Combermere Slipping!

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Combermere School

It is with great befuddlement that I write about the accomplished Combermere School. For hundreds of years this institution has produced influential citizens like the late Right Honourable David Thompson, former West Indian cricketer Rev. Wes Hall, author Sir Frank Collymore, UNESCO award winning film director and cultural historian Owen “Alik” Shahadah and President of the Senate Kerryann Ifill.

Combermere School offers an excellent music program, are the holders of countless cricketing trophies thanks to the Head of the Physical Education Department Mr. Michael Small, Mr. Roderick Estwick (cricket coach) and Mr. Michael Worrell (athletics coach). Combermere has approximately fifty-four trained teachers including one Guidance Counsellor; most of them possess bachelor degrees with at least three acquiring doctorates. However it is with great disdain that I write about this educational institution that was once rated as number three on the island and is currently failing our inquiring young minds. Let me start with the Principal who has a taken a lackadaisical approach to managing this school that is occupied by teenagers who are academically sound and street wise. Mr. Vere Parris is an invisible principal and he is definitely imperceptible during the lunch break when children are engaging in various unimaginable activities. He operates the school remotely from the confines of his air-conditioned surroundings. It is essential for Combermere School to obtain a leader as vigilant and dynamic as Mr. Vincent Fergusson (former Deputy Principal of Combermere, current Principal of Coleridge and Parry Secondary School). Mr. Parris is known as a courteous gentleman but not one who is a strong disciplinarian or a firm believer in Combermere culture even though he is a former Combermerian.

The practice of being an absentee Principal has trickled down to some of his teachers who have inherited the practice of being fifteen minutes late for forty minute classes (but of course the principal wouldn’t know unless he has a periscope), they have a reputation for not taking class registration and failing to teach lessons that are on par with the CXC syllabus and that of the other older secondary schools thereby forcing students to seek lessons elsewhere and costing parents hundreds of dollars per month. The Combermerians who are capable of gaining national awards are forced to enroll at Harrison College, Queen’s College and Barbados Community College in order to gain academic recognition. In fact, when last has Combermere even earned a Grade 1 at CAPE Level furthermore a national award? Shameful!

The teaching fraternity at Combermere School is providing little guidance, are poor facilitators and lack pastoral care for the budding leaders and pioneers of this country thus stunting their progress. Mr. Parris needs to rethink his management style recruit his vibrant, innovative, respectable teachers like Mr. Mayers and create a competitive atmosphere for students that have become somewhat lawless and undisciplined; he needs to encourage them to positively engage their creative minds and assist them in becoming worthwhile citizens and not just be able to say I went to “Cawmere.”

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  1. I’m a student at combermere and our csec and cape pass rates are usually slightly below qc and hc so besides the scholarships we are the same

  2. @David I strongly disagree

    Cs/sms varies from year to year but around the same mostly

  3. I’m also a student many children from the said st. Michaels and qc and hc enter the combermere 6th for yearly and vice versa

  4. Traditionally students with the highest marks at 11 plus opted to go to HC and QC.

    That is why students from those schools won the most Barbados Scholarships.

    What has changed ?

  5. @ Curious Onlooker

    Judging from your diction and “presence”, “Quamdiu quidem studiosus..” I would hazard that, you are close to the end of your school “life” and are a female.

    I have three questions for you

    What caused you to come here and post your questions?

    Why is the issue of position rather rank so important?

    Do any of your friends do like you do and post here?

  6. I have asked this question for many years.How come Combermere School produces some of our finest and influential citizens but hardly a Barbados Scholarship holder.One former student,an attorney at law suggested the principals and most of the teachers did not take their role seriously,did not view the attainment of a Barbados scholarship as an acceptable unit of success and therefore it was not a goal neither was part of the school’s culture.I think Combermere is like the DLP of today,going along on the success of students of former years.For a school with a 6th form since 1952,it has failed miserably compared to the outstanding scholarship still associated with the two colleges,Harrison and Queen’s.Perhaps outstanding alumni like Bishop Wood,The Very Rev Dean Harold Crichlow,Professor Keith Sandiford,economist Charles Skeete might be encouraged to give their views on the subject.

  7. @Gabriel, what more would they add to your succinct and I suggest accurate comment that: “the attainment of a Barbados scholarship…was not a goal neither was part of the school’s culture…”

    That may sound harsh to the many excellent Combermerians out there but if there are real I believe they would agree that although individual students and staff surely would have aspired to achieving that local academic Grail in any given year that the overall ethos of the school was not geared to scholarships as was HC or QC.

    Looka, the school uses to have a lot going for it re its musical departments and a strong esprit de corps and all that sort of thing.

    I well recall when that ‘Old School Ties’ (if that is the correct name) program on CBC had given the school such a positive spin that desire to send kids there was ‘off the charts’. Unfortunately for them that then fell off precipitously in later years and so too has the other strong traditions (so it seems).

    But to be a scholarship winning school you have to live and breath that diligence. As you said the leaders at Cawmere never seemed to have that as an overarching focus.

    They turned out some great citizens though (and a few scoundrels).

  8. pieceuhderockyeahright I stumbled across the post and it interested me is there a problem
    And yes the rank is important to me

  9. @ Curious Onlooker

    It is not a problem.

    De ole man does just like to understand what makes young minds like yours tick when you go upstream agains the current of the norm to venture here and to post your questions.

    You do know that you may be one of the few in your age group who (i) came to this article AND POSTED and (ii) continued to engage the Blogmaster

    There is a thing about us old people who, in seeing young minds that are curious and are more than onlookers, want to find out why because as our generation dies, we wish to have young, agile minds inherit AND CARRY ON.

    It is no problem at all, it is a welcome encounter

  10. It is obvious to me that there are about 50 students a year who study enough and are bright enough to get a Barbados Scholarship.

    It just happens that HC and QC probably have 40 of those students.

    It is also likely that there are more teachers at HC and QC willing to put in extra work to get the best out of their students.

    A Barbados scholarship is is the result of a combination of quality teaching and students who are gifted and driven to obtain the best marks possible.

  11. @ Curious Onlooker

    You sit in the calss with the others.

    What do you think is the root cause of this application or lack thereof among your peers?

    What causes this spurt of achievement and this laxness in your opinion??

  12. @Hants I agree

    But I still belive that most students at st. Michaels qc hc and combermere work similarly and are capable of achieving similar results besides the 10-20 from hc or qc who get scholarships yearly most of the other children work in similar levels to each other

  13. pieceuhderockyeahright the problem is the teachers and the students some teachers put in little effort and some students put in little effort

  14. @ Curious

    Six of one half dozen of the other.

    What, beyond the Ministry of education failing to effect a continuous evaluation of their teaching stock, would you recommend?

    For the students, more than the teachers? Was, and is, there anything that could be done to salvage them?

  15. @the scout June 11, 2012 at 9:56 PM “Cawmere should have taken a leaf out of C.P’s book, 2 P.M’s, 2 Gov’s Central Bank, 2 G.G’s,including the present one, an anglican Bishop, most secondary schools headed by former C.P students, the manager of the BWA, a large number of present and past P.S’s in govenment cricketers, like Keith Boyce, Courtney Browne, both of whom represented the W.I.
    In addition Colridge and Parry also produced the Chancellor of the University of the West Indies Sir Hilary Beckles.

    Big up Coleridge and Parry.

  16. I believe if teachers were stricter on the handing in off assignments and attending class on time etc we would be better off I also think students should try @harderpieceuhderockyeahright

  17. Simple
    The discussion was about the performance of Combermere at the level of scholarship winners compared to HC and QC

  18. @ Curious

    The reason was not too hard, it was based on consistent results

    Harrison interchangeably
    St Michaels
    And then Foundation Combermere and Lodge

    It is interesting that you gave this insight into the teacher student dynamic.

    Generally a student will never say that a teacher needs to be stricter it is generally the other way

    Some officials should look into this frank remark coming from a curious student

  19. ” thereby forcing students to seek lessons elsewhere and costing parents hundreds of dollars per month. ”

    Is the writer aware that students from every school, including Harrison’s and Queen’s, have lessons?

    In fact, St.Leonard’s is well renowned for the HC and Queen’s students filling there on Saturdays receiving guidance on science subjects.

    Where do you think those national awards come from?

    Those children who get the scholarships and exhibitions, plenty-plenty lessons.

    Another thing you need to consider further, albeit briefly mentioned.

    Where did those award winners spend their first five years to CXC?

    Many did not come from HC and Queens’, but gained access there by high quality CSEC results, from other schools.

    Many from HC and Queens did not shine like others who went on to sixth form.

    There is no magic in HC and Queens. The students with the best academic results are filtered out first at Common Entrance and then again at CSEC entry requirements (or competition) to CAPE level / sixth form.

    And then, plenty of lessons, ALL of them.

    What of those who did not make the cut to the sixth forms? Did HC and Queens do them justice?

    One must be careful with conclusions and not cherry pick the easiest low hanging fruit.

    Food for thought.

  20. Well said Crusoe.

    In any case, what is the magic in the scholarship? what is the legacy of those who have won them over the years?
    Are they now the movers and shakers of the country?

    The damn scholarship is just another status symbol ..won by sacrificing 5 years to memorising hoards of shiite data, largely by rote… and then regurgitating it in a few exams…
    You can expect that the statistical set of students blessed with excellent (photographic) memory will excel…
    How many win scholarship in CREATIVE studies in areas that can ADVANCE the country in critical developmental areas like leadership? entrepreneurship, business development?

    How many of them even return to live and contribute in the damn country?

    All that this ‘scholarship’ shiite has done is distracted us from the REAL measure of the value of education – causing us to misdirect billions of dollars into wasteful nonsense, while giving successive ministers of education occasion to come on TV talking the usual roll…

    Another point…
    What is this shiite Jones now talking about a ‘bill of rights’ for students?
    This man head good?
    What is he saying about the quality of principals in our schools …if it is necessary to have a policy from the Ministry in order to ensure that any student who is accused of an offence ‘gets a fair hearing’…?
    …and are the Principals deaf and dumb to allow themselves to be so defamed?
    …or perhaps – is he correct that most principals are incompetent JAs who need to be guided that they must listen to all sides BEFORE deciding issues?

    If Jones is right, then we may need to bring in some foreign educators – like we did in the early days when education actually made sense…. starting with a MoE….


    • The bottomline is about what ordinary folk on the street believe and it is Combermere has been slipping from grace and it has little to do with winning scholarships. St. Michaels has fill the slot left vacant by Combermere.

      On 14 October 2015 at 10:44, Barbados Underground wrote:


  21. @Bush Tea October 14, 2015 at 6:44 AM #

    Well said above,you may truly be a fellow Cawmerian

    hmmm……..ah had mah doubts due to some of your illogic over time.

  22. @David, to your point about St. Michaels if you talk to any of your St. Michael’s old scholar friends from the Pat Symmonds years and the periods thereafter they would argue with you that Combermere got the attention because of their 6th form.

    They would stress that they were better then too!

    Not a argument I would engage really because there are few metrics to advance one side or other and only if anecdotally maybe the girls could win their case.

    @Crusoe, although it is perfectly correct that , “the students with the best academic results are filtered … at CSEC entry requirements (or competition) to CAPE level / sixth form” wouldn’t it also be relevant to ask WHY most of the sharper tacks wanted to attend their 6th form studies at those two schools rather than at Combermere or Lodge??

    And @ Mr Bush Tea, all you say re photo brainiacs and non-elevating the country rings true but gives but one side of the coin.

    Surely you cannot know what impact those scholars have had for Barbados in opening paths for other Bajans in academia or industry across the globe. Nor what they have done to assist their homeland from the posts they have attained.

    Didn’t the powers that be institute other ‘scholarship’ options to respond to your criticism of not only recognizing hard science fields.

    There will always be very smart people and all of us who lose the competition with them may feel put out but surely that does not mean that they need be vilified.

    Enjoy them as we can enjoy a Brian Lara or Usain Bolt. Similarly talented. And worked just as hard to hone their physical skills as the others they academic skills.

    And as the young person pointed on on the blog: after we move pass the top 1% winners there is a larger group of solid students below. The ones who over the years also go on to major success and achievement in society.

    I get your overall point but not the displeasure with how to honour success with competitive tests.

  23. Perhaps then it’s happenstance that our Premiers/Prime Ministers of substance and form were educated at Harrison(not Harrison’s)College.Both Adams,Cummins,Barrow,St John,Sandiford and Arthur were/are alumni.Then came disaster Thompson and now the worst of all Stuart.Go figure.Fa doh just ain’t good enough to make the grade.

  24. Good parents, bright “disciplined” students, good teachers and extra lessons will produce potential Barbados Scholarship winners.

  25. @David, or is it that your ‘present’ has too short a yard stick! LOL.

    What did some wag say about our history…in the now famous modern jargon: if we don’t know it, then we don’t know our known unknowns.

    This debate you have generated here was prevalent when I was a school boy and certainly when I was closely affiliated to St. Michael and Foundation and HC and Combermere old scholars and that whole ting.

    It is amusing to see you make that remark about present vs past .

    @Gabriel, that is a good one! Fah truth it look dred since the HC boys step off, doesn’t it.

    But I raise you a $100 re HARP, Drug invasion in country, Corruption fah days. The HC boys prepare the wicket real proper. So wha good will it do to put another one back not.

    Time for someone else completely. And not the QC girl either.

    We tried the supposed stars so now time to try the best. Period.

  26. Back in the day when I was attending secondary school, there was a popular belief that school were paired or listed in a particular order. It was HC and QC; Combermere and St. Michael’s, Lodge, CP and Alexandra; Foundation, Alleyne and the other schools came in as 9, 10, jack.

    I endorse David’s comments that “Combermere has been slipping from grace and it has little to do with winning scholarships.”

    However, we must remember that, while some Combermerians opted to attend BCC to complete their “A” levels and CAPE, students from other secondary schools, such as Alexandra and CP, were given the opportunity to attend Combermere’s sixth form for TWO YEARS to undertake similar studies.

    As such, consideration must be given to the fact that those students, after spending 5 or 6 years at their respective schools, each with a different “culture”, they spend two years at Combermere readjusting themselves to that school’s “culture”.

    But despite anything, in MY OPINION, Combermere is the best school in Barbados. And I’m sure that others would have a similar opinion of their schools.

    Perhaps we should take the scholarship issue out of the equation and examine what students of the school have been able to achieve for themselves and their contributions to the development of Barbados.

  27. @David, don’t misunderstand my point. I do not disagree with your contention about current status but I am explaining that what you are experiencing now is the eruption of a bubbling volcano years in the making.

    I said above Combermere has excellent traditions and achievements – the list is long.

    You are chronicling – or rather the author who wrote this piece some while back – a phenomenon that is NOT new.

    Two points David.

    —- Some would argue that under Symmonds and her successors that St. Michael was in fact ‘better’ during that same period than their sister school under Moore, Pilgrim et al.

    —-When Parris took over, after his first year the hue and cry of Combermere’s demise was well on the way.

    You are now indicating that there is a veritable eruption of discontent. Ok, NP.

    I am positing it was there for quite a while. That’s how it seemed to me as one who paid close attention back then.

    @Artax, based on your commentary you certainly must be aware then that the phenomena of new entrants to 6th form started at Combermere as far back as the 1970s. That in itself has actually been quite good for the school based on reports over the years.

    And as was said previously the Waterford institution was never truly focused on scholarships.

  28. Incidentally, I can be corrected on the fact of the entrance to new entrants to 6th form. It might have been 1969 when the first students came in. Not sure.

  29. @ David
    You are a gallows bait…

    You keep on with this ‘Combermere slipping’ theme… when you full well know that you want to talk about the poor LEADERSHIP in the school system…. the PRINCIPALS of the various schools largely determine the quality of education during their tenure..

    Of late, the jackasses in the MoE have been playing Russian roulette with the appointment of principals – with the CLEAR intent of ‘keeping them in line’…

    AS A DIRECT RESULT, we get sissies, lackies and ass-lickers being appointed …and then being MICRO-MANAGED by the super-jackasses in the Ministry….. all like the mop-headed joker.

    Do you remember the Alexandra matter…?
    What has been done to make sure that such a fiasco will not be repeated?

    What is the official status with Jeff Broomes? – a Principle that REFUSES to be micro-managed?
    You think that Perkins does mek sport? ..THAT is why St. Michaels saying a lot now…
    when he and the Ministry fall out and they move him, …or he retires – DOG DEAD!

    This shiite that Jones is on about a “charter of students’ rights” … which essentially says that the Principals are incompetent JAs and need to be told how to deal with student discipline in minute detail… speaks a lot about the attitudes that prevail in the MoE…

    Boss … The REAL solution to education in Barbados is to fire EVERYONE in the MoE ..except for the telephone operator who is needed to refer all callers to the appropriate Principal…

    Stop pulling punches man David…. 🙂
    …think Bushie born this century…?

  30. David, time to break out a new education blog. I did promise to drop some stats – which are indicative of ethnic issues and US based, but still tell a story that Bajans must grasp; or maybe they know too well already – but none of the blogs were really relevant enough.

    This one is too ‘parochial’ though education related.

  31. @ Bush Tea.

    You said “…How many win scholarship in CREATIVE studies in areas that can ADVANCE the country in critical developmental areas like leadership? entrepreneurship, business development?…”

    Like you, I really doan care much about all the fluff (that De Ingrunt Word talk bout?) relative to the measurement of the impact of these bright menses and wummens and the commensurate metrics.

    It doan really matter how many Steinbox’s we gots in Canada, nor how many Bajans was did de head of IICA or FAO, or now which politician who brandish she cutlass at de white peeples, Lis Thompson, serving pun such and such a International Committee…

    Whu is really important and whu we is always missing Bruddah Bush Tea is whu you saying simple and plain…

    Whu all dat BVHKVNTERY translate into fuh Bukbados??

    NOT one ball of jobby!!

    Yet we are very proud to say that “we Prime Minister WAS an island dis and a Cheverley dat, and graduated from de Temples Inn wid dis…” all hot air blown up ones bald pooch

    But we like dat doah…

  32. @pieceuhderockyeahright ,

    Contributions by Bajans in the Diaspora should be treated as a bonus.

    What Barbados needs is to fix the problems at home.

    “THE ADMIRED LONGEVITY of Barbadians could turn out to be a curse for the elderly as they face a possible future filled with high medical bills, not enough room in geriatric hospitals and limited, if any, assistance from Government.”

    Then there is this “This meant, said Sir Frank, that Latin Capital Fund 1, while still common shareholders, now had special rights because while they were involved BHL could not issue any further shares without their permission.”

    wtf is wrong with Bajans? How can so many bright educated people do so much sheet!

  33. @Pieces, that’s fair comment. But I believe you also wrote on these pages some time back (and correct me if I am wrong) that while in US you interacted with events related to old scholars activities of your alma mater.

    Did they emerge out of thin air or were they based on fellows who had come to the US of A from your school who paved a way that when others arrived there was some little slice of a helping hand. And who over the years assisted in that school music program; instrument for Cadet band, back in the day etc etc.

    How many kids sat in a school hall and received a speech day prize from some person or persons associated with such far away individuals.

    And when Tank Williams or Bumpy Moore or Joe Physics Smith back then or any of the current crop send off an epistle to an old boy or girl ‘over in a away’ to organize something for a student heading off and some other such request you just dismiss ‘all that as fluff.

    Life is always stranger than fiction they say…just as my REALITY is a lot different from yours!

    Talk yah talk…More power to you my brother.

  34. I am always amazed when we start to see Barbados as some special entity because of its size. It’s amusing.

    Just as ‘the skulls and bones’ was a fraternity of which Pres Bush was a member and which no doubt helps its frat brothers meander through life – often to the top – the impact of Bajans across the globe is and can be used similarly.

    THAT has nothing to do with lack of creativity or scholarly achievement in Barbados currently.

    And no Pieces name calling or position identification is not the point. It is the coat-tail effect that’s important.

    If you are saying that the Steinboks or Thompsons or Alleynes don’t or never did that then you are right. It is just fluffy talk.

    However, that is not my experience with others.

  35. @ David the Blogmaster

    We were on the same track hahahaha.

    It was a heartening encounter while it lasted

    I wondered if the IP was “real” and in a way you confirmed that

    I also wondered how to “make it last”

    Let the ole man suggest this.

    “From the Eyes of Our School Kids” a specail area for our “locked on youth”

    1] Own area for them alone (age minimum)
    2] Topics for them to remark on e.g. Issues in School, Teacher Interactions, Violence in Schools, Racism through their eyes, How do they see Politicians, teenage pregnancy
    3] Limited Scope Engagement of Adults i.e. limit on our words or number of sentences [deleted if we go over], any adult in their IT corner CANNOT CURSE IN THAT CORNER [which means that I get banned]

    They can “come out” and mingle with us, at will, but barring viewing, UNLESS we have been invited in, we cannot “go in”.

    Give them a prize based on [1] persistency [2] likes [3] content

    GET DIGICEL OR the big boys here to “sponsor” that Corner with a Tablet or S4 phone or something

    Encourage good governance and community awareness among youth.

    Make it a proactive approach

    Go to our big up schools and push it with the Debating Society

    4] They alone have the right to invite any one of us to their corner Only valid invitations will permit we ole peeps to participate
    5] we cannot use big words and must keep it simple and stupid

    We need the Young Bloods we have to meet them in their mind spaces and make them appropriately aware

  36. I am putting on the table for consideration we return to single sex schools at primary and secondary level.Back to Up Boys(fa-doh)Harrison for boys,Queen’s for girls.St Mich for girls,split Foundation again,Lodge for boys,Alleyne for girls,CP boys,Alexra girls.Girls especially at secondary level tangling with the boys’ heads.At primary its another story but its frightening if you hear the principals’ experiences at primary.

  37. Hants
    What are your forecasts for Monday’s Federal elections in Canada.Trudeau or Harper?Nuff ‘o we bajans got children and family there.

  38. @ Gabriel

    De ole man agree with you 101% it is a failed experiment which disadvantaged already faltering males who jes unnerstanding whu de boy part does do and trying to get it jine wid girl parts.

    The lower head ruling the upper head where the one that wants to get empty is ruling the one that is empty and needs to get full.

  39. Word is:
    Trudeau,pro pot,pro choice,untested,pro rich,pro privileged
    Harper,pro jewish,pro US,pro monarchy,pro tax the top,pro middle/working class,economist,experienced in government.

  40. I am sure the teachers will be working hard to come up with “solutions”

    “FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, is Teachers’ Professional Day, and principals and teachers have been encouraged to plan activities for their own self-development “

  41. Good evening

    I agree that combermere is not what it used to be @David and others but I will Co tinge to stress the fact that the whole education system is not as good it used to be and I don’t believe combermere is below st. Michaels I believe it’s ranked similarly.

    When I set common entrance persons who entered combermere gained similar are slightly more marks to those who went to sms

    I will consider sharing the sight with my school friends

  42. So do you all have statistics of grades etc at st.Michaels and Cs and qc/hc or is it just here say and perception

  43. Good point Curious.What do the stats say?Its a closely guarded secret and information that taxpayers have been asking for for years and years.BU has already encouraged you to share the site and to comment on your experiences.Welcome.

  44. @ Gabriel,

    No. It was former Liberal Party leader and PM Paul Martin.

    Word is that Harper and the Conservatives are opposed to tax havens.

  45. Hants
    Ok.Harper was once a Lib and subsequently broke away and joined a few other parties before settling down with the ProCons.His record of leadership should be a factor to be considered as opposed to Justin who seem to be gaining traction largely on Pierre Elliot’s name and popularity.Quebec might be a factor in the outcome.

  46. Combermere isn’t slipping its already slipped the school’s best days are long gone when a buffoon in the form of Reverend Morris is on staff don’t anticipate exceptionalism. Combermere’s hold out from its halcyon is cricket. It continues to dominate that sport at youth level. A dedicated cricket coach a luxury its counterparts don’t have give it a leg up.

    Its academic performance is ordinary with institutions like QC, HC, Lodge, Foundation, Deighton Griffith and St. Michael’s recording better results than the notorious Cawmere. The puerile clan antics of Cawmarians leave alumni of other schools puzzled and amused. With sixth forms established at St. Michael’s, Springer, Foundation, St. Leonard’s with CP, Alexandra upcoming the dye is cast for the former University of Waterford.

  47. Curious
    The 2 colleges are still very popular choices in the CE as well as holding their own in final results.Cmere seem to be less popular and sms appear to be rising in its place.In the absence of hard data we cannot be sure if impressions are misleading.What is known is that using scholarship/exhibition awards as yardsticks to compare the 4 oldest 6th form schools,HC and QC have over time consistently won their fair share with BCC getting a toehold in recent years.Cmere as seen here is not sending out winners and in that respect is a let down to its alumni.We know Lodge never recovered its former reputation since its demise in the 70/80’s.How do you see it?

  48. Lol @gabriel I think it’s just perception who knows I 10_20 years st.Michaels maybe up for discussion and what was lodge like in the 70s/80s and before

  49. @Curious onlooker October 14, 2015 at 8:05 PM “When I set common entrance…”

    Sat NOT set

    @Curious onlooker October 14, 2015 at 8:05 PM “I will consider sharing the sight with my school friends.”

    Site NOT sight

  50. @ Simple Simon

    Fools rush in where angels fear to thread…

    Thar you go agin jes like Barry barrelling through…

    Belligerent of any overall purpose, jes try to show your teaching skills…

    You think that the lawyer Gabriel and all the rest of us walking Thesaurii were not aware of the homonyms?

    The idea oh wise one beyond your years was to see how to court a faction that is blatantly absent from the venue

    We ole donkeys seem somehow to have missed the pint (purposely mispelt to prove the point)

    Thou donkey, newest replacement for the other banned donkey, the very sentence carried the sentiment that is being aggressively pursued but with your usual blinkered vision, you jump in and effect the verbal assault.

    Well done!!

  51. @Curious, actually if you take away the emotion you may accept that Corporal’s remarks loudly proclaim exactly what is wrong at Combermere and by extension our education system.

    Consider his remark that: “It continues to dominate that sport at youth level. A dedicated cricket coach a luxury its counterparts don’t have give it a leg up.”

    If you accept that as being mostly correct and then ask older heads about the time of James Millington who filled a similar role as a violin instructor and music teaching maestro at your beloved school, you will appreciate that the critique offers the alpha and omega of the problem:

    ——– Purpose, will, determination and hard-work fueled with eager youth and most importantly excellent leaders with the skill, fortitude and disciplinary intent to create stars.

    That Curious is what is missing at your institution.

    Why have your leaders not sought to replicate the same ethos as that of the cricket program and like the music team before that?

    Some of the other institutions certainly use the same process across their ENTIRE school.

    And @Corporal, generally one ‘buffoon’ cannot shift exceptional people from their path. Any grouse you have with the man is likely irrelevant to the school’s rise or fall.

  52. Cmere excelled as Ingrunt pointed out in Music thanks to the teaching and training skills of Jimmy Millington; Cricket thanks to the teaching and training skills of West Indies pace bowler Frank King and batsmanship by Ronnie Hughes and his advisers;Hockey thanks to the teaching and training skills of Jack Adams.I agree again with Ingrunt’s QED.Put this same discipline and keen sticktoitiveness and Cmere will place its name on history’s page like any other school will,using the same approach.

  53. I would question the cricket assertion @Gabriel. Yes the school did ‘excel’ there too but in terms of absolute ‘competitive advantage’ certainly the school did not ‘dominate’ the school league back in the heyday when HC and Lodge were also in 1st Div (as far as I read, anyhow).

    In the other areas they certainly were quite dominant as memory and readings guide me. But as has been championed here, ‘change’ is vital. So as the other schools have now gained their 6th form independence we need to continue to revisit the entire educational system.

    Your earlier call for a return to single sex schools is a tough call for me although I readily appreciate the problems that modification caused.

    But in light of this 180 change back to the 6th form within schools and away from the Com College collective then maybe that too should be reexamined. I say somewhat because as I recall Maj. Barker at Foundation and his counterparts at St. Michael, CP and Alexandra’s were always seeking that privilege.

    Incidentally I would actually leave our two best schools (HC and QC) as co-ed – they will continue to perform admirably regardless and there is much to be said about interfacing with members of the opposite sex at an early age .

    The realignment starts with the others back to their former selves at lower school. Coed would still be allowed at the CAPE level.

    If for no other reason a realignment is needed so that other schools have some semblance of a chance to wrest the annual athletics’ prize away from Springer (LOLLL). Talk about dominance!

  54. The best way to improve secondary schools is to drastically improve the standards in Primary schools.

    Doan have to read n spell fuh wunna.

  55. Simple Simon October 15, 2015 at 12:35 AM #

    @The Corporal October 14, 2015 at 10:15 PM “the dye is cast.”

    Die NOT dye.

    Correct you are Simple S a typo got in the way of Julius Caesar’s famous words, lol. Are you one of those runt height Cawmarians with their head near to their anus like Arttaxass?

  56. Re-posting for the fa dohs(up boys)who might visit:Kathleen Noott,widow of the Major died earlier this week,age 99.They both maintained very close links with their treasured boys to the end.

  57. @David those rankings are not right qc is higher than hc cp is way higher than Dwight on st. Michaels is the same aspace combermere
    Those are just some of the things I corrected

  58. The minister of education said statistics are available about cxc results over theat few years based on each school also cape statistics are available

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