detention facility or local county jail…. where they may get immigration bail, parole or detained for years in the interim…..the latter being more likely under trump.

    Why does Fruendel as Prime Minister not know how the US system related to immigrants work……shameful….he might want to make an effort and find out.

    PM Stuart: No evidence of Barbadians detained in US
    Added 18 February 2017

    “NO BARBADIANS are being detained under the new immigration policy being implemented by the United States (US).
    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart gave this assurance following media reports that 19 Barbadian nationals had been held as part of a crackdown on immigration authorities in the US.
    Mr Stuart explained that investigations with Barbados’ Consulate-General in New York revealed that the claim was untrue.
    – See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/93688/pm-stuart-evidence-barbadians-detained-us#sthash.Frp7Z05q.dpuf

  41. Wait..nearly an hour and no one challenged me on US immigration procedures for detainees…..ah must be losing me touch…anyway, neither US Immigration, nor US Emassy may admit what I posted, but they sure wont dispute it either…lol…ya know, that miserable immigration court process and all.

    The detainees’ relatives will be allowed to visit them, so will their immigration attorneys.

    Even if invited by detainees, I dont see any of those lazy consular officers in the Barbados Consulate on 2nd Avenue and Lexington. ….trekking across the US to any detention facilities or jails to visit with bajan detainees, they will sit on their tails and await a call from ICE for the detainee to be transported to the consulate by ICE..just before beig deported…….if that is what the detainees wish.

    When Simple’s friend who told her that her bajan sister was detained last week or this week gets more information and shares it with Simple…we will hear more.

  42. Tony Best New York….on immigration, detainment and deportations.

    “Cearly, in his first two weekends in the White House, Trump has managed to ignite nationwide condemnation of his conservative social agenda and his use of executive power to impose curbs on immigrant rights are putting West Indians on edge. What’s unnerving is the near panic among Green Card holders and people with US visas who have been detained at airports when they tried to return home in the US. Little wonder that Federal judges in four jurisdictions, including New York and Virginia, have issued temporary restraining orders against detention and deportations of citizens of the countries pinpointed in Trump’s order.

    Green Card holders who have not broken any US laws and who have valid US Green Cards or valid visas should not have been detained and Federal US District court Judge Ann Donnelly in New York said so in plain language. “There is imminent danger that absent the stay of removal, there will be substantial and irreparable injury to refugees, visa holders and other individuals” from the countries on the list, she wisely warned. How embarrassing, how unwise, disruptive and chaotic the Trump immigration plans have turned out to be. If pursued any further, they can and would split families, derail dreams of a better life and shake the confidence of people everywhere in the fundamental decency of the US.

    Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, a Brooklyn Democrat, City Council member Jumaane Williams of Flatbush, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, New York State legislator Jess Hamilton, the New York Immigration Coalition, the Caribbean-Guyana Institute for Democracy, New York Assemblyman Michael Blake of the Bronx and a host of key immigration advocates are lending their voices to the just cause of opposing Trump’s restrictive policies. “The vicious attacks on families across the United States cannot stand,” said Clarke. After all, there are at least 11 million immigrants in large, medium-size and small communities whose roots are in the 190-plus member states of the United Nations who want to lead normal lives in a country that should be welcoming them, not showing them the door. (TB) – See more at:


  43. More expedited deportations ahead, they will just speed up the immigration court process, that is all the constitution allows them to do…instead if years, deportations will take weeks or months.

    WASHINGTON – The Trump administration plans to direct immigration agents to greatly expand the categories of immigrants they target for deportation, according to drafts of two memos seen by Reuters and first reported by McClatchy news organisation on Saturday.

    Two sources familiar with the plans told Reuters the documents have been approved by Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, but are under final review by the White House.
    They are expected to be released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) early next week.

    Under the orders, hundreds of thousands of people would face expedited removal proceedings, including those that had not been prioritised for deportation under former President Barack Obama.
    – See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/93734/facing-deportation#sthash.Mx7La4F0.dpuf

  44. Mexico is some 758,000 square miles, Australia 2.9 million square miles. If President Trump does not care two hoots about such countries, judging by the scruffy way he treated the Australian Prime Minister, who tells PM Stuart that , Trump via his Brown Shirts in ICE, is going to make timely phone calls to the Consulates of lil Barbados, when any Bajans are detained.
    Trump is sure following in the footsteps of another Caribbean leader, now deceased, whom we loved to idolise. On gaining power in 1959, he rounded up many Barbadian and other Caribbean people, and sent them home with the shirts on their backs. Perhaps one day, Donald Trump too, will be seen as a hero of the Caribbean people.

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