The Hissing Tongue of the Serpent

Submitted by Terence Blackett


How So-Called Knowledgeable Christians Corrupt & Debase Good Morals by Virulent Speech, Hatred of Others & Self-Opinionated Plaudits of Self-Righteousness

“Reprove a fool and he will hate you – rebuke a wise man and he will love you” – Proverbs 9:8

Aristotle – Greek philosopher believed that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Some would beg to differ strongly with this opinion. CHRIST said unequivocally, “For where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be also.” (Matt 6:21) Socrates, also a Greek philosopher opined: “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think” – something many can agree on. The BIBLE in Luke 6:24 says: “The [intrinsically] good man produces what is good and honourable and moral out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart; and the [intrinsically] evil man produces what is wicked and depraved out of the evil [in his heart]; for his mouth speaks from the overflow of his heart.” So mouth and heart are inextricably linked – showing what’s really inside the human person.

In today’s world, “It takes courage to stand up for what’s right – it takes even more to do it in LOVE.” In a piece entitled “When Did Christians Get So Mean?” the author cites some very important truisms which only those suffering from ‘denial-phobia’ would venture to reject! For it’s virtually impossible to get real consensus today on even the basics!

Plato – another Greek philosopher opined: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” However, Scripture reveals how the river of the heart flows as the “tongue also is a fire, a world of wickedness among the parts of the body. It pollutes the whole person, sets the course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” (James 3:6) And although the battles of life, as Solomon cites, sees “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all” (Ecclesiastes 9:11) yet the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. (Matt 24:13) Thus the collective journey for us all remains part of a spiritual movement (either shared or divided) as we choose to see fit.

Aristotelian wisdom recognized: “I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over the self” – for he felt that “It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Scripture is clear as well in (Galatians 5:24-25): “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.”

In the Pre-Socratic School of Stoic Greek philosophy, led by Epictetus, believed that “You count yourself to be but an ordinary thread in the tunic. You ought to think how you can be like other men, just as one thread does not wish to have something special to distinguish it from the rest: but I want to be the purple, that touch of brilliance which gives distinction and beauty to the rest. Why then do you say to me, ‘Make yourself like unto the many?’ If I do that, I shall no longer be the purple.” Paul the Apostle in a Biblical adjunct to the argument reminds us that we are “ALL MEMBERS” of One Body! For “the body is a unit, though it is comprised of many parts. And although its parts are many, they all form one body. So it is with Christ”. (1 Cor. 12:12; 27)

Pericles (another Greek orator & statesman) cited that – “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” These philosophical tenets and principles are all borrowed from the foundational principals etched within the Sacred Walls of The Scriptures and can be found out only with careful, tireless investigation.

In Cor. 1:22 “The Jews ask for signs, and the Greeks seek wisdom.” Solomon like his predecessors, recognized that “The tongue of the WISE* makes knowledge appealing, but the mouth of a FOOL* belches out foolishness. (Proverbs 15:2) No wonder then, Plutarch, (another Greek historian, biographer & essayist) saw that “Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks” – for God has given men the wonder, beauty & space to enjoy the plaudits of aesthetic knowledge, cosmic science, living faith and “POWERFUL GOOD WORKS”. This is what life should entail. For even Solomon, at the lowest ebb of his life (spiritually) gave his heart over to understand the metaphysics behind “MADNESS & FOLLY” having received from the inspired fountain of wisdom and knowledge but like all who lose their way, end up bastardizing their human experiences upon the altar of pagan idolatry.

Yet “there is nothing new under the sun!” (Ecc. 1:9)

The pretext of all that we are witnessing today echoes back to that bygone age when according to the Biblical text – Eve (the mother of all created human beings) opened up herself to the hissing sophistry of the Serpent (for its words were almost MUSICK to her ears) – then falling prostrate into the subterfuge of that wily deception, she became fodder for the arch-villainous spirit of rebellion; loosed to ravage her mind with thoughts, suggestions and words which contravened the PURE, inimitable Word of The Creator God. And yet somehow, men still believe that they will not be “JUDGED” for their words, thoughts or actions (though vile and wretched they be).

Science believes that the tongue of the (SERPENT) was deliberately split (FORKED) so that through its sensory mechanisms, it would know the direction in which to move, based on its evaluation of the chemical particles on either side of its forked tongue, given the differentiation between the chemical levels on the right as against the left, with both working together to create an evolutionary process of synthesis. This is why the Scriptures are clear that “SATAN” (the wily Serpent) and his ministers can transform themselves as angels of light and ministers of righteousness for the express purpose of deceiving the blind and undiscerning – for The Bible says: “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness…” (2 Cor. 11:13-15)

These are hard words – who can bear them? (John 6:60)

We must be true to who we are. We cannot live as two different versions of ourselves, hoping that nothing bad would come of it. For just recently, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “PRIVATE” & “PUBLIC” positions were laid bare through WIKILEAKS, pushing her lack of moral debenture to that of the “FORK-TONGUE” Serpent – reinforcing that age-old Adamic EVIL which seems to have even greater resonance now than ever before.

Seneca – (Roman philosopher, statesman, dramatist, & humourist) cited in 41 AD, when he was banished to the island of Corsica, after being accused of adultery by Emperor Claudius, that “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” This “ACID” Seneca speaks of, began with the son of Adam called Cain who killed his brother – first with his tongue, then with the animus of his physical might! In the aftermath of his vitriol and then violent murder – he defiantly exclaimed: “AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER?” This “MARK OF CAIN” has followed men right down to our time, where in the simple, petulant affairs of life – to quote the words of Heraclitus: “Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become.”

When the Scriptures speak, it oftentimes is speaking to the person and to the “Personage” influencing the person who is speaking! When Christians speak, regardless of whether they are in their own homes with their families or in open secular or religious forums – their words must be seasoned with salt. The Scriptures in Philippians 4:8 reminds us that “Whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

Pastor Chuck Baldwin echoes similar sentiments to those within the hearts of many virtuous Christians who see the changing tide of Christianity becoming more and more sinister and austere – mirroring that wretched time during the “DARK AGES” when Dominican & Jesuit prelates & friars had men burned at the stake for dissent, at the behest of the state apparatus for religious or social abnegation.

Pastor Baldwin’s contextualization is spot on: “Angry, self-willed, rebellious, hate-filled Christians are not only a curse to their pastor and church; they are a curse to liberty itself. They are doing the Devil’s work of subverting the work of God (including the work of liberty) within the church and, therefore, within the community and country. Sitting home and sending out a barrage of hate-filled emails (LET ME INCLUDE TWEETS, FACEBOOK THREADS & ANY VIRTUAL MESSAGE) is doing NOTHING to restore liberty. Hate will NEVER win hearts and minds. And that’s what’s happening: we are losing the war for the hearts and minds. And one of the biggest reasons we are losing this war is because we have supplanted and destroyed the one position that is most necessary to winning the war for the hearts and minds: the courageous and inspired patriot pulpit.” One can also safely include or add the rancour of social mediazation and its virulent effects on the state of social & religious consciousness within internet forums!

Thus in polarized western, so-called Christian democracies (i.e. AmeriKKKa, Europe, Canada, OZ, & NZ), it is almost impossible for Christians to have any meaningful dialogue on any substantive issue, whether political, sociological, scientific , monetary or religious – without tempers flaring, innuendoes being slung about and verbal Molotov cocktails being hurled in disgust over the opinions of another. Yet these are the same FOLKS* who believe they can reach and teach “INFIDELS” the Scriptures by the “LETTER” of the LAW* and not by the “SPIRIT” of It.

What base and deceptive hypocrisy!

Pastor Baldwin believes the reason why modern Christians have become so mean and nasty is due in part to a number of factors – however, he states that: “Without the undergirding principles of Law and Love, there can be no RIGHTEOUS indignation. Hatred and bitterness against evil is meaningless without Love and Affection for Righteousness. And if Christian people are filled with hatred and bitterness against the most fundamental spiritual principles of truth and honor within the church (and tons of them are), how in the name of common sense can we expect the world around us to successfully engage in something as complex as political liberty within a nation? Without the undergirding principles of Law and Love, there can be no approbation of Heaven. And without the approbation of Heaven, there can be no lasting liberty.”

In the virtual world of cyberspace, where most live in the 21st century, every aspect of modern life (BANKING, MEDICAL SERVICES, ACADEMIA & even WAR) is fought at the touch of a button from an armchair of distanciation. Relationships are formed or NOT in this virtual world of intrigue. Even many knowledgeable Christians who possess skill and understanding in The Word of God are somehow socially and morally vacuous when it comes to the finer “VIRTUES” in life when dealing with opponents. The on-going, prevailing mythologization of the “RUM-SHOP” enculturated mindset takes precedence over the transformative work that “MUST” be done by THE HOLY SPIRIT in the heart – subduing the base, carnal, animalistic passions which tend to over-ride even common-sense and reason when dealing with other individuals in the domain of cyberspace – given that we do not even know our so-called opposition from a hole in the wall. As a result, Christians have become like a barrel of crabs – all fighting each other and the rest with incendiary language, barbarous “BARBS” and an effluent of vitriolic jibes intent on creating the maximum amount of carnage in its wake.

What blissful FOLLY!

In a final citation from Pastor Baldwin, I believe hits the nail on the head: “What is missing from the hearts and minds of so many professing patriots (Christians and otherwise) is old-fashioned humility. We refuse to hold ourselves accountable. We refuse to be taught. We know it all. We are never wrong. And if we are, we would never admit it. We refuse to submit to lawful authority. Bull-headed, stubborn, SELF-RIGHTEOUS people who are totally unqualified to fight a freedom fight. They don’t even understand the meaning of the word freedom, much less understand how to wage a righteous, disciplined, and honourable fight to preserve or reclaim it…” The Bible states: “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” (Micah 6:8) [Cited from

In conclusion, we live in a world of myriad views on life. Whether it is God, science, money or politics – you name it! One thing should remain sacrosanct – RESPECT for others, regardless of their views, opinions or held beliefs. All the more so, because we have come down to a time as Richard Jewell says when “Deists say God is beyond Creation and He stays there. Pantheism says God is everywhere in the Creation. Theism says God is both beyond and in Creation. Agnosticism says there is no proof God exists. Atheism says there is proof that God does not exist. Gnosticism says one can have special Knowledge of God. Monotheism says there is One True, Central God. Mysticism says direct experience of God is possible. Polytheism says there are many “gods” (which include man). And spiritualism says there are “spirit beings” that exist everywhere.

Whatever your belief – if it can withstand the “LITMUS” test of solid reasoning, LOGIC and tireless unpacking – then in the “LIGHT OF THE BEREANS”, (come let us reason it out together), will no longer be an exercise in futility – harping back to a time when even Paul on Mars Hill could stand and reason solidly of his faith with the adherents of the schools of Stoic & Epicurean philosophers of his day (some of whom were quoted at the outset of this piece).

‘In the end, the “TRUTH” shall prevail’ – John Wycliffe



  • Looks like all the local scribes are either at the DEMS south meeting or the Bees annual conference,even Bushie had to hustle so not to miss his lift and Pieces and the Colonel out distributing posters….lol……election season starting early.


  • Sorry about the above which is off topic…..but I do subscribe to this part of the post.

    In conclusion, we live in a world of myriad views on life. Whether it is God, science, money or politics – you name it! One thing should remain sacrosanct – RESPECT for others, regardless of their views, opinions or held beliefs. All the more so, because we have come down to a time as Richard Jewell says when “Deists say God is beyond Creation and He stays there. Pantheism says God is everywhere in the Creation. Theism says God is both beyond and in Creation. Agnosticism says there is no proof God exists. Atheism says there is proof that God does not exist. Gnosticism says one can have special Knowledge of God. Monotheism says there is One True, Central God. Mysticism says direct experience of God is possible. Polytheism says there are many “gods” (which include man). And spiritualism says there are “spirit beings” that exist everywhere.


  • “Whatever you believe- if it can withstand litmus test of solid reasoning”

    First question: What can be the solid reason that God exists?

    Second question: is there credible and verifiable evidence to support the claim of God’s existence?

    Third question: isn’t a fact that all we have heard in the area of proof of God’s existence, are stories, and subjective personal testimonies?


  • Vincent Haynes

    It isn’t that the atheist dismisses the concept of God as the theist defines Him, but that there isn’t any empirical evidence to support the claim of God’s existence.


  • Vincent Haynes

    So you’re saying that we ought to respect the religious convictions of the Satanist who practices human and animal sacrifice? Where do we draw the line on religious practices Sir?


  • The fundamental question is …..whom do you trust?Whose thought,word or deed is worthy of trust.Who will respect his neigbour as he would like to be respected by that neighbour.And to whom is directed the order ‘do not steal’,do not covet’,’do not murder’.Surely not everyone save and except the wasps or the zionist!


  • We have just had an interesting outcome of one of the many talent shows we have here on television.
    Every year a large number of talented young people enter these shows and every time they go to the public vote, with few exceptions, the black kids are voted off. The two best know of these shows are X factor and Britain Has Talent, both managed by Simon Cowell, a regular visitor to Barbados.
    There is no suggestion of fowl play by Mr Cowell, but it is the British public who will vote against black talent, no matter how good.
    It is the same in other aspects of public life. Go to any Crown Court on any day and you will see whatever the evidence, the black people will be found guilty.
    It is this nuanced shift that coloured th Brexit vote. What you see is not always what you get.
    The lesson is: if you are not familiar with the silent undercurrents of public policy hesitate from going in with firm opinions.


  • Gabriel

    “The fundamental question is whom do you trust”

    But doesn’t corroborative, verifiable and empirical evidence promotes trust Sir? Trust still does not promote the necessary evidence which tells you that Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus is a figment of the human imagination or a reality?


  • Gabriel

    Would you trust a sex offender with your teenage son or daughter? Of course not, because any conscientious parent would research the person backgroud before he or she trust the person to be in the custody/company of his or her child. The same must go for whatever you choose to believe before you trust it. And there is also a quote which bears truth to what I am try to convey and it goes a little something like this:” Be courteous to all, but be intimate with a few, but let those few be will tested before you call them your friends.”


  • Are we still at the juncture where we think that quoting the Greeks and the Romans is an indicator of being well-read, knowledge?

    Are we to read such in awe and take a defensive intellectual posture as though these impostors represent the inner limits of truth?

    Is there to ever be any space to quote those from whom these people stole everything they learned?

    And that was not much. The originators withheld most of the secrets but some betrayed what they spent 40 years to acquire.

    We could never figure when the time will come to say f-off to these people.


  • Hal you pratt what about leona lewis, talent rises to the top no matter who is singing but what are you suggesting affirmitive action should be brought to all tv shows or that they should be cancelled because not enough minorities win. Or is it that the black accused in a barbados court caught by a black police force charged by a black prosecutor sentenced by a black judge is found guilty ..can it not be they actually did it


  • Lawson

    Hal, I truly believe what you’re saying has some merit because I saw several social experiments on social-media that proved that racism is still pervasive in the British society. And in one such experiment, a black kid was told to asked a white lady for a dollar, and of course she refused to give it to him. Then a white kid who was a participant in the same social experiment was told to ask the same white woman for a dollar/or some change or something of that nature, and of course she gave it to him. And though this social experiment was or could be considered a random survey, is still gave some indication as to how some whites in Britain view blacks.


  • see dompey you had to add the …of course…showing your predisposition it couldnt be one lady at that given moment in time decided that she didnt feel comfortable opening her purse to a black kid that she had no chance of catching if he did a snatch and grab. What if it was a black or white girl that was asking ….if they gave to both then it would not be a race issue but a gender chances of getting robbed issue.


  • Terrence:

    This piece is an interesting attempt to bring about world peace. Some may disdain your use of the greeks and romans as your power base, but my difficulty with the piece is its attempt to “please all men”, which is an impossibility. You can not mix and match your paradigms; either you shall postulate from the “christian point of view” or you shall posit from the greco-roman times point of view. You can not have the best of both worlds. I tend to dismiss people like the good pastor you tend to lean on. Most of them regurgitate ancient readings that they would have “now” stumbled upon. And there is little thought and dissection to their discourse.


  • @ Dompey
    What social experiment what??!!
    One only needs to read Lawson and Money B to understand the nature of racism…and these are among the progressive whites that (unprecedentedly) even choose to interact with us..

    @ Terence
    Again you have managed to explain the basic principle of Matthew 7, 15-17 ‘By their fruit shall ye know them’ into a well laid out academic paper that will be sure to attract the interest of the exegetists. Bushie awaits the needed rebuttal.


  • Chuckle……Domps…..reread Bushies many diatribes and they will give you a fuller understanding of racism,chauvanism,homophobia and evangelism….he is a genuine misogynist….lol


  • Vincent…
    Which of Bushie’s many diatribes ever documented a single case of the Bushman using race to disadvantage a fellow? Which laws did Bushie take advantage of to benefit at the expense of other races..?

    Bushie simply calls it as he sees it.
    Brass bowl blacks think that he is being unpatriotic…
    albino centric whites think that he is racist….
    and those in between don’t know what to think…
    In your case, you just don’t think….
    ha ha ha


  • Bush Tea October 31, 2016 at 7:56 AM #

    Yuh got that one right about duh thinking……..after I see what all de lotta thinking do to you,ah dun wid dat.


  • @ Vincent
    Ha ha ha ha
    good one.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    Bush Tea really having fun with BU bloggers today / yesterday. I would suggest we move our glutei maximi out of the way before he starts to whack the grass. Respect of all persons is due regardless of his status and views.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    I hope that was TB and BT message. If not sorry. I am not thinking straight today. Cannot even recall the objective case of plural Latin nouns.


  • @Bushie, GP Zoe et al.
    Why MUST there be a GOD\ that we MUST, love and worship, and a Satan that we MUST abhor?


  • BT, You said: “Brass bowl blacks think that he is being unpatriotic…
    albino centric whites think that he is racist….”
    This sentence betrays you, and as former Cawmerians, speaking on my behalf, it bothers me. Why the emphasis on “blacks” as “brass bowls”?


  • Alvin:

    There must be a must. For too long man has been pontificating, Marx(you man), the eastern philosophers, the western philosophers(including the one who hugged to goat and went staring mad, the pseudo-intellectuals(those who write on this blog with a point of view of plurality), the various expressions of evolutionary thought(whether scientific, social, political or medical), those of the french revolution who are now in the grave to name a few, the need not to have a GOD or any structure whether social or otherwise that could be connected to the grand design of GOD. HE will be no GOD after all if HE does not come and represent HIS name, character, essence, being and why HE is GOD!

    Bushie, you barely escaped being named in the illustrious list by a bare eye teet.


  • Bernard Codrington.

    Alvin C

    BT is saying that blacks, who conclude that he is unpatriotic, earn the epithet of Brass Bowls. Those Blacks ,who do not think that way, are considered to be made of finer metals. You should not conclude that he implied that all blacks are brass bowls nor that all whites are albino centric.

    It is by their fruits that he classifies them.



  • @Bernard Codrington,
    Then he should say so clearly and specifically.


  • Bernard,
    Patriotism has no place in a discussion on the existence of God and or Satan, Heaven, or Hell; where I have been placed everlastingly by GP. (Not that I am worried, or even care)


  • LOL @ Bernard
    Skippa, if you keep on explaining Bushie’s ramblings with that kinda clarity the Bushman could as well just defer to your exegeses. Many thanks… Bushie was indisposed today…

    @ Alvin
    Why MUST there be a GOD\ that we MUST, love and worship, and a Satan that we MUST abhor?
    Wait….Is this something from one of your dead palm tree books? 🙂

    What you MAY have gathered from the bushman is that, when we look around our world – at the complex, interwoven and interdependent systems that constitute NATURE, it becomes IMPOSSIBLE – for any but a complete fool. …to surmise any other possibility, except that some level of INTELLIGENT DESIGN had to be involved.

    Cuddear man!! if someone attempted to even suggest that our Central Bank building came into existence without intelligent architectural /engineering inputs – we would hustle them down to Jenkins…. far less this fascinating world of ours, that is so intricately complex, that it is not yet even 50% understood by our best brains that ever lived.

    Bushie therefore suggests that there MUST BE some Big Boss Engineer(s) somewhere… somehow … behind the concept called ‘life on earth’.

    That just seems like BASIC common sense….
    …and if these ‘Big Boss Engineers’ can be called ‘God’ … then there MUST BE A GOD.

    …so it would certainly make sense to find out as much as we can about ‘God’; about their intent; about their expectations; about their plans…. IN OUR OWN INTEREST.

    Pray tell Bushie why an entity – with the power and intelligence to conceptualise our universe, would give a rodent’s rectum if some little brass-bowl shiite like Bushie ‘worships them’…… or even ‘Love them’…?
    …seems to Bushie that it is, in fact, in OUR INTELLIGENT interest to ‘revere[ such beings – if you want to call it ‘Love and Worship’ – who is Bushie to complain?

    Now Satan is a different matter. Even Zoe and GP cannot yet grasp that Satan is a TOOL that was CREATED by BBE – as a vital part of the overall plan for mankind… That is a more advanced lesson – for which you may not yet be ready, Alvin …. (Zoe certainly ain’t… LOL ha ha ha )

    …and before you follow the lotta holloween shiite that we have been adopting bout here, you would be well advised to check with Bushie on this ‘Satan’ matter….


  • bush tea

    Bushie therefore suggests that there MUST BE some Big Boss Engineer(s) somewhere… somehow … behind the concept called ‘life on earth’.
    That just seems like BASIC common sense….

    Basic common is determined and is defined by logical conclusion . unless you or any individual can clearly expailn and prove the origins of a Universal God , Your conclusion is baseless and defies logic and BASIC Common sense


  • Bushy:
    “…interest to ‘revere[ such beings – if you want to call it ‘Love and Worship’ The simple question is Why? For wHAT PURPOSE? TO WHAT END? And when on considers the multi billion suns, planets, Black Holes, etc off the entities of our universe; nothing to do with other galaxies, the question still remains to your statement Why?
    As the computer would be won’t to spew out” Does not compute!”


  • “…and before you follow the lotta holloween shiite that we have been adopting bout here, you would be well advised to check with Bushie on this ‘Satan’ matter….”

    Fuh true, ya hear, the Bushman KNOW nuff bout Satan, after all he is he Faddah, to de extent dat Bushie DECLARE right here pun BU, that someday “…I WILL BE GOD…”

    Sooo Alvin listen to Bushie when he talkin bout he FADDAH, Satan! Ya hearrrrr….


  • Bush Tea

    Basis common sense and our own human experience also tells us that for every beginning there must be s end. Yes we can indeed look around our world and see a source must larger than man at work, but how do we explain what the philosopher calls the FIRST-CAUSE? And the question most are afraid to ask: who or what gave birth to God and so forth and so? It is extraneous to our human understanding to theorized that the source God appeared out of nothing and gave birth to our universe, as well as human and animal life.


  • We are limited in what we know based on our limited understanding. To utter statements in an absolute form is absolute nonsense.

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  • untrue dompey I was talking about you to someone ….and they said there is no end to that prick


  • Bushie

    Re-read these words……We are limited in what we know based on our limited understanding. To utter statements in an absolute form is absolute nonsense…….thanks David.

    I told you like too mucha lotta thinking and long talk,just look at that epistle in answer to Alvins excellent question,becarefull you do not end up with the goat.


  • @ David
    What is that limitation to what we can know Boss?
    We are limited ONLY by the fact that our physical SENSES are constrained within certain parameters. The limits to which you speak does NOT apply where additional ‘SENSES’ could be somehow acquired.
    No doubt you are aware of individuals who display various ‘spiritual’ attributes due to what we call a ‘sixth sense’…..
    It is therefore NOT possible to apply such limits where additional senses, such as God’s holy spirit (the very MIND of BBE) could be imparted to an individual.

    @ Alvin
    Bushie does not normally argue with persons of your agreed ilk (can’t EVER seem to win 🙂 ), but since it was past your bedtime last night, the CORRECT statement should be…
    ” It seems to Bushie that it is (in fact) in OUR INTELLIGENT interest, to ‘revere’ such beings.
    If you prefer to use the words ‘LOVE and WORSHIP’ instead of ‘revere’ Bushie is cool with that.
    Typical troublemaker you are…, Bushie makes a basic point – and rather than respond to THAT point, you jump to some other issue that you do not understand…black holes etc..
    You must learn to crawl before you can walk…..
    How the hell could you expect an intelligence that could create our world …would be at a loss for a REASON for doing so…? Only a fool would jump to that conclusion.
    It is FAR more likely that we foolish brass bowls CANNOT see those reasons…

    @ Dompey
    Today MUST be Wednesday. Bushie is responding to TWO o’ wunna 🙂
    Look Boss, questions about who gave birth to God only betrays our limited senses. This is like a goat on Hoad’s farm asking who is responsible for milking Mrs. Hoad…..
    Because you have been placed in a restricted, fenced field you may be tempted to think that everything, and everyone, else are similarly penned.
    Time, death, pain and all physical limitations are constraints that constitute OUR farm. they do NOT apply to the farmer.

    @ Zoe
    Unfortunately, Bushie also knows about you….
    Should they listen when he talks about you and your fruit too…?


  • @Bush Tea

    Do you mean ‘gut’ or ‘instinct ‘?

    Should we start a blog about the spirit world?


  • @Bushie,
    We can discuss this issue ad infinitum, without either one convincing the other. It depends on the degree of one’s faith in what he believes. I am content in believing that there is no life after death; (no logical reason for it) and believe that, if I am cremated in the aftermath of celebrations for a life well lived, there is no putting me back together in this or any other form. If others choose to believe that they will live a life after that kind of finality; drinking milk, and eating honey; listening to harps playing spouse songs, and, like Gp,looking down on those they consider as less fortunate, I wish them well. I intend to live life to the fullest, do good,have many good discussions, and hopefully breathe my last breath, when it comes, in the understanding that life is finite.Giving thanks for that life. By the way Bushie, did you ybuymy books yet? It is time you did they are all edifying, and worth the money. (Not my words, but those who have read them)


  • @ David
    No… not ‘gut or instinct.’ but an actual NEW ability to ‘sense’ and grasp things of a spiritual (read that as REAL) nature… as opposed to being limited to the temporary, limited, physical ‘farm’ we call life on earth.

    A blog on the ‘spirit world’ would be a waste of your time. Like taking blind people to a photo gallery…..

    @ Alvin
    You are an idiot.
    It is probably not your fault, but it is a fact that you insist on reinforcing….
    Keep on living your life to the ‘fullest’… you have done a great job thus far… given your level of wisdom. You would probably die of shock anyway…if you knew what is possible….


  • Alvin, the highest KNOWN (statistical) information DENSITY, is obtained in LIVING CELLS, exceeding by far the best achievements of highly integrated density in computer systems.

    The human body has approx 100 TRILLION cells, Alvin EACH one of those cells are roughly, A PINHEAD diameter of 2mm. Do you know the DENSITY of each DNA molecule Alvin?

    The INFORMATION density that’s stored in (1) PINHEAD diameter of 2mm DNA molecule IS* equal to 2 MILLION 2 Terabyte Hard-drives!

    Further, Alvin, if the INFORMATION stored in ONE DNA molecule, were written into paperback books, it would take a pile of such books 50 TIMES higher than from here to the moon!

    If a Pinhead diameter of 2mm were stretched out into a wire, it would have a lenght more than 30 times the equator!

    This incredible INFORMATION storage DENSITY found in each DNA molecule, Alvin, could NEVER, EVER, happen by chance, it SCREAMS a “Vastly Intelligent Designer.” God, Alvin, Almighty God, this IS* the DESIGN of Omnipotence!


  • Alvin, ever hear about “Irreducible Complexity”? Biochemistry Professor, Michael Behe, the originator of the term ‘Irreducible Complexity’ defines an ‘irreducible complex system’ as one ‘composed of several well-matched, interacting parts that contribute to the base function, wherein the removal of any ONE of the parts causes the system to effectively CEASE functioning.

    It is here that these examples demonstrate LOGICALLY, that biological forms could NOT have evolved naturally, as the REMOVAL, of any one PART, reduces the ENTIRE system as NON- FUNCTIONAL, can’t WORK.

    Behe, then goes on to correctly state: “An irreducibly complex systen CANNOT be produced ( that is, by continuously improving, (or adding to) the initial function which continues to work by the same mechanism) by slight, successive modifications of a precursor system, BECAUSE any precursor to an irreducibly complex system is MISSING a PART IS* by definition NONFUNCTIONAL.”

    This pure LOGIC, at its BEST, Alvin.

    Dembski, Mathematician, philosopher and theologian, states: “That when something exhibits ‘SPECIFIED COMPLEXITY’ ( i.e., is both complex and ‘specified’ simultaneously), one can infer that it was produced by an intelligent cause, ( i.e., that it was DESIGNED) That is LOGICAL AGAIN!


  • Alvin Cummins November 1, 2016 at 8:50 AM #

    On point……quite correct that their are non so blind as those who refuse to see…..I agree with you on this topic and we both know that BT&Zoe will never see.


  • This IS* precisely why; ‘Facts become credible FACTS, when they are warranted to the relevant degree of certainty.’

    “Error exist, right?’ Therefore, there must be something that IS* TRUE.

    That’s why, Truth by definition is absolute!


  • Zoe

    Humanoids defined Truth……as well as everything around them……..therein lies the flaw in your submission.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Zoe November 1, 2016 at 10:01 AM
    “The human body has approx 100 TRILLION cells, Alvin EACH one of those cells are roughly, A PINHEAD diameter of 2mm. Do you know the DENSITY of each DNA molecule Alvin?”
    “The INFORMATION density that’s stored in (1) PINHEAD diameter of 2mm DNA molecule IS* equal to 2 MILLION 2 Terabyte Hard-drives!”

    It’s a real sorry state when you Zoe can be so scientifically well informed but so intellectually dishonest and morally hypocritical.

    Where in the Bible is there any reference to DNA and molecules?

    Why are you referencing the work of Watson & Crick et al and not Ezekiel and Paul?

    But, then again, what can we expect of a lying hypocrite who refuses to admit that the Jews who were once the chosen people of his god Yahweh are no longer the ‘favoured lot’ because of their blatant refusal to recognize far less follow his man of the zodiacal era called Jesus Christ the fisher of men.

    Zoe, for Pete’s sake, why not tell the BU household if you will be sitting next to Jews when “the roll is called up yonder”.


  • Bushie

    You just can’t say that Alvin is an idiot. You must now say what kind of. LOL

    And Vincent
    Humans merely try to ‘define’ or uncover truths already in existence.


  • [Barbados Underground] Comment: “The Hissing Tongue of the Serpent” Bin David to 51 minutes ago Details

    @Bush Tea

    If it is your opinion Alvin is an idiot then you should see your role as one to educate him. You preach about how the actions of individuals in the temporal space earth act as a crucible for the next stage orchestrated by BBE.




  • So continuing on and leaving the blissfully ignorant to their contentment in their non-belief

    Let the ole man give you who believe a thought for consideration.

    Ecclesiastes 12.

    ” 6Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.

    7Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. 8Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity.”

    De ole man asked one here to speak regarding this “silver chord” WITHOUT ANSWER because they are dim of understanding IN ALL SENSES OF THE WORD but i will ask you this thusly…

    Of what does Paul speak when he speaks of the Silver Chord?

    Let us not be interested in the interventions that ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE they, like high winds blowing do not impinge on radio waves (significantly, barring the radio antenna that is)

    ” 16And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 17But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”

    Having answered that first question then tell me what is “the Serpent” that tempts the woman, and then the man being mindful of this “1Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God HAD MADE…”


  • Anthropic Principle.

    Specified Complexity. In March 1986, a review by Stephen Meyer used ‘Information’ theory to suggest that messages transmitted by DNA in the cell show ‘Specified Complexity’ specified INTELLIGENCE, and, therefore, must have originated with an intelligent agent”

    This is, obviously, the only Logical conclusion!


  • @ David
    In Alvin’s case, an idiot is, by definition, someone who is in such a serious state of self-denial, that it is not possible to be of any assistance to them.
    Alvin is a demonstrated ‘DLP idiot’, and this is now also confirmed in other spheres of life…
    Dem is the kinda fellows who does drown yuh when yuh go trying to save their donkeys….

    As Zoe says, anyone who can look around and not be overawed by the complexity, beauty, structure, interconnectivity and simple BRILLIANCE of the design ….. GOTTA BE an idjut.

    ……and any …who admits to such brilliant design – but not to a designer (because he cannot see the designer with his shiite eyes, or feel him with his shiite touch … a FOOL.
    Such persons are beyond assistance.
    May they rest in peace.

    LOL @ Dompey is the best so far…. he ‘does not believe’.. because he is unaware of who is the mother of this”supernatural designer and creator”…..
    ha ha ha
    Man what educate what..!!!
    Bushie gotta whacker – not a baby bottle or a comforter…. 🙂


  • @ Piece
    Of what does Paul speak when he speaks of the Silver Chord?
    One does not introduce meat to babes and sucklings who are not yet weaned off the breast milk……
    Let us just say that Bushie would have said it this way…

    ” don’t wait until the dog dead….” to remember the ones who CREATED you. Do it while there is some life left in the body.


  • What does it mean that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)?

    Question: “What does it mean that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)?”

    Answer: Psalm 139:14 declares, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

    The context of this verse is the incredible nature of our physical bodies. The human body is the most complex and unique organism in the world, and that complexity and uniqueness speaks volumes about the mind of its Creator. Every aspect of the body, down to the tiniest microscopic cell, reveals that it is fearfully and wonderfully made.

    The Bible is not a book on science, though not one TRUE scientific discovery has ever been at odds with His Word. It always confirms His Word!

    True Science and Faith in His Word, are wonderfully coherent and complimentary!

    Miller, you are so ignorant!


  • @ Bushie

    Does your acili not also say that a ‘babe will lead them’

    ‘Pieceundertherock’ is the Babe anointed by Pachamama to lead. LOL


  • It all boils down to humanoids being scared of what they cannot understand,so what do they do in all the nook and crannies on earth…..they design a crutch,a crutch fashioned in their mould,this crutch is then magically presented and the sheeple told it is from on high and must be obeyed or death will be the answer to disobedience, a bit like the threats extended to Alvin.

    This formula has been recreated many times over the millenia e.g. commandments and vigin birth of the judaic one being taken from the egyptian one and in recent times we have the mormon myth being tacked on to the judaic one………one would think that in this enlightened era the sheeple would think……but then again the Head BB,BT has proven that enlightenment is not common…


  • ” don’t wait until the dog dead….” to remember the ones who CREATED you. Do it while there is some life left in the body.


    But where is the credence for this?

    Has anyone ever returned to attest its truthfulness?

    What is so special about the human to warrant such?

    How come no other life forms get to have this alleged hagiography?

    Would it not make more sense to have, as a working assumption, that we CREATED God and it should be he/she praying that we remember him/her?

    And more……………………..


  • DNA – Proof of Noah’s Flood

    This page provides good scientific proof of Noah’s Flood (and also Adam & Eve).

    Genetic evidence for the Flood – a human population bottleneck matching Noah’s Flood (Genesis 6-9) – is glaringly obvious when our DNA is examined truthfully and logically. You will learn how mutations in both Y Chromosomes and Mitochondria DNA can definitely point to the 4 men and 4 women who were on the Ark, around 4,500 years ago. Plus going back further – the genetic proof for the first humans, Adam and Eve.

    Amazing science facts and evidence, examined truthfully and logically!


  • Zoe

    The earth is billions of years old and has had many ice ages/melts and would by extension within the last 10000 years experienced floods,even now we have tsunamis that create floods though localised and who is to say which one is being referenced.


  • Zoe

    The story of Noah’s flood is a LIE

    There were always many such myths

    But the story about a flood including in your book was about the boat, a large boat, that the Egypt pharaohs postulated would be needed to navigate the after life.

    We have the actual boat/ship as evidence. Where is your boat/ship.

    We also have evidence that the Piso family copied this story and inserted it into bible as just one of the millions of lies.

    Now given the proximity of other evidences/proofs, as stolen from the Egyptians, your worn out lie about Noah, a figure who never existed, this is merely more of the same.


  • The preponderance of evidence and facts, from so many different spheres of information, historically, empirically, scientifically, logically, confirming and corresponding to the Revelation contained IN* the Bible, the divinely Inspired Word of God, can be denied, and scoffed at by skeptics and critics; BUT, they can offer NO sound honest refutation NONE!

    As Dictionary once said, “It seems that some have taken up the mistaken epistemological view that if one can object, one can then easily dismiss. This is self-referentially in-coherent selective hyper-skepticism. Before one justifiably claims to know that ‘A’ or to know that not -A, alike, one has the same duty of warrant. For Nor -A, and for things that are really important. “I don’t know, so I dismiss,” is even less defensible. There are things that one knows, or SHOULD know.”

    They are some here on BU, that object to and dismiss the Historic Judeo/Christian Worldview claims, without ANY counter evidence whatsoever, because they have NONE!


  • Zoe

    Chuckle……as we continue our discussion attempts,which is a bit like the apple&orange situation,the Judeo/Christian narative has been discredited by many over time and as far as counter evidence is concerned,why do you need a crutch,especialy as the only one available is made by imperfect man.


  • @ Lemuel October 31, 2016 at 6:43 AM #

    “Terence: This piece is an interesting attempt to bring about world peace…”


    If I had a”GANG” of brothas – I could see no more better “BAND” than you lot!!!

    If you could see my face – I have an ‘ole cheeky smile resonating from the back of my Zygomatic Arch…

    Considering the amount of “CHEESE” in the room – one would need a chainsaw just to cut through the wrapper…

    My safest conclusion on this 1ST DAY OF NOVEMBER 2016:

    THANK GOD 4 ERROL WALTON BARROW and the free EDUCATION* we were BLESSED* to have as Bajan people… Maybe this Independence Day will bring about an awakening!!!

    Sadly, many do not RELISH* its true import!!!


  • @ The Bushman

    “Terence – Again you have managed to explain the basic principle of Matthew 7, 15-17 ‘By their fruit shall ye know them’ into a well laid out academic paper that will be sure to attract the interest of the exegetists. Bushie awaits the needed rebuttal…”

    You are probably one of a few HUMANS* for whom I can accept objectively constructive criticism and REBOOT*…

    To quote you: “Skippa… Bushie gotta whacker – not a baby bottle or a comforter…”



  • @Pachamama, Your story is the LIE, prove the DNA of Noah’s Flood as submitted here in its entirety is a lie, offer sound DNA counter evidence, I challenge you to counter it with equally sound DNA refutation, in support of your view!

    DNA – Proof of Noah’s Flood

    This page provides good scientific proof of Noah’s Flood (and also Adam & Eve).

    Genetic evidence for the Flood – a human population bottleneck matching Noah’s Flood (Genesis 6-9) – is glaringly obvious when our DNA is examined truthfully and logically. You will learn how mutations in both Y Chromosomes and Mitochondria DNA can definitely point to the 4 men and 4 women who were on the Ark, around 4,500 years ago. Plus going back further – the genetic proof for the first humans, Adam and Eve.

    Amazing science facts and evidence, examined truthfully and logically!


  • @ Pacha
    To use a Bushie analogy, …when it comes to spiritual matters, you are somewhat like a blind guy, whose other senses are so sharpened, that in terms of taste, smell, feel and hearing, you are indeed superlative….

    ….but you still CANNOT see one shiite…!!!

    ha ha ha
    No point in Bushie inviting you to the cinema ….

    The quote from Piece was from a man ‘after God’s own heart’ …who had a deep and personal understanding of God …and of God’s interest in mankind.
    He was simply admonishing others who would listen, to get to ENJOY and be BLESSED with such knowledge and interests WHILE STILL IN THE PRIME OF HEALTH…. and not to waste their lives in fruitless brass bowlery – only to come looking for solace when ‘all else fails’ and their asses are headed to the grass…. like Barbados…


  • @David

    I appreciate your indirect “CORRECTION” on the word “MUSICK” to “MUSIC” – however, it was a purposeful grammatical bent on my part…

    “Musick is an old-fashioned spelling for the art form known as music…” SEE:

    Thank you * BLESS* you Bro…

    You actually READ* this stuff – WOW!!!


  • Sorry TB 🙂

    To your latter observation it serves a purpose to be thought of as a fool sometimes lol.


  • Can today’s human diversity come from just three couples?

    This is another common argument against the Biblical Flood, and is made without considering that humans were created with perfect genomes, rich in genetic diversity. The three couples on the Ark had a great deal more genetic information than we have today.

    For proof of this, look no further than domestic dogs. All breeds of dogs have descended from a wolf-like ancestor, which had all the genetic information for all the dog breeds of today in its genome. Through breeding and artificial selection, information was lost, redistributed, and concentrated – not added to. From the Chihuahua to the Poodle to the Great Dane – all these traits were in the wolf-like ancestor, like all the traits in humans today were in the genomes of Adam and Eve. (By the way, evolution cannot explain why wolves had all this genetic diversity in the first place, but creation obviously can).

    The creation model clearly explains where the genetic diversity in all plants, animals and humans came from, and why there were no problems with inbreeding. On the other hand, if evolution is true, and all organisms evolved “upwards” via mutations, what explanation can evolutionists give for why every organism’s offspring weren’t all deformed? The fact that organisms can produce offspring which are not mainly deformed is a testimony to creation, not evolution.

    All humans today have virtually identical DNA, indicating a recent population bottleneck. New (Jan 2013) genetic analysis found “recent explosive population growth”, “suggesting that many mutations arose recently”, which “arose in the past 5,000 to 10,000 years”.

    This logically dates the bottleneck to within the Biblical timeframe, rather than the evolutionary 70k+ years timeframe, otherwise there would have been virtually no mutations for at least 60,000 years, then suddenly almost all mutations. Illogical plus it’s contrary to the Molecular Clock idea.

    The Y chromosomes in all humans worldwide are very similar, indicating a recent sole male ancestor – matching Noah, and before him, Biblical Adam.

    There are three mtDNA lineages, perfectly matching the Bible’s record of the three wives on the Ark who repopulated the Earth.

    These three mtDNA lineages are very similar, indicating they diverged from a single female ancestor who lived one to two thousand years before the Flood – matching Biblical Eve.

    Eve’s mtDNA would have diverged down through Eve’s descendents for roughly 1,500 years (~75 generations), then at the Flood only three lineages were taken onto the Ark.

    The life spans of Noah’s descendants decrease exponentially – on a graph, it’s a biological decay curve. This is expected if creation is true.

    Humans have a high mutation rate, passing down over 100 mutations per generation. This is consistent with a human history of thousands, not millions, of years.

    If we descended from apes millions of years ago, our DNA would have diverged considerably (1 million years = ~50,000 generations).

    Since all humans today have virtually identical DNA, evolutionists had to come up with an explanation for this, so a population bottleneck was proposed (actually two, for males and females) where only ONE female’s lineage AND ONE male’s lineage survived to today, while thousands of other males and females, living at the same time, lineages died out.

    One lineage dying out is very improbable; BOTH dying out – in an expanding, post-bottleneck population no less – is ridiculously


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier


    Where did this flood happen — the flood that caused all of living humankind to originate from three couples?


  • Living Fossils

    The Genesis Flood provided the best explanation for earth’s major surface features. Drs. Morris and Whitcomb also pointed to “living fossils” as evidence that refutes evolution’s long ages. Since then, many more of these have been found.

    Living fossils are “supposedly ancient and long extinct creatures which have suddenly and unexpectedly turned up in the modern world.”11 They openly challenge the vast ages posited by evolutionary theory by showing none of evolution’s expected changes in body plans over supposedly vast time spans.

    For example, evolutionists were confident that grasses evolved millions of years after the dinosaurs—until dinosaur coprolites (fossilized excrement) were discovered containing several species of grass.12 In August 1994, a “dinosaur-age” tree called the Wollemi pine was discovered alive and well in Australia. It was declared the “botanical find of the century.”13

    A grand host of “living fossils” in the animal world stubbornly remain virtually the same as their ancient predecessors after the unimaginable millions of years demanded by evolution. Evolutionists such as the late Stephen Gould refer to this lack of change as stasis. One recent study found bacteria named Mariprofundus that left “distinctive traces in the fossil record.” The study’s authors wrote:

    Petrographic images of Mariprofundus-like stalks from a 350-million-year-old rock associated with an ancient hydrothermal vent site are indistinguishable from modern-day organisms.14

    Fossilized grasshoppers and seastars found entombed in the same layer as Archaeopteryx (an extinct bird) are virtually identical to modern varieties. From “Jurassic” shrimp to the shovelnose ray, animals and plants—some supposedly long extinct—are discovered alive today looking virtually identical to their fossilized counterparts. Evolution means “change,” but these living fossils are a testimony to stasis—no change!15

    In 1961, The Genesis Flood discussed living fossils, rapid alteration of the sea floor, rapid and recent uplift of all the world’s mountains, and catastrophic deposition of sedimentary rocks. Since then, science has strongly confirmed each of


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier


    Can you tell us where this flood happened — the flood survived only by three couples who spawned the whole of living humankind?


  • Topic - DOA - TheGazer

    Here trying hard, But there is really nothing I can contribute


  • Fossil Record
    Resources › Earth Sciences Resources»

    Fossils are the remains of once-living things. They can be plant or animal bodies that have been partially or completely replaced by minerals. They can be impressions that just show the shape of a creature, or tracks left behind by a traveler, or other remnants that testify to the lives of long-gone organisms. Some rare fossils even have original organic soft tissue encased in rock, showing that their organisms couldn’t have been dead for millions of years, as evolution claims.

    All fossilized creatures appear suddenly and fully formed in the rock record, with no clear history of evolutionary transitions. This is consistent with the Bible’s assertion that God created life forms to reproduce within their own kinds.

    Second, fossils formed very quickly, before the animal or plant completely decayed or was scavenged. This means that fossils formed through catastrophic circumstances. Most fossils can be attributed to the worldwide catastrophe of Noah’s Flood, in which countless creatures were killed and then rapidly buried, or to its residual effects.

    Fossils also serve as reminders of God’s character. His righteousness and holiness obligated Him to cleanse the world of wickedness by drowning every land-dwelling, air-breathing creature that was not providentially preserved on the Ark. Fossils should be taken as reminders of the penalty of man’s sin and should motivate people to prepare for


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Thanks for that, Zoe.

    Can you tell us where this flood happened — a flood survived solely by six adult humans who are the originators of all humankind?


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Don’t want to press you on this Zoe, but I’m sure you grasp why it’s important.

    Can you tell us where this flood happened — this flood that eradicated all human life apart from precisely six humans, who thereafter spawned every single human on the planet. Where did this flood happen?

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  • Any one who wishes to reference the flood as proof of God’s existence is way off the mark .First one has to take a long hard look of the historical content of these people living in a world beyond their imagination to envision that their were vast continents and worlds which they have never explored. Take the story of Sodom and Gomorrah a city destroyed by a metorite yet rehearsed and recited by learned men of our time pushing archaic views mostly trigger by religious doctrineswhich for the most part define their God as cruel and heartless to mankind.
    The flood and many other such stories does little to uplift God but pave a way for man to be less tolerant and forgiving of each other.
    What kind of aGod would rain down fire on brimstone of a city that within that city were innocent children


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Thanks for that, ac.

    Zoe where did that flood happen — the one that eliminated all human life, apart from the six people who created all humankind? Where was that flood?


  • @ The Rev Larry Buddier

    ‘Maybe Zoe can only speak where the Bible speaks

    And is silent where the Bible is silent.’

    Separately, your questions cannot be answered by any sentient being.

    Maybe that is why Christians are arguably the most igrunt people on earth.

    And ‘when we believe in things we don’t understand we suffer’, says the song.

    Let Zoe suffer some more

    Force him to answer these simple questions


  • Did Noah’s Flood Cover the Whole Earth?
    by John D. Morris, Ph.D.
    Resources › Earth Sciences Resources › Noah’s Ark and Flood

    Here is the issue: All advocates of the old earth insist that “proof” of such ages lies in the rocks and fossils of the earth’s crust. They claim these were laid down by either slow and gradual processes, or by occasional rapid processes of local extent. The fact that many of these rock layers are of continental extent forces them to postulate migrating shorelines, widely meandering rivers, unthinkably large deltas, etc. Furthermore, the rock units in most cases were laid down by catastrophic events, but these events, they say, were rare, occurring every million years or so.

    But if the flood actually happened the way the Bible seems to describe it (i.e., a year-long, mountain-covering, world-restructuring event), it would have laid down many layers of mud full of dead things (i.e., now rocks and fossils) covering immense areas, having been deposited under catastrophic conditions. A proper interpretation of the rocks and fossils speaks of a global, dynamic, watery catastrophe: the Biblical Deluge.

    Only denial of Biblical teaching could lead one to misinterpret the rocks and fossils to support long ages. If the flood happened the way the Bible says it happened, then it laid down the rocks and fossils, and there is no remaining evidence for an old earth, or evolution, for that matter.

    Let me urge you to read carefully Genesis 6-9. If God was really trying to describe a local flood, He certainly could have written much more clearly, for over and over again the wording demands a global flood. In fact, I have counted over 100 times when the wording implies a global flood. Consider these few quotes of the many: “the face of the earth (i.e., planet)” (6:1); “end of all flesh . . .the earth is filled with violence . . .I will destroy them with the earth” (6:13); “destroy all flesh wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven, and everything that is in the earth shall die” (6:17); etc., etc.

    Furthermore, God promised never to send another flood like Noah’s Flood (9:11, 15), but there have been many local floods, even regional floods, since Noah’s Flood. If Noah’s Flood was only a local flood, then God lied to us. Likewise, there was no need for Noah to build an ark for his survival for he had many years’ warning (6:3).

    Perhaps more convincing is the fact that Jesus Christ based His teaching of coming judgment on all mankind on the fact that Noah’s Flood judged all mankind (Matthew 24:36-39, Luke 17:26, 27). A local flood implies a partial judgment. Likewise, Peter based his prophecy that the existing planet: will “melt with fervent heat” (II Peter 3:10) and an entire”new heavens” and a “new earth” will be recreated (3:13) on the historical fact of the global flood of Noah’s day (3:6). All things considered, few doctrines are taught as clearly in Scripture as that of the global flood.

    The Christian need not distort the clear teachings of the Word of God. My testimony as a geologist is this: I know no fact of geology that cannot be interpreted by the Biblical worldview in a way at least as satisfying as (usually better than) the evolutionary, slow-and-gradual


  • Zoe stop trying to be intellectually disingenuous. Geological and scientific facts say different. Even in this present time of technology there is a high perecentage that if an Ark had travelled across any part of this earth there would be geological artifacts to prove such an happening
    The fact being that in the bible where it states that the ark rested on top a mountain no human being would have been able to descend that mountain and remain alive to tell the story.


  • Zoe November 1, 2016 at 1:42 PM #

    @Pachamama, Your story is the LIE, prove the DNA of Noah’s Flood as submitted here in its entirety is a lie, offer sound DNA counter evidence, I challenge you to counter it with equally sound DNA refutation, in support of your view!

    Come ON Mama, waiting for ya counter DNA evidence, to the Noah’s Flood, wah happen Mama, ya consulting Rah, the Demon God of ya ancestors, or is it Pah!

    Oh Mama, almost forgot, what about some counter evidence, to refute the FOSSIL record, which amazingly, confirms, not only the Genesis account of Creations, but the demise of that Creation by the Global Flood!


  • Top Ten Reasons Noah’s Flood is Mythology

    Number 10: Where’s the Ark? Surely, the survivors of such an expedition would have remembered the location of the Ark. It’s hard to believe they wouldn’t have built a monument or something — perhaps not as elaborate as one of the Pyramids, or even Stonehenge, but surely they would have done something to mark the resting place of the vessel that preserved them and all life on Earth. But we’re expected to believe that they just walked away and let the thing fade into oblivion.

    Number 9: Why has Noah been forgotten? Except for those cultures that have been exposed to the tale of the Ark as found in the Old Testament, no other people on Earth remember the name of Noah — the father of us all. It is absurd in the greatest degree to think that nations which routinely preserve the names of their great kings, warriors, and heroes, have somehow forgotten about Noah, to the point where they don’t e

    Number 8: Who was Noah’s wife? Somehow, the mother of all mankind remains unnamed in Genesis. Not only that, but the wives of Noah’s sons are also unnamed. Again, this is an absurdity. There are non-scriptural texts that provide names for such people, but they are all in disagreement as to what those names were.

    Number 7: Conditions aboard the Ark were unsurvivable. We have previously estimated that they were at least ten times worse than the accommodations aboard a slave ship. See How Horrible Was Life Aboard Noah’s Ark? For our comparison of Noah’s waste removal problems with the similar task faced by Hercules in cleaning the Augean stables, .

    Number 6. Biogeography is all wrong. If every species of animal on Earth radiated out from the landing site of the Ark, today’s living varieties and their fossilized ancestors should reveal that pattern of dispersal. But as Darwin observed on his round-the-world voyage on the Beagle, the actual distribution of animal life is quite different. .

    Number 5: Where is the evidence of universal population bottlenecks? Except for a few species known to have recently recovered from near extinction, animal life on Earth shows far too much genetic diversity to be descended from only a pair of Ark-borne ancestors a few thousand years ago.

    Number 4: What about the water?All Water On Earth As Sphere Compared To Size Of Earth. Enough water to cover the entire Earth to the height of the tallest mountains would require a much larger sphere of liquid. Where did that extra water come from, and more importantly — where did it go?

    Number 3: What about Egypt? They have a written history that precedes, is co-existent with, and which continues uninterruptedly after the time of the Flood, yet somehow they were unaware of that catastrophic global event. The same is true for the Chinese and other cultures. How did a global Flood somehow ignore them, leaving their societies intact?

    Number 2: The Earth’s geology is all wrong if there were a recent global flood. Nevertheless, we know that it was the development of geology that caused belief in the Flood to be discarded. We once posted briefly about one bit of geological evidence that clearly contradicts the Flood myth.

    And the Number One reason the Flood is mythology is: It didn’t work! We’re told that the purpose of the ghastly planet-killing exercise is that mankind was wicked. That’s the reason everything was cruelly destroyed — except for Noah, his righteous family, and their chosen menagerie. Okay, fine, but there’s one little detail — the whole business was a colossal futility! There is still wickedness in the world, which means the planetary slaughter was not only cruel beyond imagining, it was also stupid. But even a creationist would agree that such behavior is incompatible with the nature of God, so the only rational conclusion is that the Flood is a childish myth.


  • Are Fossils the Result of Noah’s Flood?
    by John D. Morris, Ph.D.
    Resources › Earth Sciences Resources › Fossil Record

    Fossils have been frequently cited as the main evidence for evolution. The evolution/uniformitarian worldview postulates that the slow and gradual processes we see operating today are responsible not only for the death and extinction of plant and animal types but their burial in sediments which will eventually harden into sedimentary rocks.

    Uniformity’s slogan, “the present is the key to the past,” reflects their view of the origin of the features in the rock and fossil record. I think the great Flood of Noah’s day is a better explanation.

    First note that very few fossils are forming today and then only in the case of rapid burial by water. For instance what happens to a fish when it dies? It either floats to the surface or sinks to the bottom where it decays and is eaten by scavengers.

    Yet many fish fossils are so exquisitely preserved that even the scales and organs are preserved. Obviously there was no time for decay and bacterial action. We can certainly say that something extraordinary happened to form the fossils.

    Furthermore, most fossils occur in huge fossil graveyards where things from different habitats are mixed together in a watery grave. The predominant type of fossil is that of marine invertebrates but these are found on the continents within catastrophically deposited rock units.

    Of the several different kinds of fossils, each one requires rapid burial and circumstances which are seldom, if ever, at work today. Processes of fossilization include:

    Mineralization: This happens by partial or entire replacement of an organism by minerals, usually one molecule at a time as the organism decays. Time is involved but not time before burial. Petrification occurs when the replacing mineral is silica.

    Carbonization: Living things consist of high carbon content, and under extraordinary circumstances only the carbon remains. This includes the thick coal bands as well as thin carbon residues left in the host rock. Rapid isolation and heating are required.

    Impressions: These common fossils occur when the entire organism is replaced by the same material as the host rock leaving only the form of an organism. The detail preserved indicates no time for decay.

    Ephemeral markings: These common markings include worm burrows, animal tracks, coprolites, and rain-drop impressions. All are extremely fragile and need rapid lithification to be preserved.

    Hard parts: Bones and shells are found but these are usually broken. For instance, limbs ripped from dinosaurs, found in fossil graveyards, are the rule.

    Soft parts: Obviously these will only last for a very short time without rapid burial. These include flesh, feathers, skin, scales, plant tissue, color, and even smell.

    Frozen parts: These imply extremely low temperatures which trapped and froze the organisms quickly. Certainly this is not happening now on any scale.

    These fossil types (and other subcategories could be mentioned) require extraordinary circumstances of a rapid and catastrophic nature. The great Flood of Noah’s day which destroyed a world full of life is the best


  • @ Zoe

    You are not our opposite number.

    Why do you not be taught by Bushie

    At least, though at times wrong, when he reflects on these matters he makes complete sense that one can follow.

    Whereas you are incapable of making contact with the simplest notions of common sense.

    If you really think the genesis account could to historically accurate. Or that the origins of mankind could be located 6000 years ago you are well worthy of the ‘shaking off’ which Pachamama will soon impose on us all.

    But we did enjoy the levity imbued @1:42.


  • Why Don’t We Find More Human Fossils?
    by John D. Morris, Ph.D.
    Evidence for Creation › Evidence from Science › Evidence from the Earth Sciences › Fossils Reflect Life’s Original Diversity › Fossils Show Stasis and No Transitional Forms

    The fossil record abounds with the remains of past life. If the creationist interpretation of the fossil record is basically correct, most of the fossils were deposited during the Flood of Noah’s day, as “the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished” (II Peter 3:6). These organisms were trapped and buried in ocean-bottom mud, which later hardened into sedimentary rock, fossilizing the organic remains.

    But where are the pre-flood human remains? According to Scripture, the patriarchs lived long ages, and had large families and many years of childbearing potential. Where are their fossils?

    First, we must rightly consider the nature of the fossil record. Over ninety-five percent of all fossils are marine creatures, such as clams, corals, and trilobites—mostly invertebrates with a hard outer surface. Of the remaining five percent, most are plants. Much less than one percent of all fossils are land animals. This encompasses reptiles (including dinosaurs)— amphibians, mammals, birds, and humans.

    Land creatures have what we call a “low-fossilization potential.” As land animals die in water, they bloat, float, and come apart. It is very difficult to trap a bloated animal under water, in order for it to be buried. Furthermore, scavengers readily devour both flesh and bone. Seawater and bacterial action destroy everything. The scouring ability of underwater mudflows, common during the Flood, would grind bone to powder.

    Conversely, what land fossils are found were mostly laid down during the Ice Age— a land-oriented event following the Flood, which had the ability to bury animals in land-derived deposits. (And, by the way, there are human fossils in those sediments.)

    But the purpose of Noah’s Flood was to destroy the land communities—not preserve them—especially humans. Some creationists even postulate the pre-Flood continents were subducted down into the mantle, totally annihilating all remnants of the civilizations. In any scenario, what land fossils were preserved would be buried late in the Flood, near the surface, and would have been subject to erosion and destruction once again as the Floodwaters rushed off the rising continents.

    Furthermore, we mustn’t over-estimate the pre-Flood population, by considering the patriarchal lives and families as typical, for “the earth (was) filled with violence” (Genesis 6:13). Bloodshed would no doubt have terminated many family lines in both humans and animals.

    For purposes of discussion, let us assume 300,000,000 people died in the Flood, and that each one was preserved as a fossil evenly distributed in the sedimentary record, which consists of about 300,000,000 cubic miles. The chances of such a fossil intersecting the earth’s surface, being found by someone, and then being properly and honestly identified is vanishingly small.

    On the other hand, if evolution is true, and humans have lived on Earth for three million years, many trillions have lived and died. Where are their fossils? This is the more vexing


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ The Rev. Larry Buddier November 1, 2016 at 6:03 PM #
    “Zoe where did that flood happen — the one that eliminated all human life, apart from the six people who created all humankind? Where was that flood?”

    Don’t expect an answer from Zoe; only attacks on your right not to swallow the piffle he quotes.
    Up to this very day the same Zoe is unable to state whether or not two polar bears along with two kangaroos were in the same Ark as the black mamba or Komodo dragon monitor.
    Zoe likes to use pseudo science when it suits him but refuses to accept that the same DNA evidence he is referring to also confirms that humans share approx. 98% genetic similarity to apes both of whom were in the same Garden of Eden somewhere in Göbekli Tepe.
    Don’t be surprised if Zoe were to proffer “scientific” evidence that white people are descended from Adam & Eve via Noah and his incestuous lineage but blacks are the brothers and sisters of apes.


  • Zoe

    When will you understand that all the degrees in the world does not make you knowledgeable or able to know the un-knowable?…….it is so ordained in your language.


  • The flood as stated in the bible destroyed the whole world but how fair was it that those people living in other parts of the world who never heard of Noah preaching of doom and gloom and preparedness would have never had a ghost of a chance for revival
    The story is so far fetched and out of reach of logical thinking that it can only be believed if one has immeasurable faith.


  • Zoe,
    Who wrote the biblical writings you and your ilk, refer to?. Where and on what materials were used? What was the original language that’s used? We know that the AZTECS, The INCAS, and who were inhabitants of this sphere of the earth, lived thousands of years before we populated this area. Who is to say that your Judeo/Christian God is the correct God. It is only your presumption that makes this postulate. Showing the idiocy of your concepts. They were only wiped out because of the atrocities committed against them by the so called Christians who crossed the sea to “convert” them, but evidence shows that their worship was a purer form of worship than the Christians because they revered all forms of life.
    Who did the interpretations from what language (in the Bible) to what languages? who did the editing, if there was any? Assuming; as is often said by you creationists and others of the Judeo/Christian persuasion, that the first five books were written by Moses; while others maintain that he wrote 7 books, why are the other two(the sixth and seventh books of Moses) not made available? What are their contents? Have you any conception; like your conception of creation, of the end of this world? All you have to go on is your belief and your faith, however misplaced it may be. You still have not answered my earlier question, What is the ultimate objective of the so called creation? Is your God only one who creates so as to be worshiped?forever and ever? With what other purpose?
    Does not compute? The question; Why can be asked into eternity without a logical answer.

    Bushy, All o we is one! Dudley Brooker,Maths: “Things that are equal to one another, are equaL.” UP AND ON! Hear the guys had a fantastic week and reunion.


  • To Cummins, Mama, Nnaki/Monkey et al of the same ilk of ignorance of TRUTH.

    Truth, by definition is absolute.

    Truth is the ultimate certitude, regardless of who ever denies this reality; Truth does NOT need anyone’s approval or acceptance, to be truth. Reality is synonymous with Truth; and Truth is unyielding, one can choose to ignore it, scorn it, or even curse it, but all to no avail; in the end Truth impassively stands its ground in the face of the most overpowering emotional, verbal and intellectual onslaughts.

    Moreover, absolute Truth, conforms to the three fundamental Laws of Logic, which are themselves absolute truth.

    The Historic Judeo/Christian Worldview, as well as its rivals, essentially contain claims about reality, which are either True or False. Competing ‘truth claims’ especially those at the core of competing Worldviews, often have different consequences for life.

    Laws of Logic.

    The following three fundamental laws of logic, as mentioned earlier, are themselves, absolute truths, and are universal, regardless of culture, race, creed or ethnicity, and apply to ALL men ALL the time.

    1) The Law of Identity
    2) The Law of Non-Contradiction
    3) The Law of Excluded Middle.

    Assessing ‘Worldviews’ bears out the utterly fundamental grounding of logic for thinking critically, objectively, coherently, about Truth and Worldviews. These logical laws point us toward truth.

    Reason is Necessary for Revelation to be Coherent.

    Without these ‘laws of logic’ NO rational thought would be possible. To reject these basic laws of logic, one would have to utilize these very laws to reject them, thereby refuting one’s own argument. As G. K. Chesterton writes:

    “The man who begins to think without proper first principles goes mad; he begins to think at the wrong end.”

    Anyone who disparages or belittles logic must use logic in his attack, thus undercutting his own argument.

    Basis Laws of Reason, which by the way PACHAMAMA, are ALL the CORE principles of COMMON SENSE, which escapes you ENTIRELY!

    The Law of Identity

    The law of identity is basic and foundational for the other basis laws of logic. L1 asserts that a particular entity or object IS precisely THAT particular object. For example, ‘The Red pen is the red pen, it is not the Blue pen.

    The law of identity implies that if you can find something TRUE of ‘X’ that is NOT true of ‘Y’ then X and Y are not identical.

    The Law of Non-Contradiction

    That is, A cannot be -A in the same respect or same time. In other words, two competing Truth Claims, CANNOT be both right, in the same respect or the same time. They can both be wrong, BUT they cannot both be right.

    The Law of Excluded Middle.

    That a statement is true, is one that corresponds to reality. If statement ‘X’ is true, corresponding to reality, then this implies not -X is FALSE. In other words, if something is TRUE, this must exclude something, namely FALSITY. We are left with two exhaustive options – TRUTH or FALSITY. The LEM entails no third was is possible. For example, Almighty God either exist or He does not exist. There is no other alternative.

    The Historic Judeo/Christian Worldview

    This Worldview essentially contains claims about reality, which are either True of False.

    Therefore, any Worldview, must be subjected to, and must sustain (3) test in order to be considered valid.

    1) Logical Consistency
    2) Empirical Adequacy
    3) Experiential Relevancy

    The only religious Worldview, across comparative difficulties, premised on warranted credible facts and evidence, that meet and sustain all three of these test, is the Historic Judeo/Christian Worldview.

    Secondly, and intricately connected to the above criteria for validity, every system must also demonstrate and deal with the following questions:

    1) Origin
    2) Meaning
    3) Morality
    4) Destiny

    Again, the theistic Judeo/Christian Worldview is* the ONLY one that convincingly demonstrate and sustain to, the above questions, unparalleled with any other religious Worldview.

    Facts become credible facts, when they are warranted to the relevant degree of certainty.

    The structure of justification/warrant, in defending any propositional Truth Claim, is coherence. Coherence is our sole criteria for TRUTH.

    Coherence is found throughout God’s Word, the Bible from beginning, Genesis, to the end, the book of Revelation.

    ‘To say of what IS* that it IS*, or of what is NOT* that it is NOT* is TRUE.” (Aristotle, Metaphysics 1077b 26)

    Let the scoffers and LIARS continue in their ignorance of TRUTH, which an never be refuted with LIES and IGNORANCE!


  • Zoe, the fissol record does in fact provide us with an abundance of information regarding life on earth, but by what measuring stick do with ascertain any information regarding our planets?


  • Whuloss de donkey brayeth!!



  • Zoe

    Pack it in……..absolutes do not exist……even death we do not know what it entails.


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Thanks for that, Zoe.

    So, if the flood covered the whole planet and there were only six human survivors world-wide, and those six people are the originators of all humans living today, can you tell us which of the adults on the ark was black, which was white, which was Asian, which was Aborigine, which was Olmec, and which was Inuit?

    Thanks for the help.


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Sorry to push you on this one, Zoe, but I’m sure you grasp why it’s important (given that only six people spawned all living humans).

    First, lions, for example, are wholly carnivorous. What did they eat during their time on the ark? Did Noah have a store of dead antelope, in addition to the two live antelope? Or did he somehow make the lions vegan for the duration?

    Second, how did a crew of six deal with the indescribably huge volumes of manure produced by such a large number of animals every single day? Were they carrying it up from the lower decks and shovelling it over the side?

    Thanks for your help on this.


  • One day when the Garden of Eden and The Flood are understood we will all laugh at these puerile explanations which, given the length and breadth and depth or our ken, allow our dimwitted selves to be content with slithering serpents and floods and Arks built of wood and the consciousness that the dove (ba) symbolizes but until then let us all be happy with hissing serpents and these simplistic interpretations augments by tomes written by even more simplistic writers, Selah….


  • Well said Piece.
    Shiite man…. Jesus HIMSELF said that he went to pains to ensure that the brass bowls, who were following him about, COULD NOT understand what he was talking about – because THEY DID NOT HAVE THE NEEDED SENSES (capability) to grasp such things any damn how…
    …. and yet we have modern brass bowls – equally lacking in ‘eyes to see’ or ‘ears to hear’ (in other words, LACKING the sixth and other additional senses needed to assimilate spiritual matters, …arguing about words and concepts THAT WERE MEANT FOR THEM NOT TO UNDERSTAND.

    It is almost funny….

    Vincent takes the cake however….. Vincey must have irish, blonde genes….
    He says “absolutes do not exist……even death we do not know what it entails” or put another way, if we are unable to ‘know what it entails, then it cannot be an absolute’

    So Vincey boy….
    …for a blind man, colours cannot possible exist.
    …for a deaf man, there is no such an absolute as ‘melody’
    …and for the spiritually blind, there can be no God.
    Is that what you are saying?

    Bushie suggests that you look closely ..and you will see that “the fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars…. it lies with thee.


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Interesting thread, this. Recently I was listening to a recording of a Brass Tacks call-in with famed Bajan cleric the Rev. Buddy Larrimer, who had zero interesting or useful things to say about the flood, even when he was asked directly. Oddly, one caller said she’d been told that biblical Adam was white because of “the pictures in the Bible”.

    Does anyone know which particular church conferred the priesthood on Rev. Bud, and the requirements to be a clerical adept in that church?

    Many thanks,
    Rev. Larry Buddier


  • The Rev. Larry Buddier

    Erratum: Larrier


  • Brother Noah
    40 days and 40 nights means a very long time


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ The Rev. Larry Buddier November 2, 2016 at 12:07 PM
    So, if the flood covered the whole planet and there were only six human survivors world-wide, and those six people are the originators of all humans living today, can you tell us which of the adults on the ark was black, which was white, which was Asian, which was Aborigine, which was Olmec, and which was Inuit?”

    Rev. Buddy, you will not get an intellectually honest response to your question(s) on the causes of racial diversity.

    It comes up against the same brick wall as to whom was Cain married and had children to carry on the genetically defective murder-inclined human race. Well, according to the story, Cain had to have had sex with either his unmentioned baby sister or his old mother Eve, the illicit lover of the wily elongated serpent.

    But why are you omitting the other two characters in the story of the Flood?
    What about Noah and his nameless wife (call her Naamah the incestuously beautiful descendant of Cain for storytelling purposes).

    That should give you a clue as to the origins of the black race. While that pisspot Noah was getting plastered day after day from the many bottles of wine he had previously stored on his Ark, Naamah was having a wicked Oedipus affair with her son Ham. That race since then has been cursed by Yahweh.


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