Eggbert Egg -an Innovative Children’s Book

eggbert1It seems there is a consensus among key stakeholders in the education sector changes are required to the our education system. We have become long winded about how the changes should be implemented -we note that Minister of Education Ronald Jones does not agree. A good point of entry –BU suggests – is to implement change at the primary level as soon as possible.

How do we mold behaviours in our children to practice a healthy lifestyle for example. This is very important when confronted with the frightening label that Barbados has one of the highest non communicable disease rates in the world.

Against the foregoing the BU household is pleased to introduce the book Eggbert Egg Fulfils his Destiny. The book was created by Alex and Laura Weetch with input from their daughter Oliva. Alex  has Bajan lineage!

Here is the Weetch’ note to BU:-

Why did we create it?

There’s so much unhealthy food out there that undoes all the effort parents put into teaching their children about healthy eating, that we decided to try to be part of the solution.

What does it solve for families?

Our story gives parents a fun way to teach their children about healthy eating from day one. It shows kids where food comes from and how good food let’s them do amazing things.

How you can help

We’d love if you could help a Bajan family share their lovely children’s book with other families just like us.

Please watch our Launch Film to find out more:

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter Launch Film –

And the Press/Media Kit on our website

What else is interesting about our book?

  1. We are donating books to children in need all over the world through our partnership with the World Literacy Foundation who help lift children out of poverty through literacy.
  2. We’ve spent 3 years writing, illustrating and perfecting it using our daughter Olivia’s growing imagination as our guide. She’s been our Chief Editor! What she liked stayed; what she didn’t, didn’t.

What’s the story about?

Eggbert Egg is an exciting tale of one special egg’s pursuit of happiness. We follow Eggbert, from farm to plate, on a journey filled with fun and adventure, learning about where food comes from and why healthy eating is so important.

Success to date

It’s all going really well. We are over 67% funded (nearly $13K AUD) and in the top 5-10 children’s books on Kickstarter globally!

Thanks for getting in touch and in advance for any support you can give us. It’s not about the money for us, we will break even at best. We just hope you might spare a thought for a dad and mum-preneur duo pursuing a dream and working 24/7 to make it a reality.

Back our book on Kickstarter


  • Healthy eating cost money and you better believe it because one has just to venture to health food section of any grocery store in any part of the world and test this hypothesis. And eating fast-food isn’t necessarily a bad thing once you teach children how to eat in moderation. What you need to teach kids most of all is portion control because I know of people who claimed to be healthy eaters, but are still overweight because their lack of understanding regarding portion control. And finally, if possible we have to inculcate to our young people the need to avoid foods with too much salt and sugar which from medical research claims to contribute to the epidemic of diabetes and hypertension in Caribbean people of African extraction.


  • Unhealth Foods

    Some have the erroneous notion that fast- food is all there is to unhealth eating, and though fast-food because of the nature in which it is prepared can contribute to conditions such as: obesity and obesity can lead to hypertension, diabetes, high-cholesterol, and various types of cancers. We cannot ignore the fact that Barbadians have and still continue to consume foods with a high starch contntent. And over the years of consuming these high starchy foods such: English and sweet potatoes, yams, cassava and so forth, these high starchy foods have a tendency to overwork the pancreas- causing it to produce less insulin which ultimately leads to diabetes.


  • Georgie Porgie

    If he was still here would have reinforced what I am saying regarding healthier eating, and that is Portion-Control has ought, must and should be empathized with a focused effort. Because eating in moderation is the secret to healthier eating and a long healthier life.


  • Sorry emphasized!


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