Dems Low on Credibility: Barbadians Beware!

George C. Brathwaite (PhD)

George C. Brathwaite (PhD)

Towards the end of 2016, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – speaking at a meeting of the Christ Church constituency branches of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – asserted that his struggling party will make morality a key issue in the next general election. For some, it is hip-hip hooray! Yet, numerous Barbadians are convinced that disingenuous concerns of morality should not take priority over economic and governance issues.

Indeed, Canon Isaacs an Anglican cleric, contended that if morality is going to be central in election campaigning, it must be “broadened to include bribery, kick-backs, victimisation, squandering of taxpayers’ money, intentionally misleading the public and many other issues that are dishonest,” but which are issues of governance. There is an overabundance of allegations regarding political mischief in Barbados. Isaacs posits that “the main item should be vote buying which is a form of bribery,” and this sordid affair surfaced in the national discourse by leading members of the governing DLP after the 2013 general election.

Therefore, to push governance issues behind blinkered views of morality, amounts to hypocrisy on the part of self-aggrandising advocates. Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz suggests that “hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Pretending you’re moral, saying you’re moral is not the same as acting morally.” What a reminder for Sinckler and his supporters! Similarly, the great political philosopher Edmund Burke stated that: Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” Barbadians beware!

The fact is, economic and governance concerns are expected to be addressed by those in and outside of political office. Political trust happens when citizens through the electorate appraise the government and its institutions, policy-making in general and/or the individual political leaders as promise-keeping, efficient, fair and honest. Writing in the British Journal of Political Science, Arthur Miller and Ola Listhaug argue that ‘political trust’ is the “judgment of the citizenry that the system and the political incumbents are responsive, and will do what is right even in the absence of constant scrutiny.” It is reprehensible therefore, that an incumbent administration would want to hang its hat on morality, while minimising or hiding the extent to which many situations under its watch would have led to political trust being compromised in Barbados.

Crucially, credibility is a major topic in the context of good governance. The concept of credibility may be defined as “the perception and assumption that the operations” of the politician (e.g. Ministers, Members of Parliament, and prospective candidates) “are trustworthy, responsible, desirable and appropriate.” To be credible, politicians – especially leaders and the face of political parties such as Stuart, Mottley, and all others surfacing before the next general election need to publicly demonstrate competence, integrity, and honesty. As a co-requisite, they need to be truthful, and they should not be in politics for personal gain or to rescue a marred image. Selfish action is the antithesis to public service and good governance.

Put differently, politicians must demonstrate their skills and knowledge and capacity for good governance. In terms of good governance, this article uses one of the earliest definitions that emerged from the World Bank:

Good governance is epitomized by predictable and enlightened policy making (that is, transparent processes); a bureaucracy imbued with a professional ethos; an executive arm of government accountable for its actions; and a strong civil society participating in public affairs and all behaving under the rule of law. (World Bank, 1994: vii).

Entering the national political and governance landscapes, therefore, is social capital which refers to ‘the set of norms and values’ that the Barbados polity can positively embrace, and that permits ‘cooperation’ between the governing and the governed. These norms flourish in conditions of honesty, reliability, and fairness. Therefore, credibility and social capital concerns in Barbados merit our attention. Political elites thrive based on the social capital manifesting in the formats of trust, appreciation, respect, and confidence in the relationships between the governing and the governed. Analytical assessments must undeniably focus on people’s perceptions, popular discourse, and the politicians’ rhetoric.

A useful gauge must be the people’s perceptions about the DLP and the accountability of the current Cabinet. The DLP has held the reins of governance in Barbados for the better part of the last 10 years, although the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) does have a record inclusive of the Arthur years worthy of examination and critique. There are no new parties that fit into the frame of analysis.

Hence, it is reasonable to ask whether the Stuart-led Cabinet has effectively communicated and displayed the characteristics of honesty, transparency, fairness, justice, and overall performance? The polity’s perceptions of credibility in political institutions, and the extent that Barbados’ sense of democracy and good governance have become uncertain, happen to be useful signposts. Clearly, the Stuart-led DLP administration leaves much to be desired; already the foundations of credibility in Barbados are being dismantled from their pillars.

It must never be forgotten that leading up to the 2013 elections, the DLP under PM Stuart pledged that ‘no government worker shall be sent home’. For Stuart and his followers, such an occurrence was out of the equation should Barbadians give the DLP a majority vote of support at the polls which, they received. Equally dangerous to political trust was the flawed impression that the BLP wanted to “privatise statutory corporations and send home workers.” Within months of winning the election, the DLP Cabinet went back on its assurances and promises. The DLP Cabinet callously sent home more than 3,000 public servants to join the many more thousands that were ejected from the private sector. This was a definite betrayal by the DLP of the public workers’ trust.

In addition, PM Stuart and key members of the Cabinet after repeatedly denouncing privatisation, once again reneged on their assurances. Since 2013, more and more the wafting administration has engaged in privatisation practices, and often done so under the guise of another label or the suggestion that closer ties with the private sector will bring about the efficiencies which have been elusive to the Stuart-led administration. The build-up of mountains of garbage across Barbados, coupled with the catastrophe evidenced in public transportation quickly come to mind. The festering disrepair of long-neglected roads further expose the sham even to the most passive onlooker.

Contrary to the pre-election gimmicks, the DLP regime has since “begun the privatisation of statutory corporations with the sale of the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL);” this is almost a done deal. Stated policy positions that were shared with the public, either through the DLP’s 2013 Manifesto or other official statements from Ministers, have been abandoned or side-stepped.

For instance, Prime Minister Stuart as early as 2011 had indicated that free tertiary education will remain in place under his administration. Again, in September 2012, DLP spokespersons gave the assurance that university education would remain free to nationals while recognising that in recent years, there was a significant increase in financial contributions to the University of the West Indies (UWI). Back then, Finance Minister Sinckler asserted that the administration would meet “every possible commitment” to Barbadian nationals attending the UWI.

All havoc transpired while Sinckler arrogantly insisted that “there is no person or institution or political party in this country that can challenge or contradict the absolute commitment of the Democratic Labour Party to public education” in Barbados. Undoubtedly, the subsequent bungling of bursaries and the railroading of bright minds came within a year of the ruse. The colossal blunders spoke to yet another monumental about-turn by the Stuart-led DLP administration.

Who can forget the careless utterances of the Ministers when they were dismissive of the plethora of downgrades that Barbados received from the international rating agencies? PM Stuart, often loathe to speak on financial and macroeconomic matters, argued in 2014 that what the rating agencies say “is only relevant if we want to embark on an orgy of foreign borrowing in which people should know how much we should have to borrow, how much our money should cost.”

With intellectual elasticity, PM Stuart would two years later remark against another downgrade. He suggested that despite insignificant economic growth, the country was still achieving development. The Prime Minister whimsically stated: Growth tells you how much the pig was weighing at the time of slaughter, while development tells you how much people will get piece of the pork.” Surely, with the fatted-calf having been reduced to bones, the pig is starving; and the pork is too little to feed the suffering families across Barbados.

The exit of the Sagicor Financial Corporation’s headquarters out of Barbados after the island’s series of downgrades, further reveals the ineffective ways in which this DLP Cabinet responds to economic drift. In contradistinction, Sagicor managed an upgrade since it moved to Bermuda. That single change exposes the Cabinet’s level of incompetence previously unheard of in the annals of Barbados, perhaps with 1991 an apt comparison. To date, the Barbados economy continues to experience major challenges, including low growth, a very large fiscal deficit, and a high debt burden.

Who will dare forget the fiasco and insidious statements from Environment Minister Denis Lowe on the Cahill disaster that was waiting to happen? Lowe was adamant in the face of constructive criticisms that Cahill Energy offered Barbados “a real solution to becoming energy independent.” No agreements were said to be signed, but certainly signed documents were leaked into the public domain.

What about the disdain with which the very DLP has abandoned its 2008 and 2013 Manifesto promises of transparency and accountability? The Barbados Today has reported that sources have “advised that an environmental impact assessment (EIA) was not required under the Town & Country Planning Act, therefore there was no reason for any further delay to the US$100 million Hyatt Centric Resort.” Oh really? The 2013 Manifesto clearly states that: “Government has an inescapable responsibility to assume the lead responsibility for ensuring that the environment is managed effectively” which would include the erection of the proposed Hyatt Resort on beachfront property.

The same Manifesto promisingly reveals that: “The process of environmental care is the concern of every citizen and resident of Barbados,” yet the DLP Cabinet has hitherto refused to be upfront with the people of Barbados. Led by PM Stuart, the Cabinet has been dismissive of real concerns mounted by various groups on several aspects of the project. Credibility and good governance are surely far removed from the actions of the current DLP.

Still, there are numerous other questions to be asked. Should Barbados trust the current Freundel Stuart administration? On the evidence, perhaps not. If the trust element is already damaged, will Barbadians even pay credence to the next government regardless of who is the leader? Not without thorough scrutiny. Professor of Political Science, Michael Johnston, asserts that “a democracy needs strong and sustainable political parties with the capacity to represent citizens and provide policy choices that demonstrate their ability to govern for the public good.” In that regard, the DLP appears to be facing tumultuous times and possible total banishment. Yet, the beleaguered Cabinet is showing a pugnacious face in the presence of a ruined credibility.

The lessons to be drawn should serve as ‘notice’ for all those presenting themselves as serious candidates in the next elections. All current members of parliament will attract scrutiny directed at their levels of representation (i.e. competence and stewardship). New candidates will be watched for their orientation to things such as skill-sets, community service, and national likeability. New political parties will be made to lay bare under the layman’s probing eyes for their raison d’être due to the national rejection of the DLP’s fascination with families first and paramountcy of the party.

Notwithstanding, the DLP knows better than any other entity the truth of its disappointing performances that have been ongoing for almost a decade. The 2013 Manifesto purports that: “There is a need to restore the image of Government in Barbados to one of decency, ethical behaviour and serving the interests of the people, instead of the interests of powerful groups and politicians themselves.” This statement is so very true and at the same time, serves as the DLP’s self-condemnation which could lead to its eventual demise.

The people will ultimately decide if and what difference new political parties can contribute to Barbados, particularly if the leadership of the respective parties comes across as being any of the following: naivete, bland, politically expended, roguish, corporatist or too elitist to seriously capture the national imagination. None of the candidates nor the political parties should get a free ride from the public. Rather, all candidates and parties must be put under the microscope by the electorate to get a sense of both their credibility and the social capital that they bring to public service.

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a political consultant. Email:

72 thoughts on “Dems Low on Credibility: Barbadians Beware!

  1. David

    It is about time that articles submitted by this here Brathwaite be labelled as coming from the political tribe which he has consistently supported.

    It is at least misleading for one who presents as a purportedly independent ‘consultant’ to employ that cover to consistently influence the blog towards his partisans before an election period.

    • @Pacha

      On BU commenters do a reasonable job of critiquing submissions. BU will intervene from time to time using our best judgement.

  2. @David

    We are asking for your intervention at this early stage to avoid the intellectual quagmire of the duopoly.

    Yours is to make sure that the agents of partisans do not come here and pretend to have a moral basis then to disappear, after the election, into the warm embrace of their tribe.

    When that happens we would be again used to fly peoples’ political kites. There will be no opportunities for us to question these ‘undercover agents’ or compare or contrast their writing to what the party will be actually doing in power.

    How many times are these ‘Fockers’ to engage us from behind?

    • @Pacha

      George has never hidden that he is a BLP member. We should analyze what he writes and arrive at the conclusions. Surely you must give credit to George that the timbre of his writings must be able to withstand the rigour of public (BU) scrutiny? He would not want us to flush his views …

      Let all perspectives contend.


  3. The DEMS have no credibility. You cannot expect to tell lie after lie, present the facts alternatively (gosh I love this new phrase for telling untruths), insult the intelligence of bajans with a barrage of conceited behaviors, keep silent on issues that raise serious question along the lines of possible corruption, and expect to come out smelling like a daffodil. If you behave stink, perform stink, look stink, and create stinks, then your stench can only be stink.

  4. @ Pachamama

    It’s ever more disturbing that this so called political activist has scoured the recent submissions of the blog and taken the materials from what was recently submitted by (a) you Pachamama (b) The Sage Annunaki (c) Bush Tea (d) and Artaxerxes

    He started with de ole man s recent comment about Chris S recent speech about the moral soul of the country.

    This man is truly out of his depth, seeking to appease all those whom he recognizes have some “currency” here, by echoing the sentiments they spoke to in the last few weeks.

    True plagiarism.

    Not one original thought.

    And overtly Anti DLP while subtly BLP

    True pooch sucking

  5. You are closer to the CUP than all others, only thing missing is the root cause of all this land fraud and the people, Once added you will get a full and bright picture,

    Sagicor Financial Corporation= land fraud, PONZI
    Clico = land fraud PONZI laundering
    transparency and accountability= if that was the case i would have nothing to talk about for would be known under freedom of information
    Manifesto ? what have you checked off that they have done? That is evidence of their fraud,
    ethical behavior = crooks , liars and scumbags,DBLP

    All you have to do to get the big picture is add land fraud . Right now you are dealing with adjectives, wait until you get to the Nouns , ,,, Persons,Places and Things and you will get the big and full picture To avoid them you will fall short ,
    By adding the Names of the lawyers,Ministers, Bankers,the head of government departments,
    By adding the land and money laundered and the accounts they went ,
    By adding the things they now own and hide,

    Hyatt , no clear title to land,
    Sam Lord no clear title to land
    UDC no clear title to land,
    NHC no clear title to land
    crown land have no clear title to land , the government never paid for the land out of taxpayers money to make it crown land,, no land history for stolen land, fraud on the BLP and now DLP,
    They just took as they wanted and divided land among the Sirs, Lawyers, Ministers, QCs,AG,PM,CJ, Lawyers rewrote the books,
    Like they are acting like We are the only ones to know this , But we are the only one giving freedom of information and Speech,which is not good for the DBLP government and Ministers,
    We can answer any question and all you have to do is see who is or was sitting in that seat of power at that time,,
    Some more and more like Dominica all the time as the other side charged the Prime Minister there with CORRUPTION FRUAD, LAUNDERING ,SELLING PASSPORTS, SHIPS WITH FLAGS ECT,

  6. I second Pacha..

    I read the article and thought I was at a political rally. Of course if it was a rally the speaker would have said
    “Leh we put this wicka thing behind us once and for all. We got more important fish to fry. Them corrupt, them thiefing …

    Hehe… I think that was a good summary

  7. David

    All we have asked for is that these columns be marked as coming from his party. As party propaganda.

    We have no objection to all perspectives contending.

    When one of those perspectives is cloaked above a presumption of independence and not clearly marked as representative of BLP thinking they at least mislead readers.

    Our friend ‘Piece’ has severally noticed that an insidious form ‘plagiarism’ maybe also at work.

    If what ‘Piece-under’ has suggested is also true our case must then be seen in an entirely different, more troubling, light.

  8. Here we go again. We all know George Brathwaite is a member of the BLP, he has made that clear on BU. Critique the man’s contribution not him. We are all political. Piece when you do a poster asking for all the Dems to be voted out–that is political. When you call for both parties to be voted out–that is political. One’size “non-association” with a political party does not make one non-political or even non-partisan. By the way, aren’t you supporting Solutions, or is it UPP? dwl

  9. David

    Help my idiocy and explain to me what is a BLP or DLP supporter. I am a die hard supporter of the DLP (paradox intended) but I cannot support Freundel Stuart and his shites. Therefore, if the BLP did shite, which they did for the better part of 14 years, am I to put them back in my saddle and say they are better just because the DLP is doing more shite than them? Am I now to believe that Mia Mottley is what Barbados need; when Mia Mottley is yet to tell us how she is going to fix the problem of Anticorruption, Transparency issues, Accountability sidelines, presentation of Freedom of Information, and the onesided judiciary system, in order to ensure that her governance does not follow previouses responsible for painting both parties with a large corruption brush? When all is said and done; when all the promises and exposures are made, the number one issue that will tell Barbadians how serious are these two crooked parties is ATIAC legislation (Accountability Transparency, Integrity and Anticorruption). Where do we throw caution besides to the win when it comes to blindly supporting parties? When will these supporters finally say: once I was blind but now I see.

    • @SSS

      There will always be those who as is their right are members of the two main political parties. What is lacking is a culture that abhors bipartisan approaches. A culture where ‘good’ men and women disengage from the system. A working democracy requires fuller participation. This continues to be the challenge.

  10. Enuff

    ”When you call for both parties to be voted out–that is political”

    Nope, that is called activism. Big difference

  11. Everywhere pepople are now being put on alert, beware of the leaders, politicians and business people..there is a movement to educate the masses for their own good.

  12. All government pimps, yardfowls and useless party supporters deserve to be treated like Delisle Worrell and General Flynn….through them on the garbage heap or to the wolves.

  13. @ PachamamaFebruary 14, 2017 at 9:54 AM

    Come on Pacha, ease up on poor George. He has made it clear he first and foremost a political consultant and not a ‘prima facie scientist’, whatever that means in the world of politics.

    At least he has up his game and is talking the talk of exposing the underbelly of his political enemies.

    First he must slaughter the emaciated calf before he can feed on its skeleton.

    However the intellectual boy George does make a tritely repeated point when he regurgitates the morality mantra:
    “Therefore, to push governance issues behind blinkered views of morality, amounts to hypocrisy on the part of self-aggrandising advocates. Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz suggests that “hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Pretending you’re moral, saying you’re moral is not the same as acting morally.” What a reminder for Sinckler and his supporters! Similarly, the great political philosopher Edmund Burke stated that: “Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” Barbadians beware!”

    Sounds just like the theme song from the 2008 & 2013 soap opera of political make-believe aptly titled “The Days of Lies & Propaganda (DLP) which Bajans are totally tuned into with the first actor on screen to promote the product of blatant hypocrisy with the tag line: “I will never lie, cheat or steal (even in my cursed grave) neither will my heirs or successors”.

  14. Chuckle……

    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart maintains that Barbados is doing better than many of its neighbours. However, he says government will remain focused on meeting the economic challenges facing the country.

    Barbados Today
    It’s not the economy, stupid!
    The slogan, it’s the economy, stupid, coined by American campaign strategist James Carville for Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign has been turned on its head by Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Senator Jepter Ince.|By Neville

  15. Courtroom 7 Master Deborah Holder, BSS, Master of the High Court

    Ti m e No. Case No.
    9:30 a.m 1 CV0006/2011 Donville Inniss v. Richard G. Ishmael

    Ah wonder what this was all about yesterday…case management is pretrial….

    I thought all these scum were partners and close bosom buddies of each other as well as the deceased Thompson…lol


    Some say the white man came from above oh oh!
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  17. @ Enuff

    De ole man is a patriot who is interested in the good of my country.

    Let me use and example of what “patriot” means.

    THe QEH has a challenge regarding toilet paper to wipe the pooch of its patients. Does canvassing for a system where toilet paper is available or medicine is available make the ole man a “killer of trees” or a supporter of the pharmaceutical industry?

    My posters are directed at the inefficiencies of a system that has worked against our people via agents of the DLP and BLP whose faces adorn the “stupid Cartoons”

    Yes, it is true that I have “history” with both parties, as do many of us here.

    Look at Caswell Franklyn a former BLP man to the hilt but, when you examine his mouthings here, you see a man who shares “liks” for BLP and BLP alike, just recently he spoke to a glaring example of where the former administration butt fvcked the people and that, based on that constitutional anarchy, the DLP just continues to do the same.

    We need men and women who serve the nation’s people, observe ALL its laws and do not try to aggrandise self through kickbacks and illegalities.

    You understand where we as a country lie?

    Alll of our systems of good governance are in their death throes while 95% of the population DONT KNOW OR GIVE ONE FVCK.

    What will these fliers do in the dark and cold of cyberspace?

    It is true that they have moved from an average of 250 to 550 but what does that mean?

    If the minds of the average citizen cannot be engaged for them to

    (i).review our current state

    (ii).critically assess the dogshit that we are in

    (iii).evaluate our options to extricate us from that Road to Perdition that the BLP and DLP have taken for 30 something years

    and (iv) make the decision on election day to change our road then all this activism is useless

  18. I vehemently dislike a religion that denigrates women and young girls, I view it as a questionable religion, but I dont see the Swede females wearing or covering their heads with scarves as being hypocritical, they cover their heads with scarves for winter anyway….

    … this case they were observing diplomatic protocols, women are required to cover their heads in the country….it’s not as though the Swedes can reverse the rule….annd besides, when the Arab dudes visit Sweden, they cannot force not one woman to cover her head..they then become guests and they have to observe and respect Sweden’s protocols.

    There are diplomatic protocols to follow, it does not mean Swedish women will allow themselves or their 9 year old girls to be raped and hung in the middle east.

    Middle Eastern women must work harder to free themselves and their future generations from the male beasts leading the countries and violating female rights..they are sick animals..that is where the problems lie.

  19. Piece…do you have in your archive the vote buying poster you did for me, last time it had over 6000 views, there was some upgrade to my device and I lost mine, if you still have it, can you post it to the blog so I can download and save…thanks.

  20. @ Well Well and Consequences

    What you posted at 10.53 a.m is exactly where we “activists” must carry the fight

    “…Well Well & Consequences February 14, 2017 at 10:53 AM #
    Courtroom 7 Master Deborah Holder, BSS, Master of the High Court

    Time 9.30 am. Court # 1 Case No CV0006/2011 Donville Inniss v. Richard G. Ishmael

    Cases and materials and information that highlights the infelicities of both of the lot, and exposes them to be the crooks that they are.

    Of course Carl Moore and Roy Morris and Vivianne Gittens and Bryan and all uh dem such pooch specialist will not be part of the investigative journalists that find these stories

    The excell spreadsheet for these matters over all the years, should be in the hands of every one of the so called third parties by now.

    That is what intelligence gathering is ELINT, SIGINT and HUMINT is.

    These posturers like George C Brathwaite are playing games

  21. Lol…..the information is out there in the courts and other places, the journalists do not do their jobs, imagine if they did, the ministers with their uppity selves would be afraid to be corrupt, the business people with their uppity selves would be afraid to run scams on the treasury, the Insurance Executives with their uppity selves would be afraid to bribe politicians and steal from policyholders and others.

    If Barbados had journalists who did their jobs. ..journalists are supposed to be the keepers of the countries gates, knowing everything going on and reporting without bias or favor.

    They could learn a thing or 2 from US journalists who now have the trump administration ready to jump out of their own skins….with a Justice Department and FBI probe about to start.

  22. Piece….I dont see Grenville of Solutions having the guts to dig up something like the Donville Inniss v. Richard Ishmael case….we dont even know who his candidates are so we can by right as citizens background check them so they we can know if they are already known thieves…

    ……you really see Grenville having files on any of the current ministers and politicians that can be presented to the DPP and Commissioner of Police for follow up investigations….it’s a stretch, but I hope it happens to prove me wrong, I am a pessimist, that’s why I believe in their immediate exposure….all of them.

  23. David

    Both parties are not ‘low on credibility’

    If we have a memory clock longer than a few years

    Neither party has any credibility at all, none

    What we have here is not only propaganda for a party

    More deceitfully, is a pretense that the system has any credibility at all.

  24. David

    We would have hoped to persuade you that an intervention was warranted

    Why ask us to appeal to the tender mercies of the devil, complaining about satan.

  25. @ GCB

    Morality with a common “c” is always an issue in Barbadian politics. Just because some people ignore it,forget about it ,or give it a peculiar definition does not men it is far from the electorate minds when they enter the voting booth.

    We all hope that it is a vital ingredient in the governance of the affairs of this country. If it is not ,then it explains the morass into which we have fallen within recent times.

    But we cannot legislate it. It comes from practice. Just look around you in the World and more closely in our region and you will,see that immorality is highest among the countries with so called integrity legislation. It has to be part of our culture. Not long ago, we were noted for our low level of public corruption. Have we lost it?


    I cant for the life of me believe that 2 stupid governments like DBLP made it their doctrine over a 50 year period that keeping a minority of people wealthy and the majority poor would encourage financial growth. .

    ……there must be wide ranging public participation in business which drives high level growth to keep a vibrant economy, a few halfassed business people, the same old decrepit, dried up faces over and over and one money earning sector cannot grow or drive any economy indefinitely.

  27. @ Pachamama

    Truth be told each of us serves a “master” be it GOD, man, money or mammom.

    The Honourable Blogmaster is no different than you, me Fumbles nor Mugabe Mottley.

    We each, for in infinitesimal moment align our interest with those of another for whatever the reason, and therein we are either made saints, sinners and rarely, martyrs.

    You may be sharper and faster than most of us here on BU because yours is an insight that nothing that we do or say makes any difference to what is the universal law, we are just sojourners here like Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson and all the wealthy and powerful, we are just dust in the wind, waiting for our “moment”

    When I was younger I put my trust in people who chanted that which sounded good, like Owen and even Mia and the Dead King Thompsie…never Fumbles nor Stinkliar though.

    But over time it becomes apparent that these are just men, like you me and the Blogmaster who are feeble and frail and often given to believing in the Emperor’s Clothes.

    Many here do not understand Caswell Franklyn but, after a while, having been in the fray with Mia Mottley, he has come to to realization that depending on the others who are around you, it can be just a waste foop.

    Here is the thing Pachamama.

    Fellers like Brathwaite will always exist, charlatans who live on the fringes and suck pooch or worst for a piece of the pie.

    We cannot fault them for what are they if not reflections of ourselves when we too were incapable of contributing to the whole and just struggled along.

    Remember that there was once a time when we too were just as stupid and insignificant and incapable of contributing to the whole and in that regard you must see how George is, a man in his late 60’s still trying for economic balance and singing for supper.

    The Honourable Blogmaster has carried this flag for a long time Pachamama.

    Almost 10 years and, after a while, his thankless toil gets wearisome.

    You know what it is to come here pun a day non effing sto for 10 effing years?

    Fuh fellers like you and me to question his “loyalties” and seeming leanings towards Mugabe Mottley? man even though he may be talking bout non bipartisan citizens and policy AFTER TEN YEARS OF THE SAME BLP/DLP SHITE and not seeing any changes in the pshche of his cyberspace citizenry, it is only reasonable to understand why a feller might say “man, that other vision is a bridge too far, and I going stand here with Mottley”

    Resigned to the fact that effing she does the same shyte, AS HE DEEP DOWN KNOWS SHE WILL, he might still be able to run the Blog, Yeah Right!!!

    Like if Mottley going let this live one day more than her ascendancy, then lest we may, Prevent!!

    Fortunately the David that still exists is a fellow who is still approachable and can be reasoned with, despite his seeming “leaning” or so I feel but then again i is an ole man who watching how things shaping up

  28. GCB wrote: “The DLP has held the reins of governance in Barbados for the better part of the last 10 years.”

    Clearly, it is the frame for which we can draw examination. There are some who may want to focus elsewhere, but my focus is clearly on what has happened in recent years to cause us to be having this very discussion.

    It is a pity that after the claims made in the article, there are really no refutations just weak jabs at the writer. That means the message is getting across and perhaps hurting.

  29. Piece
    Fortunately, or unfortunately, your idea of what being political entails is narrowly confined to support or opposition to a political party or parties. Politics is not just about political parties, and explains why we are where we are today.
    People are engaged, they are just engaged in the wrong way. To blame only political parties for our current state is being disingenuous. A lot of the corruption and wastage is facilitated and enabled by many of the so-called disengaged–the ones that sell their votes and pay bribes etc. Where do you think Thompy got his basket of goodies from if not from the “disengaged” requesting the moon and stars knowing full well the government could only afford 1/8 of the moon. You see the “engagement” is there, but for the sole purpose of personal benefit….phuck the collective.

  30. @DAVID

    I’m somewhat amazed that there appears to be nothing on the blog about the Worrel (CBB)/MOF situation that has been ongoing since last Thursday. The outcome of this scenario is critical to Barbados’s WELL BEING, either way the ball gets kicked the country is going to suffer.

  31. @ Bernard Codrington

    I tend to concur that morality remains a factor, and perhaps more on an individual basis. Nonetheless, the crucial day to day and bread and butter issues will be priority areas in the national discourse. There can be no scapegoating by any party.

    • George how are day to day issues important in the national discourse if a large percentage on both sides of the divide will vote along party line?

  32. Brathwaite, your feeble jabs can only hurt the people on the other wing of your one-party state, your elected dictatorship. Those who are left-eyed. For you are right-eyed.

    Not one of your BLP propaganda pieces has ever concluded that there is no differences between BLP and DLP epochs, by any measure.

    Before 2008 the same people who were complaining about all of these societal maladies are holding dah belly today for this wicked DLP.

    Now you are a political scientist, is ‘elected-dictatorship’ not the precise terminology your field gives us to describe these relationships?

    Where were you when in 2008 and before the people were seeking to run your BLP out of office, power?

    How can it be that, maybe for personal gain, you would want to benefit from a system which in to-to is largely unhelpful to the same people for whom you pretend to write?

  33. @ David

    As you are aware, and can clearly discern from all of my writing, I am consistent in my pleas to the people to challenge candidates and political parties on the things that matter to them. As I interact with people in this country, yes there is a frustration with political elites; but it comes across to me that it is precisely because they feel disappointed with the present administration and the fact that Barbados appears to have gone backwards in many ways. People want jobs and they want to be able to look up to their representatives and believe them when they do make promises. Hence, I believe that people will deal with the socio-economic issues. Yes, people will tend to vote along party lines but there is no guarantee there; hence the national discourse will help to make up people’s minds. Maybe I am an idealist, but I believe the people will do what is best for the country, regardless.

  34. George C. Brathwaite February 14, 2017 at 1:58 PM #
    GCB wrote: “The DLP has held the reins of governance in Barbados for the better part of the last 10 years.”

    Clearly, it is the frame for which we can draw examination. There are some who may want to focus elsewhere, but my focus is clearly on what has happened in recent years to cause us to be having this very discussion.

    It is a pity that after the claims made in the article, there are really no refutations just weak jabs at the writer. That means the message is getting across and perhaps hurting.

    Further, let’s not forget that this same gov’t brought us to the brink of disaster during their last term as well.

    But back then they took sound financial advice and reduced civil service salaries and wages bills by 8%. We are currently printing money to pay a monthly $72m civil service salaries and wages bill.


    Persaud weighs in.

    “Knowing Fruendel dont take responsibility for any of his reckless actions….and this is a very reckless action by Fruendel…of course he would claim the CTP said an EIA study is not needed, should shit happen down the line, he could blame the CTP.

    THERE IS NO NEED for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the building of the Hyatt
    That is according to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, who made the disclosure that he had granted planning permissions for the 15-storey hotel at a meeting of his St Michael South branch at Bay Primary School Sunday night.

    “The Chief Town Planner, who has the sole responsibility under the Town And Country Planning Act to determine whether or not there should be an Environmental Impact Assessment, an assessment done as to the impact on the environment that the hotel is likely to cause or to bring, he has determined that that is not necessary.

    “Therefore, we are proceeding. So I hope that that debate will peter out, and if it doesn’t peter out, that’s a matter for the debaters,” Stuart said. (YB)”
    – See more at:

  36. ””””””””””””As you are aware, and can clearly discern from all of my writing, I am consistent in my pleas to the people to challenge candidates and political parties on the things that matter to them. As I interact with people in this country, yes there is a frustration with political elites; but it comes across to me that it is precisely because they feel disappointed with the present administration and the fact that Barbados appears to have gone backwards in many ways. People want jobs and they want to be able to look up to their representatives and believe them when they do make promises. Hence, I believe that people will deal with the socio-economic issues. Yes, people will tend to vote along party lines but there is no guarantee there; hence the national discourse will help to make up people’s minds. Maybe I am an idealist, but I believe the people will do what is best for the country, regardless.””””””””””

    What kind of doublespeak is that, above. Six months after the BLP gets into office the same will be true, again.

  37. @DAVID

    There appears to be a serious power struggle between the MOF, CENTRAL BANK GOVENER and the unelected CBB Board. The underlying question is…… is the CBB Govener refusing to support the printing of an additional billion dollars ?. As much as I detest the governor he has significantly more experience than the MOF and the CBB Board. The Govener I believe is on solid ground this time, the next question is can the Barbados Judiciary system remain politically unbiased?

  38. Wily Coyote,
    I too am amazed that we can expend so much energy on discussing the US when we are facing Armageddon in Barbados. Talk about priorities….

  39. @ Hal Austin wrote ” facing Armageddon in Barbados “.

    Worse case scenario…..1 Bds dollar = 1 Jam dollar. bakes and bush tea.

  40. I will admit to being an ignoramus that one earlier ascribed to being “narrowly confined to support or opposition to a political party or parties. ..” but I would wish to ask the writer who has arrived at this leap of sound syllogistic reason, if we are speaking of governance, specifically, DEMS being low on credibility, why should i set my primal responses in anything other than vote the two of them out and find a replacement?

    I am here on record positing other recommendations for other areas of socio-economic discourse to the degree that many of such suggestions have been unsuccessfully copied by BOTH OF THESE INEPT PARTIES and effed up.

    I am also on record re: the ones that sell their votes and take bribes and have catgorically said that there is a group among them that are lost souls and cannot be salvaged.

    THen there are those that, not knowing better, will be led by the DBLP BUT need a champion who will lead them to a better way.

    Having made those utopian pronouncements for what is a 25 year battle, at best, and 100 years of indoctrination for the Bajan psyche, to be pragmatic, I also understand that what must be done in the immediate months prior to the general election.

    And that Enuff IS TO EMOTE THE AUDIENCE.

    Nothing else cause your fancy tak bout engages IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN 10 MONTHS OR LESS.

    That needs a much longer time and a more devoted application of time and resources that 10 second attentions spans, 7 SECONDS MORE THAN TRUNK the gold fish, can facilitate here on Barbados Underground.

    I hope that is is succinct enough for you

  41. I too marvel at the fact how we watch the power play in the USA and offer predictions and advice on the happenings and goings on as evidenced by number count on those sites.

    Those numbers do not in any way compare to the discussions held on water,oil,solar,agriculture,hyatt,QEH,etc,etc although Cahill came close.

    The red herring of morality may increase the numbers but definitely not something as mundane as the new tax being discussed presently in the house where so far only three on the govt side have spoken.

    Piece must be commended for his poster campaign in highlighting the failings of this govt but he must be aware that the majority of those going forward to face the electorate have been educated and socialised in this country the same way as the present govt members.

  42. Instead of complaining how many comments are on the trump link….what are you doing to spread information.

    When Piece posted this for me this morning, it had 6 views, I blasted it across certain parts of Europe, France, Holland and North now has 51 views….within hours.

    Stop complaining about comments, instead show what you can do, what you are doing.

  43. We all know the type of ‘morality’ Sinckler was referring too. But that dont help him nor the DLP sway voters one bit. Bajans dont let those type of issues revolving the ‘morality’ he was alluding too sway their vote.

  44. It’s comical that a supposedly intelligent man like Delisle Worrell can try to use the Judiciary to save his governorship of the Central Bank.As a former governor pointed out that position is held at the behest of the MoF…..the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.If the MoF says you gotta go,you gotta go.

  45. People on a whole are SUCKERS for politics and their snake oil salesmen. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result is madness . We deserve the government we get.

  46. A party, which at present does not even have a full slate of candidates, is telling managers to implement their policy now or risk being fired if they are elected.
    “Solutions Barbados is going to put managers on notice right now. If we are elected and they have not even started the ISO 9001 process, they will be dismissed,” he emphasized.” #solutionsisclueless#egomaniac#deluded#notmyvote

  47. Enuff February 15, 2017 at 8:24 AM #

    In this day and age all bets are off if Trump can win the WH anybody with deep pockets or access to and a twitter account can win Ilaro court.

  48. @Vincent

    That maybe true, but it doesn’t mean I should stop pointing out the igrunce. Piece bizzy here calling people Mugabe, but if that “threat” ain’t the sign of a megalomaniac I don’t know what is. dwl

  49. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    at least he is not as fustrating as the Don. lol

    Did you hear Solutions Barbados tax cut proposal ?

  50. enuff February 15, 2017 at 2:49 PM #

    We must all always speak out at the sight of ignorance and we in Bim have been given a mob-a-ton of it in the last decade.

  51. We need to break this duopoly (or segmented monopoly) of DBLP. We have to look at this sudden emergence of third parties as some of them will be nothing more than Trojan horses.

    I don’t want to be here, three or four years later, complaining about the doppelgangers of Mark and Bizzy just because we switched batteries.

  52. At some stage we have to put aside pen and paper, closed our thesauruses (or is it thesauri), get off our chairs) open our windows and shout….. “I am sick of this shit and not going to take it anymore. Tell m err what you are going to do for my children.You have already had my ass several times for free.”

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