Political Murder Around Pennsylvania Avenue

Submitted by Pachamama

AP - Founder and editor of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange,

Some weeks ago a blogger on BU asked us whether we were not afraid that the CIA station in the Caribbean may have a file on us.

That blogger seemed to have our welfare at heart. Though we place no more value on our own lives than those who are murdered for political purposes by that very agency, if protecting our lives means consigning us to the generalized cowardice which passes for modern civilization, we must demure.

A fortnight ago a former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was shot many times in Washington DC. The police seem to be suggesting robbery.

On Tuesday, low and behold, Julian Assange was reported to have said that Seth Rich was his source for the DNC’s leaked email batch. This report is still to be confirmed.

These circumstances give rise to a few possibilities. One, that Rich was punished for his alleged acts of bravery. And in that case we are to wonder who would benefit from such a political murder.Secondly, his murder just happened to be incidental to his recent departure from the DNC.

Thirdly, if reports elsewhere on the internet, that he was in fact the provider of the leaked DNC batch of email, we would then have to estimate the statistical probability of these series of events.

Yesterday, Donald Trump made another statement carrying political murder to a known level. Trump is suggesting that if Clinton were to win the elections, a gun carrying core of his second amendment constituency, may want to do something about it. To undo her election to the presidency. Maybe, he was appealing to a some type of madman, a lone wolf character.

Hillary Clinton herself, during the 2008 elections, made a similarly, thinly- veiled suggestion directed towards Barak Obama.

The truth is that political murder is a central ingredient in the culture of American politics. Why would we expect that the competition for a job to do mass murders in the name of the American people would, itself, not be characterized by political assassinations?

We need not talk about JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X and many, many more even if less well-known. Is it still to be a coincidence that the people who were caught breaking into the Watergate Hotel, the then offices of the DNC, were known to have close ties to the JFK assassination and high level access to the Nixon white house.
Everybody who runs for president seems to have, within a few degrees of separation, access to people who understand what their duty is to be when the nod is given. These ‘wet-work characters’ could have close Mafiosi connections, be professional killers, be ex-military intelligence actors, or psychopaths who just like killing. There are too many of these seeking work and are available for not much.

We are unaware whether Trump is networked into these political intrigues. However, he has a history. His father was a Hitler supporter. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center there has been a marked rise in the number and degree of violence perpetrated by White supremacist groups in the USA. The convergence of these factoids could take political murder to a new level. A level where the veil of secrecy is removed.

The staggering disconnect between mainstream media coverage and reality reminds us of Alice in Wonderland. We have almost all the networks rushing to Clinton’s aid, including the Secret Service. An organization normally shy of public interventions.Clinton who is more hawkish than Trump, by a country mile. A cold woman prepared to continue the American sponsored killings of Palestinian children through its Zionist colony, stunting their growth by the maintenance of an eight-year long hermetic seize around Gaza.

A woman prepared to use nuclear weapons as evidence of having a bigger scrotum than any man. One seeking nuclear war with Russia to satisfy the military-intelligence-industrial-complex grip on taxpayers’ money or bring the Russians to their knees, bring China to her knees. To conquer the whole world for empire.

This is the woman who has to be protected from the missives of a Trump. Not the millions of people both Clintons have killed and will continue to slaughter if she wins.

Singlehandedly, Hilary Rodham Clinton already has the world within a WW3 scenario. Her PNAC neo-conservative foreign policy, leading Obama by the nose, has destroyed Libya, smashed Syria, has Iraq in endless turmoil, brought Egypt into instability, threatens Iran and destabilized Turkey. She is the demonic queen of terrorism!

Not even the vassal states of North-Western Asia, sometimes called Europe, have been able to escape the intentions of this wicked witch from the north. Her policies have directly led to political murders, however caused, in France, in Spain, in Germany and in England.A witch who is presented to us as a loving grandmother, mother. But eminently prepared to commit political mass-murder and after a day’s work returns to her home, drenched in the blood of innocence.

Donald Trump is no less murderous. Though he has not yet had the opportunities to showcase his mass-murdering intent.

He is even more psychologically detached than the wicked witch of the north – pathological. And indeed exhibits many worrisome signs of mental illnesses. But the general argument that he would be more unsuited as a killer through the use of the nuclear arsenal is not borne out by the evidence thus far.

The central question the American people should be concerned with relates to how it has become possible for these two people to emerge as contenders for the office of murderer-in-chief. They must come to accept as truth that the culture has produced these mass-murdering Frankensteins and take urgent actions to stop the killings, at their root.

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76 Comments on “Political Murder Around Pennsylvania Avenue”

  1. de pedantic Dribbler August 14, 2016 at 6:20 PM #

    @David August 13, 2016 at 4:18 PM re “The numbers appear to be against Trump. Clinton is ahead by 6% in one of the latest polls. No candidate who has led by so many points has not been defeated since 2000.”

    Two things. The poll numbers in 2016 cannot be given the same perspective as any previous election cycle. By all natural measures, Trump should not even be considered for the White House or otherwise stated Clinton should be 20 points way ahead. As you know polling generally carries a 4 – 5 point margin of error so 6 points is basically a tie!

    Secondly, with all these hackers in the game it only takes one damaging release of private data for Clinton to be either legally indicted for wrong-doing or publicly shamed for the same and to lose on the polls.

    The polls this year provide excellent media grist but in my view are otherwise useless as real indicators of intent until the VERY final days of the campaign when everything to be released has been.

    Tangentially, last week there was a wonderful revolutionary activity little noticed.

    Bernie Sanders the leader of the democratic revolution to right the wrongs of the disadvantaged bought his third home for vacation get-ways. Likely he will be spending time there to reflect on his awesome election activism and prepare his manifesto for further change!!!!

    This is not to say that a revolutionary leader must be as poor as his constituents but it does create some interesting optics.

    But then again we have the egregious situation where a billionaire real estate developer who has never done any affordable housing projects has being anointed as the spokesman for the ‘average man’.

    Just aspects that this entire election is one continuous flow of ‘detached realism’ and nothing can be considered like those of other election cycles.!


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